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Iowa Hawkeyes Football Preview – Tom Kakert, Publisher for HawkeyeReport.comlet's start on offense a

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

Iowa Hawkeyes Football Preview – Tom Kakert, Publisher for

let's start on offense and sure it's all,about the quarterback position we know,it's been it seems like it's been now,forever,that iowa's had some really,uh interesting quarterback play like,dynamic quarterback play um,is it going to get any better this year,uh,i wish i could tell you uh one way or,the other,um i i'll say this spencer petrus is,going to be the starter okay i know,there's been a lot of fans iowa fans,that have been clamoring for uh you know,somebody else alex padilla played a,little bit last year uh when petrus was,out,uh with an injury and padilla led them,to a couple wins but then he got uh,taken out at halftime of the nebraska,game and frankly iowa might not win that,nebraska game at nebraska last year,petrus didn't come in the second half so,um,you know i think,uh,yeah i just i think they're they're,gonna go with petrus now what one of the,things they did in the off-season,uh,structurally was,uh ken o'keefe retire he was the,quarterback coach okay so they moved,they moved brian ferentz who's the,offensive coordinator to quarterback,coach now brian ferrance has never,coached quarterbacks in his life he's an,offensive line coach really he's coach,tight ends too but he he has never uh,done,that job so one of the things they did,was they brought in a guy named john,budmeyer,who was a quarterback at wisconsin back,in the day,um but he got into coaching and coached,uh under paul chris for several years,when paul was at pitt and then at,wisconsin,and uh and then took the job uh which,ended up being just a one-year gig at,colorado state,under steve adasio as the offensive,coordinator and quarterback coach and,he was out of work,and uh,he's friends with brian and uh so they,brought him in as an analyst,and he's kind of went under the hood,with uh just sort of some of the,quarterback stuff and and kind of,simplifying the offense for the,quarterbacks and,and things like that and spencer petrus,and the other quarterbacks seem to think,it's helping so okay uh i you know the,hope is that things just get better uh,on the with the passing game because,last year the passing game was just it,was it was rough it was the offense was,rough it was just,uh and part of that was uh,you know the offensive line kind of got,disrupted early in the year the two,starting guards that they expected to,have at the beginning of the year one,broke his foot the other one just never,recovered from injuries,so um,they were,they were without uh those two guys and,the offensive line just never really,started to click until maybe the last,part of november i think they started to,get some footing,uh but they had young tackles that,struggled,it was just,they never got going and when i was,offensive line struggles the offense is,going to struggle the hope is that,that the the experience is going to roll,things over and help the hawkeyes this,year,and,does that also mean that on the roster,there's not going to be a hey where did,that kid come from kind of prospect,is there a kid maybe on the maybe he's,not even ready this year but is there,someone on the roster that the fans can,get excited about a year or two down the,road or is that not even coming for a,few years until they recruit somebody,are you talking about quarterbacks,quarterback correct yeah yeah there's a,there's a young guy that they seem to be,pretty excited about his name is joe,lavis,and uh he's a redshirt freshman from,ohio,and joe um you know just ran scout last,year and i think everybody got pretty,excited because he's he's got a little,uh one of the coaches uh kind of,compared him a little bit to,drew tate uh who was quarterback at iowa,in the,uh uh mid-2000s uh you know the two,thousand,three four five six era there and uh,just got a little bit of that uh,gumption to him a little bit of,toughness and uh,uh so you know i i think there's some,some hope that maybe he's gonna develop,into something but,i i think this year counting on him,would be,a little bit of a stretch okay,and with goodson gone who really you,talk about the struggling offense most,of it was in the passing game and and,yeah they did struggle a little bit and,run again because i think a little bit,more was expected out of good center or,at least a production of the running,game but still he's a very talented,player and he's no longer there so who's,the next guy in line,yeah and they did struggle they you know,they went from averaging uh 4.5 yards a,carry which is what they want to hit,uh every year to you know under four,and that's going to distend their,offense because iowa can't live in,second and eight,second nine that's just not an effective,world for them they've gotta be second,five,uh to really make that offense work uh,and goodson didn't play in the bowl game,so uh we got kind of a preview of what,iowa's run game was going to look like,and i thought it was pretty good uh they,had gavin williams as the starter and he,rushed for 98 yards against kentucky um,and then his backup no relation le

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Tom Kakert of Hawkeye Report on The Chase Thomas Podcast l Iowa Hawkeyes l 5/14/2022

Tom Kakert of Hawkeye Report on The Chase Thomas Podcast l Iowa Hawkeyes l 5/14/2022

all right we're back here on the chase,most podcast where i am now joined by a,first-timer he is an expert in all,things giant hawks people would not,think so but yes that was a thing in the,early 80s with the iowa hawkeyes some of,the best uniforms in college football,one of my favorite logos um and a,program that i think is in an,interesting spot it's tom cakert tom,good afternoon sir how are you,great uh thanks frank young and uh able,to talk a little bit about iowa football,absolutely absolutely i know you don't,get to do it enough i know you don't get,to do it enough time so,um and i think a lot of my knox uh bill,and atlanta folks it's it's kind of wild,i,um originally from atlanta and i,just even the neighbor,across the street from my parents house,iowa stuff in their house and,uh i saw a weird amount of iowa stuff in,atlanta not as much in knoxville i've,noticed but um iowa they're all over the,place so i think there's gonna be some,cross over here with some iowa folks who,are like oh awesome iowa coverage um but,i wanna start with the spring game so,sure what uh what what did you take away,was there anything that you could really,pull i know it depends on who you talk,to about like what you can really glean,from spring game and everyone's spring,games are under different circumstances,where like tennessee didn't have any,corners so it's like what can you really,what can you really gauge from it,what did uh what did you gauge from the,iowa spring game this year i was kind of,in the same boat it was a lot of guys,were out or they were trying to keep,them safe uh you know not risk them in,that final practice so,um it was the shortest spring game that,we've ever seen,it was really short it was like an hour,and a half,between the practice and the,the scrimmage part so,usually it's about two hours 2 15,something like that so it was really,short um,not a lot to glean um everybody's,talking about the quarterbacks because,that's what we do you know,um,because there is kind of a quarterback,race if you will but,and the guy who's the incumbent uh,waitress,um didn't look great out of the gate but,the two guys behind him,uh alex padilla who played some last,year and joe labis who was a red shirt,last year wretched freshman,um both those guys looked really good,early and then,about midway petrus looks good and the,other guys paid back a little bit so,it's kind of i've walked away going yeah,we're about where we started,so,i'll just uh,the thing i always come back to is i,expect that petrus is going to start,and then if things go poorly maybe the,maybe the uh ropes a little tighter,um,this time around,what what do fans want do when you're on,the rivals boards and you're reading,what fans are are uh clamoring for is it,is it padilla is it petrus is it like,bring back those hogan um is it lavas,like who is it who is the guy yeah it's,interesting because,they've kind of gotten out on petrus i,mean that first year coming out the,pandemic here was his first year as a,starter it was just a tough situation he,had spent a lot of time in quarantine,just,never getting,coveted but just being exposed or being,in,close contacts kind of thing,um,so he just,the continuity just never got there with,the pass game they got better,kind of towards the end of the year but,it was still,up and down and last year it was up and,down,we got to see padilla last year he,actually started a couple games came in,in relief uh at northwestern when uh,petrus was hurt,couldn't go,after one series it was real clear that,he just,they're not gonna be able to play them,so,he came in but,you know overall his stats were,not,any better than petrus he had two,interceptions two touchdowns completed,49 of his passes,um they weren't great so,they went back to in fact the second,half of the nebraska game they went back,to petrus,and he rallied him to a win at nebraska,so and he started the big ten,championship game which was a disaster,for iowa and then um start the bowl game,so,um,i think every,usually they clamor for the backup,everybody's kind of like yeah,padilla's probably ahead of petrus but,we're not,labis is like the flavor of the month,right now he just is,is there something different about him,does he bring something different to the,table he's a redshirt freshman like what,what is it just because of the youth and,just the unknown with him he's just the,unknown quantity is that all it is yeah,and he got some buzz last year,scout team so he wasn't even running the,iowa offense but he was doing throughout,team and he yeah kind of a little edge,to him kind of a little bit of toughness,and moxie and,um i had gone to see him actually,uh as a high school player,during the pandemic year,um just drove out to ohio because didn't,have anything else to do really so yeah,see him play high school game and he's,got some toughness to him he's got a,little edge to him um,not a cannon for an arm but a good arm,solid arm he's got a um he's a good,baseball player so,u

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Iowa-Wisconsin preview, recruiting update with Tom Kakert | Hawk Off The Press

Iowa-Wisconsin preview, recruiting update with Tom Kakert | Hawk Off The Press

welcome back to another edition of the,hawk off the press podcast i'm your host,gazette hawkeye's reporter john steppe,today i'm joined by tom caker the,publisher of, the iowa affiliate of,the network tom thanks for,the time today oh love being on with you,john and welcome to the beat officially,you know it's been a few weeks but we've,enjoyed having you with us so it's,awesome having you thank you it's been a,little bit of a whirlwind the first,couple weeks you know i my first full,week on the job was i think the week,that they moved up to number three,and then,get that maryland route that was unlike,anything else and then,after that penn state which,was unlike anything else and then that,purdue game that you could say was also,unlike anything else just in a much,different way and not really the way,that hawkeye fans are hoping for,yeah it's been uh,interesting three weeks and now we've,had the week off to everybody kind of,recharge the batteries i think the,players needed it more than,anybody um just they were pretty i think,guys were pretty the tank was kind of,empty and they needed to kind of refuel,a little bit and get the feeling better,so um now we'll see what happens on,saturday,yeah and it's interesting like samuel,porter was just tying about yesterday,having his feet up and you know,i think that really does go a long ways,there,after that's kind of a grueling stretch,when you think about it,let's see that was three teams all in,top 20,that they had to go up against,so,you have and then road trip across the,country to maryland on a friday that,kind of throws you off and,then,it'll be interesting saturday and it,seems like this is a wisconsin team that,could maybe give iowa some trouble,considering how good this wisconsin,defense has been,and how,well not great the iowa offense has been,lately,yeah and,i always flash back to,um,to the um,2017 game,and that was uh,iowa coming off that huge win against,ohio state and then going up to madison,the next week,and you know going from scoring 55,points,against,ohio state to only having 66 yards of,total offense,against uh against wisconsin and,the only reason iowa put any points on,the board was because josh jackson,picked off two passes and returned them,for touchdowns uh otherwise that was a,route and even two years ago,that was a tight game um,nate stanley hit tyrone tracy a big play,to kind of get him you know back in the,mix and it was but,jonathan taylor ran wild,we forget about that that he ran for,over 200 yards and he was just the,dominant performer in the game and you,know we're seeing what he's doing the,nfl now but yeah,um,but yeah that,it it comes down to i think what iowa,the keys are i think what iowa's offense,can do against the wisconsin defense,that's one of the best in the country at,stopping the run,and then on the flip side what iowa's,defense can do to stop wisconsin from,running the ball and making graham mercs,beat them because i think that's the,number one thing wisconsin wants to to,avoid is making grambirds throw the,football he threw it eight times last,week against purdue,and they won comfortable incredible 52,yards passing,but they've got it at least for last,week they had it going with their two,the two-headed monster they have it,in the backfield including the the allen,kid who's a 17 year old who looks like,he's about 25.,yeah and i was doing some research on,him and it turns out that he's like an,incredible weightlifter too,which i didn't realize like he tweeted a,video of what appears to be cannot,independently confirm off the video,but would appear to be lifting 455,pounds for,like four reps or something or maybe,it's five reps you know he was hurt his,first offer was from the university of,iowa,and wasn't iowa also one of his,finalists too yeah yeah iowa was right,in the mix um um tim polisek had done a,great job of recruiting him uh but,obviously you decided to stay close to,home,uh and it would make sense i mean,yeah it's it's hard for wisconsin just,like an iowa kid you know it's harder,for them to turn down iowa,uh you know in in terms of wisconsin but,you know we've got tj bowlers whose dad,played at iowa who's uh on the wisconsin,roster he hasn't played this year he's a,freshman but,um,but yeah that,it makes sense for him to to go there,but i just thought it was funny that i,remember iowa being the first to offer,alan and and now,you know here he is as a true freshman a,17 year old just crushing it running the,football,it's incredible and,you know it's kind of iowa knew what,they're getting in this so i guess with,that part the scouting they knew,that part probably,pretty well would be my guess and it's,and it's really interesting because you,know a couple years ago they recruited,jalen berger and he looked really good,his first first year and,you know just and now he's not even,there anymore i mean they you thought he,was going to be the the heir apparent to,jonathan taylor and be the y

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Top 10 Best Iowa Wrestlers in History!

Top 10 Best Iowa Wrestlers in History!

who is the number one iowa hawkeye of,all time it may shock you to note that,it's not special lee at least not yet go,hawks of iowa's 55 individual national,champions only 10 have made this list,cracking at that number 10 spot is a,wrestler who defined the iowa hawkeyes,program all the way back in the 1940s,after flying 18 missions in germany,during world war ii joe scarpello became,an iowa hawkeye scarpello was iowa's,first two-time national champion and,first four-time all-american he finished,with two undefeated season to add 175,pounds when he won his two titles,speaking of undefeated seasons mark,ironside also finished with two,undefeated seasons including a 67 match,winning streak that led to two ncaa,titles ironside wrestled at 134 pounds,and most impressively won the hodge,trophy in 1998. this is the heisman,trophy of the college wrestling world he,was the first ever hawkeye to win this,accolade the next wrestler on this list,actually coached ironside during that,college trophy season before he became a,coach at iowa in 1998 jim zaleski tore,up the mat in the 1980s while he started,as a freshman by taking fifth at the,national championships he then went on,to win three consecutive ncaa titles,with his aggressive style he finished,his career 132 7-1 in his 89-match,consecutive win streak during that time,is still the longest ever in hawkeye,history at this point in the list you,may be saying great that's what happened,in college but are there any iowa,hawkeyes who went on to win olympic gold,medals as a matter of fact yes i'm going,to tell you who those guys are in just a,bit and i'm also going to throw in a,bonus by letting you know how to get 15,off your order with the fence soap but,at that number 7 spot is joe williams,who was an olympian in 2004 he even won,two bronze medals at worlds in the early,2000s and in college he had a similar,career to his zaleski by placing seventh,as a freshman and then going on to win,three consecutive titles we're almost at,the top five and just missing that spot,at number six is iowa's all-time career,wins later he racked up,162 career wins including 46 over one,season this is barry davis if you ran,into him at a tournament today you may,easily confuse him with coach dan gable,just based on looks alone but all jokes,aside he certainly picked up some,technique in iowa style wrestling by,having dan keeble as his coach in the,early 80s are you the greatest iowa,wrestler of all time,oh i think i'm one of many he won three,ncaa titles and while he was still in,college even picked up an olympic silver,medal that's right still no gold,medalist on this list yet but we'll get,there the number five wrestler on this,list may be a bit controversial based on,stats alone but brent metcalf didn't,have the opportunity to compete for four,full seasons you see at the time there,was no one time transfer rule while,metcalf started as a hokie in 2005 he,transferred to iowa and wrestled all of,its seasons there and rest assured he is,the epitome of an iowa hawkeye his,dominant shove your face in the mat,aggressive style of wrestling was unlike,any other at the time throughout his,career he picked up some impressive,victories including over jordan burrows,and route to his 2008 ncaa title where,he ended up also winning his hodge,trophy the coach who metcalf followed to,iowa is next up on this list tom brains,is a three-time big ten in ncaa champion,he and his twin brother terry were,lightweight training partners who,wrecked havoc on the mat combined they,racked up nearly 300 wins with a third,of those being pins of all the wrestlers,remaining on this list tom brands is one,of two olympic gold medalists having won,his medal at atlanta in 1996. currently,under coach brains is a wrestler whose,historic career is still underway,depending on his final season he can,definitely move up the ranks in this,list but right now spencer lee is at,number three having won three ncaa,titles in his first three seasons as a,hawkeye along the way spencer has also,picked up two hodge trophies nobody is,able to defend his signature tilt and he,just racks up points continuously on his,opponents excuses are for wuss's he may,very well become iowa's first ever,four-time ncaa champion a huge accolade,if he can defend his weight class and,just especially can easily anticipate,what shots are coming his way you can,anticipate that skin infections will be,coming after you after a workout i'm not,just talking about ringworm and impetigo,i'm talking about dry skin and acne all,year long in and out of the season,defense soap can help protect your skin,by keeping it clean and healthy their,natural products are crafted for,wrestlers ex-wrestlers athletes and,people who just want to live a healthier,life if that's you and you want to,defend yourself you can go to, and enter code fanco for 15,off your first order so two spots remain,in of these last two iowa hawkeyes on,the list one is an olympic gold medalist,and

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Josh Pate DROPS MIC on Iowa Football, transfer portal QB debate | 247 Sports show host tweets truth

Josh Pate DROPS MIC on Iowa Football, transfer portal QB debate | 247 Sports show host tweets truth

can you address the josh pate situation,while i'm while i'm doing this the josh,paid situation yes so i will,let me do this let me look this up and,everyone please you will be uh amused,and maybe you can take part in uh,corey's interaction with josh pate uh of,247 sports i i want to point that out,because most people know who josh payton,is if you're a huge college football fan,as all of you are but i have to admit up,until about a year ago i didn't know who,josh pay was so maybe you are a big,college football fan like i was a year,ago and don't know of him but he's the,main host on 247 sports okay he had,posted something,and i got to tell you cory i i had a,comeback for this but i could not find,the,thread to where i could respond to both,of you so i i didn't,but,josh sent something out earlier,today i believe a beautiful tweet it's a,beautiful tweet by josh pate so josh p,tweeted,give me a fictitious,but realistic,headline,so realistic meaning it can happen,maybe not likely but you can't say that,um,you know our quarterbacks gonna throw,for a thousand touchdowns this year,that's obviously impossible so give me a,fictitious but realistic headline that,would change college football this,season,his example,hits home right here wow,five-star quarterback,portals to iowa,i'm not in cahoots with josh pate let me,just,make that clear so yeah it sounds like,it's so am i right and saying i'm not,the only one who,believes that that that would make a,huge difference there's some people like,we've talked about this iowa fans just,don't want to address it they think it's,a terrible that's about that's why i,responded to that tweet they think it's,a horrible idea,you know and he's not saying that the,five star would want to come here i get,that,but it just seems like no one else wants,to talk about that now i'm tired of,talking about it because guess what gary,bohannon and emery jones are gone mark,i read into this a few different ways so,josh is on point in a few different ways,number one he realizes,this team has an exceptional defense,year in year out and exceptional special,teams therefore,this offense is typically i was going to,say horrendous i'll go with that word,bottom 20 in the country this past,season 20 to 30 in the country so pretty,horrific offense what would change that,a five-star quarterback but fictitious,in meaning,yes it's realistic in that it,technically can happen,but,it's not going to happen,therefore,let's put it out there as this is kind,of fairy dust type stuff but this would,be a significant this would alter,the landscape this would alter the power,base of big ten football therefore it's,a game changer,mark i do believe and then i promise,we're gonna let this go because there's,no i,there's not a quarterback in the portal,i'm not gonna sit here and just talk,about it and torture myself alright any,more than i already have,but the bottom line is i do believe this,if iowa had a really good quarterback,they would be,contenders for a college football,playoff spot in other words i would say,there's probably,maybe you'll argue there's less because,of the dominance of the teams,you know at the top but i think iowa,would be in a situation where you could,say hey,we need to have college football playoff,as a goal not saying it's an expectation,but it would be a goal with how good,this defense i think is going to be i,think special teams is going to be,really good place kicking we've talked,about is a question mark but i do,believe,that with the defense with the special,teams unit and you combine that with,a transfer portal quarterback who,produces,you're looking at a situation where i,think you possibly could argue that this,is a not only big ten contending team,but a team that could make a college,football playoff but they're not making,a playoff mark,with subpar quarterback play,that is just not happening,and if i eat my words i'll be thrilled,to death all right,but uh,yeah i just thought it was a good tweet,by josh pate

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DDS Sportstalk: Big Ten 2022 East College Football Predictions!

DDS Sportstalk: Big Ten 2022 East College Football Predictions!

yes,this is dds,from the dds studios we are your hosts,blake melton and bradley newberry,and live from the man cave you know him,you love him it's matthew 2 tome blue,parker,parker good to see you again buddy hey,good to be back and good to be doing the,real division of this conference,uh oh oh wow,wow shots fired up let me ah there we go,already you just poo poo'd on the west,absolutely,well guys thanks for joining us tonight,we're gonna be talking uh,about the non-research side,of the big ten,slash big 14 whatever you want to call,it,no one really cares anymore right,but,uh,we uh this is a follow-up to our big ten,west,show that we just recorded um kind of,branching out here newberry doing,something new,learning about some new schools that's,right,we're gonna,give some pretty bold predictions i bet,it's that time of year man and it's not,time to go chalk,nope you got to go big or go home but uh,we thank everybody especially you b1gers,out there,thanks for watching the video blake go,ahead and tell them what they can do,while they're here because we'll be,talking about your schools all year we,do really appreciate you guys joining us,but if you want to help us out it's,quick it's free it's easy go down there,below click like and like and subscribe,for us there on youtube give us a rumble,on rumble check us out on all of our,social media tic tac twitter facebook,and instagram ddsportstalk if you want,to start a fight with uh parker on,twitter he loves it he's all about it,you can also download the audio versions,of all these podcasts on your favorite,podcasting platform,here we go we're jumping in big 10 east,let's begin with indiana last year,somehow they mustered two wins i don't,even know how they won two,two and ten,0 and 9 in the division coach tom allen,overturns everything leading into this,season and i mean everything he's,getting transfers he's getting,missouri quarterback connor bazelat,coming in,he's just,piecemealing everything together will it,amount to anything parker,if illinois was the ugliest girl at the,dance in our last podcast,indiana's the trash can,and you mentioned it,oh god you mentioned it new coordinators,quarterbacks running backs you name it,they hire they fire they hit the,transfer portal so i do commend them at,trying to do the to right the ship but,it's indiana last year they had the,worst offense in the big ten,last year they had the worst defense in,the big ten,they were outscored by 25 points per,game last year so,uh yeah it's it's i mean good for them,for trying but,wait until basketball season,yeah i mean i look at their stats from,last year it's a terrible offense it's a,terrible defense,i really don't care how many transfers,you get in,unless you're bringing the entirety of,the alabama crimson tide and coming up,there i don't know that it's going to,make a difference,particularly when you're you think that,you've really hit the jackpot by going,to missouri and taking their quarterback,i mean,he's gonna have to bring some luck here,because when i look at their schedule,and blake has it,for me here to my right,parker i can look at this thing and i,can make an argument for owen 12.,i i see illinois,and we've already talked about them on,the last podcast,i see idaho as,you better,you better win that at home i i have a,couple games here that i was really i,i'm i'm calling a couple upsets and then,the third week,i'm sure parker will be happy to talk,about this you get another home game you,gotta get it but it's western kentucky,i can still make an argument for 012 but,that's not my prediction yet,you could and you get some of these,teams down right you get western,kentucky when bailey zappies finally,moved on you get cincinnati after,they've lost ritter and all their,cornerbacks,so the timing i mean you get michigan,another michigan but you get michigan,without hashkins you get,a lot of these teams you're catching,them at the the right time so maybe with,everything they did they could at least,stay in some of these games,yeah i mean i look,i guess i'll just jump right into this,i've got them starting off 3-0,and i think i might be calling that,first win,an upset against illinois i have them,losing that game i have them starting oh,and one yeah i've got them going 3-0 to,start the season and losing nine,straight games after that going three,and nine for the season i'm gonna,officially give them,two and ten,two so you're gonna do the exact same,thing as uh,as last year and right now i was trying,to pull up what the current spread on,that illinois indiana game is right now,right now illinois is favored by six,oh,god,guys in case you don't know this about,us,during the college season we will be,making our picks yes and we will we will,reveal to you in another in another show,how good we are at choosing some of,these upsets some of these underdogs if,you will,so uh,i'm just saying,daddy might have a feeling,indiana in week one okay,it means it absolutely could happen i,have them j

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Iowa Hawkeyes TOP 10 Football Players for 2022

Iowa Hawkeyes TOP 10 Football Players for 2022

i don't know how iowa does it but they,just always seem to exceed expectations,this is a team that many didn't expect,to be,great last year and they made it to the,big ten championship game now i don't,think everybody anybody expects iowa to,completely drop off but i think that,they fluctuate so much in terms of,national expectation they expect them to,be solid but it really just comes down,to what their ceiling is going to be,well their ceiling again is a big ten,championship or a big ten championship,game appearance and with the guys that,you're going to see in this list it's,easy to see why they should return to,that spot and maybe they have the,potential to even pull off an upset,everything's going to start with the,defense this is an extremely dominant,defense at times and you saw that in,most of the power ratings in most of the,metrics that you look at jack campbell,is a big reason why 140 tackles three,and a half tackles for loss one sack six,passes defended two interceptions,this is your definition of a playmaker,he is a leader that knows exactly how to,make plays,he knows how to get to the football he,knows how to get guys in position when,you look at,a lot of the film too he is directing,guys left and right when teams make,shifts when they do motions he is one of,those guys that's putting you guys in,the right place he makes sure they're in,the right position to make a play or at,least,plot clog things up so that he can make,the play and that's something that's,invaluable that's something that they're,really going to enjoy and i was going to,have one of the best trios of,linebackers if not you know you can make,an argument they have the best trio of,linebackers in the entire country the,hawkeye secondary takes a huge blow,after losing a number of talented and,experienced players however riley moss,is back and if he stayed healthy you're,talking about about a guy who could,compete or maybe even win the jim thorpe,award you're looking at five passes,defended and four interceptions the you,know the two pick sixes against,indiana's start year we're a great start,and that's huge and now he has to be,that leader that helps new guys step up,new guys contribute and make things,better in the secondary but i think that,he can do it teams are going to know,where he is and they're gonna try,picking on other people and it's up to,him to get them up to speed and get them,into a position where they feel,comfortable making plays and like i said,you're not gonna throw out a guy who had,four interceptions last year you know,what riley moss is capable of doing and,if he stays healthy in the entire year,there's no reason why he can't replicate,those stats even with teams throwing,away from him tight ends at iowa have,been really fun to watch this is really,one of the iowa and wisconsin are two of,those teams that when you're talking,tight ends you kind of look at them and,think what do they have coming this year,and sam laporte is going to be the next,in a great line of tight ends 670 yards,and three touchdowns last season he,could be the go-to option for spencer,petras in the passing attack now the,passing attack needs to be better that's,plain and simple this is a,in a conference where everybody knows,you're trying to run the football you,have to be better throwing the ball and,with a guy like sam laporta you have a,great athletic option at pass catcher a,guy who is really good you know at times,there are some drops that you maybe have,some concerns with but,he's a go-to receiver,pass catcher if you will and,he's going to be one of those guys that,is going to step up and be what they,need it's just a matter of getting him,the football and like i said with the,tradition that they have there's high,expectations and i don't have any doubts,that sam laporta can't meet them we talk,about linebackers before seth benson,honestly will push jack campbell for,being the best on the team and he does a,lot of the things that say that jack,campbell does the 105 tackles five and a,half tackles of a loss two sacks three,passes defended one interception so all,of his stats for the most part are just,are right there with campbell and you're,looking at the teams are going to know,where jack campbell is but that opens,things up for seth benson when they,focus on what seth benson is going to do,that opens things up for jack campbell,and we're going to talk about another,guy that benefits when teams are trying,to take both of them away they're gonna,attack you know you gotta attack,somebody you can't just like you can't,just pick and let them you know dominate,and ruin things for you so you gotta,find a way to find a weakness and it's,going to be really hard to do that with,the front seven that iowa has returning,on the offensive line losing tyler,linderbaum is going to be a huge blow,and you know for any team that loses a,guy like tyler and linda bomb it's gonna,be huge to lose however i think a lot of,people are excited about iowa's,o

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Connor McCaffery Keeps the Family Together in Iowa City | Katz Chats

Connor McCaffery Keeps the Family Together in Iowa City | Katz Chats

and welcome everyone to a big ten,network off-season chat i'm andy katz,pleased to be joined by connor mccaffrey,from iowa taking advantage of that extra,year connor uh i'm curious so with your,brother there your father coaching this,is a family affair,how long did he even take you to make,this decision,honestly it took me it took me longer,than i think most people realized um you,know my mom my dad were both kind of,pushing me,to come back to school a lot earlier,than i think,you know i was ready to make that,decision but i ended up wanting to do it,like you said my brother being here,playing for my dad one more year living,in town you know i knew,if at any point next year if the team,was struggling or something i knew i,would would have regretted it if i,didn't come back so that's ultimately,why i made the decision to come back um,you know just being around here one more,year i have a podcast now and i really,like doing that i don't want to give,that up yet um and yeah so it was a,multitude of things but it just came,down to you know family point i knew i,would regret not playing you know i've,been playing a lot of pickup uh and and,i knew that i wasn't ready to give that,up yet because i was just i just kept,wanting to play more and more,and i know that um you know obviously,keegan's gone,we'll see about chris here uh you guys,were the big surprise last year and the,kind of season you had in the regular,season and then winning the big ten,tournament um how much did that also,fuel you that you know what we got a,good thing going here and it may look a,little different no question but we can,continue that momentum,yeah no i that was definitely a part of,it um because i knew that you know if i,did decide to come back i knew i knew we,would have a good team uh you know it,was kind of like,two years ago we were good and then,coming back after this past year nobody,nobody really thought we were going to,be you know we weren't picked high in,the league nobody really thought we were,going to do what we did and but we all,kind of knew in the locker room like we,were confident and we we feel that at,this point you know we have a good,like a good system in place and we got,guys that come in,make shots play their role and uh you,know do whatever do whatever it takes to,to win and i know that coming back this,next year i know that we we're gonna,have a lot of guys that can do a lot of,the same things um obviously losing,keegan hurts losing jabo hurts us a lot,of threes it's a lot of points but you,know we got two good freshmen coming in,desanti and josh dix and then we got you,know peyton sanford's gonna play more,chris hopefully comes back she's gonna,step into a bigger role my brother,averaged you know a good amount of,points i think he'll take a i think,he'll take a step uh i think i think,philip's gonna be phillip's gonna be,really good again and uh tony perkins,you saw a step up the end of the season,as well so i think we got a lot of guys,that can do,do a lot of things on the court and i'm,gonna just try to be that kind of that,uh that swiss army knife again i guess,and and help to help the rest of the,guys out,so we know conor the uh the swing of,emotion in march is crazy because you,know i was there for witnessing uh what,a great run you guys had that entire,week in indy winning the big ten,tournament uh i picked you go to the,final four i got wrapped up in it you,know how good you guys looked uh and,then you play a richmond team that was,hot just as well and that's it and and,that's the cruelty of the tournament,because it's one and done,um,now that i get a chance to talk to you,what was that like that the complete,swing from a sunday to i think um,a thursday or friday yeah thursday so,i mean it was the ultimate swing of,emotions like you said it was the,highest of the high and then the lowest,the low we keep saying uh you know we we,went on sunday and it was like,every we played four games in four days,and four four tough games you know they,they were you know no game in the big,sense easy so,you know i think a lot of guys,you know were kind of like they felt,this release on sunday and we maybe like,we got back sunday night and then we,left monday to go to buffalo so it was,it was the ultimate turnaround you know,we didn't really we didn't even really,celebrate the championship honestly um,until,i guess we kind of celebrated it a,little bit in our banquet maybe a little,bit that night you know with the team,just on the court afterwards but kind of,once we left the arena um we kind of,knew,our thoughts kind of shifted to richmond,and that was and it's just the the,ultimate turnaround like you said like,you're,you the you're on top of the world and,then you're immediately on to the next,game and it just you know i think it,just snuck up on us and we didn't we,didn't play well um i think we beat him,9 out of 10 times but like you said,that's the that's the beauty of the,tournament right that's why it's uh,that

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