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Donald Trump’s Twitter account reinstated>>> This just in to CNN --,Donald Trump's Twitter account,i


Updated on Jan 19,2023

Donald Trump’s Twitter account reinstated

>>> This just in to CNN --,Donald Trump's Twitter account,is back.,Elon Musk reinstated the former,president just minutes ago.,This is president trump's,Twitter page here.,Until tonight it had said,account suspended.,Earlier tonight, musk posted a,poll on Twitter asking if people,thought Donald Trump should be,allowed back on the service.,Musk says the results showed,that people wanted trump to,returnment he tweeted this --,the people have spoken, trump,will be reinstated.,Vox popili, meaning the voice of,the people, the voice of god.,Twitter's previous management,suspended trump indefinitely,days after the January 6th,capitol insurrection.,>>> I want to bring in CNN media,analyst and media reporters for,axios Sarah fisher.,With us now on the phone.,We were just talking about,Twitter here in the last hour or,so.,This big development now.,What do you make of this news?,>> Well, I'm actually surprised.,Per our conversation earlier I,thought Elon Musk would wait,until Facebook made the call in,January.,It seems he was eager to move,forward.,He did this Twitter poll.,Many millions of people voted.,And the last time I checked, it,wasn't really a wide margin, it,was about 52% of people who,voted in the poll said that,Donald Trump should be,reinstated.,And Elon Musk moving quickly as,he does, very quickly reinstated,Donald Trump after that poll.,>> Yeah, I mean this is a,Twitter poll, right, this is not,a scientific poll.,This is an online poll.,And so to borrow a question from,my colleague Oliver Darcy, he,said what happened to the,content moderation council that,musk said, you know, only last,month he'd be instituting?,What do you think?,>> Well, it's funny because,earlier he had already,instituted accounts that were,permanently banned including,Kathy Griffith, author Jordan,Peterson, the babylon bee, he,had been foreshadowing this move,of reinstating accounts, making,policy decisions without the,council.,I can't say I'm totally,surprised that he's doing it,unilaterally now.,But it does bring into question,whether or not Elon Musk is,going to govern by the hip,moving forward despite promising,advertisers he was going wait,for that council.,It doesn't seem like that's the,case.,>> I wonder, Sarah, if you think,there are going to be any,boundaries on trump.,We've seen trump has shown even,after January 6th where he saw,the effect that his language,could have, and he saw the,effect his language could have,even in getting people to leave,the capitol.,You know, as it pertained to,violence.,He's seen this.,Do you think that there will be,any boundaries placed on him as,he shows this propensity to use,language that is questionable,when it comes to violent?,>> Honestly, not really.,For two reasons.,One, Elon Musk said he doesn't,plan to take down a lot of,content but limit the reach of,things that he considers to be,violence or hate speech.,But when it comes to,misinformation, I mean Elon Musk,himself has shown a propensity,to lean into conspiracies,,you'll recall he tweeted a link,to a false article about Paul,Pelosi a few weeks ago and,quickly deleted it under,advertiser pressure.,I can't see him going after,Donald Trump's account for,things that might be false or,misleading.,Now if there's something that,his team considers to be or he,considers to be hate speech,,that could be something where he,says he would limit the reach of,it, meaning algorithmically he,wouldn't boost it in people's,timelines but says he won't,remove the actual content.,>> Do you think, Sarah, that,this increases the chances that,Facebook reinstates trump, or do,you think that Facebook looks at,what Elon Musk is doing kind of,even against his own standards,for how he was going to look at,some content and says maybe,they're not going reinstate,trump?,>> Great question.,I think Facebook's going to be,looking at this very carefully,as they come up against their,decision in January.,But I also think that Facebook,is going to be making this,decision and for some ways,independently because trump uses,a Facebook platform differently.,You'll recall leading up to the,2020 election and in 2016 that,trump relied heavily on Facebook,for advertising, especially to,build lists, to do fundraising.,He doesn't really use Twitter,like that.,Twitter is more of a public town,square for him where he would,blast out messages so that they,would go viral.,I think Facebook knows if they,bring trump back, they're giving,him a vehicle to do campaigning,through ads more so than they're,giving him a major platform for,his speech.,>> Do you think that this will,cause, Sarah, a mass exodus of,some Twitter users from the,platform?,>> I can't say how users are,going to react, especially,because about half of them voted,to reinstate him.,I do know that advertisers are,going to be very skittish about,this decision.,I spoke with one of the biggest,advertising agencies last week,,and one of the things they were,saying is that they're issuing,guidance to advertisers right,now, but t

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Twitter bans Trump's personal account permanently

Twitter bans Trump's personal account permanently

president trump fighting for his,political legacy as new questions,surface over his fitness for office in,the final 11 days of his presidency,mr trump lost his primary megaphone,overnight when twitter permanently shut,down his personal account,breaking off his connection to nearly 90,million followers,they also suspended one used by his,campaign this is calls from both,democrats and some republicans intensify,for the president to resign or face a,potential,second impeachment for inciting,wednesday's deadly storming of the u.s,capitol paula reed begins our coverage,at the white house this morning paula,good morning,good morning jeff multiple sources tell,cbs news president trump,will not resign and as momentum builds,on the hill to impeach him for a second,time,he's been banned from twitter the,platform he used to attack his political,enemies,often defend himself and he is even,credited with helping him win the white,house,in 2016. at real donald trump has,tweeted for the last time,late friday the president's preferred,social media platform,banned him in a statement the company,said the decision,was due to the risk of further,incitement of violence,the move came as extremist groups are,calling for,another round of attacks on washington,and,state capitals on january 17th,the president responded using an,official at potus account,tweeting a lengthy statement where he,declared we will not be silenced,twitter swiftly deleted those tweets and,said further use of that account,will be limited with just 11 days left,of his presidency,house speaker nancy pelosi called for,president trump to immediately,resign otherwise she said she is,prepared to move forward,with 25th amendment legislation and,a motion for impeachment the draft,article of impeachment,incitement of insurrection alleges that,president trump's conduct on wednesday,gravely endangered the security of the,united states,he would be the first president to be,impeached twice,but some republicans believe there just,isn't enough time,i've got enough decisions to make about,things that can happen rather than to,spend,time on things that can't happen the,final decision about whether to hold an,impeachment vote next week,will come from speaker pelosi who spoke,to 60 minutes as leslie stahl,on friday is anybody running the,executive branch,of the government who is running the,executive sadly the person who's running,executive branch,is a deranged unhinged dangerous,president of the united states and only,a number of days,until we can be protected from him,but he has done something so serious,that there should be prosecution against,him,cbs news has learned that republicans,are increasingly under pressure,to support this impeachment effort and,defend their institution against this,unprecedented attack cbs news has,obtained,this memo from the office of senate,majority leader mitch mcconnell,it lays out a timeline for a possible,senate impeachment trial,but because the senate does not resume,substantive business until january 19th,the first day this trial could even,potentially begin will be the day before,the inauguration,of president-elect joe biden dana all,right paula we will all be watching,thank you

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Twitter's Trump Ban Reversal

Twitter's Trump Ban Reversal

it was not correct,to,ban donald trump i think that was that,was a mistake,um,because it uh,it alienated a large part of the country,and did not ultimately result in donald,trump not having a voice he is not going,to be on truth social,banning trump from twitter didn't end,trump's voice,it will amplify it,among the right and this is why it is,morally wrong and flat out stupid,he's on truth social and not getting,much traction elon musk said today he,would reverse trump's permanent ban on,twitter if his deal to buy the social,media giant goes through with us tonight,to discuss maria theresa kumar the,president and ceo of voto latino also an,msnbc contributor maria always good to,see you trump has already said that he,will not return to twitter but if he,does,who should be more worried democrats or,republicans,i would say,the most the people are most worried are,the people that have been impacted by,what trump did on twitter and what i,refer that to that is stephanie is that,the el paso shooter,was inspired by what the president said,and sadly,got into a car and drove 10 hours,to have the most the biggest terrorist,attack in our nation's history is since,the oakland,oklahoma city bombing,this man if you recall in 2020,killed,almost,23 people because he had been inspired,by what trump had said about the mexican,invasion,we all need to look at what happened in,pittsburgh with the synagogue where,there was a massive killing again people,that were inspired by president trump,words have consequences he was using his,position on twitter and elsewhere to,encourage violence divisiveness and to,break up the country in ways that we,have not seen and so when elon musk,speaks stephanie saying that we need to,make sure that president trump has a,space,to ensure that the rest of the country,can hear him because he has followers,those followers have a tendency of being,extreme violent and causing harm it,translates from what is said online to,real life violence so i encourage elon,musk to talk to the most marginalized,among us who are incredibly vulnerable,to the hate speech that happens when,trump is on twitter let's talk about,somebody else's words trump's former,defense secretary mark esper he's,continued his book tour today and i want,to share a bit of what he said to our,colleague nicole wallace,not everybody who served in the trump,administration was a bad person and it,goes back to there were a lot of good,people serving not because they were,there to serve donald trump or or the,republican party they were there to,serve the country we need good people to,serve because look if good people don't,serve who are you left with,okay even if what he's saying is,absolutely right hallelujah praise the,lord i want to know who is the target,audience for mark esper's book for,deborah burks's book for bill barr's,book it's clearly not trump supporters,and people who don't support donald,trump aren't buying into any of this,they're saying why the heck didn't you,do anything when you were in office,nobody wants to hear about it now who,are they writing these books for,for themselves and to the idea that it's,a very lucrative position to come out of,an administration as volatile and,divisive as trump was and have a book,deal and then go on tour and shame on,those folks that uh pay to listen to,those lectures because yes good people,can be in these positions of power but,if you don't use it to warn the american,public during the time in office where,he could have been removed before,causing great harm they are complicit uh,it oftentimes says well you know people,feel better at night sometimes saying,well i'm there for all the good reasons,but it's not all the good reasons if you,wait until the last you know until the,very end after all is done and then,you're trying to make a buck we could,agree on that stephanie well let's talk,about the very end before they left,office because esper barr,especially mike pence they have all been,enablers and apologists for a very long,time but in the end when trump wanted to,overturn the election,did they save us from a lot worse,imagine if matt gates and jim justice,were in those jobs,jim jordan well i mean we could say we,could right yeah we could speculate but,at the same time when it came not just,us for them but we also the republicans,mitch mcconnell mccarthy they were all,recognizing that this president was,unstable but instead of giving the you,know using their authority and warning,the american people that this man is,unstable instead they are either in book,tours or now you know backtracking and,giving him donald trump a space to,potentially run again for 2024 a twice,impeached president one because he was,trying to exploit uh,ukraine in or in order to get it go,after a presidential candidate his,opponent and two,he was impeached because he was trying,to overthrow a fair free election he,shouldn't be eligible for office instead,they should make sure that the doj is,doing their job and ensu

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Trump Banned from Twitter | The Tonight Show

Trump Banned from Twitter | The Tonight Show

-Welcome, welcome, welcome to "The Tonight Show"!,Thank you very much, everybody.,Well, guys, it was another big day in Washington,,as House Democrats formally introduced,the resolution to impeach President Trump.,And if you're watching, no, this is not a repeat.,Yep, Trump is being impeached again.,Right now, everyone in America is having déjà coup.,This morning, Trump was charged,with "incitement of insurrection.",You know you messed up,when you're charged with the title of a '90s Star Trek movie.,Seriously, it's never good,when your crowds rise to the level of Klingon.,It's looking like one more impeachment for Trump.,Trump gets impeached the way most people get vaccinated --,in two doses.,Some people say impeaching Trump will divide the country.,Really? How much more divided can the country get?,We're currently in a state,of Monopoly game after Thanksgiving.,That's where we are.,Meanwhile, some of Trump's most loyal defenders are saying,we shouldn't kick him while he's down.,Even "The Karate Kid" is going,,"Eh, this one time feels okay, I think.,Sweep the leg, sweep the leg.",Well, if you think Trump's upset about getting impeached,,imagine how he felt the other day when Twitter announced,that they're permanently suspending his account.,A lifetime ban.,A lifetime ban.,Trump's basically the Pete Rose of social media.,Right now, Trump's phone is stuffed into a pile of rice,after being drenched with tears.,The good news is,now Twitter can go back to what it used to be for --,judging celebrities at award shows.,In addition to Twitter, Trump has been banned or restricted,from Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,,Google, Amazon, Pinterest, TikTok...,...YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, Stripe, Discord, and Shopify.,-Aw. ,-Trump started this year,thinking he should be on Mount Rushmore.,Now can't even get on Instagram.,Seriously, in one weekend,,Trump's phone became a $2,000 flashlight.,Yep, now Trump can't tweet, snap, post, or stream.,It's gotten so bad,,he can't even sell embroidered pillows on Etsy.,-Aw. -Hmm.,-Of course now we're going to have to settle,with him holding 50 press conferences a day,and yelling 280 characters at a time.,Ah, it's 2:00 a.m. Time for another press conference.,Things have gotten so bad for Trump that PGA announced,that they will no longer hold the 2022 PGA Championship,at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.,No more Twitter, no more PGA.,If Diet Coke comes out against Trump,,he's going to lose his mind.,Again.,Let's change gears here. Oh, this was fun.,Yesterday, Nickelodeon aired its first-ever,kid-friendly broadcast of an NFL playoff game.,Check out what it looked like.,-Now plunging forward. End zone and touchdown.,-Hey, there's the slime!,-And now Wil Lutz will come on for the extra point.,And he kicks it right through Spongebob.,-Yeah. That actually looked normal to me.,Then again, I watch every game,after dropping an insane amount of acid.,"Uh, that was right through Spongebob there.,Congratulations.",It was great. The slime cannons?,-Yeah. -It was awesome.,A lot of people enjoyed seeing the game like this.,I mean, it was way better than the time,they had the Rugrats host a UFC fight.,That just didn't work. That just didn't work.,Some entertainment news -- HBO announced,that they are rebooting "Sex and the City.",Yeah.,Even crazier, there's also going to be a version,that airs on Nickelodeon.,Yep, everyone is back,,except Kim Cattrall won't reprise her role as Samantha.,It's like "The Avengers" rebooting, but Thor is like,,"You won't be seeing this hammer.",Yep, 17 years after the final episode,,"Sex and the City" coming back.,They already released an episode,,and the first 20 minutes,is Mr. Big waiting for his pill to kick in.,And finally I saw that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson,is launching a healthy energy drink called ZOA.,You can tell the drink is good.,Nancy Pelosi just chugged one, crushed the can on her forehead,,and said, "Let's impeach this Jimbroni.",Hi, everyone! Thank you very much.,it is Monday. We're excited to be back,,and we got a fantastic week of shows ahead.,Nicole Kidman will be here!,Amazing. Did you see "The Undoing"?,-Yeah, I did. -She crushed it, man.,Anthony Mackie will be here. Oh, I love Anthony Mackie.,Plus, Anne Hathaway, Angela Bassett, Lilly Singh.,Oh, stay up late tonight.,Lilly Singh is premiering tonight after Seth.,So it goes me, Seth, then Lilly.,But it premieres tonight.,We love you, Lilly Singh.,Check out Lilly tonight.,But first, we have a great show for you tonight.,She stars in the movie "On the Rocks" on Apple TV Plus.,Rashida Jones is here.,Plus, from the film "The King of Staten Island",and "The Mandalorian," Bill Burr is here.,God. ,That dude is next-level funny.,-Yeah, man. -He's on a different world, man.,He's just -- Gosh, I just love that guy so much.,And we got great music from Old Dominion!

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The Issue with Trump Getting Banned from Twitter

The Issue with Trump Getting Banned from Twitter

the jurogan experience it's a perfect,time to have you on,i mean this is uh i mean when we're,talking about free speech in the time,when the president of the united states,has been banned off of twitter and,facebook and it's,right it's a wild time what do you make,of that,well you know facebook and twitter,are private publishers right i mean,whatever,we don't exactly know what they are,they're not exactly like the times,or like uh nbc or abc,um but they're close they're they're,certainly in the private sector,and and the private sector has always,had,has always had the discretion it's their,first amendment right to decide,who to publish and who not to publish um,you know it's different with facebook,and twitter because they,claim to be uh platforms,like the telephone company that you know,anybody can use to have,conversations but they're,they're not quite that they they really,are a lot like a publisher,and you know the times decided to fire,one of its columnists,uh because it didn't like what he wrote,they have a first amendment right to do,so and they're not the government,so you know and that to that extent,um what facebook and twitter did,is perfectly legal and,and not really different than what a,publisher or a broadcasting company,would do,if it decided to uh to change,or or fire one of its one of its,anchors or one of its columnists,on the other hand they are sort of like,a platform uh like an electronic soapbox,that they've erected,in a in a park and invited everybody,and anybody to come and when they start,picking and choosing,uh no you're not good you're not good,you're okay,you know they when they stop being a,gatekeeper uh,you run the risk of them closing people,out,of of uh a national dialogue,and depriving people of an audience,basically,and that that's a problem and it's a,problem we haven't figured out,how to work out yet uh because this,medium,is in its infancy you know it's people,forget that,that the printing press started in the,15th century in 1400 and something,and it took hundreds of years before,uh freedom of the press,and uh worked itself out in ways that,we're familiar with now,and we're you know we're right at the,beginning of this,internet speech uh medium,and uh it's hard it's hard it's hard to,say,uh i i think facebook and twitter,had the right to do what they did in,banning trump,um but the question is if they start,banning anything that they don't like,then they're really closing off the,public conversation,to people and what what's the criteria,how do you do that,yeah it's also it seems to me that we're,using these outdated,things to compare like uh comparing it,to the printing press or comparing,facebook or twitter to publishers,or even comparing them to something like,a utility,like the the power there's something new,there's something completely different,and,we i mean i hope it's not going to take,hundreds of years to have some sort of a,freedom of expression,online in these things but they're,monopolies it's not like anybody could,have bought or made a printing press,and printed their own books or printed,their own newspapers not everyone can,make their own twitter,you know it's too it's so complex and,there's so many users on it,it it yeah there's very few places where,you can like legitimately,get your word out in a way that you can,with twitter or,express yourself but you know and it's,true that these,this medium is analogous to utilities in,some ways,analogous uh to publishers in some ways,but they are new yeah and they're,different that's that's right,but but consider this when i was growing,up,uh i was a teenager in the 50s um,a big problem with free speech and,the democratization of free speech was,that nobody,had access to anything i mean you had,the times you had the washington post,you had the hearst newspapers you had,nbc and abc and cbs,and that's where most speech occurred,and nobody had access to that,um so even with even with the,monopolistic,bans twitter and facebook,are doing these days or can do have the,power to do,the fact is is that,many many millions more of people,ordinary people,have access to huge audiences uh,than did uh 50 years ago um,uh you know if you couldn't get into the,times and you couldn't get into the,washington post and if you couldn't get,onto television,you could speak you were free to speak,but nobody heard you,yeah and so you know it's a lot better,now,even even with,questions about abusing the power of of,being a gatekeeper that twitter and,facebook have,yeah it's uh it's just such a strange,time for this,because it's uh in the middle of the,like we're at the end of the president's,run he's still in office but yet,he's you know everybody wants him out as,quickly as possible,because you're wondering what he's gonna,do and he can't really express himself,uh publicly anymore it's it's just so,strange,yeah well of course you know he's still,the president,if he held the press conference uh,everybody would cover it,um and he you know

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>> Big news in the social media world.,It's finally happened.,Twitter has decided to permanently ban Donald Trump from its platform.,In fact, they announced this in a tweet that I'll share with you.,They claim that after a close review of recent tweets from Donald Trump's account and the,context around them, we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement,of violence.,And as you guys know, this comes following what happened earlier this week with Trump,supporters rioting in the Capitol.,They broke into the Capitol Building several times.,That led to a total of five people dying, one of them a DC Capitol police officer.,And then there were four riders who died as well including one woman who got shot within,the Capitol Building.,Which was an absolutely hideous thing that happened in this country.,So Trump has put out all sorts of statements that have incited violence throughout his,first term.,So it's not shocking to me that he was continuing to do it even after Twitter had decided to,suspend him earlier this week.,But after that suspension, he was back on Twitter and I don't know what he tweeted out,specifically that led to this decision.,But they decided that no, now we're gonna do a, they said permanent suspension, which,is kind of a conflicting statement.,It's a ban, a permanent ban.,Suspension is different.,But anyway, he's gone from Twitter forever, based on what they're saying.,What do you guys make of this?,>> Very impressive.,>> Well, I think this is obviously kind of a logical conclusion for Twitter to go ahead,and come to at this point.,They've been teasing it out for weeks.,We've all seen it that, don't worry, as soon as he's not president, he loses the world,leader status, we can totally ban him.,They knew they were gonna have to do it, but then I think after what happened this week,,then they saw Facebook and Instagram go ahead and do the same thing.,They thought, okay, well now we're behind the curve.,We've got to do this because everybody else is doing it.,We don't wanna look like the only people still giving him a platform.,So I feel like they feel like this was definitely something they had to do.,Especially because we're already seeing these people, these pro Trump protesters are already,talking about more events.,I guess you could call them for lack of a better term.,So we know more it's not die.,Right, exactly.,That's the best way to say it, more attacks.,So we know they wanna do more and Twitter finally said look, enough's enough.,We put our own rule in place that we couldn't ban him.,Let's go ahead and not follow our own rule and I think they did the right thing.,>> It is interesting that Twitter was the last social media platform to ban Trump, in,that Facebook and Instagram had done it prior to Twitter making the decision.,Because I felt like in terms of fact checking Donald Trump's deceptions, Twitter was a little,more willing to do it as opposed to Facebook.,So it is kinda shocking that he's been banned from all these platforms.,But Fredrick, let me go to you because one question that I have, I mean, I wanna celebrate,of course because he's been such a terrible, motivating factor behind some of the horrible,events that have happened in this country.,Not just over this past week, but obviously the beginning of his presidency started with,the Charlottesville.,Hate marchers saying the Jews will not replace us.,Are you at all worried that this could have unintended consequences like censorship for,other people on these social media platforms?,>> No, I'm not worried about that at all, frankly because I think that the suspension,is daily and dollar short, right?,This is something that people have been asking for, as you said since Charlottesville and,before.,The reality is this, you brought up the fact that Twitter was the last major social media,outlet to do this.,Let's be honest, the reason for that is that it's his primary source of communication,,right?,He has 88 million followers.,And at the end of the day, Twitter has shareholders and, whether it's good people or bad people,,quote and quote.,There are still people using the platform.,So I do think that for those of us on the other side of things, this is something to,celebrate, but there needs to be accountability.,And I don't worry about the Donald Trump's and the Trump juniors and Ben Shapiro's of,the world, having their accounts suspended, frankly.,>> Yeah, I think you make a good point by mentioning some of the more provocative right,wingers, who don't really cross that boundary.,Or at least, I haven't noticed them cross that boundary too often where they start inciting,violence.,They just have a provocative opinions and I certainly think that those opinions while,I wholeheartedly disagree with them, and I find them a pourraient.,I don't think that they should be censored on these platforms.,I think inciting violence, for me at least, is a very specific thing that you should at,least have a discus

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How Twitter Worked With The FBI To BAN Donald Trump

How Twitter Worked With The FBI To BAN Donald Trump

removal uh we'll show you what hasn't,been revealed the erosion of Standards,within the company and months before,January 6 Decisions by high-ranking,Executives to violate their own policies,and more against the backdrop of ongoing,documented interaction with federal,agencies it's it's as bad as you could,possibly imagine at Twitter so that's,what we're finding out and if again if,Elon Musk bought Facebook or bought,Instagram you'd find out the same thing,at all these places right right now,Facebook's getting ready to kick us off,Facebook we just I just got a notice,yesterday we're getting ready to kick,you off Facebook because you keep doing,things that the Bill Gates doesn't like,they didn't say that but that's what it,means,uh whatever your opinion on the decision,to remove Donald Trump that day the,internal Communications at Twitter,between January 6th and January 8th have,clear historical import even Twitter's,employees understood in the moment it,was a landmark moment and the annals of,speech so here's one it says is this,first sitting head of state to ever be,suspended there it is as soon as they,finish Banning Trump Twitter exec,started processing new power they,prepared to ban future presidents and,white houses perhaps even Joe Biden the,new Administration says one exec will be,suspended by Twitter will not be,suspended by Twitter unless,absolutely necessary so they're already,talking about we're the they're gonna,it's the I I don't know what they were,thinking,I guess I do know what they were,thinking they were drunk with power and,we're we're gonna shape Society the way,we want Society shaped because we have,that power plus you you have all these,Pricks from FBI and CIA connected to you,probably feel pretty pretty much like,you do have that power because you do,because you do,Twitter Executives remove Trump in part,over what one executive called the,context surrounding actions by Trump and,supporters over the course of the,election and frankly last four years in,the end they looked at a broad picture,but that approach can cut both ways,and so here they show you uh in the,meantime here's our quick take the,decision on whether to pull that,particular tweet or use that as a last,straw for Trump depends on many factors,including the overall context and,narrative in which that tweet lives we,currently analyze tweets and consider,them on a tweet by tweet basis which,does not appropriately take into account,the context of surrounding you can use,the yelling fire in a crowded theater,example context matters and the,narrative that Trump and his friends,have pursued over the course of this,election and frankly the last four years,must be taken into account when,interpreting and analyzing that to can,you believe this,they're going to take into account the,whole four years of him tweeting on,whether we should take down this tweet,where does vagina work now she's really,great she was getting like five to seven,million dollars a year I heard they were,getting paid like it might be very,valuable in another company I can see,that before January 6 Twitter was a,unique mix of automated rules based,enforcement and more subjective,moderation by senior Executives as Barry,Weiss reported The Firm had a a vast,array of tools for manipulating,visibility most of all most of which,were thrown at Trump and others,as the election approached senior,Executives perhaps under pressure from,federal agencies with whom they met more,more as time progressed increasingly,struggled with rules and began to speak,of Vias as pretext to what they'd like,to have done anyway,after January 6 internal slacks Show,Twitter Executives getting a kick out of,intensified relationships with federal,agencies here's trust and safety head,Joel Roth lamenting a lack of generic,enough calendar descriptions so he's,having meetings so this guy we've showed,you him before,so he's their head of trust and safety,and he's having meetings with FBI and,people like that and it looked like very,boring beating business meeting that's,definitely not about Trump winky the,head of trust and safety winky face,there it is so here it is uh it happens,I'm a Believer in calendar transparency,but I reached a certain point where my,meetings became very interesting to,people and they weren't meeting names,generic enough to cover,anyway let me know very boring business,meeting that is definitely not about,Trump,pretty much definitely not meeting with,the FBI I swear,LMAO,so there's him being cheeky about all,this it should be called Twitter trust,and safety LMAO yes,these initial reports are based on,searches for docs linked to prominent,Executives whose names are already,public they include Roth former trust,and policy Chief vajai and recently,blank walked Deputy general counsel and,former FBI lawyer Jim Baker,one particular slack Channel offers a,unique window into the evolving thinking,of top officials in late 2020 and early,2020. so what this says is that they,just did a

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Twitter permanently suspends President Trump

Twitter permanently suspends President Trump

breaking tonight,just in the past minute twitter has,announced it is cutting off president,trump's ability,to post on the social media site,permanently,suspending the president's account at,realdonaldtrump,twitter saying after close review of,recent tweets from the president's,account,and the context around them we have,permanently suspended the account due to,the risk,of further incitement and violence in,context,of the horrific events this week we've,made it clear on wednesday that,additional violations of the twitter,rules would,potentially result in this very course,of action joining us again,from the north lawn of the white house,john roberts john obviously this,president has used twitter,throughout his presidency he has some 89,million followers and now,twitter permanently suspending his,account,yeah you know they cut it off for about,a day and a half bretton now they've cut,it off permanently and just to give you,a little more context as to,what's behind all of this twitter put,out a blog,detailing its decision and in that blog,twitter says the president trump's,statement,that he will not be attending the,inauguration is being received,by a number of his supporters is further,confirmation that the election was not,legitimate and is being seen as him,disavowing his previous claim via two,tweets,for an orderly transition on the 20th,the second tweet may also serve it says,here as encouragement,to those potentially considering violent,acts that the inauguration would be a,quote,safe target as he will not be attending,further the use of the words american,patriots,in earlier tweets to describe some of,his supporters is also being,interpreted as support for those,committing violent acts at the u.s,capitol and a tweet that he put out,earlier today,about his supporters having a giant,voice long into the future,and that they will not be disrespected,or treated unfairly in any way shape or,form,is being interpreted as further,indication that president trump,does not plan to facilitate an orderly,transition and instead that he plans to,continue,to support empower and shield those who,believe that he,won the election according to twitter,plans for future,armed protests have already begun,proliferating,on and off twitter including a proposed,secondary attack on the u.s capitol,and state capitol buildings on january,the 17th,so twitter is looking at all of this and,its calculation is that what the,president is saying,even by just saying that i'm not,attending uh the inauguration,is is is being seen as,code language to the president's,supporters that it's a safe target there,at the capitol,that that the election was not,legitimate despite the fact that the,president has called for an,orderly transition so because of this,incitement,to violence as twitter is is perceiving,it,uh they are permanently suspending the,president's account now he can still get,the message out through his digital,media director dan scavino,his facebook and instagram accounts have,also been blocked,this was the way that the president was,reaching out past the press,to get straight to his constituents so,we'll have to see how the president,reacts to all of this,uh brett it seemed that he reacted all,right,to the first suspension because he knew,it was only going to be temporary but,this permanent suspension now this may,draw something out of the president,we haven't seen so it is something to,see a company and they are a company,divine from those statements uh,what they divine in that blog readout,of what it truly means i mean we should,point out the president also,put out uh a video in which he denounced,the violence,pretty specifically in that speech which,came out,on twitter yeah and the president has,long railed against,big tech facebook twitter other other um,social media platforms uh which is why,he has been looking to repeal section,230,uh to that protects them from actions,regarding things that are either posted,or actions that they take,it protects them from legal action so,the president will probably,uh yell even louder and longer about,that whole thing but but you're right,brett that,you know the tweet about for those of,you who have been asking i'm not going,to go to the inauguration on the 20th,would seem to be innocent,on the surface but twitter was saying,when you look at the reaction to it and,the conversation that it's fomenting on,on twitter uh it they're perceiving it,as being,dangerous talk i'm not sure that that's,the interpretation,that you would draw from it but but,again they're taking all of this as a,whole,uh they've long had a problem with,president trump and what he puts on,twitter and it looks like that problem,has now come to a head,in a way that twitter which is a private,company can take unilateral action here,yeah and i think this is going to be a,major story not just from what happened,this week but,going forward about what it means about,the interaction of,government officials and social media,what divining

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