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Minecraft Twitter Viciously Bullied A Youtuberminecraft twitter what's up with that,huh wacky goofy


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Minecraft Twitter Viciously Bullied A Youtuber

minecraft twitter what's up with that,huh wacky goofy going on there,this is probably the millionth video,talking about minecraft stands on,youtube but,i wanted to kind of talk about something,that just happened that's kind of got my,ass greased up a little bit,i'll just break it all down for you give,you the full lore update,although i'm sure most of you know on,twitter one of the biggest most toxic,communities is the minecraft stand,community with people that are extremely,obsessed with minecraft content creators,on the internet,and this community eats itself alive,this is actual cannibalism if you,see a minecraft stand on twitter just,assume that they've tasted human flesh,before,they're like little piranhas or catfish,just constantly eating, for no reason they just go out of,their way to make themselves as,miserable as possible and find things to,be upset about,and it's usually the things they love,the most they absolutely,murder the content creators that they're,obsessed with,if anything goes even slightly awry with,the perfect image they have of their,minecraft youtuber,they lose their mind about it,and go on absolute twitter rampages and,trend,everything about it so recently this,happened with tommy in it,tom unit very popular minecraft player,he's a 17 year old kid,and these bloodthirsty warriors on,twitter,recently blasted him multiple times over,the course of a couple days and then he,finally made an announcement saying that,it's just been too much for his mental,health and he's having to go to therapy,now and doesn't really want to engage,online anymore,which is pretty extreme considering he's,a 17 year old kid,so they've successfully bullied a child,for nothing with backlash like this you,would have expected to be something,extreme that caused it,like a video of tommy slitting the,throat of a puppy,or tommy doing something crazy like,saying he doesn't like bts music,but it wasn't anything like that he got,all of this happening to him,for a very light-hearted joke which,we'll get to in a minute,but i want to explain he's not just,going to like up and quit the internet,as far as i know it's just mainly,targeted towards twitter he no longer,wants to be there which is completely,understandable twitter is the most,miserable,place on the planet it'd be more fun to,live in an active war zone than it would,be to spend an,hour on twitter truly vile garbage with,absolute,trash people on that platform and i want,to explain one more time just,how ridiculous the minecraft stands can,be there's entire pages dedicated to,just keeping track of what minecraft,youtubers are listening to on spotify at,all hours of the day,so when it gets to a song they like they,can make 50 50 tweets about how excited,they are that their favorite minecraft,youtubers listening to it,it's extremely unhealthy and then,they'll turn around and go from this the,worship,to absolute hatred and vilifying them,and calling,their favorite minecrafter a demon and a,satanist a racist a homophobe,all kinds of truly deplorable titles,that they'll just immediately snap onto,them,there's absolutely wild stuff it's,extremely sad to see,one of the saddest things though in,particular and this doesn't really have,anything to do with the current,situation,for a while there was a trend among,tommy in it stanz,and tubbo stands to sexualize both of,them and,make them have like romantic fanfic,together despite both of them being,underage so it's really bad stuff that,has come from these stands,of course not all of them are like this,nor are they all horrible people or,anything like that i'm not trying to,make just a pure generalization,but it has led to so many horrible,things for the content creators and,really twitter as a whole,pretty much anytime anything happens,with a minecrafter it trends number one,blocking out actual important things in,the world so it really is,truly just an overall detriment to have,this level of celebrity worship be,commonplace and normalized on twitter,i really think parents need to do a,better job of raising their children and,monitor their online activities because,what's happening is these youtubers are,unintentionally,raising a whole generation of kids and,if it's not the youtubers doing it,it's the children in the fandom raising,other children on twitter to join the,fandom like a cult,it's like lord of the flies with,children raising each other which is why,you're having things like this happen,so let's get to the tommy in it,situation that brought all this up and,it really wasn't just like,one thing in particular but it really,started when tommy made a joke about,jay schlatt the tweet's been deleted and,i actually can't find a screenshot of it,but basically he replied to a tweet,saying like jay schlatt's a bad guy,mockingly and then the minecraft stanz,got really upset about this so they,trended something called tommy neg,meaning tommy negative so it's just them, all over tommy,to make it trend so you could just see,nothi

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TommyInnit's Career Is Over...

TommyInnit's Career Is Over...

we love zombie we love dumpy i love you,dumpy i love you damn i love you i love,you,yo what to do what's up guys today we,got the drama news update gideon,versus tom i got i'm five days late to,this story,um i'm doing a terrible job as news,reporter but i hope you guys can forgive,me and hope you guys can just act like,it's brand new shocking news for like a,day,right come on guys come on come on but,as i said in the last video about the,situation all right guys today,we got drama for your mama why you want,to go and talk fam gideon versus,tommy in it,the allies versus the axe if you guys,didn't see the last video i'll do a real,quick rundown for you guys basically we,have gideon he's a six foot four,tall uh basketball player named demarcus,demarcus and then we have tommy in it,and tommy in it was uh,at twitchcon okay he was at the,twitchcon convention doing a meet and,greet signing taking pictures with,the fans oh my god it's tommy in it and,he was like sup babe tommy always oh, he has the the accent so it was,more like what's up guys i'm tummy in it,and jitty on,by the way guys he's not actually a,basketball player,he makes videos,where he trolls and with people so,jidion was at the event at twitchcon and,he thought it would be a funny idea if,he went in line and pretended to be like,tommy in it right,or a tommy edit fan right i mean i,think i think,him and tommy have some key differences,that set them apart i don't know what,they could be but uh yeah but basically,before any proof came out before any,videos came out of what happened at this,event tommy and it went on livestream,and basically called out gideon without,saying his name he called him a uh,a piece of during my meet and greet,uh this troll dude crayo shoved,into the line being super rude,uh first of all i'm sorry i didn't see,him earlier uh first of all i'm sorry i,didn't see him earlier first of all i'm,sorry he just basically accused gideon,of uh grabbing up his little 10 year old,fans and taking him to a dark corner of,a room and showing them a great time,basically he said that jidion was like,harassing people and right jideon,is a banned streamer on twitch so,technically he wasn't even supposed to,be at the event it was just supposed to,be a funny video and uh but all of a,sudden there's these damning allegations,that gideon is a bad person you know,gideon terrible guy not supposed to be,at the twitch event not supposed to be,in line with these five-year-old tommy,fans what is he doing why is he grabbing,their asses and julian what the, dude that's basically what tommy,was saying right,he didn't actually say the man i,can't even say this as a joke right i,mean the last thing i want is to be sued,by tom unit he has that minecraft money,i don't have that minecraft money pretty,much after time unit had this clip come,out about him saying like oh there's,this scumbag troll,length and he was harassing my fans,triggered you lot like and i'm,sorry i couldn't stop him,um after that came out gti made a,response on twitch and he basically said,look when the video is out the video is,out but i'm gonna have to release the,footage because prior i don't think i,mentioned this yet but prior to this in,the original clip tommy and it was like,i hope you'll do the right thing and not,release the footage but gideon was like,yo dude calm down,i need to release the footage the,footage has all the proof you'll need,and it shows exactly what i did at your,event that you claim was such terrible,harassment and right you're,painting me as a bad person so i'm gonna,clear my name when the video comes out,also you also got to realize the event,that we were at,is,you know there's,uh there's signs around that will let,you know that,everybody at the event is going to be,recorded you know there's going to be,some form of video,evidence or video proof of you there you,know there's a lot of people streaming,there and stuff like that so mr tommy,you know i don't want you to think that,i'm putting you in the video as like you,know a clickbait route or as a route of,you know trying to get views and stuff,i'm just trying to do this,to show my side of the situation because,me personally i feel like this got blown,way out of proportion but,i'm not gonna speak my piece here y'all,as you guys see i'm kind of,not really addressing too much of what,he's saying i'm only addressing this,part because i just want it to be known,now,but i'm just gonna let the video speak,for itself you feel me because i have,the video it's in the vote i made my,first video on this subject right after,this point in time and dude the drama,the stakes were high is tommy in,it right is gideon right what's tom yuna,exaggerating is gideon a we were,all waiting for this video to come out,and about five or six days ago because,i'm late and i suck at my job,the video came out,wow,this was so crazy but i'm kind of,confused because from the way tommy was,describing the event i thought gideon,came with like nunchucks

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TommyInnit MEETS Susan!!? Ft. Tubbo Bekyamon

TommyInnit MEETS Susan!!? Ft. Tubbo Bekyamon

oh it's sussan oh you ever met sarson,what who the who the final assassin uh,they are they running Logistics and,solutions company,um wait who is that it's Susan they run,a logistics solution we don't really,know they logged in about a week ago to,the server they got past like the white,list and like hacked in and I don't,know uh and they're just they've been,running a logistics and solutions,company but it actually is that but we,have no idea they just logged in but I'm,calling them big sauce big Susan oh wait,it's not actually someone that's how tin,is it well no I did they just showed up,and they're not whitelisted or in the,Discord,okay I mean if it's good content yeah,it's good content it's good content it's,good content um okay they run on,Logistics and solutions company but it's,baseball closed uh yeah they don't speak,and they're always incredibly busy,you said a thousand Susan Susan doesn't,talk oh,no I don't remember that where's Susan,she was like just the logistics company,you want to take a visit what the f,um yeah all right come on okay uh it's,Susan's Logistics and solutions it's,over here I mean it's awesome texting me,it's Susan,big sauce and busting exactly at the,logistics haven't you it's just around,here we're just taking the path around,what the ,she said she was busy yeah sasson's,always busy there's Logistics,you know yeah the origin is busy,business woman wait what origin is Susan,a business employee corporate employee,origin,well I think technically CEO I think her,active abilities data analysis or,something yeah,what the and she has a passive,ability of uh you know saying stuff,yeah,let me go check this one out all right,I mean,all right,Susan,name,like what's all this can you hear us or,do I have to type I don't think,something she could hear us I talked to,her then she told me busy oh oh hey oh,yes yes,I see something something's very,basically let me just ask Susan wait,just wait that's a bit mean I mean in a,good way is it you,is it you Susan wojinski CEO of YouTube,I see that's what that's what I said,yeah she just says busy,is it you would just give me we're just,gonna get ski is it you Susan,as if it is I'm literally gonna fan girl,so hard,no no,Susan what other seasons are there Susan,Boyle are you seasoned boil,well no this is the father,said anything,it's the finals,my business,what's all this then,you know you need a license for that,just trust me too much trust me I I,don't think they do,yeah,he's got weed she's got weed,Wicked slaves they gave it to him I mean,it's just a bit of weed she took it with,Glee she's got their she's, suited mate,your massive massive roll of closed,yeah the business is closed still needs,it yeah but it's supposed to be,operating I'll be back tomorrow,I need to see a license look,it's it's close it's not very good,business then,what do you mean she's gonna go ,why are you closing,what,workspace,hang about hey get another workspace is,not ergonomic enough yeah sorry I forgot,to say that's why it's being foreclosed,I mean to be fair there's not a lot of,lumbar support in this chat it's just,like to a right angle of yeah you just,get a new,chairs it's not Susan's responsibility,to do that,wait,okay,help,okay okay oh by the way sasson's playing,on Windows 98 so it takes a while,wait,is she an AI,Maybe,oh,what are you doing looking on Susan's,computer,don't don't,get into the computer,why are you hacking into the computer,what what have you done Susan been,Googling oh no you've got Susan B sexy,ego on that computer Susan,whoa whoa whoa she went up the hill,she's up there,Susan's busy please please don't,distract Susan from her work but what's,she doing it works your business is shut,It's the final season there's only one,season,what happened to the other Susans they,all they're gone she's the final season,did she win did she win I think it was a,fight yeah,how many Susans were there I don't know,but there's only one now any numbers,there could have been any number any,number of Seasons so good,um well,yeah it's pretty good well maybe you can,seize it you could seize the corporate,property I'll be back tomorrow all right,what's going on tomorrow everyone's like,it's so sad no no tomorrow in game I,want to see the license,what the business license business,license okay Susan doesn't need a,business license oh I think you'll find,she does turbo does how come you're,running slow down I've got so Speedy,I've got so Speedy Slow Down slow down,you're too fast uh he's just simply too,too rapid,too I'm gonna go in,a lot of iron okay I want to make an,anvil I had,oh yeah oh I like that,that's rather nice got my gun,what did you do oh did you name it gun,yeah I did what if can I get a gun no no,no no no no you're not on my level Turbo,well I want to put out a hit and you,you're not accepting my hit who do you,want to put a hit on,between me and you yeah to me leaning,who do you want to have,Phil,why do you want to kill Bill he's not,even on I said Phil,oh wh

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tommy in it why is dream obsessed with,me,tommy in it i am not enjoying adult life,my landlord is a little bit,tubbo say that to his face he'll murder,you i've seen what this man is capable,of,tommy i will not be saying it to his,face dr disrespect imagine getting 50k,likes per tweet and still having a,landlord,tommy in it please stop ignoring my text,dr disrespect,rambu,this is why you tour the place so that,you can learn what chemicals you can use,to your advantage,filza invite them on your stream for,content,tom simons if you look carefully you can,see a hot and sexy woman also i'm,driving a tank,tommy in it me and the boys judging,people,tommy in it i am frequently thrown out,of public libraries,he has 97 mental illnesses and is banned,from most public spaces,wilber slit five-time librarian escape,champion tommy in it i think i'm winning,but it's unclear,technoblade,bro i've literally been asking you where,the library is for two years and you,knew this whole time,not cool,tommy in it do not bring up our past,tommy in it just dropped out of college,tubbo moment,tubbo yo,tommy in it what do i gotta find now,tubbo carl,epic tubbo moment tommy in it i don't,understand this cryptic reply,lazar i dropped out of 15 man you're,late tommy in it i love the fact that,you live on the other side of the world,to me bundy,education we are minecrafters,tom simons,not happy,dream,i either don't sleep or sleep literally,all day there's no in between,tommy in it i either don't or literally,all day in between,save nap patches pooed on the floor last,night,tommy in it,i promise i've never searched this i i,was hacked guys i was hacked,tommy in it i just want to be spider-man,tubbo i want to be tall,tommy in it you'd never disappoint tubbo,tommy in it thinking about mud,cool,tommy in it this is the most important,moment of my life,oh brother charlie the emilio followed,you,dream wtf follow me charlie d'emilio,tommy in it sorry bro i earned this,tommy i have spent so much time trying,to work out if this image is real,i think she's a wax figure tommy,tommy what,cpk,nah it's probably just the queen taking,a picture with the wax figure of george,no way she got to meet him,sheila this makes more sense george,doesn't look real,tommy in it happy valentine's day leave,a like if you're also violently alone,so should it be happy violence day,dream,i'm violent tommy in it you are,definitely alone,tubbo,sorry king couldn't like this one,tommy in it,not okay man the things you do to that,dumbass benson duck always kissing it,and,come on dude,tommy,from peace to anarchy,cryptic,sleep with one eye open,tommy in it no one told me you need to,go to a premieres in a suit and all,fancy,guys i up big time,i don't know man you kind of have peter,parker vibes going for you there at that,getup tommy in it just hope tom holland,doesn't think different of me,jack manifold i don't,exclusive movie premiere,paragliding with the boys,tommy in it i will dress up in anything,for bilzo,tommy at a movie premiere,tommy for a minecraft video,dream dream haters are 100 000 times,more toxic than dream stands welcome to,my ted talk,dream also it was creator of the year,haters the cheating scandal was so last,year,tommy in it sleppy boy stands are,winning right now no wars here we just,sit and talk about tubbo,tubbo,dubbo,tommy in it we are professional,streamers this is our job,tommy in it we'll do animal crossing,stream this week to make it up to you,maybe if this gets 100 000 likes i know,my worth fills up hotel wi-fi said nah,lmfao,tommy in it am i getting adopted,freddie,this was settled ages ago,wilbur soot,we put tubbo in the bread compartment,keeps him fresh and dry,tommy in it at least he's happy,rambu,microwave him i want to see what happens,bilzo,huh,amezi what a great idea,tubbo,okay but,okay but,why,hollywood unlocked exclusive queen,elizabeth did,tommy in it tweets dream use the revive,book before it's too late jack manifold,replies,what,no damsels,dream replies done,tommy in it how can i ever repay you,verb tweets this is the new queen,wilbur soot guys remember grab it to,believe stay running run for what you,yes,etc,tommy in it guys remember don't forget,why fight the no stop for never,etc,i'm noticing a trend here,tom simons they call us an uber of the,ocean that looks pretty fun,minecraft youtuber tier list,anyone disagree,what do you think let me know in the,comments below,tubbo can i be upped from f tier please,sleepy,this is actually the real list the one,above got badly edited,tommy in it loving my life in my private,jet,dream,george and i were playing fortnite and,driving in a car together and heat waves,literally came on the fortnite car radio,and we freaked out tommy in it wilbur,and i were in a cafe and james,marriott's hit single slow down,literally came on the cafe radio and i,started pissing,crying,james marriott bro,tom simons you cannot tell in this photo,but i am very lonely,tommy in it what's it with my friends,and just leaving me

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HasanAbi reacts to Minecraft Twitter Viciously Bullied A Youtuber | penguinz0

HasanAbi reacts to Minecraft Twitter Viciously Bullied A Youtuber | penguinz0

here now let's take a look at like a,comparable one with uh within the,minecraft space,where uh i guess the communities can get,upset,wacky goofy going on there this is,probably the millionth video talking,about minecraft stands on youtube but,i wanted to kind of talk about something,that just happened that's kind of got,my ass greased up a little bit i'll just,break it all down for you give you the,full lore update,although i'm sure most of you know on,twitter one of the biggest most toxic,communities is the minecraft stand,community with people that are extremely,obsessed with minecraft content creators,on the internet,and this community eats itself alive,this is actual cannibalism if you,see a minecraft stand on twitter just,assume that they've tasted human flesh,before,they're like little piranhas or catfish,just constantly eating, for no reason they just go out of,their way to make themselves as,miserable as possible and find things to,be upset about,and it's usually the things they love,the most they absolutely,murder the content creators that they're,obsessed with,if anything goes even slightly i have no,idea what,charlie's talking about here shocking,revelation to me,derive with the perfect no the main,difference is i'm older,and the main difference is like i didn't,learn my political opinion i mean i kind,of,grew into my political opinions also on,the internet,but i wasn't 17 on the internet and,extremely online with like every single,thing that i do,being monitored by uh people who like,document every instance and judge every,minor infraction,so that's it that's the big difference,so i have the,so i have the the bandwidth to just be,like off,shut up you don't know any better and i,also have the personal experience of,seeing so many people,go through the their own uh,growth period of learning about leftist,values and learning about leftist ideas,and then being like over the top,and and overboard and and super rad lib,and vindictive almost towards people,that they feel as though they,that have wronged them so yeah that's,the,image they have of their minecraft,youtuber they lose their mind,about it and go on absolute twitter,rampages and trend,everything about it so recently this,happened with tommy in it tommy in unit,very popular minecraft player,he's a 17 year old kid and these,bloodthirsty warriors on twitter,recently blasted him multiple times over,the course of a couple days and then he,finally made an announcement saying that,it's just been too much for his mental,health and he's having to go to therapy,now and doesn't really want to engage,online anymore,which is pretty extreme considering he's,a 17 year old kid,so they've successfully bullied a child,for nothing with bad they themselves,you would have expected to be something,extreme that caused it like a video of,tommy slitting the throat of a puppy or,tommy doing something crazy like saying,he doesn't like bts music,but it wasn't anything like that he got,all of this happening to him,for a very light-hearted joke which,we'll get to in a minute,but i want to explain he's not just,gonna like up and quit the internet as,far as i know it's just mainly,targeted towards twitter he no longer,wants to be there which is completely,understandable,twitter is the most miserable place on,the planet it'd be more fun to live in,an active war zone than it would be to,spend an,hour on twitter truly vile garbage with,absolute trash people on that platform,so they were sending him death there's,okay get to the point charlie god damn,it,charlie i want to explain one more time,just how,ridiculous the minecraft okay okay we,know minecraft is ridiculous,okay the pure generalization but it has,led to so many horrible things,for okay i just want the video dude i i,want to know what's going on is this it,damn it,it's like everyone seems to think that,it's this big thing,it's like i only mentioned it really on,stream because i wanted to like,everyone seems to think that it's this,big thing like god he must be unwell,but i just like dude it's cool,man it's cool i don't want,to be a stigma around it um so i wasn't,gonna mention it but you know i thought,i didn't want this to be a stigma um the,last thing ah,listen i know i'm sorry,i am generally sorry uh i i i,i'm even let me read out my notes you,know um i don't always know what i'm on,about uh i don't know,listen schlatt is a good friend of mine,but i think he makes some jokes and,some dumb jokes that i don't always,agree with,uh he and that that wasn't me saying,when i'm going he's a good guy me going,i agree with absolutely every last thing,he does,so i'm sorry everyone got thing,i thought that's,it so wait what was the reason come on i,know you're in here minecraft stands,give me the reason for why uh tommy in,it was uh,was uh getting uh uh people were getting,upset,at uh tommy in it how old is he also i,need age,i don't know i don't i i understand that,he's a bruv okay,first and foremost uh this is for those,of

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I have a Girlfriend.

I have a Girlfriend.

what does lap stand for,God you can tell he's a virgin,co-starved two-star movie laid in,America KSI insults you like this says,this about your legacy you know it's,time to reveal the truth the thing,you've been hiding for so damn long it's,time to announce yeah I have a,girlfriend okay hi you've seen the title,so I don't need to explain the light's,flickering I'm nervous to do this video,man I've never shared anything like this,with the internet ever in my entire life,I have a girlfriend yes she's actually,uh in the room hello I'm looking at you,you can't see her hello that's I don't I,don't enjoy your presence in my life,look to prove it you hold the little,lighting and it will change it change it,I don't want bright yellow that's,annoying so I'm not stop please stop,don't slap it like that this is your,this is my this is my job she sat right,there now she doesn't want to be in any,videos you know there's a lot of you,right there's quite a lot of you and,this is gonna be a short video I've got,a lot to say like the time you met,George not found that was uh,well uh what with Twitter about to just,end feel like I want a more permanent,place to say this to to announce this,because I want to be honest with you,guys you know I'm oh God I'm gonna dream,up I love you guys I don't I don't know,you,I filmed a 20 minute long like heavily,animated really good story time video,about how I got my first kiss it all led,up to our first kiss probably shouldn't,talk about that on the end yeah you're,shaking your head this is weird I was a,teetering on publishing it about to I,thought you know what I'm sharing this,with you so I can be you're just on your,phone you're just on your phone what oh,you're getting the oh sorry,eyes lies right as I was going to hit,publish I thought I want to be,honest it's important that I don't hide,the fact that I am covered in women,woman one woman well not that I can't,say that anymore oh yeah don't look at,my old tweets,trying to think is there a way that you,can stand in the,Bible just hold your breath honestly,look proof that you exist,so this is who I am this is it was what,I'm like now I have wow look at me and,you need a name to your end now your M,your hand in frame yeah,yep yeah nice yeah great by yourself,sorry about this so uh yeah all right,you know elephant in the room the past,year I've done a few jokes all right I'm,gay gay wait I'm not straight funny,story actually no I have a story for,every time you met one of the uh just my,gang and one of them was you meeting,rampant so for the past you have done a,joke uh that I have a very very gay,crush on my friend,um can I just say you are looking big,tonight,and then you met him it turned out you,are the two most very similar people,they're like the same obscure bands what,were the other things you like the same,anime yeah you both like German,my reaction to every other YouTuber not,having a girlfriend ah now it feels,weird to be the only straight Minecraft,Youtuber but I'm proud to represent them,look honestly everyone I just wanted to,make this video because I feel like I've,been hiding it from you all I started,YouTube all these years ago so I could,just have fun and be myself and I feel,like this year I've slipped away from,that I've moved out it's been a big year,for me I feel like now's the first time,just kind of let my guard down a bit and,just let you all know I'm a Slayer now,I'm a I'm a billionaire I'm I'm I'm I am,I'm I'm I'm,gay you know,do you think I can keep that here now,look at this I'm YouTube I'm a wine girl,I'm actually gold digging you for,happiness,how's it feel you're my girlfriend and,there's nothing you can do,it please don't break up with me,ever the people and they mocked me you,know said I never have girlfriends you,die alone,will die alone I kill yourself no not me,now let's have 18 children and make them,work for me,why are you looking at me like that I'm,sure this will be funny because I can't,see you and you just look horrified at,me well you know I guess that's that,well there's gonna be a lot more content,to come but right now I'd like double,use in the chat I'm like super chats I'd,like favorites this is a new era I have,a girlfriend now I can make about a,third as many jokes let's see what this,has in store for us

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The TommyInnit and KSI Twitter Saga (ft. Ph1LzA)

The TommyInnit and KSI Twitter Saga (ft. Ph1LzA)

do you want in youtube rewind what do i,want in youtube rewind,minecraft this year was a big year for,minecraft i love you,i would put your life i see this guy,every now and then bro it just,sent me the weirdest tweets i'm like i,don't even know how to reply to these,he probably thinks i don't see it but i,definitely see it okay so here's one,i put on christmas day i'm gonna give,you the best most unexpected christmas,present ever tommy and it just replies,with,is it money here's another one we got a,big at sidemen sunday video today,he just replies with please can i join,the sidemen i need to participate,in these challenges what,and then he just put hello ksi friend of,fixed,oh man i know it reminds me of a young,harry or young road to shaw,without the drugs obviously,oh man i anyway,this year was a big year for minecraft,there's nothing about me,totally in it i see this guy every now,and then bro it just,sent me the weirdest tweets i'm like i,don't even know how to read it,he probably thinks i didn't see him okay,so here's one,i'm gonna give you the best most,unexpected christmas present ever tommy,and it just replies with,it,please can i join the sidelines,oh,ksi funny,friend of fixture oh yes,yeah yeah we're making our mark on the,world,that's you now tommy your friend yeah,i'm going to tweet him i'm going to,tweet him because i know he sees it,can you update your bio to just be,friendly,ah,are you serious,foreign,ready to go,la la la la la la la la,la,go la the first time

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TommyInnit is Painfully Unfunny

TommyInnit is Painfully Unfunny

hi fellas how's it going what does it do,my hoes and homos i'm gonna level with,you i don't like tommy in it i really,don't like tommy in it i'm also gonna be,real with you i only know who tommy in,it is i've never actually watched his,content i've never cared to only because,he's shoved into my face on twitter on,the daily and i don't know how to block,tommy in it related content what i don't,like about him is not his person him as,himself is probably a good guy he's,probably chill but the character that he,represents how he presents himself how,he dresses hell even his posture is ,not to mention the guy is eight days,older than me and he's british now,because there are somehow 10 million of,you guys i fully expect to get railed in,the comments and the dislikes because,children will be children but this is,stuff that's lived rent-free in my head,i need to get it out there otherwise,it'll rot my brain eat away at the,fabric of my being this this whole thing,is not just based in me wanting to be an, i just can't seem to avoid this,guy no matter where i go and i need to,come to peace with my thoughts there is,a 100 chance that if you're watching,this video you already know who tommy,and it is but because i need more time,in the video and in case you don't tommy,in it is a a british minecraft youtuber,in the dream smp survival multiplayer,um,survival multi,yeah it's survival multiplayer minecraft, i don't know,i think that's what smp means,yeah you know who he is now though so,with the incoherent rambling out of the,way uh welcome to the ween channel i'm,your host ween and today we're obviously,going to be talking about why tommy in,it is gay he's homosexual he kisses boys,do i have any proof to back this up no,does he actually probably not i don't,care i'm just saying it,this guy rubs me the wrong way i have an,issue with my own generation so much so,that i look at individuals like our good,buddy thomas isn't it and i feel the,overwhelming urge to go forage for,berries and kill elk with my bare hands,i was going to say i feel the,overwhelming urge to kill myself but,that would just be following the norm,and i really wouldn't set myself apart,from gen z what really set me off was,this tweet that somehow made it into my,feed despite me telling the funny bird,app that i'm not interested in,anything dream slash tommy slash whoever,else related enough times to make their,ears bleed out but i looked at this,image and and it really just it really,just set me off just the image we'll,we'll get to that book part soon enough,but to say that this man does not have,drip would be an understatement i don't,know was it purposeful to bring back to,look like you're in fifth grade and your,parents couldn't find the right size,shirt for you at goodwill i mean yeah,people dress like that i did for ages,but that was because i was poor not,because i had no taste in men's fashion,you have the money and the resources to,buy whatever clothes you want and maybe,even hire a stylist but you look like,you're cosplaying a 12 year old you know,actually that makes a lot of sense,you're fostering a huge group of,children and you're the parasocial big,brother to all these kids who probably,don't get enough attention since you're,getting older it would make sense that,you're trying to continue to fit in with,them because what happens when you start,acting your age the kiddos can no longer,relate and you lose all your ,money they look up to you like you're,their friend and if you're suddenly an,adult then it makes it weird right i,know dream doesn't have that issue,because he's got all the the fatherless,children so he gets to be older but you,nah you have to fit in with the children,still which is the issue and i think,that's where most of your problems stem,from because you're now a grown-ass man,and you still act and look like and you,know portray yourself as a child,you went and got yourself a beard at one,point and then shaved it off because you,realized you can't associate with adults,they don't even want you a lot of people,are gonna be saying that i'm too harsh,and if that's the case then i'm sorry go,enjoy what you want to enjoy you don't,have to watch this video as a matter of,fact leave a dislike leave a comment,telling me how i'm wrong i sure would,hate to get more engagement that would,be so unfortunate and no i'm also not,trying to provoke you this is just,genuinely how i feel about this,individual i'm sorry but every time i,see this kid's face yeah i'm calling him,a kid because that's what he's trying so,hard to be but every time i see his face,i get so much secondhand embarrassment,even though i'm in no way related to or,associated with him like bro straighten,your back i'm sorry to this guy,he looks fairly normal i don't know who,he is he just looks like he either,doesn't want to be there or he's like me,and always has the same expression but,like bro how do you even get your mouth,into that shape is rigged,like a source filmma

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