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Tim Kawakami: Steph is the Standard, NOT DraymondTim kawakami right off the rip and we,appreciate yo

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Tim Kawakami: Steph is the Standard, NOT Draymond

Tim kawakami right off the rip and we,appreciate your time Tim thank you for,joining us here right in our opening,segment uh you were down there you saw,what just happened at Chase center to me,the biggest takeaway was that Steve Kerr,was clearly circling the wagons around,Jordan pool and he was,uh just stepping on any notion that,Jordan Poole did something inappropriate,here or has changed his attitude in,training camp and that was the big,takeaway in my mind that Steve Kerr and,the Golden State Warriors seem clearly,in Camp Jordan pool,yeah I think that's a pretty good call,here Damon I mean they're reacting to,report there was a report by a very,respected writer who last night tweeted,it you know some of this was in reaction,to Jordan pool's attitude because he's,about to get this new deal and you know,hey that that sounded like it could be,true I didn't you know I had certainly,not heard that but the warriors were,actively leaping out and I believe very,much disagree with that not just Steve,her Bob Myers made a slight reference to,it I think Steph Curry made a reference,to it uh they don't believe hey Jordan,poll is you know he's a cocky guy he's,somebody you could see maybe annoying,people in a scrimmage or to pick up game,or the first team versus the second team,that's a real thing but that doesn't,mean first of all I think the veterans,mostly kind of like that because he's,not shrinking you know he's stepping up,to the challenge he was trying to get at,him he's not he he saw me they can trust,in a Under Fire in a tough situation,because they've seen it in practice and,secondly doesn't mean you get punched,right I mean that's I I think there are,a couple clear lines here where Bob,Myers Steve curfew I had to leave I,wasn't there for curry I'm driving down,to 49ers by the way so I'm,multi-sporting it today but I heard,stuff on the radio your your radio,station okay and I think they're all the,lines are they love Draymond they know,how important he is but this was over,the line and if it had anything to do in,the contract they don't think it did but,no one's absolutely for sure he wasn't,but if it had something to the contract,it wasn't Jordan pool's fault I think,those were the very very bright line you,know points here that they wanted to get,across and I think they did and we'll,see what Jordan Bull and Draymond Green,say about this they both unimpointedly,were not there today at the presser,Jordan full practice and Draymond Green,Shadow for practice apologize to the,team and left or was excused in,whichever you want to say it but yes I,think the Jordan full factor of this is,the main guys on the Warriors are saying,that it was not his fault this is this,is on Draymond and I think that's a good,thing to kind of remember going forward,as we kind of considered this uh as,contracts happen or don't happen as the,team plays out as it does we'll see but,this one they were saying is not on,Georgia,does that preclude though the notion,that there is sort of some generational,tension if it's not contractual if it's,not out and out we're both fighting for,the same pile of money at the end of the,year,uh did they do enough to discourage the,notion that this is simply simply a,generational argument between a guy,whose team this may eventually be,and a member of the Old Guard whose team,it currently is,really I was asking about that I I read,an interesting column about that last,night and complimented it and then I,have to be on the guys radio show but I,I have to rethink my priorities here but,you want to be ashamed of yourself quite,frankly I don't know I am ashamed of,myself uh but no I I do think there is I,mean they've made it as clear as,possible the first game is you know the,guys who made won all the Championships,uh Jordan Falls won them too but he's on,the second team and that's you know Paul,Moody kamingo wise man you can you can,name the guys that even change those,over there but he's kind of to the side,like this is a generational thing and,it's Kirkland and like you almost never,happened like he does never have a bunch,of guys that won a ton of championships,together together right this is rare,three four guys who won all the,Championships together and then yeah,four five six young guys who are all,very talented you know 22 might be I,think 22 the oldest wife is 21. a bunch,of guys are 20 Flamingo you know they're,all about to turn foreign you just don't,ever have a situation like this so I,think there is absolutely a generational,I wouldn't say a Schism you know like,there's pressures there's like these,young guys know for them to get more,playing time for them to get more money,uh this is some of the other guys are,gonna have to move beside and they're,not bashful about there's a couple of,them are not bashful about saying okay,maybe it's my time just on the package,part I'm not saying publicly I'm not,saying that this is their declarations,I'm just saying these things kind of,hash out on the prac

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Sports Journalism Today | Tim Kawakami + More | Talks at Google

Sports Journalism Today | Tim Kawakami + More | Talks at Google

>>Male Presenter: So, welcome everyone. Today we are very fortunate to have three big-name,Bay Area sports journalists with us. Closest to me, we have King Kaufman, who spent,several years at and is currently working on Bleacher Report. Just to his side,is Ethan Sherwood Strauss, or,>>Male Presenter: Yes. Yes. He, currently he works on the ESPN TrueHoop blog,as well as and you've also done some work for Salon in the past. And,then on the end there we have Tim Kawakami, who writes for the San Jose Mercury-News.,And this is gonna be, I guess, a bit of a panel discussion here, but we'll hear from,each of our speakers for about ten or fifteen minutes and then we'll have some time at the,end for some questions. So, Ethan, if you wanna come up to the microphone, please. Thanks.,>>Ethan Sherwood Strauss: Hi everybody. And thanks to Tim and King for coming out here.,It's just fantastic just to spend some time in this space with two of my favorite sports,writers.,And thanks so much to Justin for inviting us out. Well, I think the idea is we're talking,about sports journalism today from a multitude of perspectives,three. And my particular perspective,is more of a small-time, scrapping, trying to knock at the door of the business, and,trying to really make it in sports journalism.,And I love it. I really do. It's fantastic. I've been a fan of it for years. I've been,a fan of sports for years, obviously, and a fan of sports writers. And it's been great,so far, despite the frustrations it has. And what are the frustrations?,Which is my segue to basically some of the things that are interesting to,me so far, now that I've been writing in public and on ESPN. Well, the irony of sports writing,to me is that you talk about this thing that everybody loves, or at least, a lot of people,love.,People love sports, but so much of the feedback you get is negative. It's very emotional.,It's very angry. And I think that some of that has to do with just creating things in,a public space and the nature of the internet and the way people feel comfortable anonymously,sniping.,I think, to paraphrase Tina Fey, I think she once said that if you're ever feeling too,good about yourself, there's this thing called the internet. And,,I think that rings true. But I do believe that with sports, fans tend to react more,vituperatively and on a more emotional level. And I think it's a unique beast. And why is,it a unique beast?,Why is this so? I think because sports often are this environment where people are living,vicariously through the participants. When fans watch their favorite players on TV, they're,really, they've bought stock in their favorite player getting assessed and him winning and,our collective praise of that player.,So when you slight that player, or that team, or it's a perceived slight, then they take,it personally. It's like you insulted them. And it's very interesting to me. Take a Derek,Rose fan. He's a really popular player on the Chicago Bulls. He's gonna win MVP. I've,gotten angry emails from fans about this particular player and I think it's because they feel,sort of one with Derek Rose, even though he's a total stranger.,And this, the angry emails were my masculinity gets put into question. It's usually in a,way that's either homophobic or sexist and I think it's different from actually the writing,at, where King once hired me as an intern. I think many of the comments there,more pertains to intellectual vanity.,The commenter wants to prove he's smarter than you on a political issue, in the political,arena. But this, in this way, may of the fans of sports, they wanna prove that they're tougher,than you are. Or that you're a little girl .,So, I find that curious. I also think that, much like the Salon commenter, in the sports,arena, I'm deriving my masculinity and my identity from proving that I'm smarter than,this commenter, or smarter than the conventional wisdom. So basically, the upshot is that we're,all crazy, I think, is my eloquent way of putting it.,So, how did I get into this? Well, much like the angry commenter, it was out of frustration.,A while back, I had come back from New York with my tail between my legs, having worked,NBA PR. I couldn't find a job and I had a lot of free time. So, I just wanted a respite.,I wanted something enjoyable to do. And so I sought out the Golden State Warriors. And,as anyone who follows the Golden State Warriors, might be able to jump ahead of,me in the conclusion. It was not relaxing. Indeed, it was actually just more frustrating.,And born from that frustration, I started writing about them online and trying to convert,some of that negativity, some of that free time in my own life plus frustration with,the team into something positive and creative. And it's worked well. It's gotten the ball,rolling.,It's gotten me doing stuff that I think is creative and fun, despite the carping I'm,doing about commenters. And it's really put me on the path to

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5 Fun Facts with The Athletic's Tim Kawakami

5 Fun Facts with The Athletic's Tim Kawakami

I'm the editor-in-chief of the athletic,Bay Area and my fun facts first I am a,small small minority investor in a,really cool bar in LA which Tracy might,have some knowledge of talk bar bar it,is really really cool I've been out,there for a while been a little busy,with the job and everything but it's,it's Little Tokyo 1st Street like,central really hip crowd go,Sakia bar the whole deal second fun fact,I joined the Athletic in July August,2017 and when I decided to do it,literally in the middle of game 3 of the,2017 NBA Finals when I was writing for,the Mercury News the Warriors were down,by about 8 they were rallying the third,quarter and we were just told you are,now done because the presses have,brokers and I could not write a column,on the Warriors possibly coming back,which they did Kevin Durant three-point,shot the end that guy gave a pretty,large moment and we were done for the,newspaper it was not going to come out,that night forth fun fact,grew up in the bay Oh third one time is,fine I'm losing count here grew up in,the Bay Area maybe initially was a,Raider fan and as I grew older became a,foreigner fan largely because of it you,might have heard this deep Junior 49er,miner Club we got free tickets from our,elementary school and you I took the,same trans to Candlestick Park and watch,some really bad football and then 1981,happened and I think I saw a brief home,game of that regular season for free at,Candlestick Park,the sad part about that is so when the,NFC champion camera of course you don't,get free tickets to that I had a ticket,though my friend offered it to me I,could not go and that was a pretty large,game and I asked him wait a minute,what's your seats and that couldn't be,in the area word yes it was about is in,that end zone probably about 30 yards,away from - I thought that best that's,not a choice fact for me but maybe a fun,fact for fun back I started my special,career at the Philadelphia Daily News as,far away tell me that and said what are,your favorite sports discovered we could,offer you any feed what would you want I,said probably NBA first Major League,Baseball second maybe call it football,third maybe call it bath before they,stop me would you just say NFL at some,point because we're offering you the,Eagles oh you know what Eagles first,down never one thing I would want my,fifth bunt back now that one I got to,think about a little bit I'll say,the scariest moment of my life maybe,this is a different one Tracy wasn't,prepared for this one Shaquille O'Neal,once when I was covering the Lakers,picked me up spun me around the locker,room and everyone watching and I will,tell you this it looks funny if you're,watching from the outside on the inside,you cannot see you cannot hear and you,cannot breathe that's how big he is it's,like a mountain literally like a,mountain collapsed on me and then your,body goes up in the air he's seven feet,tall it starts flying around and you,have no control I thought I might die,there is not a question about that and,Shaquille O'Neal did it and he would,laugh and like perhaps I'm still stuck I,still startled by it as you can tell I'm,not quite sure I made it through it was,about 15 years ago and I'm still getting,over

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Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO)

Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO)

welcome to the TK show with the athletic,Bay Area's editor-in-chief Tim calico me,everybody Tim towel caught me here the,CK Show recording live from cow economy,studios the famous telecon these studios,and really really happy to have on as my,guest someone that is a big sports fan,I've seen him use games and you might,know him fairly well he's the co-founder,and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey Jack,great to have you on the show how you,doing this morning thanks for having me,really good yeah when we first started,talking about doing this show a couple,months ago it was pretty quiet time and,then since then some things have,happened we don't have to get too far,into it I want to talk to you about,sports and other things but since we've,talked it's been a little trip to,Washington DC some other things I just,wonder for someone you know you're,soft-spoken guy generally is my,understanding I mean being kind of,thrust into the limelight has that been,a comfortable experience for you has,that taken some adjustment for you it's,it's definitely been surreal it's it's,been a learning experience but you know,part of my job is to is to make sure,we're telling our story and doing it and,I you know if I'm taking genuine way and,and I'm proud that we were able to first,be up there to talk about Twitter and,what we're focused on and then second,that we could we could actually speak,directly to the American people about,what we're seeing what we know and what,we don't know now there were some other,tech industry leaders who did not show,up and or did not go to the,congressional hearings did you ever,think about not going or was it always,let's get out there and let's talk about,Twitter we you know we decided to you,know be excited about showing up and,being present I think it's really,important that we you know we share how,we're thinking and were you know very,honest about,where we are and and what we don't know,because you know the most important,thing that we can do right now is to,really communicate so that we can earn,trust so many people use a service and,it would be easy to go down the path of,distrusting something but I guess we're,putting a human face on it and and we're,we're showing how we think about it and,I think we have the potential to earn a,lot more trust I just want to say you,know I booked this show we and I talked,about it about being kind of about,sports and social media and Twitter's,rolled so this is not gonna be an,inquisition and if anybody wants to take,heat for giving heat that's give it to,me because this is my show this is the,way I'm taking it but I did want to talk,about this generally I mean you've spied,this is what I totally believe about,Twitter and all social media platforms,it's it's a townhall it's a public,square there's going to be some ugly,things there's going to be some great,things and you can't restrict things you,don't like necessarily just because you,don't like them it's freedom of,expression and that's what I hear from,you that's what I sense from you is that,generally the message you're given are,are you taking some steps to maybe,there's ways to kind of get into this,without limiting people's expression,what we do I mean you're spot on we do,believe that a lot of people see Twitter,as a public square and therefore have,very similar expectations as they would,when entering on a public square but the,reality is today the technology all,technologies you know make things easier,they change the velocity they increase,the velocity they ideally increase the,number of people who can participate so,the level of accessibility goes way up,but what that means also is that there's,more risk to someone being silenced,someone not being able to freely express,themselves not not being able to do you,know really how their right to freedom,of speech,so we've taken on an objective as a,company realizing that people do see us,as a public square we want to make sure,that what happens in the public square,more and more people are choosing,healthier discs or,some healthier dialogue and not gaming,our systems in order to silence another,and that's what we've seen that's just,on Twitter but more broadly on the or,not,is a lot of harassment a lot of abuse,and all with the intention of utilizing,these systems to make someone feel that,they can't participate and make someone,feel that they can't voice their opinion,and everyone loses if that's the case we,benefit from a variety perspective we,benefit from seeing a bunch of ideas and,different ideas from different,backgrounds and as you say it is a,reflection of the current state of the,world and and there's some things that,might resonate and the great way with us,and some things that while we need to,really be honest with ourselves and look,at that and address it and the only way,that that can actually happen is if if,people feel free to express themselves,in the first place but at the same time,you know technology can be used in a way,that is games in o

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Tim Kawakami joins Tiki & Tierney

Tim Kawakami joins Tiki & Tierney

looks like it's going to be a long year,again in the Bay Area in that new,stadium suddenly not as shiny at Levi,estate about in santa clara tim carroll,kabhi who was all over the pulse the Bay,Area sports scene very opinionated,commas very good at his job I've been,reading them for a while and tim is with,the San Jose Mercury News and tim is,with us here on teak interior tonight,don't today but I'm doing just fine,Brian how you doing awesome it's been a,while my staff you back on the show tim,i know you were out there with the in,the media scrum talking and colin,kaepernick yesterday but we had a,stencil conversation at the top of our,show but i'm more curious what are the,other players in san francisco thinking,about this because clearly it's a little,bit of a distraction it was kind of,remarkable yes the whole thing was,remarkable yesterday we didn't know,thats Kaepernick was going to talk I was,talking to a bunch of players players,you know how sometimes the players are,around sometimes they're not this time,all the major players no bowmen to start,and then there was Daniel Kilgore is,very you know respected center the guys,were all around into on buffet or greed,Torrey Smith this team's main guys were,all available all you know answered,questions very rationally very logically,talked about the team meeting they had,earlier in the day where Kaepernick,addressed this for the first time to the,team where you know he answered,questions from them and told them that,he would you know be glad to talk about,it individually with him into the future,so I think this is this locker room and,I don't there's never you know I never,ever go unanimous on any locker room any,group of large people like that but i,think you know there's players were,upset about it maybe players who support,it maybe but i think generally the,players felt good that Kaepernick,addressed them good that he thought,through it that this wasn't just a,knee-jerk thing he just came by an,off-the-cuff but this was something that,he really did believe in he didn't do it,in their minds again it's not unanimous,but I could just tell by talking to you,know Bruce Miller all these guys that he,explained to them that what was behind,it and they supported him at least,thinking through it now whether the app,itself and the attention that's bringing,you know that's a whole separate thing,and what it represents in the larger,world,that might be something they all had to,discuss and think about but did that he,felt it that it was principle that it,wasn't just something you know that he,wanted the cameras on him but he really,really believed this I think a large,part of them felt that after discussing,it with him and wanted to say so that,was that but that was what really struck,me yesterday it's like you know you,usually have a period like this where,media comes in the locker room and the,main players aren't available yeah you,know that of course not there yeah but,yesterday they were all there and they,wanted to talk now they nitin this in,there too Sara Lee one type of every,detail of this but they wanted to say,different versions of what I just said,yeah he addressed it I'm glad he took,the questions he's clearly thought this,through this doesn't mean i agree with,everything that Kaepernick is saying,we're doing but I believe he's committed,to this and he has that right in America,and I think the locker room really felt,that and I was pretty strongly,communicating it till notwithstanding,this issue specifically but in general,what is the how are the players and the,this organization how are they looking,at Colin Kaepernick because it feels,like from the outside looking in and,we're completely across the country that,he's like persona non grata is that fair,yeah you know it's different with the,management yes that's been going on for,a while monastic management kind of,turned on him last season and blamed a,lot of the failures last year on him he,did not perform well but I think you,know it was many many factors that went,into last season not I wouldn't even say,mainly his folks but he did not play,well and he's associated with Jim,Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh gone and hated,by management as you probably know in,the locker room I think it's more like a,distant thing he never was a rah-rah,leader even when he was really good as a,quarterback you know he ki he got the,job under weird circumstances and Alex,Smith got hurt and took you know one the,job when even when Alex Smith came back,led him to a Super Bowl it just even,then it wasn't like he was this circle,we know the huddle and everyone believes,in cap and he's you know he's a uterus,he's a brett farr pipe he never was that,who was kind of go his own way but,players respectively played well he put,in the work they always said that he,puts in the work that,now then always say he's a leader and I,don't think he you know whatever,tangible way you can say that he's not,he's not that guy but there's respect,for him

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Bob Myers Turned Down Two Contract Offers

Bob Myers Turned Down Two Contract Offers

we've been talking about the Warriors,last night Jordan Poole the,conversation's now gonna switch,the conversation has to switch right now,man and it's because of,a podcast that Joe lakib did with Tim,kawakami of the athletic,very recently yeah,and two heavyweights we've known this is,going on but we haven't,we don't know any details about Bob,Myers we just know he's in the last,serious deal,which is unusual,for GM at this point,of his caliber,so apparently well not apparently Tim,calcamie of the athletic important to,give credit where it's due uh ask Joe,lakub about Bob Myers contract situation,and that he doesn't have a contract for,next year all I will say is that it is,not accurate that he is not that he has,somehow not been offered anything there,have been two offers at this point,um I'm trying have you ever known me not,to be aggressive no so that is crazy to,sit here and say and I'm sorry I have to,say that I'm not trying to violate any,negotiation I hope Bob doesn't get upset,or or his agent but I just want to,clarify that it's not fair to put me and,us in a situation by someone to put,something out there that and I don't,know who that he hasn't been offered,anything that's just not true so he's,got to make a decision you know what he,wants to do with his life what's the,appropriate compensation he feels it's,fair we feel it's fair,um and it's really just a negotiation to,be honest with you I fully expect Bob,will be back and um he's a great,negotiator,so you know I I we love Bob we want him,back,you know what I'm going to give you a,wow,I'm gonna give you a wow a double wow,I'll tell you why is the woj report I'm,not sure I don't think specified that,Myers turned down enough it did not I,think it just highlighted Bob Myers is,working without a conjure no doubt for,next year,Joe lakom has just offered,that Bob Myers just turned down two,deals two contracts wow already yeah,so I'm going,what did you say yesterday and I learned,a new word naivete you know what's funny,and here's where,I,you're talking about negotiations it's a,negotiation it's a negotiation,if I'm Bob Myers,there actually isn't a negotiation,it's simple,you make me the highest paid general,manager and president of basketball,operations in the league,that's,that's the bottom line,if you're not and I okay like I'm,willing to look at Pat Riley and all,those guys you know they have the salary,structure but I need to make more than,Daryl Mori okay,keep going,I need to I need to make as much or more,than uh Messiah Harry keep going so,what it tells me and maybe I'm,extrapolate okay,they're not offering Bob a contract that,makes him the highest paid GM in the,league guess what I'm not signing it,either Bob Meyer is a nice don't mistake,kindness for weakness no doubt and I'm,gonna tell you this,going back to when we this report by woj,came out I was in naive land thinking,this was hopefully steiny and dub Nation,back me up this was about Bob do I still,want to do it do I want to spend more,time with the fam things of that nature,but Joe has just let us know stani and,that's why I'm feeling naivete,it's about the money and the fact that,he sent a couple contracts and you you,ain't got it right like I don't think,this helps anything and I hope I'm wrong,but man the cat's out the bag started,the rats on the table this is about,m-o-n-e-y,and if I'm John wake up if I'm gonna pay,and my general manager is going to be,the top paid this is he has the resume,for that to be nothing okay here's the,point what's this a blanket Philly okay,let's keep moving this is family the,highest paid gym in the league is you,know,Bill Smith he makes 11 million a year,okay give me 12. well I'm not giving you,12. why not well,there are arguments to be made why Bob,Myers I guess shouldn't be the highest,paid GM,or president you know that title in like,I guess maybe one of us maybe one of,them is you know what it's just a,natural transition point the dynasties,coming to an end and I have Kirk ready,to take over well you know what we love,you I'm just not going to make you the,highest paid GM right now it's just the,natural time for Kirk to take over Bob,says you know what,been a great run 10 years I'll take a,year or two off and and maybe get back,in the game again okay I I think that's,what we're looking at I got a question,hey I don't know if you're right I got a,question for you because you know both,men,if you're Bob Myers and you're driving,around they got to think he drives a,Mercedes whatever you're driving,and you hear this sound bite right are,you irritated that your boss went public,with this that you got offered to that's,a good specific,I think I would that you put that out,there well I I here's I mean if you want,to get into the weeds we can do that I I,do,Joe Laker wanted to clarify that they,look cheap that he hacked like I have,to my understanding unless I missed the,report I never saw a report that said,Myers has been offered two contracts and,he hasn't

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Kawakami: Wiseman most likely Warrior to be traded

Kawakami: Wiseman most likely Warrior to be traded

Tim kawakami joins us covered the,Warriors and Bay Area sports for,literally decades and he's with us eons,yes eons Tim I know you caught up with,Bob Myers this morning,um before we get to your conversation,with him you're you're watching this,team you know there's 87 percent of the,regular season still to be played so,there's a lot of basketball left but how,serious,um do you kind of view the Warriors,issues are they you know super serious,and they may need roster construction,changes or is this just bumps in the,road that all teams go through,yeah I'd probably put it in the middle,there uh I don't know that it's panty,time and gather up some players and,trade them for something and change what,your plans are I think it might get,there which I would not have said at the,beginning of the season I I just think,that road trip was just a disaster and I,mean they're not debating that part it's,true,it looked funky last night too for much,of the game you shouldn't be needing,Steph Curry to Bailey out with 47 points,in a home game against Sacramento uh and,then celebrate it after and there's,definitely uh second unit issues There's,issues with the defense up and down and,there's no question there are major,problems here I think they've got enough,talent to figure it out I don't know,that they will I think that's up in the,air I think you know you can't just,write them down to be the first second,third seed in the west uh and you know,and then they were dangerous team in the,postseason I don't know but it's going,to be awfully hard to get to the level,of where they got to start training,people because you start trading people,it's got to be the young guys and you're,not getting value back you're not even,coming close now maybe they do it maybe,they arrange some things to try to,figure out they get you know get one,decent young veteran that may be on a,slightly different timeline,I don't know that's going to be very,hard to figure out I don't think they,want to go there but uh I think they can,figure it out I think Steph Curry,Draymond Green and Clay Thompson plays,but if Jordan pool plays better they,have still have a live shot at anything,they want but I am yeah there's some,real shakiness there I'll just put it,that way they're on they're on warning,uh and I'll just move like Bob Myers,talking to me wasn't like saying it you,know I'm terrified he wasn't saying this,is terrible but he was saying it does,have to get better uh and everything you,know they they're going to have to look,at things it doesn't get better you know,by January certainly by early February,and trade deadline you know important,late February but it's at Earth early,there are some fundamental problems but,I think they've got the talent to kind,of figure it out they clearly haven't uh,that defense and that second unit these,lottery picks they're a lot further away,than they thought they'd be right now,they still have time though,um given the nature of what they're,trying to do which is build the team of,tomorrow while still keeping on to the,team of today,is this an unusual problem for an NBA,team to have where the the starting unit,has performed as well as it has,but the but the backups have universally,been either profoundly disappointing,awful or invisible how rare is this it's,relatively rare there have been other,times I I think maybe some of that,Celtics Garnett team and there might,have been some others where the starters,are just so much better than everybody,else anytime LeBron played in Cleveland,he was you know a plus and when he was,out in you know eight minutes they were,minus 14. like they know there are times,when that's happened there's teams that,have worn like that,I don't think we've seen the extremes,where you have four time champions in,their 30s all making huge Money Max,contracts and then you have lottery,picks you know not just veteran you know,Journeymen you have a lottery picks guys,who don't have some reason to believe,that they're going to be stars in the,NBA the team has and they're being,groomed to be the second unit going to,move into the first unit at some point,and it's this separate it's taking this,long to get that going I think that kind,of comparison between the first day,again it might be unique just to you,know Hall of Famers and young talent,that isn't ready but you're trying to,can't wait forever like you they do I,agreed with them you have to put them,into the spot where they they're going,to play but you can't just say you know,what these guys will have them sit about,a year well you can't do that with the,salaries that Steph clay and Draymond,are making and Wiggins uh Jordan full,now sliding into that salaries you know,High sorry slot next season you can't,just say okay we don't need to play them,again uh now maybe they have to move it,around,trade two of them to get somebody you,know one player who's useful I don't,know who that player is I don't think,they want to do it but yeah I think the,separati

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The Athletic's Tim Kawakami Returns to Talk All Things 49ers

The Athletic's Tim Kawakami Returns to Talk All Things 49ers

hello and welcome to the tracy sandler,show brought to you by fivo we've had a,couple of weeks off because i got a,little post super bowl break but,we are back with an all-star guest the,incomparable the amazing the incredible,tim kawakami of the athletic,we're big on intros here it's kind of,our thing so how did that one fair up,yeah i think you know what you could,have gotten a little bigger with it you,could have you know a little bit more,propped up because my ego needs a little,little more than that but i do,appreciate it tracy the inc incomparable,uh amazing whatever on and on and on,tracy's hand also prognosticator i mean,we could say like for exticator we'll,see i gotta get in trouble i get in,trouble with those sometimes though well,let's see what happens today because you,may end up being fully psychic i mean,there's like a lot of things uh for,those of you who have missed it tim,kavakavi had said that by the end of the,month the niners would trade quarterback,jimmy garoppolo it is february 28th i,know tim you you felt that maybe the end,of the month was a little soon,i kind of can i admit something to you,that i have not uh uh,previously i kind of misread i thought,we're more like still like more towards,mid february when i wrote that thinking,there were a couple weeks and i wrote it,and i tweeted people like,me says by end of like next week they're,gonna try like whoa did i say that i,would oh oh yeah the calendar does say,that i said that you know how it gets we,lose track of what day it is right we,lose track of where we are in the month,so,i might have recalibrated that even,within the column if i actually like,looked at the at the uh,calendar but,okay let's just be sensible at,at the combine that's where they have,meetings that's where they have talks,that's where the 49ers almost once,traded jim harbaugh at the confine years,ago so,and and i have since heard let's just,put it this way from people who would,know,that it's you know the conversations are,going to get serious this week now if,they don't get serious this week if the,49ers don't get an offer don't get into,a conversation that they think is great,it could take longer than this,but,for every practical matter i think they,want this taken care of certainly jimmy,garoppolo wants this taken care of and,you would imagine if you're a team and,you're kind of you know trying to figure,out where you want to be with the,quarterback you want to take care look,at the previous quarterback trades you,know,other than darnold which is right at the,draft and darnold is not in this,category but the matt stafford deal very,early a year ago january of a year ago,uh carson wentz also a january trade,last year,when you're setting your team up you,kind of want to know who the quarterback,is before you go into free agency you,want set you want okay here's how we're,planning you don't want to get the,quarterback with you know in the context,of why you're getting like that doesn't,make sense so,that was the gist of what i was,predicting i just miscalculated where i,was in what time the calendar,uh but i'll still go with that the,feeling of it was it's it's,more important to be faster than to try,to you know squeeze every last piece of,value you can out of jimmy garoppolo and,i don't know that that would work anyway,i think they will,establish a value for them very quickly,and then they make the move or they,don't make the move and you know i i,would guess something is done by the end,of this week or else they take could,take a lot longer than that and it does,behoove everybody for them to get it,done much faster than it would be to,just go into march go into free agency,going all it gets too complicated,figure out what the value is and if,you've gotta like,take less than you think you that you,want,then you have to do that because i don't,know that waiting is going to get them,much more,no i don't think so either and i will,say in fairness to you if you were any,other month,you would have been right it's just,like two,i might have like looked at like it's,february you know 18th of course there's,two more weeks left until they're like,no it's like 10 days so this it's a,weird month i think we all i forget that,thank you thank you as always thank you,here to help,just you can imagine my shock when i'm,thinking it's two weeks and then,everyone's tweeting out kawagami says in,a week he's like what the hell where how,did that happen,uh but i'll take it i accept it i'll,just go with the logic over the exact,actual actual wording of what i said,it's going to happen faster than it's,going to you know then,do march 20th what are the foreigners,going to do with jimmy garoppolo i think,that would be a problem for everybody,nobody wants that and you're right,they're not going to get more value out,of him by waiting you know two more,weeks the value is going to be what it's,going to be and i would almost think,they're going to have more value out of,him by doing it soon

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