How Elon Musk’s Twitter helped make far-right violence in Brazil possible | The Mehdi Hasan Showas w


Updated on Jan 22,2023

How Elon Musk’s Twitter helped make far-right violence in Brazil possible | The Mehdi Hasan Show

as we've said on this show before there,are way too many similarities between,the violent right-wing riots in our,Capital back in January 2021 and in,Brazil's on Sunday but one of the most,important similarities is that neither,attack could have happened without,right-wing organizers rallying support,on social media and on Twitter,specifically as the Washington Post,reports researchers in Brazil said,Twitter in particular was a place to,watch because it is heavily used by a,circle of right-wing influencers allies,of the former president bolsonaro who,continue to promote election fraud,narratives Elon Musk did not own Twitter,when our Capital was attacked two years,ago but he does now as rioters,sympathetic to the election lies of the,former Brazilian president stormed,government buildings on Sunday musk,wrote this on Twitter I hope that the,people of Brazil are able to resolve,matters peacefully well I think we all,hope that good tweet Elon but just about,a month before the riot it was Elon Musk,on Twitter spreading talking points just,like the ones from the election deniers,replying he loves replying to a,right-wing personality musk wrote I've,seen a lot of concerning tweets about,the recent Brazil election if those,tweets are accurate it's possible that,Twitter Personnel gave preference to,left-wing candidates,there are many reasons Elon Musk reminds,me of Donald J Trump one reason is that,his tweets are not just tweets they,often turn into policy they have real,world impact remember that funny bot,that would superimpose Trump tweets on,White House letterheads when it comes to,Twitter and the Brazil Riot well we,can't just talk about what Elon Musk,said on the platform we need to talk,about what he did to the platform before,musk bought Twitter the site had entire,teams dedicated to what they called,content moderation among other things,staff would look out for posts that,spread misinformation or incited,violence Elon Musk gutted those teams,this is reporting from Politico since,Elon Musk took over Twitter in late,October the world's richest man has,slashed the internal teams in charge of,combating misinformation including,individuals in charge of the company's,oversight in Brazil according to two,people with knowledge of those layoffs,who spoke on the condition of anonymity,the event here in Washington on January,the 6th 2021 happened despite Twitter,having guard rails like content,moderation thanks to musk a lot of those,guard rails are gone in the US in Brazil,and around the world,but musk isn't just removing guard rails,he's also bringing back bringing back,the very election deniers who helped,pave the way for the violence last week,former Trump National Security adviser,Mike Flynn got his account reinstated in,time to tweet on the second anniversary,of the capital attack quote I want to,personally thank Elon Musk for all he's,doing to help protect our basic human,rights especially our freedom of speech,and then there is Ali Alexander who,organized a number of stop the steel,events after the 2020 election and later,described himself as a VIP at the rally,near the White House on January the 6th,2021 where Trump told supporters who he,knew were armed to march on the capital,and fight like hell,let me read a bit from Ali Alexander's,deposition before the January 6,committee this transcript came out just,a few days ago question which social,media platforms did you use to promote,the event on January the 6th answer,primarily Twitter question primarily,Twitter answer yes,Ali Alexander was banned from Twitter,after the capital Insurrection so he,didn't have that platform at his,disposal ahead of the attack in Brazil,but that didn't stop him from exporting,his stop the steel message to right,Wingers there on Donald Trump's social,media site though one Trump launched,after being banned from Twitter Ali,Alexander posted things like take it to,the streets Brothers of Brazil military,Stand By and as the riot unfolded he,posted do whatever is necessary love you,all,Ali Alexander lost his Twitter account,after helping incite an Insurrection in,Washington he got it back after cheering,on one in Brasilia,maybe the timing is just a coincidence,after all he said last month that he had,spoken to musk and apparently gotten,some assurance that his account was,coming back,I got a I gotta reintroduce myself to,the world I,gotta go I need to I'm going to get back,on Twitter soon,I'm making moves,yeah the guy who used primarily Twitter,to help undermine a free and fair,American election he talked to talk on,and now has his account back along with,Michael Flynn oh and yes Donald J Trump,meanwhile American and Brazilian,democracy remain under attack,joining me now Washington Post Tech,reporter Drew Harwell he's reported,extensively on musk's takeover of,Twitter and had his own Twitter account,taken down and then restored after Elon,Musk took over the site Drew thanks for,coming on the show even with content,moderation in place

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Did 'every conspiracy theory' about Twitter turn out to be... true?

Did 'every conspiracy theory' about Twitter turn out to be... true?

The so-called Twitter files, which,were written by a group of,independent journalists, given,access to internal company,documents, offer a behind the scenes,glimpse at how the federal,government shaped the flow of,information on one of the world's,largest social media platforms.,Whether or not the Twitter files,contain information that was,surprising to those already aware,of the thousands of takedown,requests the company receives every,month from law enforcement agencies,and the courts, or of the immense,challenges of content moderation,is beside the point.,Twitter files have brought important,new information to light.,They show that the company stifled,debate over important policy issues,by shadow banning certain accounts,for no good reason and then,misleading the public about it.,They show that Twitter was routinely,strongarmed by the White House and,the FBI into complying,with frivolous takedown requests,,and they provide evidence,that the intelligence community,likely influenced the decision,to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop,story in the lead up to the 2020,election.,I mean, to be totally frank,,almost every conspiracy theory that,people had about Twitter turned out,to be true.,So,is there a conspiracy theory about,Twitter that didn't turn out to be,true?,Conspiracy theorists are often,sloppy with the facts and exaggerate,what really happened.,But the information brought to light,by the Twitter files should be,alarming to anyone who cares about,free speech and a free society.,Government meddling in similar ways,on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,,and Google Search.,How can we prevent the Internet from,turning into a centralized apparatus,through which state actors can shape,and censor public debate?,Here are three major takeaways,from the Twitter files.,One: twitter distorted,the conversation and misled the,public. Twitter had a system of,white lists and blacklists,that allowed its algorithms and,human moderators to turn,engagement dials up and down,based on their users.,It used this power to limit the,ability of certain groups and,individuals to reach an audience,,including conservative commentator,Dan Bongino, Stanford economist,and medical school professor Jay,Battacharya,,MNRA vaccine critic Alex Berenson,and the Libs of TikTok.,When asked if Twitter Shadow bans,,then co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey,misled Congress.,Social media is being rigged to,censor conservatives.,Is that true of Twitter?,No.,Twitter Shadow Banning Prominent,Republicans.,Bad.,Is that true?,No.,The company sought to cover by tapdancing around,the meaning of the word.,In a 2018 blog post, Twitter's,trust and Safety team wrote,"We do not shadow ban.,We were always able to see the,tweets with no follow.,Although you may have to do more,work to find them, like go,directly to their profile.",Needless to say, making tweets,so hard to find.,Digging through someone's profile is,the only way to unearth them is,what's commonly known as shadow,banning, or as Twitter employees,termed it, with an Orwellian flair,,"visibility filtering." The Twitter,files show the company's staff,became increasingly comfortable,using these tools to manage,the flow of information and,political discourse around the 2020,election. Regularly deploying,filters to limit the visibility of,Trump's tweets and many others,pertaining to election results in,the weeks preceding the January 6,riot and the decision to evict,the president from the platform.,Yes, Twitter is a private company,and it has every right to label the,tweets of Harvard epidemiologist,Martin Kulldorf as misleading,when he tweets. Statements such as,"Thinking that everyone must be,vaccinated is a scientifically,flawed, is thinking that nobody,should." But Twitter is still worthy,of our condemnation,,Dr. Battacharya was shadow banned despite,being a respected epidemiologist,from a prestigious university, and,many of his warnings during the,pandemic turned out to be correct.,And you can acknowledge serious,problems with the work of former,New York Times reporter Alex,Berenson, who, for instance, badly,misinterpreted data to infer a spike,in vaccine caused mortality,while still believing it's,preferable to have a public airing,of controversial and deeply flawed,arguments.,A better way to deal with speech you,disagree with is to respond,to it, as Derek Thompson attempted,to do in the Atlantic when he,called Berenson "The Pandemic's,Wrongness Man." Ironically,,Twitter raised Berenson profile,by allowing him to inhabit the role,of the oppressed truth seeker.,Two: The government is secretly,policing speech.,The most troubling thing about the,Berenson De-platforming isn't,Twitter's decision per say,,but whether it made that decision,freely. Was it done at the behest,of the federal government?,The Twitter files provide,circumstantial evidence that the,White House played a role when the,Biden administration took over.,One of their first meeting requests,with Twitter executives was on,COVID, writes journalist Davi

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Elon Musk Just Dropped BOMBSHELL Pfizer Twitter Files! This Is Massive Corruption!

Elon Musk Just Dropped BOMBSHELL Pfizer Twitter Files! This Is Massive Corruption!

what is going on everyone Jeremy here,from the corner we've got a Monday,delicacy we've got some koof files,shared by Elon Musk with Alex Berenson,uh well,we knew last week I felt a little,deprived I believe we were promised some,fouchy files and I'm not quite sure we,got them but it seems like maybe the,start of that is now and what's,interesting is,just how Olympic levels the Olympic,levels of I don't know denial that uh,the media seems to be in in terms of the,Twitter files and everything that's been,revealed in them uh I can only hope that,uh while Republican leaders because I,can't count on any Democrats uh some,Republicans are kind of taking notes of,this so Elon tweets out more Twitter,files some conspiracies are actually,true,well it sure seems like it's more than,some but um I appreciate you tuning in,if you enjoyed my Twitter files coverage,and you haven't yet please do click that,subscribe button down below,I know a lot of you just check my,channel,and that's cool but it does help to uh,it helps the channel to also be,subscribed so YouTube sees people,actually want to see my videos,my first Twitter files report,how Scott gottel got gottlie a top,Pfizer board member used the same,Twitter lobbyist as the White House to,suppress debate on the koof Poke,including from a fellow head of the US,FDA,yikes,in August 2021 Gottlieb told Todd,O'Boyle a senior manager in Twitter's,Public Policy Department that a tweet,from Dr,uh Brett,I don't know Greer greyer,claiming correctly that natural immunity,was Superior superior to the Poke was,corrosive and quote might go viral,such a doctor saying a a a a fact a,scientific fact they were worried about,a scientific fact,going live,Twitter got a misleading tag on the,tweet,preventing it from being shared Gottlieb,then went after a tweet about the low,risk to kids from Justin Hart,it follows me follow you bud,Pfizer would soon win the okay for its,shots for the young ones so keeping,parents scared was crucial of course,you know it's funny like uh well let me,continue,this is weird Alex didn't lay it out,perfectly he's got like four kind of,ramshackle tweets here and then a link,to an article which I'll bring up in,October 2022 Scott Gottlieb claimed on,Twitter and CNBC that he was not trying,to suppress debate on these particular,pokes these files proved that Gottlieb a,board member at the company that has,made 70 billion dollars on that,particular injection did just that,on August 27th,Dr Scott Gottlieb a Pfizer director with,over 550 000 Twitter followers saw a,tweet he didn't like,and a tweet that might hurt the sales of,Pfizer's poke by the way uh this is Alex,berenson's Alex Berenson reporting uh I,want to get his at oh it's just at Alex,Berenson uh I was already following him,but uh if you know,you should give them a follow,the Tweet explained correctly that,natural immunity after the cuff,infection was superior to the Poke,protection it called on the White House,to follow the science and exempt people,with natural immunity from upcoming poke,mandates,it came not from an anti-vaxxer like,Robert F Kennedy Jr but Dr Brett Grier,a physician who had briefly followed,Gottlieb as the head of the FDA,further the Tweet actually encouraged,people who did not have natural immunity,to get the Poke,no matter by suggesting that some people,might not some people might not need it,the Tweet could raise questions about,their product,I'm just going to refer to the Poke as,the product now because it seems to me,that that's how this Pfizer guy would,have seen it right,besides being a former FDA commissioner,a CNBC contributor and a prominent voice,on the coof public policy Gottlieb was a,senior board member at Pfizer which,depended on their product for almost,half of its 81 billion dollars in sales,in 2021. Pfizer paid Gottlieb 365,thousand dollars for his work that year,colleague stepped in emailing toddle bro,tato Boyle a top lobbyist in Twitter's,Washington office who was also Twitter's,point of contact with the White House,the post was quote corrosive Gottlieb,wrote he worried that a good quote end,up going viral and driving news coverage,yeah,uh I mean this is a pretty big deal that,they're suppressing this,like this this I would say is the,beginning,of of the fauci files,this is this is the kind of stuff that's,corrosive here he draws a sweeping,conclusion of a single retrospect rep,retrospective study in Israel that,hasn't been peer-reviewed but this tweet,will end up going viral and driving news,coverage whining is essentially,demanding it to be the platform I would,imagine that's my interpretation of it,I found the email in the search records,I ran at Twitter last week part of Elon,musk's Twitter files an effort to raise,the veil on censorship decisions Twitter,made before musk bought the company in,October I went into detail about my,involvement at the Twitter files in a,substack article yesterday I plan more,on reporting on the files in the weeks,to come,through jira a

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Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

all right let's do this,so,if you guys didn't hear I'm in London,but that's not the big news that we're,talking about today,Jake Paul and KSI just had their first,unofficial press conference on Twitter,spaces and yes we need to talk about it,want to make sure I get it out there KSI,hopped into enemy territory in this,Twitter space not sure why I did it but,KSI Mr knowledge strength and integrity,does things the way he does them I don't,know he's answering questions of the,opposite team he's answering Jake's fans,questions about why KSI does what he,does but that's not what got the people,going someone let it leak that KSI was,in the room and guess who showed up,Problem Child now this changed the angle,of the conversation no longer was it,fighter talking to fans it was the two,fighters we want to see in the ring,talking to each other and some big,things came out what well the breakdown,let's go all right so let's talk about,what happened,Jake basically Amish KSI in this room he,basically said,I wanted to say to this guy for the last,two years in front of my fans and he's,really not going to be able to say,anything about it the first one was,watch yourself,and the first one,was,KSI you didn't fight Woodley why didn't,you fight him I fought him on short,notice why didn't you and to be fair to,Jake,he kind of has a point bro that's what I,did that's what I did when Tommy pulled,out I fought Woodley again I was,training for a different fighter I was,training,bro you're made and you know it,KSI even said he regretted not going,with the Woodley fight so,if that was the fight,why not make it now,and I get KSI too you know he was,training for a southpaw bringing Woodley,in now even though I know just like you,guys do Woodley's gonna sign and he's,gonna show up it wouldn't have made as,much sense as sticking with a southpaw,like Tommy it fits his style isn't an,easier fight,probably but it doesn't mean it's not,competitive because it absolutely is,Tommy is a competitive fight for KSI no,doubt about it let's just say that Jake,was right sure he didn't pick Tyron,Woodley okay well,who else could there have been and,that's,when Jake brought up slim and you duck,glimp you should have fought slim,because slim beat face temper slim is,not even that great bro what are you on,about then why wouldn't you fight him,that's a bigger fight he's undefeated,he's undefeated honestly dude honestly,Jake swimming slim versus KSI is 50 50.,like I think case like actually,that's a good fight that's a good fight,now Slim is the fight I told you guys,that KSI should absolutely take that was,the one that made the most sense Slim's,undefeated he's also knocked out Tommy,who KSI is fighting temper Tommy I know,I say his name a lot but,again you come into what is,unfortunately,a kind of a conundrum for KSI,how does he go and fight a guy that's,he's not prepared for a guy that just,beat this man,and Ryan Taylor,what's up brother good to see you how,are you my bro I'm chilling man chilling,good looking,blow it up bro you know I'm trying I'm,trying I'm getting there so again while,I don't disagree with Jake in fact I I,do agree with him it should have been,slim absolutely should have been but,KSI is fighting temper because of the,style matchup and that's really it,that's all I can really say KSI got,caught in a corner again here and his,defense was like I said okay he said,exactly what it was I'm fighting temper,because he's a South Fawn that's what we,prepared for so my coaches said and,that's really it but I think Jay got the,upper hand here too bro I'm here to,build Miss Misfits am I not oh come on,man come on what you mean,are you here to build Misfits because,you just said you were here to take me,out so which one is it in between a,bunch of back and forth bicker in two,school girls in the yard going back and,forth over who's their favorite crush,and why they didn't talk to him in,recess both guys did end up saying okay,well let's make the fight you want to,fight over the summer well I said well I,said I said well I said end of the year,in it but are you actually somewhere in,a rematch at the end of the year am I,gonna are you dumb actually are,you going to like I'm ready,November December September whenever the, you want it I just want to hear you,say it out of your mouth because I know,you're gonna Retreat bro Jake actually,pointed out that he already tried and,he's right that he said when Alex Wasabi,pulled out last year that he would come,in and fight JJ for free now this is,where I call a little bit of the yes on,Jake he was not fighting KSI for free as,much as he wants to say it that fight,was way too much money for him to come,in and say oh I'm just to show up and do,it for free what do you have shown up,what do you have done it absolutely but,not for free and he knows that that's a,little bit of gamesmanship and KSI,called him on it I think that fight's,way too big to do it on nine days,personally but I do think Jake would,have shown

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Dr. Fauci responds to Elon Musk teasing 'Twitter File' release

Dr. Fauci responds to Elon Musk teasing 'Twitter File' release

well we are still awaiting the latest,installment of Elon musk's Twitter files,or his must tease the fauci files many,are wondering where are they and what do,they say well Dr Anthony felchi,responding on a CBS News podcast saying,quote I have no idea what he's talking,about I mean there's a lot of,misinformation conspiracy theories,disinformation going on I have nothing,to say to him I want to bring in dpcm,capital chairman and CEO and former Uber,Chief business vice president Emil,Michael Emil good morning to you and,first off let's start with we'll get to,Uber in a second but let's start out,with this fauci uh you know look these,Twitter files have been pretty explosive,and what we had now learned is that the,government had no problem telling,Twitter and Facebook and Instagram what,to put out there and what not to put out,there fauci seems to be one of the most,controversial figures of this time frame,when it comes to Twitter what do you,think is going to be happening,I think I think what you'll see in the,Twitter files is uh regarding Dr fauci's,a little bit more of what we already saw,which is that the government was going,to Twitter and going to these other,social media networks and saying we want,this off we want that off we want that,off and and some of the things they want,to offer for pretty shocking uh they,wanted just you know some comedians off,they wanted uh they wanted to you know,push propaganda out about some of their,objectives to the American people not to,porn adversaries so I think with The,Foundry files what you're going to see,is a lot of government trying to say uh,to back up claims about Mass working,about the vaccines being foolproof and,so on and trying to Silence the Critics,who are questioning whether those things,were actually true and I think that's,what we're going to see a lot of in the,factory file deployment we should see,this week all right uh David Nelson jump,in here,uh Emil you know I'm looking at this and,it seems like uh you know Elon Musk is,kind of setting the stage here and it,seems like most of what we learned about,about Twitter in the last several months,is he's taken over the company is that a,lot of the worst conspiracy theories,have proven true and it seems to have,silenced some notable critics especially,from Stanford from the medical community,in terms of what might have been an,alternative way to handle covet uh any,thoughts on that,yeah I mean I I think you know what,we've learned is that,um what science is supposed to be is uh,people using facts and data to come to,conclusions and where the data is not,clear we want to hear different voices,so that we can come to the right,conclusion and we saw in a lot of ways a,wholesale uh effort by some parts of the,government to stop that critique stop,that debate and we learn now like you,said that many of these critiques were,true and I think that's bad for the,American people and I think Elon for,making Twitter uh more honest in that,respect and showing us what happened so,hopefully it doesn't happen again well,the employees that had the fauci fan,club we just showed that tweet to our,viewers I thought I was a nerd I would,never be in the faucy fan club I'll tell,you that I'm a pretty big geek uh,Bloomberg is reporting at least a dozen,Twitter employees working in the,Departments that handle content,moderation hate speech harassment they,were let go,what is Elon Musk doing at Twitter we,were talking about it actually in the,commercial break what do you think his,end goal is here for Twitter,I think the end goal is to,um frankly use as much computing power,and algorithms to take out what's,actually hate speech and actually he,doesn't want on the platform because,it's going to hurt advertisers because,people don't want to hear it because,it's incitement or fighting words or,things that Supreme Court has said are,not free part of free speech and,therefore it's hard to judge,um you know him taking out any uh,category of people or a number of people,not knowing what he's going to replace,them with I'm quite sure given the,technologist that he is and we've seen,what he's done with rockets and,spaceships and flying cars and,satellites what he's going to replace,them with I guess in a lot of places,we're going to see his computers do a,lot of this work there'll always be some,manual overlay but I think sometimes the,Press overreads into these matters and,says oh my God he's going to allow hate,speech on the platform that's not his,intent and I don't think that's what's,going to happen Okay Before I Let You Go,I've only got about 45 seconds on Friday,a judge ruled Uber doesn't have to pay,to excuse to raise New York City drivers,pay because the Taxi Limousine,Commission had not justified their case,Uber says taking on extra costs would,increase fares by 10 percent Drive their,business away but some are saying this,was really underhanded by the Limousine,Commission here in the city what do you,say,yeah the the limousine t

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Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decision

Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decision

finally Elon Musk has made it public a,number of important initiatives he took,to combat bots on Twitter they began by,locating a small group of prominent,individuals who were running a sizable,number of Bot troll accounts then by,denying these malicious users access to,the platform they banned access to their,IP addresses more importantly Elon has,disclosed the three key strategies he,has created to counteract bots on the,platform also the key fear behind Elon,musk's decision to remove all Bots from,the network was that there will be a,drop in monthly active users however,Twitter is still experiencing a huge,increase in both user numbers and,engagement the reason for this is that,users of the site are mostly protected,against bots trolls and other bad,conduct it is important to note that,mask has provided details on a serious,potential bot problem that might have,severe effects on the platform,furthermore according to Elon Musk the,primary problem with Bots is that they,may give the impression that the topics,are trending when they aren't even worse,since Bots can repost tweets or other,content the volume of spam generated by,them may destroy any original content so,this is a crucial issue for Elon Musk as,you know Elon musk's deal with Twitter,initially fell apart due to the bot,issue when he claimed that a majority of,Twitter users were bought at that time,Elon said until Twitter publicly proves,that the platform has less than five,percent fake spam accounts that's it the,deal is off musk argued that these Bots,were damaging Twitter's reputation and,credibility and that they needed to be,removed or drastically reduced to make,the platform more valuable in response,Twitter requested that mask provide,detailed documentation and evidence to,support his allegations which he was,unable to do at the time City didn't,have access to internal Twitter data a,study conducted by ciabra which was,commissioned by Elon Musk as part of his,legal battle with Twitter found that,spam and Bot accounts make up an,estimated 11 of Twitter's total user,base this is more than the five percent,figure often cited by Twitter itself,cyber used a machine learning algorithm,to analyze hundreds of parameters to,arrive at their estimates Twitter was,fighting with Spam accounts every day,but this was a complicated issue of,people that create these accounts got,more sophisticated with time their goals,and tactics have evolved an Elon musk's,team also is conducting a random survey,of 100 Twitter followers to find out the,ratio of spam Bots that exist the,findings were significant because mask,had previously said he wanted to,purchase Twitter to address the,company's bot problem however less than,three months after signing an agreement,he attempted to terminate the deal,citing claims that Twitter had misstated,the number of bots on his platform Elon,Musk has a valid point about Bots being,present on Twitter and other social,media platforms as mentioned above,Twitter has access to data points from,its over 300 million monthly active,users yet it is still struggling to,clean up the platform from spam accounts,similarly Facebook has been facing a,class action lawsuit related to its,audience exaggeration which indicates,the need for more transparency when it,comes to verifying users thus Elon Musk,calls for third-party Auditors and,independent researchers who could ensure,estimates of active users are accurate,and also inform public policies,surrounding these platforms if they had,access to Quality data and freedom to,publish their results this would help,protect advertisers as well as investors,from being deceived by the false Matrix,of user engagement thus it can be said,that Elon Musk has a valid point about,Bots being present on platforms like,Twitter and Facebook Twitter suit must,to complete the deal accusing him of,using Bots as a pretext to exit the deal,after getting buyer's remorse and the,two sides were set to go to trial,however in light of seabra's report,confirming that there are indeed more,Bots than initially thought on Twitter,must decided to proceed with a deal Elon,musk's main issue with Bots is that they,can create false Impressions giving the,impression that topics are trending when,they're not this could be used to,manipulate public opinion on certain,topics and influence people's opinions,in a way that would be impossible,without the use of bots furthermore Bots,can repost tweets or other content made,meaning that original content may be,drowned out by the sheer volume of Bot,generated spam Bots can also be used to,automate activities like sending,messages and replies which can confuse,additionally they can slow down,Twitter's website performance or even,crash it if there are too many bots in,one place in short bots have the,potential to negatively impact Twitter's,user experience Elon Musk and Twitter,took several steps to combat bots on the,platform first they identified a small,number of people operating large numbers,

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Elon Musk EXPOSES Hollywood Twitter! Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are BLEEDING followers!

Elon Musk EXPOSES Hollywood Twitter! Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are BLEEDING followers!

foreign,musk wanted to do with Twitter when he,took it over was get rid of the Bots,one of the reasons that he was trying to,get out of the Twitter sale was because,of the Bots,a lot of the accounts on Twitter,are Bots,and they're actually pretty,sophisticated you might have gotten in a,conversation with one on Twitter and not,even have known it,they're actually pretty legitimate,looking most of the time there's a lot,of them too a ton of them it is a,serious problem and it's one that he's,been trying to get rid of since he came,in,he's trying to get rid of the bot Farms,and I don't blame them they,make the site a miserable Place,sometimes because only one side really,utilizes them,and I'm going to show you that what he's,doing is working I was actually kind of,surprised by this,somebody said I should check out Jimmy,Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel's twitters,so I did,and wait till you see this I'm going to,show you Jimmy Fallon first,okay it says a plus right I'm not so,sure about that,because over the last 30 days he's lost,44,000,followers,do you think those were real people,they're not,look at this ladies and gentlemen he's,losing thousands of followers a day,now,there might be some,real people mixed in there too he's,actually been losing followers for a,long time,like like Tuesday looking seven and then,the next day lost 680.,and,there's reasons that I think real people,are mixed in there too the guy keeps,putting out really cringe quotations a,comedy,like this where he's singing this song,about a coveted variant,and it's awful and cringy,xbb Point 1.5 it's not funny at alts,just as bad as that Stephen Colbert skit,that I'm sure you've seen where he's,dancing with men dressed as needles,and talking about getting the the Jab,it's not just Jimmy Fallon though that's,losing a lot of followers Jimmy Kimmel,is too,15,000 lost this month alone,like look at this,he's also losing a lot,a lot of these people just no one really,cares about them no one really no one,really cares about them anymore they've,completely destroyed their brands nobody,more so than Jimmy Kimmel he had a a,brand he just pissed out the window like,I'm gonna try and go full,I'm gonna try and go full corporate full,Hollywood here,so he's losing a lot of people too how,does he still have a total grade of an a,when he's losing hundreds of people a,day it's crazy,socialblade just giving that to them,now I think there's some bots in here I,also think some real people are in here,these people have been losing followers,for a long time but I think whatever,musk is doing is working,and it makes sense that they would have,a shitload of bots following them to,kind of inflate their followers see how,he has 11 million Fallon has more Fallon,has like 51 million,quite a bit I I think that this is all,inflated because if you look at their,interaction,right account an account with 51 million,follows,only getting 600 likes,on a tweet,like barely getting a thousand sometimes,here's another one oh this is a reply to,his tweet only getting a thousand,like look at this this is kind of sad,here's one of our happy holidays,December 16th only 441 tweets or likes,on this 60 replies,seems kind of low for an account with 51,million followers doesn't it,and then it's the same thing with Jimmy,Kimmel you go over here he posts,something,special thanks all that donated a,thousand likes,here's another one thousand likes,he's got a little bit better interaction,but here's one right here December 21st,calling grandparents and grandkids to,apply a hundred likes 58 comments,here's another one not even a thousand,here's another one not even a thousand,here's another one not even a thousand,likes here's another one not even a,thousand likes Another one not even a,thousand likes here's another one that,one okay this one squeaked by for 27,over a thousand this one squeaked by two,like he barely even tweets too so you,would think that they'd have a little,bit more interaction but they don't,now he gets a couple in here but that,are over a thousand but for the most,part,uh he's not doing very well,and you gotta Wonder like how many of,those 11 million people,how many of those 11 million people,are real,how many how many celebrity Hollywood,accounts are like this as well,it's pretty embarrassing for them to be,honest,and you know it just really shows you,that nobody really cares about what they,have to say,and I'm not trying to say you know,I have a huge brand or anything but when,you go and you look at like my account,for Twitter,like see what I'm saying like they have,an a still,and there's here's an A plus and look,he's losing thousands Father's Day I,have a B minus,I don't really give a about Twitter,to be honest but I like having the,platform so that I can get my videos out,there,so you know I only have 76 000 followers,right but look at this,you know 82 84 63 41 40 there's people,coming in,right and even when a lot of the bot,things happen I barely lost any I don't,really have Bots f

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Elon Musk: Twitter was functioning as an arm of the FBI

Elon Musk: Twitter was functioning as an arm of the FBI

Elon Musk has found an appropriate,successor and he has announced his,decision to resign from being a Twitter,CEO as mask said he had already found,someone foolish enough so he is,resigning but even within this mess Elon,continues exposing various organizations,that were doing horrible things on,Twitter before Elon bought it for,example musk revealed various crazy,details about Twitter and the FBI how,they were communicating trying to remove,anything they wanted as Elon Musk,revealed now he is in Crazy danger and,finally the FBI has reacted on these,recently made public Twitter files which,shows that up to 80 agents Target social,media users and were trying to control,the platform everything in the FBI's,opinion is a giant deception from musk,and those who believe otherwise are,referred to as conspiracy theorists the,comment given on the matter by a,spokeswoman for the agency is insane,also the documents have revealed that,the FBI is a significant player in a,massive system as social media,surveillance and control that involves,several federal agencies,what's even crazier is that one of,Twitter's Executives have admitted what,precisely they were doing to gather the,data that the FBI required furthermore,the bureau has tried to sweep the,Twitter files under the rug with a,succession of unconvincing disclaimers,but this does not absolve them from,their chilling actions nevertheless,documents have unveiled two potential,techniques that the FBI might have,suggested to Twitter for acquiring data,from their platform this is a very,interesting situation so let's explain,it following several weeks of Twitter,sourced reports the FBI issued a,statement denouncing those who propagate,lies and false information with the sole,intention to besmirch its reputation,despite this Proclamation however the,agency has yet to refute any of these,allegations the documents reveal the FBI,to be a key figure in an enormous system,of social media monitoring and,restriction evolving multiple branches,of federal departments the foreign,influence task force is much more,expansive than the previously reported,number of 80 members it responds to,requests from numerous entities,including police officers news outlets,and state governments countless reports,have been filed with both the fitf and,the FBI's San Francisco field office the,recently released Twitter files by owner,Elon Musk revealed up to 80 agents,targeting social media posters for,censorship on the platform the FBI sent,approximately 150 messages through back,channels to a single Twitter official,seeking to Mark certain accounts are,suspicious an executive of the company,revealed that they felt uncomfortable,with this pressure from the Federal,Bureau of Investigation asserting they,are probing and pushing everywhere they,can it has come to light that Twitter,enlisted several retired FBI agents,including the notorious James Baker who,had been at the center of Prior agency,controversies concerning political,inclinations,Additionally the FBI's role in the,Twitter censorship program is deeply,alarming and its dismissal of the issue,through lies and half truths even more,so the bureau has tried to sweep the,Twitter files under the rug with a,succession of unconvincing disclaimers,but this does not absolve them from,their chilling actions in its recent,communication the FBI denied coercing,Twitter to censor certain accounts,however considering our current,landscape of state-controlled media a,mere warning from the FBI is oftentimes,enough to get most people in line no,extra Force required therefore it did,not need to threaten Twitter with any,specific action as an implicit threat,was already present unveilingly records,illustrate that the FBI granted Twitter,Millions as part of their censorship,scheme a reward which was shared with,Baker before being terminated by Musk,from Twitter also on June 29 2020 San,francisco-based FBI special agent Elvis,Chan wrote to two Twitter Executives,inquiring if he could invite an oga,representative to a forthcoming NGO,conference oga stands for other,government agency and is often used as a,code word for the CIA this was,corroborated by several former,intelligence officials and contractors,Twitter was well aware that one of their,Executives had a previous affiliation,with the CIA thus Chan indirectly,referred to this executive's previous,employer eventually Twitter finally,admitted publicly that the employee used,to work for the CIA Stacia Cardell a,senior legal executive at Twitter who,was famously known for her impressive,operational security protocols,internally acknowledged and revealed she,knew about it all along without saying,anything Cardell passed on the,conference details to new ex-fbi lawyer,Jim Baker I invited the FBI and the CIA,virtually will attend to Cardell,naturally said to him before adding no,need for you to attend government,officials were communicating not only,with Twitter but also with other Tech,Titans such as Facebook Micros

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