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Arsenal AGREEMENT Close To Sign Mykhaylo Mudryk! | Joao Felix Transfer Twist!10 days into the transf


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Arsenal AGREEMENT Close To Sign Mykhaylo Mudryk! | Joao Felix Transfer Twist!

10 days into the transfer window things,are going down at Arsenal and today we,have a massive transfer twist so let's,find out what's happening with Zhao,phonics and if all School are closing,into my kind of Modric you'll also find,out if the Gunners are in for right back,and break down what we learned from,Oxford United,yo what is going on guys my name is pavs,14 and welcome back to your boy's,Channel hope you guys are doing,Sensational and we are in slightly,different surroundings than normal so,hopefully I don't sound too different,but as per if you enjoy the content,don't forget to smash a like And,subscribe to the channel if you are new,and help your boy on his road to 150 000,subscribers let's start off with all of,the latest article Transfer News there,is a right back emerging out of Portugal,supporting Lisbon's Pedro poro a Spanish,International and a former player of,Manchester City but currently playing in,the Portuguese league and he is thriving,we are talking five assists and 12,appearances this season and he has,caught the eyes of Tottenham Chelsea and,our very own Arsenal Football Club,according to Pedro data also have,approached Pedro Polo the profile of,Pedro Pearl is very different to what,Arsenal already have but in terms of Ben,Wyatt he has really grown into an,inverted right back and I can't really,say there are many right backs in the,world that Arsenal could sign that are,as good as Ben White in terms of what,Arsenal need so why would also want to,sign Pedro poro well he's a different,type of profile and definitely more,comfortable in the final third which,will give Arsenal Alternatives and,variety but then you also have takahiro,tomiyasu our current second choice right,back if asked the word to sign Pedro,apparel I believe that means we could,move tomiasu as a left-sided center-back,a position where asked will only have,Gabriel megales and it's somewhere that,we have seen Tommy has to play for Japan,at the World Cup in terms of signing Pro,lasting stands the favorites are,definitely Spurs and in terms of price,tag we are talking the release Clause of,45 million euros but onto midfielders,let's talk the nilo Oliveira a player,that also have wanted for a very long,time La Quinta reports in Brazil has,been left out of the Palmeras plants for,next season as the club is awaiting a 25,to 28 million euro offer and there is a,an offer that has arrived from the,Premier League but that's from,Nottingham Forest who have launched an,18 million pound bid to sign the nilo an,RKO out of nowhere and forests are,moving fast with other reports claiming,they are closing into a deal but in,terms of Arsenal and Danilo I believe,they have called their interest and they,trust upon Thomas party and Muhammad,O'Neill until the end of the season but,do you guys still believe that all still,need a new number six in this window,moving on to the forwards Brighton's,Leandro Trussell is out of contract at,the end of the season he's going to be,free and available and according to Alex,crook Arsenal are now monitoring the,developments of Leandro trosard,trossard's agent is offering him up to,many of the top Premier League clubs,including Arsenal Liverpool and so many,others and having scored Seven League,goals this season trosard is a versatile,profile able to play as a sense of,forward but also how wide he has got,that Premier League experience and,wouldn't need time to adapt but is,trosard a level razor he would give also,an option but also wants to build a,competitive environment where players,have the ability to overtake others and,I just don't think crossad is that guy,but talking of the forward how Felix is,a player that also have been trying to,sign this window they were negotiating,with George Mendes but then out of,nowhere entered Todd bowley's Chelsea,and according to David Ornstein they,have reached a verbal agreement to sign,Xiao Felix on loan from Athletico Madrid,the loan fee is 11 million euros United,and last or both Keen but Felix has,chosen Chelsea's project instead and the,transfer is all but confirmed with,forbid ceramana confirming Zhao Felix,and Chelsea here we go and Felix is now,set to undergo a medical now there is no,option to buy so it's 11 million euros,until the end of the season plus the,wages paid in full which is around 250,000 pounds a week that means for the,five months the Chelsea will have Felix,they could be paying upwards of 750 000,pounds per week it's a hefty price tag,and that's for richer Romano confirms,both Arsenal amay United never wanted to,pay any more than 15 million euros,between taxes loan fees and salary,whereas Chelsea were okay and they,decided to proceed this is where it gets,a little bit confusing how has Felix,chosen a Chelsea project overall for am,I United when both also United never,agreed a deal because they were never,going to pay that sort of money and this,transfer only gets weirder according to,Mateo moreto Felix has agreed to extend,his Athletico contrac

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Mudryk Deal Close, Milinković-Savić Contact Made & Hazard Eyed! | AFTV Transfer Daily

Mudryk Deal Close, Milinković-Savić Contact Made & Hazard Eyed! | AFTV Transfer Daily

hi and welcome along to aftv transfer,daily the show that keeps you up to date,with players let me link with a January,transfer move to Arsenal,um I'll tell you I didn't get much sleep,last night after coming back from Oxford,it was freezing cold what I really,really enjoyed that game last night um,first off went great but the second half,was really enjoyable a really good,performance by also and great to go to a,ground that you've never been to before,you know Great Character there you know,I mean even though he only had a free,stance and it was freezing cold air but,um,yeah really really enjoyed it,um good performance in the second half,by Fabio Vieira I thought you know his,two assists were brilliant and he really,looked classy and Eddie and kechia yet,again two more goals for in ketcher he's,producing you know game after game and,you know um really really good,performance although Mikhail arteta said,after the game we still need to sign a,striker I like the fact that he said,that he said you know we still need a,striker even though in kechia was uh,doing really well saka's gonna be all,right I know he limped off and some fans,were losing it,um it was just you know he's a little,bit sore and he came off an artist said,he's going to be fine after the game,I played it was a little bit,disappointing in the game though with,sambi laconga you know um again this is,a position even though you know right,throughout this uh January transfer,window we've been talking about,attacking players that Midfield area for,me is still an issue what if anything,happens to Thomas parte now I know so um,Sammy laconga last night wasn't really,playing in that parte position he was,more sort of playing in a position that,jacquer takes up and you saw the,difference when Jacka came on but sambi,laconga has been really disappointing,for me and looks to me a player that,needs to go out on loan and get games I,really really do think that but again it,just prompted that in me that said we,need,Midfield reinforcements as well we know,about telemann's that's been you know,well publicized throughout the transfer,window but what about Danilo now this,one's really interesting I spoke about,it a few days ago and I said there's a,mystery team that have bid for Danilo,and there's a lot of speculation saying,it could be arsenal of course the nilo,film from um Palmeras the young,Brazilian that we were heavily in for or,interested in in the summer,um now we're being told that it's not in,a forest who have been 80 million pounds,plus add-ons for,um Danilo I think he's been turned down,but our Arsenal gonna make a bid for,Danilo as well he is a more defensive,midfielder type player will also make a,move for him at the moment it seems to,be forests that are making the running,on him and I've also just called their,interest on him and not interested in,bringing him at all or are also going to,move for him this January retransfer,window there's also been rumors coming,out of palmaris that they're willing to,let him go,um this January,um last year they didn't want to let him,go but it seems like this,um January transfer window they're like,you know what you can go we want the,money so let's see how that one develops,of course yesterday the news broke that,uh Joe Felix has decided to join Chelsea,and uh that one's going through at the,moment it's looking like that's going to,be close to being concluded and he's,going to be a Chelsea player apparently,he said that um he had a look at the,project and he likes it he likes being,down in 10th now I know there's a lot of,people getting a little bit upset that,also haven't made um a bid for John,Felix but you know what I'm pretty cool,on this one it would have been nice it,would have been nice to have as an,attacking player but you've got to say,to yourself,20 million pounds effectively that deals,cost in Chelsea to affects effectively,borrow a player for four to five months,it doesn't make any sense financially 20,million pound they could use that,Arsenal if they did go and do that and,go and get Danilo and put another five,million on top and get Danilo in and get,a midfielder in or get a tea lemons or,something it wouldn't have makes no,sense to me,before also to have paid that and,obviously also were trying to negotiate,that loan fee down because we do know,that Felix is quality there's no doubt,in that but um Chelsea have again yet,again panicked by you know,um after their loss against Man City uh,another appeasement sign in they've just,said yeah listen what's the uh loan fee,don't worry we don't want to negotiate,we'll pay that wages we'll pay that bang,and it's all done so he's on his way to,Chelsea so Joe Felix will not be joining,us all but what that has done is uh,created big optimism that our store are,going to get a deal done to sign Michael,mudrick which of course is their number,one target since the start of this,January transfer window now there's a,lot of rumors going around that Arsenal,gettin

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Mykhaylo Mudryk’s Arsenal TRANSFER Request! | Joao Felix £80 Million Potential Deal?

Mykhaylo Mudryk’s Arsenal TRANSFER Request! | Joao Felix £80 Million Potential Deal?

the Premier League on pause and the FA,Cup back McCarter needs reinforcements,so today we'll get the latest on the,negotiations to sign my kylo miltrick as,well as an update on John Felix we'll,also find out if the Gunners are back,into silent midfielder in Brazil and,they've Arsenal's game against Oxford,could see The Return of a military throw,ing on guys,and welcome back to your boy's Channel I,hope you guys are feeling Sensational as,always and excited for the return of the,FA Cup and as per smash a like if you,enjoy the content and subscribe to the,channel if you are new and help your boy,on Israel to 150 000 subscribers and I,want to give a little shout out to shy,Morgan Jones who has always shown your,boys so much support and love like so,many others do as well so much love and,appreciations but now let's get straight,into an Arsenal transfer update Arsenal,boss Michael artera has been speaking at,the start of the window he made clear it,was very important for Arsenal to get,their signings in early and last will,have tried they have made offers but so,far they have been unsuccessful and now,our Teta says to be smart we have to see,good opportunities and we have to be,attractive for players at the end of the,day players decide where they want to,play and if they want to play final club,that is great also's project is getting,as attractive as ever the title charges,there the young players the young,superstars and the karate are developing,as a manager but the issue is in January,it's not always about signing who you,want but signing who's available teams,overprice their players negotiations are,hard than ever and things are,complicated but also still have their,targets so let's start off in Midfield,and talk about the nilo Oliveira a,player that also previously offered 20,million pounds for in the summer,transfer window and according to Thiago,Fernandez of gold Brazil Arsenal,Athletico Madrid and Monaco are willing,to sign the Palmyra midfielder but,Palmeras have no preference on who to,sell to and have already had an offer,for the player also keep an eye on,Benfica who if they lose Enzo Fernandez,they will also make a move but in terms,of Danilo Oliveira 21 years of age able,to play as a number six he's been,successful at palomares he's won the,Copa libertadores that being said for,Arsenal though having seen the return of,Muhammad al-nani and the availability of,Thomas party it seems like they have,called it interest in signing a number,six and I believe that is because they,have a different Target of bigger,targets someone that isn't available in,January but will be in the summer and I,have my suspicions that player could be,West Ham United as Declan rights now,let's talk about a more attack-minded,midfielder and specifically to lose,midfielder Ferris Shahid according to,reports in France Arsenal continue to,track a young potential star in the,making 20 years of age enjoying his,breakout year illegal 15 appearances 11,starts and 6 goals on assist he stands,at six foot in height and he is a,creative wired forward able to play on,the left-hand side the right hand side,and down the middle also were a team,that liked the Scout players and the,prime example is Gabriel Martinelli but,in the current stage of the project I,think are still looking for a player and,I can have a bigger impact straight away,now let's talk about the strikers,according to reports in Italy Arsenal,are monitoring Tammy Abraham last year,Tammy was a star for Roma 25 goals,thriving he won the UEFA conference,league but this year things have changed,16 appearances three goal scored left,out of England's World Cup squad Tammy,stocks have plummeted and it looks like,he wants to leave Roma he wants to,return to the Premier League according,to report to mikowater is a massive fan,and you've really pushed asylum in the,summer of 2021 but also did not have the,finances now his price tag would be,cheaper than ever but we can't forget,that Chelsea also have a buyback loss,standing at six foot three is a,different profile to what Arsenal,already have and there is an idea in the,Arsenal fan base that also need a top,goal scorer going into the future but,I'm not too sure Arsenal or a team that,don't have an alternate goal scorer yet,they score goals for fun and that is,because there are so many other goal,scorers which allows us to share the,goals mikowart's attack is all about,fluidity it's all about causing Mayhem,in the final third signing a Target man,profile like atami Abraham could be,detrimental in terms of our Team,Dynamics but let's talk about the wide,forwards in particular Mike Hilo,Mitchell and when mekawarti was asked,about him he says there's no update,reiterating that at the end of the day,players decide where they want to play,no liked photos no dropping hints my,Carlo magic has gone silent Nasser,obitsu Romano says there's no big,changes on the Michaela magic deal in,the last 48 hours Chelsea have met with,shakhtar but also remai

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Should Mykhailo Mudryk sign for Arsenal or Chelsea? 📝 | Good Morning Transfers

Should Mykhailo Mudryk sign for Arsenal or Chelsea? 📝 | Good Morning Transfers

the shattered the next hierarchy are,actually going to be in London,potentially at that game this evening,for talks with Todd bowley now Arsenal,have been in talks with them for some,time details of the structure of the fee,appear to be the stumbling block so far,so I guess the the best question is,would mudrick be a better signing for,Arsenal or for Chelsea now I think,firstly we've got to discuss the fact he,is one of the most exciting young,players in World football at the moment,Roberto deserby the brighter manager,worked with them at shakhtar and said,he's got potential to win the Ballon,d'Or one day so this is the sort of,player we're looking at now I actually,think he'd be a better signing for,Chelsea than for Arsenal one of his key,attributes he's got mini is his Pace,he's unbelievably quick he loves to take,players on which is something you don't,really see so much in the in the Premier,League now Arsenal already have two,players who can do that in Martinelli,and Saka Chelsea yes they've got Raheem,Sterling but he plays in a slightly,different way than he used to when he,when he bursts on the scene they've got,the likes of ziesh Mount pulasich and,Hava to a more number 10 who play in,wide areas but with a player like,mudrick he can challenge you on both,sides he makes the pitch bigger he can,take on a Defender which Defenders,absolutely hate I think if grandpotter,could get him in that offers something,that they don't have at the moment and,it could be something which propels them,to a better place than they're in at the,moment he once asked although doesn't he,always social media and everything,that's been going on in the last he's,been watching Arsenal games I think he,even put a social media story up where,it says you know Gunners Help win the,Premier League all the signs are,pointing from a player perspective they,want that move to Arsenal but Chelsea,have got the financial power it seems to,swoop in I mean what happens if Chelsea,offer more money than Arsenal well this,is the problem isn't it I think,sometimes you've got you've got to look,at what's the best deal for the club but,actually what's the best deal for the,player and if I was a forward player I'd,look at Chelsea and think of the forward,players that have gone there over the,last few years and think has anyone,really joined Chelsea in the last two or,three transfer Windows applied in that,front three position and excelled,probably not I can't think of anyone,who's gone there and excelled in the,front three positions Arsenal now which,would have been mad to say 12 to 18,months ago feel a better proposition for,me if I was a Premiere if I was a player,looking to move to the Premier League at,the moment I'd rather go and play for,Arsenal than Chelsea under from a,football perspective because Chelsea,just feels a little a little bit chaotic,and you know someone Sterling in the,summer his best positions on that on the,Left Flank which is modric's best,position but yeah Sterling's barely,played on the Left Flank for Chelsea,spent time at the right he's paid Wing,back as well and under putter I'd look,at that and if I was mudrick and,apparent you know an Arsenal fan as well,by the next thing you'd want to go there,and you've got a genuine shot of winning,the Premier League at this moment in,time The Wider premier league has gone,this season there's a very real chance,that three of Chelsea Manchester United,Tottenham and I've forgotten who the,other team is they're not gonna big,teams aren't going to make the Champions,League this year because Arsenal are,going to be in the top four Newcastle,look like they're going to be in the top,four as well so there's only really one,space left in that top four in at the,moment I want wouldn't back Chelsea to,get that so if I was mudric I'd want to,go to Arsenal because you've got more,chance of playing Champions League,football next season as well I mean is,that is that a serious consideration for,these players I mean Enzo finances has,just won the World Cup he wants to be,playing at the highest level,if he's looking at the bid from Chelsea,you can offer as much money as you want,but it if you're not going to be in the,Champions League that's a major,consideration right now I guess he's,looking at it from a league perspective,where he's going to play in the Premier,League rather than rather than the,Portuguese league with and he doesn't,look like he's got any other options,maybe the team that was more certain of,Champions League next season was in in,for him say Real Madrid maybe consider,going there but there isn't any other,offers on the table for him because it's,such an extortion of thing I think for,mudrick he's looking at Arsenal and,thinking one he's been a supporter all,of his life by the looks of things to,their heading in completely in the right,direction and they've got a manager,that's proven to harness young Talent,with Potter at Chelsea yes you know he's,he's proven to look after young ta

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Fabrizio Romano: "Full Agreement To Sign Wout Weghorst!" | Man United News

Fabrizio Romano: "Full Agreement To Sign Wout Weghorst!" | Man United News

um I say I say breaking news this is the,last few minutes,um Manchester United have reached full,verbal agreement to sign wake horse,understand that the deal will cost,around 3 million euros to beshiktas,Vehicles will join online from Burnley,the final step that's needed is bishopt,us to find a replacement and then,they'll agree to the sign in that's,pretty big in it I mean obviously he's,not the biggest name in the world but,United looking like getting this over,the line now obviously assuming Pacific,test can get someone else yeah what are,your thoughts on him is he this sort of,play United need do you like him or does,it or does it sort of smack of,desperation it reeks a big Arlo doesn't,it do you think I I think so I think,it's a good player and I think yeah,probably got better attributes Danny,garlo but he's not the you know I don't,know how much fair someone who couldn't,make it into Burnley Squad and had to go,and players trade in Turkey is going to,you know scare the rest of the defenses,but it might not it might have a better,effect on the people around him like,Marshall looking over show them thinking,and I might get in week in week out if I,don't you know start scoring goals so,there could be that effect but I mean,it's good that we're getting somebody in,because I don't think we can rely solely,on rashford I think everyone can agree,with that it's not the name that anybody,would have picked out at all no is it,Joe,it's not first choice is it would he be,the first person to go from Burnley to,man united even though it's on long I,can't think of too many that have gone,that I can think of yeah not I can't,imagine there's been many obviously,there's usually too much of a golfing,quality for that's an option but is does,it make sense to you though Joe even,though he's not the first choice he's a,Dutch player that obviously ten hog will,have seen a lot of with this time I,think it was as Mario was that he's,known around the national team so he's a,player that he's very aware of he offers,something different to our players he's,big strong good finisher has more of a,goal scoring track record than anyone at,the club that currently for United he's,got 20 like three or four 20 goal,Seasons under his belt he's not someone,that's just you know tapped a couple of,goals in and been shipped for Burnley,he's someone that's got 170 career goals,he's a proper Striker you know what I,mean he's only 30 years old what's his,best would it make sense is is if the,scouting Network for ten ARG have gone,to him I said with the money we've got,in January not to bring in a proper,problem yeah placement Striker here is,your list and the list may have been of,10 names or five names and 10 Arc has,probably looked at them and gone why it,makes sense is because you know I,understand him as a player he'll Fit My,Philosophy quite well and he can score,goals so let's go for him because I do I,do believe that if you wanted to get,Felix we wanted to to push on for other,players we probably would have but you'd,hope that there's something coming in,the summer yeah because we do not want,to be in this situation again where we,need a striker yeah and you'd hope that,this is a short-term fix for what can be,a long-term solution in the summer,transfer yeah the Burnley thing I think,if you look if you look at his record so,since let's say since he was at AZ,Altima 2016-17 because before that was,at Heracles and MN and you know lesser,team a lot of big teams um so from AZ,onwards these are his goals by season,yeah so 18 27 18 20 25 7 which wasn't,great but part of that same season is,when he went to Burnley yeah we only got,two goals he's currently got nine in 18,for beshiktor so you know one and two so,if we look you know if we're being fair,obviously we're disappointed maybe that,it's not a bigger name or Felix has gone,to Chelsea or whatever the Burnley era,seems more like an outlier than a true,Testament to his quality he scored,minimum 10 goals every season except,that season he's not he's clearly not a,bad player is he no I mean if he's going,to add 10 goals that wouldn't be there,if he was absent from joining man united,yeah and then it's worth the investment,isn't it and something 10 are,consistently says is that it's about,getting the right player not getting any,player so you were right joined Sims of,like he'll have seen the list and seeing,like what his attributes are,um and if you look at the team that's,playing tonight like he gets into that,doesn't it yeah so automatically it's an,improvement of what we've got yeah,because he never replaces are longer,yeah he would be playing in this game,tonight so I I do believe that it's,obviously not the most exciting transfer,but I think it's one that makes sense,and I think you'll get games for United,yeah especially if martial keeps playing,the way that he has yeah yeah yeah for,the last you know yeah it's a World Cup,yeah it is how do you say it how do you,say his full name I think

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Ten Hag January Transfer Ban! Man Utd News

Ten Hag January Transfer Ban! Man Utd News

Hello everybody welcome back to the,United stand good morning lots of news,coming in nice and early for you,um it's it's me on this morning show I'm,looking forward to it but as the,thumbnail says right of and that is what,the news alludes to today we're,basically under a transfer ban ten hog,has been given or is being given next to,nothing this January transfer window,does that mean that uh top four is out,the window we know from last season that,when we weren't given uh the respectable,funds to strengthen top four was out the,window wasn't it from from the get-go,and oh obviously we didn't qualify for,the Champions League,so yeah it's not looking bright but then,again you do have the brilliant kind of,winning streak that we are on obviously,we got Charlton tonight but let's get,into the news this is what a new show is,we talk about news but we'll bring up,the first uh tweet on screen from Laurie,Whitwell,uh there is a determination within,mufc's recruitment Department acts,quicker and prepare better regarding,their summer 2023 business now there is,a clear plan from The Man In The Dugout,not right well look we we know we're,broke we know that,um we're broke and it's not it's not,ideal is it we we it's a it's a pretty,poor situation to be in,um and and I want to go back actually to,the tweet I was meant to read out that's,might an error from me I actually read,the wrong tweet out it's actually meant,to be the mufc are limited to looking at,players they can borrow this month and,they do not want to be tied to permanent,contracts for low-cost players,preferring to have a clear run at more,desirable Targets in the next summer,window now we can get on to what I was,going to say we are broke we know that,and this is why it's such a poor,situation considering how good of a run,we are actually on,um I understand,the the side of this tweet in the sense,that we don't want to be tied down to,permanent contracts for low-cost players,we can touch on where cost a bit later,as well I do understand that because,ultimately this six month period that we,have from now till the end of the season,or now till next summer window,we're not going to want to bring in,players that we don't actually see being,useful past that time and we don't want,them to be permanent because well we're,not going to be able to sell them you,know we've got enough dead wood at the,club as it is so we we don't need more,to then look at selling that that you,know doesn't make sense and obviously,one thing that I've kind of,made,um or I want to make clearance if we're,not definitely not spending this window,it's I mean it's looking clear that you,know this this where course deal is is,probably going to go through again we,can touch on that a little bit later but,if we're not spending we need to make,sure that we're getting the targets,we're after in the summer 100 it's,non-negotiable no excuses if we're,definitely not being given funds,for whatever reason whether it's because,the owners don't want to put money in,because they're selling whether it's,because we've got no money to put in I,don't care it's non-negotiable that in,the summer,pretty much whoever we go after in a,semi-realistic way or whoever tenhog,wants we need to go and do our due,diligence and go out there and get them,or make at least some effort and some,preparation in going and getting that,player I don't want to hear anything,about that it is non-non-negotiable,um I think as I alluded to at the start,of the show we're basically on a,transfer ban we saw it last season and,what makes it worse this season is the,fact that we have seen ten Hogg do so,much in such a short amount of time and,in the grand scheme of things not uh,that many resources right yes we spent,about 250 million in the summer but it's,only increased to that amount because,the board are stupid enough and,um didn't want to pay up uh the what was,it initial 40 50 million for Anthony,that then doubles in price to 80. you,know it's,there's just stupidity still within the,club and I do think it almost gets,overlooked a little bit with obviously,uh the trajectory that we are on it is,positive 10 Hogg is taking this club and,this team places so it is quite easy to,overlook the overarching issue and that,is there are still idiots in the in the,board there are still idiots that run,this club,and they need to go ASAP uh that's,pretty pretty non-negotiable as I said,um but yeah this transfer ban could,could this be a top four Ruiner we've,obviously put ourselves in I mean look,there's a long way to go in the season,we're not even halfway through I don't,think we've still got to play another,two games or is it one game until we're,halfway through the season,and um I think can it we've put,ourselves in a pretty good spot where,joint third I think with a game in hand,on Newcastle,can we,can we kick on now um you know you've,got you've got uh Chelsea strengthening,um I think City don't really need to,strengthen today let's be honest Ar

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foreign,'s negotiations ongoing for Michaela,Modric with Arsenal making a new bid,around 50 million euros guaranteed fee,plus addons so Arsenal have improved the,proposal for Modric but now it's on,shakhtar so until the 3D clubs are still,in direct conversation there is direct,exchange every single day between,Arsenal and shaktar but at the moment,the deal is not done yet we have to wait,for the two clubs to reach an agreement,on the fee and it's on shakhter now,because Arsenal are trying Arsenal are,pushing it's shakter now has to decide,on the situation of mikhaila Modric with,her death Romano the new bill is in it's,down to Shack Todd the next but he has,also confirmed that a deal involving,Chelsea Football Club,checked out the Nets and Mahalo mudrik,is on,Chelsea and shakhtar will discuss about,the player in the next 24 hours also,Arsenal remaining in direct contact as,he has said,but a firm conversation is going to take,place Chelsea are monitoring the,situation,could there be a hijack even though,Arsenal have agreed the personal terms,this has been very well publicized the,player has been twerking for Arsenal,they are leading the race there is a big,Confidence from the Arsenal camp that a,deal will be agreed that their second,offer could be enough but Chelsea are,not going away we're going to delve into,this story in more detail look at what,fabriziovas said what Sky Sports are,saying this morning and the brilliant,David Ornstein smash the like and share,button let's go,thank you,as stated here by Fabrizio Romano the,second proposal for Mahalo mudra is,close to 50 million Fix Plus add-ons,shaktar expects to make a decision the,clubs are in direct contact personal,terms never an issue Code 4 have been,agreed the player knows what Arsenal,gonna offer the player is willing to,join that agreement is in place however,Chelsea and monitoring the situation,we've heard from from Richie Romano's,tweet let's take a look here what David,Ornstein has had to say about the,situation however,I think what it reiterates Ed is that,they'll look to do some business in the,January Market they need or they want a,couple of players it's been quite well,documented now mudrick who you talked,about there with Chelsea Chelsea are,monitoring the situation I don't know if,they will beat Arsenal to it let's see,Modric has been quite clear in stating,his desire to join Chelsea and then gel,Felix as well I think it's a slip of the,tongue there from um David Ornstein he,does we know that desire had been to an,Arsenal that does not twist what David,Ornstein has said I think that's just a,little slip of the tongue he meant,Arsenal I'm sure he's probably already,tweeted if or will do to clarify that,slight mistake,but olnstein,Steinbeck Jacob Steinbeck and for Brits,they have all confirmed that Chelsea are,monitoring the situation have had talked,or will be having talks regarding this,situation and the hijack is there the,the conversation of mudrick to Chelsea,is on and if we know what the word on,means,I use the word on to say active,possible,they're in the background maybe it could,happen,but that's not get it twisted as it,stands right now 4th of January,2023,Arsenal with the favorites Arsenal will,lead in the race arsenal were very very,close to a complete agreement with,shakhtar danesque,personal terms agreed the players,expressed publicly on a number of,occasions his desire to draw to join,Arsenal does it mean a hundred percent,there'll be no hijack does it mean 100,Chelsea can't get him,no it doesn't mean that it's never meant,that,that I don't think anybody could be that,sure and that's why you won't get in my,opinion any of the quote-unquote tier,ones say he's an Arsenal player 110,nobody's gonna take that risk nobody is,going to take that risk just for,something crazy to happen,the one thing I would say is this is,playing well into shakhtar's hands,because,they publicly wanted 100 million,and then they stated that,they were publicly stated by a lot of,journalists that Arsenal know they'll,take a lot less the first bid was,rejected as a marker the second bid has,come in and there's genuine,consideration meaning shakhtar are,thinking about it,when the Chelsea links first came out it,was played down as the agent or shakhtar,playing games but in my humble opinion,Jacob Steinbeck David Ornstein and,Fabrizio Romano are not going to go on,record to state that Chelsea are,interested that Chelsea are willing to,buy him that Chelsea are going to have,talks if Chelsea weren't genuinely,interested those journalists are not,going to damage their reputations with,that club they're not going to burn,relationships with that club,they're not going to do that between,themselves and Chelsea they wouldn't do,it there is genuine interest,this plays into shaktar's hands because,it will now maybe force Arsenal into,being a little bit more,pragmatic a little bit more direct and,maybe having to increase that bid again,let's take a look at what Sky Spo

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Police search a trash transfer station in connection to a missing Massachusetts woman case

Police search a trash transfer station in connection to a missing Massachusetts woman case

he says police are searching a trash,transfer station in connection with a,missing person's case a 39 year old wife,and mother of three Anna Walsh was last,seen in the early hours of New Year's,Day her husband 47 year old Brian Walsh,was arraigned yesterday on a charge of,misleading investigators in connection,to her disappearance prosecutors said,that a bloody knife was found in the,family's basement shortly after the,husband spent hundreds of dollars on,cleaning supplies Nick Giovanni from CBS,News Boston is at that trans that trash,transfer station with the latest on this,story thanks for joining us can you just,sort of lay out the timeline of events,for people who may not be familiar with,this story you know what do we know,about Anna and when she disappeared,Emery good morning I can't tell you as,you mentioned this all goes back to New,Year's Day on a Walsh last scene by her,husband according to prosecutors the,early morning hours of New Year's Day,we're told that she was reported missing,days later and at that point over the,weekend we could tell you investigators,were searching the woods around the,house so that the better part of the,weekend doing that executing a search,warrant of the house on this past Sunday,a week after she was last seen and later,that day on Sunday the husband Brian,Walsh was under arrest charged with,misleading investigators as you,mentioned they did go through the house,we were out there at the Cohasset home,Monday morning where investigators,returned to the scene prosecutors later,set in court Monday that there was blood,found as you mentioned in the basement,the knife with the blood on it and then,as this was all unfolding in court,yesterday,investigators were here at this facility,in Peabody this Transfer Facility as you,mentioned uh just about an hour away,from Cohasset this is on the North Shore,investigators going through looking,through the trash we saw them out in,Hazmat gear uh looking for hours through,the trash in this area and our,investigative team learning this morning,investigators found trash bags with,blood a hatchet rug used cleaning,supplies all here at the facility and,this is all new information that we're,learning here this morning about what,was actually found this as Brian Walsh,was being held on five hundred thousand,dollars bail going back to that charge,of misleading investigators,so uh why are investigators searching,this trash trash transfer station and I,guess more importantly what led them,there what was discovered,so this was the process of following,Brian Walsh's movements there they ended,up we understand going through a,dumpster at a facility uh the apartment,complex uh Brian Walsh's mother's home,her apartment complex there they brought,the the dumpster here we understand to,this Peabody transfer station to go,through it is what we're learning,so now let's talk about the husband he,was arraigned yesterday on charges of,misleading investigators he also has,sort of this other background that has,to do with art and fraud what do we know,about the charges that are pending why,he was charged with misleading,investigators I think it's a very,interesting charge what did he say to,them that led to this,we could kind of tie in the the two,parts of your question there one with,the the Andy Warhol paintings charged,with selling two fake Andy Warhol,paintings years ago still awaiting,sentencing in that case but because of,that his movements were limited in the,meantime at home did after report had,Windows where he was able to travel and,we could tell you that as far as the,misleading and investigators in this,case there were a couple different,aspects that prosecutors pointed to,yesterday it's starting for one with the,fact that prosecutors say that he told,investigators that on a left again first,thing for D.C of the morning of January,1st but then prosecutors said that her,cell phone actually pinged back to that,home not only that day but the next as,well so they're using that information,they also reference the the blood in the,basement the knife found and then,surveillance footage they mentioned that,he went the the Home Depot on January,2nd the day after and they were going,through through that surveillance,footage talking about the 450 dollars,worth of cleaning supplies purchased,through that so all of that coming up in,court yesterday the first we had learned,of all of those accusations there again,and and fair to mention here the defense,pointing out that he has been,Cooperative with investigators,throughout this entire process,okay so that's still up in the air you,mentioned that he was awaiting,sentencing on this a fake Andy Warhol,painting case do you have any details on,that like what happened with that,so we are just starting to go through,some of the federal documents Associated,uh with that one just started to learn,more based on court paperwork there so,still a lot to uh to sift through at,that point but that is absolutely,something tha

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