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Toonami Twitter Trending Guide Intruder EditionSarah how's it going hey Tom,everything's going good

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

Toonami Twitter Trending Guide Intruder Edition

Sarah how's it going hey Tom,everything's going good just gearing up,for the new rundown I hear that how's it,hanging faithfuls seasons change and so,do we and you all know what that means,new shows new trends same old rules,Sarah you're ready to boot up the new,trending breakdown absolutely I'm always,ready ladies first well to start things,out we're trying to get a new show to,trend your account has to be public and,then from there all you have to do is,hashtag the show's name and a close,that's right the show's name is the only,thing that counts towards the Twitter TV,ratings in order for an showed a trend,you must all band together and use these,that same hashtag so for example hashtag,parasite is infecting hobby right but be,aware using multiple hashtags is not,good doing that will market way to spam,and then it will not count towards,trending yep hosting a tweet like,hashtag egami guy kill is on hashtag,tsunami will not count towards friends,or ratings what will count is hashtag,adonica kill is slicing and dicing on,toonami keep in mind as well hashtags,can be simply posted all by themselves,an example of that is simply hashtag,shippuden making a post like this will,not count towards ratings or trends to,add to that posting the same post,repeatedly will not help towards,trending or ratings yeah I mentioned,that last time that tactic won't work,faithfuls so try to refrain from doing,that also you're going to reach we post,make sure you put your own personal,quote above it otherwise it will not,count towards trials speaking of trends,if you happen to come across something,to Nami related trending in the US or,worldwide inside towards trend box take,a screencap of it and make sure to share,it with,one else yeah why not share that who,knows you might be able to because,interest in tsunami by doing so also,keep in mind aside from trying to trend,shows every weekend the only other time,we try to trend something other than a,show is when the genomic requests us to,do so so tune in to the tanami,pre-flight stream over on,every friday at 5pm to keep track of,those situations as they progress so,that's your new Twitter trending guide,and now it's time for the line of,breakdown,Wyatt god's name would you do something,like this she caused my master and the,wishes of my masters,control it,this is the main game I've got an,intruder,Kashi bring us up to speed on what we're,dealing with here he said,boys,may not be many of them that every,member of the crew,wanted poster,preparations coming to the last trap,trap developing,where is it there's definitely a,life-form aboard that battle it's about,your Abba brace for impact intruder to,continues next Saturday night at,midnight

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Toonami - Nov 19, 2022 Bumpers (HD 1080p)

Toonami - Nov 19, 2022 Bumpers (HD 1080p)

the princesses are ready to collect that,Bounty I think perhaps it would be,better if you return to the other world,what yashikime is next,cream you're smelling,and to restore dry skin,may I try it,yoshihime will continue in a moment take,care bye now,the power of family is greater than any,evil,we now return to yoshihime,Adventure on the high seas awaits I,already,plant,did you,one piece is next,there are only two ways to live in the,new world fighting Under the Umbrella of,the four Emperors or fighting against,them,one piece will continue in a moment even,if these other wimps chicken out you've,always got me,the straw hats are always up for a fight,I'm warning you jerks you better not,have any of my crowd one piece now,continues,world's greatest ninja is ready for,action I'm gonna continue my training on,my own Naruto Shippuden is next,guess that chest wonder you're still,hurts huh,well listen you just rest up for now,practice those jutsus,move you,Naruto Shippuden will be right back,run like the wind all right let's head,out to join the others yes sir but you,are clearly falling over we now return,to Naruto Shippuden get ready to run for,your life,Primal is next,we barely survived at another close,scrape,foreign,foreign

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Toonami - Nostalgia Critic

Toonami - Nostalgia Critic

and this brings back so many memories,right school's out it's evening time and,it's time for Jean Ami,oh you mean the greatest lineup of,animation ever all right let's get this,party started,where are you kids keep it down some of,us have actual work to do around there,but critic we're watching tanami,night don't care what your kids are into,nowadays just turn that down Bob I turn,you down what does that even mean I,don't care I ball turn it down that's,better,work bills adult a wait I don't get it,isn't this an episode on Toonami well it,was just past his age range so so he,doesn't know the impact it had on so,many people nah man he's gotten old he's,become one of them and a jolt well for,someone who talks about nostalgia so,much he should be educated about it yeah,he's too close-minded no it is our duty,to teach him about the awesomeness of,Toonami,yeah Phoebe tippet how many governors,hey critic Oh what did your phone's,break hey you Millennials dude your,calculators a phone I know what I said,what I say you were asking what we,wanted yeah that we know that Toonami,was a little bit past your time but you,really should understand the impact that,it had on kids to tell more epic story,the only thing appointed people my age,is knowing how much people your age suck,now get out of here while I eat my goon,see he's too old just let him hate,everything no critic it's your duty to,represent these timeless shows I've made,an impact on a generation how dare you,boy and if we're gonna get you into this,we're gonna do it the right way,what's up - not me faithful Tom wait you,know tom is pretty bad watch a little -,Dom Mia it's time to kick ass where,there was none and inviting those who,doubt the awesomes no this is both,humbug poppycock,come on critic it's time for you to see,the light,oh okay in 1997 the then relatively new,Cartoon Network ran a weekday series of,shows called tuna this wasn't their 100%,family-friendly programming but it,wasn't their late-night grown-up Adult,Swim programming either there was,somewhere in between they mostly focused,on series with a lot of action slightly,to extremely mature themes and usually,have a leaning towards a Japanese style,of animation in fact many of the shows,were imports from Japan introducing a,whole new generation to classic anime,that while available in America didn't,have nearly the same following until,Toonami came along the problem is while,I was aware of its existence though I,saw only bits of it at a time I didn't,really grow up with Toonami to fully,reflect on what it meant to so many,people so we're gonna go through all the,shows that left the biggest impact on us,now keep in mind we didn't grow up with,every show on Toonami so some parts will,be missing we're just gonna hit the ones,that influenced us the most for better,or worse I'm Malcolm so let's dive right,into it,despite Tom being the best-known host,tzunami actually started off with multi,from space ghost coast to coast,introducing every show you are about to,see why does that show sound familiar,space Batman with no years he's not,brand new superstar,though he wasn't Tom he was still a,pretty cool host still keeping the,laid-back low-key tone to offset the,extreme soundtrack an action that often,played alongside him,we call the superfriends one of the,first shows to start off tsunami was a,collection of old superhero store it's,called cartoon roulette I'm familiar,with a grand way to start this off,mm-hmm,this was a send-up of all the classic,superhero cartoons of old it ranged from,the groundbreaking Fleischer Superman,serials from the 40s,the enjoyably cheesy hanna-barbera,shorts of the 60s to the Superfriends,show in the 70s when the Justice League,fought side by side with Wonder dog into,human perms and bell-bottoms I can see,why this tsunami was so popular,honestly it was more of a kind gesture,than hit programming this was a fun way,of showing how far superhero shows have,come as the story style and characters,were often pretty laughably bad compared,to modern day series it was the,equivalent of showing the Adam West,Batman before the Dark Knight it was,just interesting to see how far we've,come regardless it was still cool to see,the history of many of these icons and,animation and some of them like the,Fleischer cartoons still have amazing,animation that would inspire many,classic cartoons of the future so while,hilariously dated it was also neat to,see what some of the great superhero,shows we've grown to love today were,inspired by yeah don't listen to wonder,dog I'm sure Captain Caveman will need a,sidekick soon but not every show had,dated animation some was cutting-edge,like the first fully computer animated,TV show reboot,ever wanted to see Canada's version of,wreck-it Ralph it's got to be less scary,than their PSAs reboots the game-changer,about changing games,while the show ran in syndication reboot,arguably got its biggest following on,Toonami even to the final season,premiering on

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Toonami commercials from April 23rd, 2005

Toonami commercials from April 23rd, 2005

the Batman will return in a moment on,Toonami,Don Quixote wants to become kings not,the pilot the only problem he can't swim,but he's gathered a crew together,they'll seek the legendary treasure of,gold Roger things are gonna get a little,strange along the way who is that rubber,boy one-piece premieres tonight from,10:00 to 11:00 new wings can fly,disguise a very worthy $32 movie each,sold separately,wherever,when whenever,I see cool brats now is a brand new,shape new Papa mouthpieces from winter,fresh fresh Network you can join the,inventor the scholar and the finder Jim,Carrey Lemony Snicket's A Series of,Unfortunate Events available on two,editions April 26 rated T G each sold,separately can I call my friends now,cool a jammers have riddles inside when,you sip the drink RA you'll see the,answer hey it looks like somebody's been,shopping isn't it great,so cute right why'd you get that it's,only the latest thing mind if I take a,look just for a sec I'll get it right,back you can pull all you want no this,is so stretchy mm-hmm and it fits like a,dream it's the new gig elastic waistband,only on Huggies diapers go get your own,I am so going shopping,check it out it's a straight shot to,Cartoon Network calm collected June's on,orbit and get free gameplay tips from,Mario Party vets rated everyone take the,party with you on Gameboy,Cartoon Network comm what a trip,Batman,wouldn't be Batman,if he did nothing,get up get active get animated brought,to you by movement Inc,the Batman now can,Batman will continue in a moment tsunami,power phase fortune and for those who,seek it a shot of the ultimate prize,one piece premieres tonight from 10:00,to 11:00 only frustrated with,high-priced internet providers cleaning,you out they charge over $20 a month for,service that should cause half of that,it's time you try people can see online,with people PC online you get unlimited,internet access for only 1095 a month go,to people PC comm now to try a spring,for 30 days and compare us with your,current ISP peoplepc online has all the,features you'd expect from the big ISPs,and a few things you might not like,virus blocker software to help protect,your computer from harmful email viruses,or local access numbers than AOL and a,smart dialer for faster more reliable,connections offer just 1095 a month,no wonder over half a million people,have switched to people piece B online,in the last year to try us free for 30,days go to people PC calm for a quick,download of our easy-to-use software or,call one eight hundred people PC people,PC online a better way to Internet,now in every kid's meal,I'm trainee okay you can crack secret,code and axe drop fixers or sculpt out,clues it's eternal,you can collect more than one for even,bigger fun there are eight games pepsin,all oh yeah Burger King I suspect,there's liquid I think you're probably,right it's a tiny liquid minute no no,you're always right it's cool and,refreshing advice enjoy your stay,no no no I know you're right I know,you're right I'm so wrong it's the clip,I'm wrong you're right if I serve right,here so bright pick what it's ice it's,full it's like it's ice breakers liquid,ice in three favorite flavors he's right,he's so right let's just end,sergeant twistable has been struck by,lightning look Larry over to you,Sarge how you feeling baby you got the,blues I feel good I'll be you like a,whole new twistable,lightnin twist is the new loop switch to,loose paper in other news grape was,squashed today by a giant chicken new,lightening twist from fruit festival,that's the fruit sack of the plant,each of you brings something different,to the table,Justice League Unlimited will continue,in a moment when tsunami,on April 29 four hits and arrived hang,on you can journey to the far side of,the universe thanks to the labor made,the hard and discovered everything,every starship,but is this gonna happen every time we,we hit that button,yeah we play,ever imagine the new quick quick,boutiques that having many clothes other,sets with dolls each sold separately,Justice League Unlimited now continues,Justice League Unlimited will continue,in a moment you take a stick out,corporal,new Hot Wheels formula fewest on,vehicles if you mix the fuel to power,the stunts because the better the fuel,the better the stunts whoa,just one flip kick it up with nitrox for,even more insane stunts,you can crash it flip it again and again,and yeah even smash what kind of stunts,will you fuel or mila kunis thunk,vehicles each sold separately batteries,not included,Hot Wheels drive to survive check,it's a straight shot to Cartoon Network,on collections of orbit and get free,gameplay tips the Mario Party Mets rated,everyone take the party with you on game,boys,Cartoon Network comm what a trip,Wow,cool eggo homestyle waffles surely,crispy on the outside so fluffy on the,inside you won't be able to leave them,alone the irresistible part of this,complete breakfast,Justice League Unlimited now continues,Justice League Unlimite

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Toonami News Update Late October 2022 Schedules Announced

Toonami News Update Late October 2022 Schedules Announced

hello I'm super orange cat here and,today with the Toonami news update right,now because we have the two schedules,for the last two Saturdays of October,out,if you are aware you know that loop on,the third will end on October 15th that,is the second Saturday from now so we,need a replacement and we kind of got a,replacement I mean not really but,Toonami's gonna pretend like they did,and that replacement is doubling up with,another episode of Naruto Shippuden,they've done this a couple times before,and the argument can be made this is a,one week stop Gap because the week after,that is Halloween and More on Halloween,schedule the moment but tsunami's,schedule for October 22nd which is the,third Saturday from now or 15 days for,me recording this,will be the finale of housing complex,see you midnight yoshihime at 12 30 one,piece doubling up at one Naruto doubling,up a two and what I think is the most,interesting part of the schedule just,one single episode of made Abyss at 3am,it might be actually more I think about,it I might have when I think about it,this might be the one hour finale of,made the best it would make sense,considering the week's schedule after,that because again if you know,maintenance you know that the season one,finale is a one hour episode and I need,to do math if I can't do math in my head,but I think it might be that episode if,so that explains why we have a full hour,for that instead of if it was if it was,just a 30 minute episode then this is a,sign that to Nami is cutting a slot it,might not be the case especially,considering that the Halloween schedule,has something for 3 30 slot being,considered part of tanami but yeah more,analysis on this lineup it's interesting,because I mean you have to do something,of housing complexity afterwards I guess,they'll probably move that to three,input whatever place is made in Abyss at,3 30 if there is anything,and then yoshihime has to be getting,towards the end of that season so stay,tuned on the new show announcement there,or a slot cut or a third episode of One,Piece,and then we have one piece which will be,we're here with us until the Earth Burns,and the same thing with Naruto Shippuden,so you don't really have to worry about,new slots for those shows,but,and put this in context the Halloween,schedule is like I and honestly a lot of,other people predicted gonna be a full,marathon of the entirety of housing,complex C going from Midnight to 2 A.M,followed by a marathon of the promise,Neverland from two to four we don't know,which episodes of Promise Neverland this,is I'm gonna assume it's just the first,four episodes of season one considering,those were probably the scariest,episodes like the rest of season one was,more kind of like an action slash,mystery slash James Bond movie,and season two was whatever the hell,that was I mean I don't think I don't,even think the mangaka had any idea what,season two was supposed or what events,that led to be season two was supposed,to be,but yeah so we're gonna have a double,marathon on Halloween of the two,spookiest shows that tsunami has in its,catalog,so no surprises there,but again this raises the questions for,the future you have a new show in loop,on the third being replaced by yet,another rate well not really a rerun a,doubling up of a show that's already on,the Block,technically these are episodes that have,never physically aired on TV before so,they are technically new episodes,although you could get them available,streaming for a while,but I digress this is no I'm gonna say,this is a pretty bad,uh situation here because again a couple,weeks ago we had the announcement that,all like half of The tonami Originals,have been basically pawned off as a tax,write-off because fenna's Gone Forever,shenmue say bye bye and Blade Runner,Black Lotus say bye bye we are never,seeing those guys again,and that raised the question what,direction does tsunami have from here,I mean when we know that there's a real,shot that as soon as Tommy gets an,original on the Block it might get,written off,and honestly wouldn't be surprised the,only reasons why the two fully cooly,sequels weren't written off was because,then it would make no sense to have two,more fully cooly sequels which you're,gonna air afterwards and Hell probably,sometime next year when those two air,all four might get written off you know,I mean that's just Where We Are,and it sucks you know,and we're not getting new shows that,aren't tsunami Originals apparently I,mean I'm just looking to get this,October 22nd schedule,we only have one real true English dub,Premiere and that's yashahime princess,half demon season two and that's a show,most people honestly in the general,anime sphere kind of forgot about,halfway through season one it's here,because season was one one was on the,Block and you Yasha was an adult action,staple for forever,and then again housing complexity that's,an original it's a four episode run so,it's not like you can re-air it that,many times

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Last toonami update 2012 twitter

Last toonami update 2012 twitter

what up YouTube G so leave it here once,again and today is going to be I think,you know I'm not sure yet but I think,kind of sure this will be my last,Toonami update you know I don't put out,like maybe two already you know one,talking about it was brought back you,know on april first and the second one,was a week later when it didn't come,back that following saturday you know,not about 30 i put you have about three,you know that when i was explaining um,do i think it will come back before that,saturday it didn't come back enough talk,about three so this is my fourth and i'm,pretty sure it'll probably be my last to,your nuts off let's jump into it um I do,think currently writing out with the,mind state right now I I have two weeks,from two Saturdays in a row it was not,back do I think tsunami is coming back,currently right now I think yes it's,coming back you know because strong,evidence proves that um that it is,coming back you know but it can't come,back so soon because I just found out,the prep the procedure that own adult,swim across from network have to go,through to get like proper licensing to,play anime on their channel because a,lot of the animated did play they lost,licenses to so they trying to get,licenses back to ohm a or different,things and possibly their revamping on,toonami for a new 2012 sleek love you,know because before or april first day,was playing like it was classic tom you,know but just saying stuff in 2012 so,I'm thinking they're going to revamp it,make the ship different make time,different you know to that nature,you know so I think that's happening you,know but the reason I think this is,because I don't know it's this I mean,first of all I'll check out these,Twitter some things that I had they set,on Twitter so check these out,okay and after you've seen that you know,why would they say oh stay tuned if they,wasn't I'm going to bring it back you,know why would they say that you know so,I think right now they're working on it,you know even more evidence that they're,working on it is two emails that I got,not emails but comments I got personal,messages i got on youtube from mike,prior of Toonami videos where I don't,know if this real or fake but two people,then came on there saying they were,employees of um Toonami or cartoon,network or whatever they're saying that,they enjoyed my videos or whatever and,that they actually are working on you,know so I don't know if these are really,fake don't quote me on this orchid which,show you the evidence so I'm not going,to show you this so review it for,yourself,you,okay so now tell you tell me what you,think about it you don't like I said,strong evidence proves that it may come,back you know like I said I understand,why I didn't play it right away you know,I understand when somebody said it on,sat me down and explained it to me,explain how a cartoon network have to go,through the proper legal rights to these,an amazing ship because they lost them,you after all that I understand so right,now in in my append on't call me on this,I think there are revamping it you know,revamping it on giving it a new design,getting licenses back for classic anime,and possibly bringing over new anime you,know bring over new things as well so,anyways that's just my own update on it,you know that's probably my last update,on the whole Toonami subject for a long,time you know up until if they bring it,back I'll talk about it in but up until,then I think this will be my last time,talking about it was before time so but,anyways tell me what you think of the,evidence so far do you think it will be,back tell me what you think of the,evidence ice show so anyways g4 d here,signing off thank you for watching

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BLUNDERS!!! Toonami Responds to Recent Controversies on Twitter

BLUNDERS!!! Toonami Responds to Recent Controversies on Twitter

hello this is super orange cat and I've,got some more tanaami news for you today,there was a kind of a bit of a,controversy a couple days ago started,when someone on Twitter asked Jason,DeMarco who I mentioned before is he was,the co-creator of this iteration tanaami,Niassa,also has several other roles at Adult,Swim but he's been probably the most,vocal in terms of giving out information,on Twitter therefore he's kind of the,figurehead of telling me in a way and,someone asked him referring to Demon,Slayer and food Wars hey were those,couple the shows that you mentioned or,the shows you were tying up back at momo,con cuz if you remember back up mo makan,they announced we're getting Gundam,origin own there's also several shows,upcoming that we can't announce what,they are yet,and then DeMarco came out and said oh oh,no those weren't related at all those,shows fell through and that's gonna,bring out some questions because we,already know that Adult Swim Orton ami,rather has a strained relationship right,now with Funimation so it's gonna bring,any bring one to believe that the show's,four question here,our Funimation shows and what people,fear most that there are some of the,legacy shows that we were expecting to,come back soon something like one punch,man season to something like mobs psycho,season two shows that people were really,really looking forward to eventually,being on the block and maybe those were,different shows like it was never it,still gets me confirmed what those shows,actually were and the Demark I believe,counts said like oh not yet kind of,leaving out the possibility that someday,these shows will be back yet again I,feel like this is more of a PR move to,basically like to calm down people when,people start theorizing like I do hear,saying that it's it's up psycho 100 it's,one punch man you're not gonna get these,shows these shows that we really want to,see screw that I'm gonna wash them,streamed and I guess this wasn't a,horrible at the same time why even,mention that like is there any harm in,mentioning,Oh oh yeah those those were a couple,good shows those are shows we really had,planned that we were really wanting to,get without necessarily having to say oh,these were the mystery shows we,mentioned you could have PR you could,have worded that better to kind of avoid,the question which is a PR tactic most,people really do know more learn at this,point in industry and then there's kind,of a bit of another controversy that,came out anyone who is an attack on,Titan fan who watched the episode this,past Saturday night notice there was,something pretty key missing from that,episode a cutscene from the after the,after the credits which is very,important to the plot was completely,left on the cutting room floor and,DiMarco when asked about it I believe it,was on Sunday said we're looking into it,on Monday and we'll tell you what led to,this issue he came out today and said,that by the way this was on Adult Swim's,end it wasn't on Funimation's and to try,to partially calm down although like I,said rumors that Adult Swim and,Funimation don't have the best,relationship and then you get Funimation,on the best relationship so then yet to,completely get to to be like get rid of,those rumors I've read it I've praised,that horribly I'm sorry and no it said,that's not Adult Swim's part and I,believe this in a two degree 2 degree,one can imagine a lot of these people,who make these edits to be aired on,television on Adult Swim are just grunt,employees they're not like diehard fans,of the shows in which they edit so,they're being told hey we need to fit,these shows so that we can get the next,show going on time so they see this,scene they're like wow if we keep this,CNN for like one minute extra this,scenes 1 minute long I thought we just,cut this scene out so everything can,start on time so this shows sort on,outline which is on next can start right,at midnight,and at the same time and she's like is,there a bit of oversight like I still,believe there should be oversight by,someone at Toonami,who looks at this and says hey we need,to keep the scene in can you cut small,bits elsewhere like in the promos and,and out cut sometime that way but in the,whatnot but they did announce that that,scene will be posted to faiths tootin,Ami's Facebook however this kind of,reminds me of remember I think was last,summer alien covenant came out and what,one controversy coming from that film,was the fact that two scenes both of,which were actually pretty crucial to,the movie were posted on youtube like,beforehand and a lot of people came to,watch it didn't know that fact so then,they came and wash it's like are we,missing something and it's like four or,five minutes I think I like three only,like one of the two clips are really,die-hard crucial to the film and it's,just at the same time a lot of people,were angry about it like why couldn't,you just put this in the movie we don't,mind if it's two three minutes longer if,we see

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Toonami Goes POLITICAL! Calls its Audience RACISTS?!

Toonami Goes POLITICAL! Calls its Audience RACISTS?!

hey guys,welcome back to clownfish tv this is,neon i'm here with geeky sparkles,hello and toonami tom wants you to know,that,you're a racist that's right you are,absolutely a racist if you don't think,you're a racist you're a racist,and toonami tom is gonna tell you that,that's right,because only one only black lives matter,yep,so we're gonna talk about how toonami,is getting very political about three,months too late,yeah they're a little bit late for this,weird and i think i think,i kind of know what's going on uh i'm,scott i'm gonna speculate but there is a,a push in uh warner now especially since,uh the ellen debacle happened that now,all of their divisions are sort of being,reviewed to make sure that they're,diverse and inclusive,enough but yeah this uh uh made some,people very happy and made some other,people very,unhappy i'm just like why are we using a,cartoon platform to do this,oh i don't know why did we why do we do,it with nickelodeon,too um you know it's it's it's a,platform,yeah and if you're trying to escape from,current day politics,you're trying to flip the channel from,from cnn to,to adult swim so you don't have to deal,with the real world for a little while,guess what,not allowed to you're not allowed to get,away from it maybe you want to watch the,channel from fox news,don't have to get it ready yeah right,what if you what if you sweat turned off,fox news you're like i'm,i'm turning off fox news and and here we,go,um so this is coming from the av club,which is part of gizmodo of course,they are thrilled thrilled that adult,swim is making a political statement,adult swims toonami block shares black,lives matter statement,and they said that for years cartoon,network and adult swim have used the,toonami name as a branding for more,action-centric cartoons,but the little robot mascot named tom,stepping down to replace the original,host moltar from space ghost i vaguely,remember that i remember it,uh tom voice boy cowboy bebops steve,bloom for the last 20 years,generally just introduces new shows give,or take the weird eras where toonami had,a plot and tom did game reviews he still,does i think sometimes,but on last night's block he took a,break from talking about naruto and,dragon ball z,to talk about black lives matter,which i have the transcript yeah we're,gonna talk about that so it wasn't just,like hey guys,um let's let's let's talk about uh you,know be,maybe being nicer to black folks and,racism is a problem we have to address,together um no no uh you have the,transcript and it was very much like,even if you don't think you're a racist,i'll read it,you're a racist okay so here's the,transcript it starts out with there's,been a lot of talk about race lately,and then in a mocking tone i don't see,color racism isn't real anymore,all lives matter and then they're like,these words are actually harmful,they steer away from the bigger issue,racism still exists,and toonami's proving that,discrimination towards people color,still exists discrimination in general,still exists toonami's proving that,voiceover with cartoon shows anime shows,have you actually done it,have you been able to overcome overcome,hatred than tom again,it's all up to us to recognize that and,take action i agree with that,um another voice over the decisions you,make and the actions that follow are the,reflection of who you are,completely agree you might want to,re-examine your,things you say then uh if you're,thinking maybe it's not me,you've got some truth to uncover so if,you think that you're not racist,because tom the robot says so tom the,world but if you think that you're not a,racist person,you have to uncover the truth because,you're all racist especially if you,think that all lives matter,you know you don't see color because you,know heaven forbid that you'll be,actually somebody who's not an actual,racist,where are the black people in this spot,i'm i'm watching the spot as you're,reading and i'm,i don't i don't see any black characters,they said they don't represent blacks,nothing on um in cartoon network in,general,okay they said there's shows they have,they can put on the block that are our,black showrunner shows,or poc characters and they're not,promoting those,but don't you know everybody's a racist,um except for tom and they're making,sure they tell you so,uh oh gets better there's more so then,another voice over if you,open your eyes and let go of the hate,you'll see the truth yeah tanami,if you open your eyes and let go of the,hate you'll see the truth agree with,that,uh if you're thinking this isn't why i,watched toonami,which probably most people are thinking,this isn't why the hell i watched,tonight you're not even allowed to think,that it says think again,think about how you can fight against,injustice well i can turn off toonami,um another voice over clip all of us,together standing and fighting is one i,agree,people should be united against racism,but i don't think racism is just,everybody but certain p

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