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Tucker Carlson: Twitter was functioning as an arm of the FBIlet's say you were trying to staff a,soc

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Tucker Carlson: Twitter was functioning as an arm of the FBI

let's say you were trying to staff a,social media site who would you hire,well obviously since it's a tech,business you would hire tech people,coders software Engineers to keep the,place running then you'd hired,administrative staff because you had to,some lawyers a caterer a flack or two,maybe an interior decorator if you,wanted HQ to look good,but how many spies would you hire well,probably none spies have nothing to do,with the mission of a social media,company they would not be needed and you,wouldn't hire any opera singers either,yet for some reason Twitter seemed to,need an awful lot of spies the upper,ranks of Twitter we now know were,absolutely loaded with people who once,did Intel work for government agencies,at least 15 of these people and possibly,many more,most of them were hired in the wake of,Donald Trump's election now what were,these people doing all day and what was,supposedly a social media company well,that's the question isn't it,we know that James Baker came from the,FBI he's been accused of secretly,censoring incriminating internal files,before Elon Musk could release them to,the public Baker was fired for that so,that's some of what James Baker was,doing at Twitter,but how about Charles Smith of Twitter's,trust and safety department Smith joined,Twitter after working at U.S cyber,command,hmm or how about Jeff tokajar formerly a,director of Naval counterintelligence,what was he doing or Kevin michalina or,Doug hunt or Mark jarzewski or Douglas,Turner or Karen Walsh Russell handor,Vincent lucera all of these people once,worked for the FBI as well their,colleague Jeff Carlton came from the CIA,Patrick conlon once worked at the NSA,and so on,and it wasn't just American Intel,officers who found a home at Twitter the,company hired foreign spies too,in January Peter zatko was fired from,his position as Twitter's head of,security reportedly zetco lost his job,because he complained about the level of,control that foreign intelligence,agencies had over virtually all of,Twitter's operations according to zatco,there were operatives on Twitter's,payroll from other governments including,China and India and they had access to,private user data,and those are just the details that we,know about Elon Musk was asked recently,how many former FBI agents are currently,employed by Twitter,but he wouldn't say,it's all pretty weird,could it be that while the rest of us,imagined that Twitter was a social media,site a placed event about politics and,sports and the Kardashians could it be,that Twitter was actually maybe,primarily a propaganda tool an,intelligence gathering apparatus for a,variety of Intel agencies,well yes that's possible and you can see,why various governments would want,access to the information that Twitter,had,keep in mind that Twitter's direct,message to DM feature functioned for,many years as a kind of private text app,for some of the world's most prominent,people,so if you want to know what high,government officials really thought or,if you want to know what well-informed,sources we're telling reporters off the,Record you would want to see those,messages,did Twitter Executives ever share those,DMS those private messages with anyone,outside the company without a warrant,we strongly suspect that they did,the proof of course resides on Twitter,servers along with a lot else think,about it if Twitter has been functioning,as an arm of government Intel agencies,and clearly it has been,then its internal documents will contain,information about all kinds of things,not just about the silencing of Donald,Trump not just about Tony fauci's,buffoonish lies about the kovid shot no,information about big history shaping,events the sabotage of Nordstrom 2 for,example the supposed poison gas attacks,in Syria both of them the imprisonment,of Julian Assange why is he there the,theft of incriminating emails from the,DNC what was that story The motive,behind the Russian invasion of Ukraine,and much much more,in other words Elon Musk now has control,of the most significant Trove of secret,information ever to reside in private,hands so far we have not seen much of it,and you have to wonder why we haven't,let's hope that we do,subscribe to the Fox News YouTube,channel to catch our nightly opens,stories that are changing the world and,changing your life from Tucker Carlson,tonight

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Tucker Carlson: Twitter routinely censored critics of the Biden admin

Tucker Carlson: Twitter routinely censored critics of the Biden admin

good evening and welcome to Tucker,Carlson tonight we begin with an,unexpected Fox newsletter just moments,ago Barry Weiss of sub stack began,posting part two of the Twitter files,now these are assessments of internal,documents from Twitter they've been,hidden under previous management but are,now being exposed by Elon Musk who just,bought the company,so first musk last week gave a trove of,documents to Matt Toby of substack and,out of Barry Weiss Weiss is unpacking,all of this right now live on Twitter in,a Twitter thread what she has revealed,so far confirms what many suspected but,none knew for certain which is that,Twitter routinely censored prominent,critics of the Biden Administration did,so in secret without telling anyone and,with no factual justification whatsoever,this is known as Shadow Banning Twitter,did it all the time now publicly they,denied doing it people who were being,Shadow banned suspected something was up,but they didn't know now officially,Twitter's Chief legal officer Chief,sensor at Twitter Vijaya got a woman who,was rewarded by the byte Administration,for her work on their behalf said that,quote we do not Shadow ban and we,certainly don't Shadow ban based on,political viewpoints or ideologies,that's what she said that was a lie and,the documents that Barry Weiss is,posting right now including screenshots,of Twitter's internal censorship tools,prove that it was a lie,one of Twitter's targets for shadow,Banning was a stop Stanford Professor a,physician PhD called Jay bhattachara one,of the most impressive people in,American Medicine someone we've had on,this show many many times there was no,justification for censoring Jay,bhattachara except he was one of the,authors of the Great Barrington,declaration which very early in the,so-called pandemic infuriated our,country's Public Health establishment,including Tony fauci,by opposing covid lockdowns Jay about,achara has spent his career studying the,health effects of various policies on,vulnerable populations so he knew that,coveted lockdowns would harm children,and he said so that has turned out to be,true but Twitter doubtless at the,request of the authorities Shadow band,professor batachara of Stanford for,saying this out loud they prevented his,tweets from trending and that meant that,most users could not see his tweets,though they were factual,Twitter also Shadow banned Fox's Dan,bongino according to Weiss Twitter at,one point slapped bongino with a search,ban that made it impossible for users of,Twitter to find tweets by Dan bongino,because they were inaccurate no because,they were accurate that was the crime,that's always the crime they never,punish you for lying they only punish,you for telling the truth,Twitter also flagged Charlie Kirk's,account with a do not amplify tag,Weiss reports that quote the group that,decided whether to limit the reach of,certain users was the Strategic response,team global escalation teamer SRT g-e-t,the team often handled up to 200,separate cases a day,another group within Twitter called site,Integrity policy policy escalation,support notice the bureaucratic handles,here it's like the military that group,also hadn't handled Shadow Banning and,that group included got a as well as,Twitter Executives Joel Roth and Prague,Agarwal who ran the company,none of this has been previously known,it was never disclosed to the public,wasted threat is ongoing it's being,updated as we speak and of course we'll,bring you more information as we get it,subscribe to the Fox News YouTube,channel to catch our nightly opens,stories that are changing the world and,changing your life from Tucker Carlson,tonight

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Tucker Carlson: What we learned from 'The Twitter Files'

Tucker Carlson: What we learned from 'The Twitter Files'

and welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight,the main thing that we learned on Friday,Night Last Friday Night with the release,of those previously undisclosed,documents from Twitter is not that,social media companies censor,conservatives obviously we knew that no,one's surprised to have it confirmed no,one denied it in the first place no what,we learned on Friday is that big Tech,Works aggressively and in secret with,government agencies to subvert the,outcome of what the rest of us assumed,were free and fair elections,during the 2020 election Twitter did,this with the help of the FBI committing,censorship on behalf of one candidate,while working to hurt the other,candidate,it is hard to imagine a more Brazen,attack on our democracy than this this,is not how our system is supposed to,work in fact it's illegal,what Twitter did is a violation of the,First Amendment as well as of,established campaign Finance law they,never declared those contributions to,the Biden campaign that's a crime,thanks to the reporting of Matt taibi,who received access to these documents,from Twitter's new owner Elon Musk we,know that this happened it's not a,conspiracy theory it's a fact,but you wouldn't know what happened if,you got your news from Legacy Media,outlets in the U.S in the days since,taibi's jaw-dropping Scoops none of them,have followed up on the story and so,they dismissed the story as entirely,normal of course the FBI was working,secretly with Twitter in the Biden,campaign to control your brain by,limiting your access to factual,information that's how elections work,or they're attacking Matt taibi,personally for daring to write the story,so the same people who've spent weeks,defending billionaire con artist Sam,bankman freed who as if tonight you'll,be happy to know we're still in the,Bahamas unindicted those same people are,telling you that the real criminal here,is the guy who's uncovering illegal,censorship in a presidential campaign,it's hard to believe they're saying that,oh but they are here's a selection,Elon Musk retweeted the quote-unquote,Twitter files a collection of documents,that detail how the social media,platform supposedly buried a story about,a Ukrainian Energy company paying money,to the president's son Hunter Biden,first of all I just have to say that,this whole thing is just ridiculous and,it's not true it was amazing to me that,all of these sort of Fox News or whoever,else jumped on this without ever fully,understanding that it was basically,meaningless what happened and it,actually turned out to be a good thing,musk seems fixated on a two-year-old,story about Hunter Biden's laptop,this is what we in the Cable business,like to call a hot take and it reveals,Elon musk's profound ignorance of the,First Amendment we now know it was a,really helpful thing actually the,Twitter files today because we got to,see how content moderation works we got,to see how when a group of people with,differing political ideas and ideologies,and Views gets together in the spirit of,making a platform safe and healthy,so much there Al Sharpton teaming up,with the former George W bush Aid to,tell you censorship is good the first,lady saying this Ukrainian company,allegedly paid Hunter Biden when there's,no allegedly about it everyone involved,has already admitted it and then best of,all Ali velshi we in the Cable business,Ellie Val she's never been in the news,business people in the news business,cover the news propagandists censor and,distort the news and that's what you're,watching there,thankfully as always their propaganda is,crude and not very effective mostly,because it's so unbelievably not,believable,censorship explains Brandy's adrosney,like a slightly annoyed kindergarten,teacher censorship is called content,moderation when we hide facts from you,that you need in order to cast an,informed vote in a presidential election,that's quote safe and healthy,hiding facts from you is safe and,healthy,is there anyone who actually believes,that well judging by NBC's tanking,ratings not many people actually do,believe that but they're saying it,anyway,here's Michael Steele of MSNBC the,former RNC chairman by the way letting,you know that actually revealing the,mechanics of censorship is itself an,attack on Free Speech,putting those things back on the,platform uh it juxtaposition with the,argument that he's all about free speech,um really undermines the central some of,the central tenets of free speech is,that it is it is about yes the freedom,of you to say things but not at the harm,or expense of someone else and so when,you're perpetuating lies and and and so,forth you really kind of laughing in the,face of this idea of what the platform,he claims is supposed to be,so any day you get to see Michael Steele,misuse the words juxtaposition obviously,it's a good day but the payoff really,was his little lecture on constitutional,law the essential tenet of free speech,Michael still just told you the,essential tenet is that you as an,Amer

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Tucker Carlson: Twitter was permanently censoring users at the request of the DNC and Biden campaign

Tucker Carlson: Twitter was permanently censoring users at the request of the DNC and Biden campaign

welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight this,is Fox News Alert one of the most,extraordinary moments in the history of,social media is unfolding right now as,we speak and it began when Elon Musk,took control of Twitter when he bought,the company he promised to reveal its,corruption the extent to which Twitter,had engaged in politically motivated,censorship,including the unlawful the legal,censorship of American citizens at the,direction of the U.S government,well tonight less than an hour ago musk,began to make good on that promise,Twitter shared a trove of internal,documents with Matt taibi of sub stack,those documents are coming out again as,we speak and what they proved so far is,very serious,those documents show a systemic,violation of the First Amendment the,largest example of that in modern,history,these documents show that among other,things political officials in the,Democratic National Committee were,directing censorship at Twitter ahead of,the 2020 election,one Twitter official wrote on October,24th 2020 that he had received quote an,additional report from the DNC so the,DNC was telling Twitter what to pull off,the site and Twitter was complying next,morning,to prove it a Twitter official confirmed,the post had been deleted I grabbed the,first one that Twitter employee wrote,Twitter's also following instructions,directly from the Biden campaign in the,final days,of the presidential campaign,one of the documents proves that,officials on the Biden team routinely,directed Twitter to remove posts that,reflected poorly on Joe Biden quote more,to review from the Biden team read one,internal email from a Twitter employee,just days before the 2020 election that,email included a list of several Twitter,accounts that had criticized Joe Biden,the reply quote handled we just checked,now those accounts remain suspended,today,so Twitter was permanently censoring,users at the request of the DNC and the,Biden campaign that is new many,suspected it now it has been absolutely,confirmed by internal documents and of,course the New York Post Twitter account,was banned why because they had a story,that might have changed the outcome of,the 2020 election and Twitter knew that,perfectly well they had accurate,information about Hunter Biden's laptop,the post reporting directly implicated,Joe Biden and the Biden family in an,ongoing scheme to sell influence to,leverage Biden's job as a government,official to sell the prestige and the,power of the US government to China and,Ukraine,that scheme that ongoing scheme that,unfolded over years made the Biden,family millions of dollars ten percent,of that money was reserved as you know,for the big guy meaning Joe Biden,so that was information that might have,changed the outcome of the election and,that is precisely why Twitter prevented,its users from reading it,Twitter went so far as to block its,users from privately sharing the New,York Post story on Twitter direct,message so anyone attempting to share,the story about Hunter Biden's laptop,was told it was unsafe,now that measure preventing users from,sharing information privately is,something that Twitter reserves in,normal circumstances only in the most,extreme cases type B writes like,stopping the transmission transmission,of child pornography,but in this case information that might,have hurt Joe Biden's chances of,becoming president were invoked,and they were applied even to the,sitting president's press secretary,Kaylee mcineny,internally taibi writes quote the,decision was made at the highest levels,of the company but without the knowledge,of CEO Jack Dorsey with former head of,legal policy and Trust by Jaya Gotti,playing a key role,all suspected now confirmed now in,public Twitter and its many allies and,the rest of the media claimed that the,New York Post story violated the Hacked,materials policy that Twitter had on its,books but internally at Twitter everyone,understood that was just a pretext the,laptop had not been hacked and it wasn't,of Russian origin and by the way as of,right now it's 804 eastern time there is,no evidence in this ongoing thread for,Matt taibi that Twitter had received,confirmation from the U.S government,even,that the laptop was fake or from Russia,they just made it up,according to taibi one official admitted,that quote hacking was the excuse but,within a few hours pretty much everyone,at Twitter realized that wasn't going to,hold but no one had the guts to reverse,it,One Communications official at Twitter,Trenton Kennedy wrote this quote I'm,struggling to understand the policy,basis for marking this the laptop story,is unsafe,Twitter's former head of trust and,safety UL Roth explained that Twitter,had to censor the story so that Donald,Trump would not be re-elected president,quote the policy basis is hacked,material though as discussed this is an,emerging situation where the facts,remain unclear given the severe risks,here and the lessons of 2016 meaning,Trump could get elected we're airing on,the side

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Donalds reveals if he would support impeaching Biden amid Twitter files fallout

Donalds reveals if he would support impeaching Biden amid Twitter files fallout

foreign,with an historic battle for the Speaker,of the House of Representatives an,extraordinary five-day fight not seen,since the mid-19th century ended this,weekend when California Congressman,Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of,the House in the 15th round of voting,that was easy huh,I never thought we'd get up here,McCarthy took several blows on the way,to obtaining the necessary votes to win,but ultimately flipped several members,in the 13th and 14th rounds even as at,one point Florida representative Byron,Donalds emerged as an alternative to,McCarthy gaining 20 votes himself to,potential speaker Congressman Donald,flipped back to McCarthy after reaching,a deal to verify his promises they,include a balanced budget within 10,years and a vote on term limits for all,house members,among others joining me right now is,Florida Congressman Byron Donalds,himself Congressman it's good to see you,thanks very much for being here,good to see you Maria good morning to,everybody so at one point you went,against McCarthy another point,somebody else,speaker can you tell us what happened,well I mean look first first and,foremost I'm frankly just happy that,it's all over with and we got something,uh transformational,um and and sound for the American people,and really to help the House of,Representatives once again become the,people's house not to the mechanics yeah,early on you know I gave Kevin the,benefit of the doubt but it came pretty,quickly clear to me that we were getting,nowhere and so at that point it was,saying okay how long is this going to go,what's this going to play out like and,so it was really about trying to make,sure that we can get people to the table,in order to construct a framework that,everybody in our conference can get,behind and I think what we get what has,been released and what people are seeing,now is one of the most transformative,um re reshuffling in the people's house,actually giving all of the,representatives of Congress whether,they're Republicans Or democrats the,ability to represent the voters that,have sent them to Capitol Hill so show,Congressman I mean one of the most,stunning changes in this rules uh that,you all will adopt this week is the,motion to vacate one member to call a,vote to motion to vacate Kevin McCarthy,so how long does he have is there still,a chance that you'd like to be speaker,uh no right now what we're going to do,is make sure that our conference is,together the Republican conference and,making sure that we are focused on the,job at hand uh secondarily with respect,to the motion of vacay and I know this,has been talked about a lot a lot of,Voters are saying what does this,actually mean let me take a step back,before the 116th Congress Nancy Pelosi,is the person that stripped the motion,to vacate out of house rules Republicans,have said it's time for it to go back,and there is a negotiation around that,because again if the people's houses,truly to be the people's house every,member of Congress should have the,ability to represent their District so I,don't think it's a big problem there has,to be accountability in our system of,government especially in the House of,Representatives and so that's why that,was able to get negotiated back in and,we were able to to land this plane and,now we're going to move on to the,business of the American people what,other concessions did Kevin McCarthy,have to make tell me about these rules,and whether or not we're going to see,defections tomorrow when you try to,adopt this package,uh I don't anticipate defections,tomorrow I think everybody's gonna you,know kind of take the weekend day and a,half that we have,um and then look at these rules with,with the sound minding that we're going,to go ahead and get them through but I,mean you're talking about actually,strict observance of the 72-hour rule,the American people just saw what,happened two weeks ago when the,Democrats shoved through 1.7 trillion,dollars in an Omnibus spending Bill,nobody had a chance to read it we have,firm commitments that any bill is going,to be laid on the table for 72 hours so,not just the members of Congress but the,American people actually get to read it,the other is ending all of these crazy,covid mandates and the funding,associated with them we have rules on,single subjects so that there's actually,any bill it has to go by that subject,matter and anything in the bill has to,be germane to that topic we don't want,to see situations where a coin Bill,comes up and that all this language is,shoved through that has nothing to do,with the bill title these things are,critical to have a functioning Republic,and a functioning legislative branch,Branch excuse me in Washington D.C and,now we know that there will be 12,separate Appropriations bills instead of,putting everything jamming everything in,in one package which is interesting when,you consider defense spending you know,this is one area that you know our,adversaries have been have been upping,and we have not

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Dr. Fauci responds to Elon Musk teasing 'Twitter File' release

Dr. Fauci responds to Elon Musk teasing 'Twitter File' release

well we are still awaiting the latest,installment of Elon musk's Twitter files,or his must tease the fauci files many,are wondering where are they and what do,they say well Dr Anthony felchi,responding on a CBS News podcast saying,quote I have no idea what he's talking,about I mean there's a lot of,misinformation conspiracy theories,disinformation going on I have nothing,to say to him I want to bring in dpcm,capital chairman and CEO and former Uber,Chief business vice president Emil,Michael Emil good morning to you and,first off let's start with we'll get to,Uber in a second but let's start out,with this fauci uh you know look these,Twitter files have been pretty explosive,and what we had now learned is that the,government had no problem telling,Twitter and Facebook and Instagram what,to put out there and what not to put out,there fauci seems to be one of the most,controversial figures of this time frame,when it comes to Twitter what do you,think is going to be happening,I think I think what you'll see in the,Twitter files is uh regarding Dr fauci's,a little bit more of what we already saw,which is that the government was going,to Twitter and going to these other,social media networks and saying we want,this off we want that off we want that,off and and some of the things they want,to offer for pretty shocking uh they,wanted just you know some comedians off,they wanted uh they wanted to you know,push propaganda out about some of their,objectives to the American people not to,porn adversaries so I think with The,Foundry files what you're going to see,is a lot of government trying to say uh,to back up claims about Mass working,about the vaccines being foolproof and,so on and trying to Silence the Critics,who are questioning whether those things,were actually true and I think that's,what we're going to see a lot of in the,factory file deployment we should see,this week all right uh David Nelson jump,in here,uh Emil you know I'm looking at this and,it seems like uh you know Elon Musk is,kind of setting the stage here and it,seems like most of what we learned about,about Twitter in the last several months,is he's taken over the company is that a,lot of the worst conspiracy theories,have proven true and it seems to have,silenced some notable critics especially,from Stanford from the medical community,in terms of what might have been an,alternative way to handle covet uh any,thoughts on that,yeah I mean I I think you know what,we've learned is that,um what science is supposed to be is uh,people using facts and data to come to,conclusions and where the data is not,clear we want to hear different voices,so that we can come to the right,conclusion and we saw in a lot of ways a,wholesale uh effort by some parts of the,government to stop that critique stop,that debate and we learn now like you,said that many of these critiques were,true and I think that's bad for the,American people and I think Elon for,making Twitter uh more honest in that,respect and showing us what happened so,hopefully it doesn't happen again well,the employees that had the fauci fan,club we just showed that tweet to our,viewers I thought I was a nerd I would,never be in the faucy fan club I'll tell,you that I'm a pretty big geek uh,Bloomberg is reporting at least a dozen,Twitter employees working in the,Departments that handle content,moderation hate speech harassment they,were let go,what is Elon Musk doing at Twitter we,were talking about it actually in the,commercial break what do you think his,end goal is here for Twitter,I think the end goal is to,um frankly use as much computing power,and algorithms to take out what's,actually hate speech and actually he,doesn't want on the platform because,it's going to hurt advertisers because,people don't want to hear it because,it's incitement or fighting words or,things that Supreme Court has said are,not free part of free speech and,therefore it's hard to judge,um you know him taking out any uh,category of people or a number of people,not knowing what he's going to replace,them with I'm quite sure given the,technologist that he is and we've seen,what he's done with rockets and,spaceships and flying cars and,satellites what he's going to replace,them with I guess in a lot of places,we're going to see his computers do a,lot of this work there'll always be some,manual overlay but I think sometimes the,Press overreads into these matters and,says oh my God he's going to allow hate,speech on the platform that's not his,intent and I don't think that's what's,going to happen Okay Before I Let You Go,I've only got about 45 seconds on Friday,a judge ruled Uber doesn't have to pay,to excuse to raise New York City drivers,pay because the Taxi Limousine,Commission had not justified their case,Uber says taking on extra costs would,increase fares by 10 percent Drive their,business away but some are saying this,was really underhanded by the Limousine,Commission here in the city what do you,say,yeah the the limousine t

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Twitter files publisher: 'Every conceivable wing' of federal enforcement sent censorship requests

Twitter files publisher: 'Every conceivable wing' of federal enforcement sent censorship requests

and as we said we know about it because,of Matt taibi who has been at the center,of it he joins us tonight Matt thanks so,much for coming on so I I would just,offer audience,um your extensive reporting on this,which is on Twitter and on your sub,stack but to summarize having looked at,these documents for weeks now how deep,was the penetration of Twitter by U.S,law enforcement and Intel agencies,I think we can say pretty conclusively,after looking at tens of thousands of,emails over the course of these weeks,that the government was in the,censorship business in a huge way that's,I think provable now and not just one,agency really every conceivable wing of,the enforcement agencies of the US,government were in some way or another,sending moderation requests to Twitter,and in many cases those requests were,being fulfilled and they were coming,from everywhere from every place from,the NSA to the HHS to FBI DHS,and even what they call other government,agencies which I think is code for the,CIA so we have reports from all over,from States from police departments,everywhere,so that's prima facie illegal it's,unconstitutional government cannot,censor political speech it could not be,clearer our assumption is that this was,made possible because of Hysteria about,Russian penetration of our politics is,that is that your read of it,absolutely yeah I think the the thread,that I put out yesterday traces the,history of what happened particularly in,the fall of 2017 Twitter is somewhat,naively thought that they would not be,sucked into the russiagate phenomenon,they really thought this was going to be,Facebook's problem alone but when it,started to become politically very,difficult for them and people like the,ranking Democrat and the Senate Intel,committee Mark Warner the senator of,Virginia uh put pressure on them there's,an email that talked about how he was,pressuring them to quote keep producing,material for them ultimately Twitter,ended up caving and by the end of the,year they had an internal guidance which,I think is very significant where they,said publicly we will only remove,content at our sole discretion privately,we will remove content any content,that's identified by the United States,intelligence Community as a foreign,State actor conducting cyber operations,so if the Intel Community says we take,it down we're going to take it down,and and of course a lot of the people,who were censored were not foreign State,actors in at least one case that you,documented this was a journalist and I,have to ask there are a lot of different,non-profit organizations that purport to,defend free speech on behalf of,journalists I won't even bother to name,them but there are a lot of them,have any have any of them weighed in on,this and raised holy hell,no and that's been a profound,disappointment,um you know for me personally I I gave,to the ACLU for years I'm one of those,sort of died in the old uh liberals and,grew up that way I'm deeply disappointed,I think a lot of people uh who are sort,of politically on that side of the aisle,are missing the boat on this they don't,understand the gravity of the situation,they're thinking about this in partisan,terms it's not a partisan story this is,a story about the architecture of the,intelligence community and law,enforcement getting its hands on speech,and on the ability for of people to,communicate with one another through,platforms like Twitter and Facebook and,they're doing this in a very profound,way much more serious than I thought it,was at the beginning of this story and,in relative terms Twitter is a smaller,player when you have Facebook and Google,that that dwarf it in size I mean we've,got to assume that those two companies,are as penetrated as Twitter has been,don't we,yes and and there's evidence for that uh,certainly we've seen uh that they had,what they called weekly uh or monthly,industry meetings with the DHS and the,FBI uh and those included a number of,companies including Facebook in some,cases Wikipedia Pinterest uh there were,a whole series of companies that were,included in in these communications How,Deep The penetration goes in those other,companies I can't say but I do know that,they had very close Communications and,in Twitter's case the number of requests,that came in was really overwhelming,your previous guest Michael,schellenberger talked about how they,were paid three million dollars by the,FBI they were underpaid they were doing,so much work for the government in terms,of reviewing these documents that they,should have been compensated a lot more,for their work how can it be a free,Society or a democracy if law,enforcement and Intel agencies are,determining what we can say,well people are hiding behind the Fig,Leaf of well they didn't formally ask,they didn't demand that you do it but,um how much of an ask is it really how,voluntary is it really when the FBI or,the NSA or the CIA or the DHS come see,your company and presents you with an,Excel spreadsheet of

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Jim Carrey panned for bizarre video quitting Twitter

Jim Carrey panned for bizarre video quitting Twitter

all right critics are calling out,President Biden after he appeared to,question the Public's intelligence about,the supply chain crisis listen to this,ten years ago how many knew what total,supply chain was,no I'm serious,it's a phrase when I started talking,about supply chain people are going to,supply no reason why they should have,been it's not because they weren't smart,we didn't have to rely on the rest of,the world,Joe Concha author of come on,now Joe great to have you here in person,look if Joe Biden thinks we are all this,dumb doesn't it help explain in part why,he thinks he's able to pull over these,disastrous policies on the American,people that's a great point this is the,hubris of an elitist it's supposed to be,Scranton Joe and this is somebody who's,talking down to the very blue-collar,workers he says that he Champions and to,your point this is somebody who has said,recently that he has and Democrats have,a great record on crime said that the,border is Totally Secure says that the,economy is quote strong as hell unquote,it's like don't believe your Flying Eyes,believe me the smartest guy in the room,instead it's so ironic on some level and,this also reminds me of when Joy Reid,said that people didn't know what,inflation was and whether that's true or,not maybe some people don't know what,the supply chain is or didn't know the,the definition of inflation everybody,does now because of the state of the,economy that's a great point I think,people understand how stores get shelved,right as far as supply chain is,concerned and I love the argument around,a lot of people didn't know what,inflation was until Republicans bought,it up there was a thing that was passed,earlier this year called there were,inflation reduction act which I believe,was the title yeah in the title anyway,not not and not in practice certainly,let's talk Jim Carrey but but also,before we go there doesn't this also,show that last in his law school class,Joe Biden probably didn't understand,what a supply chain was himself 10 years,ago I'm going to correct you on that he,was 76 out of 84. but said he graduated,at the top and you know that because you,wrote the book I wrote the book come on,you literally wrote the book you,mentioned uh Jim Carrey and that's,because he announced that he's ditching,Twitter he posted this very interesting,video about it and he accompanied that,video with this message saying I'm,leaving Twitter but first here's a,cartoon I made about my friend Jim,Hayward it's based on my painting of a,crazy Old Lighthouse Keeper standing,naked in a storm summoning the angels,and shining his lamp to guide us through,the treacherous night never in my,foggiest dreams did I think I would be,reading something like that on TV wow he,should have just gone with somebody stop,me,stop me or spank me or I don't know any,Jim Carrey is I can't believe in the 90s,people used to compare me to Jim Carrey,so they look like which if you watch,liar liar he's a pretty good looking guy,but he's gone off the rails since uh,Dumb and Dumber and Liar Liar speaking,of that was 25 years ago that's about,when Jim Carrey was truly relevant now,he falls into this Alyssa Milano,character category right where he would,not be relevant at outside of the,unhinged tweet that goes viral once in a,while so now he's leaving here I don't,think we're going to be hearing much,from Mr Kerry again because these other,social media platforms that everybody's,running to when was the last time that,you heard over the last couple weeks oh,I read about it on X right it's it's not,going to work people don't like Echo,Chambers that's what makes Twitter,special my question that I wrote here is,what the heck happened to Jim Carrey but,sort of broadening it out yeah why did,this happen to Jim Carrey why did Jim,Carrey say you know I'm going to go the,crazy route and completely forgo all the,comedy gold that I was able to make for,whatever this is maybe I think what,Twitter exposes not just with,celebrities but with journalists as well,who they really are and with a celebrity,you have a producer right and you have a,script and with a journalist you have an,Editor to make sure that maybe you don't,report something or say something that,may come back to bite you Twitter has no,no filter whatsoever and as a result,exposes people for who they really I,don't know if Jim Carrey's cry I mean,these are his political opinions he's,allowed to have them but I actually do,like what Alyssa Milano said more when,she was like I want to stay on Twitter,to voice my opinions and that's what,good public discourse is all about by,the way I don't think you look like Jim,Carrey I think you do look like Seth,MacFarlane though I'll take that,McFarlane yeah and you have the same,voice as him really yes he's safe very,beautiful voice I'm sure you have a,great bravado I do going back to Jim,Carrey from her early Jim Carrey on a,Living Color early 90s is genius this is,crazy genius and this is sad the m

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