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Trump’s “Boring” 2024 Announcement & Elon’s “Hardcore” Work Demand | The Daily Showstarting with the

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Trump’s “Boring” 2024 Announcement & Elon’s “Hardcore” Work Demand | The Daily Show

starting with the Grammy Awards,yesterday the full list of nominations,was announced and Beyonce is leading the,pack with nine nominations which,amazingly,which amazingly ties her with her,husband Jay-Z for the all-time record of,83 nominations,yeah,makes your hashtag marriage goals look,like ,oh and congratulations to Amanda Gorman,the poet who got her first nomination,for best Spoken Word album,it's pretty amazing congratulations to,her and to Joe Biden who got a,nomination for best we think those are,the words album well done sir well done,in Tech news Elon Musk is continuing his,makeover of Twitter,by telling employees that from now on,the work environment will be quote,extremely hardcore,yeah and they should prepare themselves,but if anyone insults him he'll call his,mommy and fire them,that's not hardcore it's just me,and by the way I don't know if you can,afford to fire any more employees now,he's already fired half of the company,pretty soon Elon Musk is going to be the,only one working at Twitter we're going,to be sitting there like why haven't my,tweets updated for like 20 minutes and,you don't be like sorry I was taking a, it was so hardcore all right where,was I,in international news NATO has announced,that the Stray missiles that hit Poland,yesterday were not fired by Russia after,all as was reported yeah they were,actually Ukrainian missiles being,launched against Russian attackers,so the good news is that NATO doesn't,have to go to war against Russia the bad,news is it now has to go against uh,Ukraine yeah rules are rules the rules,are rules I'm just glad it wasn't what,we thought it was and Poland is like we,still got Bombs all right let's move on,to the big story of the day as you know,America's midterm election was just one,week ago the votes in many districts are,still being counted the runoff for,Georgia Senate seats are still three,weeks away and Wolf Blitzer is still,waking up in the middle of the night,shouting he race alert key race alert,my point is the 2022 midterms are not,over,which means now is the perfect time to,start covering the 2024 election,there have been so many times over the,last two years when people have said,that Donald jobless Trump was finished,for sure you know they said he was,finished when he lost to an ancient,artifact they said he was finished when,he was impeached for throwing a house,party without his parents permission,when he got his hands stuck under the,fridge trying to get a Cadbury Cream Egg,that rolled underneath there just let go,of the egg Donald,I think people don't realize is Donald,Trump doesn't care what anyone else,thinks about his political future and,you saw that last night because he,swapped out the buffet table at,Mar-A-Lago for American flags and made a,big announcement on stage at his South,Florida estate Donald Trump announcing,the White House run he's hinted at ever,since his 2020 election defeat in order,to make America great and glorious again,I am tonight announcing my candidacy for,president of the United States,the former president impeached twice,including for his role in the January,6th Insurrection placing himself at the,head of a movement to take power back,for his supporters this is our country,our government now at the center of,multiple investigations Mr Trump said a,weaponized justice system is the,greatest threat to the U.S we must,conduct a top to bottom overhaul to,clean out the festering rod and,Corruption of Washington D.C,and I'm a victim I will tell you I'm a,victim,that's right folks I'm the biggest,victim of all,every time I do something illegal they,come after me I've done 30 illegal,things they've come after me at least 20,times it's so unfair so unfair,you know as ridiculous as this is I'm,actually glad he's being honest about,why he's running he's running for the,same reason every shirtless guy on Cops,runs the popo is chasing him he said it,but this this is what Trump does he's,always the victim the poor billionaire,who only owns 15 golf courses and got to,run the world's most powerful country,for four years oh whoa is me,if Trump was a prison a fairy tale the,movie would suck and the princess would,never get saved,you know yeah the dwarves would be like,please we need you to save Snow White,and he's like Who's Gonna Save Me,do you know how many scares are in my,castle I'm so tired you know how hard it,is to pick from the lavish banquet my,service prepare for me they'd be like,but she's poisoned to Eternal sleep be,like I wish I could sleep,you know how hard it is to get,comfortable in a bed of coins so hard,but that's right Trump is getting the,old team back together for one more run,at the White House and of course I say,that metaphorically since most of the,old team is in jail the point is though,he's officially in the race,and you have to admit this is an,interesting way to kick off your,presidential campaign vote for me I'm a,whiny piss baby,because that's what most of his speech,was about and apparently

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Tucker Carlson: Biden trusts Beijing more than he trusts you

Tucker Carlson: Biden trusts Beijing more than he trusts you

good evening and welcome to Tucker,Carlson tonight they always accuse you,of the very things they're doing,themselves if there's one rule you can,keep on your fridge write it down put it,in your wallet to evaluate the behavior,of the people in charge it's that they,blame you for their sins every single,time,the latest example arrived this week,when we learned that Joe Biden fresh,from lecturing us about how Donald Trump,is a criminal because he had,unauthorized possession of secret,documents that very same Joe Biden,himself had unauthorized possession of,secret documents but don't worry it's,not a big deal unlike you in that,despicably orange Donald Trump Joe Biden,is a good person Joe Biden is so,virtuous he has transcended temporal law,it's not a crime when he does it,so that's the frustratingly familiar,headline from this week's story which,you've probably seen by now but the,details of the story are actually pretty,interesting,so a week before these last midterm,elections Joe Biden's lawyers were for,some reason rooting around in a locked,closet in the Washington office of,something called the Penn Biden Center,for diplomacy and Global engagement,and while in that locks closet Biden's,lawyers found a Sheaf of Highly,classified government documents,so the first question here is why were,Joe Biden's lawyers doing this in the,first place and we can't say for sure,because they haven't told us but it is,weird lawyers don't typically search,locked closets yours probably don't but,Biden's lawyers did and we'd guess they,did because they understood that,Republicans were about to win back the,house and with it Congressional subpoena,power,so they were likely conducting a cleanup,operation preemptively trying to get,ahead of a scandal they knew was coming,and of course they hid what they found,in that closet until after the midterm,elections because there's no reason to,influence voters too much,with information,so there's that,and then there's the question of these,so-called Penn Biden Center at the,University of Pennsylvania what is that,exactly the whole idea of an academic,Biden Center is pretty funny Joe Biden,is a he's always been a even,before the dementia for decades in,Washington ask anyone who lived there,Biden was famous as the dumbest member,of the Senate people made jokes about it,so why would an ivy league university,name a think tank after a man who can't,think and then pay him nearly a million,dollars a year for not doing anything,good question a little more on that in,just a minute,but first a word about classified,documents now this is not a partisan,Point not attacking anybody it's just,the truth,these people you see on television,huffing and puffing about vital State,secrets on both sides by the way not,just Democrats everybody vital State,secrets they're either lying or they,don't really understand how Washington,works,how many legitimate vital State secrets,are there well actually not very many at,all in a democracy the government has no,right to hide what it's doing from the,public except under extraordinary,circumstances,it's fine to classify the Normandy,invasion until it happens it is not fine,to spend 60 years hiding the fact that,the CIA was involved in the murder of a,president,hiding your involvement in the Kennedy,assassination is not a national security,precaution it is Criminal behavior and,it's made possible by a classification,regime that was designed not to protect,this country but to protect and enrich,our permanent political class which it,very efficiently does,oh but our enemies Screech the morons on,TV if we to classify these documents,whatever they are if we do that our,enemies will learn our secrets,please,China already knows our secrets all of,our secrets the Chinese government has,hacked every agency in Washington and,everybody knows that and nobody seems to,care,divide Administration cares so little in,fact it's just suspended a,counter-espionage program designed to,stop Chinese spying,in other words the Chinese can know but,you can't know Biden trusts Beijing more,than he trusts you,so the media's job its only job really,is to push back against attitudes like,that and to seek the truth reporters are,the people who are paid who for a living,find out what your government is doing,and then tell you about it so democracy,can continue,but there are very few of those left,Julian Assange is in prison for his,efforts Ed Snowden lives in Exile,and the News organizations that remain,are so thoroughly controlled by,government agencies that even the,suggestion of more public transparency,drives them to Hysteria watch CNN and,MSNBC for example react to the news that,republicans in Congress might tell us,some of what the thoroughly corrupt,Intel Community has been doing in our,name a house committee where Republicans,can shred at the Integrity of the,federal government and tell America that,your government is spying on you and,coming after you that is at the heart of,this tear down

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Donald Trump: Facebook and Twitter restrict the president’s accounts - BBC Newsnight

Donald Trump: Facebook and Twitter restrict the president’s accounts - BBC Newsnight

he can't hold his rallies anymore,and his convention plans are in tatters,even the once reliable fox news is now,often critical,and he had to abandon his daily white,house coveted press conferences,when his sometimes bizarre remarks saw,his approval ratings plummet,supposing we hit the body with a,tremendous,uh whether it's ultraviolet or just very,powerful light,which left this social media as the,president's last remaining means of,getting his message,unmediated into american homes,if the twitter president can't tweet,what he wants,if his campaign can't post freely on,facebook well,it could put a huge dent in his chances,last night both twitter and facebook,took action against a posting from the,trump campaign,that contained this excerpt from a trump,interview,if you look at children children are,almost and i would almost say,definitely but almost immune from this,disease,and now one of the more well-known,washington national,fans this,directly contradicts official medical,advice from america's top immunologist,do children get infected yes they do,have hundreds of thousands of children,been,infected,twitter put a hold on the trump,campaign's account saying they could not,tweet again,until they removed the video the man who,introduced donald trump to twitter 11,years ago,is not surprised that the campaign very,quickly complied,they're not going to want to lose that,communication which has been very,effective for them obviously,uh so i think they'll figure it out,they'll figure out a way to,comply and work around it it's just to,become too powerful of a tool,for him personally and for his campaign,and and,a way for him to really communicate,directly to his face,this is the first time facebook has,taken such action against the president,in a statement they said this video,includes false claims that a group of,people,is immune from covid19 which is a,violation of our policies,around harmful covid misinformation the,trump campaign has accused the social,media companies,of becoming political activists mark,zuckerberg the ceo of facebook has,talked about this,he doesn't want to be the arbiter of,truth he doesn't think you know social,media companies should be playing that,role but like it or not they,are playing that role they have this,enormous amount of power in terms of,what the rules of the road are what they,allow politicians to say what people get,to hear,and it puts them in a really difficult,place thank you very much we're here,today to defend free speech from one of,the gravest dangers,it is faced in american history frankly,the president has previously promised to,hit back at the social media companies,even signing,an executive order the truth is he lacks,the power to do much on his own,before the election,now i'm joined by jeff flake who was the,republican senator for arizona until,2019 and was one of the few vocal,critics,of the president within the republican,party good evening,thanks for having me on what do you make,of the decision by,facebook and twitter,well i'm frankly pretty sympathetic to,mark zuckerberg's uh,statement months ago that he didn't want,to be didn't want facebook to be the,arbiter of truth once you go down that,road it's it's really difficult to get,back,so i'm not exactly sure how they'll go,forward with this,but you know when there are issues of,public safety,as as with the coronavirus and,statements by the president,might induce people to do things that,simply aren't good,i can see why they feel they have to go,that direction but,it's going to be a tough policy to,maintain or to or to get right,frankly it just seems also quite odd,because the clip was from,a news outlet it was from fox news and,in a sense that's gone out on on,television already and if the challenge,was going to be made it should have been,made by one of the journalists there but,now it's being,effectively edited by facebook i mean,who is really keeping donald trump,held to account as far as you're,concerned well frankly,if the trump campaign believes that,facebook is,doing them harm by not promoting this,i think they're wrong frankly facebook,is probably doing,the trump campaign a favor by keeping,this off the air,it does excite his base but it moves,independence and moderates further away,from it,so i in terms of what it does,electorally,i'm not sure that it really hurts the,president that much,i just don't know how do you maintain,this once we have a new president,uh i mean how do you go on and become,the arbiter,of truth as a social media platform it's,just,too difficult to do at a time where you,talk about an election coming up and,also,public safety i wonder how embarrassed,are you that republicans including in,your own home state,are politicizing covid19 for instance,encouraging people to break,lockdown rules well it's not good for,the republican party,it's not good for the population uh,voters uh citizens,or anything but just in terms of what,it's doing to the party,it's killing us as republicans we ju

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Donald Trump Returns To Twitter! Elon Musk Has Unbanned Him! Let's Mine Salt!

Donald Trump Returns To Twitter! Elon Musk Has Unbanned Him! Let's Mine Salt!

I'm Gonna Come,foreign,anyway,I was just laying around on my couch,trying to relax you know I had a full,schedule of videos today,and then,Elon Musk had to get involved,I will say hey thank you terrestrial for,joining his new member uh,let's get involved right away I want to,talk about I've outlined a little bit,how we got here,um the results of you know how we got,here the announcement his followers the,salt,we've got so much,uh to enjoy uh the the the the the,absolute Insanity uh I'm gonna try to,bring on uh some guests uh,uh let's see I have to send a text quick,okay,uh so in case you didn't know,um,Donald Trump is back on the twatter,and uh,yeah might be very interesting will he,tweet though well let me tell you this,I I believe that I know the best way,that Donald Trump should use his Twitter,account,hey new member purple squid thank you,Ramblin Rec says oh yeah I'm happy you,came on tonight much love buddy I,appreciate you,um,and we'll talk about that actually I'm,going to put that in my notes,um how he should,okay,hey like at least one gallon of gas my,favorite YouTube channel say thank you,thank you you know it'll be interesting,about tonight's live stream even though,it's Saturday night Saturday night,um,which is like usually,uh,you know a lot of my viewers are,they're not big live stream nights,um but,I think a notification actually sent a,Polaris sucks thank you for joining us a,new member I think uh a notification,actually sent out on this one,um not to be down but it's probably,gonna be bad for truth social I don't,believe so let me tell you,I believe that there is a way that,everybody can win so,strap in,get your favorite beverage,now,the actual number,sensory statement,it looks like he had lost I don't know,where all these numbers actually came,from but it was 87 million followers I,believe he had,um,if we look,now a lot of people are telling me Oh,look at the live count it's funny you,know,it is funny to watch it go up and it'll,be funny it should it should be,interesting to see just how high it goes,but in my experience hey tan green thank,you for joining as a new member uh in my,experience,he should get all 88 million,followers back,this I don't think,I don't think he should be starting from,zero,orange man back yeah appreciates you had,to become a member guy on your coverage,has been fire lately and I want to say,that was there when uh kept it real when,you kept it the realest thank you I,appreciate you,um and rambling rexes by the way I got a,super,quick through mailing list oh by the way,I got notified super quick through the,mailing list I got on that oh nice yeah,so,obviously uh everybody knows everything,I do is,sponsored by the wonderful coffee brand,coffee their link is in the description,below I obviously have no affiliation to,that company but I think that their,their products are probably the best,they have uh this gift box Builder now,to make hot the holidays super easy you,don't even have to like worry about,wrapping it because it comes in a really,nice box,I keep following it immediately,unfollows yeah that's there is something,weird I think it might be if you,followed them before,so here's how it started,here's how it started okay Elon Musk,posts a,poll,asking should we,reinstate,Donald Trump,now,not to like,go to like uh,too much of a down here but I actually,don't believe that the poll decided,uh why he was going to get brought back,or not I think that,I think that uh was already decided when,he declared his,um,you know declared wanting to go to run,for president again I think Elon was,always going to let him back on after,that,but he put this out and it receives 15,million votes,Elon proved it to his advertisers,proved to his advertised and connected,to True social,TS I'm not sure exactly what that means,it could happen in real time I have I,have his uh I think he will truth about,it first,you know he's up right I think he's,going to want to I bet you he would want,to wait,he would want to wait until there's more,followers before he sends a tweet,debate Hunter Avalon he talks like,every third stream never even heard of,the guy,I don't uh I don't spend my time,uh like this car is moving,forward onward upward that's why I,stopped like arguing with like other,creators on on Twitter too like,this car's not stopping for the dog,that's barking at me it's just not worth,it I've got literally nothing to gain,uh so,he starts off with this pole and it's,super close 15 million votes the most,voted on poll ever,um,and,oh why is the resolution let me try to,it does look kind of grainy,it's because I have to stream in 720 but,I could probably,do stuff like this maybe zoom in,um okay a dog stepped on a bee,uh,uh 50 million votes super close I,suspected,um,you know uh maybe you're right Wallace,I I don't know wololos,um,but then he says you know the will of,the people is is the will of God or,something like that it Loosely,translates to,134 million people saw the poll,um and these and th

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Chamath on Trump Twitter ban: Pros and Cons

Chamath on Trump Twitter ban: Pros and Cons

do you think Trump should have been,removed from Twitter no what's the,what's the pro case can you I'm having,fun here he's still me on each side yeah,um,let's deal man to get him off the,platform,here we have a guy,who,um is virulent in all ways,he promotes confrontation,um he locks decorum he,incites the fervent Believers of his,cause,to act up and push the boundaries,bordering on and potentially even,including breaking the law,he does not observe the social norms of,a society that keep us well-functioning,including an orderly transition of power,if he is left in a moment where he feels,trapped and cornered,he could behave in ways that will,confuse the people that believe in him,to act in ways that they so regret,that,um it could bring our democracy to an,end or create so much damage or create a,wound that's so deep it will take years,of conflict and years of Confrontation,to heal it,we need to remove him and we need to do,it now it's been too long we've Let It,Go on too long,the other side of the argument would be,he was a duly elected person whose views,have been run over for way too long,and he uses the ability to say extreme,things in order to showcase,how corrupt these systems have become,and how insular these organizations are,in protecting their own class,and so if you really want to prevent,class Warfare and if you really want to,keep the American dream alive for,everybody we need to show,that the First Amendment the,Constitution the Second Amendment all of,this infrastructure is actually bigger,than any partisan view no matter how bad,it is and that people,um will make their own decisions,and there are a lot of people that can,see past the words he uses,and focus on the substance of what he's,trying to get across and more generally,agree than disagree and so when you,silence that voice,what you're effectively saying is this,is a rigged game and all of those things,that we've told we were told were not,true are actually true,if you were to look at the crude,algorithms of Twitter of course I don't,have any Insider knowledge but I could,imagine that they saw,the let's say there's a metric that,measures how negative the experiences of,the platform and they probably saw uh in,several ways you could look at this but,the presence of Donald Trump on the,platform was consistently increasing how,shitty people are feeling uh short-term,and long term because they're probably,yelling at each other having worse and,worse and worse experience if you even,do a survey of how do you feel about,using this platform over the last week,they would say horrible relative to,maybe a year ago when uh Donald Trump,was not actively Tweeting or so on so,here you're sitting at Twitter and,saying,okay I I and I know everyone's talking,about speech and all that kind of stuff,but I kind of want to build a platform,where the users are happy,and they're becoming more and more,unhappy how do I solve this happiness,problem well let's,ban let's let's uh yeah let's ban the,sources of the unhappiness now we can't,just say you're a source of unhappiness,so we'll ban you let's wait until that,Source says something that we can claim,uh breaks our rules like insights,violence or so on that would work if you,could measure,your construct of Happiness properly the,problem is I think what Twitter looked,at were active commenters and got it,confused for overall system happiness,because for every piece of content,that's created on the internet of the,hundred people that consume it maybe one,or two people comment on it and so by,over amplifying that signal and assuming,that it was the plurality of people,that's where they actually made a huge,blunder because there was no scientific,method I think to get to the answer of,de-platforming him and it did expose,this idea that it's a bit of a rigged,game and that there are these deep,biases,that some of these organizations have to,opinions that are counter to theirs and,to their Orthodox view of the world,so in general you lean towards keeping,um,first of all presidents on the platform,but also,controversial voices all the time I,think it's really important to keep them,there

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Twitter shuts down Trump’s account

Twitter shuts down Trump’s account

we want to go now to our white house,investigative producer john santucci,maybe the person who knows president,trump best within the abc news,organization,spent the most time with him covered his,campaign covered his presidency,john what did you learn today about our,president,i learned that while most of us were,watching television,horrified whether it be in our homes for,the people that do get to go to work,those of you that have actually been in,the abc building today,as those of us working from home tom,donald trump was doing,pretty much the exact same thing he was,vacillating between the oval office,um and the private dining room which is,just off the oval,watching coverage for a president that,as we've reported and you know as well,as i do tom,loves to be on the phone loved taking,phone calls loved making phone calls,he avoided phone calls for the most part,i mean chris christie said that on our,air but i'm told by,multiple sources and allies close to the,president they could not get through to,the commander-in-chief today,and their calls were pretty much all,going to be identical tom,imploring him to get out there to do,something and to say something,the most interesting thing though is,that you know in the early days of the,trump white house the place was,humming you you couldn't go around the,corner without seeing,somebody some aid some group of people,gathering,and not because of the covet crisis has,there been,a change of tune if you will but it's,because most people have just given up,many staffers are not going to work,especially today,several people that i know very well,openly told me they were physically not,going to go into the building today,because they wanted to avoid being near,the president and,because they knew that this was,potentially going to be a day surrounded,by multiple protests and violence which,obviously we've seen,play out but i think you know of all the,things that i think are the most,stunning,i think you're constantly amazed by this,president in so many ways but the fact,that,he was not uh upset by this you know,john carl touched on us a bit,in some ways you have to imagine he,might have enjoyed parts of it it was,his,people coming to washington he had a big,crowd on the mall he didn't have it four,years ago,for his inauguration celebration but he,got that today,and there was clearly a long lapse of,time,between when things were already violent,and and,when he starts tweeting and finally,addressing his supporters john final,question to you as we see images of,vice president mike pence and the,president right here where does that,relationship stand,at this hour oh dead buried over,forget about it tom i mean that was one,person that i never,thought you would see daylight between,but i had one person,tell me earlier this morning before we,knew where this day was going to go,mike pence was going to do the right,thing today and that donald trump would,destroy him for it and you've seen that,in our reporting you've seen that in,some of the tweets but you know,frankly what's most interesting tom is,that as we've seen,so few people in and around the white,house these days,you're getting that real-time thought,process from the president well,we just learned via rebecca jarvis that,we're kind of going to be in dark here,for about 12 hours,because twitter has shut down president,trump's lifeline they have pulled the,batteries from his megaphone as he is,suspended from twitter,so i don't know how we're really going,to get a sense of what this president's,thinking,maybe he'll end up calling into fox news,but he is very much avoided,coming out and saying anything beyond,twitter,john santucci john carl the two johns,for us covering president trump,we thank you both lindsey hi everyone,george stephanopoulos here thanks for,checking out the abc news youtube,channel,if you'd like to get more videos show,highlights and watch live event coverage,click on the right over here to,subscribe to our channel and don't,forget to download the abc news app for,breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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President Trump Says A Peaceful Transition of Power Will Occur, Twitter Locks His Account | Ep 113

President Trump Says A Peaceful Transition of Power Will Occur, Twitter Locks His Account | Ep 113

all right twitter's going after trump we,knew this was coming,we knew it was coming in january if not,sooner it's here,it's happening it appears that he has,conceded in one form or another,or at least said that a peaceful,transition of power will happen we'll,talk about that we'll talk about pence,everyone's certifying obviously,yesterday in the chaos,patrick doranson will join so much gonna,happen it all starts right now,the announcement of the state of the,vote by the president of the senate,shall be deemed a sufficient declaration,of the persons elected president,and vice president of the united states,each for the term beginning on the 20th,day of january,2021 and shall be entered together with,the list,of the votes on the journals of the,senate and the house of representatives,the chair now recognized all right folks,here we go thanks for joining us earlier,on uh our little db live,test segment appreciate you joining in,for that but,look we're going to continue the,conversation that we had earlier in the,day and we knew,nothing would come of these you should,have known if you were being honest with,yourself and you were listening not just,to me but to a lot of people a lot of,people smarter than me,low bar enter trolls make their comments,okay we'll move on now,but we knew that these challenges,wouldn't go anywhere in the house,in the senate we wanted to believe that,they would we wanted them to we,we wanted so much or something positive,to come out of what happened yesterday,slash this morning,on capitol hill but statistically it was,impossible it wasn't gonna happen,pence pence could have stepped in,potentially yes,but we also knew he wasn't gonna do that,that's not how things work there,and what you just watched to start the,show was the result,after a extremely chaotic day which,again we'll get into again we talked,about earlier in the day,congress reconvened and in the end biden,and camp cam were certified,as the next president vice president of,the united states,gonna get into that in a second and guys,this,look this is such a hard conversation,this is such a hard time for everyone,right now but this part,this particular part of the fight is,over,the entire fight this republic and all,of that,and and the more important stuff is not,so don't leave don't leave just because,i said that,but this part we get there's parts of of,the conversation that's been happening,nationally,in small chambers and and and broader,you know broader conversations that that,just are,are at their end stop listening to the,people telling you,that someone's gonna ride up on,horseback at sunset over the mountaintop,save the day it's not it's not it's not,happening,why because we got screwed we got,screwed,the election was an absolute,embarrassment i mean literally,guys i've spent a lot of time i've spent,the vast majority of my adult life in,fact,overseas in third world countries,we are no better than them right now,because our elections are an absolute,train wreck,as we've seen and is still true we just,don't have the ability to prove it,because of,who controls all the purse strings and,because of how tribal we've become,we're no better everyone says we're,headed towards being venezuela we're,headed towards being this kind of a,country or that kind of country,and in terms of social elements and,and economic elements and and this that,and the other yes that's,that is where we're headed if we if we,can't fix this and that is where the,fight has to,to continue but in a lot of other ways,we're there,we're there and this thing was an,embarrassment there's people watching,all over the globe,who talk about this we need you guys to,get this right because the world needs,america,to be on their a-game and we,this year 20 well in 2021 and and,and obviously last year 2020. by the way,the the trial period if we get to to,turn things back over or like cancel our,subscription to the year 2021,seven days in like i'd love to do that,because it's been awful but this year,last year awful obviously and people are,watching and they're seeing what's,happening,in that time and saying we need america,to be better for the sake of,humanity across the globe,and we haven't been we haven't been,because,we don't get to control as i was saying,you know in the live segment earlier,today we don't get to control what they,say,in the narrative that goes out there,there's a lot of people who know what's,going on,there's a lot of people who are making,up that's going on that are not,helping,and have helped us get to the point,where we are now,that has to be owned but,dc elite big corporations mainstream,media big tech,they're all against the truth and,freedom they're all against the version,of america that we live in today they,want a different,version that they think will be this,utopian bliss,and it will be for them because their,bank accounts,are as deep as the ocean but it won't be,for everyone else and they just don't,see that,they're against the very ame

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Classified Documents Found At Biden Think Tank | The View

Classified Documents Found At Biden Think Tank | The View

so the White House says it's been,cooperating with the National Archives,and Justice Department's review since,November after discovering classified,documents from when the president was,the VP and they were locked in his old,office now this has Republicans like,Congressman Byron Donalds suddenly,losing his mind and,taking the matter of holding on to,classified documents very very seriously,suddenly take a look number one what was,he doing with classified information in,his possession number two why did it,take six years and I want to stress this,for the American people Joe Biden left,the vice presidency in 2017. point,number three and this is the one that's,most important everybody can go back to,the Hillary Clinton email Saga we know,other presidents have had classified,information but why was there a rate on,Mar-A-Lago but now this story just kind,of seeps out and everybody's saying oh,we just want to get down to the bottom,of it and everybody's giving the benefit,of the doubt,well aside from the facts that Biden,turned over the documents as soon as,they were found and has been cooperating,with authorities unlike some folks who,had to have a subpoena,and said they had turned over everything,you know now we don't we do not know,anything about the nature of this okay,so let's keep that in mind but I'm just,saying Byron needs to calmed down a,little bit because there are some,perhaps differences here the Optics are,not necessarily the best,so is it good news for you know who,anything that makes us talk about him is,good news for him not really I mean I I,think that no matter what you just said,is right that there are differences in,what happened yes so not good well we,all know that Trump is a liar and a,thief you know we know that,so it's not that big a jump to say that,he obstructed and he lied we don't think,that Biden is a liar and a thief so we,give him the benefit of the doubt that's,probably what's going on but what I,think also is going on no matter what,the truth of it is will be they will,spin it bobble head and Marjorie Taylor,and that crowd Matt Gates you think,they're not going to spend this that is,just as bad as Trump and so the the LIE,gets out there people believe it just,like that Donaldson person whatever his,name is what's his name Byron Donald's I,saw him also he was at the uh the fight,on the floor too he was nominated for,speaker a number by two people darling,15 rounds,empowering has been so invasive so,ubiquitous that no one will believe the,truth anymore and that that you can put,that at the at the feet of Donald Trump,who started the lying so and no,absolutely no one's gonna like this take,but I'm gonna go there anyway um it is a,big deal um I held a tssci security,clearance I would have been in prison if,I took one classified document home it,worries me that so many seniors did he,take it home no you didn't take it home,it was it but it was in a locket it was,locked and and that's true so that's,what it's supposed to be and I wanted to,enter yeah I'm sorry I want to be clear,the sacks are different than the Trump,case however I think this is a huge win,for Trump because if you're Merit,Garland who is already extremely,cautious and doesn't want to break the,long-standing Press precedent of not,indicting a president it's very hard to,make the case that Donald Trump should,be indicted for this even though the,facts are different when he can argue,well now the Vice President also took,home classified documents I think that,this kills the case the only difference,is obstruction which Trump did did,engage in obstruction,obstruction is a big deal,facts matter and let's not talk about,alternative facts okay because let's,talk about the fact that Donald Trump,was asked to return the documents,voluntarily refused then refused several,subpoenas kept them in toilets and kept,them not in a locked place and kept them,on the floor anybody could have had,access he had top secret classified,information including things that would,put people's lives in danger including,nuclear uh documents and there were 300,documents found so I think you cannot,compare one to the other that's not,comparing apples to orangutans,clearly different the legal standard is,not where you keep the classified,documents the only place it could be as,a skiff so even if you put a lock on the,door that doesn't legally change the,fact that you did not transport them,securely,element there was there's a clip of,Biden I would like to pull because he,obviously has weighed in on Trump's,situation and if we could air that,when you saw the photograph of the top,secret documents laid out on the floor,at Mar-A-Lago what did you think to,yourself,looking at that image,how that could possibly happen how one,anyone could be that irresponsible,and I thought what data was in there,that may compromise sources and methods,by that I mean names of people who,helped or Etc and it just uh totally,irresponsible well that's why we're,saying that we

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