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The Matpat Heartbound/TobyFox Drama Is Stupidall right let's start off the new year,right by talking

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

The Matpat Heartbound/TobyFox Drama Is Stupid

all right let's start off the new year,right by talking about some,dumb as per usual i suppose but,honestly this time around the dumb ,isn't really,fun dumb more like blown out of,proportions kind of dumb anyways,let's talk about everyone's favorite,punching bag,matpat the easiest to punch,up,seriously if you're a youtuber with,under 5k i suggest punching up matpat,everyone's doing it i'm sure there's,absolutely no consequences with punching,up youtubers you've never met i'm sure,everyone will love you for doing it,everyone there's absolutely no way this,could end poorly for you,you heartless backstabbing sons of, where was i, oh god i don't want to come back to,youtube,oh i miss my vacation i have to worry,about,dumb drama and youtube crap,i just want to watch more bunny videos,no i forgot right matpat,listen honestly this situation it's,totally out of hand so forgive me for,having a bit of fun on the topic at hand,because,quite frankly i don't think it's as,egregious as some people might make it,out to be,everyone's out here saying matpat got,exposed,toby fox shat on him indie devs hate him,he stole a video and is getting sued etc,etc,you know i mean this isn't exactly,machine gun kelly versus eminem nobody's,dropping diss tracks and this issue,was resolved quickly and barely became,an issue at all,if anything the underlying issue itself,is how large a non-issue can become a,bandwagon of hate,when the right ingredients are just,right in the world wide web,sorry i'm talking as if you guys know,what the issue is,i apologize let me just sum it up for,you essentially,matpat had a live stream of a game,called heartbound full disclosure i,haven't played the demo yet so,i won't be talking about the gameplay,itself but i am sure all of you can tell,by the game's screenshots that,it seems heavily inspired by earthbound,which is unsurprising so many games have,taken heavy inspiration from earthbound,it's a quirky little game that's so odd,yet so unique,so it's bound bound to have,influenced some of the brightest minds,of the gaming industry most notably the,indie game,industry of course the game itself also,inspired undertale,no surprise there toby fox the creator,of the game stated,many times that the game was very,heavily inspired by earthbound and,that it's one of his favorite games the,thing about undertale though is that,it's a very trendy game,it came out recently made a lot of buzz,when it first released and is now seeing,a resurgence of popularity,now that deltarune has been released,which uses much of the paradigm seen in,undertale knowing this,matpat has always used undertale as sort,of a platform to boost his views,which is fine honestly i i don't think,it's necessarily evil to talk about the,most trendy things on the internet right,now,i mean look at me i'm talking about,drama that happened like a few days ago,it's the way to survive on youtube you,talk about the latest movies you,criticize the latest gossip or you play,the latest games it's how it is of,course no one is better at milking a,topic more than matpat,now listen personally i don't really,hate the ,i think he does a great job being an,entertainer on youtube do i think his,theories are crazy and whack as,hell, yeah i do are his theories often,proven flawed,yeah absolutely but i've always defended,the man's videos for the simple reason i,defend a stupid blockbuster movie,it's simple entertainment i'm not going,to these flicks to,scientifically prove some dumb ,i watch it because it's silly and,sometimes outrageous and if i'm lucky,enough i might learn something,in the end though i watched to get my,mind off of something something,troubling me that day and that's,something that i,feel as an entertainer matpat is good at,the dudes no scientists let's be honest,anyways,enough robbing matpat's meat let's get,to the real of the issue,i mean what so matt pat being who he is,used the game similarities to earthbound,and by extension undertale,and claimed it to be the next undertale,to precisely phrase it,the next undertale game is here followed,by the game's actual title now i'm not,going to deny that this is in itself,very, scummy in fact i always find it,kind of shitty when people make,assumptions or comparisons like this,with other things,not just video games mind you do you,ever hear someone call some new musician,the next kanye west or,like the new beatles that kind of i,mean don't you think it's,kind of shitty you're basically just,mitigating that person's work or,making it seem like their career is,unoriginal or that the things they work,on,can't really stand up on their own two,feet they always have to be,casted by the shadow from another big,hollywood star or,musician imagine if you went up to your,significant other and you were like hey,honey,it sucks that we just lost our son,daniel in that car accident,but don't worry this next kid we're,having oh dude he's the next daniel,the next daniel is here that's a bit,extreme i know,you know what i

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Toby Fox is a Madman

Toby Fox is a Madman

hello my fellow witnesses of the,American Dad intro world record any %,speedrun wanna hear some brand new,decade motivation you ever feel like so,much of a sofa sloth you have to use,telekinesis to pick up the TV remote,well this video is certainly gonna get,your ass off the freaking couch before,you get chucked into World War 3 yeah,see this guy you see this absolutely,pathetic pushover of a degenerate nerd,there's a chance you may have heard of,this loser toby fox and the fact that,for some reason his name is associated,with the game undertale which not only,is one of the greatest games of the 21st,century but also has pretty damning,evidence that whoever made it has a,serious fetish for the upper leg well,actually that was toby fox yeah that,absolutely pathetic pushover of a,degenerate nerd made a groundbreaking,video game and he's the guy that likes,legs but you already knew that and you,also knew that he made another game,called delta rune chapter 1 this is,pretty old news that I'm pretty sure,that's all the marvelous achievements,he's gonna be known for making this,obnoxious game of real life I'm sorry 29,what 2019 wait a second I thought that,year was canceled it ever since 2017 8 9,oh crap you seriously gonna do this to,me what things have Toby Fox done in,2019,oh he just so happened to learn Japanese,that's not something that will,foreshadow anything at all,oh he just so happened to make music for,the upcoming chapters of Delta runes,such marvelous achievements he's made,this year he just so happened to make,friends with Kenny Omega arguably the,greatest professional wrestler of all,time,that's olya wait just a second,he made a custom titantron for him back,when Omega was in New Japan Pro,Wrestling plus it was his final match,for the organization are you telling me,that the same guy that consistently gets,literal 6 out of 5 star wrestling,matches rated by the most respected,critic of all of wrestling used an,undertale themed entrance sequence,created by that absolutely pathetic,pushover of a degenerate nerd am I the,only person who isn't programmed to know,precisely what emotion to display here,not to mention this match still in fact,got a score higher than every single,bout ever executed in the history of WWE,basically meaning that on average,undertale wrestling is better than,professional wrestling and that is a,sentence that I am saying on ironically,how did he get away how did both of them,get away with this there had to be,one geezer working for NJPW that saw,this as something they're too much of a,Boomer to let happen I'm telling you,there is no possible way toby fox could,top this level of insanity especially,considering the fact that he barely,shows himself in public huh introvert,Lum nah well I stand corrected so far,we're looking at a pretty calm year here,for a mr. toby fox as he proceeds to,develop the rest of the chapters of,delta rune getting chapter 1 ported on,the nintendo switch and creating quite a,few songs to provide for his upcoming,game looks like he switched his twitter,profile picture from distortion man to a,dog in a golf cart some meme potential,there but unfortunately the meme radar,never picked up on it seems like there,hasn't been any game theory videos made,on undertale slash delta rune so far in,2019 this may break the world record by,quite a fricking bit actually and sadly,sands gaming has stopped uploading on,the may of,19 I don't really see why that,definitely legitimate police officer was,so ecstatic about telling me to review,stuff related to Toby Fox in 2019 to me,this just seems like a slow year is,there something that has to do with the,phrase good will come to those who wait,because other than that game that won't,come out until many years later I'm not,seeing any potential energy building up,to the point where it comes smashing all,the headlines right like I said before,there's no way that absolutely pathetic,pushover of a degenerate nerd could top,that level of insanity wait no that's,impossible,okay so as it turns out natural mean,Toby Fox's character got into Super,Smash Brothers ultimate did I say that,correctly I'm pretty sure after,something like that happens you're,supposed to give it the Nobel Peace,Prize for being the most successful meme,of all time you're saccharides and it,actually implements sands into smash,he's just another me costume but just,look at this says it's actually a,portion of the game's content that's,already more than anyone could expect,from a Nintendo franchise I'm pretty,sure just being one of those spirits and,would make everybody piss their pants,look and process what I'm showing you,here if I showed you this in 2016 2017,you would howl in laughter and spit out,the phrase not gonna happen in our,timeline buddy and that's not just all,if you can't tell by the background,music I'm using here mr. Fox also,composed the fifth official version of,the song megalovania conveniently within,two months from the first versions,ten-year a

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Toby Fox Camp Fangamer Interview July 2015 (Part 1)

Toby Fox Camp Fangamer Interview July 2015 (Part 1)

but in the meantime our next guest he is,the developer of the radiation Halloween,hack but he would probably prefer me to,tell you he's the developer of undertale,which is an awesome game that's coming,out soon it was kick-started you're in,change ago and we're really excited,about Toby Fox come on down,hey Toby,well that's probably the better the best,intro any of us has gotten I'm gonna ask,you to clap for the supersoul brothers,there I didn't know they were doing that,we need neither did we,neither do i - all right so so Toby um,you are here because I asked you to come,plug your game on the earthbound bash,but also because you're just a very kind,boy point out those in need so would you,would you like that sorry,oh boy yeah it looks like you're yeah,it's a you know convention floor it goes,around okay Dan can I tell you a little,story,by all means that Toby you know audience,can Toby you tell you a story going for,a walk because I felt like it tell the,story closer to the microphone,that's yesterday I was going on a walk,because I felt like it and I saw this,little cute dog walking around on the,ground and you guys might not notice,about Toby who loves cute dogs,oh yes the thing about Toby I love cute,dogs so I'm like I'm gonna pet this dog,but it jumped up and it attacked me like,threw it off me but I got some of its I,got some of its fur in my mouth and boy,since then I've been feeling some,changes like I've been getting hair and,unexpected places oh boy it's like,puberty one-point-five I'm glad you,mentioned puberty because I thought I,was gonna have to tell you a story there,that's really impressive for someone,like me who's only heavy AOL try LCD of,puberty so Dan I think I might need to,take a minute I'm glad he's using good,mic technique verily,so so he's gonna tell you about,undertale it's the sound i mean Tobi has,been he was brought up by oh hi oh hi,i'm toby fox creator undertale toby fox,everybody Wow Toby tell me you've,changed a little nope I'm the same as,normal,I'm a dog alright so so Dan I'm shy,there's a lot of people out there boy,there sure are Toby are they all my fans,are you Dan they love me they really,love me that's what it seems like dan,can I ask you a secret yeah you asked me,a secret do you love me too Dan yes yes,I do,yay I'm so happy,dan can I ask you another secret,I suppose Tommy it's not really a secret,here but but sure Dan have you played,undertale oh boy,before I before I answer Toby audience I,have to tell you a secret I've been very,busy lately Toby Toby sent a really nice,demo of undertale around the office and,I haven't gotten to it yet I feel like,the best thing to do is be honest here,but I just yeah I just wanted you guys,to know first so you don't think less of,me and so Toby yeah sorry I wasn't,saying anything there I know I know I,haven't gotten to it yet,dan yeah yeah yeah,why Dan,oh no oh no Toby I'm so sorry I,tell me if there's any butor makeup for,you like could you just that can you,talk about undertale some more sure oh,boy okay okay I'll tell you guys about,undertale and then you could play it,that sounds good I'll start with the,story,long ago humans and monsters had a Great,War on the surface of the world well it,wasn't actually that great it was really,bad,super bad so bad that when the human won,the war they sealed the monsters,underground with a magic spell to live,in darkness for all eternity now in the,year 21x a young human climbs mount I,bought a strange mountain that people,have been said to disappear from while,climbing the mountain the human finds a,strange hole peering over the edge to,get a closer look they trip and fall in,to a strange world they have never seen,before can they escape the underground,can they escape the world of monsters,can they give me a pat on the head hey,so uh so Toby tell me the dog like you,made a great pitch and I like your wow,man that announcer voice you wanted to,is really stunning like if the fine,people here well let's let's talk with,the start with the fine people in the,twitch audience if they would like to,play undertale what can they do,oh if they want to play undertale first,they should start with the demo another,demo like you did it oh my god yes go to, and check it out go with,an adult be responsible brush your teeth,WWE undertale calm,yay all right now I know love me they,really love me did they do it's amazing,now I I gotta say I'm that's that's all,one good but the hotel Wi-Fi here is not,great if people hear it can't fangamer I,want to play what should they do,undertale does have a table in the game,room the arcade room where are there's,lots of other games but mine do alright,so uh so they should just go talk to,human Toby or dog Toby yeah you can't,play it but I'll tell you to all right,that sounds pretty good the demo is free,go online,WWE know it's a man I think we must have,a shotgun mic up there picking up the,dog now now that's like I just want to,know you know the you're

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Delta rune or two or does he mean a,chapter one which one is he talking,about here well he doesn't mention it I,guess we have to guess at this point,your choices do not matter from what,little boom says he's like this game is,not what you think it's got it's a lot,deeper whoa see me little sob I'm,forgetting his names bro you know I'm,not thinking right when uh Big Sean I,said I called him a little Sean big most,games are like that for some reason it,feels oppressive to say here yeah it's,after 102 I think that's part of the,reason why the ad fight system feels so,the beste jewel in this one what the, does this word means Obie I've,heard it I've seen it I do not know what,the it means vestigial vestigial,forming a very small memory of something,that was much larger or noticeable an,organ or part of the body degenerate,rudimentary or a trophy to haven't,become functionalist in the course of,evolution God Almighty that's a bad word,okay well the system okay the AK fight,system feels bad I don't feel like it,feels out of place man yeah act talk to,the I'm just talking about,the battle system again well it's all,good I found a bug fix it an email you,could tweet it with Delta moon bug that,will help us can I be on your team I'll,ask you first total silence well you,know you can't expect the response man,can't say but I mean okay can you,join a team maybe maybe Toby has to come,to you to agronomy part two now don't,worry man I ain't gonna throw y'all,tonight yeah I was trolling y'all by the,way with all that you know the old,saying I gotta be real I know boom why,the are you still awake my ,get your verified ass to bed,what's the progress in the rest of the,game 0% nothing I've done nothing I'm,the bad guy,what the hell Toby you're the bad guy,now,nah so how long do we have to wait for,this I think he was serious when he said,the whole ninety nine ninety years thing,well I don't know if I can wait this,long for no adults your own part too bro,this is like a tap on,hi in now come on bro I'm eating,breakfast I'm eating breakfast this is,great character so much man I,love him so much I hate him to death,just as much man all right let's give 8k,people just left at the same time make,meeting avi bak in here all right,let's go you know what I don't want the,music to take away from the tone of the,feel let's keep reading,Toby has a long post first year bro okay,so we're at 0% where is that at,I've done some songs and I wrote the,whole story but there's no programming,or art so it's zero will you,do a Kickstarter I still haven't,finished that damn alarm clock are you,kidding me there's no way I'm doing a,Kickstarter this time are you kidding me,totally stop it we don't give a, bro like here's the thing right I,feel like in all honesty we are kind of,getting to the point in the gaming,industry where we do need to start,paying a little bit more for games man I,mean this is a very controversial,opinion and of course you're like oh,don't of course the rich black youtuber,who makes a million dollars a month is,going to say that I don't make a million,dollars a month I don't make it overly,on the table elaborate luxury is a,lifestyle when I'm all-in 24/7 but,one thing I will say is I ,respect quality I respect work I respect, putting their dicks and,everything else that they have inside of,a project man and Toby Fox it's one of,the most quality game creators that if,you played under till then you know it's,out there bro for something like,undertale to be recreated again with,video I can't even get the feeling that,I forgot with undertale with games that,have millions of dollars of fundings to,them bro so I'm saying Toby we are,willing and I know y'all like Oh speak,for yourself we don't all agree with you,know that who who,understand and respect work and quality,agree with me I will pay for a ,crime experience I don't give a if,I,have the money I wouldn't pay I have the,money I want to pay for your work it's,deserved time is effort time is money,time is quality Toby please let us,donate to you bro I will be there bro,let us do it,I will it's better what would you prefer,right do you you go to a restaurant your,favorite item on the menu you get it,every other day after school it's only,five dollars it tastes delicious,restaurants having some hard times the,rents going up man,taxes they gotta pay all the fees,restaurant has to raise the price of,some items or they can lower the quality,of all their items what do you want do,you want the restaurant to make,everything a little bit more expensive,but keep the same quality or make it,better or lower the quality and lower,the price the choice is obvious,I mean granted it sucks to pay a little,bit more but bro everything's rising in,price nowadays our video games have to -,at some point man I mean it sucks but,there will be a day where we have to pay,$69.99 for like a triple a game but I,mean as long as it's quality I want to,make sure I get quality I don't wanna,pay extra for ,and I

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Spamton Gets Ratio'd - Deltarune Animation

Spamton Gets Ratio'd - Deltarune Animation

(creepy/sad music),Okay we got your stupid key.,- OH, DEAR LIGHTNERS!,THAT'S BUT WHAT I MOST RIGHT NOW IS YOUR,[] WEBSITE INFORMATI0N!!,- Uhm, we searched the whole place and didn't find anything like that.,EAHAHAHAHAA!!,NO, YOU I NEED YOUR- I NEED YOUR- I NEED YOUR,MEANWHILE AT THE !,YOU! CAN YOU ME IF [],THERE ARE ANY SIGNS?,- Oh, a puzzle! Okay!,- Pfft- What the hell?! You guys are actually  falling for this dodgy shi-,- DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A [] SIGN TO YOU?!!!,- Oh buddy, I'm gonna stop some signs of life!,-🎵 I ain't 'fraid of no 🎵 ,(battle music),(throat clearing),- Did i detect somebody saying the words  bird and stupendous a few seconds ago?,Don't worry - that was a rhetorical question. My  fantastic listening skills need not be doubted.,Oh, uh actually! Berdly, hey pal, would you be able to put your twitter login info here for us?,- What?! Of course not! somebody with a level of media literacy as high as mine would not give out confidential information so easily!,I mean, you're not even offering me anything in exchange!,- ...Sounds like someone just can't remember their login.,- PASSWORD MANAGER USING !!,- No! I remember it!,- Got any proof of that?,(tense music),- Ugh!!! Fine! Take it! do what you will with  my 168 follower twitter account,(exhales),- REDEMPTION! FINALLY!!,NUMBERS GOING UP UP UP UPUPUPUP,RATIO...,... AVERTED,- That's really all you wanted to do with my twitter?!!!,- Kris... Do you think that falling for  such a simpleton maneuver will cause me to lose respect from my fans?,- Hmm... Can't lose what you don't have.

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Pro Artists Animated the Tumblr Sexyman Tournament.

Pro Artists Animated the Tumblr Sexyman Tournament.

the tumbler sexy man a character popular,among Tumblr users so much so they could,be considered their own Phantom,considered subjectively attractive with,unconventional looks recently a,tournament was held on to,decide once and for all who is the,ultimate tumbler sexy man so I got my,artist friends to illustrate the whole,thing and be sure to watch the end,because I animated the entire finale so,uh subscribe it really really helps out,this is the Tumblr sexy man tournament,first up is Lewis versus Professor,Barnabas right off the bat venomous,throws a potion it makes Lewis's clothes,turn stupid,cosma versus Bill Cipher feeling,confident guzma releases his golisopod,if you assume this would be more than,enough to deal with a tiny triangle,the warden of Super Jail versus almond,cookie from Cookie Run,really yummy yummy the warden decides to,eat him with milk what she's gonna need,a lot of because almond cookie broke,every bone in his body the once learned,versus Mega Man you could cut the,tension with a knife,but Megamind preferred to use an ax,sounds undertale versus junkrat junkrat,fires but much like a boomerang it came,right back,Tony the talking clock versus,blocker Tony quickly goes beast mode,then fearlessly approaches unfortunately,Tony is completely overwhelmed by the,villain and it looks like he's out of,time King dice versus Raymond he tries,big cute eyes and it fails,Wheatley versus Doc Hawk the minute,Wheatley hears the round start he,launches himself directly at Doc Ox,skull knocking him out nagato kamaida,versus Dr habit it should be known that,out of 25 plus artists doing this it,took two days to find someone who knew,who Dr habit was so it was a pretty safe,bet that this guy was getting beat Cecil,versus,Slenderman,seesaw is just a guy Slenderman kills,him easily Jack Skeleton versus turbo,while turbo has speed Jack has reach,Ingo versus Bruno Bruno couldn't make it,to the tourney because no rats are,allowed on the trade Purple Guy versus,spamton Hollister forces Loki he got,script but Loki is ripped Loki wins,Logan versus,Beetlejuice Reagan decides to do what he,always does when he sees a ghost he,calls mob,Herobrine versus benry he asked to see,his passport which he had so he left,round two Professor venomous versus Bill,Cipher number of us are concerned,everything he has but he is no match for,the power of infinity almond cookie,versus Megamind lakuki tries to use his,authority but Megamind does not care for,the law sure,Royal Sans took a nap his brother posted,a twitlogger about his opponent's,Prestige utterly destroying him,quickly pulls out his tumbler human form,to overwhelm King dice but he breaks,free and Deals a fatal blow kamida,versus Slenderman Slenderman tries to,sneak up on kamida but it fails Jack,Skellington versus,Ingo Jack skelligan tries to sneak up on,Ingo but he gets his bonus what,Spartan versus okay look in charge is a,powerful spell and lunges forward only,to win a brand new car Reagan versus,Herobrine Reagan uses a special,technique molding crash leaving,Herobrine round and on the ground round,three Bill Cipher versus Megamind,Megamind inquires to where Bill's, are but Bill has infinite, transverses Good Guys King dice,tries to make a deal to win but Sans,isn't interested kamida vs Ingo the,fight is a close one but Bingo wins,Reagan versus Reagan used his other,special technique a computer virus now,for the semi-finals Bill Cipher vs Sans,undertale hearing his opponent was a,skeleton Bill mistook his brother for,his opponent so Sans approached while,holding a hot dog to mock him Bill,decides to steal it and eat it in front,of him but luckily it gave him food,poisoning I'm in underwear and sweating,from head to toe doing this morning,Bingo versus Reagan Reagan beats Ingo at,his own game by getting the train to,semi-finals canceled so Reagan drove,Twitter was a buzzed with news of the,final fight so much so than none other,than undertale Creator Toby Fox came,into the replies to tell the tale of,what happened in this Final Duel so I,animated it Alvin cheated his way to the,last round of the competition Reagan,finds himself face to face with Sans who,got there by doing literally nothing,although Reagan has an early lead he,decides if he wants to cinch this he's,going to have to collude with his,competition be surprised when Sans who,was entered into the contest unwittingly,by his brother he didn't know what the,competition was for he is glad to help,him win free of charge they both run a,series of debates where Reagan dismantle,Sans by proving how utterly unattractive,he is as the debate continues Reagan,puts on boy band style makeup and works,out to become extra attractive however,mysteriously Sam's vote only seems to be,increasing despite this Sans mentions,that Reagan forgot that being,unattractive is one of the key tenets to,becoming a popular guy on Tumblr,emotionally crushed that he possibly,ever wasn't attractive at all Reagan,considers falling out of

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How Toby Fox Composed the Music of UNDERTALE

How Toby Fox Composed the Music of UNDERTALE

toby fox,creator of undertale and all of its,music there's not much that i can say,about him that hasn't already been said,i am just another person who played,undertale and had it become a huge part,of my childhood,i'm also very nostalgic for it as it,came out during a very transitional,period of my life,i honestly can't describe how thankful i,am for toby fox and tammy chang's work,on this game,but this isn't a video to gush about,toby and temi it's about the game's,music,and how toby made it hi i'm not a dog of,course toby has his own workflow in,coming up with melodies,like he'd sit at his piano and create a,melody to fit a scene or a character's,personality,then transpose it into his daw and,create the song around that,this video is more so about the,practical side of things the building,blocks so to speak,why because i think it's interesting to,me there's something really special,about seeing how these beloved tracks,are put together,so i hope this interests you too so,what is a daw a daw or digital audio,workstation,is a program used to make music toby,used fl studio to make all of his music,and it's what i've been using for years,now,of course anything here can be,translated into any other door,but this is what i'll be using for my,demonstrations before talking about them,i'd like to thank everyone who put,together the tobii fox sample sheet,listing every known vst and sound font,toby used,there's no way i'd have figured all this,out on my own i'll go ahead and link,this in the description,toby uses a various number of plugins,for his music though he primarily uses,sound fonts,sound fonts are essentially packs of,instruments and or sound effects that,can be loaded in any sound font player,but they're mostly used for game rips of,instruments for example his mario 64,sound font,his most commonly used sound font is sgm,where you'll find many of his,instruments like piano one,music box,and many more the earthbound sound font,is used a lot too,along with many others from various,games he likes,these are all available to download from,the internet and free to use,i think i don't really know the,copyright rules on all those but,anyway that isn't important if you find,this video insightful in any way please,leave a like it would help me out a lot,for most of toby's 8-bit sounding tracks,you're hearing either the nes vst,or magical 8-bit plug-in both of which,emulate the sound chips of old 8-bit,consoles,bet you could guess whose voice this is,usually magical 8-bit plugin is used but,it doesn't have duty cycle which toby,likes to use in his music sometimes,essentially it just lets you play around,with the intricacies of how the notes,sound,for example instead of this,you could have this,speaking of temi i have no doubt these,plugins were also used in her games,escape chasm and dweller's empty path,which are both great by the way,magical 8-bit is less traditional but,gives you more of the options you'd find,in a regular synth,in this case we're using both for your,best friend i'm using these settings in,any svst,and a triangle wave in magical 8-bit,to add the vibrato to this note we'll,use automation on the depth,and that's it for this song,uh,let's see how he made shop which is one,of my favorite songs from the ost,this is a fresh project other than a,reverb bus i've made which i'll be,routing some of my channels to,to begin let's set the tempo to 77 and,make the base,it's made from threosk a stock plugin,which is a basic synthesizer,it has two extra oscillators on by,default so let's turn those down and,change our main oscillator to a triangle,wave,let's lower the octave,and we're basically almost there adding,an envelope to give it some release,so the note doesn't stop abruptly,notice how it fades slightly now,then add the reverb and perfect,here's how it sounds with the notes,added,now for the lead this one's also three,ask but slightly harder to make,we're using a triangle wave again,it sounds about right but it's missing a,few things let's add the envelope,in pitch i'll add a very small amount,now there should be a slight delay,before it starts automating we can add,that right here,and there you go again i'll add the,reverb and some eq maybe i'm not,entirely sure but i'm gonna add it,anyway,and,for the second half of the song the bass,plays the same thing plus an octave,below,instead of making two separate tracks,for this i'm just going to edit with,automation,and that should sound like this,now for the rest of the instruments,which are all from sgm beginning with,piano one,adding a delay effect,for the strings i'm adding some attack,so they fade in more,i've cloned those strings and removed,the attack because these extra notes we,want to add are sharp,we're also panning them left meaning,you'll hear them more in your left ear,pizzicato strings,and finally the uh okay google how do,you pronounce glockenspiel,that's pronounced glockenspiel and,finally the glockenspiel,i should mention now that i'm doing a

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So It Begins... | Undertale Part 1

So It Begins... | Undertale Part 1

hello my YouTube friends this past,December over on my twitch Channel I,held a streaming Marathon that lasted,for an entire month one of the,subscriber goals over on the twitch,channel was to finally play undertale it,is one of the greatest games I have ever,played I will release my playthrough in,multiple episodes here on the YouTube,channel and I sincerely hope you enjoy,you enjoy,okay long ago two races ruled over the,Earth humans and monsters,one day war broke out between the two,races so that doesn't sound very fun,after a long battle the humans were,victorious,okay,deal the monsters underground with a,magic spell many years later Mount ebot,20s this is in the 2010s I guess okay,Legends say that those who climbed the,mountain never return looks it looks,cavernous so they looked inside this,person tripped over a a set of vines,and is falling in,the hole that is in the mountain they,have face planted like a goober wearing,a striped shirt as if they are Steve,from Blue's Clues okay I think I'm all,caught up you guys is there anything,else you need to know begin game name,the Fallen human Russ,okay I'm not asking you guys Bobby what,after like Bob should I just name him,Bob,that's kind of funny what's naming Bob I,love Bob,Bob it is,oh look a flower patch guys I thought,this game was gonna make me cry why am I,Landing in a flower patch oh my God guys,I don't think my computer can handle,this this graphically intensive game,where so we're in this scary scary cave,and uh I might die off we go can I,Sprint no I guess not oh okay this game,this game is too too hard I can't I,can't okay,howdy guys what is this music you guys,said that this soundtrack makes you,emotional how does this make you,emotional I feel like I'm at a circus,I'm flowey,flowey the flower,what a deep name you're new to the,underground aren't you don't talk to me,like I'm a child even though I am golly,you must be so confused yeah I'm,confused about a talking flower someone,ought to teach you how things work,around here,um is it gonna be you flowey the flower,I guess little old me will have to do,ready here we go see that heart that is,your soul the very culmination of your,being culmination is a big word for a,flower to know your soul starts off weak,but you can grow strong if you gain lots,of love,or levels maybe,what's LV stand oh look see guys I,already beat the game I already know,what abbreviations stand for,he wants some love don't you uh-huh,don't worry I'll share someone oh my why,would I kill flowey why would you guys,say that if I was a sweetheart,down here love is shared through,little white friendliness pellets,pellets am I a pet am I your pet you,feed me a little pellets that you get,from the pet store are you ready,move around get as many okay here I go,what the ,idiot all right Cindy this is my kind of,game already,flower telling you that they're gonna,kill you why would anyone pass up an,opportunity like this yeah flowey why,would why would you talk about killing,and look they you put you made my HP one,out of 20. that's that's a powerful,flower flower power baby what the hell,is going on,die okay death is fun,let me touch the pellets huh hey,what a terrible creature torturing such,a poor innocent hey what are you talking,about that was my friend flowey that you,just fireballed like like you Kamehameha,that flower you silly looking cow what,is going on here,ah do not be afraid my child I am tariel,caretaker of the ruins I passed to this,place every day to see if anyone fell,down you're the first human to come here,in a long time come I will guide you,through the cat,uh I I have an idea Dario how about you,just give me a boost on your shoulders,and I climb back out the hole I don't,want to be in here toriel best mom,toriel's not my mom this way,no we're going back,I don't trust her you guys the first,creature that I met down here tried to,kill me I'm very alarmed right now what,would you guys do if you fell through a,hole and a couple of one of you met a,couple monsters one of them tried to,kill you and the other one told you to,come with them oh oh it's up here oh,we're at the purple Palace apparently,what is this are these organs are these,bloody or oh oh wait they're leaves wait,what is that it's a Beyblade the shadow,of the ruins looms above filling you,with determination,um I'm gonna go this way because I still,don't trust you oh can I climb these,Vines,restaurant hello welcome to your new,home innocent one,I'm innocent I might not be so innocent,allow me to educate you in the operation,of the ruins I thought we were going to,the catacombs,the ruins are full of puzzles,ancient fusions between diversions and,door keys one must solve them to move,from room to room please adjust yourself,to the side of them wait how am I,supposed to learn if she just literally,did it for me,I don't know the answers to the puzzles,to make progress you will need to,trigger several switches do not worry I,have labeled the ones that you need to,

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