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How to Effectively Use and Understand Twitter Analyticshello karina essa here from social media,worl

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

How to Effectively Use and Understand Twitter Analytics

hello karina essa here from social media,worldwide and in this video,i want to share with you how to,effectively use twitter analytics,twitter analytics is twitter's built-in,analytics feature that allows you to,track the performance of your twitter,account in other words it's a free tool,you can use to check how well your,twitter account is performing,as well as provides detailed information,about your audience,there are many benefits to using twitter,analytics the first benefit is,collecting information about your tweet,impressions in other words how many,times your tweets were displayed in,people's news feeds,another benefit is that it displays how,many people visited your profile so you,can see whether some of your efforts,triggered a spike in profile visits,twitter analytics also displays how many,mentions your tweets received in other,words,how many people mention you in their,tweets by adding your username in their,tweets or by sharing one of your tweets,a mention is like an endorsement and if,the person who mentioned you is,influential it can really allow you to,increase your followers,and profile visits for free twitter,analytics also displays how,many new followers you gained checking,your twitter analytics is important,because it gives you the ability to see,which tweets are performing the best so,you can publish content that is aligned,with what works best for you,plus if you notice a tweet has performed,particularly well you can turn,the tweet into an ad to check your,twitter analytics simply log into your,twitter account,and on the left hand side click on the,three dots,when you do a menu bar will appear,simply choose the tab called analytics,the twitter analytics dashboard is very,easy to navigate at the top of the home,page you'll see a summary of your,account activity based on the past,28 days below the summary you will see,analytics for each past,month simply scroll through the months,and compare how each month performed,you might notice that during a certain,month you experience a spike in mentions,if that's the case check which tweets,were shared and what they have in common,if you notice that these tweets have,something in common maybe they all,included a video they all talked about,the same topic,then this is a clear indication that you,should publish similar content,alternatively if you notice that a lot,of people are simply adding your,username,in their tweets check the reason why,they might be doing it it's a great way,to monitor your reputation as,mentions can be positive or negative if,some mentions are negative respond as,fast as possible,to stop any negativity spread and go out,of control,simply acknowledge people's feedback and,offer a solution if the mention is,positive then you'll want to acknowledge,it too,you can acknowledge a positive mention,in several ways you can acknowledge it,by responding to the tweet saying,something like,thank you for your mention to do so,simply click on view tweet,and then click on the double arrows and,start typing,your acknowledgement the other way to,acknowledge a positive mention,is by following the person who has,mentioned you if you don't already,you can do so by clicking on their name,and then clicking on,follow you can also acknowledge someone,who has mentioned you in a positive way,by also mentioning them in your tweet,simply add their username in the tweet,you compose,lastly you can acknowledge a positive,mention by engaging with the person's,tweets,either retweeting them liking them or,leaving a positive comment simply go to,their profile and start scrolling,through their tweets,and see which of them stand out for you,to engage with another important metric,under twitter analytics is the top,follower metric this display is the most,influential person you've gained,as a follower within 30 days this metric,is important because by acknowledging,who is the most influential follower,you've just acquired,you can start building a stronger,relationship with that person,since they're already following you you,can send them a direct message,which is a personal message on twitter,you can start by thanking them for,following you,and then send them free resources you,think they might be interested in and,ask more questions about them,make sure that during the first few,interactions you don't ask them for any,favors,just focus on building a relationship as,it can be very off-putting for people,later you can take advantage of the,trust you've built to potentially ask,for an,endorsement or promotion another,important metric under twitter analytics,is the top tweet metric this displays,your most popular tweet of the month,this is beneficial in two ways first it,gives you a clear indication of what,type of content your audience is the,most responsive to so you can focus on,creating similar content,the other benefit is that you can turn,this tweet into an ad,to scale your results because if a tweet,performs well organically,chances are it will perform ev

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BASIC Twitter Analytics Tutorial FOR BEGINNERS | How to UNDERSTAND Your Twitter Analytics

BASIC Twitter Analytics Tutorial FOR BEGINNERS | How to UNDERSTAND Your Twitter Analytics

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hey what's up guys Ali here for my,social you calm and welcome back to my,channel so how do you access your,Twitter and a Linux how do you read the,data how do you make sense of the data,inside your Twitter analytics desktop is,up today's video before we jump into the,demo please subscribe hit the bell icon,and also like this video all right now,let's jump into today's video and Here I,am first of all let me show you how to,access your Twitter analytics and all,the data so once you're logged into your,tool right on what you want to do is go,to more and then right here you'll see,analytics so click on that and it's,gonna open another window and here is,all the data for your Twitter account,that you're logged in so let's go,through this and then I'm gonna point,out a couple of things that I suppose,you pay attention to whether it's for my,own Twitter account or the clients or,different accounts that we manage at my,agency so first thing on the table is,the the 28 days summary so this is where,we can see how many tweets we sent so we,sent 24 trees in the last 28 days that,seems like that up 70% how many,impressions hundred and thirty one,hundred and thirteen thousand,impressions they were up how many,profile business we had how many,mentions we had and how many followers,we had so obviously here's the data that,I'm looking for it is the growth if the,growing twitter account is the goal that,i'm paying close attention to this,number right here that the last 28 days,did we increase the followers on on this,account or not if we did not then what,do we need to change and by the way I,know all these numbers look green,so it's super nice but this is month,over month so next month some of these,might be right but do not get concerned,if some of your numbers are in the in,the red zone because this is a,comparison of the last twenty days with,the previous 28 days so unless you are,always like increasing your input input,let's say you're always increasing your,ad that's the only time your numbers,could always be positive right but if,you if your Saturday is the same month,of a month then it's okay to see some,negative red number,fYI so this goes down so this is the,last 28 days so if I scroll down this is,the data of the law or the current month,and this is the January of 2020 so,here's the summary the top three top,mentioned that we had someone was,looking at you know the top mentions one,of the people who mention our Twitter,account so we can build a relationship,with that sometime it's influencers or,industry experts if it is and I wanna,you know you want to reach out to them,and it kind of further your relationship,with them now if you scroll down here is,the the previous month now so this is,the December 2019 the top three top,mention top media tweet and then here's,the number how many tweets we had how,many impressions the mention profile,visits and the new followers right very,cool stuff and then you can kind of like,go back and see all the data now so we,are on top on the home section so now,I'm gonna go to the second section,called or second tab called,tweets so let's look at our first of all,here's your time frame so you can always,you know change it the last 28 days by,seven days January December so you can,pick the time frame that you want to,analyze but keep it 28 days when the,purpose of this video by the way here's,the cool thing you can also export this,so if you have a fire and let's say you,create reports in itself or maybe,PowerPoint you can export this data and,then create different graphs and charts,that you wanna do so on two steps first,of all you see the Twitter activity so,you can kind of see you know the graph,of your Twitter acuity so what what I,pay attention to here is if there are,days that we have like more than average,more than normal activity then I always,go back and try to see okay what did we,see on that day was it you know,obviously there's something that was,relevant to the audience and you know we,maybe want to do it more and more if you,scroll down to first talk about the,innocent death on the right hand side,there's your last 20 days,engagement link to make,like and replies and obviously the thing,you want to kind of pay attention to,here if you're always going down it's ok,to go up and down the sign Bay right,because it if the comparison of the last,period with the previous Peter but if,you're always going down or snow that's,going up you want to understand you're,just going up maybe you know you're,doing something right maybe you were not,using videos and now you started using,videos and because of that your,engagement rate is up right or maybe you,are your engagement is always going down,and you always want to make sure you,know you understand that you know,sometimes if we have ad campaign running,and when we turn off when the ad,campaign we turn off the ads we stop,that ad budget the numbers for sometimes,it's not going down so in in those cases,it's understandable and then

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How To Use Twitter Analytics & Improve Your Twitter Marketing

How To Use Twitter Analytics & Improve Your Twitter Marketing

if you currently use twitter and your,marketing efforts or are thinking about,it,you need to understand twitter analytics,twitter analytics will help you,understand your audience better,and thus helps you optimize your twitter,marketing efforts accordingly,so if you want to see better results,from your twitter marketing,then keep watching for the ultimate,breakdown of twitter analytics,what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel i'm brandi with life marketing,the digital marketing agency with a,mission to help small businesses grow,and today i'm walking you through,everything that you need to know about,twitter analytics,maybe you didn't even know that twitter,had a built-in analytics platform,available,or maybe you are aware of it but you're,not super sure about how to use it yet,either way i want to cover the important,things you need to know to effectively,utilize twitter analytics,but before i dive in go ahead and like,this video for me,subscribe to the channel and hit the,notification bell so you don't miss the,new,business marketing videos that we put,out every single week all right so,to first get to our twitter analytics,log into twitter,click the more dot dot drop down and,click,analytics this will take you to,,where you will land on your account home,about which twitter says,this dashboard features high level,statistics and is a gallery of your,greatest hits,we'll spotlight your top performing,tweets and introduce you to the,influencers in your network,from there we get a quick glance at the,top of the last 28 days with how many,tweets you published,your tweet impressions your profile,visits,your mentions and your new followers as,compared to the previous 28 days,now as a quick disclaimer before we,continue on with the rest of this video,i'm going to walk you through our,analytics solely for the purpose of,showing you how to navigate and,interpret the metrics it gives you the,numbers on screen,might not necessarily be the goal,numbers that you should aim for,it just doesn't make as much sense for,us to invest our time and resources into,twitter,when other platforms like google and,youtube drive infinitely more leads for,us but oppositely twitter does make,sense for a lot of our clients,it just depends on the nature of your,business and your target audience,so if you want to see the twitter,strategies that we use for our clients,with ideal twitter results,that's a separate video we can make if,you let us know you want to see that in,the comments,but all right moving on after we see,those initial summary metrics you'll see,tweet highlights for the current month,we're in including the top tweet that,earned you the most,impressions the top tweet mentioned from,another account,the top follower you gained based on how,many followers they have,and the top media tweet that earned you,the most impressions,so basically these metrics show you at a,glance what type of content performed,the best for any,given month as well as who your biggest,follower is,and what mention of you got the most,engagement so that's the analytics,account homepage,if you click over to the tweets tab,known as the tweet activity dashboard,you'll get a more extensive look into,your tweet analytics,for this page twitter says you'll know,exactly how many times people have seen,retweeted liked and replied to each,tweet,you can also filter by promoted only,tweets,you can adjust the data range and export,the data as a csv file,over in the top right corner is where,you can adjust the date range of,analytics you want to look at,it automatically sets to the last 28,days but for instance you can change it,to the last,two or three months to see a more big,picture pattern within your twitter,marketing,and the graph will change accordingly,based on the date range you have set to,show how many impressions your tweets,received over that period,below that you'll see the impressions,engagements and engagement rate for any,and all of your tweets,specifically your top tweets your tweets,and replies,and promoted tweets again all within the,date range you set at the top,now the first thing that i wanted to do,when looking at the top tweets was,filter the columns,to show tweets in order by most,engagement but it won't let you do that,currently,it automatically filters everything by,top impressions,now impressions are the number of times,users saw the tweet,on twitter so that's important to note,that it's not the same as reach,which are individual people who saw your,tweet so,for example if i saw the same tweet two,times,that would count as two impressions,that's why in my opinion,impressions are not as valuable as a,metric as engagements are,and engagements include all clicks,anywhere on the tweet,including clicks on the hashtags links,avatar,username and tweet expansion as well as,the obvious engagement metrics of,retweets,replies likes and follows so that's why,it's a little bit of a bummer that you,can't filter by the metrics th

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Twitter Analytics For Business

Twitter Analytics For Business auf twitter kontakt via,,letzte data analytics data capture,station best place for academic center,people want to promote the work,online-seite des video an günther jauch,news york twitter analytics in order to,grow your twitter-profil specific,twitter audience in mainz der abschied,ist für die es kein kino fabian general,aviation der diskothek juni 2011 fordert,bis 6,switch off with music and find ja,analytics die on your computer analytics,services authority dann kann am paradies,haben auf dem most important factors,that work on board in die analytics die,impressions die in game and die tolle,engagement engagement trade and personal,russians engagement ratings sowie,impressions show you thought we'd,not every single what we deswegen schon,to all of our fathers twitter axel i,irgendwie schönste most interesting,tweets networking westphal going to all,off you follow us on to more people tree,heißt in lollar vh impressions hitachi,something about how well twitter xia,trittin hat es besteht in die augen,die impressions abschläge von id,software via tweet performance with the,twitter würde und ihrer hand ihr habt,die engagement raid die engagement rage,zu heften geld via tweet wartet das not,only likes the mix up dazu ist kein auto,justy clicking on your sweet and,expenditures accounts engagement rage,total-aktien daten des eia/doe hefti im,fasching in der world gets into diabetes,fördert likes frank heyer in die augen,wenn man den kredit sogar die,impressions show you our world would,like to engage umfeld gibt sie an idea,of how much the people have thought you,like you're interested in the tree,travel meint letztlich bei conti die,anhalt xserve ende juli in europa gelten,idea of which staat auch rita formel ist,ein change that time frame monitoring,die kosten enthalten ab so let's go to,you know the beginning of the next door,to top teams die kostet ob die actrice,ortet bei demand auf impressions,sorry aber die gibson indicator of how,much is a leading wie im fashion week,aus dem fashion center reflection of two,worlds ii atv much is going to push your,sweet bird of reasons the street view,kendziur lot of people because there's,no other way to getting als manni,impressions in das ist aktiver to want,you want to be stupid herford sie nie,zuvor so der tk following you can dive,into the street entziehen,dort kann der auftritt kurz aja zur big,brother twitter postete picture of mind,is anybody out of space autohaus,caraballo post it know what would you,really do is a bond between the us but a,good one of the top tweets mit windows,halten teilt wall street ist es amtlich,die audience research online like you,want to understand that for witches of,three strikes,info display full of those graf sun,bereit so wahrhaftig engagement,die wirtin gateway des european seal of,using a lot of strategy in das video bei,heim geht mit racing kotelett say you,want to the people to your research für,ein akademiker publishers council of the,dead engagement raid twitter außer,monitors link klicks retreats oder,command and life center pleiß und des,aktuell den job denken und helfer,ranking so obafemi ist link klicks von,peopleclick onkelinx tuma youtube-videos,so franziska vip-party kilali interested,in all of the treats red hat schon in,gries in lync klicks und wenn wisse was,letztlich orgel step award frieling,click to tweet als cro down to the stuff,you can ever you have we try out of the,end of the street kommen aber den link,klickt ranking aktuell von the different,interactions the people can you watch at,the top ist retweets mary poppins link,links wie kostet es ist auto mit rogers,retreats will lauda tweet to show off in,der timeline auf new people have not,been following you because we're still,waiting for applied which the sweet,suite ist könnte schon ab,john smit had to cry von the station's,crew and below dat is life and if you,want die wm-fahrer interviews die,analytics an köln die working on den,onlinekurs wer das günter haug you,understand that as that i can use it or,not your work anleihen und kathrin,schwester janet denn you can szenario,ende lent der news of the world just,werden notification ssd online kurses,auto aus argentinien ist am e mails,because i don't have to say me much to,be on ist ein ticket für free to let me,know freunden unterkommen sbornaja,questions and eye catcher in the,mentalist im cockpit damit ist mein name,ist khan twitter videos an how to die,after puffer an der havel ist weit hier,der tecdax litt great basin gray tipps,und tricks so logisch wird in not,undertake any which way komplettpreis,leib das video

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How to Check Twitter Analytics 2022

How to Check Twitter Analytics 2022

para comenzó a como tutorial de twitter,analytics accedemos a la siguiente url,que voy a dejar en acción el vídeo y en,los recursos para que puedas acceder,rápidamente aquí en los motores,estadística de tu cuenta de twitter me,de mejora de imparte en twitter aquí lo,que vamos a poder ver son los paneles de,control de la actividad de los tweets y,de los seguidores vamos a ver las,estadísticas de nuestra cuenta de,twitter es una plataforma del mismo,programa de twitter inicia sesión con,twitter,y aquí lo que vamos a hacer es vamos a,acceder a un formulario aquí yo voy a,colocar mi correo electrónico y aquí voy,a colocar la contraseña vamos a colocar,a que la contraseña,inicia la sesión,esperamos unos segundos para acceder a,la plataforma,y al acceder nos muestra la opción a,activar estadísticas clic en activar,estadísticas,esperamos unos segundos y ya nos muestra,como puedes observar la actividad del,tuit ya nos muestra los paneles aquí,dice tú estoy consiguieron 1100,impresiones en este período de ocho días,aquí la letra k significa 1000,sus tweets durante ese periodo de 8,consiguió 74 impresiones por día,aquí nos muestra una gráfica también,recuerda que nuestra cuenta de agencia,digital es una cuenta nueva aquí dice,nos muestra los tweets y las respuestas,y también nos muestran los retweets los,retweets quiere decir los tweets de,otras cuentas que lo hemos colocado como,tweet en nuestro perfil de twitter a,kilómetros impresiones que son las veces,que se han mostrado los tweets en el,feed de noticias de otras cuentas en la,página principal como noticias en otras,cuentas aquí nos mostró las,interacciones que son los clics en las,fotografías y en los enlaces la tasa de,interacción qué quiere decir la división,entre las interacciones los clics y las,impresiones aquí nos muestra las veces,que se ha mostrado en este caso las,interacciones entre las veces que se ha,mostrado aquí nos muestra el porcentaje,de interacción,como puede ser que observar,como puedo observar aquí sobre los clics,los retweets las respuestas seguimiento,si me gusta dividido por el número total,de impresiones que esta actitud al,colocar el mouse va a saber de qué trata,cada opción a las impresiones son las,veces que se muestre el tweet en el cine,noticias de otras cuentas interacciones,son los clics los me gusta o los,retweets,a tu publicación o tweet y aquí nos,muestra la tasa de interacción que ya te,mostraba que son las interacciones los,clics los retweets o los light entre las,veces que se ha mostrado el tweet aquí,en este porcentaje,a la derecha nos muestra la tasa de,interacción que es 0.9 por ciento en los,últimos ocho días con frecuencia diaria,clics en el enlace hay dos recuerda que,toda esta información son ocho días con,frecuencia diaria los clics en el enlace,los retweets los me gusta en promedio se,consiguió dos me gusta por día las,respuestas a tus tweet o los comentarios,en este caso no se muestra por qué,cabe recordar que nuestra cuenta de,twitter es nueva luego qué más se puede,por aquí aquí dice nos muestra el cambio,selección de fechas para ver más aquí yo,puedo acceder al detalle,y aquí nos muestra de total de,impresiones nuestras impresiones luego,cierro puedo acceder a esta opción ya,que nos muestre más opciones las,impresiones las interacciones los clics,en la imagen o en el enlace ya que nos,muestra la precisión del enlace clic en,el enlace y también las interacciones,quiere decir los retweets los likes y,también los clicks en la imagen o en el,enlace luego qué más tenemos por aquí,aquí nos mata los tweets se vuelve para,inicio,recuerda que la sede nos ha mostrado los,tres nos muestra un panel principal aquí,nos muestra el resumen de 28 días la,cantidad de tweets 10 impresiones de,clics y 75 visitas del perfil 9 y 5,seguidores más aquí nos dice el mes de,noviembre el tweet principal,quiere decir el tweet que tenía más,impresiones que se mostraba más veces es,decir de noticias de otras cuentas aquí,nos muestra esta publicación,luego tweet con contenido multimedia,principal es el que está aquí,aquí nos muestra un enlace como puede,observar también aquí a la derecha nos,muestra a que lleguen a más gente es en,la publicidad de twitter ads no lo vamos,a ver en esta clase resumen del mes de,noviembre 10 tweets recuerda que nuestra,cuenta se ha creado en el mes de,noviembre impresiones de clic las veces,que se muestra los tweets en el feed de,noticias o el muro principal de otras,cuentas visitas al perfil han entrado a,nuestra cuenta de twitter para ver el,contenido nuevos seguidores las personas,que nos siguen seguido principal aquí,nos muestra la cuenta de un seguidor,principal esto quiere decir que es un,seguidor que le da retweets a nuestros,tweets le da light y también realizó,comentarios ese seguidor principal,luego aquí se puede acceder al detalle,del tuit también si es que lo deseamos,y nos muestra en este caso el tuit,aquí nos muestra tweets y deseamos ver,la actividad del tweet aquí tú puedes,ver la actividad de ti

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Twitter Analytics Explained! How To Increase ENGAGEMENT and REACH

Twitter Analytics Explained! How To Increase ENGAGEMENT and REACH

what if I told you that there was a tool,that could double your Twitter,engagement and it's free it's pretty,cool right,well that tool is Twitter analytics and,you already have access to it just by,having a Twitter account so today I'm,gonna dive in show you how to use this,tool to effectively step up your social,media game my name is Sid and I'm here,to share my experience in the field of,social media marketing so that you can,stop grinding and start growing let's,get into it before we get started I just,wanted to welcome all of the new,subscribers to the channel I appreciate,you guys so much thank you for checking,out that last video thanks to all of you,that is the most watched video on my,channel so far and seeing such a great,reception for it and so many people,saying that they picked up some things,that were useful to them in their social,media journey it just it really,motivated me to keep making this content,and sharing my experiences in the field,over the last few years so you guys can,stop wasting your time and start,actually getting some benefit out of,these things cuz I really do want to,help you actually get somewhere with,this I don't want to see everyone just,grinding away on Twitter and on social,media there's not really seeing any,benefit out of it so thank you guys so,much if you haven't checked out that,video yet it is 5 Twitter pro tips to,help you grow organically I'm gonna,leave the link down in the description,that's a great place to start out if,you're new to the channel and you're,just looking to start out your social,media growth so let's get right into it,let's figure out these analytics and see,what you can do to start improving your,engagement finding Twitter analytics is,super easy and you've probably already,stumbled across it by accident just go,to those 3 little dots that say more,click them and there's gonna be a link,to analytics that's your number one free,tool to start cranking up your social,media engagement when you first get into,Twitter analytics it's gonna be a little,bit confusing there's a lot of data and,numbers and graphs just thrown at you,right off the bat but it's really not,that complicated once you get into it,that's why you're watching this video,where you're gonna we're going to,get you there don't worry it's not gonna,take that long there's four main things,that you can do with Twitter analytics,in my opinion that are the most,important first don't worry too much,about those numbers at the top they're,good to kind of see where you are in the,month and it is worth checking them,periodically but if you're seeing a lot,of red don't worry about it a whole lot,what you're gonna want to pay attention,to more is your overall trends whether,your growth and your engagement is going,up or whether it's plateaued or whether,it's slowly dropping down that's gonna,tell you more than those first little,numbers at the top that's just a quick,check-in to see how you're doing for the,month the past 28 day period compared to,the last 28 day period and see what you,need to work on to start getting those,numbers up before the end of the month,so you see red don't panic it's okay you,can pull it back the first thing that,you're gonna want to check out when you,get into analytics is your top mention,for the last 28 days this is a great,networking opportunity this person is,out there singing your praises and,blasting your content in your profile,out in front of a wider audience and you,should show some appreciation make sure,that if you've not following this person,go by drop them a follow if you like,their content consider shooting them a,direct message and getting a,conversation going,they're obviously already interested in,your content and they're helping you out,tremendously by giving you free,publicity your top follower is very,similar in that it's just an amazing,networking opportunity plopped in your,lap by the awesomeness of Twitter,analytics treat this a lot like your top,mention this is an amazing opportunity,to get your content and your brand in,front of a much wider audience,I'm not saying to take advantage of,people but take advantage of the,situation go out and make a connection,with them and if they're genuinely,interested in your content think about,it this way instead of say tweeting out,to a hundred people you could,potentially get a retweet from them and,you're now tweeting out for 50 100,people and that's a huge jump and that's,going to be a made,driver for your growth especially early,on the next thing that you need to check,out is your top tweet this is going to,give you a nice little snapshot of how,your community is reacting to your,content and what they're really getting,behind what new people who are following,you enjoy give them more of that so now,moving off of the main page your,overview go up to where it says tweets,and give that a click this is what you,really should be paying attention to the,most this is going to give you more,detailed breakdown

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Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

twitter analytics,twitter analytics consists of detailed,reports,a summary of tweets,and data in numbers on how your audience,is responding to the content that's,posted on your twitter profile,insights on total tweets,retweets,mentions,engagement,total followers,most engaging tweets etc is available to,evaluate how your brand is performing on,twitter twitter as a platform is very,influential to market your brand and,helps you target the right audience,in order to understand whether your,strategies are working or not,twitter analytics comes into the picture,and works as a perfect medium for the,evaluation of your online performance,here are some of the in-depth charts,that connect insights offers to assess,your twitter analytics,the summarization report,this report delivers the performance,metrics of your twitter handle a,detailed analysis of the total tweets,put out the retweets received,reply sent,mentions received,most engaging tweets,total followers and the followers added,an engagement summary over time that,indicates the breakdown between the,replies retweets and likes,moving further you receive details on,the most engaged users who interact with,your content and the top users on the,basis of their followers the chance to,analyze account activity by hour helps,you understand the actions that you as a,brand take on your page on an hourly,basis,also the mentions received and reply,sent,based on these actions we bring forth a,summarization of the top time to engage,with your audience and the best time to,post your content for better engagement,results,another comprehensive chart on the most,frequent keywords and hashtag used is,accessible,these include the frequent keywords and,hashtags used by your own brand while,tweeting moreover you receive the same,data for the mentions you receive as,well,as a marketeer it is tremendously,important to know the most frequent,keywords or hashtags that are used as,they help you improve your search,ability and help people find your,content to understand where your users,and customers are connecting with you on,your twitter page a chart named,geographical location is at hand,this chart helps you examine from which,specific country your follower is from,you can also comprehend the sentiment of,how your brand is perceived amongst your,audience,to do that we have the chart of the,negative and positive sentiment,respectively,lastly we have the content bucket chart,where you can add tags to each of the,posts put out and this helps you analyze,which campaign or post performed better,in terms of customer interaction or,engagement,while you get all this in the analytics,view the connect insights smart,suggestions kiss module or the smart,suggestions view essentially simplifies,the analytics and gives you insights in,simple english which is easy to,understand and remember you will get,suggestions such as what was your,followers growth and based on that how,is it expected to grow in the next month,and so on,how you can benefit from the smart,suggestions is covered in detail in a,separate video

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