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Candace Owens Vs Tomi Lahren | Twitter Meltdown!Tommi Lauren and Candace Owens went to,war on Twitte

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Candace Owens Vs Tomi Lahren | Twitter Meltdown!

Tommi Lauren and Candace Owens went to,war on Twitter / Kanye distancing,himself from politics so this is,fascinating for those of you who don't,know the backstory,Candace Owens has been going all over,the place with Kanye West Kanye West,expressed some deep adoration for Donald,Trump put on the mega hat met him in the,Oval Office,fond all over him so Candace Owens and,Charlie Kirk of turning-point USA they,have been working with Kanye and,recently they took it to the next level,where Candace Owen started this thing,called blegh zit it's supposed to be the,mass exiting of black people from the,Democratic Party and basically said hey,Kanye helped design these shirts and as,part of this movement well Connie came,out and said number one no I didn't,design the shirt somebody who I,introduced you to who works for me,designed the shirts number two I didn't,really want anything to do with this so,in other words hey listen you gone too,far in my name,I think Kanye just likes Trump and when,Candace Owens was trying to say oh no,it's like leave the Democratic Party and,be like support all the Republicans,Kanye was like whoa I didn't say that so,then there was like this falling apart,where Kanye went on Twitter and,distanced himself from politics and he,said people are assuming I believe,things I don't believe now so Tommy,Lauren had warned early on that hey if,you're on the right and you're fawning,over Kanye pump your brakes a little bit,because I Got News for you he can flip,like that you know he there's stuff,going on in his life and the idea that,he has like these core principles and,this ideology that he's putting out,there not the case so you're making an,alliance of convenience at the moment,and I'm warning you against it that's,what Tommy Lauren said probably one of,her best calls ever be given that she's,wrong about so much although she was,randomly right about Syria but outside,of Syria and Kanye very little else if,anything so Tommy took to Twitter and,she said this about this whole incident,and falling out with Kanye in Candace,are you gonna turn on Kanye now the ship,was doomed to sink from the start but,hunger for fame and money was placed,over the movement funny how he was a,free thinker before and now he's a,traitor sounds a lot like a tactic of,the left you made your bed now lie in it,now is that directly uh supposed to be,pointed at Candace I don't even know,because it just seems like she's like,tweeting it everybody on the right who,went full bore Pro Kanye because she's,just saying like hey this whole thing I,mean there it is it is a shot at Candace,because she's saying like this was all,about the money and fame and the people,behind it it wasn't really about the,ideology and about being in favor of the,right wing it's more about narcissism,and those people wanted cliques and,those people wanted support and those,people wanted to get famous but it does,sound like she's also talking to the,rest of the people on the right who were,Pro Kanye and she's like hey are you,gonna turn on Kanye now the ship was,doomed to sink it to sink from the,beginning you made your bed now lie in,it,so I don't know you could argue as to,whether or not that is specifically and,only for Candace or if that's for,everybody on the right who supported,Kanye and also a shot at Candace I,happen to think it's the latter well,Candace Owens saw this and she was not,okay with it she responded and said,Tommy I think I can speak on behalf of,people on both sides of the political,aisle and say we are sorry about your,failed career the desperation to be,relevant again by constantly subbing me,and or attacking Kathy Griffin weekly,doesn't bode well for any movement grow,up okay now I love nothing more than to,watch these people on the far-right,cannibalized themselves it is hilarious,but it is kind of funny that she's,saying oh you have a failed career,listen I despise Tommy Lauren but she is,a far,snooze regular so I'm not sure how you,could say she has a failed career when,she's a political commentator and she's,currently commentating on Fox News it,just seems like a trumpian attack that's,not based on anything you know that like,can its own just like oh yeah well your,career failed even though you're a,commentator at Fox and I'm not even,though Candace Owens has been on Fox a,few times to be fair but I think Tommy,Lauren's a paid regular and Candace,Owens is not at least not yet,so I like how Candace is is losing it,but also in the process of losing it she,might also be hurting her future,prospects of getting hired at Fox,because Fox has already hired Tommy,and if Candace and Tommy have beef,they're more likely to not hire Candace,because they don't want that tension,okay I like it's like a ,far-right soap opera that we're in the,midst of watching so then Tommy fires,back and says I'm talking about leftist,tactics conservative ideas and failure,of identity politics you are talking,about me if you're trying to bait me,into some Twitte

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Tomi Lahren addresses her Twitter feud with Cardi B

Tomi Lahren addresses her Twitter feud with Cardi B

Trump is now ordering as in some insane,federal government workers to go back to,work without getting paid like our,country is in a hellhole right now whoa,whoa all right,that is rapper cardi B not holding back,on her thoughts on the government,shutdown then came a huge fight on,Twitter between cardi B screamed left,and on the right our next guest Tommy,Lehren tommy joins us right now from the,west coast Tommy what happened well to,put it pretty simply you know I saw that,video that that she had posted and you,know I implied that maybe cardi B isn't,the person we should be taking our,political advice from and it took her a,few days but she responded and instead,of arguing about the merits of her,political argument she said that she was,going to dog walk me and you know,viewers can look up on Urban Dictionary,what dog walking someone means but sad,to put it simply it's too severely beat,somebody up so we go from a political,disagreement to I want to hurt you,so cardi B said the dog walking stuff,after you tweeted this at her you said,looks like I am cardi B is the latest,genius political mind to endorse the,democrats ha keep it up guys mega 2020,well you would imagine something like,that would get a response from cardi B,and she'd mentioned the dog walking,thing but then out of nowhere,Alexandria Ocasio Cortez came out and,she agreed with cardi B she wrote why do,people think that they can mess with,Bronx women without getting roasted they,act as though our borough hasn't been,perfecting the clap back game since the,Sugar Hill Gang,y'all just found it on Twitter all right,were you surprised to see that well I'm,not surprised at anything that,Alexandria caucus new Cortese says but,again I'm also impressed the way that,the left does the mental gymnastics to,justify it listen Alexandria Castillo,Cortes on an almost daily basis says,that Trump supporters and President,Trump himself incite violence and then,she goes and applause and encourages a,tweet by a rapper who threatens physical,violence against me so again this is the,double standard at play and it's not,just rappers it's not just trolls on,Twitter these are elected,representatives who are endorsing and,saying the same thing so you know it's,really puzzling and troubling so you're,saying that because she essentially came,back and defended cardi B who had said,the stuff about the dog walking,regarding you that is something that,there's a double standard for it and you,would like a OC to do what then well,again I don't really want her to,anything I just want showing you so,listen cardi B can have a political,opinion,Alexandria cos Newport s can have a,political opinion we know we're not,gonna stop her from doing that I just,like to point out the left's Apocrypha,because can you imagine if I would,threaten to to dog walk cardi B or,anyone else for that matter as a,conservator as a trump supporter I would,never get away with that but they're,able to do it and the left applause it,now again if you look through my final,thoughts I did the other day on Fox,Nation where you just look at my Twitter,you can see that there are leftist with,verified accounts who are not only,laughing at the fact of me being dog,walked they're tweeting out means,showing me in a leash and a collar with,cardi B walking me and beyond that they,are actually saying yes she would hurt,you she would beat you up I wish we,could start a GoFundMe page so we could,watch your teeth get knocked out these,aren't just internet trolls these are,people with verified blue checkmarks on,twitter double standard all day long all,right meanwhile tell us about your new,fox nation special called no,interruption sure well as we all know,and as you guys have covered extensively,on Fox and Friends we have American,heroes that are being thrown under the,bus by the very country in the military,that they fought for and I sit down with,the Gallagher family Andrea and Sean,Gallagher the the wife and the brother,of Eddie Gallagher who has been accused,of war crimes as well as Julie goldstein,who her husband Matt Goldstein has been,accused of war crimes I sit down with,them I get a long-form interview so they,can really tell the story and that's,going to debut tomorrow on Fox Nation,tune in and find out all about it right,Tommy thank you very much for telling,your sighted story

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Candace Owens To Tomi Lahren: "Sorry About Your Failed Career"

Candace Owens To Tomi Lahren: "Sorry About Your Failed Career"

we call the Young Turks helmet,progresses because we fight for you guys,come help build at home support,independent media by becoming a TYT,member just click the link in the,description box below there is a bunch,of drums going on on the right side of,the aisle when it comes to like media,influencer types,Tommy Lauren and Candace Owens are in a,big fight it all started back when,Candace Owens last we kind of announced,that Kanye West may have well at first,she said he absolutely did design the,logo we talked about on the show for the,blex it movement trying to get black,Americans to exit the Democratic Party,and everything and then shortly after,that Kanye West said my eyes are now,wide open and now I realize I've been,used to spread messages I don't believe,in I'm distancing myself from politics,and he was gone and in the wake of that,Tommie Lauren could see no other,recourse than to spike the football and,say are you gonna turn on Kanye now the,ship was doomed to sink from the start,but hunger for fame and money was placed,over the movement funny how he was a,free thinker before and now he's a,traitor,sounds like a tactic of the left you,made your bed now lie in it she has,every right in my opinion she has every,right to go after Candace Owens because,she had previously said on one of her,little final thoughts though how could,it be called final thoughts when you,have won every single conservatives,Trump supporters of free thinkers please,do not attach yourself to Kanye West it,will backfire mark my words it will,backfire she said this on May 2nd and,she was right she sprang to football,what do you think okay I think a couple,of things first off she is right,she was right because Kanye was clearly,off his meds and she figured adduced,perhaps that once he goes back on his,medication he will regain sanity and,realize that there were all monsters,both Kenz Owens and Tommy Lauren she's,like you think someone who is a right,mind who's an African American is going,to support us no we pay you to support,us not him,okay so that's not gonna work but let's,keep it real part of this was oh my god,Candace's my shine I want it back so I,gotta throw some shade over in that,direction how did she get Kanye oh god,it would have been great if Kanye was,mine right keep it real as 90% of it she,thought Charlamagne tha God was gonna be,the way for her it was a cupcake later,it was out of there but you know it's,funny it just I I always liked the,graphics here but this time I disagree I,think it should have been like,conservative bring it on cuz there's a,Gabrielle Union and the other,cheerleader,even though Gabrielle Union would never,want to be associated with the rhetoric,of Candace Owens but it's just so funny,that they have these fights in public,you know what I mean like it just lets,you know I remember when I was at,Politico and Tommy Lauren was on stage,and Scotty no he was was sitting behind,me in junior and she was just so upset,with the way Tommy Lauren was answering,the questions and I was like arch all on,the same side you know like I think she,was mouthing the words like her response,in the backwards yeah but it's just like,this disdain and it's it's so um it's so,tacky guys where's your civility like,ladies that's just the beginning,Candace went back at her and said Tommy,, I think I could speak on behalf of,people on both sides of the political,aisle and say we are sorry about your,failed career the desperation to be,right I don't I feel like that deserve,like oh by constantly subbing me and or,attacking Kathy Griffin weekly doesn't,bode well for any movement grow up I'm,sure Kathy Griffin said I'm glad to be a,part of this more than a yeah all right,ladies so look so on the left there a,real policy disagreements so we do not,agree with the corporate Democrats we,just don't we want Medicare for all they,want weaksauce right and on and on it,there's a huge list of things we have,substitutive disagreements on you want,to fight on that that makes sense,you are unify against Republicans that,makes sense right,this is just personal oh no I'm more,famous no I'm more famous I can't,believe you got Kanye oh yeah your,career sucks right what do you guys have,any policy disagreements is there a,reason why you're fighting no it's all,about who's gonna be more famous and get,more cash who's gonna save the black,people if you guys are having this fight,so insulting for people of color they,went back and forth there's many more,tweets if you're interested someone said,Candace chill and her response was I,actually have chilled for a year,straight by not releasing a nasty,messages she sent about me that would,have ended her non career but today I'm,not chilling in the chilling mood so,unless she wants to get burned she'll,stop subbing me immediately then Tommy,came back I'm talking about leftist,tactics conservative ideas and failure,I've identity politics you are talking,about me if you're trying to bait me,into some Twitter

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MSBNBC, CNN hosts slammed for downplaying Twitter files as 'snoozefest'

MSBNBC, CNN hosts slammed for downplaying Twitter files as 'snoozefest'

members of the media are attacking the,messenger taking aim at Elon Musk over,his information drop exposing Twitter,censorship on the hunter Biden laptop,story,immediate Watchdog group they said um,file this one under file the Twitter,files under M for Ma and the Washington,Post said There Are No No Smoking Gun,here we've known a lot of this this is,what we in the Cable business like to,call a hot take and it reveals Elon,musk's profound ignorance of the First,Amendment we are perpetuating lies and,and so forth you really kind of laughing,in the face of this idea of what the,platform he claims is supposed to be,tell me I'm so excited to get to you,that I stepped on those sound bites I'll,kick host Tommy Lair joining us now for,reaction good morning,oh good morning and Hey listen isn't it,interesting guys then wherever it's,concerning a republican they create,scandals where scandals do not exist and,then the media runs with those scandals,and you know then we have sham peachmans,one and two but when the Democrats are,actually caught doing something or in,this case when Twitter is actually,caught doing something which is a real,threat to free speech which is a real,threat to democracy and the First,Amendment then the liberal mainstream,media they think it's a snooze Fest they,think it's old news I will give them,this though it is old news we knew this,was happening the question is will,Republicans finally step up and do,something about it we can't just rely on,Elon Musk all the time we need to make,sure that big Tech is held accountable,and that is what I hope to see Tommy we,got to get to this the California,English teacher says she teaches her,students that grammar is a part of white,supremacy she even said that Transitions,and part of the s.a.t is racist because,it was created by westerners your,thoughts,yeah kids now going to school to get,Dumber because of teachers like this,trying to convince their students that,everyone needs their either as a victim,or is an oppressor now we've already,have generational learning loss because,of the pandemic and children being stuck,at home locked at home in remote,learning for two years plus in some,places and now we've got teachers that,are brought up in this indoctrination,mechanism and passing that on to Young,impressionable Minds teaching them that,everything including speaking and,writing correctly is now a product of,white supremacy all I can say is this,the schools are not going to be,educating your children on these things,social media is not going to be,educating your children on these things,if you are a parent at home and you make,sure that you're teaching your kids,right from wrong to understand when,they're being indoctrinated and,understand the ways of the world and,maybe how to speak and write correctly,so parents it's time for you to step up,and take charge and these activist,teachers it's time to start going these,school board meetings and making sure,that they no longer represent the,workforce especially when it comes to,education and Academia it's hard to,fully comprehend exactly what this,teacher is doing and as an English major,I've been pretty fired up about this but,talking about grammar this teacher,explains this in a quote she says I try,to undermine that BS in my classroom as,much as I can we study Linguistics in,the rules that we actually used to,communicate instead of the made-up rules,that white supremacy created for when we,write papers and stuff Tommy I'll give,you the last word how does a teacher,like that get in our classrooms,well I'll tell you because teachers like,that go through an education system,that's already indoctrinating them so we,have a whole crop of activism and,activist teachers out there that are,teaching students like this but again,all I can say again my last plea to,parents is make sure you're paying,attention to what your kids are learning,in school K through 12 and even in,college because it's probably not the,things you want them to be learning pay,attention you can correct this all right,Tommy Laren thanks so much for getting,up with us we appreciate it thanks Tommy,I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and,I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to,subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page,to catch our hottest interviews and

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Tomi Lahren's 'Conservative Values' Get Questioned

Tomi Lahren's 'Conservative Values' Get Questioned

hey bruce bruce here we go here we go,what do you think about the stuff that,they're teaching in schools regarding,the lgbtq,about jesus christ bruce don't forget,about jesus,look at that sick freak,why do people why do people want a,picture with,him i don't get that these are,conservatives right this is what we came,to the problem,why do we want a picture with a ,why do we want a picture with the ,it's supposed to be conservatives i'm,gonna go ask these people,earlier this month magga at cpac,disrespected conservative caitlyn jenner,for being trans,i'm not comfortable using the she,pronoun,not because it's not anything to be,disrespectful in short here's the person,who added on,by showing disrespect conservatives,trump supporters and,free thinkers please do not attach,yourselves to kanye west,it will backfire and her opponent tommy,lauren in the opposing corner no i don't,need i'm not going to call you,she i'm not going to call you her just,because you're a grown man and you're,wearing a wig and a dress,she's flat out evil but hey gotta do,what you gotta do,for that next prager you spot am i right,mark my words it will,backfire this in essence was the,gauntlet being thrown down,with these two women in a rare sighting,tommy lahren appears to come out in,support,of caitlyn jenner a trans woman who has,hitched a wagon to conservatism because,republicans would rather spend millions,and millions of dollars,on recalling a democrat governor in the,bluest blue states,than you know helping the working class,the attacks on caitlyn jenner are,despicable i'll go to bat for every,single time and if you want to take my,conservative card for it take it and,shove it,your mob is no better than the lefts and,in fact it's uglier,the latter is hyperbole let's just,jog our memory stop the steal we're,gonna walk down,to the capital,one side attempted a coup tommy get your,head out of your keister,i don't support jenner because she's,trans i agree with most of her policy,ideas and i know she will fight for ca,she's also a kind,human and more conservative than half,the people with ours in congress,i don't care how she identifies she is,more than that freedom first,so it's clear which position,tommy is taking this is the same person,who said this,you know what i personally will not get,the coping vaccine and i personally will,not be forced to get it,if you want to get it by all means,please do if you want to wear one,two or five masks while driving or,walking alone by all means,please do if you are terrified of,returning to the old normal,and people gathering makes you,uncomfortable by all means,stay home but how dare the government or,anyone else tell me how to live my life,or mandate i take a shot to live and,work and what i thought was this free,country,interesting take tommy lasagna hey tim,just curious with all this,nonsense you spew in your attempts to be,the next ann,coulter did you get the vaccine as your,employer,implemented for its workforce just,checking of course lauren criticized,colin kaepernick because she despises a,strong american who is down for equality,in a better more just society where,police officers are held accountable for,you know of course lauren is the kind of,hood in the closet conservative to spew,the races,i don't see color in her rhetoric the,denial of color as a whole of course,i think with tommy and i know that she's,been a person that's been hotly debated,for a long time is she concerned,is she not i think tommy laron is like,uh,like a 13 year old conservative where,you haven't thought through the,philosophies of what makes it,conservative,you need to be a warden of christianity,to know that supporting abortion,and supporting transgenderism is,problematic all you have to do is,actually read the bible,that's where candace owens returns fire,she's now telling everybody that,she was suicidal because of bad press,it's because of racism even though she's,not even,you know you look at her you would not,be able to discern just by looking at,meghan markle that she's black,ah yes of course where have i heard this,before,this is an identity issue you know why,the identity of this movement has been,lost,because the identity of those who are,leaving it has always been in question,let's keep it 1 000 up here because my,past,is hot my past has expired for this,the pass has expired well that would be,whitlock jr marcellus wiley,co-host of speak for yourself with dude,who thinks people who smoke marijuana,will kill you with a javelin,emmanuel outro and colin how dare you,sit there and blame white people for the,problems of minority communities,after all aren't you half white didn't,two,white parents adopt you after yours,weren't willing to raise you,and even you guessed it tommy lauren the,lowest common denominator here,simply don't trust anyone within,rupert murdoch's empire

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Elon Musk Reinstates Trump’s Twitter Account | Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts

Elon Musk Reinstates Trump’s Twitter Account | Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts

and just like that Donald J Trump is,back on Twitter should he choose to be,so find your safe spaces green hairs,free speeches coming and it's time for,final thoughts,all it took was one simple Twitter poll,and just like that Donald J Trump's,famous Infamous iconic legendary and,Ultra triggering Twitter account is back,online we are still anxiously awaiting,his first tweet should he choose to,tweet at all he already has more,followers in two days than he had,pre-ban and again he hasn't even tweeted,yet but just the thought of him our,former president being allowed to have a,profile on what is supposed to be an,open Forum social media platform well,that was enough to send the liberal,green hairs into a spiral and I think my,favorite was from one Jonathan,Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League,who is so triggered by the thought of,words on a screen he is now accusing,Elon Musk of not being serious about,purging hate harassment and,misinformation off the platform and he,went on to claim that the mere thought,of trump being allowed to type words,into a box on a screen is a dangerous,threat to American democracy,for the love of God would someone please,get these triggered overly dramatic,liberal losers a tissue and a,constitution what are they so afraid of,is Free Speech really that troubling of,a concept and enough with this BS,January 6th nonsense it was a bad day,but again it was one freaking day and is,evidenced by Trump's actual tweets he,actually used his platform to,de-escalate and ask for peace it's not,the threat to democracy the left is,scared of if so they call for the,shutdown of every antifa and BLM account,still very active on Twitter and,furthermore if Trump is really so,abhorly awful then you should want him,to tweet so people could see it for,themselves but you know who is secretly,praying Trump does return to tweeting,CNN MSNBC and every other liberal,talking head out there who relied on,Trump for five years of headlines and,ratings y'all are probably refreshing,your Twitter pages every 10 seconds,hoping and praying and waiting for your,plug what should concern us most all of,us who make up this Republic not a,democracy is how terrified big Tech big,media and big government is not only of,Donald Trump but a free speech at large,what scares them most is the truth the,whole truth and nothing but the truth,and if it were to get out perhaps people,would change the way they vote it's not,democracy or factual information basic,decency or the Integrity of anything,these people are safeguarding it's the,narrative they've spun and the narrative,they want to remain unchallenged well,too bad there's a new sheriff in town he,doesn't answer to the green hairs don't,like Twitter head over to communist Data,Tracking brain melting Chinese Tick Tock,and knock yourselves out those are my,final thoughts from Nashville God bless,and take care,foreign

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Tomi Lahren Gets Humiliated On Twitter After Trying To Prove Voter Fraud

Tomi Lahren Gets Humiliated On Twitter After Trying To Prove Voter Fraud

Fox news personality Tomi Lahren got on Twitter this week to basically try to imply that the,state of California is just ripe with voter fraud, because somehow in spite of not living,in the state for the past two years, she received a ballot to vote by mail.,Uh, oh, clearly that's definitely fraud.,So here's what to Lahren put on Twitter, just received my California voting code and mail-in,ballot information.,Only problem is I haven't lived in California in over two years and have been registered,in Tennessee for over two years.,But it's all good.,Fraud is a myth.,Yeah.,Right.,You really got 'em.,Cause I mean, it's not like, you know, the official state of California is gonna come,out and call you a liar on Twitter.,Are they?,Well, actually they did the Los Angeles county registrar and county clerk's office decided,that they had had enough of to Lyn's election lies.,So their official Twitter account came out and responded to her idiotic tweet.,And they said, this checked and your registration is inactive due to returned mail and would,only be reactivated if you responded or voted signing the oath, attesting to your qualifications,and residents, please DM to confirm your data.,And we will process a cancellation.,Thanks again.,That is the official account of the Los Angeles county registrar recorder and county clerk,,responding to her on Twitter.,Basically saying if you did in fact, get a ballot, then it's because you may have voted,illegally in the state of California.,So maybe reach out to us and let us know what's happening here.,Tell me because either you've committed voter fraud or you're lying about receiving a ballot,,which one is it?,I know I would like to know.,And just like the county registrar would like to know, like, are, are you admitting that,you've done the fraud?,Hmm.,Or are you lying about getting the ballot?,Because those really are the only two options.,That is what they're making clear.,Do you know how corrupt you have to be for, for the county clerk to kid on social media,and clap back at you?,I mean, that's what we're looking at here with Lahren.,This lie was so egregious that the county itself had to come out and say, hold up their,liar.,This is how it really works.,You are listed as inactive, which of course means that she did not.,In fact commit fraud.,She's lying about getting the ballot.,You know, Tony, all you had to do to verify your story was grab your phone and take a,picture of it and be like, well, here it is.,Can you explain this?,Because again, if she is listed as inactive in the system, then that means she did not,vote.,You know, she did not go in there and respond to anything at least that we know of.,So the likely explanation is that she's,Straight up a liar.,And honestly, that probably makes a lot more sense, right?,And again, she could easily verify this.,If you say you have the ballot and the code and all that, take a picture of it, put it,online.,You know, you can block out your personal information doesn't matter.,But this seems like something that would be very easy to prove, because according to you,,you have the evidence.,So show us the evidence.,But here we are several days after this happened and you still haven't done it.,And we're only left to assume that's because this whole story was completely made up.

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Candace Owens vs Tomi Lahren Twitter Fight Last Night Was EPIC! (Includes Deleted Tweets)

Candace Owens vs Tomi Lahren Twitter Fight Last Night Was EPIC! (Includes Deleted Tweets)

hey taters what's uh this is tree from,tree of logic calm so I was reading,until I got a text from a friend of mine,who keeps tabs on Candice and he sent me,a text saying hey your girls having a,fight with Tommy Lauren and I'm like who,can Docs and he was like yeah you need,to check it out oh my god this is so,catty now what's the best part about all,that this is that I was not going to,make a video about this until Candace,deleted most of her tweets talking ,against Tommy and actually these tweets,are a very exposing of her true colors,of who she is how she makes everything,all about her and basically she's she's,upset that she's losing relevancy and,then you guys really get to see what,I've already known about Candace she,ain't so here is her Twitter,account before she deleted everything,okay basically a lot of this stuff is,deleted so we'll go to here cuz this is,where she starts to get in on Tommy,Tommy didn't even talk to her Tommy,didn't even address her,Candace came after Tommy's throat and,you have to ask yourself this is the,girl that Dee's cut Servat of love,Candace almonds you know she's so catty,in this but anyway so here we go so,Tommy sent out a tweet and it said I am,100% against the prison reform bill by,the way so am I actually for this for,similar Ray's reasons that Tommy is,against them and even more she says I,live in California I see with props 47,at 57 have done to this state and I'll,tell you this they haven't made me feel,safer don't rush in with your blinders,on America did she goes on to say this,prison reform bill is trash here's,breaking news this country has a drug,problem,this bills significant,reduces the penalty for trafficking,heroin and fifth and all I know many,Republicans want to cozy up to voters,but this is the wrong way I totally,agree so this black conservatives he's,low IQ he's very low IQ CJ Pearson,didn't even read it he just heard that,blacks support is so of course he wants,to get on the whole we need to get the,black vote and save the black people and,get him off the Democratic plantation he,wanted those Negroes yeah just dominated,a beggar at rocks and he goes in and on,Tommy and says I'm sorry but locking up,people for nonviolent drug offenses,isn't really what the country 21,trillion in debt should be rushing to do,you're wrong on this one time we trust,our president mm-hmm Bo you're wrong you,didn't even read the damn bill so then,Tommy says let's talk about some some of,those offenses drug-related robberies,involving assault with a dangerous,weapon using deadly weapon to assault,and law enforcement officer assaulting,result in substantial bodily injury to a,spouse or child violent carjacking,trafficking heroin and FinCEN all and,I'm saying to myself yeah all of this is,true all of this is true well I'm like,where is the lie there is no lie so then,he goes on to say these are all violent,offenses the first-step Act and almost,every criminal justice reform proposal,deals with nonviolent drug offenses lies,you are lying,you're getting worked up over nothing,and you don't know how to read negro so,there she goes read the bill my friend,these are the so-called quote nonviolent,offenses and she gets the bill form she,even get the bill for him and she says,hey CJ Pearson I attached a visual for,you feel free to read it,maybe somebody need to translate it to,him if he don't know how to read because,apparently he hasn't read the bill he,just heard hey black people support this,you should support this because you're,black and then he shut up he didn't,respond back to her so then Candice get,involved now this is where Candice get,involved yeah remember Tommy wasn't even,talking to Candace but this is Candace,opportunity to get a dig in on Tommy,so she could stay relevant and then turn,this from prison reform to her,so some off some ex police officer who,named Bernard Kerik says this,disappointed thought you were smarter I,was part of the Giuliani team,responsible for the most substantial,reduction in violent crime / murder in,our country's history I support this,bill totally because you got paid off,that's why because for you as a former,police officer to support this bill,makes you suspect but then you out of,New York so you know you kind of corrupt,next time you may want to read the,actual bill before commenting where does,she like this is the thing they always,say read the bill but they never tell,her that she lied she didn't lie she,read the bill she even screenshot it and,pulls it up the bill so Candace you know,likes the fact that this former police,officer out of New York went against,Tommy so she quits you know she'd,retweeted his tweet quoting her and then,she gets in on Tommy now she said,something very Nesta Tommy right here,but she deleted it and once she started,doing that she it was two things she,said to Tommy she started to leading,into tweets and I said you know what,because one of them was she called her a,vile human and that's when I stopped,refresh

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