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Naughty Massaroti or D.A. tweet?the a is a single guy he's the only,single regular host on the stati


Updated on Jan 26,2023

Naughty Massaroti or D.A. tweet?

the a is a single guy he's the only,single regular host on the station I,mean he's a young stud and you know,maybe we're just jealous of his,freewheeling loving ways but you know,rich saw his Twitter he subscribes to,da's Twitter the da show and you know da,had these Randi tweets about women in,popular culture he enjoys loves reading,about ladies he is one horny gentleman,and as Fred and I realized yesterday is,that he'll go through a spell of about a,week and not have anything about women,and then all of a sudden it's just a,deluge it's like 20 tweets in a row of,homo how G much use this yeah and here's,the deal is that last night apparently,he someone gave him the script that we,wrote for naughty Maserati or maybe it,was left in a studio who cares and he,like Jim was blown quote-unquote like,blowing up our spot Lisa right so he,read some of these but it was at 10:00,at night so I don't know it means not a,big deal but in it he's like he's just,angry at us and he did this thing like,that were really non-athletic and here's,the funny thing about sports talk radio,is that we're all trying to like somehow,justify our masculinity because we're,talking about people younger and bigger,and stronger and better than us,constantly and so there's this kind of,compensation that we all do like you,know these guys aren't in the athletic,prime if we were in high school and then,it's like you know he's like we take so,I can it's like da come on Zimmerman,contest with a lot of people absolutely,it's like Diego come on give me a break,I mean the come on certainly I'm not a,great athlete but in noir you and he can,enrich isn't out of shape and he's like,don't we're to say we had a softball,team yeah you know why because we have,two kids apiece and get up at the crack,of the Sun comes up so if you know what,it's not easy but da is freewheel and,free lovin so rich actually had this,ideas like well or maybe no one listener,listener at this I'm reading his tweets,yesterday and,someone said you know what you should do,you should have people guess whether or,not it's one of DA's tweets actual,tweets or naughty maserati's yeah yeah,so so that's the game okay is it a DEA,tweak these are read by DA team as all,of them in something rich and I wrote or,is it an actual DEA tweet Jason hello,now have you been tipped off Jason did,will you listen to the DEA show last,night all right well then your D able to,do this frame with us right now,all right so H is going to play you a,naughty mass reading a tweet you'll have,to say did rich and I write that or did,is that an actual DEA tweet okay all,right how many do we have,oh okay you're gonna have to get six out,of ten to get these tickets to no,McDonald okay very high compete level,okay is that a da actual tweet or,naughty Maserati he goes Spanish his,Enrique Iglesias there he goes it's da,Bonita and they're like three curls on,TV and clothes you can see a whole lot,of stuff all right here we go to get so,riled up by a soccer game all right,or a softball game for that matter all,right is this a naughty Maserati thing,that Richard I wrote or is this an,actual da tweet Hannah Storm you are old,but like ricotta cheese you get better,with da age let's do it on a chequered,table map hashtag Mamma Mia I like it,the sauce thrown two things to Italian,food he is Italian Jason is that da or,naughty Maserati masa,all right is this an Mia,I like the sauce is this an actual da,tweet or is this a naughty Maserati I,need help,when Katy Perry's things about menage a,trois last friday night i get glassy,eyed and start drooling good go ahead is,that da or is that not him as no da,listening to top 40 radio and getting,aroused he's listening to the radio and,listening to a pop song and getting,aroused,he is so horny he's easy cuz someone's,gotta like take his mojo out like they,did in Austin Powers movie alright a man,so the wind blows and he is very excited,it's not him as arathi or is this a,actual da tweet oh sweet Jessica Moran,let me be your comcast a door of love I,see that you are following me on tour,well I'm following you as well to your,house please don't arrest me alright,obviously a fan of Jessica Moran from,Comcast SportsNet a woman who is does,not like me says I was playing with her,hair when we were having drinks is that,an actual da tweet or was it not him as,arathi no it's very frustrating cuz when,da is corresponding with women on,Twitter it's all like very flirtatious,and innocent which is takes too long to,find those good ones please don't,da recipe alright this da or naughty mad,all right Hope Solo is a total tiger and,we all know it she'd slap you around and,make,you really work for it which is awesome,Hope Solo apparently the goaltender for,women's soccer team is that if da,tweeter and naughty man slap you around,and make you really work for it yeah,that sounds like something like are you,talking about what are you talking about,like she's gonna stand on the bed,kicking and slapping and y

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Puremix Mentors | Best Plugins | Tony Maserati's Favorite Mixing Plugin Chain For Bass

Puremix Mentors | Best Plugins | Tony Maserati's Favorite Mixing Plugin Chain For Bass

I've been playing with a couple,different things lately one you know my,good friends,it's soft to put together with the,Chandler folks and you guys know that,I'm a super Chandler user hardware and,software as far as that goes but I've,been messing with this just on a base,you know one of the things that that we,all do is we sort of chain things,together and and the Zener is a kind of,a cool box in that or the Zener bender,as it's called here it's just a,combination of the the Zener and the,curve bender both of which I have,Hardware units of and you know I use it,for a variety of things I really I love,the the overall compression that the,Zener gives me and the EQ of the curve,bender is always a real smooth and kind,of opened sounding thing quite subtle at,some points I used it on a base here and,and basically it gave me a real nice,control but the base was a simple live,base I think it's a you know a simple,aid live bass sound and I really wanted,it to be up higher in the mix and kind,of punch out so you see them being,pretty radical with the with a mid range,and pushing it quite a lot even in the,upper mids here and a little bit of a,little bit higher as well on the curve,bender and then I'm,I've got the sidechain filter on the,Zener said about 50 Hertz so it kind of,avoids that frequency in the compressor,and I'm pushing it in quite a lot I know,we don't have sound today but you'll see,that I'm kind of grabbing it so you can,kind of see that I'm I I really wanted,to you know I want that that Zener to,really grab it well and I'm doing it a,slow attack relatively quick release,mm-hmm it's so if I if I take the filter,out you see I'm gonna get a lot more of,that I do a lot more compression so I,might even put that higher so I get a,little less compression I haven't seen,this one how old is it just so many it's,um it's crazy how many plugins are,coming out and it's pretty hard to keep,track of everything but the guys are the,softube friends and they make great,great stuff meeting really great stuff,I'm there for you gonna check that out,yeah what else you got been out two,weeks two weeks that's probably why I,don't know it,yeah the softube guys are you know like,everybody it's just it's it's quite hard,to keep up with all the releases it's,wild honestly I've been waiting for this,one but uid has has the curved fender,yeah and the Zener as well yeah so you,can grab them there as well yep and it's,actually do you ADT I'm not one,potentially usually these kinds of,things on you lady I'm made by stuff too,so it's actually the you're actually,seeing this stuff to work in you ad also,do you have you have another one you,want to show you know I I do I have,another one but then I have a surprise,guest who wants to say hi,Wow nice yeah,I don't know how to stop the screen,share but I can do that for you that's,okay whatever you whatever you tell me I,don't know if it's of any value but this,sound you know basically blending a,bunch of things together here and and,I'm also I have a little parallel thing,is that valid to talk about creating the,patch earlier absolutely it's very valid,so in addition to the Zener bender which,is on the main base I'm also combining,it I'm sending it to a parallel what I,call base crunch which I'm proposing a,Decapitator,you can use almost any saturation,plug-in or whatever I'm using the,Decapitator because I like the control,that I get out of it,doing a little bit of Equalization and,and that kind of gives me a bit of a,growl and then you know my my little,Maserati thing just to create a bit of,width as well show you screen again so I,can see so with so everybody can see I,didn't know I had stopped doing that oh,I did I did it my fault oh yeah so I,send I've got the Zener on the main,track and and then I'm sending that to a,parallel with the base that I called,nice crunch I've just got a little bit,of a Decapitator thing going on there,which you know I'm kind of hitting it,but yeah really just trying to get a bit,of a growl out of it and so what I'm,doing you can see I've got the,Maserati at a very low level here and,the main basis is our obviously carrying,it and then I can kind of add these two,to taste now whenever you're you're,duplicating a track in this case I'm,duplicating a bass track obviously we've,we've got to pay close attention to the,phase yeah and make sure we're not,losing something whether it be comb,filtering or yeah or just sort of phase,cancellation in some way I'm always,paying close attention to that but I,found that doing it this way allows me,to control this and I can really dig in,and EQ my duplicate much more and then,combine them later it's only enjoy doing,that kind of thing on the on the bass,crunch with the Decapitator you have any,cue after that and Probate of three on,there doing very little just sort of,taking away that the the things that get,added from the Decapitator that i don't,like right or that are clouding the,overall clarity of the base itself and,

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Episode 123: Tony Massarotti returns from Felger and Mazz on 98.5 The SportsHub

Episode 123: Tony Massarotti returns from Felger and Mazz on 98.5 The SportsHub

all right we're back,morse code podcast dan moore soapy,pre-op episode,i just asked you 123. one yeah episode,one two three,uh shout out 123 kid you know who that,is old school wrestling,yeah was he okay that's what i was going,to say,he turned into xbox yeah soon after that,123 kid was a great character though,like early 90s,what was his color uniform when he was a,one two three kid,he was like blue he wore like a full,like uh,oh boy i'm gonna butcher this one he was,sure to index like leotard,like just just look him up we'll put him,in the show notes,okay uh we'll put a picture of him in,well he's in the show so we do ask him,that's true he'll be on shortly,um but no we'll i guess we'll get right,into it so,as the episode title and picture shows,we have a,good close personal friend tony mas from,98.5 back on with us,oh hot take i think was a great,conversation,hotter tick i think it was a fun,conversation nice yes,uh we taught i mean today is if you're,listening is today,it's first day of free agency we talked,a little trade deadline,um nba free agency not not major league,lacrosse which i know we have,that was last week yeah i know that,don't don't correct me on air like that,everybody apologies,it's all right mba free agency started,today,like it started like right shams had,like,a drop at like six o'clock i think the,first one i saw was like the lonzo was a,big one early,most of it was just play and i mean i've,been refreshed in a while,it's mostly just players resigning so,far right i know lonzo went to chicago,yep uh who else went somewhere else,kelly olynyk went to the pistons,yep so they're gonna be uh they're gonna,be a force to be reckoned with,the eastern conference is back the bad,boys are back,big time i just thought dwight went back,to the lakers,that's that's weird uh,the second half of his career has been,so strange very strange on and off the,court we we owe a dwight howard deep,dive,i think we've been oh yeah for a while,he's had some questionable uh,questionable affairs say the least,uh oh hold on alex lens agreed to tear a,deal with the kings,okay the power shifts back to the west,then yep damn the pistons,conrad's looking forward to that i'm,sure,the pistons just had their uh,stranglehold for about two seconds and,here come the kings they can have alex,len and dear and fox both on payroll,that seems that seems tight to me,i don't know how they figured that one,out,hey like uh like felger says the salary,cap is is made up you can,you can uh give him a pencil and a,napkin and he'll figure it out so i'm,sure they can too,sell your cap is is just that it's just,all cap maybe that's what they mean like,this is just the salary cap,like cap hell is not a place i wouldn't,mind going,um bobby portis back with the bucks,he got like 10 million dollars 9 million,excuse me uh,sterling brown has agreed to a deal with,the dallas mavericks,man this one was weird doug mcdermott,three years 42 million dollars to go,play with the spurs,tj mcconnell got 35 million dollars,doug mcdermott didn't go the jazz just,for hey,i know what you're insinuating just for,you though yeah,you'd fit right in there yeah he's a big,uh vivint,um smart home customer so yeah he,belongs in that arena,jared allen jared allen got a hundred,mil,that was interesting that's i saw a,graphic there today though like the cavs,starting five they're like all under 25.,it's like you know him sexton garland,uh who they just draft,who do they take they got mobley right,oh yeah yeah,mobley and then um the other kid they,drafted last year like they have,pretty good young players who probably,aren't making a lot of money,except jared allen now oh your boy went,your boy was part of the uh,oh lonzo trade i think that was sad,oh we haven't mentioned him in quite a,while hold on,yeah let me find that garrett temple i,assume he's trending so i'm just gonna,go to the search bar,damn it there he is utter his name like,that number one worldwide,notorious garrett temple so that'll be,that'll be interesting,we'll have to get woody on to get his he,should go live from like the,closest like sears to see if his jerseys,are still,somehow on the rack which they can't be,at this point,i don't know what are you gonna do uh we,do talk about the lonzo,deal with tony because i i did like some,of the,talk of him going to boston i thought,that would have been a good fit one,thing we didn't really ask him,we talked about marcus smart being a,trade piece i don't understand what the,trade piece would be at this point,like who do we trade marcus smart for,this year,who could we get using market smart is,that what you're saying uh-huh,marcus camby,i do you thought about that i haven't,until right now,okay um well why don't you crunch some,numbers and get back to me,because is he in the big three or that,other weird tournament that's going on,right now,the other basketball tournament known as,the basketball tournament yeah that's,the one,that basketball tournament that th

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Tina Turner & Eros Ramazzotti - Cose Della Vita - Live Munich (1998)

Tina Turner & Eros Ramazzotti - Cose Della Vita - Live Munich (1998)

,♪ Sono umane situazioni ♪,♪ Quei momenti fra di noi ♪,♪ I distacchi e i ritorni ♪,♪ Da capirci niente poi ♪,♪ Gia come vedi ♪,♪ Sto pensando a te, ♪,♪ Oh yeah, ♪,♪ Da un po' ♪,♪ They're just human contradictions ♪,♪ Feeling happy, feeling sad ♪,♪ These emotional transitions ♪,♪ All the memories we've had ♪,♪ Yes, you know it's true ♪,♪ I just can't stop thinking of you ♪,♪ No, I just can't pretend all the time we spent could die ♪,♪ Wanna feel it again ♪,♪ All the love we felt then ♪,♪ Confinanti di cuore solo che ognuno sta ♪,♪ Dietro gli steccati degli orgogli suoi ♪,♪ Sto pensando a te ♪,♪ Sto pensando a noi ♪,♪ Sono cose della vita ♪,♪ Vanno prese un po' cosi ♪,♪ Some for worse and some for better ♪,♪ But through it all we've come so far ♪,♪ Yes... come vedi ♪,♪ Lo sto ancora in piedi ♪,♪ Perche ♪,♪ Sono umani tutti i sogni miei ♪,♪ Con le mani io li prenderei, si perchè ♪,♪ What's life without a dream to hold? ♪,♪ Take my hand and never let me go ♪,♪ It's part of life together ♪,♪ But what future does it hold? ♪,♪ Sono cose della vita ♪,♪ Ma la vita poi dov'e ♪,♪ Yes, you know it's true ♪,♪ I just can't stop thinking of you ♪,♪ Questa notte che passa piano accanto a me ♪,♪ Cerco di affrontarla, afferrarla ♪,♪ If our hearts miss a beat Or get lost like a ship at sea ♪,♪ I wanna remember ♪,♪ I can never forget ♪,♪ Cause' I think of you ♪,♪ And I just can't stop ♪,♪ And I think of you ♪,♪ And I just can't stop ♪,♪ Just can't stop ♪,Tina Turner!

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Stephen A. Smith: Boston has "a lot to be proud of" with this Celtics team | Previewing Game 6

Stephen A. Smith: Boston has "a lot to be proud of" with this Celtics team | Previewing Game 6

this city's got a lot to be proud of,when it comes to this particular team um,jason tatum's the future jaylen brown's,the future marcus marks the reigning,defensive player of the year my vote,went to michael miquel bridges but,marcus smart had no problem with it i,know he deserves it and udoka to me was,a coach of the year candidate what he's,done since the new year has been nothing,short of outstanding it's just that i'm,watching them in close games and i'm,watching some of the mistakes that they,make and the set you know listen they,could still win this series let me be,very clear but if it were anybody else,i'd have picked them a win if they,wanted the phoenix i said they're going,to win it if they was going against,dallas to say they're going to win it,they're going to get i don't care who it,is memphis they're going to win it,but when you're going against the golden,state warriors they're home run hitters,and when they hurt you they really hurt,you bad because of those threes and more,importantly,they can play some defense too and on,top of it all they're not gonna miss,free throw shots when it counts you're,looking at boston you're missing free,throws you're turning the ball over at,the wrong times and you and those are,primarily your two star players when you,have the space incorrect,and you are selfless,you feed it to an open market smart he's,hitting chops you feed it to an open al,orphan he can make those shots you know,i understand white hasn't been he,doesn't look good the last few games,don't get me wrong but game one he,looked pretty damn good so i'm just,looking at stuff like that i'm like,you've seen what they can do,the amazing part about it to me is when,boston is messed up they've messed up on,their own right it's like something's,going well and then they stop doing it,and it's like wait a minute who's the,it's one thing and somebody stops you,but when you stop yourself you think,they're just not ready i think they're,young i think talent-wise they're ready,for anybody but i think that they're,young and to me,you'll win tonight,because you'll run away with it if it's,a closed game you're going home i mean,you're staying home it's over because,you're i don't trust you in in tight,game situations and one of the things,that i've brought up religiously guys is,your absence of a point guard i'm not,talking about marcus small can't play,he's having a good series not great but,that's a good series marcus smart is not,a natural point because he's a natural,defender he's a natural pit bull when i,think point guard i'm thinking about a,chris paul i'm thinking about a rondo,i'm thinking about floor generals who,know everybody's responsibility and make,sure that they best position you to do,what you're capable of doing there's,nobody on the boston celtics to do that,for jaylen brown and jason tatum these,guys will sit up there jason jaylen,tatum david brown jaylen brown rather he,ain't running from anybody he will,attack,jason tatum you're looking for a foul,every play you run into two dudes try to,squeeze through it and you're looking at,the referee you got a point guard on the,floor that kind of stuff doesn't happen,y'all don't have that okay so to me,that's as much about the ball handling,as it is anything else and maybe that,relates but okay,what do you see in tatum specifically,what do you see in his game right now,that either alarms you or if you're a,celtics fan gives you confidence well i,have all the confidence in the world for,him in the future for this series my,number one problem with him is that he,looks for the referees for help every,play,every single play and it's gotten into,his head it's very annoying i can't i,can't blame y'all for being annoyed,because you're looking at them and one,minute he's he's shooting 45 percent,from three-point range he's giving it to,you he can take you off the dribble he's,got a mid-range game he's got a,long-range game he can finish at the,basket he can finish in an open court,plus he can defend you know he belongs,on the court with these guys and then,he'll start off the game he don't shoot,for the first 10 minutes do you worry,about his killer instinct to the thing,you know look in his eye without,question without question i think he,wants to have it but talking about kobe,and the mamba mentality is entirely,different than being that dude and,you've got to i'd have no doubt that,he'll get there jason tatum is the,future of this franchise him and jaylen,brown and that's saying a lot because,y'all got court so y'all will be back,here make no mistake about it y'all are,that gifted it's just that when you look,at them,turning the ball over you got an open 17,footer you driving in the lane when you,drive into the lane it's two people,waiting for you it's stupid you still go,into them like and then you turn around,and you look at the referees he's like,what what'd i do you can't do that you,can't do that this is the finals you're,not getting that the one ad

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Bill Burr back in the Red Sox broadcast booth vs. the Angels! (Full Half-Inning)

Bill Burr back in the Red Sox broadcast booth vs. the Angels! (Full Half-Inning)

so delighted to have bill burn back with,us he's got a huge show coming up at,fenway on august 21,first comedian ever to headline at,fenway but lives out here,in los angeles a massachusetts boy way,out here in the sunshine yeah it was too,phony for them they shipped me out here,they sent me out to hollywood to uh,do whatever i could do out here,and now we're in the beautiful confines,of anaheim california yes don't you love,this,i love place it really gets your heart,going doesn't it,there's just something about all those,strip malls next to strip malls,they do have a nice small down here with,the ferris wheel,that's the exciting thing,you kind of do that i used to hate doing,this geek down here used to sit in like,like three hours of traffic trying to,get down here just wanting to kill,yourself every time and then you had to,go on stage and like make people laugh,you're like are you ready,i hated the gig,hated it,but anyway,this is the type of positivity you can,expect,on august 21st how about the red sox,last time i was here,we were playing horribly,yes horrible april was a bad month right,when i got the mlb package they just,could not win a game and i watched them,every single night,just about,and you saw all those walk-offs the,first thing you said when you came to,the booth it was like was it five times,yeah it was five times five times in,like six weeks yeah the second we went,in there was just like all right well,they're not winning this one,what do you think of that dh rule in the,national league i think that's terrible,you like the split you'd rather have it,you like pitchers hitting yeah,it keeps them honest back in the day,when they used to throw it guys they out,there to still go up to the plate,i don't know i i i feel like all sports,are kind of doing that thing where,they're they're they're like a slave to,uh offense,gotta make it more exciting,for the casual fan well so to your point,though nobody throws in anybody anymore,anyway,so there's nothing i don't understand,why people get so mad when they throw,they've always been a part of the game,and the way people celebrate i'm,surprised they don't throw every other,guy's head that's going up there at,least for away when i was,doing we were coming up you hit a home,run you put your head down you ran,around the bases or else the next guy,was going to get hit now it's uh,i don't know what it is they go up there,like they're they're in braveheart with,all the armor on,mars taking inside,no but can i get your thought on,obviously the nba finals are ongoing,we've had two games i know you're,watching every single minute of that,and there's a lot of talk as marsh hits,a fly ball to left for out number two,about the officiating,after game number two,going against the celtics and you're,you're on record saying the nba is low,level rigged the massaged massage,they don't they don't determine who's,going to win managed right it is yeah,it's a show,for a show,yes it's yes so you knew,whoever went up one nothing was not,getting calls in game two because they,wanted to go seven and i just feel the,level of control i actually,i i decided i i realized yesterday in,game two i don't have the emotional,maturity to watch my team in the finals,in front of my kids,is that a ball there you go sorry i want,to talk over there no no it's good no,it's hard though it is it's hard it,really can ruin the viewing experience,with the officiating in that league,yeah yeah i feel like it's somewhere,between uh,wrestling and a ponzi scheme,so i was just sitting there like i'm not,i'm not gonna know but the big thing is,you know i i gotta uh,you know make sure i'm chill around my,kids and i was just like what am i gonna,choose here watching basketball or my,kids so i kind of chose my kids so i,like uh i realized that,how i'm wired i should just watch,regular season games,you know game 47 whatever this is this,is my speed monday you win it you lose,it it's no big deal do you find yourself,in front of the kids when you're,watching a game that you're invested in,using language that you don't want to,use,i stop myself i usually get half of it,out and my daughter goes i heard that,you said a bad word,it's always great when you're also,playing like connect four candy land,when somebody doesn't even get touched,and they just call a foul,i don't know whatever i don't i don't,get involved in that it's going to be a,great show,august 21 a little over a little over,two months away so how do you get ready,for this,i have to do a bunch of spots and make,sure i have uh my material together so i,don't know i've never done anything like,that but i just feel like,you know when i go to boston it's like,that's where i grew up and everything so,i am them they're me so it isn't like a,uh you know if i was doing like here i,don't know what i would do but i feel,like,i could do at least a half hour talking,about being hammered,at fenway when i was younger we used to,get hammered sit up here we take over,t

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Siege Moments that will Make you Lose IQ

Siege Moments that will Make you Lose IQ

you have to get a 360 or the kill,doesn't count this mission come here,come here people huh line up here,sir yes sir wait wait so this game we,will be a mess and we will not even a me,and I will survive all the way to the,road,although we get like a little chicken,this game we will be a mess and we will,not even aim in on whether shooting me,and I will survive I'm defective III was,born out of the nipple oh lines and,let's Maz win round it's literally an,act of God I don't understand,are you still in that window just one,two three clapping what is he doing I'm,actually just gonna buy for us oh my god,you have sex with me,that's hot yeah I dream about that,really Nikki don't question us we're,lovers oh okay well that works,thank you so so so okay okay,we don't have to worry okay okay looking,now are you yeah my leg yeah my leg out,okay now this is a trick only,professionals could do ready,professional now wait don't move don't,move dog you don't move don't move do,not move this is the goal do not move,Nikki let me know when you're behind me,okay you both of my legs I could,actually lift you up you know,people kill you guys maybe you should,stop Oh too hard boys I am going to,quite start the only fan queef ASMR,we've been a bottle bro honestly like,people suck like people sold their,bathwater just so you're clear Max's,sniffing like I just want to know how to,I can't tell whether I want to keep the,whole bit or just cut that out,all right I hate my life why am I,like this we are in dire E of a Wimpy,queef,I'm trying to think of a movie recently,roasted the surface do it since I should,have been in the circus anxious to focus,but I don't get nervous,finally yes your customer service our,server like volleyball ping-pong the,tennis never got pluck hear this word to,my dentist slowly key building like that,from my credits I am Who I am I really,use that

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Felger & Mazz: Barry In NH Calls In "You're Terrible!" - 10/3/2013

Felger & Mazz: Barry In NH Calls In "You're Terrible!" - 10/3/2013

so while berry in New Hampshire has a,problem with us go ahead Barry yeah look,at saga I've listened listened to your,show but it's so obvious when Bertrand,makes a point he makes you look like,you're ready to stroke out you don't,know what the hell you talking about you,know humans arathi are the two worst,commentators in the city of Boston I'm,telling you I'm 68 years old I've seen a,lot of sports commentators in this city,who's your favorite oh that is a beat,right now I'm watching you on TV this,morning,huge huge suck I could say there who was,your favorite sports commentator in all,your years yeah who's the best oh it's a,bathroom I could guarded you remember,Credit Guarantee a little bit before my,day sure he was good who else to join,Peter Gammons no sports don't shoot Dan,Shaughnessy I told you your call,screener that Shaughnessy and Neumeier,should be in place are you vulgar in as,erotic because you guys are terrible,you're terrible you know no sports you,had a guy call I'll give you an example,toga you know you're supposed to be,hockey or just drawing through you had a,guy call up during the hockey season I,don't know who called who but the guy,was from Montreal he was he was,supposedly an announcer for Montreal at,something to do with the Canadiens he,called you a jerk on the air and then,when you hung up or he pulled he said,that you know Boston has four major,league sports teams one CEO you know,basically has one so he's trying to give,you an excuse for not knowing hockey as,well as he does and that when you got,off the air you'll call the guy in a,hole I know I sure did,I didn't I think a caller did hey Barry,what do you think of me,Oh who are you,are you found girl I'm not can there's a,delay here between the radio broadcast,and Falcon as arathi of the two were,like I'm telling you you guys suck Barry,thank you for the call and thanks for,calling I don't think you really watched,very much hockey outside of the Bruins,and even then I wouldn't be shocked if,you didn't watch much of them either you,had an employee yes I got to tell you,I'm kind of embarrassed for you and I,would have to imagine the most hockey,fans listening to you right now or,embarrass those macho guys they do bug,me Miller berry of all people one of the,least reasonable people I've ever heard,I just love the way remember ridiculous,characterizations you were making and I,love that guy maybe more Barry you need,more Barry,excellent new me and Shaughnessy what do,you think

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