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How To Make A Logo Background Transparent | No Software Required!this is Nick with logos by Nick com

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

How To Make A Logo Background Transparent | No Software Required!

this is Nick with logos by Nick comm and,in this tutorial I'll be demonstrating,how you can make a logo background,transparent without any software,whatsoever you can do this entirely,through the web so the first thing I,want to do here is open up my web,browser and navigate to this website,called photo P comm I'll put a link down,in the description of the video,otherwise you can just type this into,your web browser and what you're gonna,see here is what you see on my screen,this is basically like a web-based,version of Photoshop it's not quite,Photoshop but it's very similar in,functions in a lot of the same ways so,what I want to do here is I want to come,over here to where it says file and,click on that and I'm gonna go to open,and I'm gonna navigate to where I have,my logo file I'm gonna use this logo,example dot PNG I'm gonna open that up,with photo P and if you notice here I,have my logo on top of a yellow,background let's say I want to make this,background transparent I have to get rid,of this yellow background in order to do,that so to do that I'm gonna come over,here to this tool on the tool bar over,here that says object selection and I'm,gonna click and hold on that until we,get this flyout menu and from this,flyout menu I'm going to choose magic,wand,and what the magic wand selected I'll,just go ahead and click on this yellow,area over here it doesn't matter where,you click just go ahead and click,anywhere and it's gonna create a,selection around the entire yellow area,and once we have that selection created,that I'm just gonna press Delete on the,keyboard to get rid of that now before I,go any further I just want to zoom in on,this to make sure it deleted all of it,so I'm gonna hold alt and roll up the,mouse wheel a couple of times to zoom in,if you notice here there's still some,yellow pixels around the edges of the,letters it didn't quite delete all of,the background so what I'm going to do,is I'm gonna zoom back out again to zoom,you're just holding alt and rolling down,the mouse wheel I'm gonna undo what I,just did by going to control I'm gonna,press control Z on the keyboard and then,I'm gonna undo the selection by pressing,ctrl Z again and what I want to do is,where it says tolerance up here in these,tool settings I want to make this a lot,higher I'm gonna try something like 1:30,and see how that looks maybe even like,125 we'll give that a try,we'll deuce 126 and I'm gonna click on,this again and I'm gonna try this again,on a prison delete on the keyboard now,let me zoom in again to see how it looks,as you can see we got rid of those,yellow frag,there's looking pretty good so now what,I'm going to do is I'm going to get rid,of these little areas of negative space,between the letters I'm gonna click on,that area right there press delete click,on that area press delete same thing,over here with these letters delete that,as well to move the page over you can,hold down the spacebar and click and,drag like this click on that press,delete and now we can zoom back out and,I want to make sure I get rid of the,selection so I'm gonna go to select,deselect and what I'm gonna do now is,I'm gonna export this I'm gonna go to,file export as and make sure you choose,dot PNG because JPEG files don't support,transparency so if you want your logo to,have a transparent background you have,to choose dot PNG I'll click on that,I'll click on save I'll keep those,settings just as they are and in your,download area here it should pop up I'm,gonna go ahead and click on that and,there you go there's my logo that now,has a transparent background so I think,that should do it for this tutorial,that's how you can go about making your,logos background transparent if you have,any questions let me know and as always,thanks for watching

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Why I Believe GOLD & SILVER is the Place to Be in 2023

Why I Believe GOLD & SILVER is the Place to Be in 2023

hi this is Mike Maloney adding yet some,further insights into another great,article by Jeff Clark and this one opens,up with most price forecasts aren't,worth an umbrella and a hurricane and uh,having been in Puerto Rico for a,hurricane I can tell you that an,umbrella an umbrella does you no good,however there are some things that you,can glean from it and it's worth taking,a look at and so going right down to the,various price predictions that Jeff,takes a look at here we've got the thing,to take a look at is the average price,projection where is it three thousand,three thousand my friend Dave Morgan of,the Morgan report 2200 to 2400 uh up 20,percent uh between twenty five hundred,and four thousand uh Sprott money says,2100 uh 22.50,2800 20 425 4821,21 not,4820 but,4821 by 2030. so that'll be interesting,if that is the absolute Peak by 2030 is,is,4821,I don't like giving uh uh so this is,Ronnie strawberry and Ronnie is a friend,of mine great guy good and analytics but,they're going off of uh this is the,results from a spreadsheet I can,guarantee you so um Peter Spina 2700 uh,1831 as an average so this is the only,price in here that is below today's,prices uh and a 2150 high and this is a,survey of mainstream Banks and,institutions so that is the mainstream,uh 5 000 in the next move toward five,thousand four thousand in the next three,years 1920.,um uh twenty one hundred dollars here,two thousand dollars there on the,average these are all higher than where,the price is now that's one thing that,is important but last year gold pretty,much just broke even it didn't really go,up or down it and it you know it,zigzagged back and forth during the year,but it ended the year about where it,started the year,but and so that seems like lackluster,performance but it's not and I'll tell,you why that's coming next first of all,uh Jeff talks about inflation and the,FEDS which I think it's insane to have a,two percent Target right now after,adding 40 to the currency Supply they,are not going to be able to achieve this,two percent they need to allow inflation,and the rest of the economy to catch up,to the bubbles that they created and so,this is insane uh and they will uh burst,the bubbles that they're going to create,some sort of emergency some crisis so,that that Target is still far away we,peaked at 9.1 percent on the CP lie and,we're down to 7.1 percent now uh if you,take a look at my last two videos of,last year uh I've very uh,comprehensively give you an outline of,the scale of the bubbles that we are in,and uh and how the FED is going to,create the next you know they're trying,to do a Paul volcker uh Paul volcker,typically had the FED funds rate at,Double CPI inflation so this would,require,14.2 percent double or more sometimes,even three times so up to 21,fed funds rate which is impossible today,because of the national debt,um so uh gold usually positive during,recessions and one of the things I want,to point out is so many people use like,monthly data this is monthly data,because it shows uh Gold's Peak at about,630 dollars here where we know that 850,was the widely public publicized Peak,price but it actually had an intraday,high on the Chicago Board of Trade of,873. uh so this is uh monthly data and,it shows you how strong gold has been,lately that on monthly data we're up,here approaching uh 2 000 bucks it it,surpassed 2 000 bucks but not uh in on,on an average of any month this is the,reason that uh the Federal Reserve is,absolutely trapped and the reason that,we're sort of at there's going to be a,big shift coming there there will be,there has to be and this is one of the,reasons this monetary system that we're,on you know we've now got about 32,trillion in national debt and you can,see that the interest payments have,spiked to all time highs and this is,just uh the latest data point or two and,I don't know if this is,um quarterly or biannual data here but,so in the past year or less this has,suddenly spiked well the national debt,rolls over every four and a half to five,years roughly five and a half years that,range,and so it's basically like refinancing,your home uh you want to refinance it's,going to be at whatever the current,interest rates are,and so,the interest rates have gone up,dramatically uh over the past year and,uh so we're on this spike is only since,the interest rates have been raised,which was what last March or something,when they started raising them so it's,less than a year ago that uh this and,and it still has uh you know so less,than one year out of the five years of,rollover has been completed so it's got,maybe this is maybe one tenth of the,amount of the national debt has already,caused this Spike what happens when the,other nine tenths hits uh it's going to,be an absolute disaster time between uh,rate hikes and cuts and uh you know,they're going to keep on slamming the,interest rate up until they cause a,crisis and then they'll bring it down to,zero uh the gold during the biggest,stock

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Transparent Text Background (How to Cut out Letters - FREE!)

Transparent Text Background (How to Cut out Letters - FREE!)

stuck because you just want to cut the,text out of your background but you have,no idea where to start by the end of,this video you'll be a pro at cutting,text out of any background you want and,if you're serious about growing an,online business be sure to stick around,all the way till the end of the video,and I'll share with you how I add 600,new email subscribers to my list every,single month without spending a dime for,the best online tech hacks brought,bloggers and small business owners be,sure to click that subscribe button and,don't forget to hit the bell so you,don't miss out when I have a brand new,video every Wednesday I'm Kate Murray,and after spending 14 years in corporate,and agency marketing I decided it was,time to ditch the corporate life so that,I could help small business owners just,like you use the same tactics that,digital agencies use a few prerequisites,before we get started I will be,demonstrating how to do this for free on,a Mac using the free version of canva,however if you are using a PC you can,also get this done by using Adobe,Photoshop and if you don't have a,subscription to Adobe Photoshop you can,sign up for a free trial that way you,can still get it done right now today I,will demonstrate how to do it both ways,on canva and on Photoshop let's get,started with the free version using,canva step 1 go to and create,yourself a free account,once you're inside the canva dashboard,you can either search for a design in a,specific size or you can type in what,you're looking for for this example I'm,going to create a square post for,Instagram,don't worry about the background at this,point the first thing I'm going to do,here is type in some text choose the,font and then change the font size to,make it bigger,choose a font that you like and you will,eliminate the background and download a,PNG file PNG means that there is no,background in your file with a jpg,you'll see the white box around it but,with a PNG there is no background step 3,double-click your downloaded file to,open it up in preview,we're going to be using the magic wand,selection tool to highlight all of the,text simply highlight and delete each,letter,step 4 save this file as a PNG and,upload it to camera step 5,select the background that you want to,use from the canva templates or you can,upload your own background then you're,going to place the new PNG file on top,of the background,step 6 you're going to redownload the,new file to your desktop and open it up,again using preview this time you will,select the text and then select inverse,and delete the background,once that background is eliminated,you're going to save it again with a,different file name and re-upload it to,canva as you can see it does take a,couple of steps to do it this way but,that's the trade-off for being able to,do it for free I now have my letters cut,out in the background of my choice and I,can even put those against a different,background what app do you like to use,to create your social media images let,me know in the comments below next I'm,going to demonstrate how to do this,using Photoshop it's actually a little,bit easier using Photoshop but Photoshop,can be expensive so if you don't yet,have a subscription you can accomplish,this by starting up a free trial step,one is to open up your background image,in Photoshop step two add your text,using whatever font you like and drag,that layer under the background step 3,be sure that your background is unlocked,and then you'll create a clipping mask,here's a pro tip the clipping mask,function also works in Adobe Illustrator,save your clipping mask as a PNG file,and now you'll be able to use that,against any background,now that you've got your super awesome,transparent text want to know how I add,over 600 new email subscribers to my,list every single month without spending,a dime the secret is to create a quiz if,you'd like to create your own quiz click,on the link in the comments below and,you can start a free trial and don't,forget to subscribe to the channel so,you don't miss out on my best tech hacks,for bloggers and small business owners,thanks for watching see you next time

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How to Remove Logo Background and Make Logo Transparent using Pixelmator Pro?

How to Remove Logo Background and Make Logo Transparent using Pixelmator Pro?

In this quick video tutorial, you will learn  how to remove background from logo  ,and make logo transparent using Pixelmator Pro. ,So, if you are a Pixelmator Pro user and wants to make your logo transparent,,make sure you watch until the end of this video.  ,Hey, what's going on guys, Rahul here from TechReviewPro,,and welcome back to the channel.  If this is your first time here,  ,make sure you subscribe to the channel because I regularly post such tutorial videos.,Today, we are going to learn,  How to Make Logo Transparent using Pixelmator Pro.,So without any further delay, let's get started!,Basically, we are going to remove background from  logo and make logo transparent. So, we'll take  ,a logo image like this and turn this into  something like this, let me show you how to do that.,Actually, the fact is: I have got the logo image  file here that we want to make transparent.,So, in order to make this Instagram 3D logo transparent  using Pixelmator Pro. First, I will need to open this,using Pixelmator Pro. So I'll simply right  click on this and then select open with  ,and under that I have got various options, and  I'll need to choose Pixelmator Pro.,And this will basically, open the logo image in Pixelmator Pro.,And here you can see that, on the left, we have got layers, and here, in the middle,,we have canvas, and here in the right side area, you can see that we have got all the tools that are,professional editing tools offered by Pixelmator Pro. But the good thing is:,we won't need all of these tools today. We'll only need a single tool to remove background from logo,and make logo transparent.  And the name of the tool is: Quick Selection tool.,Here is it. So, simply click on that  and then if you hover over here and  ,click on the bottom right area, you get these  options for quick selection and color selection. ,We'll be using quick section today. And  then, select New to create a new selection.  ,And now, I'll move the cursor to canvas  area and make a selection from logo area.  ,like this. I am just moving my cursor by holding  it so that it is selecting the logo area.,By the way, make sure you move slowly near  edges so that it detects it much better.  ,First, I'll select the outer area and then I'll  move to inner area. So let me just slowly select it.,And now, I'll be selecting the inner area,like that.,I just need to make sure that entire logo area is selected with yellow colour.,And now, as you can see the entire logo area is selected. By the way, a quick little tip for you:,If you keep the brush size smaller, it'll be much easier for you to make a fine selection near edges and curves.,So now, after a bit of struggle, we have finally selected the entire logo area. And, you know what?,There is a much easier and quicker way to make quick selection in Pixelmator Pro.,And I am going to tell you exactly that. So pay close attention and keep watching!,As you can see, currently the entire logo area is selected. So, in order to show you that,,first, I'll deselect it by clicking in the  outer area or simply clicking here on deselect.  ,And then, to select it again in a much quicker way  I'll go here and select this select subject option.  ,This will basically be automatically making a selection of the subject of the image.,So I'll click on that, and wait for a few seconds.  And as you can see it's currently detecting the subject  ,and refining edges and this may take a few seconds.  And within few seconds it will select the entire  ,subject of the image just like that. Alright! Now, that you know the quicker method to make a selection,  ,it's time to proceed in the tutorial to make this logo transparent. So, the next step is:,click on this invert tool and turn the selection  inside out. And, what this basically did is.  ,This deselected the inner area, and selected the outer  area. So the entire image outside logo is currently selected.,And now we are ready to remove the background. So, in order to remove the background that is,currently the entire selection area, we'll  simply press delete button on the keyboard.  ,And that will remove the background just like this. So as you can see the logo background is now removed,,and we have got a transparent logo right now. So we are ready to export this image.,So simply, click on this share icon and then from  these various options select export for web.,And here, you again get these options to  select the format of the image file.,Whether you want to keep JPEG, GIF, WEBP, SVG or PNG.,I would recommend you to keep it PNG so  that the logo will be transparent.  ,And then, simply click this Export button to export this  image. I'll rename it first Instagram 3D transparent logo.,And then click this Export button to export this. Further, if you want you may also save this project like this.,like this. So, that is how you can remove background  from logo and make logo transparent using Pixelmator Pro.,And here is our output image. I hope you found this video h

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LTG KJS. Dhillon Opens Up On TRUTH About Kashmir, Terrorism & More | The Ranveer Show 269

LTG KJS. Dhillon Opens Up On TRUTH About Kashmir, Terrorism & More | The Ranveer Show 269

there used to be one retired kernel with,handlebar mustache 12 Bar gun in his,hand and trying to protect his daughter,from everyone,around and he would be carrying that gun,even inside his house and now that image,has to change soldiering is a serious,business,the storytelling about Soldier has to be,done very very seriously we can't say,that I am making a movie in the but then,commercial compulsions want there should,be a dance sequence and they'd come,there should be a song sequence in this,how can you have a dance and song On the,Border my wife has a heard my death news,twice once when she was a I think eight,months pregnant did declared you dead,yes there she saw on the TV she did not,want the other Juans or the officers,wives to see tomorrow morning her in a,shattered condition she held herself,together and showed as if it's okay you,can imagine the strengths our family's,life that is how their sacrificed their,contribution in the soldier's life,must be acknowledged or appreciated and,honored I think they are the most,powerful women on this planet so we've,done a bunch of military podcasts where,we spoke about combat operations,military life the Special Forces but,we've never spoken to someone who holds,this kind of a rank in the military,who's served in this manner in the,military,served as the head of the defense,intelligence agency what does that even,mean and let him explain it over the,course of this particular podcast we,covered aspects of geopolitics we,covered military life obviously but,moreover we covered,a macro view of the military what it,takes to actually operate the military,as a whole and we also spoke about how,the Indian military the Indian Armed,Forces is perceiving the present times I,highly recommend that you also check out,the Hindi episode we did with tiny sir,it's incredible if you understand Hindi,you'll be unlocking another portal of,knowledge with that particular episode,but if you want to unlock portals of,knowledge anyway make sure you follow us,on Spotify or Spotify exclusive every,episode's available on Spotify 48 hours,before it's available anywhere else in,the world,so on the runway show spreading,knowledge spreading perspectives it's,another powerful Indian Armed Forces,episode,thank you,in general,we did an incredible Hindi episode,welcome to TRS English thank you how are,you sir oh always great okay you had a,good time on Hindi yeah yeah absolutely,okay so I'm thinking we make this a,quick and snappy episode it's primarily,self-education here,um you know I've had lots of military,veterans on the show you are one of our,most highly requested military veterans,because of your Twitter presence because,of your entire military tenure there's a,lot of curiosity about you and I highly,recommend that audiences especially if,you all understand Hindi go check out a,Hindi podcast for some incredible uh,prequel insights but this one's kind of,a more present times episode so so did,you have fun on the Hindi one yeah,enjoyed it tiny sir why do they call you,tiny so you're easily six two six three,at least six three you're six three and,you're an imposing figure like I can,tell that you know this is the weight,training that's gone into this a lot of,it like your bone structure everything,is like you know really strong I,wouldn't want to face you in combat but,we are friends,but I have to actually ask you this with,your kind of frame and your six three,your weight training so you're a white,guy and you've got Punjabi genetics so,uh is that an advantage in combat or is,it a disadvantage because I'm assuming,if you're a smaller guy maybe you're,able to maneuver more easily but correct,me if I'm wrong,see ya,go another days of physical combat,the trench warfare of first world war,second world war where you are,physically assaulting an enemy,the Bennett fixed and at times you get,into a close quarter of combat these,days it happens very rarely in a,conflict situation or a combat situation,with counter-terrorists during,computerized operation where the,terrorists,running out and you weapon has dropped,or somewhere you got hold of him and you,don't want the collateral damage so in,that type of a situation maybe there is,a you know better otherwise there's,officers hmm,the your height your weight and the,things that don't matter what matters it,is a your thinking facilities your,leadership qualities how you can assess,the situation how you can plan your next,move and how you can lead your men,with well or courage and bravery yeah,that is what matters and in that the,physical appearance has got no place,okay,um back when you were very actively a,combat Soldier and I'm assuming that at,a certain age,um maybe the Army doesn't allow you in,combat it probably works just like a,sport because physical faculties start,withering off at a certain age,but back when you were like actively,involved in combat with any hand-to-hand,combat situations that you were to go,through,not uh individually okay no

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Top Story with Tom Llamas - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

Top Story with Tom Llamas - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

tonight California under a state of,emergency and the death toll is climbing,the state battered with a Relentless,string of deadly storms at least 15,people killed a monster sinkhole,swallowing cars hold near Los Angeles a,mother and daughter pulled to safety,tens of thousands forced to evacuate,including celebrities like Ellen,DeGeneres two First Responders will join,us live in just moments to take us,inside the heroine rescues by boat and,by plane pressure mounting on President,Biden after that stunning Revelation,late last night classified documents,from his time as Obama's vice president,found at one of his private offices the,discovery made just one week before the,midterms so the growing question tonight,why is this just coming to light now the,new investigation House Republicans are,preparing to launch border crisis the,president meeting with leaders of Mexico,and Canada to deal with the Staggering,surge of migrants arriving by land and,by sea both Texas and Florida facing a,humanitarian crisis the lawmaker,representing the Florida Keys where,hundreds have been arriving in makeshift,vessels joins top story tonight when,he's calling on President Biden to do,the dramatic video out of Utah's,snowboard were caught in an avalanche,how he lived to tell the tale you'll,hear from him tonight Plus in his own,words Prince Harry's Memoir finally,hitting the shelves the explosive new,details you have not heard including the,first time Harry heard about his family,calling him Williams spare and why Megan,was not allowed by the Queen's side in,her final days and the wild images from,a rock Royal Caribbean cruise ship a,waterfall raining down on the deck with,the cruise line says caused that,spectacle at Sea top story starts right,now,foreign,good evening we begin top story tonight,with that state of emergency in,California listen to this right now 90,percent of that state that's nearly 34,million people are under flash flood,watches at this hour and already 15,people have died because of these storms,the images coming in like something out,of a disaster movie Water rushing,towards and down roads turning them into,rivers and the loss of life and property,has been catastrophic I want to take,show you some of this video here rescue,teams across the state pulling off,dangerous Swift water rescues the Santa,Barbara County Fire Department able to,save the driver of this truck luckily an,overnight a massive sinkhole swallowing,two vehicles in Los Angeles pretty,incredible they are mother and daughter,though pulled from the bottom of the pit,safely and daylight revealing just how,enormous that sinkhole was nearly half,of the road was washed away into the,river and mudslides another huge concern,tonight this one trapping roughly 400,people at an RV Resort outside of Santa,Barbara Crews responding to 9-1-1 calls,around the the clock in a moment a,captain and pilot from the Sacramento,County fire department will join us live,to tell us how they are dealing with the,seemingly endless onslaught of dangerous,storms but we begin with Miguel almaguer,at the scene of that massive sinkhole we,just showed you in Los Angeles Miguel,it's quite a scene there just behind you,I understand emergency crews are still,on the scene,yeah they're still here Tom and the,pictures you have been showing are just,incredible and so is the scene behind me,the storm that slammed into Central and,Southern California was incredibly,violent the road behind me just buckled,open I want to show you some drone video,overhead of this sinkhole there is not,one but two separate cars that have,plummeted 35 feet down incredibly,everyone inside those cars somehow made,it out alive but this has been a very,violent storm and not everyone's been so,lucky,as a new monster storm barrels across,every major city in California again,we're seeing more water rescues flash,flooding and mudslides unfold these,disasters killing at least 17 also,shredding apart new sections of the,state it was like two feet of mud and,water coming down the street in and out,of the houses so it was pretty scary,this time California's historically,Sunny cities Los Angeles Santa Barbara,and Montecito were last with a Biblical,Deluge as mountains crumble toward the,sea,sinkholes opened up in L.A,firefighters lifting car passengers From,The Underground crater,the historic storms washing over cities,from San Francisco to San Diego are,literally redefining the state cracked,and crumbled California's battered,coastline is perhaps as dangerous as it,is beautiful some of the state's most,iconic properties are also some of the,most vulnerable Montecito an enclave to,the Rich and Famous like Ellen DeGeneres,this is crazy is still under Citywide,evacuations as authorities Fear The,Return of deadly mudslides notable,cities since the start of the new year,are all drenched in rainfall running,well over a hundred percent of average,it is right up there with some of the,most extensive rainfall we've seen,definite

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How to Remove Logo Background and Make Logo Transparent on iPhone for FREE?

How to Remove Logo Background and Make Logo Transparent on iPhone for FREE?

Hey what's going on guys Rahul here from TechReviewPro, ,and welcome back to another quick video tutorial in which you'll learn,, in which you will learn how to remove  background from logo and make logo transparent on iPhone.,So if you are someone who wants to remove  background from logo and make logo transparent,,make sure you watch until the end, because the good  thing is it's very easy to make logo transparent  ,and also it's completely free on iPhone. So  without any further delay, let's get started!,Basically, I'm going to remove background from this  Instagram logo and I'll make this logo transparent.  ,To do that, I'll use a free app by Adobe and the  name of the app is Adobe Creative Cloud Express.  ,If you have already got it on your iPhone that's  fine. If not, you must simply go to App Atore  ,and then search for Adobe CC Express. This is  the app we are going to install. You may simply tap  ,download button and install this. But since  I have already installed it on my iPhone,  ,so I am getting this Open option. So once you have installed it, simply tap Open to open this,,and this will take you to the app dashboard interface. From here, first we will need to import the logo that we,want to make transparent. So I'll tap this + icon  and then from quick actions, first I'll select  ,remove background. And this will provide me with an  option to add image, so I'll tap on that and then  ,you may select your image from these options like  If you have got the logo in your Files app then  ,choose this option. Now since I have got the logo  in my Photo Library, so I'll tap Photo Library  ,and then select the logo that I want to make  transparent. From here, you may also select the size  ,and decide whether you want to import in actual size or large size or medium or small.,Usually, the larger the size the more time it takes in  removing background and making logo transparent.,But since this is just 481 kb so I'll choose to  have actual size and then tap on choose ,to import this.,And as you can see it is currently removing  the background and refining the edges, and mixing some Art and Science.,And, I hope within a few seconds this will remove background and make the logo transparent.,So here we go: as you can see this has already removed the background ,and made the logo transparent.,Once you are happy with that, it's time to take this transparent logo out of this app,and export the image to your iPhone Photo Gallery.,So simply tap Save and this will be   saved to your iPhone camera roll. ,So that is how simple it is  to remove background from logo, and make the logo transparent.,I hope you found this video helpful. I have more such tutorials coming up for you.,So make sure to subscribe to the channel and tap on the bell icon.  ,So that you never miss an important update.,If you have got any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below , and I'll try my best to help. ,Thanks for watching! I'm Rahul  signing off, and I'll see you in the next video.

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How to Save Transparent Background Logos & PNGs in Illustrator

How to Save Transparent Background Logos & PNGs in Illustrator

when you're saving your artwork or logos,in illustrator you're going to want to,know all the different types of file,formats,that include transparency so in this,video i'm going to walk through how i,would save out,each of those different formats and some,of the different features that are in,illustrator to save out your artboards,or your assets and image files and,vectors,with a transparent background so the,first thing we want to look at here,and i've just got the pixel and bracket,logo on an artboard this artboard is,1080 by 1080 pixels but,that part doesn't really matter quite as,much if we look,up in the view drop down and go down to,show transparency grid that's where,we're going to see,what is actually transparent on our,document so that's how we can make sure,that the background isn't,actually white it's in fact transparent,we go back up to view and we can hide,that transparency grid,so the other thing we want to be aware,of is,if this is for print then you're going,to want your file type in cmyk,so when you created it or you might want,to convert it and i'll show you how,to cmyk if it's for web you're going to,want it in rgb or any sort of digital,format now when we save out these files,that will convert on its own depending,on the file format that we're using,so if we look up in the file drop down,and go down to,document color mode that's where we can,convert this between,cmyk and rgb in this case i'm going to,assume,you're looking for some kind of print,production,exporting so we're going to leave it on,cmyk and when we get to the png,that's going to save as rgb because pngs,are only,in rgb color mode okay so the first,things first we want to go file,save as that's shift command or control,s,you might want to remember that one and,we can save as an,illustrator file that's the basic,working document,format for illustrator it does include,transparency if you're sending that off,and they're going to need to,get into your file and work with the,layers or another designer is going to,be working on things,that's the file format you want to save,next up,i would say is eps and this is my,favorite format for,saving vector artwork,with a transparent background or really,with or without a transparent background,in any,anyway eps is just,the one that i tend to send the one that,um,you know printers will use to scale up,and scale down your artwork as needed,without losing any quality,so we can do eps and we can hit use,artboards or we don't have to hit use,artboards i'm going to go ahead and,check it because it's going to save two,files and i'll show you,what each of those are and one of them,is if you didn't have it checked,and the other one just sort of adds on,because i check it so we're going to hit,save and that's going to pop up the eps,options dialog up here you can back,save it to different versions of,compatibility if needed,more than likely you're just going to,save it with the illustrator 2020 or,whatever your latest illustrator,version is this preview format here is,going to be,what people can basically see when they,preview the file so i want to include,the transparency,and tiff 8-bit color is fine when we,look at some of the other options i tend,to just leave these,as default one in particular though,you'll notice some warnings at the,bottom about,fonts you might want to embed your fonts,i i would say ideally,if it's not a working file and you're,just saving this out and exporting it as,eps you're going to want to outline all,of your fonts so that,whoever is using this document doesn't,run into any font issues because they,don't have the same fonts as you,but you can also embed fonts and so that,might be helpful for them to open up the,document or,print the document or utilize it without,running into those issues,that's all really for the eps settings,we're going to hit ok,it's going to write the format and then,if we look where we saved it,into my little assets folder i actually,have two eps files now,this file right here notice how,there is no um artboard outside of our,document,that's how the eps file would have saved,only this file,if we didn't check use artboards now i,also checked use artboards,and what that did is it kept the,document,size essentially outside of the asset,that was on the artboard,so this file here is transparent all the,way around,even though it shows white it is it does,retain the transparency,but it also retains the exact size of my,artboard,in case that's something you want now,i'll open this up you can just click and,drag a file like that,into photoshop it's going to ask you how,you want to rasterize this,it isn't cmyk that's totally fine hit ok,and you'll see here that it does have,all that transparency,where the artboard was so that eps file,may render the preview,showing white so that you can see,whatever's on the document,but that's okay it does have that,transparency as long as your document,itself has the transparency,now an easier one to share with clients,is,p

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