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Camilla Bored Twitter - CamillaisBored Detailshey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel tod


Updated on Jan 19,2023

Camilla Bored Twitter - CamillaisBored Details

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic so let's get,started,camilla sport has gone viral on internet,these days what is this trend and why is,it so viral on twitter,i mean on internet these days,especially on twitter because camilla is,bored is a treated user name,and the original uh twitter id name is,camila,so if we,see the,twitter account of this person,we will find a description of,camilovities,she's saying,all the good stuff is,in my vip link my first dp is on the,wall too,so can i be your,country outline,this is the,this is the twitter description of this,person,and her recent picture is uploaded as a,profile picture of twitter id,and,on cover,image 2.,it has also,shared a link of,her website,she has joined twitter in june 2021,the followers are 6 000,872,people,and 196 people are those whom she is,following,maybe she,is,she knows about them,and,there are hundred feet which,she has tweeted on,her account,she has not,uh show off her face,anywhere,it means it does not want to show,her real and original images,on twitter,people are so excited to see,and to watch her videos and,her face,who is he actually,thanks for watching my video if you find,this video helpful please like share and,subscribe my channel and if you want,more information,about this kind of trends you can visit,mix tv now website,thanks and have a good day ahead

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Amberlynn's weigh-in but doesn't weigh-in...???

Amberlynn's weigh-in but doesn't weigh-in...???

oh here we go again,so,hey what up you guys it's sassy assassin,here back with another amberlyn read,related video,so before i begin i just remind everyone,this video is under the fair use act,it is not meant for children it is not,meant to bully or harass anyone,including amberlynn reed since she is,the subject of today's video,keep in mind that i'm a big person and,i'm entitled to have an opinion on,another big person,also keep in mind that my criticisms,about amberlynn reed in this case,is not about her weight it's about her,contact on her youtube platform and,other social media platforms,it's about how she treats her audience,how she lies manipulates and gaslights,her audience,now she click baits and monetizes up for,critical health issues if i talk about,things that i need one do i'm doing for,my channel,i'm not begging for money i do accept,donations but i'm not asking for it,like share subscribe comment below hit,the notification bell if you have any,comments questions or concerns about,this video or any of the videos i've,made so far on this platform,please feel free to leave a comment,below or hit me up on any of my social,media accounts,thank you,hey guys it's sassy assassin here and,i'm back with another ambulance related,video in today's video i'm gonna be,reacting to,her first weigh-in of the year and this,community tab that she wrote about eight,hours ago,so she writes my wednesday weigh-in is,filmed on wednesday,that is why it wasn't already uploaded,because it wasn't even filmed yet,i had to film it edit it process it,upload it etc,i'm currently in the middle of doing all,of that for those saying,quote you can't even stick to a schedule,lazy,end quote when the day isn't even over,yet get a life instead of obsessively,waiting for another video to upload just,so you can continue to mentally and,verbally abuse me,video will be video will be up in a,couple of hours so,um it kind of makes sense you know that,you have to you know if she's gonna do,the weigh-in on wednesday she has to,have time to,actually do the weigh-in film you know,film it and upload it and edit it and,stuff like that so,um she is right in that account but,um to,just even write this community tab is,it's just ridiculous to me,like for though they're i mean i i'm,gonna say i,and i agree that there are people who do,um verbally both mentally and verbally,abuse her,um we've seen the comments you know we,see,the you know the the the facebook groups,the,um kiwi farms and stuff like that you,know she gets a lot of,genuine bullying but on the other side,of it she does,get a lot of construct constructive,criticism from people who,she will see as being haters and,bullyers but,really have valid things to say and,we're probably once supporters like,myself,so um it's a you know it's a two-sided,coin here,um i just i don't think that she should,have,wrote this community i think it was it's,useless like,at this point you know with,the kind of cult culture she has,cultivated on her,channel on her she this is a given,she's i think it's always going to be,like this i don't think,anything she's going to do at this point,considering everything,that she has done so far it's gonna,change anything,so she just pretty much needs to just,grit her greater teeth and bear it,basically get over it and just ignore,those who are,really bullying her and stuff like that,i know it's hard i mean she has a right,to speak out i'm not,trying to take that away from her but i,just think it's like,writing a community tab like this is,just going to cause more drama but then,again it's like we know this girl,is using this,as ammunition for more drama that which,creates more,traffic to her channel which equals,money so,um i honestly think because she's,running out of ideas,and you know doesn't have a life she is,very limited to what she can do,she will do anything at this point to,create more traffic,to her channel i mean she pretty much,admitted it recently so it's like,in a really backhanded way so um she,won't outright have it i mean come on,like that would be suicide for her i,guess but then again i i can't help but,wonder like,and i don't i don't know if i said this,in another video but i can't help but,wonder if,at this point is there going to be,anything that's really going to take her,off this platform,like there's she has done so much and,especially after the recent,um scandal with um the gofundme and,the voice notes and stuff like that you,would think that that would be enough to,like,get her off the platform because that,was that was terrible like i will never,forget,hearing norma's voice and hearing her,beg somebody not to um,expose information that paints,her daughter and her girlfriend in a bad,light because she's afraid of,losing her daughter because their threat,her daughter and her,girlfriend are threatening her you know,to cut her off communication off i mean,it's just it's deplorable it's,deplorable,so it's just like for me it's like,you kind of deserv

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getting lit & expelled - Snapchat Q&A | Giana Maris

getting lit & expelled - Snapchat Q&A | Giana Maris

okay guys so today I'm filming a,snapchat Q&A and I just thought since,I've almost hit twenty five thousand,subscribers I was like okay do you guys,even know anything about me so I put my,snapchat off private and you guys I,didn't stop oops you guys have been,stopping me which is so cool I'm kind of,sick right now so sorry about my boys um,a meeting rocky road ice cream it's 9:40,two in the morning then I woke up and I,was like I cannot keep putting off this,video so I woke up put on my mascara put,on my eyebrows a little bit of highlight,and Here I am so I'm going to be,answering your questions and if you're,mean to me on snapchat I swear I will,drag you and leave it in this video so I,just really hope no one's rude to me in,these snaps so if you have ice cream go,get it so we can eat it together and,let's get into these questions so the,first one is from Kendall leap and it's,a pic okay recommendations for fave,places in Fresno I really like if you,don't live in Fresno this probably won't,apply to you but I really like downtown,area and tower area oh those are my,favorite to get tea sushi art gallery,some things just so fun I love the,downtown and it reminds me of LA so I'll,just spend a lot of time in there okay,the next question is from Jay with a,little car emoji,oh my plushie,okay um thank you so much I have huge,dreams and I wanted to meet up like I,just I wanted to be like every single,place I travel like I shouldn't be like,hey guys at Starbucks like come say,what's up and yes I would totally do a,meet-up in San Diego like that sounds so,fun but I don't want like I want it to,be so casual you know like I never want,it to be like this huge like get in line,type thing like I want it to always be,like kinda like a hangout so the answer,is yes okay Victoria Bieber meet up soon,oh my gosh,yes meet up soon just like I said I want,to do meet up pretty much everywhere I,go I always want to hang out with you,guys it's not so fun okay counting,clocks 18 minutes ago oh my gosh I love,you so much but what's your favorite,eyeshadow palette ah and what am i,majoring in in college okay my favorite,eyeshadow palette it's probably the,Naked 1 palette just because it has,every single color in the world that's,beautiful on my skin tone so this is,like my favorite go to number one,palette and then the second one would,probably be like the chocolate palette I,like choose the Browns and the bronzes,and that as well those just look really,pretty on my hazel eyes and I'm majoring,in communications,she said you're my favorite youtuber,wish we can be friends girl we are,friends you're snapchatting me aren't ya,okay this is for my friend Courtney oh,my god she said what's that mouth do,girl this what it does eat all day heidi,mr ch that's at March Pattie March 13,aisle 10 favorite pair of shoes so much,love jeans,um like looking at my shoes are down I,don't know I don't have a favorite pair,of shoes I you know what that's a lie,if you got me on snap you see that I,always wear those real,ugly like old man hiking shoes they,called Tevas I think Teva but I'm very,fashionable but I wear them every single,day like I'm just going to school or,just going to get tea or something like,I put on my tea buzz cuz they're so,comfy and they're so cute,from TIA nom see what is your ultimate,life goal - what are you hoping to get,out of your youtube career love you by,the way please open my snap okay my,ultimate goal in life that's so hard cuz,I'm not really I don't really plan,things I don't plan too far ahead in the,future,I just know like maybe a goal for the,next six months so I don't I don't know,I can't set one goal for myself because,I I always achieved what I set for,myself and then I'm like what's next oh,you know what here's one thing that I,will do I'm going to have a like a shoot,in Tokyo I will like this is gonna,happen this is my biggest goal right now,I'm gonna have a shoot in Tokyo and I'm,gonna be on a billboard and I'll also,have like a meat ax / hangout session in,Tokyo yep hi ash pa why my ashh I'm so,sorry I'm like giving your stuff shot,usually what so everyone I just I don't,know how,okay ever really about my race someone,is trying to remember she has to be,literally like it's just right after a,question I'm just like uh okay,favorite artist chamber song my favorite,artist of all time in the whole entire,world is gez of course I love him like,I'm just I'm so proud of him and,everything he's done my favorite song,hmm but it's called sex and Super Smash,Bros,okay I forgot the rest of the question I,think I just got too into that I don't,all right this is like so like man okay,my all-time favorite color is like dusty,rose but right now I'm so into like dark,red and orange like I love orange and,dark red so I think like I have an,all-time favorite color which will,always be like that dusty rose color but,right now I'm really into orange and yes,I have graduated from my school kymmie,Clarissa GOG on to watch the show,tonigh

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cepet cepet cepet cepet cepet cepet,cepet,ngetiknya,mp3dj manish gituin keyless tapi,kayaknya,imut-imut,Aisyah,twinbell akan tetapi tapi imut-imut,ini Bapak tetap memperoleh besok,besoknya pesapen eckerle potong bebek,angsa dikuali memakai segala tapi KDI,selesai NU,simbal,Thai Potong Bebek Angsa tua,tapi Ustad,Yusuf sini,satai di,cemani GTA ucok ucok,ucok ucok,nyenengin anak choki-choki elek elek,elek elek elek elek elek,anak-anak yang sedikit,lebih baik,nyeting,rezeki Yup bye bye rate.pdf,wow,Indonesia,memang hebat,ditemani ketua paint oke,bye bye bye,Kapolsek sampaikan banyak pakai pakai,ginian lagi pakai pakai,bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye,kep

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Ties savage full sextape with her new boyfriend

Ties savage full sextape with her new boyfriend

hmm,and where is this back excuse me,you know i was just walking around the,neighborhood and,i just thought you know i saw a,beautiful girl like you,and go straight to the point,well you want to have sex abby,you don't have sex with me that's why,you approached me isn't it,come on,tell me the truth just,tell me the truth,well um,you know why why is why why are you,laughing why is smiling,are you shy,very far from the streets,okay so,where do you want to have it a hotel or,do you live around the neighborhood,what did i stutter,you approached me you want to have sex,and i'm asking you where do you want to,have it hotel,or do you live around the neighborhood,which one is it,well i'll just give it around i live,here eh you live around here,what are we waiting for let's go now,let's go come on oh my god let's go come,so where where about the neighborhood,where,let's go,let's go now what are you doing,what,um living room bedroom or toilet,which one is it,let's just manage the,bedroom,okay i'll be waiting for you inside,one hour later,you've gotten what you wanted right,can i go now,oh,can i go now,i'm off,uh huh what are you waiting for you're,waiting for the punchline you're waiting,for the twist the area the man will,check for is really really and the will,yeah disappeared or the area the woman,will go outside and disappear into the,sky because in your head she's a winch,or a mommy,or the area the man will notice that his,success and his destiny has been taken,away none of that happened both of them,liked each other enjoyed themselves and,everybody moved on with life,because that's how life is supposed to,be some of you will just be talking too,much three weeks six months one year you,are wasting data talk talk talk talk,because you are trying not to appear,cheap you don't you want to appear a bit,difficult but you still end up at these,same points this lady arrived in one,hour was not the point wasting time,i'm not trying to promote one occasion,because this scene against another,person,but what i'm saying is if you are going,to commit it get over with it everybody,move on because there's no difference,between you that took one year and the,one that took an hour you are ever the,same destination what's the point,the video has finished and there's no,part two it's part one for life,anyways bye

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first vid of todays tea

first vid of todays tea

97 ways to make your cat,like you hey guys,today i'm reading 97 ways,to make your cat like you and today i'm,joined with,a very special guest and his name is,hunter,and obviously he's a cat that's the one,in the book,oh we're going to read some things oh,he might be all over the place today,we're going to read something,things and try some things out to see,how to make them like us,so,let's get to the first page,well first tip,okay,so if you're first getting a cat you,should,slowly when introducing your new cat to,a new home,let's need time to adapt the change,prepare a small space where he can hide,or,a snug closet or a shoebox,or a shoe before he gets the field his,new,kingdom which obviously,hunter he's on me,my sisters he's not very new,we've had him for a really long time,next page,number two we need to simulate a chase,by a small object for a small stuffed,animal,who a feather,or a small object like a small stuffed,animal,small feather or lungs,on a long string and drag it slowly,across the room,that's our program to hunt even if they,never,put a paw outdoors it wouldn't,hurt it wouldn't know a robin robin from,a net,note be sure that the object is safe for,him or her to injust if she decides to,eat her victim let's go try that out,i have string with me on hand or a long,flappy object,but i do have the swag so we're gonna,try that out,let me get on there,okay here he is come here,come here,come on,my cat is so weird,even my nana's bath,even her cat doesn't like anybody and,she still plays,let's try the next next thing,so,a headbutt,down to your cat's level and rub your,forehead against,hers or his,here she gets your scent,and your soft furry headbutt let's try,it out,let's get him up here,hey yeah cow,okay looks like he liked that first but,doesn't like it after,i'm gonna stop using my cat to,demonstrate them because,well you just saw what he did i'll just,read them off one i might be able to do,called eye kisses while looking directly,at your castle the opening close your,eyes,this is a cat signal of trust,the gesture communications with volume,without touching let's try it,okay okay,so the eye kisses definitely work,next time we'll read,this,thank you to our special guest hunter,not thank you for scratching me,hi

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Hariq - "Demons" (Official Music Video) Shot By Elite Vision

Hariq - "Demons" (Official Music Video) Shot By Elite Vision

right here this song right here is,dedicated to my little brother who just,passed away,in 2020,and he committed suicide so i'm gonna,just talk to y'all on this song let's go,you already know what the going on,harry what another just got the weight,carlos,it's a cold world it got me feeling like,anemic try my best to shock the world,and they see how i succeeded i been,trying to keep my mind right now i don't,need treatment said a going,through so much they think i'm fighting,demons say it's a cold world they got me,feeling like anemia try my best to shout,the world and they see how i succeeded,i've been trying to keep my mind right,now i'll need treatment said a,going through so much they think i'm,fighting demons,how i'm feeling inside it ain't matching,the pride got a call you had died and,hoping it was a lot say now i,say i was coming just to get you,everything take time you could have been,on tour with me and show the world how,we shot it ain't no a man that's,getting left behind now i'm crushed with,her love god come and give me,stay watching you grow from a man and, it don't seem real it's a cold,world they got me feeling like anime try,my best to shock the world and they see,how i succeeded i been trying to keep my,mind right now,said a going through so much they,think i'm fighting demons,when i lost my little brother i was,flipping out knew i had a chance to make,his life better had a plan on getting,out for go and take a different route,showing what my position bout big,brother to protect it will never neglect,and for you i didn't lost my,respect i wake up crying out my sleeping,yeah i'm having cold sweats with my,feelings all the way like ain't got it,so left i'm trying to maintain be sane,and keep quiet as kept say now i'm,feeling that peace sometimes i talk to,myself but not in a crazy way just like,a need help say just to show you,now it's over as he watch over my,shoulder say nationwide we,going good,they got me feeling like anemic try my,best to shock the world and they see how,i succeeded i've been trying to keep my,mind right now all need treatment,i'm fighting demons,swings

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Who is Disney Star Peyton Meyer Dating? Super Private Actor!

Who is Disney Star Peyton Meyer Dating? Super Private Actor!

hi viewers an interesting video for you,until now the young star,peyton myers fans were under the,impression the star is single but now it,turned out that the 22 year old actor is,just super private about his personal,life,so who is payton meyer dating,peyton meyer has actually been booed up,for a while,he is best known for his role as lucas,fryer on disney's girl meets world and,currently for portraying jordan van,dranen on netflix as he's all that,along with his acting,his good looks have led him to gain a,huge amount of following,especially on social media,peyton's fans were heartbroken to learn,he has a girlfriend,meyer is dating singer and songwriter,tayla who was formerly known as taylor,maylikoore,tayla's debut single,bang,was released in 2019,and soon after,drink,dance,repeat was released which was actually,penned after a bad breakup despite its,catchy tune,the pandemic had bad effects on taylor's,plans for a year of new music but we are,waiting to release new music soon,payton meyer is dating singer and,songwriter tayla and the couple first,hinted they were dating in february 2021,when taylor made a tick-tock video for,the hashtag childhood crush challenge,tiktok users were posting a picture of,their childhood crush and then present,their current partner to compare on this,challenge,she shared a picture of her boyfriend,from his disney days on her post,followed by a video of payton meyer,himself looking over his shoulder at the,camera,writing the words i love you displayed,across the screen,she also captioned the post,cowboy take me away,look assfriar hashtag girl meets world,the disney star made their relationship,official when he posted a picture with,tayla on valentine's day captioning it,with a red heart emoji,since then there has been a steady,stream of posts showing the couple loved,up and even a picture of taylor's son,river from her previous relationship in,their home in nashville,peyton dated fellow girl meets world,actress sabrina carpenter for a few,months back in 2015,and then he was rumored to be dating,rowan blanchard aka riley again from,girl meets world,in the same year,after the previous datings he was dating,disney actress paris burke in 2017.,the young star has also dated social,media influencer vanessa rose loden and,disney actress mcdonnelly in the past,if you like this video then subscribe my,channel for further new interesting,videos and also post comments about this,video,you

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