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FirstClass Trav ft. AshesIIsehsA "Circles"foreign,we on the move,we push it we coming like trampolin

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Updated on Jan 27,2023

FirstClass Trav ft. AshesIIsehsA "Circles"

foreign,we on the move,we push it we coming like trampolines,got em jumping if they not riding don't,trust them you can't believe it and,passes my family move like the monsters,they say I'm Savage a monster they give,me praise cause I'm someone they fall in,love I'm a night God let me put it in,perspective I'm a diamond Under Pressure,I didn't conquer what I've been through,I've experienced the system yeah the,government's an issue on my way The,Greener passes,put them in the dirt put it in the work,never giving up keeping my soul never,spilled with love always true,we never with them Squares too busy,working,365 every year we got a purpose,my dogs ain't hurting these ,walking for a career we on the move,You Better Move,To Learn take your own path make,different terms and if before you gotta,get up swallow your pride even if you,got the hiccups choose your own route,you only live once first last life now,My Views change stop giving bro you know,that you change GMC 100 years with the,crew change and I don't wanna kick it no,I'm not Luke focus on the meal ticket,and blue face,got the game in my pocket like loose,change I'm a wolf you at the bottom of,the food chain School of Hard Knocks no,two lane and I'm protecting the block,like I'm Luke Cage,foreign,right underneath the camera,I'll put the glasses back on

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ESPN Suspends Host For Using Derogatory Slur Against Baker Mayfield

ESPN Suspends Host For Using Derogatory Slur Against Baker Mayfield

and we're gonna wench Watson keep it,going mahomes and now burn Alberto,there's a penalty for a negative yardage,but there was a lot of time,well when the penalty happened and we,were to go ahead a chance no no stop,saying but I just told you the clock was,running and we had a penalty do you want,to give them the ball back no you don't,play you don't know it that's just plain,and simple was I happy with the track no,we didn't score points it's a dumbest,question you can ask what is PN's Tony,grossie got caught on a hot mic going,after Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield,the two have a history just in case you,missed it here's bumped of audio Holmes,and now Burton now burrow through all of,this but the Browns is woes the past few,years guys aren't able to have hot taker,e in sports media it's why high noon was,cancelled however it seems like the fix,was in from the start,grossie tweeted Baker Mayfield was put,on this planet to sucker the Browns,hashtag Hundred Years War this is,tweeted in November of 2017 Baker,Mayfield wasn't drafted until April 26,2018 grossy of ESPN Cleveland ran with,the headline comparisons of Baker,Mayfield to Johnny Manziel are fair and,appropriate not lazy analysis what Jesus,Tony to words,that led to t-shirts being sold in,Cleveland with the fall out news 5,Cleveland comm wrote a piece titled Tony,grossie suspended indefinitely for,calling Baker Mayfield derogatory slur,grossie feeling the heat got his apology,in and in short what we are showing I am,truly sorry for my language and choice,of words and a remark I made about Baker,Mayfield that was captured on our live,feed I sincerely apologize for using a,word that is a derogatory slur there's,no excuse for using that language in any,context it was said without malice but,also without thought,ESPN Cleveland issued their statement on,Twitter as well ironically McNeil with,the tweet of the day,writing oh so now the mics pick up the,derogatory slur grossie has a history,and,20:12 grossie was removed as a member of,the Cleveland Plain Dealer staff gross,he had typed a message which he termed a,smart-aleck remark to a colleague that,called Browns owner Randy Lerner a,pathetic figure the most irrelevant,billionaire in the world,he thought he was texting it to a friend,but accidentally tweeted the message,there's also the 2017 case of grossie,claiming that the Browns are outsourcing,major decisions to a football analytics,columnist and podcaster with no,practical experience in football,scouting coaching or team-building,because one of their moves followed,something bill Barnwell once said in,October 2019 grossie has been quoted as,saying he had been disrespectful so many,times in the last couple weeks in,response to simple questions by me,grossie said of Mayfield while there are,beefs between athletes and media members,the question becomes not as a columnist,but as a beat reporter is there a bias,that will lead to unfair coverage this,was Tony grossie in his most authentic,form the ball now lies in ESPN,Cleveland's court

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Grace Rizzo Calls Out Rhea Ripley For "Copying" Her Style

Grace Rizzo Calls Out Rhea Ripley For "Copying" Her Style

what is up everybody welcome to half ass,pod it's your boy corn make sure you,guys hit that like and that subscribe,you already know what it is,now i'm coming to you all today because,there's a topic that we need to talk,about i was i was looking at this over,the weekend,and i was following it very carefully,because i wanted to know how ripley was,going to react and i want to know how,wwe was going to i knew wwe wasn't,really good i knew wwe wasn't going to,come out when he had to stay or anything,like that there's plenty of people that,do this all the time especially when it,comes to actors and musicians and grace,rizzo is actually both of those,so grace rizzo quote unquote thug muffin,decided to uh tweet out after,she tweeted out promoting her show my nc,which by the way,is,the best show on television right now um,at least until animal kingdom and power,book raising kanan come out shout out to,those two shows as well grace rizzo,decided to tweet out after promoting the,show my nc in the very same day tweeted,out at rio ripley and wwe and said y'all,must have seen me on tv and decided to,rip my look,i've had this tattoo for three years and,y'all gave her the same look and tat as,me but don't even have her walk out to,my music,now,i went to the comments section in the,comment section and and half the people,said,well your music is ,and the other half of the people were,saying,well,we don't even know who the you are,lady,now,to me those are the easier routes to,take,i i'm not gonna go to easy route i'm,gonna go this route and i'm just gonna,say this,so what,so what grace rizzo even if wwe did rip,off your look which by the way they did,not,so what,it's funny how these nobodies in,hollywood always come after the people,in wrestling man they always it's always,either the musicians or the actors in,this case she's it's both,now,after people came after her the iwc,rightfully so came after her sometimes,the iwc wins a lot of times they don't,but sometimes the iwc wins,after the iwc the internet wrestling,community went after grace rizzo or,thuggy muffin whatever the you want,to call her,she decided to double down on this ,fam,she says nah,this gotta stop i stay so quiet,when i'm getting ripped off because i,tell myself,they will see you one day but nah,you trying to take my iconic face,tattoos iconic that's funny iconic face,tattoos and look,right when i get my first big acting gig,unreal wwe do better re-ripley now i,want to be the first to say this most,likely wasn't even rear ripley's idea,with the face tattoo because this is for,an angle this is for her judgment day,angle,we've seen over the decades,where celebrities,go after wrestlers,saying you rip this off you rip that off,fam who the was honky tonk man,supposed to be,come on man come on now,again i say so,what,so,what,i'm gonna do about it,you know what i'm gonna do i'm gonna,i'm gonna,i'm gonna tweet my displeasure,but ree ripley got she she she got she,grew very tired of this and she,came out just a neck or a couple days,later instead thinking about calling,someone out for stealing my look by,having the same hair color or haircut as,me,who out there has more name value than,me that i can call out i really want to,scream quote unquote i want more,followers now,i agree with reid ripley and let me tell,you guys something man the reason why,i'm even doing this video do i know that,half of my videos are negative about,wrestling business blah blah whatever,but i love doing videos like this,because it's coming out in defense of a,wrestler,in this case rio ripley,it's like having a family member that,you always talk about or a family,over there you're like oh i don't know,you know whatever like but as soon as,someone outside your family wants to,talk about them you have to you're,obligated you have to be in defense of,that family member that's a family,member it's the same thing with,wrestling,well yeah i'll talk about the way,the wrestling businesses and the way,that us paying customers or paying fans,the way we're treated and and how to,just the stupid and some of the the,product that aw gives us some of the,product wwe give us is just straight up,and i feel terrible as a paying fan,to sit there and watch some of this ,or at least half of this ,but again that that's,at least ninety percent of time there's,no slight on the wrestler that's just a,slight on the company and whoever's,behind the scenes the producers the,writers whatever the ,but i'm coming in the fence a hundred,percent of the time when it comes to,professional wrestlers whenever these,stupid ass no name hollywood come,out here and start talking and start,spewing this about you copied,this you copied that blah blah you did,this you took this from me you took that,from me bro it's 20 20 two,i personally don't think anybody stole,anything from this chick because first,of all she has no notoriety whatsoever,nobody even knows who the she if,you don't watch my mc you you've never,seen this chick ever,e

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DDG - Moonwalking in Calabasas Remix (feat. Blueface) [Official Music Video]

DDG - Moonwalking in Calabasas Remix (feat. Blueface) [Official Music Video]

thằng chơi chắc như partan nên phải hay,thẩm giáo bảo và trả lời sàn miền than,taxi

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HOW TO: Use Twitter's Advanced Search

HOW TO: Use Twitter's Advanced Search

Google Bing and Yahoo are three of the,most popular internet search engines but,Twitter's advanced search feature can,help you find more personal results,let's give it a try so let's type the,word gift into the all query this means,that all tweets that are returned to us,will have to have the word gift in them,and then we'll type pilot airplane and,aviator,into the any query Wow look at that sage,Brown London suggests the ladies aviator,jacket leaving underscore TF has a gift,guide for pilots on his blog and,shopping Gina me thinks that flying,lessons would make the perfect gift,let's say we don't have any pilot,friends let's say our friend is the,outdoors type instead so we'll go back,type in the words swim hike mountain and,bike and hit Search it looks like IKEA,bought bikes for all its employees this,holiday that's really cool but the,retweets are taking up the entire page,so we'll go back to the search screen,and under none of these results we'll,type in the word IKEA as you can see the,new results no longer have the word IKEA,in them now we can focus on finding that,perfect gift for our second example how,about we splurge on ourselves let's plan,a vacation I've always wanted to go to,Oregon,so let's input Oregon into the all,column and then add the words tour,vacation tourism favorite and stay into,the any column and search whoops I,forgot Oregon's football team is,currently ranked number two in the,country and a lot of the tweets reflect,that so let's go back and refine it will,include Portland in the any column and,in the none column let's type college,football sports ducks and sail for the,inevitable timeshare links now none of,our results will have these five words,in them now I like what I'm seeing,crazy twit double-oh-seven has a link,with travel tips for Portland G Cox,seventy five is letting parents know,about the Oregon Science Museum sort of,and everyone's tweeting about a,restaurants called pok pok I might have,to check that out another thing that I,like about the advanced search is that,it lets you gauge the,around a certain city the San Diego,Padres recently traded all-star first,baseman Adrian Gonzalez to the Boston,Red Sox,the Padres got four prospects in return,will type Adrian Gonzalez into the all,column and in the places column will,type San Diego CA and choose a 50-mile,radius,Tiffany hedge is visibly upset,Ted shredder again visibly upset and,doped kid is echoing what seems to be a,recurring theme here visibly upset now,let's go to Boston and see if they're,equally angry conversin calls it a great,day for Boston sports and Red Sox Oahu,is retweeting someone who's having a,really good day so unless one of San,Diego's prospects turns into an all-star,the fans in SoCal might be visibly upset,for a long long time and that's Twitter,Advanced Search,give it a try next time you want,information that's just a little more,personal for I'm Jahangir,irani

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P Bills - Check 1 (feat. KevAdventures & Rizzo Mercer)

P Bills - Check 1 (feat. KevAdventures & Rizzo Mercer)

o sexo deve ser alguém que tem que sair,era o que quer dizer aqui o guarda boa e,eu acho que é um foca outras quatro,serão like está ali ó comigo mano eu,fiquei chateado aqui guarda boa e,e não pega não me bate não microcut,pulando aqui tem que tomar no teu cu é,bonito eu não pode ser feliz aqui guarda,boa não é,em beverly hills original na arrow keys,and key generator blackberry curve red,minha mãe que o homem o horário para a,cameron diz que o que quer dizer que o,guarda boa e

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Joe Rogan N-Word Montage Triggers Another Apology | The Daily Show

Joe Rogan N-Word Montage Triggers Another Apology | The Daily Show

joe rogan the scariest thing to come out,of the show fear factor,after a week of scandal surrounding his,anti-vaccine podcasts joe rogan is still,in the news which is rare in america,i mean in this country news cycles are,here today gone tomorrow breaking news,dinosaurs have come back from the dead,and are destroying cities around the,globe,all right moving on kim and kanye are,fighting again,now if you if you remember the whole,reason that joe rogan got into trouble,in the first place was because rock,legend neil young said that he refused,to be on the same platform as joe rogan,if joe rogan was going to be spreading,lies about vaccines so then because of,the backlash joe rogan apologized and a,lot of people were like okay okay we're,moving in the right direction even the,rock was like great job joe rogan let's,grab a drink but just before joe rogan,could get that drink,another musician india re i am not my,hair well she put out her own video,online saying that there's a different,reason that she doesn't want to be on,the same platform as joe rogan and this,was it i want to leave a short message,here about why i decided to,why i decided to ask my music be pulled,off of spotify spotify is built on the,back of the music streaming so they take,this money that's built from streaming,and they pay this guy 100 million,dollars but they pay us,0.003 of a penny,just take me off,i don't want to generate money that pays,this this is why watch this,you know the thing yeah saying,the word i've already said ,d is just like saying ,she's calling you a it's like,this boy that he's a and starts,calling them bird there,should be a word like especially,word that's our about, he says guy a and,then our start saying how,to use the word out the word, see or say ,and you couldn't say else ,whoa,that's a lot of the n word,and with the hard er as well which is,never a good thing,if there's ever a video of you saying,the n word that many times you better,pray one of two things either you're a,black person or,you're a dead man from history,yeah because then the worst thing they,can do is take your statue down and move,it into a museum,and as bad as it was seeing a supercar,of joe rogan dropping the n-word like he,bought it in bulk at costco an even,worse part of the video i know yeah and,even worse part of the video is when joe,rogan again on his podcast told a story,about going to a movie,in a black neighborhood and this is what,he said,so i go you got to go to uh one where,there's planet of the apes man we're,gonna go see planet of the apes so i,look on the iphone app and it says okay,take me to this one and the guy goes,okay is that in a good neighborhood he's,like oh yeah yeah yeah yeah guy barely,speaks english he takes us there we get,out and we're giggling we're gonna see,plenty of names we walk into planet of,the apes we walked into africa dude we,we walked in the door and there was no,white people there was no white people,wow,that video's so bad it actually made me,miss the n-word video,ah the good old days,i mean you you walk into a cinema in a,black neighborhood and you call it,planet of the apes,i mean unless he means he was blown away,by the black neighborhood cinematography,and storytelling,although i doubt it,anyway because of this video right,and india ari,joe rogan was forced to make yet another,stop on his apology world tour and this,one was a lot more and i mean a lot more,apologetic than his vaccine video i'm,making this video to talk about the most,regretful and shameful thing that i've,ever had to talk about publicly,there's a video that's out that's a,compilation of me saying the n-word,it's a video that's made of clips taken,out of context of me of 12 years of,conversations on my podcast and it's all,smushed together and it looks ,horrible even to me now i know that to,most people there is no context where a,white person is ever allowed to say that,word never mind publicly on a podcast,and i agree with that now i haven't said,it in years but for a long time,when i would bring that word up like if,it would come up in conversation instead,instead of saying the n word i would,just say the word like that context was,part of the clip we were talking about,red fox how red fox said that word on,television in the 1970s and how times,have changed so much since then or about,how richard pryor used it as one of the,titles of one of his albums but,for years i used it,in that manner i never used it to be,racist because i'm not racist,but whenever,you're in a situation where you have to,say,i'm not racist you up,and i clearly have up,yeah you can tell joe rogan knows he is,in trouble,because in the vaccine video if you,remember it like he's outside he's,enjoying a nice day here he was in the,library he's like look i'm learning see,the books,i'm learning is serious,and you can tell it's serious you can,tell because he's like guys my brain,used to think a certain way it does not,think that way anymore at,all i disavow that

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Anthony Rizzo | 2021 Highlights #1

Anthony Rizzo | 2021 Highlights #1

stripes,0-2 whoa,rizzo lashes at foul upstairs and rizzo,hits it foul,back out of play three straight,two strike fouls the one two,four straight the one two one ball and,two strikes,the one-two next pitch number 11,in this played appearance for rizzo the,2-2 pitch,rizzo fouls another one away launch,daily own deals,a swing and another foul ball out of,play off to the left the two ball two,strike pitch,foul out of play down the left field,line,oh my goodness are you,kidding me what an effect from anthony,rizzo,an absolute marathon is he excited,that's what we've been waiting for here,at the friendly confines,for a year and a half,the smile says it all and freddie's,smiling right back at him,and there's a strike,freeman fouls it off a little something,extra yeah,he wants to punch him out so bad,that is unbelievable,i mean you gotta throw that baseball out,somebody's got a dead that's right,you gotta throw it out absolutely,the pitch to rizzo bounced to the left,side it gets through,definitely around third into score comes,when anthony rizzo walks it off,and we'll talk a little bit more about,that,rizzo gets a hold of one high and deep,into the right field corner,and there's one of them that comes right,back,let's give you one of those nights,and rizzo may be doing it again this one,to the opposite field and yeah,two homers tonight for anthony rizzo,yeah great play by anthony the dancing,bear who does it again,and steams this throw over to davies but,up above the waist where you like it,it's,down below the waist that's when it gets,problematic,someone lifted down the left side,falling fair ball and then it kicks away,from grossman,peterson's in to score here comes brian,on his heels,chris slides across it,right field going back,and rizzo's hobart in the first the,third,straight game team has issued more than,six,that's hit hard fair ball down the first,baseline it'll hit off the side wall,sogart into score ryan comes around,stopping at third is contreras now he's,racing home,throw tag out so here's rizzo now,out towards right center that one well,struck,and that's a towering homer into right,center field here's your one,that one lined into center field and,that's gonna fall for a hit,and it gets past profar and that's gonna,score,two peterson comes in brian on his heels,rizzo in the second and it's three,nothing,jericks and profile took a bad angle,there,rizzo hammers that one right field way,back there and gone,anthony rizzo first pitch swinging,and hammers it out the 3-2,line i want to play rizzo,stretching out and making the grab,oh my goodness gold glove indeed,on the ground softly hidden it gets,through bias around,third and don't look now the cubs lead,it is,4-3 rizzo found space,he hits a high fly ball right center,field and deep back toward the wall,gone anthony rizzo with a home run and,the cubs lead,four to two sensational 109 era,rizzo fair ball inside the bag down the,right field line,off the sidewall coming around to score,is bryant,and it's a long loud single that knocks,in a run for,anthony rizzle one nothing comes,that's drilled out towards left center,field this one's got a chance,there's some slug for you rizzo the,opposite way,they're getting him out about half the,time which is ridiculous,that's a rope out to right center,that'll touch down fan up against the,wall,rizzo replaces brian at second one,nothing,comes that was a rocket,rizzo drives that one down the line that,one headed towards the upper deck and,that one is gone,anthony rizzo blasts one out and the,cubs are on the board,in the air slicing pro far can't get it,and two runs are going to score,jock is in and it is 3-1,big fat numbers rizzo travels into the,air deep right field,if it's fair it's gone get out the tape,measure for anthony rizzo,that ball is ripped down the right field,line hooking fair ball,hayward into score stopping at third is,brian,it's an rbi double for anthony rizzo a,rocket into the corner three nothing,wheeler ready here's a 2-2,that's live fair ball down the line into,the corner,jack racing for third willy harris gonna,send him,rizzo around second anthony on his way,to third and he's got a triple,nothing soft about that one a rocket,into the right field corner they went,back to the curve ball maybe went to the,well,bye

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