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Weekend worst takes: Tony Grossi questions Aditi Kinkhabwala's credibility on Twitter, Mito Pereiraa

Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show

Updated on Jan 14,2023

Weekend worst takes: Tony Grossi questions Aditi Kinkhabwala's credibility on Twitter, Mito Pereira

all right so let's get to the worst days,of the weekend okay what i was,scavenging the internet for the worst of,the worst and we're going to start with,this one from our friend,earth it was a dede our friend defending,herself,tony grossi asked adidi are you a,full-time employee of the browns now,don't hide behind it please clear it up,to which adida responded good morning,tony i am not a full-time employee of,the browns as i attempt to restore some,balance in my life and tend to my family,and before any full-time commitments,begin again i'm doing some work for a,variety of folks thanks for asking psa,don't come out of dede no that's called,killing killing someone with a smile on,your face let me say something well said,a d d handled that with a lot of class,but let me tell you something i don't,usually like to bash other media members,i think it's bad practice in general i,don't like tony grossi i've never liked,tony grossi i haven't liked him the,entire time i was here i've alluded to,it i've never flat out said it that was,an attack on her credibility he was way,out of line he should be ashamed of,himself,because he has been his credibility has,been questioned a number of times uh,tony that was a clown move that you did,and uh,i will continue not to talk to you when,i see your training camp so,i think the impetus to that to tony,tony's,attack didn't completely come out of the,blue he was responding to something that,edie said adidas said that we kind of,glossed over what so what did she tweet,that caught tony's attention yeah we're,gonna get into this this week pro,football focus released their list of,the five best cornerback duos right the,browns came in number five the first one,off their top four which they tweeted,right he said hey denzel ward greg,newsom may want to have awards yeah and,so my point on that was,she didn't even issue a take,other than to say,these guys might have something to say,about it i don't think it wasn't like,she was being a homer or a shield for,the browns exactly she just and i was,surprised that tony,went there so quickly it was ridiculous,it was an unprovoked attack you ever be,a you ever be outside and you got a,problem with somebody y'all be playing,basketball they may have beat you or,something okay you get back to the house,and they'd be like hey man you know we,had a good game game what'd you say,he's premeditated like hold on bro i,just said it's a nice day outside man,and what you you you a nice day what you,need to allude to something you're,trying to allude to what you did,yesterday yeah i don't know if that was,something that that was i just think in,your heart tony tony's gutless there was,another time where hugh jackson,kind of attacked uh adida in a press,conference and and he and the and some,of the others didn't stand up for it,which was classless so he should be,embarrassed himself,i just didn't get that to me it seemed,like completely unwarranted out of the,blue like yeah does he have any history,with her as i don't know what i don't,know but i didn't get that and i tend to,follow your rule like i i have,doing this job isn't easy and everybody,has a different role some are,journalists yeah some are,some opine,and your opinion is going to come into,those things right and i think adidas in,a space now where she's trying to figure,out her next move yeah i love that she,said she's trying to figure out a life,balance i thought she handled it with,total class doesn't surprise me at all,because that's who she is mike,okay this is bad take number two of the,weekend from bob kravitz of the,indianapolis star a repeat of jonathan,taylor's output would be bad for the,colts now it reminds you taylor led the,league in rushing by six hundred yards,how would that be most downs how would,anything that's why it's a terrible take,he says that if he repeats that output,it means matthew,ryan who they traded for turn out to be,terrible,but it's just a bad take that doesn't,make any sense nick chubb could have a,great year and so could do sean well,maybe his take is look this is a past,first league and we know that and,teams tend to run because they can't,pass right and that was definitely the,case last year in indianapolis i mean,but they had a great runner so matt ryan,is like almost 40. i mean he's a decent,player i don't know that he's that much,better than carson once at disappointing,his career,it's a bad take that's that's just i get,his premise,yeah is probably what you said jay you,got to throw the ball to win i mean and,look at it this way he led the league,last year and what did the colts do a,lot nothing,but not because they well they faded,down had carson once not choked against,the jaguars the last week they would,have,faded out but if carson wentz wasn't,that guy all year right jonathan,probably doesn't lead the league in,russia yeah but they probably they,probably allude to exactly what you said,you know a little bit more passion a,little less i mean the titans

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ESPN Suspends Host For Using Derogatory Slur Against Baker Mayfield

ESPN Suspends Host For Using Derogatory Slur Against Baker Mayfield

and we're gonna wench Watson keep it,going mahomes and now burn Alberto,there's a penalty for a negative yardage,but there was a lot of time,well when the penalty happened and we,were to go ahead a chance no no stop,saying but I just told you the clock was,running and we had a penalty do you want,to give them the ball back no you don't,play you don't know it that's just plain,and simple was I happy with the track no,we didn't score points it's a dumbest,question you can ask what is PN's Tony,grossie got caught on a hot mic going,after Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield,the two have a history just in case you,missed it here's bumped of audio Holmes,and now Burton now burrow through all of,this but the Browns is woes the past few,years guys aren't able to have hot taker,e in sports media it's why high noon was,cancelled however it seems like the fix,was in from the start,grossie tweeted Baker Mayfield was put,on this planet to sucker the Browns,hashtag Hundred Years War this is,tweeted in November of 2017 Baker,Mayfield wasn't drafted until April 26,2018 grossy of ESPN Cleveland ran with,the headline comparisons of Baker,Mayfield to Johnny Manziel are fair and,appropriate not lazy analysis what Jesus,Tony to words,that led to t-shirts being sold in,Cleveland with the fall out news 5,Cleveland comm wrote a piece titled Tony,grossie suspended indefinitely for,calling Baker Mayfield derogatory slur,grossie feeling the heat got his apology,in and in short what we are showing I am,truly sorry for my language and choice,of words and a remark I made about Baker,Mayfield that was captured on our live,feed I sincerely apologize for using a,word that is a derogatory slur there's,no excuse for using that language in any,context it was said without malice but,also without thought,ESPN Cleveland issued their statement on,Twitter as well ironically McNeil with,the tweet of the day,writing oh so now the mics pick up the,derogatory slur grossie has a history,and,20:12 grossie was removed as a member of,the Cleveland Plain Dealer staff gross,he had typed a message which he termed a,smart-aleck remark to a colleague that,called Browns owner Randy Lerner a,pathetic figure the most irrelevant,billionaire in the world,he thought he was texting it to a friend,but accidentally tweeted the message,there's also the 2017 case of grossie,claiming that the Browns are outsourcing,major decisions to a football analytics,columnist and podcaster with no,practical experience in football,scouting coaching or team-building,because one of their moves followed,something bill Barnwell once said in,October 2019 grossie has been quoted as,saying he had been disrespectful so many,times in the last couple weeks in,response to simple questions by me,grossie said of Mayfield while there are,beefs between athletes and media members,the question becomes not as a columnist,but as a beat reporter is there a bias,that will lead to unfair coverage this,was Tony grossie in his most authentic,form the ball now lies in ESPN,Cleveland's court

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The Packers Season is Over

The Packers Season is Over

well,here we are again,grassy Posse Packer Nation welcome to an,episode of podcasting podcast where you,don't today Pakistan but it sure does,help I'm your host Tom,at least it wasn't to the 49ers grassy,and,here we are folks uh time to break down,the Green Bay Packers lost to the,Detroit Lions 20-16 in week 18 on Sunday,Night Football at Lambeau Field which,has ended the Green Bay Packers,2022-2023 NFL season in heartbreaking,fashion once again,uh this is of course Deja Vu for Packers,fans as we have just had heartbreaking,loss after heartbreaking loss after,heartbreaking loss the last three,seasons have all come to an end in Lambo,and it's uh not as heartbreaking and,soul-crushing as the previous two but,this one is up there and,yeah,just had a lot of hope uh for this,season and how this was gonna go but,unfortunately it didn't and I mean the,Packers I don't think anyone could look,at their entire season and go like this,was a pretty good season the Packers up,and down you know they started off,pretty solid after the loss to the,Vikings they won three straight then,they went down all the way to four and,eight their season was effectively done,and then they go on this four game win,streak in which basically everybody,counts them out people are talking about,starting Jordan love and benching Aaron,Rodgers and this that and the other,thing,and instead they go on this run they,beat the Rams they beat the Bears,previously they'd be the Dolphins they,beat the Vikings and they beat the crap,out of the Vikings and everything,fell their way the commanders lost to,the Browns last week everything they,needed was in front of them they had,control of Their Own Destiny and they,just could not get it done against a,division rival who had nothing to play,for except the fact that they could,bring the Packers down with them and,that is what Dan Campbell and the,Detroit Lions did tonight and so there,is going to be a lot of questioning a,lot of soul searching going on for the,Packers organization in this off season,of course you're gonna have to deal with,veterans what's Aaron Rodgers gonna do,which he had his post game press,conference and he said Hey listen it,might be time to walk away but after,some time he might think never mind you,know I gotta go back out there and I,gotta compete and try to win another one,he said he's not gonna hold the team,hostage so he's just gonna take some,time and just try to figure that out he,said he wasn't going to assume if the,Packers were just gonna automatically,want to bring him back even though Matt,leflore said absolutely they want him,back he is going to make a ton of money,next year so and Rogers would be walking,away from a bunch of that but it's not,just Aaron Rodgers there's guys like,Mason Crosby David bakhtiari Mercedes,Lewis Randall Cobb all whose Futures may,be up in the air and that stuff they're,they're going to have to try and rectify,in a season where they're gonna be uh,pretty constricted by the cap so we're,sitting here,on January 9th kind of just scratching,our heads going where do we go from here,because,how many heartbreaking losses does it,take to try and figure out what's wrong,you look at Joe Barry right in which he,had a rough season a defense that was,supposed to be top 10 maybe even top,five was supposed to be elite and they,had injuries to Eric Stokes and Rashaan,Gary and you thought that after the bye,week there was this shift that happened,they started getting turnovers I talked,about this stat last week in that in 10,games the Packers had a turnover and in,those 10 games the first six they had a,combined eight turnovers and the last,four they had 12. tonight didn't do,anything and it seems like they reverted,back to their old self they had some,good stops when they were put in,precarious positions they forced some,field goals but bone-headed mistakes and,kind of just errors playing Zone playing,off receivers when they just had to get,five yards for a first down and all,these things just combined and you saw,kind of what you saw earlier in the,season it was just not complimentary,football the offense wasn't firing and,when they were the defense wasn't and,vice versa we've been talking about this,all year and it eventually ended the,Packers season tonight taking a look at,Aaron Rodgers 17 for 27 205 yards one,touchdown one interception was also,sacked twice and sitting here right now,if Aaron Rodgers does walk away from,football his last throw as a Green Bay,Packer will be an interception just like,Brett Favre's was which is just hard to,stomach right now and Rogers he showed,those flashes you know Roger's been,dealing with an injury had a fractured,thumb after the Giants game and we've,kind of looked at Rogers going from back,to back MVP to struggling this year,whether it was not being on the same,page as wide receivers whether it was,dealing with an injury or the more,important thing just the lack of,consistency that was there Aaron Rodgers,is still a ver

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what is up guys my name is Quincy,carrier and welcome to Q&A the show,where I take your questions from YouTube,and Twitter and answer them here in,video format on this show and one of the,main things I got a ton of questions,about this week is about the Tony Rossi,situation so you know we're gonna just,kind of jump into that right away with,the question from Mike Keely who says,should we throw Tony grossie at the moon,or at the Sun alright so let's talk,about the Tony grossie situation and,what that situation is is that during a,ad break,Tony grossie was quoted and caught on,video and camera I mean in audio st.,calling Baker Mayfield a bleeping bleep,now you can figure out what those two,bleeps are with one Google search so go,ahead and do that but he called him what,is a derogatory term towards little,people now this is a double-sided sort,for Tony grossie one he used the word he,knows he's not supposed to use because,he's a professional journalist he knows,what words are acceptable in print and,which words aren't so he knew that he,was using a bad word that's why he,wanted to make sure he was off the air,so that part is just do the other part,of this double-sided sword for Tony,grossie is quite frankly it confirmed,what everybody knew about Tony grossie,but it just gave everybody the evidence,they needed to be double sure and that,is that Tony grossie has never been,interested in covering Baker Mayfield in,a fair way not because of who Baker,Mayfield is not because of what Baker,Mayfield has or hasn't accomplished it's,because Baker Mayfield is not his ideal,height of quarterback now for those of,you who aren't ESPN 850 longtime,listeners or people who even care about,what the local radio market does let me,explain to you the history of Tony,grossie when it comes to quarterback,preferences since I've been listening to,850,since Tony grossie has been on there,after he got fired from The Plain Dealer,he has always had the preference towards,a bigger quarterback this was prevalent,and Johnny Manziel thing,it was prevalent during the Colt McCoy,era on whatever the Browns have had a,six-foot 1 or 6-foot quarterback you,know Tony grossie has always been,complaining about the height diet diet,he's always worried about the height,it's his biggest thing he's always,talking about the freakin height and you,know when Baker Mayfield came up in the,2018 Draft it was his biggest worry and,he compared him to Manziel and you know,just just went on to say a bunch of,stupid stuff that made him put his foot,in his mouth during Man Mayfield's,rookie year now that information being,what it is the way that grossie has,covered Baker Mayfield throughout the,last two years really doesn't make this,comment that he made very surprising to,me it's more of a confirmation that this,guy is unfit to do the job that he is,paid to do which is supposedly cover the,team objectively as a journalist now if,he were just another media personality,whatever he can have his opinion he's,not in the he's not in the you know pre,and post game Huddle's you know it,doesn't really matter you know if he's,just a media personality I'm immediate,personnel I don't matter to the fabric,of a team but the fact of the matter is,he's official beat reporter he is a,reporter he's a journalist his word is,supposed to be respected and his word is,supposed to be objective and fair now,that's kind of a myth in today's day and,age but still that's the expectation of,the job and comments like he made,towards Baker Mayfield about his height,just shows that he never was gonna give,Baker Mayfield a shot for the dumbest,reason of all time,not because Baker Mayfield hasn't showed,potential which he has not because he,disagrees with who Baker Mayfield is,because he's gotten behind more,loathsome personalities that were the,right height it's because Baker Mayfield,is not six foot two,he's six foot one you know he's not six,to like Joe Burrell,so Tony grossie was never gonna get,behind and you know I can sit here and,name call him or you know make fun of,that all I want all I will say is that,now everybody has zero excuse for,knowing what Tony grossie is in who he,is this is the person who when Baker,Mayfield came at him ran to the radio,station and claimed victim and had all,the people on his radio station you know,play that victim card and he said he,didn't know why there's this hostility,towards him with Baker Mayfield what he,knew damn well he's been antagonizing,Baker Mayfield this whole time so what I,want everybody to take away from this is,not the whole cancel Tony grossie thing,because quite frankly he's gonna pop up,on the radio networks because he's still,a popular enough personality where,people are gonna give them a shot and,it's just what they do you know when one,of their own messes up they're gonna,prop them up and bring them back up and,tell us that we're wrong for being upset,about it in the first place this is what,they're gonna do so next time you see,Tony g

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A Packers Fan's Live Reaction to the Lions Loss (NFL Week 18)

A Packers Fan's Live Reaction to the Lions Loss (NFL Week 18)

3 37 to go ball is on the 33. Rogers in,shotgun they're bringing pressure,they're bringing pressure Rogers heaves,it one out one-on-one coverage,interception,he throws a pick,it's picked ton of pressure Rogers just,heaves it up,and throws a pick,unbelievable,unbelievable,you gotta be kidding me,Mr thank you for the tour,so Packers still have all three timeouts,in the two minute warning but that that,hurts,oh now it comes down to the defense it,comes down to the effing defense all,right I lost my hands and I did not try,them my hands are still soaking wet it's,not urine it's water and soap all right,so they're on the 45 of Packers Jared,Goff Sands in the pocket throws freaking,all day to throw all day to throw,incomplete though incomplete you catch,it with his butt,same brown might have caught it with his,legs it goes right through his legs and,I'm pretty sure he squeezes those glutes,yup it's First and Ten,ball is on the 34. hand off big run gets,nine yards there down to the 25 and the,Packers make a stop but there's laundry,hold on there's a flag hold the phone,please for the love of God be on the,lions please be on the Lions holding on,the offense all right that's gonna set,him back 10 yards that's actually pretty,good come on it's a quick throw and they,lateral it,and oh my f and God it gets down to the,17. it's like third and four now he,freaking lateraled it what a risky ass,play that could have backfired so bad,oh my God he had me lateraled it to,Swift are you effing kidding me here we,go this is the season on the line third,and three ball is on the 18 the Packers,cannot stop the clock hand off and they,stop him it's fourth and one now if you,are the Lions what do you do you're up,for,Jared Goff is running out on the field,with 115 left the Detroit Lions are a,yard away from ending the Packer season,ball is around the 15-yard line and here,we go folks we have broken the record we,have 30 000 people jarga shotgun Packer,season is over,it's over,quick throw they got it,and the Green Bay Packers could not make,the stop,and just like that,their season is over,is he wide open too yup yup wide open,you know could have helped on that play,probably Quay Walker,it's DJ shark it's caught it's a first,down,and it's done I had some hope for a hot,minute for a hot minute we did Cobb and,Rogers walking off like that,there are a lot of questions for this,Packers team heading into the off season,there is a lot like that may be the last,time that you see Aaron Rodgers,in Lambeau

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Lions vs Packers Live Play by Play & Reaction

Lions vs Packers Live Play by Play & Reaction

100,000 subscribe,the game was over oh we here,I am just done,okay,let's go firing,Harold hold me Russell,oh it's caught over the middle,it's freaking fracking time,foreign,Nation welcome to an episode of back as,a podcast where you don't now do,Pakistan but it sure does help Bob your,host job,been waiting all day,for Sunday night grassy,oh baby we here,we are freaking fracking,here,the nerves the nerves are here,the Rams they lost to the Seahawks,so unfortunately it's not a winner take,all game I wanted that I wanted the,stakes to be even higher but instead the,Lions will attempt to play spoiler and,for the Green Bay Packers,if they win,they are,in,whatever,Kitty no they're not going to no no no,no no no no,no,choking none of that not that right not,a shenanigans tonight,budget with a toner livid uh shut him to,the punter yeah yeah I get it I get it,war dog thank you for the two appreciate,you Justin with a tour I know they,ruined it the Seahawks again they're the,worst Joshua JJ legend legend always,let's go me out if I'm waiting all day,baby let's freaking fracking go Connor,Thank you for the five or one two three,thank you for the Fiverr uh Go Pack Go,baby go pack up fudge it they fired uh,best left and Packers let's go Kevin,thank you for the sixer we're gonna try,to deny the Seahawks the playoff birth,let's go we jumped up for like a,thousand people to over 41. oh it's a,playoff game baby and if we win,we will be taking on,the San Francisco 49ers we still got to,do that stop Barry buried with a hundo,and for nerves like,come on tell Jimmy go back up let's go,let's go Scott hope you're doing well,buddy Johnny hello from the Black Wings,game and the only one wearing Packers,gear here free from my life no regards,no regards Johnny none Brandon gifted 50,memberships,oh Brandon thank you brand new members,check out the community tab join the,patreon now join the Discord Brandon you,crazy thank you thank you thank you,thank you it's all ready I can already,tell to be one of those streams it's,gonna be a crazy stream already Tim,thank you for the tour appreciate it bro,thank you for the three year Michael,thank you for the Fiverr oh dude the,Cowboys suck today,Omega thank you for the tour oh yeah,Lovey Smith Lovey Smith helping out the,Chicago Bears,let's go let's go,let's get it Zeb thank you for that 20.,backers will do this off season depends,what happens but,some people are not gonna be on this,team because of cap space so that's,interesting as the best thank you for,two I appreciate you uh RC thanks for,the Fiverr all right let's go guys folks,I'm sorry if I missed it already it's,already going crazy so welcome to the,crossbody we don't thank you for the,tour,let's go Rachel to Fiverr let's go,wearing their green relax somebody the,urine has to be strong tonight tactless,thank you for the fire will be easier I,don't think it's easier no cause now now,Dan Campbell's gonna be kicking onside,kicks like all the time that's it,they're gonna go for it on every fourth,down please thank you Survivor all the,anxiety is up there buddy viewer weather,oh,saying time is now the moment is a hand,Harold Raymond lets you strength go pack,go,oh,let's go,gamer try to not call Scooter I did not,no you guys are still in the playoffs,though you know that's really doesn't,matter they're just limping in there,Garfield thank you for gifted five,memberships Daniel thank you for the,tour oh boy yeah this is gonna be wild,it's gonna be wild already I could,already tell it's one of those streams,Brad with a Fiverr yup yup 49ers are,waiting Brandon would have fired Bears,will win the tank ball oh yeah they did,they did Chase thank you for the dollar,oh God I can't keep up already,oh boy Zachary thank you for the Fiverr,Diamond thank you for the fiver,appreciate you oh yeah later with a oh,no say the Eagles won Cowboys destroying,Wildflower and I want a fancy League,here so hope you have a good game,tonight Atlanta congratulations let's go,let's freaking get it let's get it Turk,thanks for five I appreciate you uh 12,foot to work nope no no no no no no no,no no no no Seahawks here okay thank you,for the tour Joshua thank you let's go,let's go oh God Yep this is not good,this is not good this is a problem,already so sweat outfit,foreign,bets Green Bay win should I throw,another 500 on the Lions money line,buddy don't bet anything you ain't,willing to lose remember,bet with your head,not over it that's what they say that's,what they say exhausted let's get it,done let's go Michael to fire call,Scooter not now this is not scooter time,this is Packer time Reston thank you for,the tour Haley and thank you for the,Fiverr oh I do Griffin thank you for the,two appreciate you Daniel thank you for,the fire Zev thank you for the time I,don't have a second favorite team it's,all Packers all the way down all the way,down Drew thank you for the tour Ethan,thank you appreciate it again I,apologize if I miss people already it's,like I can't even I

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If NFL Teams Were On Tinder (Part 1)

If NFL Teams Were On Tinder (Part 1)

girl i'll buy you whatever you want,regardless of price,money to me,is just a social construct,my hobbies i like to travel a lot,mainly to london,oh our date is gonna be the most amazing,date ever like the greatest one you've,ever been on,oh wait did we match before and i said,the same thing to you last year oh i'm,reggie by the way no no no i'm wild,flower,no that's that's not right either a,little bit about me,my,ex and i,parted it was a mutual decision,and uh they're doing great,doing real great,got got a ring last year,i'm glad i'm glad he's doing well though,why am i still dating honestly i don't,know,i was on the altar four times in a row,yup,just back to back to back to back still,didn't get married,i can't finish,and i'm starting to think it's a medical,problem,um,what i'm looking for in a partner,is someone who doesn't do background,checks,hey you want to go with me to a game,my game,would you please go to my game,my pet peeves are,grinding at the bar and kicking,employees random question um have you,taken a paternity test recently i just,need to make sure that you're not my,boss's daughter,i guess my only question for you is are,we gonna go all the way this time,i would say i'm into really long-term,relationships,so,you pretty much can say or do anything,and and i,won't leave you,i mean like you could date a witch and,that's fine do i have any kinks,uh,nothing too out of the ordinary,how do you feel about poo water how do,you feel about exotic foods,like,kneecaps,here's a random question off the top of,my head how important are morals to you,i actually got married last year but i,loved it so much that i just want to do,it again,when am i free,oh literally anytime,especially on some days,hey how fast can you run,not in a weird way but if it's fast i'll,give you 90 million dollars,are we gonna have a good date i don't,know it could be good could be bad it's,really just a flip of the coin,yeah i would say i'm a pretty loyal guy,but if there is someone i think is,better i will leave you for them,this is not gonna work out if you're,lactose intolerant,my standards and expectations,they're low,oh my dad is a literal monster no he's,not a politician but he'll be talking to,congress real soon,you wouldn't want to date my ex would,you,really just looking for anybody to take,him at this point,i don't really think about the future,too much honestly um,but why do you want kids in the future,because that that's something that can't,happen for me for many many years,because i sold all my future kids,i sold my semen

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Tony Grossi: Grant Delpit Has Been A Huge Disappointment! - Browns Talk #2

Tony Grossi: Grant Delpit Has Been A Huge Disappointment! - Browns Talk #2

on this Friday edition of the sick,podcast with Andy McNamara we dive deep,into the Cleveland Browns on bye week,with the man himself Tony grossy long,time analyst from ESPN Cleveland and,give you the fantasy football and NFL,betting info you need with Steffy Smalls,that's coming up right now,turn up your volume,because you're about to listen to the,sick podcast,with Andy McNamara the sickest Cleveland,Browns podcast cut back by Chubb he's to,the ten he's still running to the five,he dips outside left he's going a,touchdown what a run Nick job he's gonna,be sick,with the Browns being at three and five,with them having so much,unknown are they still in the race,aren't they just Sean wants to come back,I had to go to the man I had to go to,the source to the general of the Hundred,Years War and that man is Tony Grossi,from ESPN Cleveland who's been covering,the Browns since 1984 and does a great,job every single day for ESP in,Cleveland and on the land on demand,General Mr grossy how are you pretty,good Andy thanks for having me,absolutely well hey thank you for for,coming on and this is a time that the,team reflects and Andrew Berry the,general manager said uh you know,obviously they address their situations,and everybody's studying films so for,fans it's also a time for us to reflect,and I think Tony for me through the,first eight games the two words that pop,to mind are missed opportunities because,really Tony if you look at this team I,should have five the record should at,least be the other way around don't you,think,oh for sure,um you know I had even if they had just,beaten,um Baltimore two two weeks ago that,Cincinnati game would have been for,first place in the AFC North and the,Browns trounced the Bengals so,um they have a lot of catching up to do,now I mean they they could have,controlled things uh with their,undefeated record in in the division as,it is they're two and one in Baltimore's,kind of gained some separation so,they're not out of it but uh they got a,steep hill to climb,exactly in Baltimore the schedule on,paper is uh one of the easiest in the,whole league so that's not good the,Bengals we know hey it's eerily similar,to a year ago Tony where the Browns,trounce them at Denzel or to that,99-yard pick six then they that flip the,switch and they went on to the Super,Bowl Steelers seemed like they're an,afterthought but it's still in that,sense for the Browns where okay you're,three and five,you still have a waste of DeSean Watson,comes back do you think they can tread,water with their schedule coming to stay,in this thing until Watson comes back,well Jacoby Brissett has three more,games to play Miami uh Tampa Bay and,buffalo,um and only the Tampa game is is in,Cleveland I I don't think that matters,too much,um yeah if he could win two of them,they'd be in great shape uh winning one,keeps them still in it but puts a lot of,pressure on Watson to uh you know,virtually go five and one uh for them to,have any chance and they will definitely,have to win there were three remaining,division games,and the problem with the Cincinnati game,is uh they look they look dumb you know,especially after losing their cornerback,and the Cleveland needs them not to be,done because they play Baltimore in that,final game of the year that you know it,could come down to something like that,because I think the only way the Browns,make the playoffs is by winning the,division and they can do it but they're,going to need help now from Cincinnati,or Pittsburgh,in conversation with Tony Grossi from,ESPN Cleveland and the,on Twitter at Tony grossy and Tony yeah,you said it and you've been a big,proponent with your articles,um on the land on demand of with in this,division with how close things are and,that there's no real juggernaut winning,the division and against your divisional,opponents is so important and the Browns,have have done that pretty well so far,but that continues to add up and it's,it's a case again where you look at it,yeah the Baltimore game should have,happened,um Pittsburgh looks like it's you know,they're uh quarterback situations all up,and down and you look back to the Jets,game and the Falcons and even though,that's not the division boy if you had,those two with their division record,yeah it just comes down to the in-game,management right yeah well the Jets game,was an all-time uh just uh instant,classic uh uh terrible game 13 points,and a minute 33 or whatever it was,um yeah so uh I mean that's that's what,losing that game and that's what losing,uh,um uh you know the New England trunks,them but the Falcons game as you said,was was also another winnable game and,that's five and three there if they win,those two games and they're in good,shape with five and three and two and,one in the division so so they're going,to have to need a lot of help now it's,still doable but um uh there's no room,for error now for them right and we talk,about DeSean Watson and you've written,about it and I'm

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