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KATV: Meteorologist Todd Yakoubianfrom the weather team with the most,experience this is channel 7,m


Updated on Jan 31,2023

KATV: Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian

from the weather team with the most,experience this is channel 7,meteorologist Todd Yacoubian well could,we have scenes like this one sort of in,Arkansas coming up on Christmas if we do,Roger Suzanna says he'll come over to,your place with his snow blower and he,will take care of that the only person,in Arkansas who actually does have a,snow blower but anyway yeah it does look,like some people will be smiling on,Christmas Day and some people will not,be we're calling it missile snow on,Facebook and on Twitter follow me you,know when we're not on the air I give,you updates as to what the data is,saying and they have varying solutions,as exactly what's going to happen stay,up-to-date as well with our KETV weather,app it gives you hourly forecast,specific for your zip code so updated on,your smartphone or download it's free,you can't go wrong all right a couple,scenarios here with the track one of,which is what we call the North American,model and the area of low pressure,tracking further towards the north if,you love snow that's a bad track because,it pushes it most of it towards the,north however a lot of the other,computer models have it further towards,the south if you love snow that's what,you want scenario number two because,that would bring it further south into,central southern Arkansas even 48 hours,away there are still question marks,exactly how this is going to unfold,that's why I said no matter which,scenario you look at its northern,Arkansas that has the highest chance for,seeing accumulating snow so that's why,we have a higher confidence there but,the track of that low means everything I,cannot stress that enough the further,south the more snow we get and right now,the forecast confidence is such that a,winter storm watch has been issued for,this area in blue three to six inches or,more in those higher elevations just,north of Little Rock Mina Conway Searcy,on up towards pair of golden Jonesboro,that does not mean we're not gonna see,snot we could still see snow here in,central and southern Arkansas depending,on that track plus I do think we're,gonna get some snow regardless on the,backside of this and as it comes to an,end we just probably won't get much if,it goes to that further north solution,so still a lot of questions,High Definition Middleton Skycam 60,degrees warm ground from these,temperatures so whatever fall is going,to take a while to stick and have to,come down pretty hard south winds at,about 7 miles per hour coolest across,North,a Arkansas near 70 degrees now a frontal,boundary will be moving through and our,temperatures will be cooling off tonight,slight chance for showers Christmas Eve,will be cooler dry last-minute shoppers,travel plans you're all right no,problems tomorrow and even Christmas,morning does not look bad it's later in,the day on Christmas when this storm,system moves our direction and it's now,moving off the Pacific Ocean into the,western United States frontal boundary,comes through we got some cooler air,coming in for tomorrow back towards,average now watch what our exclusive,model Futurecast 3d does in the morning,we're okay but by mid-morning to late,morning that looks like we're gonna see,the rain increasing some sleet possible,and this is late in the day by six,o'clock snow across Northwest Arkansas,where you see this purple that's a mix,and it's rain across portions of,southern Arkansas that's at six o'clock,so we're getting that transition in,central areas of the state now as that,low pulls away the cold air comes in and,all of this especially the northern half,of the state will change to all snow,after six o'clock on Tuesday on,Christmas Day that's the way it's,looking right now partly cloudy to,mostly cloudy skies tonight small chance,for a shower don't count on that now for,tomorrow again Christmas Eve,looking good Santa Claus has got clear,sailing tomorrow night 55 degrees and,low temperature tomorrow night around 34,you church services tomorrow night right,Tuesday morning showers the chance,begins to increase and then the,transition from a wintry mix to some,snow late Tuesday into very early,Wednesday in northeastern arkansas look,at those highs wednesday thursday in the,30s and maybe a little bit more wintry,mix on friday especially for northern,Arkansas,so is it missile snow because we're just,gonna get a little kiss of snow that's,very good Roger and and and what about,the snow blower that she want everybody,to that's what I never met anyone in,Arkansas I'm telling you right now snow,blower could be a good investment you'll,be the only one in town with it and as,long as you can you can charge everybody,10 15 bucks a pop yeah you might be able,to cover the cost in about 20 years but,you'll be the only one that has it,that's right thanks time

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Lisa Talks with Arkansas Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian

Lisa Talks with Arkansas Meteorologist Todd Yakoubian

she won most talkative in high school,and she has been running her mouth ever,since,welcome to the lisa fisher said podcast,with your host,lisa fisher,okay how many podcast interviews have,you done in somebody's home overlooking,the arkansas river that would be none,i'm gonna think about this uh,zero zero this is number one right,thank you for having me well we're glad,you're here you are america's sweetheart,as far as weather comes and goes because,this is in your dna it's in your blood,and i've read the stories and we're,going to go over that from the beginning,like young you were interested in the,science of meteorology not the on-air,shenanigans but this is no i was,interested in that okay because you've,done well with it but you actually like,the science right absolutely yeah when i,i have to trace my love for weather back,to when i was six years old i don't know,what sparked it,uh but it was a thunderstorm this is,where it started though a thunderstorm,and lightning hit a tree outside my,bedroom the fire department had to come,out the baseboards were smoldering in,the house wow tv station uh came out and,this is out here in west little rock,yeah and ever since then that's what my,mom and my dad told me that's where it,all sorry that's that's why i say that's,probably where it sparked my interest,yeah i got that that was good so that,was six years old six years old you were,interested because boys like fire trucks,they like smoldering baseboards,yes yeah those kinds of things but when,did you then start,thinking that this could be a career,like you went to catholic high school i,did so it was all it never stopped the,week prior to that lightning strike i,told my parents i wanted to be a shoe,salesman,so,so i'm ambitious,i thought i'm ted bundy before ted bundy,was telling me okay well don't don't use,that as a technology wow okay,yeah,i have to,i'm thinking of the wrong bundy uh right,oh boy that's completely different,that's okay all right so anyway,the one from the married with children,yeah okay so who ended up being a modern,family which was that's true modern,family so i never stopped wanting to be,a meteorologist i was fascinated with,storms i was scared to death of storms,scared to death of them uh when there,were thunderstorms and tornadoes i would,hide in the corner of my kitchen without,stop,i did i hid in the corner of my kitchen,when dad was on tv,like did you wear a helmet like what,were you doing to protect did you,why why the court in the kitchen you,people tell us in the safest room in the,house which is an interior bag i was six,i was six well,all right i'll give you that but yeah i,was scared today i wanted to learn more,about them and then whether all whether,winter weather snow because i got to get,out of school i would go out at six,o'clock in the morning and not go back,until sunset and play in the snow but,storms fascinated me and i stuck with it,and my parents saw something there and,they fed my,you know my ambitions and they,encouraged me every step of the way and,when i was 10 years old they took me on,a surprise trip to the national weather,service office in north little rock no,to get a tour on my name,my birthday present uh for my toothbrush,this is the prodigy that tiger woods had,with his father you are the tiger woods,of whoever that,you were actually 10 and you went to the,uh withered station whatever it is the,national weather service okay now let's,just talk just a minute i mean nothing,personal those are some nerdy people,they're nerdy but we're all nerdy and,they're very good people over there and,here's this crazies i i met some of the,meteorologists there yeah okay so that,was when i see years old and i still,know some of them they're still there,and worked with them in a professional,capacity now so that was when i was 10,years old okay so back when the earth,cooled i was in tv the weather people,actually you know we ripped it because i,was a news anchor at a radio station we,ripped in red right,and then the science of meteorology,started becoming a thing and you had to,have a certification,right you know melinda mayo i remember,before she had her certification then,she got it or so and so right,you can use anybody but you didn't even,have to do that certification because,you actually went to weather school,right at ou i went partially at oklahoma,and partially at mississippi state so,everyone has to finish at mississippi,state well you don't have to it's just,better in tv for television weather,so i did kind of a hybrid between the,university of oklahoma and mississippi,state but i claim university of oklahoma,oh i know you do had your sisters do,this year in football,so what's the next question yeah that's,what i thought um okay so when you went,so you went to ou then,with,the end in mind that you would finish up,at mississippi state,no i didn't realize i thought i would do,everything at all you i didn't realize,when i got there how difficult it wasn't,geared t

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Winter update

Winter update

life-threatening cold brutal cold it is,going to be one heck of a cold front a,rare extreme temperature drop in a very,short amount of time everything's still,on schedule for Thursday and I have,adjusted the snowfall forecast just a,little bit I'm going to get to that in,just a few minutes or a couple of,minutes rather but I want to share with,you a quick story I won't name the uh,retailer but I was visiting this uh,retail store big store and uh I was,looking for I guess it's that electrical,tape that you wrap around your not,electrical tape it's heated tape or,something that you wrap around your,faucets and you can plug it in and keep,them warm of course they were out of,that but anyway I was I was looking for,that and in that aisle there were six or,seven people at least six or seven,people maybe eight or nine all looking,for faucet covers,and they're all looking all around and,everything and one of the guys who works,at this store walked down the aisle and,they all go where are the faucet covers,where are the faucet covers and he stops,he looks at me he pointed at me says,it's all his fault we're out,so uh I hope you do have the advice,protected I left shortly after that no,uh it was all in good humor all right uh,let's get to the forecast I've done some,adjusting to it not much but I'll show,you a future cast and what we've got,this is at 5 30 on Thursday morning,tomorrow morning and that white line,that is snow uh that's basically the,arctic front Okay so that's the arctic,front coming into Arkansas uh look how,it moves through and I meant to stop,this at noon but it's around noon just,to show you the extreme temperature,contrast when you're looking at uh 45,degrees uh in the in the Little Rock,metro area so you have 45 degrees here,at 30 in Russellville 11. in,Fayetteville and this is the front right,here just going through Hot Springs now,if there's something wrong with this uh,it's that the Arctic air will be a,little faster than what the computer,models project 2 p.m uh what you see,here is the front through Little Rock,like I said I think it's going to be,through uh early to mid afternoon on,Thursday in the Little Rock metro area a,rapid drop below freezing I expect this,to be light to occasionally moderate,snow roads to be slick up here in,Northern Arkansas and uh even here in,the Metro I think we're going to see,some flakes fly uh accumulations I'll,show you in just a second uh at three,o'clock in the afternoon now we're down,to 25 the cold air is getting to,Southeast Arkansas look at the,difference between Monticello and Pine,Bluff five Fayetteville and Harrison,with the snow shutting off and,Fayetteville but you can see where it's,snowing and it's accumulating here,Northern and Northeast Arkansas at 3 P.M,uh by five o'clock I think we're just,about done with any sort of,precipitation chances in the Metro but,the look at the temperatures just,Statewide below freezing by the rush,hour,hazardous travel conditions up in,Northern and Northeastern Arkansas and I,could even rule out a couple of six,spots even a little bit further to the,South into Central Arkansas seven,o'clock temperatures just,it's just that's unbelievable these are,air temperatures not even wind chills,below zero to five so here's what we're,thinking with the snowfall forecast,there is a winter weather advisory in,effect for Northern Arkansas uh where,you see that pink one to three inches,good luck measuring it it's going to be,wind driven not only that but elsewhere,too so from near Mina to maybe northern,and western Pulaski County over to,Memphis a dusting to one inch okay in,that area of course this is still,changeable but a dusting and then maybe,some isolated spots to one inch and if,you get one inch amounts it's most,likely,but those one inch amounts are going to,be uh up here further towards the north,here on the Northern edge of this blue,uh boundary here that's where you'd,likely see one inch amounts and then one,to three inches I think you'll see three,inch amounts up here near the Missouri,border uh in this gray shaded area,flurries nothing to maybe a dusting in,spots if you are lucky the other facet,to this wind chill warning and effect,for Northern Arkansas Northeastern,Arkansas for windshield readings around,25 to 30 degrees below zero the rest of,the state wind chill advisory starting,Thursday morning zero to 15 degrees,below zero all the way down into,Southern Arkansas wind chill,temperatures at noon this also shows the,front uh yeah it feels like 51 to mile,cell feels like three below and,Fayetteville at noon and then look at,these wind chill temperatures that's 6,p.m uh Thursday single digits for much,of the state to 15 below zero Harrison,13 below in Fayetteville and this is a,Thursday the 10 o'clock news uh I will,be in studio bundling up on sure,just it's a hard to believe something,like this is happening uh in such it's,not even just it's just a rapid change I,mean we have seen wind chills this cold,before we

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Thursday Update

Thursday Update

very important update this morning,waking up to drizzle and temperatures,above freezing a little unexpected to,get some drizzle here's the problem with,such a drastic drop in temperature,expected around noon in central Arkansas,that drizzle that those wet roads uh if,the wind does not dry it out and that,may not happen if it's precipitating,while that temperature drastically drops,below freezing you're looking at a flash,freeze which means that the wind won't,have enough time to dry out the roads,and whatever moisture is on the ground,becomes a sheet of ice,that's a possibility this afternoon and,I think the temperatures tank I'll have,futurecast for you with that and,snowfall accumulations I think that,begins to happen around the lunch hour,so you need to take that into account,today planning for anything you're doing,this afternoon getting to where you need,to to go to be on the safe side as a,precautionary measure I hope the wind,dries out the roads but if it doesn't,then you're looking at an ice skating,rink and uh it's not good so plan,accordingly got a lot of data to show,you as promised this art air is serious,business as promised this Arctic airs,maybe 30 minutes to an hour ahead of,schedule we thought it'd be a little bit,faster than what the models are,predicting and that's the case,uh this is a a batch of Arctic air that,we saw coming three weeks ago and we've,been telling you about it on channel,seven that this Christmas sign leading,into Christmas it would be much,different this year than last year and,now you're starting to see that come to,fruition unfortunately so I'm recording,this at about nine o'clock in the,morning you see there it is it's plain,as day there's the Arctic air windshield,temperatures a tank roads Northwest,Arkansas are already slick there's the,winter weather advisory which is in,effect today uh and even into the early,evening hours but for Northern Arkansas,here uh for this area of the state slick,roads very slick roads because of snow,accumulation and yeah flash freeze but,that's where we're expecting the bulk of,the snow accumulation now in the rest of,this area this purple area you're,looking at a flash freeze which is re I,just discussed that's why you have that,winter weather advisory issued and there,will be flakes flying uh and there will,be at least some potential for very,light accumulations uh elsewhere into,Central Arkansas even here's the,situation okay I'm going to take you,through futurecast this is at noon today,uh temperatures continue to drop slick,roads all over Northern Arkansas 42 in,Little Rock to 29 in Russellville if,there was a,reading here in Western Pulaski County,probably say 32. so that's why I'm,saying this is going to be in central,Arkansas by lunch 36 in Hot Springs you,see that rain and then you get that,drastic drop and to see where it goes,from rain to snow over the course of,about 10 or 15 miles that's what I'm,talking about with a drastic drop in,temperature all right so by one o'clock,we're down to 35. I think by one o'clock,its potential there's the potential for,Little Rock and especially West Little,Rock to be down to 32. okay so that's a,measurement at the airport I think,Western Pulaski County at one o'clock,will be below freezing I want to make,sure that's clear Western Pulaski County,especially by 1 pm will be below,freezing most likely 45 35 to 5. snow in,Northern Arkansas accumulating causing,slick roads by 2 pm the official,measurement at the Little Rock Airport,29 degrees obvious to see where the,front's located 45 in Pine Bluff to 29,little rockets in the single digits,Northern Arkansas rain showers I'm,concerned about a flash freeze out here,in Southeastern and eastern Arkansas too,at this point by two o'clock you'll see,snow in Northern Arkansas in the very,Southern extent of that will be coming,through the Little Rock metro area so it,will be light but whatever Falls will,stick,whatever Falls will stick but it's not,going to be much,moisture starved and very rapid movement,to this area of snow 3 P.M 32 in Pine,Bluff the fronts through Pine Bluff,between Pine Bluff and Monticello the,rest of the state,in the Deep Freeze especially Northwest,Arkansas you see Little Rock especially,Northern Pulaski County getting light,snow,you get up into Northeast Arkansas it's,even colder roads are treacherous snow,continues to fall,by 4 pm I think the back edge of the,snow so remember where this all started,at noon where no winter weather,officially here at Little Rock and then,we're at four o'clock we're on the back,edge of this so you see obviously it's,extremely fast moving and moisture is,limited and the highest moisture values,will be in northeastern Arkansas the,front has basically cleared the state,actual air temperatures foreign,Fayetteville 22 here in Little Rock an,even colder wind chill values and,getting below freezing in southeast,Arkansas by 6 p.m we're starting to see,some clearing temperatures in the teens,one these are

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Massive weather changes

Massive weather changes

here we go extreme cold extreme wind,chill values and yes there will be some,snow especially over Northern Arkansas,with that said,I think there could be flakes even into,the Little Rock metro area Southern,Arkansas very much on the iffy side I'm,gonna have a more complete update on,this a little bit later on but let's,give you some preliminary information,right now we're going to start this off,Thursday morning by the way recording,this Wednesday morning at about 8 30 in,the morning but this is Thursday,tomorrow there's the change so you go to,work on Thursdays in the 40s just,remember that the temperature at rush,hour 7 A.M Thursday it's in the 40s,which is still cold look at what's,showing up in Northwest Arkansas right,so here we go we got the cold front the,Arctic boundary starting to make Headway,into the ark into the state of Arkansas,so nine o'clock it's down to 17.,yeah 17 degrees in Fayetteville whatever,Falls sticks 43 in Little Rock I mean,look at these temperatures 45 in Little,Rock look at this difference this is,something you will rarely see in,Arkansas it happens,but it's pretty rare,to see a temperature contrast this sharp,over a short period of time and distance,45 in Little Rock 26 in Russellville,seven in Fayetteville we're close to 50,in El Dorado,that is remarkable okay so you see the,where the front's located,uh again if there's a problem with this,it comes in a little bit faster okay if,there's a problem that's a little bit,further along so at noon when the front,arrives you may get a rain shower then,quickly changing over to a Sleep Pillow,a few sleep pellets then quickly,changing over to light snow so this is,at 2 pm fronts through Little Rock,remember it was in the 40s yeah just in,the matter of an hour or two it drops,below freezing uh it's three in favor,look at the widespread area of light to,occasionally moderate snow there will be,some accumulation in Northern Arkansas,and it's even showing areas of snow,flurries and snow showers in central,Arkansas this is going to be a case,where some people see snow and some,people do not see snow in Central and,Southern Arkansas but a remarkable,temperature difference 32 in,Jonesboro 27 star seat of 46 and Pine,Bluff to 28 in Little Rock,so I mean this is just it's obvious,where the arctic front is located that's,2 P.M so by 4 pm,19 in Little Rock the whole state now,has the front through it except Chico,County but that will happen between four,and five o'clock tomorrow if not a,little sooner but we're down to two in,Fayetteville light snow showers in,central Arkansas more intense than,nature will be a little bit more uh,moderate up towards the North and the,northern Arkansas especially,Northeastern Arkansas,so 6 p.m remember the rush hour in the,morning told you to remember that 43,degrees or so because I've already,forgotten it lower 40s but 14 when you,go home,that's that's just a little bit of a,change sarcasm please detect a little,bit there I think there was a little bit,but anyway so there's still snow in,eastern Arkansas then it's gone,8 P.M temperatures Thursday we're all in,the Deep Freeze zero or below zero,actual air temperatures Thursday in,Northern Arkansas and when you wake up,this is this is a computer model but,with snow on the ground in Northern,Arkansas and the Arctic air this is,realistic with temperatures going below,zero air temperatures wind chill values,starting Thursday morning and through,Friday morning 15 to 25 or 30 degrees,below zero wind chill warning in effect,and now a windshield advisory is in,effect for much of central western and,even Southern and Eastern Arkansas all,these counties right here and then,that's a wind chill watch that'll likely,get an advisory and Ashley Chico I would,go ahead and consider yourself under a,wind chill advisory uh you have been,warned it's been something we have been,talking about,that we would get in extreme,or I I say we started talking about this,I believe I went back on Twitter,December 3rd uh that there was the,potential for some very cold air around,Christmas time,here it is I'll have a more in-depth,update later today thank you for,trusting us at Channel 7 the team with,the most experience

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Here’s How Bad This Winter Will Actually Be (2022-23)

Here’s How Bad This Winter Will Actually Be (2022-23)

it's going to snow somewhere,that that's it that's that's the video,just kidding but it is going to snow for,a lot of you the question is how much,how often and is this going to be any,different from a typical winter season,and hey what about those places that,don't ever even get snow why should they,care about a winter Outlook well there's,actually a lot of reasons especially,this year and by the end of this video,you should have a complete understanding,of how this upcoming winter season will,affect you let me break this down in a,very simplistic way you see last year,was a record-breaking winter just not in,the way you'd expect it to be there were,two separate tornado outbreaks along,with an intense ratio that occurred in,the month of December alone that's,something you'd normally see in the,spring months in fact there were more,tornadoes on December 10 2021 than any,other day during this year's tornado,season a big contributing factor to this,anomalously active winter weather severe,weather Fiasco was that much of the,country was just warmer than average,especially on the east coast and in many,areas it was actually drier than what,was forecasted by the National Weather,Service due to to this dry air which,helps propagate some of the severe,weather outbreaks from the backside a,large portion of the Great Plains and a,belt across the northern U.S got much,less snowfall than average but new year,new Earth there are some very noticeable,differences developing between last,winter and this winter that could make,some things much more interesting first,we have to talk about La Nina which this,always sounds complicated but it's,basically just talking about how hot or,cold the waters are in the Pacific Ocean,around the equator right now they're,pretty cold so we call that La Nina and,it looks like it's about to get La Nina,Ur or colder this means that we could,see a greater effect from La Nina this,year as long as the trend stays on the,more intense side and while La Nina is,looking slightly more impressive than it,was last year overall the big picture,looks pretty much the same but there are,other aspects that are shifting around,that are starting to deviate us towards,a much more interesting winter that,leads me to the polar vortex you've all,heard this buzzword cycling through the,news in recent years but did you know,this is actually a scientist thing that,meteorologists analyze to try to predict,winter weather the polar vortex is,essentially a fat wedge tornado that,sits over the North Pole way up in the,stratosphere the strong winds circling,around the hemisphere act to keep the,cold air of the stratosphere locked,inside near the poles you can kind of,think about it like a bowl sitting on,top of the Earth on the poles that bowl,holds icy cold water but it stays there,as long as the bowl is down strong and,rigid sometimes the polar vortex weakens,and its form starts to become wobbly and,more variable these weak points allow,for cold air to occasionally escape and,then fall down across the U.S right now,the stratospheric polar vortex is the,coldest it's ever been on record this,means there could be a huge potential,for multiple cold air outbreaks this,winter despite it being a la nina year,now if you're over here on the Pacific,coast you probably don't have to worry,about the polar vortex but we're still,looking at you guys for some very,important reasons we all need to know,about this other thing that's kind of,like La Nina but not really it's more,focused on the west coast and the,Pacific Ocean but it's called the,Pacific decadal oscillation or PDO for,short the PDO just tells us how hot or,cold the waters in the Northern Pacific,are when the PDO is negative the waters,are frigid of the California Oregon and,Washington coast while Hawaii is balmy,when it's positive the West Coast is,nice and toasty you see last year we had,a negative PDO but this year it's going,to flip towards positive and believe it,or not this has a bunch of winter,meteorologists in a panic running around,the office they're thinking that this,could lead to interesting and opposite,winter weather interactions and here's,why basically El Nino or La Nina in the,PDO are usually chill but this year we,might witness a feud this infighting,could cancel out and do very little or,it could amplify the intensity of each,storm that forms and tracks across the,states because this is so rare I,honestly don't know what it means I'm,going to be 100 transparent with y'all,ain't no magical weather wizard,weatherman okay I can't see into the,future literally but what I do know is,there will be weather and the weather is,crazy y'all and what's even crazier is,the honga Tonga volcano eruption that,happened earlier this year in the middle,of the Pacific Ocean since this massive,volcano eruption happened underneath the,water it sent up a crazy amount of water,vapor into the atmosphere and the,stratosphere because of the relative,recency of this eruption ther

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KATV Weather Lesson #3 - Hurricanes

KATV Weather Lesson #3 - Hurricanes

welcome to another,edition of weather school monday,april the 6th this one is all about,hurricanes and how they affect arkansas,and yes hurricanes do impact our weather,from time to time,and we're about to go into hurricane,season in a couple of months,thank you all for joining me here for,this uh,edition of weather school i've got,videos i'm going to show you,uh and an explanation of hurricanes and,the parts of the hurricane,if there is a hurricane you want to be,in and the parts you don't want to be in,now if i had a choice i choose that we,wouldn't ever be in any part of a,hurricane,or at least remnant and you hear that a,lot,remnants of hurricanes that's what,affects arkansas,everybody filed in share this tweet this,teachers parents because this is going,to be a fantastic i hope it's going to,be a fantastic,educational resource and i'm going to,answer your questions the first thing,i'm going to do right now,is show you this is about a two to three,minute long video,compliments of noah of,how hurricanes develop and form and i'm,going to go,even more into that about how they,affect arkansas so here's again this,video compliments of noah,about two to three minutes long,we've all heard that hurricanes are one,of the most powerful and destructive,forces on earth,but did you ever wonder where they get,their strength,the formation of a hurricane is,complicated but basically it depends on,three factors,first you need warm water at least 80,degrees,the second ingredient is moist air,and finally there needs to be converging,winds for a hurricane to form,the actual process begins with a cluster,of thunderstorms moving across the,surface of the ocean,when the surface water is warm the storm,sucks up heat energy from the water,just like a straw sucks up a liquid,this creates moisture in the air if wind,conditions are right,the storm becomes a hurricane,this heat energy is the fuel for the,storm,and the warmer the water the more,moisture is in the air,and that could mean bigger and stronger,hurricanes,satellite data shows the heat and energy,transfer in action,notice how this hurricane leaves a trail,of cooler water behind,scientists use sea surface temperature,data from satellites to help forecast,the intensity of storms,hurricane katrina which was the third,largest to make landfall in the u.s,crossed over gulf waters that had,temperatures between two and three,degrees higher than normal,this spawned sustained winds of over 140,miles per hour,extending 100 miles from the eye of the,storm and with greater intensity,there's a higher chance for death and,destruction,this is why warming ocean temperatures,matter it's like adding fuel,to a fire and taking the world literally,by storm,all right i hope you enjoyed that little,video,and now on to uh what i want to,show you i'm hitting the wrong button,here uh hurricanes,uh again this is um a little lesson,on how they affect arkansas this is,visible satellite imagery,of a hurricane obviously you see the eye,in the center,let's dissect that eye and look at this,again you have to know the storm,direction,if this is moving from the bottom or the,middle of the screen to the top of the,screen you're in the front,right quadrant if you're in that red,shaded area that's where you do,not want to be that's where the maximum,impact,is found in that right front quadrant,remember the storm direction is going,north that's where you have maximum,impact on the left quadrant it can still,especially,just to the very top of that on the,right side of that you can still get,very significant,uh you can get tornadoes even but you,are in the left front,it's significant in terms of the storm,surge,the back right quadrant still dangerous,but if there's one quadrant you want to,be in if there's a hurricane it's,in the southwestern quadrant of the,storm so we divide it up into four,quadrants,the northeastern one is always the,one you don't want to be in it's an,incredible satellite imagery you know,that we,rate hurricanes uh categorize them,according to,their wind speeds it's called the saffer,simpson scale,and for a storm to become a hurricane,it has to have winds of 74,miles per hour or greater,again 74 miles per hour or greater for,it to be called a hurricane,and it becomes a category one usually,minimal damage but this is,uh if you are along the coastal areas,the impacts,would become much greater at category,two,you start to see an increase in storm,surge and the wind 96 to 110 miles per,hour,once it gets to category 3 it becomes,a major hurricane and that's very,important,because i'm going to show you a forecast,for this upcoming season,about how many major hurricanes are,anticipated for this,coming uh tropical season but a category,three,a cat three this is different from what,you see with uh tornadoes with enhanced,vegeta scale,this is the sapper simpson scale,category 3 11 to 129,miles per hour devastating damage look,at the storm surge it starts to build in,and that's the number one related ki

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Sunday winter weather update

Sunday winter weather update

a massive massive blast of cold air will,arrive later this week we are extremely,confident that will happen I know what,you're asking right now will it snow,will we have a white Christmas now this,is what I'm going to tell you right now,at this time we do not see snow falling,on Christmas day however,what we see right now that if we get,snow later this week and there is some,in the forecast,if we get some,later this week I don't think it's gonna,melt through Christmas Eve and Christmas,day now when will we reach the bottom of,this cold snap I think it's going to,happen probably Friday into Saturday and,then going into Christmas Sunday uh will,start to come out of the cold snap it's,still going to be very cold Christmas,day but temperatures will moderate,starting Christmas day and I'll show you,everything here uh the first thing you,want to know I got wind chills that's,the other thing windshield values are,going to be,horrible for a couple of days but you,want to know about the snow chances well,you've come to the right place,this is uh we're going to start off here,with this is the European which I think,has had some issues lately,um so again these are models they're not,forecasts these are computer models,and we're a wave of low pressure,develops exactly you've got to have the,cold air in place first folks that's one,of the one of the biggest rules in,forecasting snow in Arkansas the cold,air must be in place first you can get,rain changing to snow but if if you want,snow and a better chance of it you want,that cold air to be in place so here it,is one o'clock on Thursday and depending,on where this area of low pressure ends,up Aloft and at the surface uh still,very questionable remember cold air is,usually cold Arctic air,underestimated typically by models and,typically I say 90 99 out of 100 times,and it's colder than what the models,project and that's very important,because well let's get into it so this,is Thursday at 1 pm huge temperature,contrast according to the European,computer model 13 Fable 53 in Monticello,so this the European which I am not,leaning towards I'll show you the GFS in,just a second because I think it's doing,better with the colder air uh the,Thursday at 5 pm time period 54,Monticello to three in Fayetteville,that's just that's absolutely incredible,uh the cold air should come more in from,the Northeast too so 38 here and you see,you'll have some rain showers and then a,rapid transition I mean this is going to,be an Abrupt front a sharp front snow,moves across right now the snow would be,light,and very very quick moving so this is 10,p.m on Thursday it's just I mean these,are air temperatures below zero in,Northern Arkansas these are air,temperatures,Friday,17 pipe busting cold all right so now,here's the GFS,well this run has it a little bit slower,getting in here but it does show watch,this that's at 4 30 Thursday I think,it's in a little faster look at 9 30,Thursday,so these are temperatures and I that,that 51 in Monticello it'll be much,lower than that according to this model,but 26 in Little Rock one in,Fayetteville those are air temperatures,this is more aggressive the GFS with,some sort of chance for light snow,Friday morning air temperatures below,zero zero in Russellville five in Little,Rock,it's very very difficult very important,point,it is very difficult,for Little Rock to get into the single,digits without snow cover,I also want to remind you the wind will,be howling out of the North,and it will be howling over a fresh,snowpack to the north which will keep a,chill to the air and I don't think the,models are going to catch on to that for,a while this is Friday uh at 5 30.,air temperatures now let's go to the,wind chill temperatures because wind,chills are going to be brutal and I,think advisories and windshield warnings,will be needed so windshield,temperatures Friday morning,can you believe this,they could be 20 to 30 degrees below,zero in Northern Arkansas and 15 degrees,below zero here even below zero wind,chills in Southern Arkansas probably by,Thursday night and into Friday morning,here's the um let's see this is the GFS,depiction,uh and and look at the wind chill values,uh just even into Friday afternoon it's,just incredible so here's the uh,European windshield forecast 2 p.m on,Thursday 53 degrees in Monticello so not,much of a wind chill there it's probably,the actual air temperature but the feels,like at least 53 in Monticello four,below in Fayetteville you can see where,the Arctic front's located even looking,at the windshield maps and this too,while not as brutal as it's as the GFS,but look at Friday morning,it's still 20 to 30 degrees below zero,Northern Arkansas below zero wind chills,for the entire State and by Friday,afternoon the wind's lighten up a little,but geez in that something else,okay so let's recap everything you need,to know right now,cold high confidence that's coming,starting Thursday what time Thursday,very questionable right now the nature

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