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Tim Pool Tells Twitter Exec They Have a Liberal Bias | JRE Twitter Specialwhich and I believe that t

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Tim Pool Tells Twitter Exec They Have a Liberal Bias | JRE Twitter Special

which and I believe that to be the case,so your platform restricts speech our,platform promotes speech unless people,violate our rules and in a specific,direction in any direction but uncle I,don't want to say his name the guy who,calls for death gets a suspension the,guy who insinuates that gets a permanent,ban but Tim you're you're,misinterpreting what I'm saying and I,feel like you're doing it deliberately,it's not about one particular thing it's,about a pattern and practice of,violating you have a turn in practice of,banning only one faction of people,recently published an article where they,looked at 22 high-profile bandings from,2015 and found 21 of them were only on,one side of the cultural debate but I,don't look at the political spectrum of,people when I'm looking at their to,write you you have a are you're biased,and you're you're targeting specific,individuals because your rules support,this perspective no well so can you be,clear though and like what rules support,that person specifically the the easiest,one is misgendering right because that's,so clearly ideological if you ask a,conservative what is misgendering,they'll say if someone is biologically,male and you call them you know a,biological man you called a machine,that's miss gender as a conservative,view the the the progressive view is,inverted so now you actually have in,your policies a a rule against the,conservative perspective I have a rule,against the abuse and harassment of,trans people on our platform that's what,at my rules we just give context in the,background I know why that is and I,brought some some research so we,obviously received a lot of feedback so,we don't make these rules in a vacuum it,just to be clear we have a bunch of,people all around the world to give us,context and the types of behavior,they're seeing how that translates into,real-world harm and they give us,feedback and they tell us like you,should consider different types of rules,different types of perspectives,different like for example when we try,to enforce hateful conduct in our,hateful conduct policy in a particular,country we're not going to know all the,slur words that are used to target,people of a particular race or a,particular religion so we're going to,rely on building out a team of experts,all around the world who are going to,help us enforce our rules so in the,particular case of misgendering I'm just,trying to pull up some of the studies,that we looked at but we looked at,the American Association of Pediatrics,and looked at the number of transgender,youths that were committing suicide it's,an astronomical I'm sorry I can't find,it right now in front of me it's a,really really high statistic that's like,ten times what the normal suicide rate,is of normal teenagers and we looked at,the causes of what that was happening,and a lot of it was not just violence,towards those individuals but it was,bullying behavior and what was what were,those bullying behaviors that were,contributing to that and that's why we,made this rule because we thought and we,believed that those types of behaviors,were happening on our platform and we,wanted to stop it now there are,exceptions to this rule we don't and,this is all it this isn't about like,public figures and there's always gonna,be public figures that you're gonna want,to talk about and that's that's fine but,this is about are you doing something,with the intention of abusing and,harassing a trans person on a platform,and are they viewing it that way and,reporting it to us so that we take,action so so I will just state I,actually agree with the rule I'm from,you know my point of view I agree that,bullying and harassing trans people is,entirely entirely wrong I disagree with,it but I just want to make sure it's,clear to everybody who's listening my,point is simply that you know ben,shapiro went on a talk show and,absolutely refused and that's his ,you know and he's one of the biggest,podcasts in the world so if you have all,of his millions upon millions of,followers who are looking at this rule,saying this goes against my view of the,world and is literally 60 plus million,in this country you do have a rule,that's ideologically bent and and it's,it's true you you did the research you,believe this well then you have Ben,Shapiro who did his research and doesn't,believe it yeah and I relied on the,American Association of Pediatrics and,you know Human Rights Council another,and I'm sure he has his sources too for,when he gives his statements the point,is but wonder if they have that context,I mean that's and that's where we have,also fails it's as well as just,explaining the why behind a lot of our,policy in reasons I I would agree and I,think it's fine you did research and you,found this to be true but we can't,simply say maybe ben shapiro and the,other conservatives who feel this way,don't know we have to wait we can't you,know the point i'm trying to make is,it's it's simply whether you believe it,what whether you

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Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool

Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool

five four three dos uno come on,TriCaster live all right we're live,ladies and gentleman to my left,Tim Tim Poole everybody knows and loves,them Vijay what is it I am pronouncing a,feature,not Vida Vidya the jaw daddy daddy and,your position at Twitter is I lead trust,and safety legal and public policy,that's a lot that's a lot and Jack,Dorsey ladies and gentlemen first of all,thank you everybody for doing this,appreciate it thank you thank you feels,also there's tension in the room just a,few minutes tension and everyone's like,oh this is really happening here we go,before we get started we should say,because there were some things that,people wanted to have us talk about one,that the cash app is one of the sponsors,of the podcast it's been a sponsor for a,long time and also a giant supporter of,my good friend Justin Ren's fight for,the Forgotten charity building wells for,the pygmies in the Congo this is very,important to me and I'm very happy that,you guys are a part of that and you are,connected to that I don't that's I mean,it's easy for someone to say that,doesn't have an influence on the way we,discuss things but it doesn't so if it,does I don't know what to tell you I'm,gonna mention too just because I don't,want people to come out and freak out,later I actually have like 80 shares in,square which isn't really that much in,you know but but it's something it is it,is so I don't want people to think you,know whatever you you're the CEO of,square I think right yep yeah and the,reason why we decided to come together,is we had a I thought a great,conversation last time but there's a lot,of people that were upset that there,were some issues that we didn't discuss,or didn't discuss in-depth enough or,they felt that I didn't press you enough,I talked to Tim because you know Tim and,I have talked before and he made a video,about it and I felt like his criticism,was very valid so we got on the phone,and we talked about it and I knew,immediately within the first few minutes,of the conversation then he was far more,educated about this than I was so I said,would you be willing to do,cast and perhaps do a podcast with Jack,and he said absolutely so we did a,podcast together it was really,well-received people felt like we,covered a lot of the issues that they,felt like I didn't bring up and so then,Jack and I discussed it we said well,let's bring Tim on and then have vigía,on as well I said that right,yeah that's a hard one sorry I'll get,everybody promised but it was so weird,we go um today you know do you know who,Shaun Baker is he's a doctor who's a,prominent proponent of the carnivore,diet his post was his account was frozen,today I just sent it to Jamie yeah his,count was frozen today because of an,image that he had because he's a,proponent of the carnivore diet there's,a lot of people that believe that this,elimination diet is very healthy for you,and it's known to cure a lot of,autoimmune issues with certain people,but some people ideologically opposed it,because they think it's bad for the,environment or you shouldn't eat meat or,whatever the reasons are this is huge in,the Bitcoin community yes,yeah well it's for a lot of people that,have autoimmune issues particularly,psoriasis and arthritis is his lifesaver,it's crazy it's essentially it's an,autoimmune issue so because he has a,photo of a lion in a header eating a,looks like a wildebeest or something,like that his account was locked for,violating these rules rules against,graphic violence or adult content in,profile images that seems a little silly,and I wanted to just mention that right,away now whose decision is something,like that like who decides to lock a,guy's account out because it has a,nature image of you know natural,predatory behavior in this particular,case it's probably an algorithm that,detected it and made some sort of an,assessment but as a general rule how we,operate as a company as we rely on,people to report information to us so if,you look at any tweet you can kind of,pull down on the carrot on the right and,you can say report the tweet and then,you have a bunch of categories you can,choose from what you want to report I,think this one in particular though is,probably an algorithm so how does does,he have the option to protest that or to,ask,to review it absolutely and I'm guessing,that people are already reviewing it but,there's a choice to appeal any action,and that would go to a human to make,sure that it is actually a violation of,the rules or in this case if it's not,then it would be removed is that a,violation the rules that image I don't,think so I don't think that that would,be what we're trying to capture in terms,of graphic images in an avatar it's more,about violence towards humans unless it,was some sort of cruelty depicting,animals or something like that but this,seems not the intention of the rule does,this hi this one of the reason why I,wanted to bring this up immediately does,this highlight a flaw in the system in,t

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Tim Pool Details Controversial Twitter Bannings to Joe Rogan

Tim Pool Details Controversial Twitter Bannings to Joe Rogan

yeah long story right yeah I definitely,drank too much coffee before we get here,so if I hear like cracked out I swear to,god I'm not hills but uh that in here,but so we had a nice conversation on the,phone about deep platforming and social,media and what it was very obvious to me,in talking to you is that you're way,more schooled on this than I am so,that's why I wanted to have this,conversation with you right yeah part of,what was like ivory listened to my,podcast with Jack and you had a good,criticism of it I agree with a lot of,what you said first of all I agree that,was kind of boring yeah and it was I,think in many for many reasons it was my,fault,I don't think I prepared enough for it,and I also don't think I understood the,magnitude of how other people felt about,deep platforming on Twitter and in all,social media YouTube and all these,different things and what the,ramifications are and how how much this,means to people to have very clear and,obvious obvious free speech outside of,very egregious examples of like threats,and daxing and prayer like that which I,think we can all agree right I think,this problem might be one of the like,one of the worst problems we're facing,right now politically yes,you know the Twitter is where public,discourse is happening it's where,journalists are and this is a problem,sourcing a lot of their stories yes so,if you have somebody who's completely,removed from public discourse that's,exile you know I can't I can imagine why,some people kind of lose their minds and,that happens and I think going into that,conversation with him well that's what I,wanted it to be that's why I don't,really interview people any kind of have,conversations with them yeah,occasionally we have disagreements and,we you know we talk about things and you,know but it's not I don't have like a,mandate my only comment the only thing I,wanted to get out of the conversation is,I wanted to find out what it was like to,start that organization and to have no,idea when you were doing it that it was,going to be essentially like one of the,most important distribution at,avenues for information an act an act as,buddy an activist buddy of mine asked me,if I knew why people smash windows smash,Starbucks it's not because they think,they're gonna cause damage it's because,they want to strike a symbol down of,something they view oppresses them Jack,Dorsey is that symbol to a lot of people,and you know to see here you know I was,saying earlier is I think a lot of,people look at you you're like a real,dude you know your your conversations,are real you have you're not one of,these fake news journalists that people,are very critical of that field they're,their bias or of an agenda so when you,sit down with Jack Dorsey and doesn't go,anywhere people then feel like the last,person who's not supposed to let us down,let us down you know I mean ya know I,look I thank you twice as much I felt it,and I noticed that I got you know more,hate for that one than probably anything,that I've ever done and you know I'm not,a guy shied away from criticism I try to,figure out what I did wrong and try to,regroup and figure out how to approach,it again and in Jack's defense you know,I think he's very open and talking about,anything and also he's also very open,for self criticism I mean he was openly,discussing what they're doing wrong,where they need to be clear were they,needing to get better I don't believe,any of it you know I don't trust that,guy not at all um you know why don't you,trust him I mean first of all there's,the obvious thing that is running these,a bunch of companies yeah I could be,wrong but I believe he actually left,Twitter he wasn't the CEO for a while,they brought him back in or something,but it either sounds like probably check,on that so yeah yeah you know I I I try,to avoid asserting things that I'm not,100% sure on but me too but I do it all,the time on it right right,jack says things like he said to you he,said to Congress I believe he said to,Congress um we don't ban people based on,the content we ban people based on their,conduct yes okay you yet you literally,have a Terms of Service that bans,specific content mm-hmm like what do you,mean you don't make you place on content,there's a you know I'll just get into,naming some people right Megan Murphy,for example if Megan Murphy okay she's,that woman that the whole issue with men,are women right right so this is what's,important she was responding to,something explain that freak so this,could be a long because we talked about,yesterday would say I'm Harris but um so,I don't know what too much about Megan,Murphy but she's a feminist,she's a what they call,Trane's exclusionary radical feminists,but I think that that might be offensive,says let's remember why Jack Dorsey was,fired as Twitter CEO he was fired okay,let's see what it says,this isn't fortune 2008 that was there,wasn't even it was her Twitter yeah yeah,2008 Jesus Christ,Dorsey's management was so prob

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Tim Pool Asks Twitter Execs if They Take Cues from the SPLC | JRE Twitter Special

Tim Pool Asks Twitter Execs if They Take Cues from the SPLC | JRE Twitter Special

well it's really the same stupid logic,where I was talking about where you know,Gavin was saying punch people will you,punch people it doesn't end there,oh yeah and ban them man it doesn't end,there,doesn't end there yeah you have to,realize also Twitter is how old now 11,years old 12 years old 13 years 13 13,years old well 13 years from now what,are the odds that there's not going to,be something else just like it,well pretty slim million no but let's,let's talk about the incestuous,relationship that a lot of these,journalists have been defending the,policies you guys push gab it was was,was a study was done I talked about this,last time where they found 5% of the,tweet of the panelists a tweets but the,post on gab or hate speech compared to,Twitter's like two point four so it's a,marginal increase yet gab is called the,white supremacy network of course you go,on it and yeah absolutely exists,they say that synagogues shooter oh he,was a cab user he was a Twitter user too,he posted on Twitter all the time so why,the media is is targeting it's it's such,a crazy samaris reality it is active,narrative when when the Guardian I,believe was the Daily Mail called count,dank EULA and Nazi hate criminal I saw,that he made a joke on YouTube and he's,being he was arrested I thank God every,day we have the First Amendment in this,country well there's a cover of a,newspaper there was caught because he,gotta get a job somewhere he got fired,for that he got kicked off the show Wow,yeah there so so you have cuz of try let,me holler let me ask you another thing,do you guys do you guys take the advice,of the Southern Poverty Law Center do we,take the advice of like so it's it's,widely circulated the SPLC lobbies,various social platforms to ban certain,people they advise it's been reported,they advised YouTube as is the,anti-defamation league do you use them,in your decision-making process it rule,development we're very aware of flaws,with certain of their research and we're,very careful about who we take advice,from but do you take advice from them um,I I think that they have certainly,reached out to our team members but,there certainly nothing definitive that,we take from them we don't take action,you never take an action based on,information received from them so the,reason I bring them up specifically is,that they're cited often you know in the,United States there's other groups like,hope not hate in the UK and now they're,all going to point their you know,figurative guns at me for saying this,but the Southern Poverty Law Center,wrote an article where they claimed I,went to Iran for a Holocaust deniers,conference and I've never been to Iran,and their evidence was this guy found an,archived website from a Holocaust denier,with my name on it and that was their,proof and there are people who have been,labeled you know extremists by this,organization that have been you Sam,Harris Sam Harris what start was yeah,didn't they lose a big lawsuit a,settling yeah so so again like not not,to imply that you guys do use it but I,asked specifically because it's been,reported other organizations do so we,have activist organizations we have,journalists that I can attest are,absolutely activist because I've worked,for I worked for vice I worked for a,fusion I was told it implicitly not,explicitly to lie to start with the,audience as it were I've seen the,narratives they push and I've had,conversations with people that I'm not,gonna I'm gonna keep relatively,off-the-record journalists who are,terrified because they said the,narrative is real right one journalist,in particular said that he had yet,evidence of you know essentially he had,reason to believe there was a wrongdoing,but if he talks about it he could lose,his job and there there was a journalist,who reported to me that date and Society,admitted the report was what was was was,incorrect and now you've got,organizations lobbying for terminating,Joe and I because of this stuff so this,this narrative persists then you see all,the actions I mentioned before and all,the organizations saying we're doing the,right thing and I gotta say like we're,living in it I mean I feel like we're,looking at the doorway to the nightmare,dystopia I I just want to clarify like,that I don't I don't know if we're going,around saying we're we're necessarily,doing the right thing we're saying why,we're doing what we're doing right right,that's what we need to get better at and,I I don't want to hide behind what we,believe is like the the right thing we,have to clearly rationalize why we're,making the decision we're making and,more of that that's that to me is the,prevention from this snowflake Avalanche,metaphor well but but I think it's just,obvious to point out again I said this,before we can have the calm conversation,and I can understand you but for I'm,from where I'm sitting you hold a vastly,different ideology than I do and you,have substantially more power in,controlling my government that terrifies,me

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Tim Pool Asks Twitter Execs About Election Meddling & US Law | JRE Twitter Special

Tim Pool Asks Twitter Execs About Election Meddling & US Law | JRE Twitter Special

so let me ask you the rules you have are,not based in US law right US law doesn't,recognize restrictions on hate speech,it's considered free speech so if you,want to stand in a street corner and,yell the craziest things in the world,you're allowed to on your platform,Twitter you're not allowed to so even in,that sense alone your rules do have an,ideology behind them I don't completely,disagree I think you know I don't want,harassment but the reason I bring this,up is getting into the discussion about,democratic health of a nation so I think,it's it can't be disputed at this point,that Twitter is extremely powerful in,influencing elections you know I'm,pretty sure you guys published recently,a bunch of tweets from foreign actors,that were trying to meddle in elections,so even you as a company recognize that,foreign entities are trying to,manipulate people using this platform so,I there's a few things I want to ask,beyond this but if wouldn't it be,important then to just as at a certain,point Twitter becomes so powerful in,influencing elections and giving access,to even the president's tweets that you,should allow people to use the platform,based under the norms of US law First,Amendment free speech right to,expression on the platform this is,becoming too much of a it's becoming too,powerful and how our elections are,taking place so even if you are saying,well hate speech is our rule and a lot,of people agree with it if at any point,one person disagrees they're still an,American who has a right to this you,know to access to the public discourse,and you've essentially monopolized that,and not completely but for the most part,so isn't there some responsibility on,you to guarantee at a certain extent,less regulation happen right like look,if you recognize foreign governments are,manipulating our elections then,shouldn't you guarantee the right to an,American to access this platform to be,involved in the electoral process I'm,not sure I see the the tie between those,things but I will address one of your,points which is we're not we're a,platform that serves the world so we're,a global seventy-five percent of the,users of Twitter or outside of the,United States all right right right so,we don't apply laws of just one country,when we're thinking about it we think,about how do you have a global standard,that can meet the threshold of as many,countries as possible because we want,all the people in the world to be able,to participate,are you in position and also meet,elections like the Indian election,coming up as well right and I'm,understanding as you were also accused,of being biased against conservatives in,India recently there was a report on,that as well as you held up a sign that,said something offensive about the,Brahmin yeah so in that sense even in,other countries you're accused of the,same things that you're being accused of,by American conservatives I think that,the situation's are very very different,and I don't think that that the,ideologies in play are the same at all,well so the reason we clarify that I I'm,not sure what you're talking about but,we we did have our vice president public,policy testify in front of Indian,Parliament a couple of weeks ago and he,was they were really focused on election,integrity and safety and abuse and,harassment of women and political,figures and the likes so so my concern I,guess is I recognize you're a globe,you're a company that serves the world,but as an American I have a concern that,the democracy I live in the Democratic,Republic I'm sorry in the democratic,functions are healthy one of the biggest,threats is you know Russia and Iran,Russia Iran China they're trying to,meddle in our elections using your,platform and it's effective so much so,that you've actually come out and,removed many people you know Covington,was apparently started by account base,in Brazil you know the Covington scandal,where this fake news goes viral was,reported by CNN that was a it was a,dummy account they were trying to prop,it up and they were pushing out this out,of context information so they do this,they use your platform to do it you've,now got a platform that is so powerful,in our American discourse that foreign,governments are using it as weapons,against us and you've taken a stance,against the laws of United States I,don't mean like against like you,breaking a lie I mean,you have rules that go beyond the scope,of the US which will restrict American,citizens from being able to participate,meanwhile foreign actors are free to do,so so long as they play by your rules,so our elections are being threatened by,the fact that if there's an American,citizen who says I do not believe in,your misgendering policy and you banned,them that person has been removed from,public discourse on Twitter,right but they don't get banned for,saying they don't agree with it and sure,specifically violating it by targeting,and let's say in protest an individual,repeatedly says no I refuse to use your,pronouns

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Tim Pool - Twitter Banned Alex Jones Over Media Pressure | Joe Rogan

Tim Pool - Twitter Banned Alex Jones Over Media Pressure | Joe Rogan

Oh Jamie you pulled up why Alex was,banned too which is you know it's not,very clear like when when you think,about the fact that they were saying,that he had never done anything on their,platform that was banner ball and then,what was the one final thing like any,Jack didn't know what he was he got he,confronted Oliver Darcy of CNN in DC and,for several minutes was yelling at him,while they filmed and apparently that's,my understanding was the justification,for banning him that he was harassing a,journalist or something that effect,which is in my opinion absurd and and,was he doing it on Twitter,um I guess they post it to terms live on,periscope which there you go yeah better,blown platform so you do something on,periscope they can get you banned from,Twitter well that's the same thing right,yeah the same cuz they're connected yep,I don't know at what point lash I think,it was last year there was like an,announcement I saw it on Twitch but I,think it also happened on YouTube they,like collectively said if you do,something on our platform sorry if you,do something on another platform and we,see that you could lose your status on,our platform too,or like that means public also and we,see that with with patreon but I don't,want to deviate into patreon yeah we can,we could get to that later but so so I,in my opinion,so it's make it makes a good point how,does Alex Jones get banned for giving,that guy a hard time but Kathy Griffin,doesn't get banned for literally calling,for these children leading a harassment,campaign aims of someone with millions,of followers let a harassment campaign,I'm gonna use their language right if,you're calling on your followers to do,something York you're engaging in a,campaign yeah but Alex Jones confronting,the journalist who advocated for his,banning is abandon Bowl offense here's,the important thing about Jones,Oliver Darcy said on CNN it wasn't that,Jones broke the rules that got him,banned because you know what what Darcy,said is he's been breaking the rules in,the past they never cared it was only,because of media pressure they took,action against him okay well we know,many other people break the rules,we know far-left accounts have doxed law,enforcement we know Kathy Griffin a lot,of harassment campaign there's no media,pressure that's one of the big problems,Twitter knows conservatives aren't going,to be able to level any kind of campaign,against,our platform there's not scared of it,right but you know I often wonder why is,it that as as prominent and powerful as,conservative groups can be why they,often lose these cultural battles and,I'm not going to say this is the primary,reason but I will point out do does,Twitter believe that you know I often,use Sargon of Akkad as an example the,liberalist anti CW character do they,believe he'll lead a group of liberal,liberal lists and and individualist Stu,Twitter headquarters with crowbars and,Molotov cocktails of course not so that,what did he get banned from my,understand with patreon but what happens,with his original Twitter thing was that,he posted an image of interracial gay,porn at white nationalists so but I,don't I think that was the first time,and then he got banned for that he heat,well he then he came back to the,platform and then got I don't know what,happened the second time I think it was,banned evasion are them the porn rules,because sometimes I'll be scrolling,through my feed and you'll just see porn,I understanding it is not allowed I,porn is just not allowed I mean what,about porn starred it is I've heard it,I've heard it is a lot and I've heard it,isn't it's definitely there yeah yeah,like porn stars have porn if you go to a,porn stars page you'll see porn on it a,lot of it,yeah like real penetration porn they,don't care hmm or maybe there's there's,the truce because we can see it marked,by someone as saying this is,inappropriate and if enough people that,follow a porn star don't think it's,inappropriate it doesn't then get,flagged in the system that's a good news,I think we may have found the the,Switzerland of the culture war porn yeah,no one who wants to ban porn the left,and the right they're like oh hold on,hold on no that's okay it's okay we can,ban them for their ideas yeah we just,leave the porn alone yeah but but the,point I was making is you see an Tifa at,Berkeley yeah $100,000 with a damaged,long Molotov cocktails threatening,people in in Portland you had a Bernie,voter carrying an American flag these,anti-fascists the Anti Fog tried,stealing the flag from him clubbed him,over the head game a concussion put him,in the hospital so when I see the,ramifications of ire from the left or,the right,what does what conservatives do I mean,the GOP couldn't even find a yearbook in,the Virginia governor race I don't think,they're considered to be that big of a,cultural threat they react to things,they get upset about then,that are unfair against them but they,don't go through the streets with clubs,and bricks a

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Police Visited a Person Who Criticized AOC on Twitter

Police Visited a Person Who Criticized AOC on Twitter

the jurgen experience you do you know,the story,about this guy who is a a liberal,journalist,who what did he do he agreed with,someone that said something he likes,something,about alexandria ocasio-cortez and the,police came,to his house did you hear this story i,did pull this story up because it's,so crazy crazy that you you go this,can't be real,now i don't think that it's aoc who's,doing this,it's probably some nutty aoc,reporter,or uh supporter rather police visit the,home of podcaster,after it criticized aoc on twitter so,pull up the story because,this is so crazy this is like so crazy,communist china type ,it's so crazy that i feel like there has,to be more to it when i heard about it,the other night but,no it's not yeah screw please scroll,down so i could read this,here it goes no no no so i could read,that oh yeah it's about that interview,that she had which was,see yeah the the interview was ,awesome it's so ridiculous,on april 1st aoc did a live stream with,michael miller the head of the jewish,community relations council of new york,she was asked about peace between,israelis and palestinians her response,was incredibly underwhelming,to say the very least now if you listen,to her response,she's unprepared she doesn't really have,a thing to say about this so she,basically just sort of uses word salad,and it's a nonsense answer okay but no,go back down go back right there,um really shaken up right now uh so the,guy puts this thing saying it's,underwhelming he puts it up on twitter,and i'm really shaken right now this is,the next tweet,i was just visited by two plainclothes,police officers from california,highway patrol at my home they said they,came here,on behalf of the capitol police and,accused me of threatening aoc on twitter,yesterday,this is provably false so go back up to,what we just saw,so this is all he said her response was,incredibly underwhelming,to say the very least so someone decided,that what he's,now the reason being is i'm sure,this is some sort of a supporter of aoc,that contacted the capitol hill police,and probably lied but the fact that they,could just come to your house,without any proof that you it's not like,he's saying this,lady deserves to die she must be stopped,we have to stop,none of that none of that none of that,underwhelming to say the least,which is a very mild criticism it is,especially if you watch that interview,the guy's face is classic though the guy,interviewing,it's just like he can't believe what,she's saying it's classic people watch,his facial expressions,but we should play it just so people,understand,what how because it is it's really a,ridiculous answer,but it's it's it's the kind of answer,you give when you're in seventh grade,and you're doing a uh you like the,teacher asked you a question about a,book report you didn't really read the,book,exactly what it was about columbus and,this is it was so important that,columbus was here because without,columbus,there were so many things that would not,have happened you know,what columbus did was brave and amazing,you know yeah really that's exactly what,it is,now you have to be careful they might be,showing up at your house tonight they,might be at the studio when we're when,we walk out of here i don't think aoc,does i really don't i think it's a crazy,person,that thinks that this is just my opinion,i think it was most likely a crazy,person,that is angry at this guy for not toeing,the liberal line,because he's a liberal journalist yeah,podcaster,that's the interesting thing too when,you talk about you know growing up when,we grew up when you talk about,liberalism it means something different,than it does today and there's a,difference between a classical liberal,and,a leftist and what we're seeing more of,in this country is those terms,intertwined and they're very different,things yes,and leftists are kind of what we're,seeing more of uh which is,grabbing this control restrictions on,freedom of speech,restrictions on owning firearms,restrictions on whatever they think,might be quote unquote dangerous,yeah especially when they throw in,dangerous to the children that's the,other other key when uh talking about it,but then,they take power and guess who's back,she's buying all the expensive houses,and has that has the power and the,control oh those same people that were,fighting for the little guy a little,while ago and talking about all these,restrictions that we needed to place,on uh some of these more natural rights,that uh are inherent at birth,namely to be able to defend ourselves,and our family defend that gift of life,yeah like when a marxist starts making,money and buys million dollar houses ah,did that happen recently yeah it did,yeah yeah that's what happens yeah,you're a marxist if you're a marxist,you're not buying million dollar houses,you're not on a real estate bank,that's not marxism that's why i talk to,well all that,as often as i possibly can i talk about,the importance of studying our history,p

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Twitter CEO on Push to Ban Trump | Joe Rogan

Twitter CEO on Push to Ban Trump | Joe Rogan

what has been the one thing that came up,that was perhaps the most controversial,like I know my friend sam harris was,trying to get you guys to ban Donald,Trump he was saying if they follow your,Terms of Service I just did a podcast,with him they say it should come out,today or tomorrow he's he's a,fascinating guy Sam Harris I love him to,death but what he was trying to do was,like saying hey he's threatening nuclear,war like he's saying hey Korea my bombs,are bigger than your bombs like what,else does the guy have to do to get you,to remove him from the platform when you,guys saw that what was your reaction to,that and was there an internal,discussion about actually banning the,president United States well so the so,two things are one it was a context that,presidents of this country have used,similar language in different mediums,they use it on radio they use it on,television it's not just through Twitter,and even if you were looked at you were,to look at the presidency of Obama there,wasn't exactly the same tone in this,exact same language but there were,threats around the same country and we,have to take that context into,consideration so the second thing is,that we need that the most controversial,aspect of our rules and our Terms of,Service is probably this clause around,public interest in news worthiness we're,powerful figures or public figures might,be in violation of our Terms of Service,but the tweet itself is of public,interest yes there should be a,conversation around it and that is,probably the thing that people disagree,with the most and where we have a lot of,internal debate but we also have some,pretty hard lines if we had a global,leader including the president United,States make a violent threat against a,private individual we would take action,we we always have to balance out with,like is this it is this something that,the public has interests in,I generally the answer is yes it's not,going to be in every case but generally,the answer is yes because we should see,how our leaders think and how they act,in essentially forms voting that informs,that the conversation then forms whether,we think they're going they're doing the,right job or we think that you know they,should be they should be voted out well,it it's very important to see how,someone uses that platform and when,someone uses it the way he uses it and,then becomes president and continues to,use it that way that's when people like,what he's been consistent I think he I,think he joined in in 2009 2012 yeah you,look at all of his tweets all the way,back then and it's pretty consistent,yeah I mean he likes to install people,on Twitter it's fun you know it's just I,never thought he would keep doing it I,thought once he became president maybe,just lock it down try to do a good job,for the country and then you know after,four years or eight years just go back,to his old self you the world, this yeah and but no he's he's he's,just kidding,it's just in one way it's hilarious see,as a comedian I think it's awesome,because it's just it's so hilariously,stupid it's so preposterous that even,has the time to talk about Jeff Bezos is,fair and the fact that he got caught,with the National Enquirer getting text,messages and calls him Jeff bozo like,don't you have to do man but as a,comedian I am a gigantic fan of folly,almost against my better judgment I like,watching it's I watch,I like watching disasters I like,watching chaos when I see nonsense like,that I'm like oh Jesus like I I'm drawn,like a moth to a flame but on the other,part of me is like man this sets a very,bizarre tone for the entire country,because one of the things about Obama,like Obama or hate Obama he was very,measured very articulate obviously very,well educated and I think that that,aspect of his presidency was very good,for all of us because he represented,something that was of a very,high standard in terms of his ability to,communicate his access to words the way,the way measured his words and held,himself I think that that's good for us,that's parishioner well it's yeah it's,like look at that guy he's talked better,than me,that's why he's the president but you,know you ladies see Trumpy like he's,doesn't talk better than me he does he,doesn't use Twitter better he's not he's,just this madman but isn't it,important to understand that yes and to,see it is that I to it hopefully that,informs opinions and actions 100% that's,my point that's my point it's like that,this is this weird gray area where I,think overall I definitely support your,decision to not not ban him for,violating your Terms of Service like you,we need to know

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