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Kanye West Seen for First Time in Weeks with Mystery Woman | TMZ LIVEforeign,well,um we haven't seen


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Kanye West Seen for First Time in Weeks with Mystery Woman | TMZ LIVE

foreign,well,um we haven't seen him really since uh,all the anti-semitic Rants and all those,interviews he was doing he's been,cutting around with Nick Fuentes,disappeared for a couple weeks really,lay low well he resurfaced in Beverly,Hills he was not solo though with a,woman a blonde woman and that's all we,can tell you about her because one we,didn't get a really good look at her,there's one shot and there's another as,they were walking into the Waldorf,Astoria in Beverly Hills in Beverly,Hills and holding hands they are holding,hands so don't know who she is but um,he's finally back and I can say look,he's not with Nick Fuentes so that's an,improvement I have a question so the,weird thing about this to me is,Hollywood that you know Hollywood is all,about you know being close to the people,who you want to be close to and not,necessarily what a like the Waldorf,historian is a place where a lot of,celebrities go for meals,if they see Kanye there do they beeline,it out do they do everything they can to,ignore them stay,they don't necessarily go over and talk,to them but they are looking what if he,comes over there,what do you I mean you know what I'm,saying I guess it depends on if you know,Kanye no you know him but if you know,maybe you'd be lying out because of the,anti-Semitism right what do they do do,they make a statement do they say,nothing if he comes over do they say,please leave do they engage him I'm just,curious what you think I think they,don't engage him and if they know him I,think they would try to quietly leave,just to avoid that awkwardness of him,coming over and then being like hey,what's new with you not much little,anti-Semitism here or there right about,like you just avoid that all together,but keep in mind he has been on good,behavior for the past few weeks we,haven't heard from him that's been,longer than that it's Kanye and Kanye,that's like 11 years so unclear who this,woman is but maybe she's a really good,influence and is helping him just get,back on track yeah but it still doesn't,slow down on that we have no idea who,she is still doesn't answer my question,that with all of the backdrop of the,anti-Semitism for well over a month in,fact this this was going on in October,right does he,um just because he hasn't said it you,know in a month doesn't mean anything,I'm just wondering is he Radioactive in,Hollywood I think he is and maybe that's,why he took someone's advice maybe to,just lay low,for about a month but yeah he's back I'm,still full of Base game University man,and everybody understands know what,Kanye wasn't hiding Kanye wasn't missing,Kanye was hiding and now he's popping,out with this Mystery Lady but and and I,mean seeing seeing Travis Scott I mean,Travis Scott lost three b's in one week,Kanye lost one so,Travis is going to look a little nervous,he's gonna look a little sad he's gonna,look bombed out and depleted I would too,if I lost my billion dollar bottom so um,I would feel the same way you know what,I'm saying oh Travis is kind of Flushed,I know I think he's fine

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Elon Musk: I'm Resigning As Twitter CEO! | TMZ Live

Elon Musk: I'm Resigning As Twitter CEO! | TMZ Live

foreign,musk I gotta say I have been very,entertained by Elon Musk over the last,couple of months uh Elon Musk has now uh,essentially he is he has bowed to uh,Twitter users who have said the majority,of whom have said they want him out as,CEO and he said you know people have,spoken I will follow their lead with an,asterisk so here's what he said on,Twitter he said I will resign as CEO as,soon as I find someone foolish enough to,take the job after that I will just run,the software and servers team does that,mean he's like back there with one of,those yes I don't know what that means,what does that mean okay no one wants,the job who can actually keep Twitter,alive there is no successor that's an,interesting statement because he seems,to be saying nobody's going to take this,job so why bother looking and it feels,like he's about to close the curtain,it's interesting in how disingenuous,this is he put up a poll and said should,I step down they said yes and now is,like only if I find the right,replacement someone's so stupid enough,to take over a failing company it means,he's not really looking for a,replacement he's not willing to do it,because I'll believe it when I see a new,CEO I mean he was always gonna he has to,find someone competent to run the thing,that he just spent 44 billion dollars on,though look then he shouldn't have put,up a poll that said I'll step down of,when the results come in and he's not,stepping down anytime soon everybody,listen to me the poll was a sham it the,the end result was going to be the same,yes resign I'm gonna find the successor,if they said no sure maybe his ego would,have been padded a little bit but he was,still going to find a success,you really think he was going to run,Twitter day to day for forever it,doesn't make none of this makes any,sense to me but um you know why he did,this in the first place I think he's got,something in his head the only thing I,keep coming back to that I keep just I,mean just believe so,so just forceful yeah,who cares if Twitter goes away,we'll find something else it's not going,to change the world not even one of the,most popular social media platforms we,think it is because it gets this,oversized no no no no no no no no we,think it is because people don't like,Elon Musk so all of a sudden it's,getting a it's getting well it but but,before elon's trying to pretend you're,there it was still sewer it is and it's,still a sewer right I think you guys,underestimate the power of Twitter yes,in terms of numbers it's not the biggest,social media site but others have come,along to challenge it parlor the road is,littered with people who said we'll take,out Twitter Twitter's accessible Twitter,persists and there's a reason for that,it's very powerful it is powerful but,Derek you know what happens in the free,market if it goes away somebody will,fill the void and that's just gonna,happen and there's already Tick Tock and,Instagram and snap right and also and,Facebook and and other things if you,look at Tic tac's uses versus Twitter,it's not even hey Tick Tock is for,dances Twitter is where you really get,things done Tick Tock who drove the,Johnny and Amber trial okay that drove,the Johnny and Amber trial it has reset,news so and look and it may not even be,Tick Tock but something's going to come,along and everybody is so worked up on,this thing and it's like it's his,company right and if he drives it into,the ground it wouldn't even March 1st is,he the CEO of Twitter that gives him,three months uh my bigger thing is is,Twitter around March wow I'm serious I I,don't know that it's going to survive,whatever Elon has planned but this,doesn't feel like he's playing this for,the long term hey that's Justin I'm here,in Las Vegas I just want to say one,thing um Twitter is amazing I don't know,about you guys but a lot of people my,age I'm 33 we've been on Twitter since,2009 you know like we're not going,nowhere you get a lot of new Twitter,accounts but I wish you would just keep,his mouth quiet we should start tweeting,we should let these companies run,successfully instead of tweeting they're,running onto the ground and hey maybe we,can get Tom from Myspace he's looking,for a job,I probably living a great life

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Marjorie Greene Locked Out Of Twitter For Stealing 'Still D.R.E.'

Marjorie Greene Locked Out Of Twitter For Stealing 'Still D.R.E.'

Marjorie Taylor green,um well Dr Dre came for her he didn't,appreciate her using his music I think,she thought that she was cool just you,know part of his Entourage or something,but uh doc not having it we do have um,we do have this to share with you,um she thought it was such a great beat,and that she was young and hip but Dr,Dre fired off a letter because the,representative,um should face legal action frankly,because she used Still Dre the beat in,the background as she kind of pranced,out uh to kind of take on her colleagues,and the day's agenda and you see her,right there and we slow-moted for you to,kind of make it very dramatic Georgia,lawmaker posted the clip to her social,media showing her really strutting her,stuff through the halls of Congress was,an apparent Flex to the fact that she,did it she helped Kevin McCarthy get,elected finally 15 rounds later as house,Speaker the video even showcases this,photo she took with McCarthy following,the win I mean they just they need each,other they love each other they support,each other additionally in the video you,see her even taking a call from DT okay,we know who that is right Virg who has,the perfect phone call in another tweet,uh the fact that she even knows the song,took some by surprise let alone her,feeling free to drop it into her GOP,fueled video You Can Count Dr Dre as one,of those shocked to hear his work being,used by MTG because well he told TMZ he,never gave you okay for this to happen,not not in a million years the mega,producer telling the outlet I don't,license my music politicians especially,someone as to visit hateful as this one,so yeah,he ain't a fan of her collab in the,slightest if you will that from TMZ it,turns out Dr Dre's team took action they,reached out to Twitter to get the video,taken down,uh Elon was listening he took the call,as a result,MTG tells us she's been locked out of,her Twitter account for using Dre's,copyrighted work without permission,uh let's show you the legal uh team's,response here Dear Miss Taylor green we,write you on behalf of our client Andre,young that's that's Dre in case you,didn't know that composer performer of,the hit song Still Dre,you are wrongfully exploiting this work,through the various social media Outlets,to promote your divisive and hateful,political agenda,one might expect that as a member of,Congress you would have a passing,familiarity with the laws of our country,it's possible though that laws governing,intellectual property are a little too,Arcane and insufficiently populous for,you to really have spent much time on or,writing because we think an actual,lawmakers should be making laws not,breaking laws especially those embodied,in the Constitution by the founding,fathers,so,let's look at her Twitter handle now do,we have that because,um look,it's time to begin,they can't stop what's coming,okay media's been disabled in response,to report,by the copyright owner,so mtg's uh response here,also has some words of her own for Dr,Dre and an exclusive statement to TMZ,here's what she says well I appreciate,the creative chord progression I would,never play your words of violence,against women and police officers and,your glorification of the thug life and,drugs,so um Ben,you know you don't want people stealing,your jokes right and I would you have,you ever come after anybody for stealing,your jokes,no because I'm at a place in my career,where it's just good publicity okay and,as somebody who's you know known for my,own version of the thug life I take,offense at what MTG says what garbage in,every respect first of all you have to,love that she says you can't stop what's,coming she was immediately stopped,within that post the irony is never,appreciated by anybody on her side of,the world but in addition to that the,blatant and,cheesy and obviously fake,denunciation of Dre after she used him I,would never use his lyrics You're,promoting his music you're obviously,promoting it and this is coming from me,obviously a man who's close personal,friends with Dre I mean I don't mean to,brag but this is me recently at Craig,Robinson show there's who's there in the,background all right that's me,now,a lot of people know that we're very,close Dre himself doesn't know what I,did maybe chase after him saying hey,Drake can I get a photo can I get a,photo and he did not stop but the point,is someone snapped that photo so as one,of his close personal confidants I'd,like to say that he would never,approve of her never approve of anything,she does or says and uh it's time as,conservatives and he's far right,conservatives at that realize that,nobody,in art nobody in music wants them to,have any part of what they do they don't,authorize it they don't agree with you,they think you're bad people yeah,I gotta tell you this when I when I read,over her statement again,if you want to talk about violence,against women look man I think it's no,stretch look at your voting record,look who you sided with violence against,women ok

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Elon Musk: Twitter Content Council Is Powerless! | TMZ Live

Elon Musk: Twitter Content Council Is Powerless! | TMZ Live

foreign,big story we broke this morning about,Elon musk's plan for the content,moderation Council now he announced this,last month that he was going to have,this board essentially formed but how,much power is it going to have well now,we know because we got this video of,Elon Musk speaking this is something,this is not anything that he's posted,this is him speaking to employees at,Twitter senior employees over the,weekend right uh discussing this uh,content moderation board and it doesn't,sound like he is giving them the,slightest bit about paper tiger yeah let,me just be clear about it we are going,to do a Content Council but it's an,advisory Council,it's not a,uh those that they're not the ones who,are actually at the end of the day it,will be me deciding and like any,pretense to the contrary is uh simply,not true,um because obviously you know I could,choose who's on that content Council,um and I don't need to listen to what,they say I can choose who sits on the,council and I don't have to listen to,what they say there's your answer the,point is that this content moderation,Council means absolutely nothing and you,have to keep in mind after Elon Musk,bought Twitter there was an immediate,surge in hate speech misinformation,disinformation which had a lot of people,very concerned so we proposed this,Council as a way of bringing diverse,voices together and all coming to an,agreement on what can be posted what,should be taken away but as he's shown,in these past few weeks it means nothing,because with Donald Trump even though he,left it up as a vote for people this,past Friday he was the one who,ultimately decided whether or not he'd,be brought back on the platform so this,is all just meaningless well you got to,understand because the Donald Trump,thing is interesting because what he,insinuated with Donald Trump just the,way he insinuated with the council he,insinuated with Trump that people are,going to vote and presumably majority,will speak no he didn't say that the,majority did win but he made it clear it,was his decision so even if the you know,Trump only got 32 percent saying he,should come back on Elon probably would,have said yeah you're going to come it's,almost like he's taking the temperature,just like he did with the with the Trump,poll and maybe that's his plan for the,the board this council is just taking,the temperature to see if they agree,with him then he can hold it up as look,I have other people supporting me right,if they disagree we probably won't ever,hear what they what they said no I I do,want to just one thing is that you know,you can't romanticize about what Twitter,Twitter used to be like pretty line,because it was still a super bad and you,know you had these extremes on both,sides that were basically controlling,the dialogue and companies were,listening to these extremes but so it,was a mess but you can't but you can't,ignore the fact that I'm not saying it's,not worse right what I'm just saying,don't romanticize about what it was to,that point I mean the only reason he,even brought up this Council this,moderation Council was in in response to,the fact that there had been this sharp,increase flux yeah in hate speech so,part of the video that I thought was,really interesting when he said any,pretense to the contrary that you know,that other than that I'm the one who's,going to be in control right it's false,well that pretense was created by you,right well you're the one who created,the pretense when you said absolutely I,know there's a lot of hate speech but,I'm gonna form this board don't worry,about it absolutely,hi I'm Rose Malay I'm from Tempe Arizona,and look this is a guy who put up a,Twitter poll to determine whether or not,to unban Donald Trump off of Twitter his,Reign has been chaotic but I'm not gonna,lie it's been exciting maybe it's a,breach of power who knows but he paid 44,billion dollars for Twitter so I think,he's going to be the one making the,final call what you just said is really,interesting when you said it's exciting,because I think a lot of people are,going to stay on to see the drivers what,happened yeah exactly,thank you

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Logan Paul Says His Pig Wasn't 'Irresponsibly Rehomed' Before Gentle Barn Rescue | TMZ

Logan Paul Says His Pig Wasn't 'Irresponsibly Rehomed' Before Gentle Barn Rescue | TMZ

uh the situation sucks there's no other,way to put it uh,I found out about the situation Pro was,in yesterday,she was not at the home that I dropped,her off at which I visited myself and,left her in great condition you took her,to this Farm in Santa Clarita do you,have any idea when or why,that that farm where you did take her to,be re-homed why they gave her up to,someone else so apparently that that,ranch owner moved to Nevada and could,not take Pearl with her so that,homeowner or Ranch owner gave Pearl to,the farmer across the street and then to,my understanding that farmer called The,Gentle Barn to come pick her up people,figured out it was your pig and then,there was all this backlash and people,were because the way that Tick Tock went,out it did make it seem like you were,the person who had abandoned Pearl yeah,yeah the the verbiage they used was uh,she was irresponsibly rehomed so the,first thing I did was I I checked myself,I I I I said wait a second was it was,she irresponsibly re-homed by me,absolutely not she was just put in an,amazing horse or horse ranch where she,lived an amazing life for 10 months when,that homeowner relocated and the pigs,swiped hands again it was something that,I didn't know was taking place and,apparently that farmer called The Gentle,Barn to come pick her up I found this,out yesterday and I emailed the gentle,Barn immediately and offered to help in,any way I could I cuddled with this big,I slept with this pig she was in my life,for two to two and a half years like and,she lived the best life ever she was,regularly bathed the eight meals that,were like Gourmet for a pig had a 30,foot by 50 foot pen had an apartment of,her own like I loved this pig and so,yeah seeing that video was was,heartbreaking to me I thought Carl was,in a safe healthy condition in state and,when I found out that she was not and it,was it sucks man and I want to do,everything I can to help it's why I,emailed the genital barn and like I was,gonna keep this private but like social,media loves to do what they want and,armchair quarterbacks trying to make,assumptions about about uh uh who I am,and how I treat animals I'm grown up,with animals my whole life,um and and and whenever whenever if ever,they have to be re-homed I make sure,they're in responsible homes that can,take care of them accordingly have you,heard from uh gentle barn or anybody,about how a Pearl's doing,they have now reached back out yet,um no uh yeah and and the other the,other thing they made they made a fuss,about was um,was that they said there was a second,Pig found with pearl and I looked into,that as well uh Pearl was transferred,alone,so so and and the farmer who I haven't,spoken to yet,um denies any knowing anything about a,second pigs and I don't know I don't,know,what that is or or if that's even true,but there was there was there was no,second pick Pro was transferred a lot,I'm just gonna do everything I can to,continue being a good person and making,situations right should should they,spring up like this one like this was,unpredictable this was unforeseen and I,wish I could have gone back in time and,told the past version of myself to not,get a pig because I'd be moving to an,island in two and a half years so going,forward with a gentle Barn I know you,obviously you offered financial,assistance is there anything else that,you would be that you're even thinking,about you know a possible reunion with,her I don't know if you have any do you,have any homes in the in the states,still and you know in the mainland where,possibly she could live yeah no I I do,want to reunite with uh with pearl if,possible if the general barno had me and,if they'll um except a a donation from,me I'm always uh I try to be wary of,whether or not they'll they'll have me,um who knows man like it's it's a it's a,Phila it's a philanthropy and maybe they,think I'm I'm the enemy here but like if,they're willing to let me help I I'd,love to help,the Pearl again

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Prince Harry Talks Cocaine, Meghan, & His Relationship With William | The TMZ Podcast

Prince Harry Talks Cocaine, Meghan, & His Relationship With William | The TMZ Podcast

today on the TMZ podcast,welcome to the TMZ podcast Harvey Levin,here and Jason so uh Prince Harry,continues to make headlines and you got,to give him credit for that that usually,you have one shot you know Oprah and,you're in and you're out uh you had a,second shot on Netflix which did really,well and this book which we thought what,else is he going to say the book's,gotten more attention than anything so,the promo tour for the book you've got,to give him credit right I mean you've,got to give him credit for this I mean,this was a well-planned publicity,rollout yeah the book's going to sell,like wildfire and uh you know it's,partially because people are fascinated,by the trick trickle of uh the,information and details that are coming,out he still has saved stuff like stuff,we hadn't heard he's really good he has,not you know exhausted the bullets that,he has he keeps rolling it out and,that's what I mean it's just it is,um you think he said everything and then,he amps it up in the next platform yeah,so this time,what I just found and and you've got to,help me on this,um some of what he said,you know especially on the 60 Minutes,interview I have to say,um he makes a point that you know I mean,look and I don't know whether this is,true or not it wouldn't shock me,um we've done specials on the royal,family and on their exit from the royal,family and we talk to a lot of people,who said that the royal family has a,very tight relationship with the British,press especially tabloid press and,um they will trade information and look,we have seen this here in the United,States where you know people have you,know in the past kind of famously,um made deals with various news outlets,and said look don't do this and we'll,give you this and that's happened,so why wouldn't it happen in England he,says it did and does and he said that,Camilla is,um the villain here because people hated,her and it seems like he was not not a,fan either nor was William uh because of,the history obviously,um and that Camilla wanted to,rehabilitate Her Image basically by,selling him out do a good story on me,Camilla would allegedly say and I'll,give you dirt on Harry and that's and,Megan and that seems to be that's what,he's saying right and I gotta say it,wouldn't shock me if it's true wouldn't,shock me at all so Camila comes into the,family obviously she's having an affair,with Charles throughout the marriage of,Charles and Diana Diana which everybody,knows which everybody knows Diana well,they get divorced people blame Camilla,and Charles uh and well no no they blame,the paparazzi no well yeah sorry they,gotta they get a divorce first okay so,so Charles and Diana divorce a couple,years before her death as part of that,there's a lot of blame I think it's,about four or five years before her,death there's a lot of blame being,placed on Charles and on Camilla for,driving them apart,um well it was because of Diana's,interview where she said there are three,people in this match in this marriage,exactly and then Diana dies and yes the,paparazzi are behind it but there's a,seeming lack of sympathy coming from the,entire royal family towards Diana and,this entire thing wreck not recognizing,how beloved she is and Camilla becomes,less popular and it took a good decade,for her sort of to now be accepted as,just sort of a person of the royal,family that I don't think now the,question is how did that come about and,what Harry is saying it came about with,her trading in with horse trading,basically saying look do a good story on,me and I'll give you on them right,and that's and that's what he's saying,but I I agree with that and maybe it,seems it rings true but that's not what,we're talking about right we're talking,about the way they treated uh Megan and,the way they treated Harry in the,context of Megan that's what the,discussion was no no he made a big point,last night I'm saying this I know he,didn't I thought oh well your currying,favor with something that seems true and,nobody has any you know there's no love,lost for Camilla you can but but I think,that deflects a little bit from really,what the question is is did the British,media Target Megan unfairly and which,he's trying to draw that right he's,trying to draw that that that parallel,between look the British press is in the,pocket of the royal family you can see,it through the Camilla stuff and Camilla,the way she manipulated the Press that's,the same thing that's happening to Megan,and me now we're being manipulated by,the royal family utilizing the problem,but the real family see I look I think,leading up to their exit I kind of buy,it after their exit come on I mean the,royal family won't even speak out loud,so there's nothing the British press is,reacting not to leaks from Buckingham,Palace the British press is now reacting,based on what Megan and Harry are saying,that leads me to something that he said,in his in the interview I believe last,night I'm getting the two interviews,conflated but

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Dr Dre DUNKS on Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Steals His Music

Dr Dre DUNKS on Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Steals His Music

you're watching a corny video that,Marjorie green uploaded to Twitter this,morning the reason you're not hearing,any audio is because when Marjorie green,uploaded it she used a Dr Dre beat,unsurprisingly she didn't ask Dr Dre for,permission and so he took legal action,against the congresswoman,and honestly the best part about the,story is the letter that was uh sent to,her from Dr Dre's team after it was,noted that she had used copyrighted,music now specifically Marjorie green,used the Beat from Still Dre in her,video and in a statement to Forbes which,was first reported by TMZ Dr Dre said,quote I didn't or I don't license my,music to politicians especially someone,as divisive and hateful as this one and,he also in his letter uh specifically,mentioned you know as a United States,congresswoman she should know what the,country's laws are,she's even tasked with making decisions,about what laws should be passed but,clearly she doesn't understand United,States copyright laws when she uses,licensed music or copyrighted music,without getting a license for it or,without asking for permission so these,stories pop up every once in a while,Jake and if I remember correctly you,kind of like,like you don't really like them that,much but I'm curious what you think,about this case,oh I see yeah yeah oh the copyright,violations uh haha Trump did this and,then Fleetwood Mac said that or whatever,the band is right yeah yeah I see but I,but this one is a little bit different,because usually they give give like,Anodyne statements and then people make,a big deal out of it no this was a,full-on um,slap at her in a sense okay so I'm going,to read that paragraph that you,mentioned because it's so devastating uh,this is what Dre's lawyer Rob wrote one,might expect that as a member of,Congress you would have a passing,familiarity with the laws of our country,it's possible though that laws governing,intellectual property are a little too,Arcane and insufficiently populous for,you to really have spent much time on,we're writing because we think an actual,lawmaker should be making laws not,breaking laws especially those embodied,in the Constitution by the founding,fathers day and then they added,oh my God,I gotta say like I you picked it up a,little bit you did uh but you're not,really good at getting beats right,oh are you kidding me I'm the least,musically capable man in America,all right you're gonna sue me for,humming it just not because we disagree,politically but because of the crime I,have committed against the song,now uh Twitter I'm guessing this is just,going to be temporary because she had,tweeted the video Marjorie green has now,lost access to her account but by the,time you watch this video it she'll,probably be reinstated it'll be fine,um other notable excerpts from this,letter that Dr Dre's team sent uh they,write quote you are wolf wrongfully,exploiting this work through the various,social media Outlets to promote your,divisive and hateful political agenda,also he notes the United States,Copyright Act says a lot of things but,one of the things it says is that you,can't use someone else's song for your,political campaign promotions unless you,get permission from the owner of the,copyright in the song uh a step you fail,to take,um so you know it's it's pretty clear he,doesn't like it and then finally,Marjorie green did give a statement to,TMZ about this whole debacle saying,quote while I appreciate the creative,chord progression I would never play,your words of violence against women and,police officers and your glorification,of the thug life and drugs let me just,note Marjorie green has provided cover,for the capital rioters who brutalize,the Capitol Police on January 6 over and,over and over again uh she has,absolutely no problem with disgusting,divisive commentary about women when,someone on her political side is spewing,doing it so I'm not buying any of the,garbage that she's claiming in that,statement No to be fair to Marjorie,Taylor green Dr Dre once said if you're,famous you could just grab women by the,genitalia and they they don't even do,anything about it oh no I'm sorry that,was Donald Trump her political hero,she loved that kind of vulgar statement,when her Thug was doing it so January 6,Riders are thugs Steve bannon's a thug,Donald Trump's a thug and I I almost,that word is almost too positive to,apply to them but that's not how racist,backwards thugs like Marjory Taylor,green thing they think oh no those are,good outstanding white folks that are,doing just violence against people that,don't look like us and that don't agree,with us whereas Dr Dre is the real thug,do you see how black he is,yeah we can see you Margaret you can see,now I should note that uh I was right,her account was reinstated so she's,already tweeting but the uh video that,got her account suspended temporarily,has been taken down for obvious reasons,so we've got that thanks for watching,The Young Turks I really appreciate it,another way to s

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Dr. Dre Takes Legal Action Against “Hateful” Marjorie Taylor Greene

Dr. Dre Takes Legal Action Against “Hateful” Marjorie Taylor Greene

now that Republicans finally have a,speaker of the house and the real work,can begin I obviously use the word work,charitably here because we're talking,about Republicans anyways the speaker,fight is over and Marjory Taylor green,excitedly tweeted out a hype video,letting everyone know what to expect,saying it's time to begin and they can't,stop what's coming now as you can see,here we can't actually watch the video,because it was taken down with a message,by Twitter saying this media has been,disabled in response to a report by the,copyright owner now I'm not sure about,you all but I didn't get to see the,video and I'm definitely feeling fomo,currently because the description that,we get about the video from mediaite,leads me to believe that it would have,been just wonderful they explained the,video which green uploaded to Twitter,features a portion of Dr Dre's song,Still Dre playing on Loop in the,background as slow-mo shots of green,exiting her office and walking around,the halls of Congress are shown the,video ended with a black and and white,Montage of Green's 11th Hour phone call,with former president Donald Trump along,with footage of McCarthy securing the,speaker position on the 15th vote so,essentially the video was cringe,autofellatio with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg,playing the background,why would she choose that why wouldn't,you choose Ted nugget or some other,Republican singer because,do you really think that like hip-hop,are The Vibes that would be appropriate,for you it's just bizarre either way Dr,Dre kind of had the same response that,we all would have had to Marjorie green,choosing one of his songs and he went,after her he told TMZ I don't license my,music to politicians especially someone,as divisive and hateful as this one and,he later ended up taking legal action,against her to get the video removed,from Twitter TMZ reports turns out Dr,Dre's team took action reaching out to,Twitter to get the video taken down as a,result Marjorie Taylor Green tells us,that she's been locked out of her,Twitter account for using Dre's,copyrighted work without permission MTG,also has some words of her own for Dr,Dre in an exclusive statement to TMZ she,says while I appreciate the creative,chord progression I would never play,your words of violence against women and,police officers and your glorification,of the thug life and drugs I love how,she's pretending that she's not not mad,oh I'm not mad I don't even like your,music anyway of course you're mad and,you're coping because now you're locked,out of your Twitter account something,that in the past you've stated you care,very much about,the best way for all of this to end,would be for Marjorie Taylor green to,release a rap diss track against Dr Dre,I think that if we got that from all of,this with Marjorie Taylor green rapping,kind of like Linda Paulson's rap do you,remember her it would be so amazing so,good I'll be at cringe-worthy that it,might actually rip a hole in the,space-time Continuum but Dr Dre's,attorney Howard King sent a letter to,Marjorie Taylor green and in it yes it's,a legal cease and desist but I want to,read it to you because this isn't just,some boring technical legal jargon,letter he dragged her in this letter,we'll read some of it here Dear Miss,Taylor green you are wrongfully,exploiting this work through the various,social media Outlets to promote your,divisive and hateful political agenda Mr,Young that stray has not and will never,Grant you permission to broadcast or,disseminate any of his music one might,expect that as a member of Congress you,would have a passing familiarity with,the laws of our country it's possible,though that laws governing intellectual,property are a little too or a cane and,insufficiently populist for you to,really have spent much time on we're,writing because we think an actual,lawmaker should be making laws not,breaking laws especially those embodied,in the Constitution by the founding,fathers the United States Copyright Act,says a lot of things but one of the,things it says is that you can't use,someone else's song for your political,campaign promotions unless you get,permission from the owner of the,copyright in the song a step you failed,to take now here's the best part here so,they're demanding that she cease and,desist further unauthorized use of Dre's,music and the requesting quote written,confirmation that you have complied with,these demands before January 11th so in,other words not only are we blocking you,from playing our music without our,permission but we're requesting that you,send us a Written Letter confirming that,you've stopped using our music and you,understand what we're saying,just brilliantly played by Dr Dre's,people now listen I'm gonna be honest,here I'm a bit of a hypocrite on this,particular issue usually I think that,these copyright laws are a bit too,strict I think that lots of times when,people use these songs they're promoting,this music right but when it comes to,individuals like

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