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Trump Jr. Can't Stop Making A Fool Of Himselfas with American judeo-christian values,under attack th

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Trump Jr. Can't Stop Making A Fool Of Himself

as with American judeo-christian values,under attack there could be no better,time than to re-up our commitment to,America and to the Christian values that,this country was founded on go check out,the We the People Bible made in America,printed in America assembled in America,you're gonna love it and I think the,people in your life probably need it too,I'm gonna guess that anyone buying a,Bible from Don Jr probably already has,one and the benefit of the Bible they,already have is that it's not bearing in,mind that I'm an atheist,seemingly heretical I want to show you a,picture of the Bible that they're going,to be selling it's the We the People,Bible and they say that it features a,vertical reversed American flag design,that represents a country in distress so,it's the Bible with an American flag,based into it and one that it's the sort,of iconography they use to imply that,it's time for a civil war or something,like that it also includes by the way,the United States Constitution,Declaration of Independence Bill of,Rights and Pledge of Allegiance by the,way I'm not shocked by this I'm sure,there are many bibles that right-wingers,make that contain those documents and,again not a big Christian or whatever,but I'm pretty sure that the Bible is,supposed to be for everyone not just,people who live under America post to,the 18th century I think it's supposed,to be more Universal than that this,seems mildly Blasphemous Jr what do you,think uh yeah for sure this is the thing,and you know I think the Bible's like,the number one selling book and,especially the country I assume at this,point still uh so as far as selling it,if you're trying,yeah that in 50 states is that for real,no I'm kidding I'm not sure how bad it,was I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised,uh but no but how about you give it away,since it's this moral document the part,about doing this,is to then put your morality on other,folks Don Jr there said this book that,the country was of values and morality,this country was founded on by the,founding fathers and they ignore those,other things those same founding files,with their utmost morality was founded,on which was enslaving people beating,them maiming them severing separating,them from their families uh destroying,people's entire lives based off of your,economic uh value system which isn't all,that moral uh last I checked with Jesus,but still it doesn't matter as long as,I'm a Christian,all those horrible things that I believe,in and actually did my actions they mean,nothing because I went and I said uh,will you forgive me Jesus anyway yes and,I tell you that that's what he said,because I'm a morality I'm a morality,Superior to you this is the way that,they like to approach these types of,things,um so no matter how many horrible things,you do I'm a Christian so therefore I'm,absolved of all this that's how Donald,Trump had you know got this backing of,all these Christians as he ran for,president we heard all the things he's,done we've known about it but he said no,no I'm a Christian and that just washes,his hands of everything seems like a,pretty easy get out of jail free card,that you convince a bunch of people that,That's the basis for why you should be,yeah I guess worshiped,well the card might be free Jr but as,you pointed out the book very much is,not he's charging 70 dollars for it,he is I don't know if he actually,believes in God or believes any of it or,whatever I don't especially care but the,idea that he is going to be draining,seventy dollars from each believer that,partakes in this for it to go to these,incredibly wealthy people I have a,feeling that there are Bible verses,about that and I don't think they were,positive,um Can Don Jr make it into the Kingdom,of Heaven through the you know the the,Eye of the needle or whatever with a big,sack of his we the people bibles I'm not,sure that he's gonna fit,for more political news breakdowns,interviews stories of activism and me,trying my hardest to care about the,occasional big celebrity news story,subscribe to our YouTube channel at, the damageport and you can,ring the bell wherever it is so you,don't miss anything

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Donald Trump’s Twitter account reinstated

Donald Trump’s Twitter account reinstated

>>> This just in to CNN --,Donald Trump's Twitter account,is back.,Elon Musk reinstated the former,president just minutes ago.,This is president trump's,Twitter page here.,Until tonight it had said,account suspended.,Earlier tonight, musk posted a,poll on Twitter asking if people,thought Donald Trump should be,allowed back on the service.,Musk says the results showed,that people wanted trump to,returnment he tweeted this --,the people have spoken, trump,will be reinstated.,Vox popili, meaning the voice of,the people, the voice of god.,Twitter's previous management,suspended trump indefinitely,days after the January 6th,capitol insurrection.,>>> I want to bring in CNN media,analyst and media reporters for,axios Sarah fisher.,With us now on the phone.,We were just talking about,Twitter here in the last hour or,so.,This big development now.,What do you make of this news?,>> Well, I'm actually surprised.,Per our conversation earlier I,thought Elon Musk would wait,until Facebook made the call in,January.,It seems he was eager to move,forward.,He did this Twitter poll.,Many millions of people voted.,And the last time I checked, it,wasn't really a wide margin, it,was about 52% of people who,voted in the poll said that,Donald Trump should be,reinstated.,And Elon Musk moving quickly as,he does, very quickly reinstated,Donald Trump after that poll.,>> Yeah, I mean this is a,Twitter poll, right, this is not,a scientific poll.,This is an online poll.,And so to borrow a question from,my colleague Oliver Darcy, he,said what happened to the,content moderation council that,musk said, you know, only last,month he'd be instituting?,What do you think?,>> Well, it's funny because,earlier he had already,instituted accounts that were,permanently banned including,Kathy Griffith, author Jordan,Peterson, the babylon bee, he,had been foreshadowing this move,of reinstating accounts, making,policy decisions without the,council.,I can't say I'm totally,surprised that he's doing it,unilaterally now.,But it does bring into question,whether or not Elon Musk is,going to govern by the hip,moving forward despite promising,advertisers he was going wait,for that council.,It doesn't seem like that's the,case.,>> I wonder, Sarah, if you think,there are going to be any,boundaries on trump.,We've seen trump has shown even,after January 6th where he saw,the effect that his language,could have, and he saw the,effect his language could have,even in getting people to leave,the capitol.,You know, as it pertained to,violence.,He's seen this.,Do you think that there will be,any boundaries placed on him as,he shows this propensity to use,language that is questionable,when it comes to violent?,>> Honestly, not really.,For two reasons.,One, Elon Musk said he doesn't,plan to take down a lot of,content but limit the reach of,things that he considers to be,violence or hate speech.,But when it comes to,misinformation, I mean Elon Musk,himself has shown a propensity,to lean into conspiracies,,you'll recall he tweeted a link,to a false article about Paul,Pelosi a few weeks ago and,quickly deleted it under,advertiser pressure.,I can't see him going after,Donald Trump's account for,things that might be false or,misleading.,Now if there's something that,his team considers to be or he,considers to be hate speech,,that could be something where he,says he would limit the reach of,it, meaning algorithmically he,wouldn't boost it in people's,timelines but says he won't,remove the actual content.,>> Do you think, Sarah, that,this increases the chances that,Facebook reinstates trump, or do,you think that Facebook looks at,what Elon Musk is doing kind of,even against his own standards,for how he was going to look at,some content and says maybe,they're not going reinstate,trump?,>> Great question.,I think Facebook's going to be,looking at this very carefully,as they come up against their,decision in January.,But I also think that Facebook,is going to be making this,decision and for some ways,independently because trump uses,a Facebook platform differently.,You'll recall leading up to the,2020 election and in 2016 that,trump relied heavily on Facebook,for advertising, especially to,build lists, to do fundraising.,He doesn't really use Twitter,like that.,Twitter is more of a public town,square for him where he would,blast out messages so that they,would go viral.,I think Facebook knows if they,bring trump back, they're giving,him a vehicle to do campaigning,through ads more so than they're,giving him a major platform for,his speech.,>> Do you think that this will,cause, Sarah, a mass exodus of,some Twitter users from the,platform?,>> I can't say how users are,going to react, especially,because about half of them voted,to reinstate him.,I do know that advertisers are,going to be very skittish about,this decision.,I spoke with one of the biggest,advertising agencies last week,,and one of the things they were,saying is that they're issuing,guidance to advertisers right,now, but t

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Don Jr Goes Off The Rails While Defending Daddy

Don Jr Goes Off The Rails While Defending Daddy

I can't believe Trump said something,nice about Putin Kim ji anyone he must,love them he's folding to them,you know if it was me in charge I'd tell,him to go screw themselves right,okay I appreciate a good live streamed,meltdown but that's Don Jr defending uh,his father who he calls Trump in the,video like imagine if I just refer to my,dad as idarola how weird would that be,anyway he's specifically responding to,the the criticism which is not new by,the way but it's renewed since Russia,invaded Ukraine that Donald Trump,routinely uh I'll try to communicate in,a way that the right wing will,understand uh cocked himself to,dictators around the world was a beta to,dictators around the world Don Jr sees,that he doesn't like that criticism they,are very self-conscious about this and,so he tries to put up a bit of a defense,there's a little bit more of it let's,take a look,this is some nerd in his mom's basement,who's never dealt with anything never,actually had any power never understood,those people because he's never been in,the same room as him uh in Academia,they're writing this stuff like it's,real like they actually have a say like,they actually know what the hell they're,talking about,do you ever think that like all other,things maybe Trump understood that he,knew exactly how to play these guys and,he played it like a fiddle um he,believes that his dad was playing he was,playing the fiddle and making them dance,it's three-dimensional chess when he,says that he fell in love with the,dictator of North Korea or talks about,how awesome it is that Vladimir Putin,can kill his political opponents that,was actually strength don't get it mixed,up he's not a cuck he's just he's,proving how strong he is by saying,everything they do is great and how he,wishes he could do it too,what do you think,I think that uh during Trump's tenure uh,his sucking up to Kim Jong-un who he,claims uh he fell in love with they fell,in love with each other uh continued,developing the very nuclear weapons that,he claimed to uh want to put a stop to I,think that Donald Trump has done a great,job in regurgitating the political and,uh uh Global interests that Russia has,had including uh you know wanting to,dismantle NATO uh like I was thinking,about that today actually,do you guys really think that Donald,Trump sat around one day and decided to,like really critically think about the,usefulness of NATO because he was just,using like very similar talking points,to what we've heard Vladimir Putin say I,just don't see Donald Trump as someone,who has a genuine original thought on,geopolitical issues or even most,domestic issues the only time he has a,real,strong opinion about something is when,it has to do with his own personal,agenda or profit motive but look Trump,if if he were in charge right now anyone,who claims that he would actually be a,good counter to what Putin is doing to,Ukraine is delusional we're talking,about a man who withheld hundreds of,millions of dollars from the government,of Ukraine this is money that was,appropriated by Congress uh to Ukraine,to uh bolster their military capability,in case Russia was planning on invading,and guess what they ended up invading,but Trump withheld that money and and,also uh put out all this disinformation,about how it wasn't Russia it was,Ukraine that meddled in the 2016,election Trump does the bidding of the,worst people in the world including,Vladimir Putin I think it's telling that,his uh son is so defensive about it it,gives it I mean it tells you everything,you need to know my garbage person is,Donald John Trump Jr who completely,unironically has this to say about,people who recently were laid off from,their jobs at the Washington Post,University and it's actually really,scary for the future of our country,because I imagine a lot of this aligns,up with that next Generation none of,these,kids these days where these young uh you,know aspiring journalists or whatever,they've never functioned in the real,world and they live in some sort of,Faith Utopia so the parents of these,journalists going to start calling into,the Washington Post to complain because,their child didn't get a participation,medal uh they did run a paper into the,ground with their woke nonsense and now,we get to hear about their pouty whiny,voices I mean it sounds like a high,school right now uh people aren't,getting their ways so they're gonna,complain,so Donald Trump Jr is essentially saying,that this young breed of millennial has,had everything handed to them their,whole life by their parents sir,people in bamboo houses should not throw,pandas as my wife told me was a saying,this morning uh that's exactly your life,Donnie Jr your dad gave you everything,even the hand motions and possibly all,the cocaine it seems you are just sand,blasting up your nose yeah and then,these yeah go ahead a fun fact about Don,Jr can we put up the video of him again,a lot of people think that he like like,me and you by the way is beginning to,s

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Trump Jr.'s Tweets About The Ukraine Situation Are Turning Heads

Trump Jr.'s Tweets About The Ukraine Situation Are Turning Heads

Inflammatory tweets. The internet in an  ,uproar. What did Donald Trump Jr. say  this time? It's turning heads everywhere.,It should surprise no one that Donald Trump Jr.  has a lot to say about the situation in Ukraine.  ,After all, the son of the former president rarely  holds his tongue on current political matters.,"The media runs right away, 'Oh  it's Russian disinformation.'  ,There's literally zero evidence  that it's Russian disinformation.",And he's most certainly an outspoken  critic of Joe Biden's administration.,"Joe embarrassed himself enough last night.",Of course, when Don Jr. takes to Twitter to share  his thoughts, the results are often divided.  ,Supporters agree with his take and detractors  lay into him relentlessly. Case in point:  ,the political son tweeted a scathing rebuke  of the commander in chief as the situation  ,in Ukraine deteriorated. On Thursday, February  24th, the day Russia invaded Ukraine, Jr. tweeted,,"Biden won't sanction Putin today and he won't  even answer why. I guess whatever Putin has  ,on Hunter The Big Guy is even worse than  what we've all seen on the laptop from hell.","They accused me of doing, frankly, a  fraction of what Hunter Biden actually did.",One person wrote back,,"The correct response is. As Americans we have  our differences, but in trying times like these  ,we need to stand together to fight against  dictators and oppressors, our thoughts go out  ,to the people of Ukraine. See how that works,  it's called being patriotic and having class.",Many other Twitter users shared photos of Donald  Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin  ,together and hinted that his father didn't exactly  have control over the foreign leader either.,But Don Jr. wasn't done criticizing  Biden in the wake of the invasion,  ,sarcastically tweeting late Wednesday evening,,"What are the odds that Joe Biden is up right now  guiding our response to the Ukraine situation?",He included a poll so people could weigh in on  the matter, but users could only select between  ,"0% Chance" and "0% but that's prob  good." Trump Jr. went on to say,,"Did anyone really think that Putin  would respect Biden for even a moment  ,or were you just ok selling that to  make him seem like a viable leader  ,rather than the feckless dementia riddled  old man the rest of the world sees?",Some of his followers piled on,  with one Trump fan calling Biden  ,a "shell of a person" and another expressing  how much they miss Don's father as President.,But others were dismayed that  the Republican would blast Biden,  ,given his father's relationship  with Putin. One person tweeted,,"At least Biden didn't praise Putin and  claim that nothing was going to happen.",Many Twitter users blamed Donald Trump for what  is currently happening in Ukraine. In a series  ,of tweets, Jr. implied that things might  be safer if his father was still in office.  ,Referencing his father's tendency to  attack people on Twitter, he wrote,,"I could really use a mean Tweet  and forgo a ground war with Russia  ,right about now. But no mean tweets.",Responses to these tweets ran the gamut,  with some quick to voice their agreement,  ,and others questioning Don Jr.'s  character. One person wrote:,"The fact that you are in this  tells me all I need to know about you.",But, not surprisingly, Jr.'s fleet  of tweets continued. In another,  ,he seemed to imply that Americans were  focused on the wrong things, writing,,"Maybe it's time we start worrying  about real s— instead of our pronouns.",The implication came in the midst of a public  outcry after the Republican governor of Texas,  ,Greg Abbott, released a letter  that equated providing transgender  ,children with gender-affirming care  to child abuse, according to NBC News.,Celebrities like Elliot Page and Jamie  Lee Curtis spoke out against the letter.,Several critics rushed to reply to Jr.'s tweet,  ,per usual. One of the first commenters agreed and  presented a topic to focus on instead, writing,,"Your father was featured on Russian  TV last night in their justification  ,on why Putin's invasion of Ukraine is 'savvy.'",Another echoed the same sentiment, tweeting,,"So people should only worry about what you  deem worthy? Identity is a core human concern,  ,just because you don't have that  problem doesn't mean it isn't valid.  ,Respect is a basic requirement  of teamwork, adulthood, really.",There's no denying that Donald Trump  Jr. knows how to start a conversation.,Check out one of our newest  videos right here! Plus,  ,even more List videos about your  favorite celebs are coming soon.  ,Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit  the bell so you don't miss a single one.

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Twitter restricts Donald Trump Jr. for sharing coronavirus misinformation video

Twitter restricts Donald Trump Jr. for sharing coronavirus misinformation video


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CNN's Paul Begala: Trump Jr. tweet is 'indescribably stupid'

CNN's Paul Begala: Trump Jr. tweet is 'indescribably stupid'


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Don Jr. Shares A Startling Meme About Melania Amid FBI Action

Don Jr. Shares A Startling Meme About Melania Amid FBI Action

What about Donald Trump Jr.'s Instagram  response to the FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago  ,led people to speculate he has a stepmom  fetish? You have to see it to believe it.,Donald Trump Jr. and social media have  a predictable relationship. Basically,  ,he tweets something or posts to Instagram, and  it promptly ignites a firestorm of controversy.  ,From his wide-ranging Facebook rants  to his polarizing take on Roe v. Wade,  ,nothing the 44-year-old  says online goes unnoticed.,"You know what, every once in a while,  ,you gotta try. You gotta try to speak  to everyone. Hopefully they listen.",Don Jr.'s most recent post about the Aug. 8,  2022, FBI search at Mar-a-Lago is certainly  ,no exception, especially since it pertains to his  stepmother, Melania Trump. First, some background.  ,According to a post from former President  Donald Trump on Truth Social, as FBI agents  ,searched his home in Palm Beach, Florida, they  looked through the former first lady's closet.,Twitter reacted swiftly to  that seemingly odd detail,  ,with one person wryly wondering  why the former first lady's closet  ,would be on the list of spots to search if indeed  the FBI was on the lookout for nuclear secrets.  ,Others joked about how current First Lady  Jill Biden must have been looking for more  ,fashionable attire. Another joked, in reference  to President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden,,"They went through Melania's closet  before they went through Hunter's laptop.",How Don Jr. reacted to the news that Melania's  wardrobe had been searched was on another level,  ,though. Instead of jumping on board with  making fun of the Bidens as one might expect,  ,he shared a meme about the puzzling choice  to search through his step-mother's dresses  ,and shoes. But Don Jr. chose to focus  on a different article of clothing.,Taking to his Instagram Story Saturday, the former  first son posted a screenshot from the "That's  ,70's Show" episode "Eric's Panties" along with the  eye-opening caption, "Feds in Melania's closet.",Not surprisingly, people were immediately  disturbed by the notion of Donald Trump Jr.  ,even thinking about his stepmom's underwear,  with one individual tweeting in reaction,,"Yes, there's something very wrong with him!",Another person called the meme "creepy,"  while someone else theorized that the  ,eldest son of the former president  must have fetish for stepmothers.,The Daily Mail notes that observers have long  pointed out the many physical similarities  ,between Don Jr.'s fiancee, Kimberly Guilfoyle  and Melania Trump. Not only do the two women  ,look at least somewhat alike, but they share  a startling number of things in common,  ,including that they were both first  ladies, since Guilfoyle was previously  ,wed to California Governor Gavin Newsom  when he was mayor of San Francisco.,"I like to joke on the campaign trail, you know,  ,my big sacrifice for America is  having to travel with Kimberly.","Thank you.",Guilfoyle, a former Fox News commentator  who left the network in 2018, was also  ,married a second time. That means  Don Jr. will be her third husband,  ,much like Melania is Donald Trump's  third wife. Plus Guilfoyle and Mrs.  ,Trump are only one year apart in age,  with Guilfoyle one year Melania's senior.,For her part, Guilfoyle has also voiced her  concerns over the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago,  ,though not in meme form. She instead tweeted,,"If Biden & the FBI can do this to President  Trump, imagine what they can do to you."

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Rumble Signs Seven-Figure Deal with Trump Jr. For His "Caffeine"-Fueled Rants

Rumble Signs Seven-Figure Deal with Trump Jr. For His "Caffeine"-Fueled Rants

due to his extreme talent and wealth of,political knowledge Trump Jr was offered,a seven-figure deal by Rumble and best,believe he took that deal because it's a,very good deal for Trump Jr and a very,bad deal for rumble given that Trump Jr,is not a very prolific Creator on Rumble,yes he posts consistently but in terms,of Engagement,not worth the seven figures but we'll,talk about that uh but first of all,here's some details about the deal,courtesy of mediaite this is very,interesting to me Trump Jr signed a,seven-figure multi-year deal with Rumble,the right-leaning alternate video,platform to YouTube according to a new,report Trump's new podcast will be,titled triggered with Don Jr pulling its,title from the Republicans 2019 book,also titled triggered he's very creative,according to axios the podcast will,include Trump Jr reacting to topical,news stories and guest interviews Rumble,CEO Chris pavlovski has plenty of faith,in Trump Jr predicting in a statement,that video podcasts from Rumble will be,able to compete with traditional linear,television at some point and I mean,you've got to have faith in somebody to,pay them seven figures it can't have,anything to do with the fact that this,is the son of a former and possibly,future president and you know,meritocracy be damned this is definitely,all about Trump Jr because he's just,he's that talented and Rumble was like,this dude who's already posting for free,on our platform we've got to lock that,down and get Trump Jr exclusivity by,paying him more than a million dollars,now some additional details about the,platform courtesy of axios the company,has made strides in user growth but,continues to burn through cash as it,launches new features and spends on,marketing the toronto-based company said,it had 71 million Global monthly active,users on average when it reported its,third quarter Financial results in,November of those users 57 million were,based in the US and Canada the company,which raised money from VC backers,including billionaire Peter Thiel U.S,senator elect JD Vance and Colt Ventures,raised some 400 million in Gross,proceeds when it went public via its,blank check merger now for sake of,comparison Twitter gets approximately,450 million active users while YouTube,gets two point 0.6 billion yes billion,with a B so they are nowhere near,competing with any other social media,platform but that's not really what this,is about this is meant to be a,right-wing ecosystem where Republicans,and conservatives essentially have a,safe space where their bubble isn't,going to be penetrated with alternate,views and this is antithetical to what,they purported to support years ago this,free exchange of ideas but I mean,hypocrisy is what we come to expect from,right Wingers now Trump Jr's show is,going to launch on January 23rd and it,will Air twice a week so not even a,five-day obligation from him and the,question that's on all of our minds,which is a bit of a rhetorical question,is,is this worth it is Trump Jr worth seven,figures well I'll let you be the judge,of that this is a rant that Ron,filipowski shared on Twitter from one of,his recent videos and I've got to say my,man was really hyped up on caffeine or,Coca-Cola something because he was very,hyper here and I just I can't even give,you any more context before you watch it,just watch they want to take those,phones and donate them don't let this,causes rather than giving them back to,investors and all of that other stuff,but this is a person,who was wrapped up in that Scandal she,ran a fund that was involved in it a,close colleague of crypto King Sam,bankman freed and listen is now pleading,guilty saying she knew what they did was,illegal so she knew what they did was,illegal but the Washington Post is still,trying to make her into a victim okay I,mean think about that the Washington,Post owned by Jeff Bezos okay so it's,the Amazon Washington Post,other notable headlines from The,Washington Post in the past,but my dad took out it was leading Isis,he's an austere religious scholar not a,murderer rapist piece of crap this is,the Washington Post this is another,article from The Washington Post before,the FTX collapse founder Sam bankman,freed poured Millions into pandemic,prevention he's such a good guy we,should make,it's all easy guess what folks in our,system he probably will unlike you or,certainly not me if we actually did the,things that he did most of those,initiatives have come to a sudden halt,according to the Washington Post I,wonder why because it seems as though he,defrauded billions from people and,poured them into leftist causes and,they're shocked they want to put it back,in there because guess what folks the,Legacy Media they took their money to,write headlines for him in my opinion,right and by golly they're gonna write,them whether they deserve them or not,whether it's current or not they paid,for those headlines,Rumble paid seven figures for that seven,figures and I'll be completely honest I,wasn'

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