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THIS Is Why Musk’s Twitter Takeover Matters - Tulsi Gabbardstay free with me Russell Brand,can I I a

Russell Brand

Updated on Jan 24,2023

THIS Is Why Musk’s Twitter Takeover Matters - Tulsi Gabbard

stay free with me Russell Brand,can I I ask what do you think is the,significance of,of,Elon musk's potential takeover of,Twitter and how this relates to free,speech why is Elon Musk regarded as a,distinct billionaire as opposed to the,other billionaires that own other,comparable sites and what are your,concerns around the subject of free,speech and do you think that what we're,witnessing is a curation of the of new,public spaces in order to manage the,discourse around power and to ensure,that Grassroots movements cannot compete,at a on a Level Playing Field it is,because they are so threatened by a free,people who can think for ourselves speak,uh you know speak our mind and our views,and our beliefs uh very robustly engaged,in this Marketplace of ideas that scares,them that scares the power elite who are,in charge so of course and this includes,some of these billionaires who are so,afraid Aid to stand up and take a stand,like Elon Musk has it's why he's gotten,such a backlash with his purchase of,Twitter and his his true commitment uh,stringently to free speech whether you,like it or not which by the way the ACLU,and Democrats used to be that they used,to be those champions of speech no,matter how abhorrent that speech might,be uh what's dangerous about what's,Happening Here is with Elon Musk,continuing to forge ahead uh very,correctly in his his commitment to free,speech and how he wants to change,Twitter to be a truly free Marketplace,of ideas,the power leader so threatened by it,that they are launching uh the muscle of,the federal government against him,basically saying well we're going to,just start investigating Elon Musk we,need to start looking at what rules he,may have broken or what regulations he,may not be following not because they've,got evidence of any wrongdoing but,here's a guy who poses a threat to them,because they want to be the ones to say,well these are the only voices we want,heard this is what we deem to be,information versus disinformation nobody,else nobody else uh gets to do that but,us they're afraid of a free people with,free voices and a free society and,that's why it's it's dangerous as we are,seeing how they are trying to uh take,down people like Elon Musk who has the,means and resources to actually join the,people in standing up and fighting to,uphold those freedoms obviously here in,the United States states but with,Twitter it affects people around the,world as a culture appears to continue,you to disintegrate and become more and,more defined by tension and conflict it,seems to me that centralized power,whether it's government or or corporate,seems less and less legitimate and less,and less valid and less and less tenable,for there to be real change is it not,clear that what we need is a type of new,Confederacy a new dissolution of power,more ability for people to organize,their own communities along the lines of,their own values and doesn't this,principle negate the necessity for this,ongoing cultural conflict isn't true,Freedom the freedom for each Community,to decide what their values are outside,of what would seem to me to be some,pretty obvious Sesame Street values,around kindness compassion intolerance,not killing one another that kind of,stuff,what are your views on decentralization,and how decentralization might,defuse much of this current cultural,conflict you know I think that with uh,many of the things here that we've seen,play out over the last few years,especially but but really over a longer,period of time more and more people are,opening their eyes to uh you know Big,Brother Big government intruding into,just about every parts of our lives and,dictating uh to us what we can and can't,do what we can and can't read or see or,hear or or believe uh with with the,force of of Law and and really serious,consequences uh coming behind it my,assumption is is that what the emergent,political force or energy appears to be,internationally is a kind of,anti-elitist pro populist sensibility,that currently need not be necessarily,conventionally right-wing or,conventionally let left wing that there,is a sense in my opinion Tulsi a kind of,fusion of libertarianism and,decentralization ideas around Community,whether they are progressive or,traditional appear to be more important,than ever there is this growing,anti-elite sentiment by people both here,in the United States people who are from,across the political Spectrum who are,just sick and tired of being seen as the,subjects of our rulers the elite uh the,permanent Washington here in our case,but we're seeing similar kinds of uh,energy and I guess movements building in,other countries in the world as well,because as you mentioned there's a,number of these multinational globalist,entities who are seeking to exert their,mandates on us as a people uh in this,world and they are very directly tied to,you know the corporations who to profit,based on based on their edict so it's no,wonder it's no wonder that there are,people who are

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Tulsi Gabbard: The Dangers of Trump’s Twitter Diplomacy

Tulsi Gabbard: The Dangers of Trump’s Twitter Diplomacy

the Joe Rogan experience well that's,also argument for team Trump I mean,that's Trump's argument is what he's,doing is he's boosting up business in,the United States and whether or not you,love him or hate him what he's doing is,having a positive net effect on the,global economy particularly United,States economy and that's gonna make us,stronger I mean this is whether you love,him or hate him you've got to look at,that objectively and go okay well is,there any merit to what he's saying well,I don't understand economics I don't I,just trust people that study it I don't,have the time but they're saying yes in,some ways he's doing things that benefit,business I think that I think that the,the trouble with the approach that Trump,has taken you know he obviously he's got,his schtick and he's got the things that,he's got his talking points the things,that he says but he is continuing this,mentality when we look at like the trade,war with China and you know the trade,conflict that he started with Canada and,now with different European countries it,is it's the the zero-sum mentality that,in order for us and our economy and our,people to win then the people or the,economies of these other countries have,to suffer and that's what I agree with,what you just said Jocko about you know,building a strong helping grow a strong,global economy gosh shared prosperity I,mean you look at the opportunity that,would provide for peace and less,conflict rather than what we're seeing,it and that this is playing out in real,time with China right now where you see,this trade war that is escalating a,tariff or that's escalating I have met,with farmers in Iowa who are hurting,tremendously because of this trade and,tariff or farm manufacturers small,business owners and the danger of this,continuing to grow and continuing to,escalate an economic war can very easily,turn into a hot war and again we're,talking about a nuclear-armed country,where these ever escalating tensions,push us closer and closer to the brink,of of nuclear catastrophe something,nuclear strategists are saying that we,are we are closer to now than then at,least in a generation I think this is,where,the foreign policy that I'm that I'm,putting forward to the American people,that I will lead with is one that is,focused on on engaging with other,countries being that force for good,focusing on cooperation rather than,conflict in every respect being able to,work out yeah we do have trade,differences with China there's no,question about that but being able to do,so in a way that is not further pushing,us closer and closer to the brink of a,hot war and potentially disastrous can,you get into what is the trade what is,the issue with China like what what is,Trump feels like we don't have a fair,deal right that's what he's stated I,think that there I think his his,diagnosis I think is correct I think,that's widely accepted there's you know,ongoing trade imbalance with China and,some of the issues with with IP theft I,think those are the top two that that,come to the forefront the problem is not,with the diagnosis of the issue it is,how he's going about it in a very you,know shoot-from-the-hip kind of way I,mean he's like almost conducting his,negotiations via Twitter he's got,negotiators who were sitting across from,the Chinese and hey okay we're getting,closer to a deal we're gonna work this,out then all of a sudden something goes,out on Twitter they're like whoa man,like the whole thing just changed which,you know it's it's may be funny when,when Trump is putting out something with,Trump Tower in Greenland but when there,are such real consequences to the,day-to-day lives of the American people,and when we're pushing us closer and,closer to the brink of a nuclear,catastrophe escalating these tensions,with countries like China and with,Russia this is I mean it's it's serious,the stakes are very high and and so this,is this is more about how Trump is doing,this in such an irresponsible way that's,creating destabilization and uncertainty,both with our economy and also in our,relationships with other countries,it's everything that made him famous as,a businessman all the brashness all the,shooting from the hip yes the idea that,everybody thought that he was gonna,change when he got in the White House is,hilarious the guy's 73 oh I actually you,can laugh at me then because I thought,well he got elected I was like okay well,this is gonna be interesting to see him,you know,become presidential and and then like,whatever one day interview said another,tweet about somebody else like Rosie,O'Donnell's opinion yeah exactly so,crazy but but he's but what that means,is he's unpredictable,right and so he's the guy in the bar,that you look at you're like well I'm,just gonna give that guy a little extra,clearance cuz he looks like he's crazy,right so I think that might be what he,either thinks he's doing yeah or or not,but here's the interesting thing about,this okay you know I I don't want to,q

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Tulsi Gabbard: Our country is being torn apart

Tulsi Gabbard: Our country is being torn apart

Tulsa gabbards a Fox News contributor,who joins us now are you noticing that,people are looking the other way,at pretty glaring red flags when it,comes to qualifications or character,just to hire people based upon their,sexual identity and it's having some,real repercussions,it is Jesse you know this is one of the,unfortunate reasons why I left the,Democratic party was this obsession with,the externals with the superficial with,the labels and it's sad you know it goes,against the very message that Dr Martin,Luther King had that we would judge each,other based on the content of our,character rather than the color of our,skin rather than sexuality rather than,all these other labels that are,unfortunately used so often to divide us,and and as a result rather than treating,each other with what we in Hawaii call,Aloha with respect seeing each other as,children of God that we are all equal,and should be treated with respect as,such we have people who are hired or,fired based on these superficial,so-called identities the negative,consequences is you have people who are,in positions of of power they get hired,but they're not necessarily qualified,for the job well I wouldn't vote for,anybody that was actually Behind Bars,during the election not once but twice,and I wouldn't actually hire anybody,like Sammy not because what he does in,his personal life because that's fine,with me but someone who broadcasts their,sexual life so graphically all over the,Internet that might make me think you,know what maybe we shouldn't trust him,with I don't know spent nuclear rods,yeah you know I think it's about going,uh deeper into what really matters as,lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves,I can tell you that I don't care what my,soldiers race religion or sexual,preferences are it makes no difference,to me what I look for is what is the,content of their character are they,people who embody selfless service,personal courage respect a commitment to,to the mission and serving our country,uh the the bigger consequence of all,this stuff we're seeing here this,identity politics and Democratic party's,obsession with it is our country is,being divided we are being torn apart,and what we are known as around the,world those values of Excellence that we,are known for around the world uh,frankly are diminishing do you think,we're ever going to see the surveillance,footage of Sammy Wheeling away the Vera,Bradley bag in a full Sprint from the,airport or do you think they're going to,suppress it like they tried to do the,polyp DUI footage,I think there there is such a lack of,transparency and you can see the bias in,those who are very quick to leak and,release information or videos or,whatever when it serves their political,narrative uh but when it doesn't all of,a sudden you know everything gets thrown,into the Vault or the evidence,disappears yeah I have a feeling of,Tulsi pinched a bag,that cost about three grand at the,airport and hightailed it out to the,taxi I feel like we'd find out about,that probably the next day and it would,be on every station in America Tulsi,would never pinch a bag from anywhere,for any reason I I believe you but I,believe you thank you very much Tulsi,thanks Jesse hey Sean Hannity here hey,click here to subscribe to Fox News,YouTube page and catch our hottest,interviews and most compelling analysis,you will not get it anywhere else

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Why Tulsi Gabbard's departing speech was puzzling | Rush Hour

Why Tulsi Gabbard's departing speech was puzzling | Rush Hour

former congresswoman and 2020,presidential candidate Tulsi gabbard has,announced she is leaving the Democratic,party which she says is quote under the,complete control of an elitist cabal of,warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness,end quote so we're going to take a,closer look at that top story and,gabbard's announcement is a culmination,of years of being at odds with a,Democratic party and its policies so,joining us now news Nation political,contributor George Will George I was so,excited to talk to you about this you,know gabbard notably said she is leaving,the Democratic party but she made no,mention of joining the Republican party,any other party what do you make of that,she's a has no home that I can see in,the party system right now what puzzles,me frankly is her description of the,Democrats as warmongers Jill Biden has,been very circumspect and tentative and,measured in his response to Ukraine,saying ruling out from the first that,there'd be no U.S Direct involvement,with troops therefore when gabbard says,that the Democrats and she has to mean,the commander-in-chief at the moment is,a warmonger she must consider it,unacceptable to assist Ukraine with,material and moral support when it's the,subject of unprovoked aggression I'm not,sure how large a constituency there is,in this country for that point of view,well and let's talk about the timing of,all of this you know the announcement,itself not exactly breaking news but,gabber did unveil it on the first,episode of her brand new podcast it is,now a month until the midterms George,does she have higher Ambitions here,well first she has a business incentive,to break through the Clutter of podcasts,out there I don't know how many tens of,thousands of podcasts there are but to,get noticed it will help for her to to,make this splash of announcing her,departure from the Democratic Party,she might have higher Ambitions if she,tailors her message to be that of Donald,Trump and Donald Trump decides to run,again it would be very much in Mr,Trump's interest to have an array of,female candidates to look over in,looking to for a female running mate,because his Non-Stop pugnacity and the,harshness of his rhetoric has caused him,notoriously serious problems with Women,Voters so if he runs again I would think,it very likely that he will want to have,a female running mate and gabbard is,standing in line well you know to expand,upon that a little bit George you know,just yesterday we were talking about,Kerry Lake and how she's really,establishing herself as arguably the,female face of trumpism but now is,gabbard maybe saying like no wait a,minute you know here I am,I think she's saying here I am and there,are females in the House of,Representatives and the Very Trump,sympathetic Republican caucus in the,house who would also join up so that,gabbard will can compete for this but it,will be competition absolutely all right,George as always a pleasure to talk to,you thank you for your time,thank you for watching go to, to find news Nation on,your television provider and don't,forget to click the red subscribe button,below to get more of news nation's,fact-driven unbiased coverage

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MSNBC Columnist SMEARS Matt Taibbi As 'AUTHORITARIAN' For Twitter Files Drops

MSNBC Columnist SMEARS Matt Taibbi As 'AUTHORITARIAN' For Twitter Files Drops

political columnists for msnbc's ishana,Lim wrote an op-ed for the left-leaning,media site denouncing leftist figures,like Glenn Greenwald Tulsi gabbard Matt,taibi just to name a few for being,critical of the left and its efforts at,times to suppress Free Speech elim,warmed that these figures frequent,criticisms of the political left ignore,wrongdoing coming from the right and,what this could mean in the long run one,such figure Matt taibi who was reported,for the Twitter files expose responded,to elim's piece saying quote only MSNBC,could respond to an expose about how the,DHS FBI DOD CIA and other agencies are,funneling masses of content moderation,requests to private companies,so I read this MSNBC piece it was a,little less incendiary I think than,maybe the headline made it seem like he,did well he did acknowledge,you know it was a little bit of that,kind of thing like well there is some,validity to the things they're saying,about the bad stuff with liberals or,mainstream whatever but I want to talk,about my concern about conservatives or,you know that kind of thing yeah look I,I do think it's a difficult line to,balance you know I'm someone who,has not been antagonistic to Tulsi Giver,in the past I appreciated the courage,that she showed back in 2016 in,endorsing Bernie Sanders,um and at a time when it was a very,unpopular thing to do I appreciated her,willingness to confront uh uh vice,president,Kamala Harris on her hypocrisy during,the debates I think that she has been,right on a lot of issues related to this,country's support of endless Wars etc,etc I think it's also fair to criticize,her when you disagree and on and on with,all of these figures I've had Glenn,Greenwald on my own show impressed him,about you know why he seems to not,always bring the same level of heat and,when talking about someone like Tucker,Carlson or some right-leading figures,who also say things that are at times,untrue or misleading the same way he,does about left-leading figures that we,had a good back and forth about that I,think the reason is this when you are,coming from a political camp where all,of the criticism is already on the right,and I I relate to this you don't feel,like it's your responsibility to speak,to those criticisms as much as you do,criticism to the left which are nowhere,apparent in your own political milia so,if everyone is saying Trump is bad,and I relate to this you don't,necessarily need to say Trump is bad,someone else is already covering that,beat so the perception can be like that,you don't care about the bad actions,that are happening on the other side I,do think however that when you are,engaging directly with some of the Bad,actors it's important to be clear that,you going on somebody else's show and,making criticisms of liberals isn't a,tacit endorsement of the conservative,alternative because we do live in the,binary country and people will take the,criticism as one as an endorsement of,the other and we need to be talking,about third party options realistically,I wonder if they've experienced,something that I myself have experienced,back when I was writing a lot like maybe,three stories a day for reason magazine,about,um Progressive or liberal intolerance on,college campuses right you know three,times a day about you know a student a,conservative student group or,conservative student who is in trouble,because they invited a conservative,speaker to campus or they had a,conservative event and and the campus,just violated the first amendment in,obvious ways telling them they couldn't,do something or or uh or or the students,themselves a small number of activist,students shouting down a speaker you,know this used to happen and I'm not,maybe it still does it used to happen so,many times a day I had tons of stuff to,write about on that beat and I was kind,of specializing in that but every time I,would do one of those stories then I,would have some liberals saying oh so,why don't you care about this other,thing this example of kind of,conservative censorship or intolerance,and I used to try to when they say that,I go oh well I want to I care about Free,Speech as a principle I want to prove,that I do so then I would write about,that as well,but it turned out no matter how many,times I did that I would still have,people yelling oh you don't care about,it,I could not make them happy I it,wouldn't care there's no amount of if I,I could do a hundred of those stories a,day and it would not have appeased the,people who were mad at me so what,happened eventually is I completely,stopped trying to appease them,whatsoever like they dropped like At,first I wanted them to understand that I,really do care about free speech and I,wanted them to care about these liberal,intolerance stories I was writing about,so I I also tried to do the things they,wanted me to do then when it became,clear there was no amount of bringing,them along or like convincing them that,I was a good faith actor it just stopped,mattering to me

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Tulsi Gabbard Ain't It, Chief | Renegade Cut

Tulsi Gabbard Ain't It, Chief | Renegade Cut

In January of 2019, when Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard announced her candidacy for President,of the United States of America, there was a mild celebration on the political left.,After all, this is the woman who endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders back in 2016, suggesting,to some that she shared many of his values and political positions.,Anti-establishment Democrats and a smattering of leftists lauded her as the next big star,of the party, but as time went on and those same Democrats learned more about her, support,floundered.,There was no growth in her polling numbers, starting the year around 1% and ending the,year around 1% as well, even with a less crowded field due to several high-profile drop-outs.,Yet, even now that it is clear that she will not be the Democratic nominee, a handful of,Democrats are still showing her support.,Democrats vary, so this is no surprise, but what is surprising is whenever a bonafide,leftist supports her.,An anti-capitalist, an anti-imperialist.,Through a series of last-minute flip-flopping on the issues and a short-lived feud with,Democratic establishment figurehead Hillary Clinton, Gabbard has given some of the left,the mistaken impression that she should be counted among their numbers.,Gabbard is not a leftist or even a democratic socialist like Sanders.,Her politics are a hand grenade – exploding all over the political spectrum, sometimes,in very concerning places.,Some on the left or even some garden variety disenfranchised Democrats are so eager for,a fresh new face or someone who seems “outside the establishment” that they are willing,to support a candidate whose politics are all over the place and sometimes noticeably,right-wing.,“Outside the establishment” does not equal “to the left of the establishment.”,It only means outside.,So few Democrats still support her that those who remain have become embedded, digging in,their claws and denouncing any criticism of Gabbard as a “smear” – even when said,criticism is a simple recounting of the facts like her voting record.,It's not the “lamestream media” distorting her record.,It's just...her record, easily accessible through her public appearances, recorded interviews,,history and votes in the House of Representatives.,It's not a “smear” if it's true.,The reason Gabbard has so much negative attention – particularly for someone who has zero,chance of actually winning the nomination – is because, in this case, she earned that,negative attention.,However, it's unhelpful to label all Gabbard supporters as “cultists” – nobody is,going to change their mind while being called that.,So, let's be charitable and assume that many Gabbard supporters and people for whom she,is their second choice simply do not have all the facts.,Different doesn't mean better.,It only means different.,And sometimes, it might be worse.,Tulsi Gabbard has cultivated an image for herself of the anti-interventionist candidate.,Gabbard goes on the debate stage and claims that US interventionism is just the worst,and we shouldn't be staging coups and regime change.,This caught the eye of anti-imperialist progressives and leftists.,The problem with her statement is that it does not align with reality.,Gabbard supports the global war on terror enacted by President George W. Bush and continued,by both US presidents since then.,On the conflicts, she has called herself, a hawk.,Her words.,The attack on US soil so many years ago provided an opportunity and pretext to finally implement,long-standing plans to have greater access to Middle East oil reserves – particularly,in Iraq -- a central component of the Persian Gulf resources.,The US and its allies are demonstrably not spreading democracy – any marginal progress,following regime change in the region is incidental.,The US is there to consolidate its control over the region's resources, particularly,oil.,These conflicts are a matter of interests, not democracy.,Regime change, the thing that Tulsi Gabbard claims to despise, inevitably happens.,Following the events of New York and Washington DC, America could engage in these wars for,resources more freely than before, and there is no greater supporter of these conflicts,,these regime changes, these interventions, than Gabbard.,Her service in Iraq – seeing imperialism in action, civilian losses and extrajudicial,slaughter – only strengthened her resolve.,Even though these conflicts escalated even further under President Barack Obama, Gabbard,was still unsatisfied because Obama didn't say the phrase “Radical Islam” enough,for her liking.,She went on Fox News – where they love her, by the way – and denounced the president,for not saying that phrase.,The government knows which groups it's fighting.,Republican politicians feed on that nationalism, that xenophobia.,But Gabbard does not care about that.,Gabbard loves saying that phrase personally but also wants everyone to say it, from the,president to the newspapers.,I wonder why that is.,Gabbard touts her alleged anti-interve

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JUST IN: Tulsi Gabbard Hammers Democratic Party, Campaigns For GOP Gubernatorial Nominee

JUST IN: Tulsi Gabbard Hammers Democratic Party, Campaigns For GOP Gubernatorial Nominee

it is a beautiful day Shane,I'll take the sunshine Aloha everyone,love it thank you so much for being here,I just got off the plane and came,straight here and I'll tell you,something a lot of you might not know,my family's roots are here in Michigan,my mom grew up in Grand Rapids graduated,from East Grand Rapids High and I know,you got a big game tonight but she went,to the University of Michigan,oh,but the the values that my mom grew up,with us was listening to shame talk here,the values that my mom grew up with my,grandfather served in World War II,were very much rooted in faith and,family,we're very much rooted in service,and that was something that my mom and,dad taught all of us five kids in our,family from a young age you dedicate,your life and service to God and others,you will be successful no matter what,you choose to do,now my dad is originally from Samoa he,met my mom in a summer job at Yosemite,a long distance relationship,swept her up they got married in Grand,Rapids and he took her out to the,islands,but what Shane talked about,those roots that I learned of growing up,in Hawaii why I chose to be a Democrat,when I ran for a state house when I was,21 in 2002,I was inspired by those leaders who,fought for those immigrants working the,pineapple fields,and the sugar cane fields,because they fought for people they were,looking out for their kids they were,looking out for their families,it was those values of of the JFK,Democrats of the Dr Martin Luther King,Democrats that made me as a 21 year old,my parents were not really Affiliates,one party or another they said make your,own decision that was the party that,inspired me to join and to continue to,try to do my part,today's Democrat Party could not be more,different,than that party 20 years ago that I,joined it has become the party of by and,for the elite rather than bringing to,fruition the party of by and for the,people and to me that that's why I'm,here that's what's at stake in this,election,is this is not,this cannot be treated as the usual,battle between Democrats and Republicans,there is so much more that's at stake,than to reduce this to yet another team,sport,with this being the Super Bowl event,this is about every one of us as,Americans,this is about our kids,this is about what kind of future every,one of us wants to leave behind for them,I've talked a lot about what's wrong,with the Democrat Party of today,but the reason why this Race Matters in,particular is we have people in power in,Washington in the bide Administration,and in Congress,who are abusing their power and,privilege and our kids and our families,and our communities are being harmed in,the process,I've been campaigning for and supporting,great Americans like Tudor and like,Shane who are running for the house,running for the Senate so that they can,push the brakes and actually hold these,people accountable,have that co-equal branch of government,actually do their job rather than rubber,stamping anything and everything that,this Administration pushes out,but what we're seeing with how the,Department of Justice is being,politicized the FBI the Department of,Homeland Security the Department of,Education you go down the laundry list,of these institutions that exist to,serve us that exist to serve the,interests of the American people,that power needs to be taken away from,the federal government and put into the,hands of the people,this is why who you choose as Governor,matters so much,because when you see these mandates come,out from the federal government it's the,governors who have the responsibility,and the the power to say no,this is not what we're doing the federal,government tries to leverage our,taxpayer dollars saying well hey if you,don't push this transgender ideology in,our kids we're going to take money away,from Hungry poor kids who qualify for,free and reduced lunch this is coming,from the people who claim to be the,party that is compassionate and caring,and fighting for poor people,using poor hungry children to leverage,pushing their radical agenda on our,families and on our kids,the strength and Leadership that I've,seen in Tudor we had a long talk on the,phone before I came out here,is something that's rare and it's,special,and she is built for this moment she has,shown it through her track record of,leadership and through her courage and,speaking up even knowing that speaking,up comes at a cost,Shane was very eloquent in his call to,action to you,we can't limit ourselves to only having,conversations who we agree with on,everything who have the same letter next,to their name,the things that are at risk right now,are fundamental freedoms our families,our safety the security of this country,our economy our livelihoods these are,things that are affecting every one of,us in this country not just those of one,party or another and that really is,where the opportunity lies,where if we're sick and tired of the,direction we're headed we are the only,ones who can change it,w

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Alex Berenson Sued Twitter Over Being Banned and Was Reinstated

Alex Berenson Sued Twitter Over Being Banned and Was Reinstated

the jurogan experience,so explain the process so you were uh,what was the exact uh definition of what,they kicked you off for oh are we are we,live yeah we're all good good okay um uh,all right,so it was almost exactly this time last,year joe it was august 28th 2021 uh i,uh wrote a tweet that began it doesn't,stop infection or transmission,and they banned me,i went on to say uh this is not a,vaccine or don't think of it as a,vaccine think of it as a therapeutic,meaning a drug that has side effects and,that you have to dose in advance of,illness,and then the last line was and we want,to mandate it insanity,okay i i would say that that's been,pretty well vindicated by events that's,that's vindication,so so they banned me they said that was,my fifth strike,and that i was not allowed to tweet,anymore and my account was not available,to anybody all the previous tweets were,gone,the 300 000 people too bad,um,so i sued them,uh in december,and,here's it gets it gets interesting and,tricky uh,so other people have sued twitter and,facebook and youtube uh and wikipedia,actually all these companies um,and said you know you've banned us uh,uh,you know,i just want to be able to use your,platform i haven't done anything wrong,and the companies say we can do whatever,we want we can ban you we can you know,attach labels to your tweets this that,and the other,uh and there's a law called section 230,of the communications decency act it's a,federal law from 1998 i want to say,maybe 96,that basically,was intended for two purposes purpose,one was,we don't want these companies to get,sued over stuff that people are saying,on them so in other words i go on and i,say you know terrible things defamatory,things about joe rogan or i say terrible,things about my ex-wife whatever okay or,i say you know go shoot the president,whatever it is i'm saying i'm saying,something that's harassing or hateful or,illegal we can't expect,uh a bulletin board or facebook or,uh or,or twitter or whoever to police all that,stuff there's too much of it it's not,fair so we're gonna give them complete,protection from that and that makes,total sense by the way all right you,can't you know you can't have these,people uh policing everything that's,uploaded or downloaded it's not it's not,within their capability okay the second,idea was we want these folks to be able,to give their users a better experience,and so we're going to give them some,protection limited protection to,moderate the content that's posted,meaning,let's say i'm posting tons of,pornography and you know i'm posting it,to a christian website that uh,that you know that's advertising itself,as a family-friendly place,the idea was the uh 230 is going to,allow me to take action against,uh that user in good faith for harass,harassing or objectionable content so,i'm gonna be allowed to ban stuff or to,age restrict it,and and that was really intended when,you look back at the statute for,pornography especially okay,so what happened was the companies with,the help of the ninth circuit which is,uh the the federal uh judges in in,california which is where most of these,companies are based,california and the west coast uh managed,to get,bigger protection and this really this,was happening for a while and then it,really happened in 2015 there was this,case,where a group of sikhs uh you know an,indian minority group the government of,india went to facebook and said we don't,like these people they're protesting,against us you gotta ban them you gotta,ban their their group website and,facebook said okay and pulled them,they sued facebook they said this is not,right and by the way like this was a,classic example of a government,telling,uh you know didn't not wanting dissent,okay they didn't facebook the indian,government didn't want to deal with this,group so they told facebook to ban it,okay,the ninth circuit said,that 230 protection,that allows you,complete immunity,if if alex berenson says you know here's,naked pictures of my my ex-girlfriend,that also allows you to ban whoever you,want whenever you want,they called it first party third party,they said there's no distinction in the,statute between the immunity you get,for,uh you know for for this for this,defamation that alex might be doing,versus your own decision to ban these,people who don't want to be banned and,ever since then 230 has been a beast,and every time somebody has sued the,companies have said look at seeks versus,facebook,we win,and that's basically been how it's been,they've been allowed to do whatever they,want and so by the way i know i'm not,even talking about my case yet but this,is the legal background so sometimes,when conservatives say hey we need to,ban 230 we need to repeal 230. i that's,actually not true you just need to have,the courts interpret 230 the right way,which is you don't get to sue facebook,or twitter for these defamatory or,harassing or illegal posts that other,people are putting up but at the same,time they shouldn't

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