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This Is a few days ago one of the most,disgusting things i've ever seen on,twitter too


Updated on Jan 21,2023


so a few days ago one of the most,disgusting things i've ever seen on,twitter took place there was a group of,people going around harassing and,doxxing trans individuals and anyone who,supported them and this ended up causing,a lot of panic within the trans,community trans mutuals please go,private there are a bunch of sick minded,people on twitter right now stay safe,for those who need context there is a,group chat that is basically dedicated,to doxxing and harassing trans people,basically ruining their lives especially,if they have parents or family which,will not accept who they are it is,absolutely disgusting now what exactly,caused all of this you might wonder well,a trans admin of the bad console wars,meme gimmick account made this post,happy,trans day of remembrance to all my trans,followers and for some reason that's,when a group of people called the r,group chat found this trans admins,twitter account and doxter now not only,did they dox her but they also outed her,to her parents if my parents ever found,my account because i used my real name,now my dead name i'm dead because they,don't know i'm trans yet i was just,outed to my parents they said i'm not a,girl i have to deactivate and then she,deactivated her account after this,members of this r group chat decided to,make post gloating about what they had,done and the person that they docs made,multiple tweets on their private account,basically saying they wanted to end,their life because of this all of that,because she made a post about trans,remembrance day and this wasn't the end,of it because they decided to go after,anyone who had supported her the mario,facts account which you might remember,from the dream stance canceled video,decided to make a post calling them out,and that's when these people doxxed him,too all right i've been doxxed i'm,calling it a day i'm done this app was, to me and i can't do this anymore,they found my name and my uncle who,passed away recently they made jokes,about him and i'm done after that,another member of the bad console war,memes gimmick account posted this,character break we aren't sure when the,person will be returning she was doxxed,and mass harassed by trolls who are,trying to ruin her life for no reason,she never did anything wrong though,there's a handful of trolls on each of,these who are posting face reveals from,her and harassing her report them being,has also been doxxed this is insane,don't interact with any of them now not,only did they dock spin who is the guy,who runs the mario facts account but,they also spread false allegations about,him being a predator which i'm not gonna,show that just in case there's any,private information but another admin of,the mario facts account said this false,accusations can ruin people's lives,large baked bean is innocent he doesn't,even look like the guy and none of the,evidence even makes sense baseless,claims that can ruin someone's life and,since all of this took place members of,this group chat have gone around,threatening trans people a lot of trans,people are scared and privating their,twitter accounts so they can avoid,getting doxxed and the people in this,group chat have had their twitter,accounts reported and suspended and,they've all made new twitter accounts,and continued to do the same thing,there's even some large twitter accounts,that are a part of this like this,transposting ells account i mean this,person just posts some of the most,disgusting things i've ever seen i have,no idea how this person is even allowed,to have a twitter account but it's just,so insane to me that all of this,happened over a simple post about trans,remembrance day a group of sick evil,individuals decided to harass and dox an,innocent person she didn't do anything,wrong she didn't deserve this yet these,these people they they went out of their,way to hurt another person and then they,took pleasure in doing it i don't know,who these people are i've had some,people get in contact with me and claim,they were ex-members of the group and,that they got kicked and i don't know as,far as i know the people that are,telling me things they could be lying to,me all i know is that there is this,group of people on twitter going around,harassing people spreading false,allegations and doxxing people for no,reason so all i gotta say is to this r,group chat is you can't get away with,this forever you might think that you're,anonymous on the internet and that you,can do whatever you want you can hurt,whoever you want well that's not the,case and if i were you i'd be worried,right now because the things that you,were taking part in are crimes you are,committing crimes and for what for a few,minutes of sick enjoyment is that why,you do this to everyone else if you use,twitter just please be careful make sure,that nothing links to any private,information if you don't want that,private information to get out because,there's a group of sick people out there,going around harassing people for no,reason

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Trans Woman Reacts to BEST Trans Memes of 2022!

Trans Woman Reacts to BEST Trans Memes of 2022!

there's no difference between sex and,gender like if you have a penis you're a,boy if you have a vagina you're a girl,whatever's in between your legs,determines what your gender is and then,Bowser responds My Generation hi,everyone I'm Samantha Lux welcome back,to my channel can you see my bra through,this,kind of a little bit no okay I'm a,transgender woman I make a lot of trans,content here on YouTube and that means,that I see a lot of trans memes whether,that be transphobic memes Pro trans,memes I mean I guess those are the two,like polls but like neutral trans memes,maybe I see a lot of these memes just,like LGBT memes in general you know and,my favorite videos to make on this,channel are my meme React videos I've,made this in the past with transphobic,memes I've made some Pro trans ones,today I'm going to be reacting to you,guys's favorite trance tweets of 2022. I,tweeted out to my followers to send me,their favorite trans memes from this,year and I got a ton of really really,funny ones that I'm like excited to show,because sometimes when I do these videos,I you know I look for the memes myself,and I feel like I have a weird sense of,humor so sometimes the memes aren't,always the best but these ones are,hand-picked by y'all so,if they're bad blame yourself I post new,videos twice a week here in my channel,so make sure to subscribe if you are not,already and you would like to be go,ahead I'll wait for you go ahead go,ahead make sure to follow me over on,Instagram Twitter Tick Tock all those,different places to keep us up to date,with me as possible and yeah with no,further Ado let's get into the first,meme,up first we have our Queen Our Savior,our,uh I'm running out of adjectives our,country star mother I don't even like,country music but I love this Miss Dolly,Parton you best start respect and trans,folks pronouns darling I'm gonna have to,make your pronouns was were oh my God I,really hope dolly is an ally she has to,be she does I know she is she's got,pronoun pins and trans flags all that,kind of stuff hidden up in her wig so I,know she's an ally I'm thinking that,she's not actually holding the sword but,I mean hey if someone was gonna hold a,sword it would be Miss Dolly speaking of,Dolly did you guys see that Miley Cyrus,New Year's Eve special thing are they,saying Wrecking Ball,and then I will always love you I can't,I literally cried I was also a little,drunk but I mean I cried anyways next,meme getting gender Euphoria from,regular things no no no uh getting,gender Euphoria from crashing my car,haha women can't drive I feel like I,shouldn't feel girly in this moment but,I do what's going on like when I put on,like oversized clothing or like my,boyfriend's like stuff or whatever I,feel so euphoric and it's so weird,because I'm literally in boys clothes,like,hello but I think it's just the fact,that my body looks different now so,putting on boys clothes doesn't,necessarily trigger me as much as it,used to because the body's still there,oh my God this one I love this one this,one was so funny to me I didn't get it,for a minute but it says are you cold no,just HRT and,at first I was like is this like,supposed to be like a nipple joke I,don't know maybe like you're you get,like nervous your hands get claims,you're like going like this maybe,they're trying to like do that and then,I was like,it's been too long since I had bottom,surgery I forgot girl I feel like a lot,of us know that when trans guys go on to,testosterone their body parts change,down there I won't get into details girl,but they change but I don't think that,people really realize what HRT and,estrogen does to like a male body okay,I'm not even gonna talk about what it,does because it's just like TMI it's,just too much but if you're curious just,go and HRT girls in anime be like I'm,actually a man I just got into my anime,era so if you guys like anime leave me,some recommendations down below I,started watching Hunter x Hunter is it,Hunter x Hunter or you just say hunter,hunter,I don't know but it's really good I've,been loving it I kind of love the fact,that there's like trans people and,animes and they're called traps or like,I kind of live for it even though,they're like fetishized and it's not the,best representation I just like that,they're cute and like pretty and,everybody loves them,okay next up we have this one from Mulan,I love Mulan,duh being an Asian trans woman I'm like,Mulan me you mean you're not a clumsy,you mean you're not a clumsy Soldier,Fanboy twink I can't believe I was in,love with a chick this is like the,reversal of what happens to trans girls,when they don't tell their partners that,they're trans I can't believe I fell in,love with a dude like I'm still a girl,and you know you love me don't pretend,this is the next Meme and as you can see,the professor or the scientists from,Powerpuff Girls I believe is crafting,the Powerpuff Girls but this time she's,a trans girl he's that cute face soft,breasts thick thighs penis

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F1NN5TER Gets Cancelled By Trans Twitter

F1NN5TER Gets Cancelled By Trans Twitter

foreign,it seems that once again the war between,femboys,and Twitter trans women who hate femboys,for some reason has uh resulted in yet,again yet another discourse yet another,discourse for those of you guys who are,unaware uh this is Finster okay and uh,many of you in chat might be inclined to,believe that Finster is a trans woman or,perhaps a CIS woman,um no he's he's a CIS guy at least so he,claims,um and I have no I'm not in the business,of questioning people's uh claimed uh,gender identity or sexuality so um uh,he's just a femboy it's pretty much,what he does he he dresses up,cross-dresses streams and uh the fans,seem to love it now I don't really watch,finster's content personally however I,will say I've really liked finster's,appearances on PKA the Painkiller,Already podcast for those of you guys I,don't know I covered a segment from that,podcast dunked on it,um uh in my fat shaming video or my fat,phobia video from a couple days ago I,put out and uh I love when they have,Finster on because you know finster's,one of their most popular guests but you,can tell that the fact that Finster is,so evidently Pro LGBT,um,kind of like throws the guests or the,hosts off a little bit because the hosts,are definitely not as Pro LGBT as,I would like them to be,lamel Finster appeared on PKA finster's,a semi-regular on PKA actually I think,the best PKA episodes the ones with,Finster actually but uh yeah so this is,Finster Okay and finster's like a big,streamer big YouTuber and everything and,uh he ended up posting,an image okay actually two images on his,uh Instagram all right the first,is this one,and the next,is this one the one that I showed you,guys right then,um throw back to three years ago while,I've changed is what it's uh,what it's uh captioned as I mean,obviously it's like oh wow look look at,the,look at the difference look at the,femboy,transformation very cool,here's the thing though,some people on Twitter weren't happy,some trans women I believe actually on,Twitter weren't too happy,particularly,this post uh got a lot of uh traction,this is a quote this is a quote tweet of,finster's post by the way but mind you,nothing wrong with finster's post can I,just say like,I,or are we not on the left trying to,argue that gender,boundaries and gender stereotypes and,gender expectations should be broken and,that,anybody should be able to live as they,want to and present as they want to like,even if Finster isn't trans,uh or even identifying as a femboy,like who cares,is isn't the idea of the left to make it,so that people can be as liberal and,open uh and I say liberal as in like,free and open with like their identity,and true to themselves as they want to,be it seems a little weird that people,would take issue with this in the first,place but let's let's see what the,problem is I really don't I really don't,go here and have learned about this dude,via Tick Tock and context clues and boy,howdy if quote unquote CIS dude who has,discovered he can make thousands by,having his twitch Channel be people pay,me to cross-dress and cover my room in,trans colors doesn't gross me the ,out,you know what I like about this tweet,it's kind of got that like um,uh it's kind of got like that woke scold,that inherent woke scold Vibe right,where they just kind of say something,that that in and of itself like,isn't really bad but they say it in a,way that that like is really judgmental,sounding and then end it with like,you know immoral,denigration of the person in question,right like,so for starters I don't really go here,so like saying I'm not really familiar,with the space and I've learned about,this dude via Tick Tock and context,clues so hasn't really watched this,person has only learned about them via,like memes and whatnot and internet,culture and boy howdy if CIS dude who,has discovered he can make thousands,what what this means is sis dude who is,live streaming and is successful at it,by CIS dude making thousands by having,his twitch Channel be people pay me to,cross-dress okay and cover my room in,trans colors doesn't gross me the ,out,so,none of this is bad,it's just trying to twist like yeah,there's no by the way Finster doesn't,claim to be trans and isn't doing like,some fake trans thing Finster is like,openly pro-trans and and argues in favor,of like trans people's validity non-stop,I mean I would argue that finster's,popularity and mainstream success,alongside his um advocacy for um gender,non-conforming people uh uh like is a,really,big good deal I would argue for the LGBT,community I think finsters actually uh,doing a very good thing by existing,personally I would think,um it continues though,and I don't even like drag like I'd,never say no one slap okay so this,person's really deranged all right so,this is like I'm assuming a trans woman,who,thinks that,drag,being done by CIS men,is trans Woman face,that's what I'm guessing this person,thinks,yeah we're on a whole other level of,woke scolding by the way and I don't,

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Reading Insane 'Trans Activist' Tweets (These Are UNREAL)

Reading Insane 'Trans Activist' Tweets (These Are UNREAL)

okay these are all real tweets brace,yourselves and don't say that i didn't,warn you,i hope they learn how to transplant,uteruses i want to be the first trans,woman to have an abortion holy ,listen i've seen some dumbass takes on,twitter but this is just plain evil,if a trans woman,were able to get a womb transplant right,a uterus transplant they,would not be able to get ovary,transplants which means,the pregnancy would have to be planned,which means the termination,of the pregnancy would also have to be,planned evil,and this has 20 000 likes do people,somehow see this,as a like act of bravery as a you know a,woman taking charge in control of their,body they're saying it chief like no can,we just not my friend yasmin made a,really good point she said someone needs,to look into the pathology of this some,trans women want to be able to do,everything a woman can do,even when it's undesirable things like,getting their period or an abortion they,just,can't stand that women can do things,they never can it's psychotic and,obsessive jealousy and i agree with her,i also think there's a ton of projection,with a lot of these trans rights,activists women around the world have,been treated as sexual objects,yet if sexual objectification is so,categorically awful then why do i want,it so badly,i want to be sexually objectified the,idea that being,seen as a sex object is universally a,bad thing is too simple like many,tenants of,feminism so according to jacob being a,woman,is equal to being sexually objectified,this is coming from the same person by,the way that believed them,and their friend alak were capable of,attracting,straight men even though they didn't and,then were confused as to why they,weren't attracting straight men on,dating apps but like you have no,primary or secondary female sex,characteristics but let's continue,there is something about being treated,like by men that feels like,affirmation itself like a cry of delight,from the deepest cavern of my breasts,to be the victim of honest undisguised,sexism,possesses an exhilarating vitality okay,so let's get this straight not only,is being a woman being sexually,objectified but it's also being treated, like men,okay let's continue the assimilation of,any erotic image,is by nature female to be female is in,every case to become,what someone else wants at bottom,everyone is a i literally don't,even know what that means and i'm not,even like making that up the ,is a universal vagina what through which,femaleness can always be assessed,i think i understand kind of where these,people are trying to go with this idea,kind of because at the moment obviously,being sexually objectified and being,usually being treated worse then is a,very societal experience when it comes,to being a woman but,should it be and should we be,perpetuating the idea that this is a,good thing it's weird to me because it,feels like these people are either being,turned on by it or are experiencing,gender euphoria because of it which is,just bizarre to me like,i don't think i don't think anyone's,gender should be affirmed by being,treated like by society let's just,continue this is a quote by the same,person by the way wild,in fact to be a is to always lose,your mind the technical term for this,is bimbo vacation why do i like the,concept of being a bimbo,even the gift format itself communicates,this a kind of centrifuge,for distilling the femaleness to its,barest essentials an open mouth,an expectant and blank blank,eyes,what the did i just read being told,the definition of a woman is being a,vessel for desire,is not progressive it's just not can we,stop lifting up these these crazy trans,people and start lifting up sane,logical empowered non-victimized women,please for 2021 that's my wish can we do,that this way of thinking in my opinion,just reinforces sexism and misogyny,side note how the are none of these,people canceled yet like i've been,canceled like 30 times and these people,have not been cancelled somehow,the world is backwards at the moment,like honestly okay let's read another,quote pornography,is what it feels like when you think you,have an object but really the object,has you it is therefore a quintessential,expression of femaleness,getting makes you female because,is what a female is okay so these people,are fetishizing,rape happy to be treated like and,are objectifying women all the name of,self-validation,getting makes you female what the,hell is go,i'm done done so this was,actually a part of a conversation of a,thread on twitter that i happened to,come across and somebody said this every,single quote in this thread sounds,exactly what a sick perverted oppressive,sexist misogynistic patriarchal man,would say while pretending to be a woman,these are not women's voices nor,do they represent the majority of trans,women's voices,either and i agree with that i don't,think most of these in my opinion crazy,trans activists represent the way most,trans women think act and live their,lives

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"Trans Women Can Breastfeed" Reacting To WOKE Twitter

"Trans Women Can Breastfeed" Reacting To WOKE Twitter

trans women can do everything CIS women,can do get periods have a biological kid,bleed and breastfeed,as you all know I love to react to some,cringy trans or non-binary tick tocks,but it's not only on Tick Tock you would,find cringe content unfortunately even,though that Daddy musk bought Twitter I,have some posts for you today and let's,react to it when you're sis in love what,you look like they call it confidence,when you're trans they call it a fetish,um no I'm pretty confident in my skin,and my body and no one has said that I,have a fetish maybe it's a you problem,maybe it's only you who are being,accused of having a fetish and that's,why you're trans or living your life as,trans I mean this is your tattoos I have,to blur it out that's how graphic it is,that says a lot you call it a lesbian,story but I think that's debatable but I,mean it's only a cartoon oh and here's,another one so I had to blur this out,but this is a eggplant,with juice coming out of it he got that,tattooed on his arm on his arm this,person can be on the beach and children,could walk by and see that tattoo it's,disgusting could you at least have this,type of tattoo in a more private area,and maybe not post it a girl without a,dick is like an angel without wings,I'm so glad someone blurred this out for,me I did not want to see the original,picture,um,maybe you have a fetish,maybe that's okay all adults to some,degree have a fetish I mean everything's,a fetish nowadays but the problem is you,use it in your activism and that makes,trans people look bad look really bad,this is not a trans woman it's a person,with organophilia aragonophilia,describes men who are turned on by,themselves as women and it's a real,thing it's a very valid thing but it's,just not the same as being a transsexual,woman,your friendly neighborhood black Trans,non-binary woman lesbian says hello,if you have a beard you're not a lesbian,even if this is a biological female,you cannot be a lesbian with a full-size,beard looking like a man this is where I,disagree with both sides in a way,because I know that a lesbian is a,biological female who's attracted to,other biological females however if you,look like this and you have a female,partner,and you're seen in public and all that I,would not consider that a lesbian couple,even though that's the biological truth,and if a regular biological man calls,himself a lesbian because he's either a,delusional or making a joke I don't,consider that a lesbian as well so as I,said if you have a beard you're not a,lesbian oh my God I have the same,glasses as this guy,Well mine's not purple at least do you,like my new glasses by the way leave a,comment down below the biggest joke of,this tweet is how the word friendly is,involved I have never met a friendly,non-binary activist maybe I will in the,future because they love me so much so,maybe I haven't met them yet no normal,woman would go out dressed like this let,alone for a professional or corporate,event,hear me out I disagree a little bit you,would definitely find women who are,dressed like this biological women real,women who are dressed like this but the,point is,they're not women,they're obviously men the difference,between trans activists and transsexual,women is that transsexual women,acknowledge that they're different than,biological women,these people don't me being such a,liberal I would not even have a problem,with a woman dressing like this I think,it becomes inappropriate when it's men,dressing like this and also if they're,claiming that they're women another day,another sexist penis over getting a,major brand deal to reinforce gender,stereotypes so this is Addison,break the binary who was on Dr Phil,debating Matt Walsh iconic and he got a,deal brand with Sky Vodka the thing,about it it's not like I don't care that,they always get these types of deals in,a way it means nothing I would never,have seen this ad,if it wasn't for someone who disagrees,with that shared it I mean it's just an,ad you know what I mean like we can just,not care because no matter what the,majority of all people,they believe in only two genders that's,a fact and when it's a fact it doesn't,matter that they get brand deals and,they get on telly and get popular on,social media,they will never change biological facts,common sense that most people believe in,and I'm only saying this so we don't get,frustrated all the time by this ,trans women can do everything CIS women,can do get periods have a biological kid,bleed and breastfeed,if a biological man is bleeding out of,his genitals he should go to the doctor,it's not natural or normal in any way,of course they can have their own,biological kid but they can do that,because of their sperm not eggs that,biological women produce so therefore,they cannot do everything that a CIS,woman can do a biological woman can do I,hate the word CIS so much oh my god did,you all see that clip with the Trans,couple transparents,I'm so sorry I have to show this oh I,just p

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Woke Company Fires Employee for Twitter Following Conservative on Demand of Trans Groomer

Woke Company Fires Employee for Twitter Following Conservative on Demand of Trans Groomer

so over the weekend a company called,limited run games,fired an employee their Community,manager a woman named Cara Lynn after a,far left trans activist by the name of,purple Tinker demanded the company,either fire Lynn because she followed,conservative users on Twitter including,Ian miles Chong and Libs of tick tock or,lose their support,the company determined that they needed,an inclusive environment,so they fired somebody because of who,she chose,to follow,she also dared to question whether or,not trans women trans men Whoever has,the right to use the female restroom,these are the tweets that were used,against her now I want to make it very,clear that I will never again purchase,any game produced by the company nor,will my children and also for anybody in,the company who might be listening I,will be sure and including in this video,to tell all of my personal friends that,you do not have an inclusive company,that values differences of opinion from,the far left ideology that you've,allowed to seep into your company,this is not what I choose to support nor,do the majority of people because we are,being governed by a vocal minority that,wish to Deluge any company that dares to,disagree with their craziness,with a threatened boycott let that,boycott materialize how many users do,you think that you'll lose me my three,children all my friends children or,this person that is only searching for,ways to invigorate their ego to make,themselves feel big because they got,somebody canceled who is not all fully,on board with their far left once again,ideology,that becomes the question why are we as,a society allowing such people,to rule us to rule you your choices and,why it's because most people don't speak,up so this is why I'm encouraging you to,realize what is going on that this is,taking over it's not only Jordan,Peterson who I made some videos about,who's being investigated because of his,political views in Canada this is going,all over the nation and the goal of,course is to silence you and to make you,hide and make you want the bombs to,explode over your head as you hide in,your little cubby hole as they continue,to March and March down the ideological,field of battle without meeting any,resistance and resistance is what we,must give them so limited run games let,me make it very very clear neither me,nor my children nor anybody that I speak,with will ever purchase another game,from you and for all of you people out,there wake up because this is happening,more and more and more,and it's just time to say net comrade,net because that's the only language,that they understand,resistance these are crazy people they,can go up in their little Silo do their,own thing but they don't get to govern,what we do as a society how we think and,believe who we can follow on Twitter,without threat of losing our job,what you want everybody to be silent you,ever want everybody to go mute yes,that's exactly what they want they want,to shut everybody up so that they can,continue to go after and groom the kids,which is apparently what this trans,activist has been doing,ruling that 14 year olds should be able,to consent,to sex with an adult this are the types,of people that limited run games and the,other wolf corporations are taking fully,into account not those that resist not,those that will no longer purchase their,games so go ahead tell your friends do,not engage with business with limited,run games let this woke ass company and,even if the founders light enough invoke,they let it infect their corporation so,allow them to pay the price I personally,will vote with my pocketbook and I will,vote with my voice by urging all of you,follow suit,as well as doing the same

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Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

I find it so fascinating how often,people just film their own crimes or,post on Twitter about illegal activities,that they're doing and then it,eventually comes back to haunt them,where they lose their job or get,arrested it's just wild that so often,people have this complete lack of,self-control and inability to stop,themselves from saying or doing dumb,stupid things on Twitter like posting,cringe on Twitter has cost more jobs,than the invention of machines and today,I want to go over a disturbing new case,of gross this was something that,went viral a few days ago but I've only,just now caught up on it it's really,gross and I actually think that this is,a deeper onion than most people realize,I think that this was all a manufactured,marketing campaign conducted by a,Shameless degenerate in order to get,only fan subscribers so let's take it,from the top I'm sure if you were on,Twitter a few days ago you saw this post,floating around this little bit of,eyeball poison was getting Dunked On by,everyone around the globe and if people,weren't on it they were, themselves out of just pure,repulsion so the post is talking about,how they're coming out as trans canine,and talking about how they've been with,six dogs so they celebrate dogs,and they double down on this triple down,on it and have made it their entire,brand identity now like this is now,their online presence is being the dog, and they're very open about it,talking about it and trying to make it,like some kind of powerful movement,about why dogs is a great thing,obviously I'm on the side of Common,Sense here animals can't consent to,having sex thus you're not even having,sex with the animals you're raping them,you're a dog Raper it's called,bestiality and it's a crime it's illegal,it's not something to be celebrated or,encouraged now I think the person behind,this knows it and was making this as a,giant post that would hopefully gather a,lot of hoopla and put eyes on their uh,their content because even prior to this,post they were dropping nude photos lewd,photos and just talking like about,trying to monetize their sexual content,and then after this post got so much,steam they made a statement saying that,this had cost them their job they now no,longer have a way of making money so in,desperation they're saying it and,starting and only fans when I'm pretty,sure that was the entire plan from the,get-go and by having so many eyes on,them from all of this this Spotlight,that was shining there they immediately,got a giant head start like they're way,over 150 000 followers at this point and,I'm pretty sure that this was their,intention from the get-go they'd chose,something that they knew most people,would have a problem with no one likes,to see animals being abused and no one,likes to hear about animals being used,as like sexual objects or sexual props,for people in their content it's like,that is beyond weird so they are,probably aware that by making that post,it get would have gathered a lot of,steam which it did and then they,immediately went around with this,narrative that they were fired there's,no way of knowing 100 for sure if they,were fired I take all of that with a,grain of salt and even the way they talk,about it like in that post they're,saying they're going to sue everyone,that got them fired that just seems like,a troll that legitimately just seems,like a weak low effort troll statement,at the end there there is evidence to,suggest they may have actually lost,their job from this but even still I,don't think it's 100 confirmed as of,this moment like it just to me feels,like this was all part of the plan and,you can also even see them like lean,into it if you go back a couple days,before this blew up they made this post,about how only fans models are the devil,you know this is terrible stuff look,what kind of example are you setting for,children you Godless heathens and then,only days later turning around and,dropping one of their own only fans is,disgusting and you're going to hell for,it as they're signing up for an account,I could be wrong this all could be done,genuinely and wasn't meant as a,marketing play for only fans subscribers,but to me that's just really what it,feels like it feels like someone that is,very aware of what they're doing and,trying to capitalize off outrage and,being the villain I've said this a,million times but on Twitter since,everyone has unlimited access to every,unhinged thought and person imaginable,across the globe you will always find,people that agree with you no matter how,outrageous the belief you will always,find supporters and that's exactly,what's happened here they now do have,legitimate supporters backing them and,the dog stuff from other equally,deranged animal it's pathetic,sad and it's just really depressing that,this is actually succeeding for them,financially now if I'm correct and this,is all just revolting marketing for,their only fans it doesn't make any of,this justifiable excusable and it,doesn't

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Trans Man Reacts: Dr. Jordan Peterson Suspended From Twitter (Elliot Page Tweet)

Trans Man Reacts: Dr. Jordan Peterson Suspended From Twitter (Elliot Page Tweet)

no other public figure in the world,cries more than jordan peterson does why,are you thinking about elliot page's,former breasts you creep,jordan peterson is suspended from,twitter allegedly for calling the,trans-identified actor elliot page,she,and alan jordan can get out of this,suspension if he deletes the tweet but,he refuses to do so remember when pride,was a sin and ellen page just had her,breasts removed by a criminal physician,jordan claims that his choice of words,was in order to minimize confusion he,described elliot with female pronouns,because why would a man cut off his,breasts what breasts,to him it would make more sense to call,a female removing their breasts as she,was elliot slash ellen a she,or a he,or ellen or elliott when she or he or,they,that's elliot or alien by the way had,his or her or their breasts removed,if he or she was a he,then why was it necessary to have the,mastectomy also jordan was clarifying,who he was talking about because it's,ellen page that is the well-known,celebrity and not so much elliot,at least yet what do i as a trans man,think of this tweet before we get into,my thoughts i have a big announcement so,make sure that you watch this till the,end if you want to find out,personally i do not agree with jordan's,choice of words,i would be extremely dysphoric if,someone referred to me as she or my old,name,just in order to describe that i got top,surgery,of course i get jordan's point,describing a situation as a man got his,breasts removed is an incorrect sentence,however i think it's insensitive and,unnecessary to make a comment,about an adult making an adult decision,but it doesn't matter what i or what,others think jordan has every right,to write that tweet,and jordan has every right to call,elliot paige allen and shea,i could basically just end the video,right there but i have some clips for,you that we're gonna react to and it's,from the young turks and they're not so,thrilled about the tweet so,let's watch,jordan peterson is obsessed with talk,about other people's genitals and,private parts i wouldn't consider,a trans guy's chest as private parts,if it was then it would by your logic be,elliot who's weirdly obsessed showing,off his private parts,elliot paige um when she,when i knew her as ellen page i really,liked a lot of her movies,but i honestly other than liking her uh,at the time what i thought was her,movies now i get that that she always,felt like a man and now is ellie page,other than liking uh his movies now and,and series,and,i i feel bad saying this i don't care,about his life i wish i had some popcorn,right now,isn't it funny how the far left they can,say the exact same things that they,shame others for saying,i totally get why this guy is calling,elliot she because he was talking about,the past but that was exactly why,peterson was cancelled or suspended from,twitter so they're, hypocrites why are you thinking,about elliot page's,former breasts you creep,because elliot page is showing off his,chest,publicly on the internet but you don't,become a creep by showing your concern,over the huge sudden rise with females,rejecting their sex,and that is peterson's main focus,and it's a very valid concern,i have no idea if elliot page is trans,or not i don't really care,the only thing i care about is the,thousands of young girls who look up to,elliot,the concept of social contagion is a,real thing back in the day the numbers,of young females experiencing symptoms,of eating disorders,or who were cutting,were increasing,nowadays it's transgenderism that is a,social contagion,so even though i of course believe in,personal freedom that eliot has the,freedom to do whatever he wants to his,own body,i still believe he has a responsibility,as a public figure,with millions of followers now i usually,believe that celebrities shouldn't act,like saints just because they have,followers who are very young and might,copy their behavior,it's the parents responsibility to raise,their children it's not the,celebrities responsibility but when we,see the skyrocketing numbers of young,females wanting to transition,actually cutting their boobs off,sterilizing themselves i think it's fair,for me to say that it's dangerous that,elliot is promoting woke trans activism,while showing off his,operated chest,hundreds of thousands of kids are at,risk,for being manipulated into wanting to,change their sex,and almost nothing is done to prevent it,the few people who are trying to do so,are being,silenced and deplatformed,lgbt organizations around the world,are failing their responsibility grossly,we're already seeing frightening numbers,of detransitioners,believe me the numbers will explode in,the next few years right now the numbers,are being covered up,and d transitioners are being silenced,and shamed whether you like peterson's,way of putting it or not,personally,i think he could put it differently he,speaks the truth,and he's one of the few people who,actually show empathy,towards these k

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