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TWEET TUNES: Original Songs YOU Made Us Write! | Thomas Sanders & FriendsThomas: We could do like a

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

TWEET TUNES: Original Songs YOU Made Us Write! | Thomas Sanders & Friends

Thomas: We could do like a clever before title thing.,You know before the title goes *imitates title sequence*, right?,Joan: Whoa! F***!,*All laugh*,Thomas: Perfect.,*Title Sequence*,Thomas: What is UP everybody?,Yes, as you can see, I have purpled my hair.,*Laughs*,My hair is very reminiscent right now of Grape soda.,And speaking of pop, singing is something I very much enjoy as well as very complex and confusing segways.,*Laughs*,Singing is something I very much enjoy as many of you already know based off of,the multitude of shout outs and the singing that I do on this channel. I just don't stop.,It's just it doesn't happen, and I'm sorry. I'm very very sorry.,I just can't help it.,But, for those of you who actually enjoy the singing,,get ready because this video is going to have a whole ton of it.,Some very special friends of mine have all gathered together and we will be performing some original songs.,What are the songs about? Well, they were all based off of your suggestions.,Brittney: Hi! Thomas: *Laughs*,Brittney: My name is Brittney! Thomas: *Laughs... again*,This is, like, our first collaboration on YouTube. Brittney: It is.,Thomas: Vine is gone. Britney: Vine is... DEAD.,Thomas: It's good to work with you again. MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!,*Things falling in the background.* Oh no!,Jamahl: *Whispering* Don't worry about it. Thomas: *Laughs*,That's a good way to introduce you.,Jamahl: What's up party people?! I'm Jamahl. My shirt says peace. I'm all about it.,I promote it. What am I supposed to say?,Thomas: No, that's perfect. *Laughs*,I'm excited to have you here for the first time on my YouTube channel.,Jamahl: I'm excited to have you, too, man. Thomas: Absolutely.,Jay: Tell me about me.,Thomas: Oh, you're just absolutely amazing and talented and beautiful and handsome.,Jay: Yes I am. I am JayisJo.,Thomas: Jay has agreed to join in on the fun to sing some of these songs.,Jay: Because y'all deserve to see hot stuff!,Thomas: YES! Jay: YEAH!,Thomas: You got me pumped up, I'm...,Jay: IIIIIII'MMMMMMM PUMMMMMPPEEDDDD!!!! (What even is this?),*Laughs.*,Joan: I look like such a homeless person on camera.,*All laughing.*,Thomas: We've taken several prompts off of Twitter and Joan has just written songs. Little mini songs.,Joan: I wrote the lyrics to the songs over here. Thomas: You're ridiculous!,Joan: *Noncommital* You're... nice.,Thomas: Thank you. *All laugh*,I'm excited about this. Earlier on Twitter,,I asked you all to submit random phrases, or topics, or one single word using the #fanderfinds.,This literally happened in a day, by the way.,Joan: We wrote all these songs today. This day.,Thomas: You took the tweets, wrote the songs, Jamahl composed,,And then we learned the songs that you wrote and now let's do it.,This one was...,We've got Brittney. Brittney: That's the worst.,Thomas: I know.,You ready to sing about this?,Brittney: Yeh. Thomas: *Laughs*,*Soulful music starts playing.*,Brittney: *Singing.*,*Jay and Thomas harmonize on "Ooh"*,Jay and Thomas: Toilet seat.,Brittney: Yeah!,Thomas: Oh, oh, OH!!!,Okay, oh, she died. She died. Well. Jay: She dead.,Thomas: *Laughs.*,So this one is...,So Joan will now sing a duet with their beanie. *Laughs.*,Jamahl: One! Two! One, two, whoo! *Plays happy guitar music.*,Thomas: *More laughing*,Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...,*Laughs*,Talyn (in the background): That was SO CUTE, OH MY GOD!!,Thomas: So the next suggestion was...,Talyn: *Keeps saying "vetal miking" in stead of "viking metal".*,Thomas: So, we got Jay for this one.,Jay: Y'all ready?,Ooo!,Ooo!,Ooo!,Ahhhhhhhhh!,One! Two! Three! HEY!,Ha!,Hoo!,Hey! You ready?,Thomas: Yeah!,Jay: Let's go!,Y'all ready? Hold up! I need some help!,Thomas: Yeah!,Jay: Lemme get some help, real quick! Hoo! Ready?! Hey!,Ha!,Ha!,Ha!,*Many noises are made with mouths.*,Thomas: That was great! Yeah!,Talyn, thank you, very much for creating that phrase and blessing this song into existence. Talyn: Yeah...,*All but Talyn laugh (which is adorable, btw)*,Thomas: A bunch of you suggested Solanum Lycopersicum.,Logan/Logic: Fun, fascinating. Tomato, Solanum Lycopersicum.,Very excited about this one.,*Jazzy music plays.*,My part was harder!,*All laugh*,This suggestion was...,And Joan wrote this. They're just gonna... they got this one.,Joan: I had to do some quick rewrites,because some of my original lyrics were inappropriate.,*Starts rapping*,Thomas: Yeah! That was good.,This one was just...,What are you guys doing? *All laugh*,*Ominous organ music plays.*,*Brittney starts giggling, Thomas stops singing and all start laughing.*,*Let's try again*,*Applause from offscreen*,I felt like a little directing was necessary. Brittney: Yeah, yeah.,Jay: The end was "Ta!",Alright this one just says...,So, we had to make a song about that.,Jamahl: Two, three.,Joan: *Keeps getting excited, and then let down*,Joan: *Gives Thomas that "C'mon, stop messing around" look* Thomas: Okay.,Thomas: Eh?,Thomas: *Si

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Video that Thomas Sanders posted on Twitter

Video that Thomas Sanders posted on Twitter

whoa Wow dad yeah death,sexual independence disturbing imagery,crude humor and they just commentary,going on god this is a lot for Thomas,this is Thomas Sanders we're talking,about I don't want the award of getting,it to my own Thomas's channel it's a lot,of stuff and I'm really nervous I'm what,I think of and trying to put this off,that's this oh my gosh I'm late do this,video get ready no I got something to,get ready you see this I'm awesome and I,can do this it looked like you had the,eyeshadow probably just meant to be back,that intro very interesting know exactly,why we're not talking about it but he's,Logan if you continue to push this we're,gonna end up in really dangerous,territory I mean I always side with,Virgil but still why is Roman the only,one that's not knowing about all this,you might be introduced to a new side,today,are they going to introduce a new Dark,Side I'm so suspicious of theorizing I'm,so excited just make me think of my,psychology what he's severely,sleep-deprived that means he's lacking,emotional control Luana's and things,sound funny sorry it was just me going,calm I understand why and everything,seems funny to him it's because,everything is funny when you're,sleep-deprived your brain is Bush you,know what I never got about,okay same though I thought as for,projecting was an out-of-body experience,oh hello slimy boy,what god oh my god what's behind the TV,this is a very serious matter that's the,creepiest face I've ever seen on table,is Sanders what is you who is he is he,gonna knock Roman out like that one,okay okay I take,it's a neutered it looks a little like,beetlejuice oh my gosh that outfit is,beautiful it's the Duke Duke Duke Duke,Duke isn't even the Duke like for,something else you have a new character,you love life walks like dogs I don't I,Logan thank you so much please don't,mention it,just another day's work no seriously,you're really why am i crying I'm gonna,I'm gonna scream at that face,why should you be held to a different,standard than any other side,because I was one of them whoa the way,that was built up confirmed finally it,just literally got confirmed I'm gonna,cry what the Freak I've never cried this,much in this sad they're safe not even,moving on made me cry no these are like,mini move you feet feel like I'm,watching a movie,you

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Top 100 Thomas Sanders Vines (W/Titles) Thomas Sanders Vine Compilation 2018 - Co Vines✔

Top 100 Thomas Sanders Vines (W/Titles) Thomas Sanders Vine Compilation 2018 - Co Vines✔

it was then that he realized while,reading his mind had been elsewhere and,he'd have to start the freaking page all,over Story Time the store clerk believed,he had put the wrong cans on the Shelf,ah but he was right all along,Story Time the teacher slaved over the,board she stared at Thomas with a mighty,rage,to talk to a customer please press one,any questions before free time yeah,didn't you say there was gonna be a pop,quiz today what was that Thomas I didn't,say nothing I didn't say anything I'm,driving shotgun oh but you had it on the,way here whoa whoa no I found a shotgun,and I want the front seat,I wish I could hang guys but I gotta go,hit the books oh,okay let's hang yeah playground phone I,don't know who are but I will find you,and I will kill you,story time and that's when they became,horribly lost are we lost no he lied,no no,come on Rowling oh nice Hey Thomas I can,see your anus I'm sorry oh my God I,didn't wear a belt and I had to tie my,shoes hey man I need help I got this one,you sure I don't need you are you sure,you're weak Story Time the girl loves,smelling her phone it filled her with,delight she sniffed Once More Story Time,the man came to the bus stop every day,to pick up hot chicks,there's only a couple of days left,but it's still School,we're gonna work no story time it was,clear that a romance was blossoming,between them,a romance lasting a lifetime Zubat go,you supersonic,foreign,you're getting a little older you're,gonna have to act a little bit more your,age,story time this was the moment the lad,would propose to the girl,no no no Story Time the man was about to,step on a snake on a snake but he missed,it,he's trying do you want to talk to him,he's right here he's right here and,Patty what's up I am living in the lap,of luxury no you're living in the,streets I'm sorry what was your name,luxury the homework today is only two,questions,each one has 26 Parts,Story Time the man's butt scratching was,complete dude what it was delightful,true what Disney pranks with friends,joke time knock knock,there it's your best friends Stewie,Griffin and he's always going to be,there for you,okay,I'm better than you,hey what is that you have cooties it's a,joke,look at you laptop all sleek and,beautiful and now the sun is coming out,what are you gonna do with your life no,what do you want to do with your life,be a dancer,all right kids nothing to be afraid of,look,foreign,say goodbye to the house kids,Story Time the ladies congregate here,every day to scope out the hot dudes,yeah we do coughing go you smog,story time in every group of friends,there's the dumb one,really now the judge will choose the,winner,I can't decide they're all cute and,they're mine now what,you don't have to take the final,you can just be jobless and homeless for,life,totally worth it guys Story Time little,did she know the mysterious figure,creeping up behind her,all right who's happy to be back,absolutely no one me neither let's get,the heck out of here,best part of traveling no school,Chad I have a normal dream may I have no,dream Story Time the two were models and,they loved to strut their stuff,blessed day the two Proclaim their love,oh guys okay it's funny you know,the sweetest thing on this menu is you,she likes me story time she had no clue,she was about to run into a bridge that,was nowhere near,we're getting pulled over quick put,these on license and Richard what the,nobody's here we'll open that Devil Car,Devil Car Tauros go use one attack,you story time it was,common law that a flower be presented to,the loveliest last well and of course,that's me you should start running,for president because I'd support you no,matter what Lincoln do,you get that bad look,these men forgot to check their flies,that man was me these three were fine,I'm glad you could all make it we need,to discuss finances today it's just me I,know you owe me 20 bucks and now for the,weather who's our weatherman ow ow it's,gonna be hot thank you Al this guy is,not gonna work climate change Spiro go,you Sky attack,want to play Twister sure I've never,played left foot red,did I win,Disney pranks with friends no Thomas,what it's not slime eat mucus,oh yeah,no,I know I should stop procrastinating and,start working but I'm kind of looking,for a sign like this no from above this,oh okay story time no matter how fast he,ran he could not escape the demon but he,would not let his soul be taken today,Aerodactyl go you scary face,hello,oh are you sleeping in here I think he's,sleeping in here,story time with this final bag she had,completely disposed of the body,what's on my cover,well I better go,like oh yeah sounds good,right,story time just like all the other,flowers in this Garden she was just as,exquisite,shut up yeah we just got him he's a,puppy he's a sweetheart though he loves,people,it's mine now,oh relax,Ed,you're in trouble,hey what's up nothing my mom's just,being dumb what'd she do she's just,calling me lazy I am not and put the,phone back pleas

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TONGUE TWISTED - A Speaking Backwards Challenge! | Thomas Sanders

TONGUE TWISTED - A Speaking Backwards Challenge! | Thomas Sanders

*crying* This is probably the hardest I've ever laughed for a video,*Intro plays*,Before we get started with the video I'm just letting you guys know that for the month of June,We have partnered with The Trevor Project, so,,if you go to,and purchase any "Could Be Gayer" merchandise,a percentage of each of the purchases will go towards the Trevor Project, for this month only!,We got shirts, pins, hats- Check it out at, any support would be greatly appreciated,What is up everybody? Currently, we are still in the thick of things writing long scripts for our scripted videos,But we still wanted to bring a fun video to you guys for this week and Joan and Talyn have this game that they created,They introduced it to me and it's a lot of fun,So if it's fun for us, maybe it's fun for you guys as well.,The game is called "Tongue Twisted",AKA "Zatanna's Spellbook",Joan suggested that because all of Zatanna's spells are just words backwards,Talyn: Here are the rules.,Thomas: A player will have a famous line from a movie,,cartoon, TV show, or song played to them and they will have to mimic that quote.,But! Here's the catch: the quote is in reverse.,*incoherent screaming*,So the player will have to mimic the nonsense they hear as best they can,Then we'll play the audio backwards and find out how close they came to mimicking the actual quote.,Confused? Don't worry, just keep watching, you'll get it. It's fun, I promise,And now let's meet our players! (Joan walking up: Oh sh**),Thomas (surprised, while pushing Joan out of frame): Oh! Well Joan, wait until we introduce you... Joan: Hallo!,Talyn: I'm Talyn (juggles stuffed animals??? and fails) Joan (quickly walking by): I'm Joan,Terrence (doing a handstand): I'm Terrence Valerie (behind the couch): I'm Valerie,Taylor (dramatic hand movements): and I'm Taylor Shrum,Terrence: Hi,*Talyn struggles to juggle* (yaaay sound effect plays),Thomas: Alright Terrence, you ready? Terrence: What am I doing?,*sighs*,*backwards quote plays*,Valerie: *Laughs out loud* Talyn (offscreen): Oh my God,Terrence: Can I hear it? Thomas: Yeah? Oh yeah, you can hear it as many times as you want to. Terrence: Okay,*backwards phrase plays again*,*mimicking the nonsense* (le sler ne VACum,Thomas (off screen): That was really good!,That's exactly what you gotta do, you wanna hear what it is? Terrence: Sure,*"MY CABBAGES!!" from Avatar The Last Air bender plays*,Terrence: Oh my God! *Thomas laughs* The cabbage guy!,From Avatar The Last Airbender, *everyone oh's* Let's see how close you were. Okay, you ready?,Terrence: No. *Thomas giggles*,*Terrence speaking nonsense*,*nonsense that vaguely sounds like "MY CABBAGES"*,*everyone laughs*,Thomas (excitedly): That was amazing!,Tayln: mY caBBaGeS *Thomas laughs*,Thomas: Nailed it!,Joan: Your turn? Thomas: My turn! Talyn: YAS!,Thomas: Is it Talyn's turn? Joan: No its your turn, right?,Joan: Let's do you. Talyn: I don't give a sh** b****,*all laugh* Talyn: Sorry,*backwards quote plays*,Thomas: Ooh, Let me try,*backwards quote plays again*,*mimicking the nonsense* (sehr fa venet),Thomas: It sounds like Puss in Boots. Joan: You're close in a way,Talyn: Is it Pepé Le Pew? Joan: No, that's further,Thomas: Is it somebody played by what's-his-name?,Joan: Antonio Banderas? Thomas: *nods* Antonio Banderas. Joan: Nooo,Talyn: Is it a cat? Joan: Kind of,Thomas and Talyn, simultaneously: Kind of?,Thomas: *giggling* Your face right now. Tayln: What is ki-? Do you think Totoro is a cat?,Joan: Nooo, I don't think Totoro's a cat Thomas: *giggling* oh my gosh,Talyn: Wait, you mean like a tiger?,Joan: Not quite... *Thomas laughs* Talyn: A lion!,Talyn: Oh, it's Simba! Thomas: Is it a lion?,Joan: Nooooo *Thomas and Joan laugh*,Talyn: The black pant- not like THE Black Panther but the black panther from uh- The Jungle Book?,Joan (strained): Nooooo Thomas: Is it Black Panther from comics?,Joan (still strained): Yes Talyn: *finally gets it* Oh! Wow!,Thomas: That must've hurt Joan, how you go "Black Panther, from The Jungle Book." *all laugh*,Thomas: Oh, is it "I never freeze?","I never freeze" -The Black Panther Thomas: OHHHHH,Let's see *nonsense*,*nonsense that vaguely sounds like "I never freeze" Joan: Oh my God,Talyn (shocked): Wait that's you saying it?! Thomas: Yeah,Joan: That was Great! Talyn: That's perfect!,Valerie: ♪Tell me princess now, when did you last let your heart decide?♪ Taylor: It's been a while,Thomas: Ready for your first phrase Valerie? Valerie: Yes,*backwards quote plays*,Valerie: This is Mushu! *tries to repeat* -or what was the last part? Thomas: I liked how musically you made that,*singing nonsense*,*backwards quote plays again*,*repeats nonsense* (washcan yolaza. OOH yolaze),*Thomas laughs*,*Joan speaking nonsense*,Taylor (in the background): Pretty good,Thomas: I have to show you the original.,"Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow!",*Thomas and Valerie laugh*,Thomas: Let's hear Valerie's attempt.,*Valerie speaking no

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My Life with a Narrator | Thomas Sanders

My Life with a Narrator | Thomas Sanders

*Intro Music*,*Intro fairy-tale music*,Narrator: Every morning consciousness would hand deliver another unremarkable experience to Thomas. This morning seemed like any other morning -,Ordinary.,Thomas would wake up the same way he always did: eight o'clock, on the dot.,(Alarm Clock plays "Man I love being Single"),Narrator: Except today would be extraordinary,(Alarm Clock plays "Man I love being Single") Narrator: Okay, well, he would wake up a little later,,which is chill. Today's extraordinary, which means it's not going to be super routine,This day was going to be different because today...,He... would... sleep even later...,("Man I Love Being Single" plays repeatedly),Narrator: All right let's speed things along here, (Clears throat),(Eerie music plays) Thomas' day would begin with a mysterious phone call...,Thomas: Nope. If I don't know you I am not picking up.,Narrator: O-kay?,Thomas: Hmm.,Narrator: Well It didn't matter because now he was up and moving. (Clears throat),(Eerie music plays) But just behind the shower curtain...,Waits the fright of Thomas' life--,No you're not gonna .. you have to take a shower, man.,You're not, urgh ... you're taking a bar of soap and just,dabbing It under your arms? That doesn't work.,On the neck too? - I think you need to re-evaluate some things if that's where your standards are.,Alright, well that's fine because Thomas was one of those "shower at night" people.,Anyways so... umm...,Just scratch the danger behind the curtain. Just don't worry about it, all right?,You know what? Let's go with a different take here.,Thomas sat down and checked his emails like he did everyday.,(Inspirational music plays) But today...,one email was special.,It was his crush from tenth grade.,Enrique.,His first real crush and it looked like romance was just around the corner again--,ENRIQUE NO!,Thomas: Probably just a bot.,What kind of name is the one that got away?,Narrator: Ugh,(Eerie music plays) Once again that mysterious caller calls.,Thomas : Hello?,Deep-voiced caller: Hello, I was just wondering...,do you know if your friends are safe?,Thomas: Who is this?,Caller: Do you know if your friends are safe?.....,Thomas: Oh! I get it! This is like one of those home-security things, you're a telemarketer.,Caller: Uh- uh no. I--,Thomas: Yeah, no, sorry I'm not interested. I'm sorry nope. Have a good day, alright... Caller: U-uh... I feel like...,Thomas: Block that number...,Narrator: (Sighs) Okay but that call would haunt Thomas the rest of--,Thomas: I'm hungry,Narrator: The 2 seconds It took me to utter those words apparently.,Thomas: Hi, yes I would like a,large pepperoni...,Narrator: And now he's going for a pizza. But instead of a pizza,,Thomas was in for something that would be a little harder to digest...,(Knock knock knock),(Sci fi music plays) Mysterious Man: Thomas Sanders.,Thomas: Wow! That was fast. Are you here to deliver my pizza?,Mysterious Man: No, I'm here to deliver a message.,Everything you know is a fabrication. This existence is a lie.,In my hand I have two jelly beans...,A purple jelly bean and a green jelly bean. If you take the purple jelly bean--,Thomas: No. I don't-,Thomas: I'm not interested. I don't want to buy anything. Sorry, Thank you. Mysterious Man: But, if you take the...,Thomas: Hello, 911?,Yeah. There's a dude selling wares in a private residential neighborhood,,and I know that goes against guidelines so if you could come by and check that out.,Narrator: Well okay. Ah!,(Romantic comedy music plays) But, as he made this mundane phone call, Thomas didn't realize his life would change forever,for in that instant, opportunity,came a-knockin'... (Knock knock knock).,Thomas: Wow that Was fast-- where's my pizza?,Girl Next Door: Oh I don't have a pizza but I do have something cheesy for you?,Thomas: Uh, so mozzarella sticks?,Girl Next Door: No, I just-,I've seen you around a few times and,I couldn't help but have this immediate spiritual,romantic connection with you.,It's silly. I just knew that I would regret it if i didn't ask you if you wanted to- uh...,Go out with me sometime?,Thomas: That was really brave of you...,I'm gay. So-,Oh, maybe it was a friend-connection.,Yeah.,Hang out sometime?,Well today I'm busy doing,nothing.,But on friday I'm doing,nothing!,Girl Next Door: Cool bye. Thomas: Bye!,Narrator: Oh... okay well-,As all this was taking place,,in crept the source of that mysterious caller from earlier.,And now...,they...,meant...,BUSINES--,(Fridge door slam),Narrator: Wow, That's like some Mr. Magoo Type Ish right there.,But oh! (Whimsical music plays) What does Thomas find in his sugary beverage?,(Thomas gasps),Narrator: Why, it was a golden ticket!,Thomas: "Come to the Soda-Cola factory on October 3rd,and bring with you one family member...",Okay. This is... this is a lot of instructions.,I don't- I don't think I'm gonna go through all this prep.,And, uh, there's probably gonna be cameras there...,Thomas: I'm just- Narrator: Seriously?,Thomas: I'm-

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NO ADDED SUGAR for a Month! - Awkward Adventures | Thomas Sanders

NO ADDED SUGAR for a Month! - Awkward Adventures | Thomas Sanders

J: ♪ Grandpa shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪,J: ♪ Grandpa shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ T: Oh.,J: ♪ Grandpa shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪,J: ♪ Grandpa shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ ,J: ♪ Grandpa shark♪,Camden: It's Day 22 of the No Sugar Added challenge.,Joan, Talyn, and Thomas are on their way to meet with a dietary expert,to discuss how their month has gone,,and to learn what role sugar has been playing in their health.,Ta: No.,T: What is the -- oh sorry. Your nose is perfectly clean.,This is what we have to clear out first., Clear the nostrils. Get it all out there.,J: Am I okay?,T: Your nose has been clean. Ta: You're fine!,T: Stop! Your -- stop worrying about your nose.,Dr. Matthews: Hi, I'm Anne Matthews. I'm a registered dietician,and associate professor in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Florida.,T: We just basically wanted to sit down.,Professional input is very important right now with like, you know.,J: We don't know.,We're a bunch of laypeople.,J: Yes. T: Absolutely. Please.,Ta: *sighs*,T: What is up, everybody!?,Some time ago near the end of July, Joan had given me a call to tell me that for the month of August,,they and Talyn were going to challenge themselves by cutting all added sugar out of their diet entirely.,And they wondered if I would like to join them and vlog our experience as part of a new installment in Awkward Adventures.,We haven't done an Awkward Adventures since I learned to cook back in the summer of 2017.,So I figured it was about time to add to that series, don't you think?,But in order to effectively tell you this story, I'm gonna have to take you back to August 1, 2018. Rewind!,So, Camden, when I'm thinking for this, rew- so like you're gonna have the whole vlog footage, and you're just gonna re-,T: August 1. We've kind of already started it. Ta: Yeah.,J: Yeah, yeah, today, loosely. I mean like I think at 3 am,last night we had some vanilla ice cream with some Nutella. Ta: Yeah,T: I was gonna say.,J: I was like, "We haven't gone to sleep yet!",T: I will be honest, I woke up at,6:40 'cause I couldn't sleep and I was, like,,"I'm going to finish off the chocolate ice cream in the freezer"...,J: Sure T: that I wasn't tempted from-,J: And then you went back to sleep,T: Then I went back to sleep.,J, Ta: So it was a new day!,C: At the beginning of the month, the three are discussing their hopes for the coming challenge.,T: I don't know how I'm gonna respond to this,because I think the biggest thing for me is figuring out what,exactly does have added sugar.,Because I'm gonna -- I think I'm gonna be surprised.,This is like a step up from last year when we did an Awkward Adventures, "Learning How to Cook".,Now it's like, cook no sugar added. J: Yeah.,Should I be looking, when I go to the store to get stuff,,should I be looking for labels that say "sugar added" or will they most likely say "no sugar added?",That's really safe to shop for vegetables and fruit.,Ta: Already says "zero grams of sugar" on the back, you're good. ,J: You don't like vegetables or fruit? T: Ah, no.,J: We're gonna document,,uh, our -- our month. We're going to all record,,and then we'll check back in,after the month's up and see if, like, we're feeling better,,see if we look any better, all that jazz. See if our skin's doing better.,T: All of our skin. J: Yeah, all of it.,Ta: Every inch.,T and J (simultaneously and suggestively): Every. Inch.,T: So, uh, yeah, we'll see on the other side.,Well, we'll see you in a second when we're like vlogging.,J: Hey, look guys! ♬I'm cooking my f**king breakfast.♬,♬I'm cooking my f**king breakfast.♬,♬I'm cooking my f**king breakfast.♬,♬Oh yeah!♬,I need salt and pepper in my eggs!,C: Day 2.,Joan wastes no time.,J: Are you recording? T: Yeah.,J: This is the egg buddy!,It's a thing that helps you cook eggs and it's so useful.,O-oh geez.,Maybe the egg buddy isn't so good.,Pretty good, huh?,C: Joan's endeavour marks the beginning of the team's long anticipated approach to avoiding added sugar,cooking and inspires a slew of new projects.,J: yo!,T: Tonight, I have learned, uh, that making a risotto, because the cheese does not have added sugar,,is, uh, something that is totally acceptable as far as something I can eat., Yum!,No sugar added!, Two good separate meals.,Garnish with a little truffle oil. Yes sir.,Ta: So I made a smoothie bowl and I put sunflower seeds, oats, peanut butter and chia seeds on it.,J: We made the Shake Stack peanut butter burger!,And the buns have no sugar added and,We replaced the sugar in the peanut butter sauce with...,Ta: Stevia!,J: Stevia.,T: So we decided to make some..,...Mediterranean-style salmon,,and I have Joan here in the family room.,I'm cooking while they work.,Egg-in-a-Hole. It's in V for Vendetta.,Camden, roll the clip of the egg in a hole from V for Vendetta.,- Mmm.,-That's delicious! - Mm, good.,J: So what you do is you start with a piece of bread and you cut a little hole in the cente

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Top Thomas Sanders Vines 2017 (w/Titles) Thomas Sanders Vine Compilation #2 - Co Vines✔

Top Thomas Sanders Vines 2017 (w/Titles) Thomas Sanders Vine Compilation #2 - Co Vines✔

wait what are you doing I'm resting my,eyes for a few more minutes but you,didn't press my snooze button you've,turned to me off I got this you daring,son of a I feel so good today ready to,take on the world let's get my shoes,death is near okay let's assess the,situation okay you sent a lot of texts,yes man they haven't responded once now,so what should you probably do now,you're right I should send one more test,sends another text that's right there,you go well God's me all I do I'm sure,when you're gonna pay me back soon mom,soon Wow now works for me if it works,for you no I totally would but don't,have any cash on me,fine we both have the Bank of America,mobile banking up we can use that all,right are you serious,of course oh okay I'm your son today on,strange phenomena we examined this,disturbing habitat this human has the,bizarre behavior of doing absolutely,nothing productive during much of his,life but on days when a big project is,to be done he is doing everything but,that project almost as if avoiding and,denying even little things that don't,need fixing it's a phenomenon he,survived this long in his life you're,going down bro do your worst you're cute,as a button you know I don't know how to,respond to compliment waiter man some of,the haunted houses this year getting,real scary I don't really think any have,been back away back away from tech when,you're watching the Disney Channel as an,adult at 2:00 a.m. in the month of,October so we know what you're here for,tonight's Halloween themed original,movie from the 90s early 2000s it's,Halloween Town - Calabarzon van,would you please just stop talking about,your sexuality for five minutes any gay,aha caught you red-handed,it was right hand blue mark right hand,yellow,can you promise that I will come back,and if you do,we will not be the CERN alright then I'm,not going okay I appreciate the honesty,but that sounds freaking awful I,actually feel good today oh my goodness,I have five minutes left,this is fantastic take a little snooze,for the rest of the foot this is,outstanding time to starts blending why,I can't go picked up a shift at work,that night and my parents are coming in,that weekend you guys got to stop,wasting time every time we stop to talk,we waste time time is very valuable in,the classroom the more time we waste the,less we get to learn in one class,sitting and the more you guys have to do,after class all right oh great now we,have 30 seconds left of class see what,happened when we took time to no no wait,what are you guys doing we still have 27,seconds left of class all right come on,sit down we're gonna still learn here,little announcement a lot of people said,that I shouldn't but I'm an adult and I,finally earned up enough money so I'm,ready to tell you guys that I officially,bought a new shirt and I can't believe,the day is actually here okay well it,was my friend I consider myself nice and,this is how I meet new people off we go,on our epic quest no hesitations no,stuffing and no turning back you,remember your headphones we're turning,back I've got to get those this is gonna,suck if I don't like have some tunes or,something beylin I love this game ah,brings back so many memories why didn't,I replay this sooner,hey dude that's why that's right we're,gonna have some fun again and again and,again for like fifty thousand times hey,do you know if your friends are doing,okay no I should probably do you know if,you might be bothering your friends so I,shouldn't wait so I should and what,should I be concerned about both at the,same time so what should I do suffer,yeah I just can't believe you would do,that to me we've known each other for so,long and for me to go on to Instagram,swipe for my messages to my home page,but immediately get taken to the,front-facing camera yeah and seriously,dude that is not cool I was not ready,singing outside a bathroom Oh singing,inside a bathroom Oh,find the wrong hat one man at a,crossroads I don't know if I can go,through with this you got this he's,willing to risk it all oh you guys,actually it looks really good hey why,don't you tell me what's bothering you,it's nothing don't worry about listen I,am very good at hearing about and,working through my friends issues oh,that's not important don't worry about,that anyway what were you saying tend to,cool go use constrict this is my best,prank ever I've got you so good you're,such a freak,gang awesome creator and I hope that you,never stop a snappy oh don't you hate it,when you have those genes that already,have those holes in them so you have to,be careful when you're putting them on,because your feet could go straight,through the jeans or a hole didn't even,exist again Gryffindor Slytherin I beg,your pardon wait where the other,students yeah I was eager to get to the,prove the line to find out I was in,Gryffindor so I have ordered all their,cadavers citrus liver room,and are you still watching yes this,movie is incredibly scary do you want a,funny televisio

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Thomas ANSWERS!! | Thomas Sanders

Thomas ANSWERS!! | Thomas Sanders

Hey, I'm Thomas and yes, you may be noticing something very different. I'm wearing a different shirt ah,What is up everybody! So yes you may also notice that I'm in a little bit of a different location,Different camera even if you're really got that keen eye. For this video, we're in kind of like a transition stage,I figured it has been a while since my last Q and A. This might be a nice time to just answer a few questions from you guys,using the Hashtag Thomas answers sounds like Thomas Sanders, but it's Thomas answers. Joan: Ok,I have Joan off camera. You wanna say hi? Joan: Hello,Hello. Thomas: Look at you. awww,So here we go. Hopefully you all learn a little little more about me,What would be my dream pet? A dragon that acted like a dog but was already trained.,So I wouldn't have to train my dragon. I wouldn't want it incinerating any of my furniture,I would just I would use it to fly around to be a real chill dude,If I could speak two languages instantly probably Spanish and French. There's tons of Spanish-speaking citizens here in America,We've got some French Northern neighbors,And I'm also very interested in what they are saying on telemundo. Favorite subject actually was chemistry science was just so cool as,Bill Nye probably said at some point in his life. Joan: Science rules.Thomas: Science rules. I had a passion for like putting stuff together,Which is real funny because I,Can't even cook. A chemist that can't cook that's so backwards. That's really hard not to make a Breaking Bad joke right there,What was my first theatre experience? Oh actually it was 7th grade.,I performed in my middle school production of Macbeth,And I was MacDuff and it was cool because I got to be a 7th grade sword fighting,victor at the end of that show, so that was always fun,it was juxtaposed from my regular awkwardness in the rest of Middle school because,Middle school was tough so to actually like come out on top in,You know a play was nice and it was,Very addictive after that I was like I gotta keep acting, Out of the musicals I have done which one did,I enjoy the most? Probably into the woods,I was the cinderella's prince,And I was also the wolf and though that was just so much fun to like be those characters,they're just so out there and obviously I really enjoy playing the prince because I,Still do it. If I could play any character in Hamilton, it would most likely be King George his character,matches my own personality quite well except for the whole murderous tyrant thing, but he's funny. He's a funny gay,Where do I get all my costume is from? The main,Costume you might be referring to is the prince costume,And that actually I got when I was performing it into the woods,I borrowed it so often that the costumer was just like you know what just have it. Dad and Logic,They were composed mainly of clothes that I got from like Express. For Anxiety the trademark,Jacket I got in L.A. I was in a rush I needed to get something for anxiety real fast,So I went to a thrift shop and found this like double XL generic black hoodie. I got it like real cheap,That's the origin story of Anxiety's jacket,How did I get inspired to create the different Sanders sides? It started with one YouTube video,Where I wanted to kind of like illustrate the different aspects of my personality,And I figured the best way to do that would be by using the characters people knew me,To portray on Vine. People responded to it so well,And I enjoyed that format so much,That it kind of just kept going, Anxiety was introduced and was also supposed to be a one-off character,He was so popular that people wanted him to stick around,It's just been fun kind of like exploring the characters, fleshing them out a bit logic is Logan and Princy is,Roman does that mean all the sides names end with an an,No, not necessarily. Which personality do you like to play the most? Which one is more fun,Bye! Wait, don't go,Why are you leaving? The most satisfying is probably anxiety just because for the simple fact that I,Have to save anxiety for last. By the time we actually,Film those videos a script has been formatted so we go through all the characters lines every characters lines,All at once so that there's not flipping back and forth back and forth back and forth you get through all of one characters lines all,Together I've already done all the other characters and all their other lines before,anxieties because he's got the eye shadow and it's you know It'd be really noticeable if I washed it off and had to play the,other characters by the time I get to anxiety I am exhausted, so,Very much he just matches my my actual attitude at the time,And he doesn't require a lot of movement or motion he just gets to stand there and be dry and sarcastic,And bitter. It's very therapeutic and people love him. I I think I'm married to,Several people on the web, so probably, yeah. sure, sign me up for another one. Which Disney character would I like as my sidekick?,Okay, so I'm between tw

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