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Tom E Curran discusses if there will be any drastic changes made on offenseher and our friend Tommy

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

Tom E Curran discusses if there will be any drastic changes made on offense

her and our friend Tommy Curran is now,with us on the Harbor one hotline Tommy,good afternoon,what's up Chris how are you we're,hanging in there friend and uh talking a,lot about uh Bill Belichick and some of,not only the decisions that he has to,make and some of the things that he said,in his uh press conference yesterday I,want to get your thoughts on Bill,Belichick sort of putting into,perspective how he views cash spending,with his football team what do you make,of the comments of Bill going down the,hole well I gotta look at it in a,three-year snapshot,I think it's fully and holy a defense by,Bill against any notion that the,Patriots overspent in 2021 and didn't,get any bang for their buck and a,mystified,and uh puzzled as to how anyone can,think that a guy who makes 30 million,dollars a year as a head coach who just,won 8-9 who had 60 million dollars worth,of wide receivers and tight ends rod on,the vine,is going to sit there in a postseason,press conference and allege that the,ownership didn't spend that makes no,sense to me so this idea that crafts the,crafts were in Bill's crosshairs,yesterday,is a non-starter for me he wouldn't do,that that wasn't the point the point was,for Bill to say hey,you know you're talking carrying a,region about bangs for the buck,but I'm not out here spending like a,maniac nudge nudge Robert,and additionally don't forget I signed,the Dietrich wises and the David Andrews,visits and the Lawrence guys back to,this team for Less,than they would have gotten on the open,market because I waited them out so,don't talk to me about being a,spendthrift that was not directed at the,crash unless Bill making 30 million,dollars a year really wants to piss off,his bosses as he walks in there with a,team that couldn't line up in the Red,Zone half the time so this is just him,uh kind of taking care of would you call,like beat reporter you know gossip and,narratives that were you know created in,the beginning of the season right that,that whole thing is taking care of a,family business that's getting it out,there no I think it's getting it out,there look I'm tired of listening all,this crap about John Smith and,Nelson agholor how about I start to,highlight a little bit that we didn't go,crazy,so that Robert doesn't have that,perception if he's harboring it because,he keeps hearing it on the radio or,other folks do so I'm just going to set,the record straight here so we can go,crazy so would you but uh but as a,general rule I mean I know he took the,last three years and a lot of you know,well there were the 27th in the league,and cash spending was how he phrased it,if you were to take the last 20 years 20,to 21 22 years would they kind of still,be in that kind of area like you know,wouldn't that really be like their their,average is like 25th to 26th in the,league or what's your thought on that I,think that it spikes is Christian I know,but as a as an average as an overall,average they're I'm sure over a long,period of time,I'm gonna imagine that there are a hell,of a lot closer to the top ten than they,are the 25s because if we look at the,money to will fork or Mankins or Revis,or yeah they do push away from the table,with a 12 million dollar franchise to,to um to Welker or yeah they got a low,budget quarterback,who was the best in the league by far,and that's going to keep it down and,reasonable that they never had to,address that but,I just don't think that bill again,making 30 million dollars a year the,highest paid professional coach on the,planet is going to sit there and and,mention that he's that nobody's spending,enough money I think that was holy for,him to show how economically prudent he,is as opposed to saying how come I don't,get any money from you guys well do you,think Kraft will respond or be upset or,will craft be like well Bill's getting,older he's trying to control his,narrative,I don't think the crafts ever love to,hear cash spending referred to in a,light that makes it sound like they're,not spending a lot,but I don't think that they're going to,sit down and spend a whole crapload of,time on that sentence,um because they get bigger fish to fry,like uh offensive coordinator and where,is it going from here how do you think,Tommy this whole,to your best guess how will this whole,kind of process sort of shake down in,terms of Bill making the decision but,maybe more importantly Robert Kraft,talking to Bill about the decision that,needs to be made,here's what's hard I think you know my,understanding is that Bill O'Brien,still hasn't been contacted as of the,early part of the weekend,and is unsure exactly what the layout of,the Patriots coaching staff would be,well what happens with math what happens,with Joe who are both friends of bills,over the course of time but also might,be in the kitchen with them if he were,to come here so my understanding is Bill,O'Brien would still be in the dock on,that because the Patriots haven't picked,up the phone now you can say well they,have

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Soooooo... where do Bill Belichick and the Patriots go from here? | Quick Slants Full Episode

Soooooo... where do Bill Belichick and the Patriots go from here? | Quick Slants Full Episode

boy am I ready to go folks Tick Tock is,right because time's a wasting for the,Patriots to take the first step to,getting out of NFL mediocrity this is,Quicks glance K will be along in just a,second what is that first step to,getting a new guy to coach the offense,Will Bill Belichick be urgent urgent he,was back in 2011 folks you remember,O'Brien was hit,with his state,Belichick moved before the playoffs had,even ended to get Josh McDaniels back on,his staff,Belichick and free agency after,disappointing seasons in,0206 15 and 20. comes back out guns,blazing in free agency the next year,is he getting busy yet after this,somewhat disappointing uh 2022. as of,this afternoon there had been no contact,between the Patriots and Bill O'Brien,who is the most plausible offensive,coordinator candidate we can find,with the season still going,was that impossible for them to execute,it really shouldn't be Alabama's season,was already over,so why would they not do that was it,because Bill didn't want to do the,advanced work and make Matt Patricia and,Joe judge feel bad that he was trying to,replace them,was it because he's not sure that he,wants to go ahead with this and move on,doesn't want to make those guys fall,guys or worse yet,does he have no plan at all to move on,does he think it's too hard that there's,nobody out there that we were just,getting close at the end of the year I,don't think that's going to fly when he,sits down with Robert Kraft but we will,be tracking that for the next coming,weeks hopefully it's not that long I,hope it's not weeks I just I want it,done by the end of the week a Mac attack,Money Talks,owning we get into the ownership,question as this week goes along and of,course uh irrelevant questions we'll be,bringing up the rear speaking,speaking of bringing up the rear no,speaking of K Adams hey buddy it's so,funny the playoff train is moving down,the track and everybody here in New,England isn't on it so I'm a little bit,sideways it's weird no it's fun there's,plenty to chew on listen Bill Belichick,might not have a plan but you have a,plan for today's show and I'm excited to,get to it because there's a lot of,questions that need some answering there,is a lot of meat on the bone should we,do uh get right into quickfire,yes let's do it everybody we appreciate,the tweets keep them coming we know,Patriots fans want to turn this thing,around as fast as they can so let's,start with this I'm going to show you,Tom a couple of potential uh Patriots,defensive coordinator candidates Bill,O'Brien that's a hot little number there,but the Pats reportedly haven't reached,out yet meanwhile the Bucks and Titans,rumored to have interest in chorizante,and Club Kingsbury of course canned by,the Cardinals on Monday according to,Albert Breer the Pats have done their,research on it that was Albert's quote,your thoughts on these candidates you,know Kay I think about this and I,consider to myself why would someone,want to be here like say Cliff Kingsbury,what's the draw you're going to come you,have a contract through 2027 the Arizona,Cardinals have to continue to pay you,you're going to come,East to New England to work with no,title at all for less money have to,Guild the Lily so that the Cardinals,don't know that you're working as an,offensive coordinator work 90 hour weeks,with an offense that went sideways so,badly in a Machiavellian atmosphere in,the front office where Matt Patricia Joe,judge and yourself all fired head,coaches are somehow trying to find that,golden ticket again,I don't know if it's that great an idea,for Clifford okay,well Clifford is kind of a rich man and,Ian Rapaport of NFL media is making,jokes about him potentially spending the,next few seasons as a wealthy man in,Ibiza or wherever but I will say this uh,knowing what I know about Cliffs going,back to Texas Tech uh he's familiar with,the Patriots he knows what that means,he's wired like an obsessive NFL coach,he wants to work hard at something and I,think Bill Belichick me also want to be,evolving with the new generation of,players that he needs to be relatable,with so I think it's actually funnily,enough a nice match I think so,compromises are going to have to be made,on both sides but belichucks should want,someone like Cliff to be attractive to,free agents to be relatable to players,that might be younger and you know the,Bill Belichick might have a tougher time,relating,Bill Belichick can be the steward of,getting him back to Greatness as he,failed and only had one playoff,appearance with so much talent out there,in the desert let's stay on this because,Bill actually likes that that's part of,the reason that Joe judge and Matt,Patricia in particular came back here,was to rehabilitate them give them a,soft safe landing where they can be,working instead of at home licking their,wounds I don't know if Kyler excuse me,Kyler Cliff Kingsbury will be licking,his wounds so much because I think,everyone could see why it went sideways,and he did ge

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INSTANT REACTION: Patriots season comes to an end with loss to Buffalo Bills

INSTANT REACTION: Patriots season comes to an end with loss to Buffalo Bills

welcome to post game live brought to you,by your New England Ford dealers there,it is it is final it is over the Buffalo,Bills beat the Patriots 35-23 that means,the Patriots finished their season with,a record of 8-9 they are not going to,the playoffs the Miami Dolphins are,going instead the Dolphins beat the Jets,today 9-6 so the Patriots 8-9 their 17,game regular season is over here with,Tommy Curran Ted Johnson Matt Castle and,fellas just want to get your impressions,on an adventurous pack day in Orchard,Park New York Tommy Curran what'd you,see coming into this week I figured okay,you know what table 2023 is a season for,now pour everything into this game in,terms of fan attention media attention,the Patriots themselves and see how it,goes and you know what when you look at,this game it did have a playoff vibe to,it yeah they lose by 12. and the five,touchdowns the Buffalo scores are a,result of a variety of things two one,pay Patriots breakdowns three on the,uniqueness of Josh Allen creating them,but in the end this shows the gap,between the two teams but the competency,level said,I just liked the fact that the Patriots,were able to close,with more than a shred of dignity and,not be Their Own Worst Enemy and it's,hard to say that when there's two,kickoff return touchdowns I hear you but,I'm still saying it no I hear you,because I'm going to kind of piggyback,off you to some degree a little I mean,it was a competitive game I mean that,was uh you were kind of wondering you,know last game you know do they really,do they really want to advance this,season some of the reports you've been,hearing this week and just the way,they've been playing but it looked like,they were trying they wanted to go out,there and they wanted to win this game,Against All Odds I thought they showed,up and and really and gave it to the,bills uh if in that first half and then,just kind of like I think what's going,on this season something that you didn't,expect to happen in this game happen and,to some degree the Patriots are a,dominant third quarter team they are one,of the best teams in the NFL in the,third quarter in the third quarter blew,up in their face they had a promising,drive to start the third quarter I mean,they go what do they go almost 11 plays,before Matt Jones throws an interception,to davius White and then they and so,they turn the ball over right there in,the Red Zone but then the bills give it,right back to the Patriots right and the,Patriots are only able to get three,points on that instead of seven then,they kick off the bills and they've,Bills running back for a kickoff return,for a touchdown so the third quarter,which has been their best quarter off,he's long failed them today and that,just kind of that just goes kind of with,how The Season's gone all season Matt,yeah and I agree I mean they showed up,to play I mean to go into at halftime,14-14 giving up the opening opening,kickoff for a touchdown but be in good,position they go on that drive but,really it was the end of the third,quarter like you said it was again the,kickoff return for a touchdown then from,there two explosive plays that really,changed the Outlook of this game because,they battled offensively I thought they,had the best production that they've had,all year long in terms of sustained,drives putting play after play together,executing on third down even on the,fourth and one situations and it was,interesting to see how they came out,because normally they're a run first,team in those situations they came out,and threw almost in every one of those,situations defensively they battled,throughout the day they created some,turnovers but at the end of the day the,kickoff returns and special teams that,was just too much to overcome and at,some point you knew that the light was,was going to come on for the Buffalo,Bills and it did with some explosive,plays and Josh Allen you know they talk,about him as an alien they talk about,him as this and the other he is but he,finally did show up right and some of,those plays are just uncommon you know,there's only a few guys in this entire,league that can make those he's a cyborg,man that guy's he's slowly becoming my,favorite quarterback to watch but you,know it was frustrating through about it,is I don't know if the the you know the,the meats of the team you know the,offense and the defense could play much,better than they did in this game I mean,that special teams giving a two kickoff,returns for touchdowns was a killer but,I don't know if the defense and this,offense can play much better uh against,against the Buffalo Bills I know they,had a lot of extreme circumstances that,they had to play through that being the,bills but I was going to think that was,going to be a motivator for the Patriots,they just had me even at halftime I,thought it was I don't know it's it's,look The Season's been disappointing but,overall I like the effort in this game,as a Capstone to the season Mike,I don't hate it I've hated so m

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Tom E Curran says the #Patriots plan is to bring in Bill O'Brien next season

Tom E Curran says the #Patriots plan is to bring in Bill O'Brien next season

hello how are you Tommy happy holidays,how was your Christmas,it was a great day nice relaxing day we,had a couple of uh nice rib eyes and a,nice presents we had a nice day it was,nice,all right so it was nice it was nice,that's good I like the I like the fact,that it was nice and I was gonna ask you,because if I remember when you and I did,the midday show either last year or two,years ago you're a Christmas steaks kind,of guy,absolutely Yeah we actually became a,Thanksgiving Stakes family this year and,we're never going back wow wow Andy he's,pivoted he's made the pivot goodbye,Christmas ham fare the well Thanksgiving,turkey it's big steaks at the current,house I like that Tom,yeah you have to have something to,commit to I think and then we commit it,to the stakes and we're going to go,there every single time they're going to,be nice they're going to be high-end,we're going to spend a little bit extra,on them and we're going to cook them up,right nice speaking of committing how,committed is Bill Belichick to Matt,Patricia as the offensive coach of this,team,great pivot well,keeps trotting them out there yeah and,there is no end in sight in terms of,2020,two,um,obviously as we look towards 2023 it's,blatantly obvious that the map Patricia,as offensive coach has failed as lead,offensive coach,um obviously the speculation continues,to be the Bill O'Brien will be brought,in folks who are knowledgeable in this,that I reached out to in the last couple,of days who would have insight,I said would Bill want bill of right,because that question's really not been,asked if there's a perception that,hey it's a done deal and Bill of course,bill would want him back,um but I asked and the individual said,absolutely,and they said I'm surprised if it's not,in the works or a done deal already,so to me,all the conversations that we've had,about Bill O'Brien,in the media and in the fan base,um,behind the scenes there's an expectation,from people who know more than us and,know the relationships better that yeah,that's that's probably going to happen,so basically that just validates the,idea that Bill Belichick didn't want to,upset the apple cart of the agreement,between O'Brien Saban and between,himself and Saban do the gentleman's,thing and honor the contract Bill,O'Brien sign Bill O'Brien signed thereby,stop making Matt Patricia a stop Gap but,I just you know Tom I keep going back to,all the same things on the t-shirts and,the posters and in social media you know,do your job and ignore the noise in best,interest of the football team how the,hell is everything Matt Patricia has,done this year quote unquote in the best,interest of the football team,I think the bill overestimated his,ability and the way this collaboration,would work I think he overestimated Joe,judge and Matt Patricia's Acumen and the,ease with which they'd moved to the,offensive side of the ball I think you,overestimated how easily Mac would,transition I think you totally,underestimated,not only what Josh McDaniels brought to,the team and the franchise on a,day-to-day day in a day out basis and,organizing that offense and leading that,group and innovating,but he also underestimated the rest of,the NFL and his ability to outsmart out,think outflank them and I think that's a,little bit of an issue that bill has,been confronting more and more over the,last few years,things happen that we there are,decisions made that should be blatantly,obvious that it's probably not a great,idea and then when it blows up we're,like huh,and Bill's more surprised than anybody,again whether it's Malcolm Butler not,playing in the Super Bowl or not,understanding that Tom Brady was on the,cusp of leaving,or that you're going to piss him off by,continuing to Monkey around with a,contract that he clearly has made,obviously wants to to have,um and then being surprised when he,leaves or this year he is surprised at,these outcomes in a way that is,mystifying and it only speaks to he,either overestimated himself or,underestimated the competition,so hopefully that sucks so just pursuing,that a little bit deeper because Robert,Kraft brought that up when I think he,was defending the coaching staff this,spring and said Bill's got a pretty good,track record but I would say the law of,averages maybe have swung the other way,in those decisions in recent years do,you think that's all it is law of,averages or is Bill not as good making,these tough decisions as he maybe was,earlier in his tenure,I don't think it's the law of averages I,think there's a great confidence that,grows from being able to do what you've,done as a head coach and he should have,confidence I mean nobody's done what,he's done nobody knows more football,than Bill Belichick but I think it's the,leadership aspects and the ma the,management aspects,which have become an issue it's not the,football it's not the the evaluation,necessarily,um it's believing that hey I'm going to,try this I think it'll work or,the guys will respond to this

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Former Celtic Eddie House teaches Tom E. Curran how to improve his jump shot | NBC Sports Boston

Former Celtic Eddie House teaches Tom E. Curran how to improve his jump shot | NBC Sports Boston

everybody has their passions in life,where they can do something that takes,their mind completely off the world for,me even though i wasn't a great,basketball player it's still shooting,baskets so when we saw eddie house this,week i said my god i wonder if eddie,will come over and shoot with me just,give you a few tips i love being in the,gym i love hooping i love basketball so,anytime i get an opportunity to do it,and especially if i can do to help,somebody,now you're a jump shooter why were you a,jump shooter what are the advantages,disadvantages of being a jump shooter,well i'm not the biggest guy out there,most of the time the smallest guy on the,court so,how can i get my shot off without them,affecting me i had to use my,my athleticism,if you will to,elevate in the air to get my shot up and,it's also quick because if really never,when you load up it's not coming down to,the uh to the area that's wasting motion,see that's something that has to get,here so it's just up out,see what's going on here i do see what's,going on put you do put the ball down,here too much,too low,see,now as a defender,up i'm stripping,i'm stripping that see,don't ever bring it down,so if you get it here,no waste no waste in motion,there we go that's a whole lot better,that's one thing we just fixed,that's five straight go ahead,that's six,you ever think about your guide hands,that's,is all it is therefore is a guy it,shouldn't have any effect on your shot i,end up bringing the ball up,on the wrong side of my body,and i have it out here,and then when i bring it up,i still have this thumb,and i end up flicking one more time hold,your follow through,all right,now see how your hands are,this is how it should be and we'll work,on that,and see the difference and i could see,i could see this damn thumb is shooting,way over here all it is is just kind of,keep it in place keep the ball in place,for,where you really want to shoot and,that's here it's wide and it's you got,it stretched out as much as possible and,it's just here to god,see look just hear the guy yep,and that's it as wide as flight don't,don't grip yeah just like,i think the most important thing with,shooting is everybody's gonna have their,different form i mean really what you,want to end up with is this right you,want to keep your elbow in here you,don't want every but there's guys look,at reggie miller got his shot like this,but he finished like this every time so,no matter where you start,it's what's comfortable to you looking,like sean marion he had a very,unorthodox jump shot but it worked so,why change something that works what you,do is,perfect that,thanks for watching this was great i,hope you got something out of it,other than that i can't shoot

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Patriots’ strong leaders will be front-and-center this week | Patriots Talk

Patriots’ strong leaders will be front-and-center this week | Patriots Talk

foreign,hey what's up everybody welcome into Tom,Curran's Patriots Talk podcast Matt,Castle and Phil Perry will join me as,the Patriots prepare for the Buffalo,Bills and what's been a very difficult,week in many ways and a unique week and,there's still a football game eventually,to be played in the conclusion perhaps,of the Patriots 2022 season or the,continuation we'll bring Matt and Phil,in right now,here's some boys it's Castle it's Perry,it's me Tom Curran and good news on this,Thursday morning about,Demar Hamlin the bills releasing a,statement that Hamlin has shown quote,remarkable improvement over the past 24,hours still critically ill but quote,appears to be neurologically intact and,quote his lungs continue to heal so,as the days pass by and this podcast,will stay up,improvements will God willing continue,and there'll be closure on at least when,the game will be played but,thanks guys for taking the time to,discuss something that is so tenuous in,so many ways but Matt I want to ask you,how hard is it to prepare for a football,game that you're not sure,when it will be played and also with the,hovering over your head aspect of should,we really be preparing for this game,those guys are in Virtual shock,right it's a difficult circumstance and,we really haven't seen it in the NFL,before it's unprecedented so when when,you look at the situation I think for,everybody that was involved out there,for the Buffalo Bills the Bengals and,everybody watching the NFL Community it,was horrifying right it was horrific and,at the same time as you move forward in,this week and we got more good news just,this today that you it it can be very,difficult leading up to that point to,get your mind right but I think as,football players work conditions the,condition to deal with a lot of,different adversities whether it's,circumstances outside the football,stadium or circumcis circumstances,inside the football stadium and so you,kind of have to steal your mind and you,have to understand that no matter what,happens you're probably going to have to,go out there on Sunday and play and so,you have to block out those distractions,whatever they might be and I know I'm,simplifying it I don't want to be,insensitive with the situation that's,taking place but as a football player,you got to get your mind right and go in,there and understand that the games are,going to take place on Sunday regardless,of the circumstance and somehow you when,you're inside the confines of that,building you've got to focus in on the,job at hand in the task at hand as hard,as that might be and as soon as that day,is over you have to then you know be,able to go out and if you need help if,you want to talk to somebody they have,staff there they have people there that,and resources that can help you talk,through that,Phil nobody I think is better than bill,at articulating things,um do you agree with that I mean I just,look back at the Aaron Hernandez,situation in 2013 the amount of time,that bill spent explaining at the,beginning of training camp for probably,about 30 minutes,um everything that went into that and,obviously the trauma's involved for the,families involved,in the murders and also,how his team was processing it would,move forward and the mistakes made I,mean it was just it was an unbelievable,I hate to use the word performance but,it was uh an unbelievable job done by,Bill yeah so we know he has the the,capacity to be able to express what he,and his team,are feeling in a given moment I also,think he'll be cognizant of not making,this moment about his team uh and so,while players are dealing with it uh,inside of the building at Gillette,Stadium and I've been told it's it's,been tough for players these last couple,days in the conversations that I've had,with multiple people in there I think,Belichick will be really aware of the,fact that,number one,their thoughts are with Hamlin and his,family and with the bills but number two,as Matt just alluded to this game is in,all likelihood going to be played and,you mentioned off the top Tom you might,not know if you're a player you might,not know if it's going to be played or,not I think and my guess is they have to,function as though it will be played,because it's on the schedule and they,have to function as though unless,something changes before Sunday all,indications are we have to be ready to,play a football game so it's obviously,incredibly unfortunate what the bills,are dealing with and who knows if,they'll be ready and willing to play on,Sunday afternoon but I think if you're,Bill Belichick and the Patriots you have,to balance the fact that on the one hand,you want to make sure your players are,feeling,mentally healthy and emotionally healthy,and spiritually healthy and they have,people on the staff who's whose jobs,pertain to those areas of,a player's overall well-being so I'm,sure those particular individuals I'm,thinking of guys like uh Daryl Nelson,and Jewel Robinson Jewel Robinson is is,the team

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Tom E. Curran details the #Patriots preparations during this stressful and unprecedented week

Tom E. Curran details the #Patriots preparations during this stressful and unprecedented week

Tommy how you doing obviously a a good,day here for the NFL for the Buffalo,Bills and uh really for for everyone uh,with this news out of uh out of,Cincinnati,um where uh where do you sort of stand,on the uh on the possibility of this,game being played now it certainly seems,like it's a lot higher,yeah it seems like it's I think that,the week has gone on the reality of the,industry of the NFL and the realization,that while everyone wants to do exactly,what is right for Demar Hamlin and his,family and be respectful of the,situation it was probably going to Trend,towards being played anyway whether it,be Sunday or Monday,because precedent is set any number of,times sadly in the NFL with players,being crowded off or in disrepair,um in so many different ways so I think,we look at this situation and it was,going to Trend that way this makes it so,much easier now obviously easier being a,relative term,for the league to move ahead and the,bills to move ahead and the Patriots to,move ahead is which which is what we,heard a lot from their players uh within,the last hour,Tom uh seeing some reports out there,that the league is mulling these,different situations about possibly,adding an eighth seed uh to the playoffs,or maybe letting the top seed and the,AFC make the call about the bye week is,there any scenario going forward that,you feel like makes the best sense for,these teams,probably going to winning percentage I,think would be the best way to do it,um and figuring out how between those,two teams you would figure out how to,make the number one seed Equitable I,mean obviously we know the bills,defeated the Chiefs this year,so,we're in a situation I'm sorry it's,really freaking noisy here where are you,Duncan I'm in the freak I'm in that no,I'm in the media room and you get Butch,Stearns we got cameraman cruising by and,I'm trying to find a good spot you're,good you're good buddy all right here I,go I'm going to sit down on this little,foyer here and then somebody's going to,come in,um,what's the best way to do it I thought,Mike florio's idea of saying okay,if Kansas City wins they then become,the odds on number one seed so that,means that Buffalo regardless of,Sunday's outcome would be the number two,seed based on winning percentage if,there's a way to perhaps,figure that they can play a game if it,arises at a neutral site then perfect,then you have your uh yeah,I love the atmosphere,sound like you just trips them,so now I'm going to go outside okay um,I really apologize,you're the feet on the street I know I,feel like around like a tour of,Foxborough and,to have a,game if the two teams advance to the AFC,Championship as we've seen already today,the NFL with NFL PA actually will have a,conference at four o'clock and update,briefing in which we will most likely,learn that the Cincinnati and Buffalo,game will not be made up so that leaves,you in the situation where,Buffalo will finish if the Chiefs win,behind Kansas City even though they've,beaten them so what's the fair way to do,it or the least unfair way maybe to play,that AFC Championship game if it does,Arise at a neutral site how do you work,out the bye week uh you know is there is,there a way to do that fairly,goodbye,War for the top timing do you even have,two buys yeah do you even do that the,same way,I would say you just leave it as it is,you know there was the other concern put,forward that Adam schefter I believe,offered that would give the teams the,opportunity to almost pick one or the,other yeah between Kansas City and,buffalo,so but I'm not as attuned to what's,going on there I I you know at the,league level it's so hypothetical right,now I'm more probably attuned to you,know kind of characterizing what's going,on with the Patriots and how they're,approaching Things based upon the guys,we've spoken with yeah focusing back in,on the Patriots,um I mean I we've we've seen some of the,media availabilities from the players,now that they are making themselves,available today and of course bill this,morning is it back to business as usual,down there in terms of preparing for the,game on Sunday is is there any kind of I,guess,strange mood there given everything,I think there is a strange mood and I,think it's really it's a it's a mood,that we all portray as well when we're,speaking publicly about this Meg and,Christians when we discuss things on the,air in front of folks on television when,we write we want to make sure that we,are projecting the right level of,empathy sympathy and concern for Damar,Hamlin for the bills for the Patriots,for all of these athletes who are going,to go through this,but then I think that we also have a,tendency because we all understand that,that is a given,we speak more realistically privately,which is okay well what are we going to,do with our pregame show how is this,going to work with this,um are the Patriots going to be able to,compete against the team with the,intensity that you expect them to in a,normal game knowing what t

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Tom E. Curran says no QB in the NFL would be able to play well running the #Patriots offense

Tom E. Curran says no QB in the NFL would be able to play well running the #Patriots offense

Tommy Curran joining us here on the,Harbor one hotline Tommy let's go ahead,and start right with the Bill O'Brien,stuff you've been all over this from uh,basically the jump why would Bill,O'Brien choose to come to New England if,as uh has been reported elsewhere Vegas,Tennessee other teams may be interested,level of comfort opportunity to work,with people that he's comfortable with,area uh,I think Matt Jones is a good player I,don't think he's a great player I think,he's somebody you can definitely work,with uh all those reasons compelling,reasons especially the family reasons,and so with that Tom I mean let's go,ahead and talk about the quarterback,again because there's been a bunch of,discussion now with you know some of the,quarterback Carousel issues coming up,you know Derek Carr where they trade,Derek Carr for Mac Jones or what have,you if you're look if you're looking at,this in your Bill O'Brien would would,the would that have an impact to you,it's like okay are we keeping Mac Jones,or are we not do you think he would want,to specifically work with Mac Jones or,is he just trying to find I don't know,the best quarterback available to work,with,no I think that,you know the reasons I just listed none,of those said going to find the best,quarterback so to me it's it's family,situation he's got right now his,family's divided he's been in Alabama,um his son has uh you know had some,pretty well documented difficulties,health-wise over the course of time and,there's a,I believe a strong desire to reunite,make sure that the family unit is back,in the position they needed to be in so,that's the most compelling thing as for,Matt Jones I don't think that Bill,O'Brien is going to look at Matt Kilns,and say oh my God I can't work with that,guy I mean this this is a the most,expressly one-off year that you could,ever possibly imagine he went without,coaching virtually on the offensive side,of the ball,so,I don't I don't know who you would have,plugged in here this year yeah with that,kind of game planning and play design,who would have had a better year Tommy,uh Bill O'Brien if he were to come here,do you think that there would be some,sort of stipulations attached to it in,terms of his future Beyond uh Beyond,maybe what happens with Bill Belichick I,honestly I could not even begin to,pretend that I knew would that be,something you think he'd ask for,I can't even begin to press into no,honestly uh Christian like if that's,like a full hypothetical so if I say yes,then it turns into you know he wants,stipulations it's I just don't know so,I'm going to try and be as you know,speculation free because things do get,repurposed quickly and,he just I I could not say that he would,want stipulations of anything I think of,Bill Belichick would want continuity,um in the offensive coordinated position,in any of the coordinated positions what,he prefers and I think that had a lot to,do with,you know the decisions made to just say,oh well these guys are going to be here,at least I know that I'm not going to go,beat the bushes somebody might be here,for 15 minutes but I don't know if,Bill's in a position right now to vet,somebody based upon how long they're,going to stay given the way it went when,he made that a big stipulation last year,Tom,um you mentioned on up in atoms today,with uh Kay Adams who's on clicks quick,Slants with you all the time uh,mentioned that uh you didn't see any,scenario really where where Bill,Belichick is going to step down he has,no intention of doing so we've seen a,couple of people suggest that maybe the,the ending of this year or you know the,way things have gone this year have put,his future into doubt whether he wants,to leave or not is there any scenario to,you where the last couple games of this,season could have any any long lasting,bearing on whether or not he gets to,finish his career in New England,of course they lose 73 to nothing all,all best for off but again it's,hypotheticals I mean yeah could anything,happen that would make Bill Belichick,look so bad that he'd either say I can't,do this anymore I mean do you remember,how Don Shula's final game went well,62-7 of Tom Coughlin in the playoffs,that that took care of that,um,we're talking with uh Tommy Curran here,NBC Sports Boston Tommy you sort of,talked about the continuity uh that Bill,O'Brien would bring to uh to the offense,if he was brought in as OC is that,something that you think in your opinion,is good for this team to sort of,continue with the same kind of you know,Belichick coaching tree guys or maybe is,this an opportunity to sort of break off,and go a different direction and his,bill would Bill be open to that,I think it's makes sense to do whatever,the quarterback and coordinator feel,comfortable with with Bill's oversight,they tried to shelve what they had done,previously to an extent Kyrie noticed it,very quickly in many Camp and it,continued not only in terms of the wide,Zone runs that they hammered their head,against the wa

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