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WARZONE IS PAINmorning good evening Kevin good,afternoon we got a banger for y'all,today baby pain,p


Updated on Jan 13,2023


morning good evening Kevin good,afternoon we got a banger for y'all,today baby pain,pain,that is what you're about to witness in,this Warzone video it's just straight,pain if you saw this live you probably,came to re-watch this and just watch me,and the boys being the utmost pain we've,ever been in war zone history if you,don't know what this video is about I'm,not going to spoil it just watch,everything unfold for all of our pain,and if you do enjoy this video,specifically as well if you enjoyed this,thumbnail I thought it was a great idea,drop a like on this sub and ring the,bell so you miss any of the content over,here but most importantly be sure to,tell somebody you love them all right,I'll catch you in the next one,a little nervous boys don't be nervous,but on the surface I'll look calm and,ready oh,oh arms heavy spaghetti,what you don't know that song uh what's,up Eminem,of course I know Eminem swag I was,listening to him before you were born,bro shut up,in the 70s okay,it was born in 1998 it makes it seem,like I'm 75 years old right now bro,to mad at the field to be bold,it's kind of nice on my head like a,lotion my head,I live in Florida though bro it's not,wet here yeah every inches always wet,hold up wait a minute if stronghold pops,here it's it's just Destiny it's Destiny,yeah,man I'm in I'm trying I'm flying out I'm,watching you guys,I got one,tired Evelyn,first you pushed you pushed you,guys right here,in the house now in the house bro yep,I got to get in the water all right,okay when we're doing our new contempts,too quiet oh we gotta win the game first,let's win this game first,why haven't we been doing black sizes,because they're not like good locations,right kind of uh some locations some,locations are really broken we should we,should go zone now boys it's gonna pull,a farm man when we do like game four and,five we should do them every game,someone picked up that Advance right,someone's got that I have it I have it,never mind,what the I'm here Nick,to your left,looking I think,oh that came out wait no no no there's,100 one in the water to your left,somewhere,oh my God I just got psyched from behind,yeah one bullet,got it he's like on the edge just,sitting on the edge,okay,we killed all the team,your left sweat,I got sniped I'm using one of myself,I smoke,yeah top up there yeah top up here top,up here I'm gonna cluster that okay yeah,closer,yeah,listen listen listen across the bridge,across the bridge,four times,all right don't like tunnel on this, though he's not he sucks I,don't like this area bro I don't either,but it is what it is it's trouble it,split zone so I mean there shouldn't be,too many people here okay there's a guy,on me there is the guy he down like five,times,he sucks he sucks he's not number no,clue where he went,he kept going he kept going I'm so mad I,think he exists maybe he doesn't exist,smart,thank you this one guy's gonna send,Clocky to the Moon,he's out he's choking,gotta go right honestly Soldier incoming,Nick do you hear that,yeah I'm me somewhere wait wait in front,of you what's he in front of you,oh God,right on that heavy I got him back up,I'm backing up how many how many I saw,at least two at least two,there's more than one though at least,two yeah,I'm burning my I'm tapping you,I got so many cells,I think it's four you guys that's that,was weird okay,I'm going to the swag that's a better,play I found a guy in this window he,rests gonna get ahead of the gas here,no I ran to them because they were I,don't know,I'm gonna go rest,he's moving,right there across the street these kids,are gonna sit on this mountain and Hold,Us bro he's one shot I just lost I don't,know we gotta we gotta Focus this kid we,got to make a play for that buy right,he's it,swag clock in man come on bro at,least we're both,you guys there's no vibe,I'm making a run,that's,trying to be a hero it's on me you're,not you I'm going for them,he's getting shot,he's a obvious he's gonna,challenge ,it's a boy,holy boys what do we do fine we,have to look for lowdowns huh slow down,zone right here okay you guys played for,it I'm probably rocking that car,there's a guy there's a team by that car,all right dude we can pistol one don't,like die going for it we can like team,pistol yes definitely okay I'm getting,up I'm getting up top I'm getting up top,yeah so this is the stream sniper this,guy week,boys,I'm gonna die I I don't think I made,this okay I'm looking at you I'm looking,at you I'm telling you there's two teams,I'm telling you it's two coming from,this side,coming out right here come out right,here it's clock straight in front of you,two of them yeah,I went in front of me down one in front,of me that one in front of me yeah,he's running he's running he's running,running,two people underneath me down okay right,here I'm here,yo Nick come up come on come on I,thought you guys were gonna push yeah we,have to kill this solo play over here,down here one three two one that guy's,still gonna be undress

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morning even afternoon we got a banger,feel today baby we got for it here's doc,my good buddy,six eight,and it's rewind for the 2022 year I love,these videos myself obviously I had mine,on my main Channel and having these,videos just to look back and see,everything that happened during the year,is actually a really cool thing to do if,you do enjoyed this reaction video drop,a like on this so I can ring the bell so,miss any of the content over here but,most importantly be sure to tell,somebody you love them all right I'll,catch you in the next one well we got,some more reaction videos for y'all here,of course and this one is stock again,but this is his rewind now I haven't,seen this yet like I said I always watch,these videos raw if you will this is a,raw reaction I'm expecting to be in this,video quite a bit Doc and I'm going to,tell you that at the front and I'm gonna,honestly if I don't see myself in this,video quite a bit doc you and I are,we're gonna have some words all right if,I'm not oh there okay I'm right there,all right see like I said you know 30,seconds in the boy all right let's get,it hey guys Dr disrespect here hey we,got a great video in front of us today,he,he always makes fun of intros bro I like,doing intros he always makes fun of them,I swear bro hey guys doctor disrespect,here hey we got a great video in front,of us today,heading into 2022.,Dr disrespect has a book,I've made 45 million dollars from just,that shout out Jill a 15,000 tournament uh two of them broken,and we're here at the Niners how about,tonight wait you stop watching right now,yeah right now he's not watching I am,right now,so that's how I'm in the video first I,mean do we have to include and we're,here are we including this in here doc,we gotta include a little you know I'm,I'm 28 seconds into the video already,and I'm already kind of upset I mean I'm,gonna be honest with you you know you,gotta hash out these,you know it was a ref's fault it was,rest fault all right Cowboys are gonna,win the Super Bowl this year,the two-time played a lot of Skyrims I,know what I'm doing when it comes to,these games and Elden ring ain't no,different like that,controller ASMR,I might be stuck,I wonder what I said about Warzone,operation step bro I mean third party,this is m-o-i-s-t yeah that's moist,moist,Ure scablands and I'm dead physically to,you if I can hear you running you're,fine get it,I'm dead I love the little I love that,he actually has so like I have my own,rewind too and I've watched Tyler's as,well but I kind of like that he added,the months in there as well it's kind of,a cool,I'm dead by the way I'm dead,I'm dead dead again three times I die,three times I'm dead dead oh dead now,I'm really dead and I'm back,what the hell,done new game huh,his production value you know I'm gonna,pause and just say this bro oh look at,that Mountain Dew game Fuel shout out to,Mountain Dew dude Doc's production value,is bar I I mean he's the best out there,I've said it before and I'll say it,again like the amount of quality that he,puts into like cut scenes the games he's,playing and the whole team that works on,that with him is unbelievable,this is really cool,hold on fire yo got fired,shots,what the is that shotgun,doc hates Wars on Doc hates Apex doc,hates all games dot like no I don't what,am I supposed to love everything that I,play on on the stream am I supposed to,sell out my soul no man imma tell you,how it is baby,tonight,I might actually go in this might go in,that scare you guys,screenshot it Photoshop me screenshot it,hey take a screenshot take a screenshot,that's a screenshot right there that's a,screenshot screenshot right there make a,screenshot take a screenshot right there,someone take a screenshot screenshot it,right there right there right there,right there right there,welcome to the first ever Marion founder,event for Midnight Society,I'm out there about this three two,one,go ahead and dropped the Cure package,right,doctor disrespected San Francisco 49er,Camp did you see that,wasn't 70. and it actually just reminded,me in the middle of this here it just,hit me Doc you still owe me money for,that by the way random fact and he still,owes me money for that random clutch,that I had in that first solo game you,all know what I'm talking about comment,down below you guys remember I won the,very first solo game of the day and doc,said I couldn't you guys remember that,we're gonna be throwing 70 yards minimum,I was probably thinking I'm like beating,my dog or something you know you know,what I mean like hi Nancy no,everything's okay over there yeah,let's ride thing he did it was Sunday,Night Football was one of his best,videos I thought I was hoping that was,going to be in here I don't know if he,could put it in here fully because of,the copyright stuff,I got three more shots,production quality is unreal,how can one person win so much,black steel bourbon available now,how many footballs do we got oh we got a,lot boom Oh Elon Elon le

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good morning good evening Kevin good,afternoon we got a banger for y'all,today baby are y'all tired of these I,already know you're not I'm certainly,not we got us another proximity chat,compilation I've said it before and I'll,say it again price chat in my opinion is,one of my favorite parts of war zone 2,and if you want these videos to keep,getting pumped out by zygomedia comment,down below let us know on top of that,we're going to be looking at the likes,on this let's just set a light goal I,rarely do this let's see if we can get,this video to,25 000 likes that seems like a lot of,likes if we hit that I think it's safe,to say y'all like these videos also,submitter ring the bell so you miss any,of the content over here but most,importantly be sure to tell us about you,love them all right I'll catch you in,the next one,I'm here and I'm hard,all right all right I got one knocks,over there I'm just gonna Precision not,it I'm not it got it bro,is he gone I won't let him Getty titty,I might get dmag bro Chad if we go if we,get DMACC today I'm off till next year,just so you guys know all right I don't,know what to do RJ Betty,RJ no,they're over here what happened RJ,please one shot oh no RJ's getting,yelled at that's all I know oh yeah,that was two RJ's down the hill getting,screamed that I just have type 10 ahead,okay,never seen that,did I just hear myself again bro is this,whole Lobby got my stream up right now,right,yeah,I hear you bro,bro is he listening to me on Subs,bro he's like got me on like a ,subwoofer oh where's this guy's teammate,is going on with this,yo what's up bro,dude I didn't even try to do this this,is amazing,exciting guy I didn't even try to do,this that's amazing I hear you in there,I hear you,even if you ran across the open they're,going over here,laughs,ready,hey there's the three three pushing over,careful,are you speaking something different,do I hear a step yeah,oh my God,okay okay,the ,oh ,hey come here it's good hey come here,what's up man,please,please don't kill me are you subscribed,to my YouTube channel,yeah all right man Fly Away,hold that team deeper too man,just call you a cat,boy,thank you,no way they got me bro they got me wrong,I don't know about you Jesus Christ came,out from the sky himself and ,put his hand down and grab my nose oh,they gotta go Pizza come get me,let's go,there's a random solo sitting in the,bathroom in that building man I don't,know what to do hold on,his name's something clam something clam,get red clock yeah,it's your stream up here's your stream,up he does yes he does the guy's sitting,in the corner uh you're a I'm,gonna send him you can find me,swag,is this person serious no way right,15 minutes,get the out of here you ain't , got swags ass you,swag,you're VPN and garbage ass, oh,my God,hey Google,all right,bro don't around,yeah,he directed me with an RPG I'm ,down bad he's right here you ,Nicholas,12 seconds later,okay he's gonna be talking to me,looked on her shoulder and,nah I just grab you by your face and,I'll pull you in I don't even care,everyone getting,our balls at the same time I don't care, you ,return,okay he knows he knows he knows what,we're here he knows here,right there,you smoke again okay I'm on the way all,right yeah,oh you got me too,up here,oh that's actual that's tea food,I'm Turner,hey you ruined my man someone's,gonna be in this building probably stay,with me come here I'm right here all,right I'm down it sounds like,yep,relaxation 100 above yeah okay they're,all stream side people bro everybody in,here,yeah relax relax buddy that's what your,mom said when I stuck my dick up her ass,last night friendly friendly friendly,coming in coming in look at this guy bro,look at that guy look at that got one,quick we got a beam on him,that's definitely close to you I'm right,up here,it's right here,I like these they never sounded you bro,I like these they never signed in you,bro,sounds like Tim that is Tim got one,exciting you bro let's go let's go,thank you for your patience all of our,agents are still busy,press one,what,hey I can hear your phone call Bro,what is what is happening right now,hey dude,hey everyone later no I'm not sure it's,not for nobody but I'm playing my game,Dave how do you know we're,talking about you stream something yeah,people this stupid he has to be,trolling right,right now,is he trolling he has to be trolling,dude I'm dude I'm not oh this is why did,I love you this guy has to um the nuke,the new skin the thing you like you got,the new are your sweat,you're not,oh okay so so how you get so you got,five ones in a row how'd you get it uh,they're giggling they're giggling,giggling, I'm joking,oh my God,nowhere,damn you're gonna need this come here,what are you doing trying to do pull-ups,or some ,yeah,come on,thank you,together together

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morning even afternoon we got a banger,feel today baby we got for you here is a,tick tock fortnite funny moment,compilation courtesy of Courage JD and,swappa that I'm going to react to over,here some of these I gotta be honest,with you I don't know what happened to,fortnite these are out of pocket I'm,sure y'all are gonna see what I'm,talking about and when you do drop a,like summon ring the mouse miss any of,the content over here but most,importantly be sure to tell somebody you,love them all right I'll catch you in,the next one,got a funny one for you here shout out,to Jack and swappa for giving me this,reaction video this is apparently very,funny fortnite tick tock,oh no he's hot oh,that now that okay yeah that's a that's,a that's a real one right there I'm,gonna be honest with you it's like I,didn't want to say this on screen yeah I,saw this,I listen,to music oh God he's like what are you,talking about what's swearing in it,for some of you,know his reaction is great why are you,getting the service yeah,just,actual sidebar conversation here I think,I have those exact Crocs yeah I do wow,hey yo what's up y'all got a problem,y'all want some of this you want some of,this pump oh what a classic movie bro,I already know I already know it's like,I already know for that one like there's,a lot of young people that probably have,no idea what that movie is it's a golden,movie though,foreign,I mean,dudes really role-playing it,okay that was that was great that was,great,I've seen this meme on Tick Tock,everywhere bro,the the one,that's that that's everywhere though,bro these meme edits on fortnite tick,tocks or you're like Warzone OverWatch,these are my favorite things on tiktok,it's like uh 80 of my for you Paige bro,I get edited in a lot with that,oh that's a lot of damage, whoa,whoa tifu or tea flu,ID,I got kicked in the face dude is that a,mechanic flykick,all damn auntie,this is too real right there bro,that one is too real,we just rebooted and your partner tries,to give you a combat SMG,s,wait I have to re-watch this one did he,get the reboot card that was low that,way he got a reboot card that was,low-key,I want a legend bro,yov you're playing Duos 2018 see it John,wickskin oh God,run,a few moments later I'll see him though,would have fallen to my death there,oh,I'm in fortnite attack,come on bro does he dance,come on right they might know they had,to add an emote,oh my God,I can't believe that oh ,oh no don't tell me about the,Zoe,they added me bruh go for it you just,gotta make sure it's a headshot bro I,got you bro,I gotta I gotta rewatch that one I gotta,be honest this one this clip is like tfu,Meats this is a Tim moment that's what I,think we can call this this is a Tim the,tat man moment out of tea food for sure,I got you bro,it's me in a nutshell 350 000 V bucks,D4 I think I might have to do an,impression of ninja yeah,yeah,oh my God you did not do that feels good,to scream honestly it feels good to,swear Kurt you know what I might rethink,my whole model of family friendly after,this,now that's a big D,ude,now that's a that's a big D,you knew what he was doing bro,wait what,oh I might be dead,oh my gosh I am dead,what are the odds of that bro first,thing I've ever seen in this game oh my,gosh,when you're trying to reboot your squad,you hear footsteps literal though exact,rap you want to talk about exact,representation right here,this is me every single time I'm like,hold up wait a minute,greatest quick scope of all time eh,foreign,anything,literally old fortnite no build way,better though,shout out Family Guy bro,God to your concept,this is exactly what it felt like I'm,not gonna be kidding,enough of this crap are they still out,there,foreign,yeah some of these edits are so good bro,oh here we go with ciphering yeah wow,what is going on man,I I like I forgot about this whole thing,with Cypher and that,I almost called an operator skin,oh my God bro what,you know fortnite's wild bro what,come on,this one's too because I had to re-watch,this dude this is too good,how was that,foreign,no such thing,oh my God bro what,what the,20 20 20.,what are you doing,come here come here come here come here,come here, yeah,sauce for 53 seconds straight I'm,literally gonna end the stream I'm going,to bed all right who's going to bed with,me I'm gonna try is if we can suck,multiple people,no it's one at a time okay that's gonna,be oh we're just gonna walk down the,line sucking up everybody oh my God,come on you want to suck me up,come on,you're gonna beat me with your bat no,beat me up come on,do it beat me what do it,okay here we go,and then I'm going yeah I can hold your,bag dang that skin looks so nice bro on,this one the the big he look at his,little look at his face wait can I suck,you back and then I'm gone watch yeah I,can hold your bag,so nice oh my gosh,gaming is intense but takis are,seriously intense,okay so the way Jack edited this up if,you guys are seeing some black screens,by the way I'm going to tell Zago

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morning even afternoon we got a banger,feel today baby here we are from,verdance to Caldera and now into,almazara and gas masks are still bugged,let's see what happens here all I'm,gonna say is,if this has happened to you drop a leg,Suffering The Bell so miss any content,over here but most importantly be sure,to tell somebody love all right I'll,catch you in the next one,no one's there,oh team Landing fire no one's your full,team land apart that's our team right,now wait,oh,we have the lock we have to lock calm,down calm down,I got it free you I got it for you,I'm at Mercury don't call you,what and I'm not God what,what do you mean,it's a it's an account today it's a kind,of day I gotta I got a free plate three,plates Nicholas Nicholas,it's called the UAV,um,I'm dead,I'm Precision get away from me get away,from the body holy it's the hardest,thing I've ever done,I got one I'm trying to live bro this,kills me I'm on OverWatch,they're pushing me I think I think,they're inside,right there,oh they are very rotated farther they're,not in that building anymore oh you,bought me Above Me Above Me Above me,just like this flank this no above on,the head guys,I'm doing it,I'm sick and swag through this,replay on me,he's so he's he's crouching around,swing together let's hold each other's,dicks,who's holding my dick I will I'm coming,to hold the penis,I think he's crouching around here,somewhere I'm holding Timmy Smith,perfect,we're like the human centipede,it's great yep,well it's just one of those things where,you think you're someone but you don't,know,we gotta go to that one okay I just,behind this yeah how do you hear him,when he's AFK,it's a fair point,I mean pick up I like it,I'm in,here,leave me alone oh,that wasn't a wipe right now,wait got a hurricane,on my level,lick my balls okay all right Liam wait,wait this is Liam oh she was about spot,spots that's weird I just read that,there's one still one up there though,he's floating let's go,okay we have we all have Gulag right so,we should go somewhere,High drop two babies Timmy how about you,yeah I'm gonna hit Bounty oh my God,entire team right here Nicholas I'm here,all right are they on the hill or like,near the by nearby,I'm getting Bounty one guy's landing,and they're in front of you,just landed I'm gonna push that,no way the is that,mine's on my roof,I fried one but they're all gonna be on,me Timmy,hey one's on my roof,can we pinch this oh you guys okay,he's weak on you,guys yeah yeah yeah I hear that one that,one's out,nice I just called me a pet,I can't get your full,is there one more guy clock you get a,full yeah I think my kid died,I just got directed with a ,rocket holy he's on this roof,don't do it dad,'s broke on me,might have been late break,let's go deeper there's I guarantee,they're all on their own, me bro you good yeah,they do yes yeah,is huge by the way no I know I just,didn't know they had that I don't know,how you tell a big notification goes,across the screen,just like black site and then it shows,who grabbed it,went across the bridge by yourself right,now I'm making my way to you the bullet,it's two did I shoot the other one other,one's almost broke,about to look for right he positioned me,I have to hey guy next to us just,crossed bro,I'm coming,okay,why do you want to stay on that yeah,wait Timmy Timmy push it push it push,you push on my ping,oh I'm dead,stupid ,someone rest behind you guys,are they sweet landing and Landing,I'm Gonna Fill this up,whole team oh God,we're not having shots like that ,they're all in that black side I'm just,gonna get away I'm gonna zip up and jump,off you wanna fight relaxing,capacity someone out here ain't no way,does not,I don't know I'd get away from those,guys they have a permanent UAV with,blacks they're all just mounted with,Snipes It's Crazy,um I don't know where to go,oh off,three and three,not bad either wow,I need you I'm not even even near I,gotta go let's see if I can get a win in,the guru today,those across,Victoria,she didn't miss a bullet on me after,that he didn't miss one bullet out of,those three just pop pop,I don't know we got a team wipe by the,way the one guy he's a Lodi right here,I'ma just hit a,good job right there right there on my,ping my Danger,I'll go back and kill that guy there,first killed,how do you know see that kid stream,sniping,yeah these guys over here are as well by,the way you just tell on the plane,they're way too good to be playing like, idiots,guys,first one right,did I get shot from someone else,you pistol your ,yeah I passed for that but you jump,through me and hit Eddie's ah those guys,are stream shopping as well by the way,it's like he's just landed right in,front of you in the street from the guy,that bought yeah he probably just flew,uh to get a ,wait oh here can you look down towards,us I'm just gonna kill two over here I'm,looking down right now,Nick,it won't be in the van,and motor strike I gotta move,the spot again bought again,find the van right,bro he's ju

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morning evening afternoon timothy tatman,2 the just chatting podcast version of,me we got a banger for you today,a lot of you probably know symphony,little guy really big nose,you've probably seen him around on,twitch maybe even youtube around for,thoughts,well guess what one day this little man,tweets something out and he decides to,roast me,so what you're about to watch in this,video is me reacting to this video that,sim made roasting me,and me of course letting him know what i,think about it be sure to drop a like on,this and be sure to share with a friend,if you're not subscribed to tim and tab,man too the just chatty podcast version,of me i'm gonna give you a second hit,the sub button,all right thank you for doing that be,sure to tell somebody you love them okay,i'll catch you in the next one,apparently i have to look at sims tweet,whips can you get me this tweet,everyone's talking about,i felt this i hope florida's okay this,man did not edit me into the earthquake,this morning i know that right,i know he did not,his quote here is i felt this in la i,hope florida is okay,quite a mighty mighty mighty might him,oh my god did you feel that chris,holy quite a mitum item,oh my god did you feel that chris,holy,you know the thing is about sim i want,to make fun of him a little bit,and but he's just so easy to roast,that it makes me not want to roast him,does that make sense,so like i wanna i wanna be like a go in,a little bit but he's so small,and he's so tiny that it's like i'd,almost feel like a big,bully if i actually tried to roast him,you know what i'm saying because he's so,tiny,i mean this man literally is he's got,the body type where it looks like a,you know 30 40 mile an hour wind could,potentially do some damage to him,you know on top of that in a previous,life man he had to have been like a,80 or something based on that nose i'm,looking at that's the biggest nose i've,ever seen in my life literally,i'd imagine that if i was sam and i had,the nose that size bro it's got to be,awkward to like turn because you could,literally just be like,oh you know what i'm saying,and i mean to sum up bro i'm more,nervous in a fight against,brooke than i would be against him so i,can't roast him bro,can't do i don't want to hurt him too,bad,i'm back bro what are you doing bro i i,had to i had to,look at something that's him tweeted oh,hurry up man,please don't yell me like that bro i had,to look at something that sim tweeted,all right,yeah it took it took too long for my,liking let's go,okay pouring pk on me this guy, went mute that double mute for,10 minutes you see what he tweeted,you didn't see what he tweeted i saw we,tweeted okay i i didn't i don't know how,i feel about it really,i did i did laugh a little i did giggle,i'm fairly certain you could tie both my,hands behind my back and i could beat,the out of him,i think i don't know i think he can just,hit me until he gets tired,that's probably true actually i don't,think he's gonna knock me out no way,that's pretty true,you know be the battle of the titans bro,him against clocky,i i think i think sam is just not i,don't know,him who do you got in a fight him or,dennis,and this is starting to get fat in his,old age a little bit bro and sims lipton,i,actually think i picked sam over cloak,cloak's getting a beer belly,yeah but see but clock's older and you,know more experienced i think maybe i,don't know,either one of them are string ,beans i have no idea it's like the,battle of the little little ,babies,for those of you cloak c fans out there,allow me to put your mind at ease,he will not be here today,uh he he facetimed me,seven times in a row when i wouldn't,pick up,and the reason he called me so much was,because he wanted to,chug a beer with me over facetime,which is ironic that he called me so,much considering he never picks up my,phone calls and he was like so,persistent about me picking up the,facetime,i chugged the beer with him i did um but,he was he was hammered,um yeah he was hammered bro,he you guys know the kind of drunk where,people say the same thing to you over,and over again,and they think they're saying it to you,for the first time that was hit that's,that's kind of the,uh that's where that's kind of where he,was at,last night he just kept saying the same,thing to me and we kept having the same,conversation we're on the phone for like,10 minutes,it wasn't that long um but and listen,i've been drunk i've been drunk and i've,been there i've been at a spot,where i'm saying the same thing to,people over and over again be like dude,i'm so funny i should be a stand-up,comedian they're like tim,shut up i'm like okay so i i've been,there i get it,um but uh he's not gonna be here today,and here's how i know he's not gonna be,here,ready he gets me to chug the beer with,him,you wanna know how drunk this kid was,bro i wanna know how drunk,here's what happened literally he goes,all right tim let's chug a beer so i get,a bud light,i open the bud light in,in fro

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good morning good evening Kevin good,afternoon we got a banger for y'all,today baby a lot of you had probably,seen that we've been trying to get Nick,Merks and nuke for quite some time now,in this game in particular I want demon,mode while trying to get that nuke for,my good buddy 510. what you got here is,me playing out of my mind literally it's,like someone else took over my body and,was playing with my mouse and key,ultimate it saves we got ourselves a new,PR new personal best kill record and if,you enjoy that you better drop a like on,the Southern ring the bells to sending,the content over here but most,importantly be sure to tell us about 11.,all right I'll catch you in the next one,landing on me,one more nice,twelve swag,is it the same time,ghost no I don't know I don't know I,don't know they're all it's all it's all,blurred,UAV is exiting the AO of this wall,no more two more into two more,that sounds like you're in the,Revolutionary War with that thing yeah,I heard that who's here who's your baby,who's that,I can tell you whose it wasn't,right,at this time,oh my God bro you have an extra three,plate supposedly I want it okay I do I,was just making sure that you were aware,they're gonna back up are you saying,because Tim's gonna take it like wow,100 gonna let you take an eye my try,though all right ready three two one go,oh three two one,go,oh just input delay,well I mean look you know so I just want,to help me with the 10 year olds there,was four of them,Hydra,you gonna hear this guy,hello what's up bro,how are we doing how you doing don't,kill me I'm friendly,were you you got money for me,I can get some money for you what do you,want kill him literally give me some,cash bro,give me a second bro I'm letting you,know that guy tried killing me off Swan,oh just kidding you hear that chest,over there if I did I wouldn't use it,for you yeah where are you going Clark,I'm gonna go to this stronghold,I'm fresh there's no two ways,around it I have so much money,I got UAV in my pocket I'm getting away,from this I'm gonna pop it yeah give me,a little cash come here let's just rhyme,I got chills,that was ass,like two like two three guys are gonna,buy you oh that's hot that's hot all,right all right oh my God bro I don't,want to be holding everything I have a,UAV you guys want it now or do I like oh,there's no way there's no way there's no,way right yeah let's pop it since we're,all together now,yeah well I got I got conflicting cops,here,okay,this time there's no one in no one buyer,to the boss there's someone doing a,stronghold,grown in the oil are not going all the,way over there,who's green yeah go to green,what did I just do I'm popping him you,see what I'm saying like you have high,you have Cronus allegations like,legitimately and you're losing I just,died so fast,if you can't swag I'm down like I'm on,the balcony I am on the balcony though,yeah,one more in there,you get him hey remember my name ,you see live,nice Frogger ,are you telling me how to play that when,you're knocked right now no way right,I can't even say a word,you're getting press,there's a full team on hydro beautiful,that's a robot got it moving here,a full team that's a guy that doesn't,work under me,the actual guy,at Hydro we saw him on the r UAV from,the thing,Jesus Christ,was he low swag,um I think it's a bot but I'm getting,the I'm getting the Hummer I'm out here,someone's Landing yeah I'm not fighting,that I refuse hey you just got enough,just got in the,um,push it down,I just I don't know how I killed that,guy whole team just climbed to the top,Nicholas you're fighting a black side,bro get away from that no I'm not I need,help that's a full team it's literally,four I'm trying I'm holding this push,I'm holding this place down two,which is fine your push is fine,okay,I'm cheating,I'm just 32 with a kid but I'm,better than your ass holy ,there's a solo on top of us bro I'm,pretty sure,though,especially people up there hello,I'll take care of this off,hey come over here I'll hook you up a,top top bruh Topgolf I'm down,actually how do I say the ,blender yeah I know swagness where's,this guy I don't know if he was about to,torture,I've ran away from him so I didn't hear,what he said about swags I know that's,why I like to play hello oh get,back here buddy guys,my car just got critical,that is true,so is it gonna repair itself then I,guess that,I'm gonna go back Hydra I hear shots a,Betty your mind just blew up tippity top,I'm dumb uh the team close is the team,that won last game,like in the in the house yes,I missed one before then but I ran into,a cluster of mine,um,this is the team though we can't push,that it's crazy,okay I'm trying to Precision you bro,it's it's absolutely I would recommend,rotating over to us Nick if you can okay,I found one there you go,oh okay,four in this house I hear you I'm trying,to like look at Nicholas at the same,time,that's an AI,left house Tim I see all right all low,I'm gonna drill them,okay one sure you ar

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morning even afternoon we got a bagger,for y'all today baby we got some more,try not to laughs,and uh,well,I failed this video is hilarious also,we've swapped me to tell you tag him in,funny tick tocks on Tick Tock at whips,if you see him because he's kind of,putting some of these together if you,enjoy this drop a like sub and ring the,bell so it was any content over here but,most importantly be sure to tell us,about you love them all right I'll catch,you on the next one well we got some,more tried out to laugh here all of,y'all have been given some really,positive feedback on these videos so,what we're going to do is we're going to,try not to laugh and see if this is,something that I can fully accomplish in,this video the last time first time I,did it failed miserably last time did a,little better this time I'm really going,to try to not laugh at all only one cup,of water,I'm past the first clip I feel like that,one's the hardest how's it going let me,see that sign brother no nice are you,homeless no,damn it,to the 12 people always like in my post,y'all want anything from the gas station,be careful my TV though respect that bro,my Chuck E cheese permission slip,bro what a bottle becomes a glass where,did it go it's in my area they're all,incredible insects just watch what they,can do,did you know that you are more likely to,enjoy a TV show if it's based on,something that you don't have,oh my gosh bro,you know in The Dark Knight Rises made,in 2012. Tom Hardy who plays Bane had a,pack on 30,oh that was the wrong monitor oh my God,someone's got a knife to your throat how,you handle this station,you're going to want to get as low as,you can and immediately your pants,real and true bro,God right there,this clean,proof that Xbox purposefully slows older,consoles software in order to get people,to buy new consoles,I have a problem with my Xbox before,holy what car was that I'm not,gonna get me one of those,foreign,man like they just wanna I hate Keys bro,is that a goose that might be a,different bird,a random Goose just might have caught a,stray for me but I hate geese nice row,hey yo in tarnation is going on here,okay dude,foreign,oh my God bro dude,I think I'm looking forward to cracking,up I hope I can like you know totally,crack up so uh I haven't like totally,cracked up in a long time do you have a,favorite feature to use in here yeah,something that you think is very cool,check this out wow so that's pretty neat,this is so tell me why holy in the,40s there was a mayor named Harry balls,and tell me why bro would ever make his,campaign slogan oh my God I am proud of,my hairy body he knew what he was doing,he's a real guy he knew what he was,doing,and thousands of people voted for this,guy that's a great campaign if I dropped,it foreign,yes,all we had to do was follow the damn,train,okay,bro who edits this together let me ask,you something if I bam say hey I think,it may be Madrid or Lisbon and then the,50 50 comes it's not gonna say Madrid,Elizabeth,you don't know okay but there's not a,dude in the back going like no,these are locked in,just been locked in for months 50 50.,let's do it computer take away two of,those wrong answers,I'm kind of attached to this and I want,to know if he gets it now,damn it John just took it back out right,one more one more just,put give me the corner oh God that's,thinking smarter now harder right there,bro I saw this Tick Tock of this guy,running with all the weights on the back,huh,dry ice Maybe,bro I think I up my soup,bro people are so funny I swear,yeah,they say when you meet the love of your,life,time stops,oh my God,literally every time I start my RX7,I'm gonna be showing off my cosmetics,I need to start playing VR bro I've seen,some funny lately,are you trying to teach me something I,already know who the are you anyhow,Professor bro who the is you the,nutsack Professor that's what I'm saying,I wave,oh dude that's actually kind of crazy yo,it's kind of been a lead tattoo,oh they're best friends,oh that's sweet,do they have boots in this how the,hell did they do boots my parents aren't,just a kid,you're not a kid,that was a live look at me skiing by the,way it's not your favorite golfer here,Tiger Woods his son and um we're gonna,hit this golf ball to the Moon,oh she really about a nice ball on the,green here and uh let's see what we're,capable about,that practice swing calls,oh God,this guy this poor guy's like I don't,get paid enough for this,I mean I still have a giraffe for a top,10 video that I was gonna make before I,you know which scrapped it do,you guys want to hear can I get your,honest opinion on it yes let's hear,today we're gonna be counting down the,top 10 numbers of all time starting off,at number 10 it's number seven and at,number nine it's none other than number,eight now speaking of number eight,number eight is number six and at number,seven is this of course number nine what,nine and seven seventh and tenths need,to look at because up next it's number,six

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