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How Peyton Meyer Got His Start With Disney—and Is Growing Up on Netflixgood afternoon everyone benja


Updated on Jan 13,2023

How Peyton Meyer Got His Start With Disney—and Is Growing Up on Netflix

good afternoon everyone benjamin lindsay,here managing editor at backstage i hope,you've enjoyed your time these last,couple weeks i've been on vacation,myself so it's good to be back hosting,these interviews for you guys you're of,course tuning in for the latest,installment of backstage live today we,are speaking with actor peyton meyer,he's best known for his days on the,disney channel starring in girl meets,world and on abc's american housewife,next up later this month he's seen,co-starring in netflix's he's all that,it's just the latest gender swapped,reboot that this young actor has starred,in,i've seen it myself it's so much fun,and he's he's a heck of a talent so i'm,excited to pick his brain a little bit,how he got started in disney and now,navigating into these more adult roles,so without further ado let me see if,he's in our audience and i can bring,peyton on to,join us,what's up,caitlyn how's it going good how are you,good good uh my name is ben it's it's a,it's a pleasure to meet you at least in,this remote on-camera way,to meet you,where are you calling in from,i'm actually in la for uh the premiere,so i'm i drove cross country to get here,but uh i'm in la oh very nice okay how's,the drive it was great we stopped in uh,you know a couple little places we,stopped in sedona and albuquerque and,texas just to hang out a little bit but,it's kind of cool seeing the country,like that i've i've,never driven across country so it's,pretty sweet yeah yeah i've never had,the chance to do that myself but it's,definitely on the bucket list um and,exciting that you're uh there to,celebrate premiere of he's all that um,before we get to that i'd love to hear,just a bit more about your roots in the,performing arts how you got your start,um the backseat readership really is,kind of the working actors of the world,so uh,take us to the beginning just uh what,role did the performing arts play in,your life growing up and when did you,get hooked,yeah so basically i mean i was,you know a regular kid i was sports kid,basketball football baseball um and then,i did this one play,when i was in third grade i think it was,um and that's basically when the seed,was planted uh and from then on i,basically just watched tv and was always,so addicted to how it all worked i just,really wanted to know how these people,got on tv how they're doing what they're,doing,um and then i basically just kind of,started out from there and in vegas i,was born and raised in vegas so in vegas,i did this little uh,you know kind of try out i guess and,ended up finding an agent and she took,me to l.a she was like you need to move,to la and we drove back and forth from,la to vegas and,just started out just starting yeah yeah,i mean,that's the way to do it and i'm sure it,helps it sounds like you had a support,system your parents were into it and uh,down to do the drive from vegas to los,angeles and make the whole thing work um,do you remember the performances growing,up that really inspired you like what,what excited you uh about the medium and,about the craft in the first place yeah,so basically i mean i was like 10 when i,started so,bear with me but i mean it was like it,was like george lopez and friends,um just it just fascinated me i mean,just the comedy of it like it seemed,like it was so much fun and you know i,ended up asking my mom i was like,how does this work and they're like they,literally sit on set and i ended up,looking up online like how it all works,and i saw some backstage stuff and i was,just so enthralled by,the entire process of how how crazy it,looked yeah yeah and then obviously here,you are a handful of years later and you,have credits like growing swirls,american housewife and now uh he's all,that under your belt um tell us about,how you first kind of got your foot in,the door at disney i mean girl meets,world i remember when that show first,came out so many people were talking,about it i was a fan of the original,myself um so how is it that uh yeah that,you you kind of got your foot in the,door there,well you know i mean uh it took me 10,years to build that list um that i now,have and it takes a lot of time you know,coming into it i was a kid but i still,understood that you know this is the,entertainment industry this is famous,people this is where it all happens um,but i didn't realize how much work was,behind it and um honestly it's a lot,it's a lot of work,um but basically i just started,auditioning a bunch um for a bunch of,random stuff you know target commercials,calls commercials anything i could do i,was just trying to get,a foot in the door,and i ended up having this disney,audition,and,it went super well and this casting,director ended up calling the head of,casting of disney and was like you gotta,meet this kid,so i ended up having a general uh which,i hope a lot of you guys understand what,a general is it's where you sit down,with the head of casting of that,specific studio and you get to know them,that way any proje

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Peyto Meyer Twitter Video Viral Over Social Media Platforms | What Is Tiktokleakroon & Thetodaystea?

Peyto Meyer Twitter Video Viral Over Social Media Platforms | What Is Tiktokleakroon & Thetodaystea?

hello friends welcome back to the news,guys as we all know that the popular,video sharing platform twitter never,missed a chance to become a hot potato,nowadays the platform is getting famed,for its exclusive users fetching,enormous attention after providing a,specific time of content featuring,themselves with other people while they,are in a compromising position with them,a significant amount of users worldwide,post nsfw content on their accounts in,the hope of seeking global attention,some of them are getting assisted with,adult anime videos and images while some,are posting video featuring themselves,most lately two of such accounts with,the username tiktok leak room and the,today's tea are circulating on the,internet according to the latest reports,the handler of the web page unidentified,so far the web pages started,accumulating attention after after the,twitter accounts posted a video,featuring peter mayer well for all the,unworth peter mayer is one of the,renewed american actors the actor is,well known for portraying the role of,lucas freire on the disney channel,television series titled girl meets,world he then arrived on disney,channel's another show titled dog with a,blog he was recently featured in netflix,original film he's all that released in,2021 well the 1.45 minutes video is,showing the actor involved in,intercourse with unidentified girl who,has not revealed her face in the video,however it is also not clear whether the,real actor is featured in the video or,someone who looks like him gaining,attention on behalf of the actor all the,citizens are trying to collect more,information on the same matter as it has,become one of the most discussed topic,on the internet after it has been,claimed that it carried peter mayer in,the video well this is not first time,when the actor is surrounded by such,kinds of controversies as some months,ago internet consumers also claimed that,a viral video framing the actor,circulating on the internet the clip,read on the internet like a wildfire and,fans floated their doubts on the actor's,official account in addition to this the,american actor has not made any kind of,statement on the ongoing issue so far as,we told that the twitter pages that,posted the video is being reviewed so,far well we will get back to you with,further information so till then keep,visiting our channel and don't forget to,subscribe thanks so much guys,you

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WHY I LEFT BUNK’D & The Truth About Being on Disney Channel (Spilling Tea)

WHY I LEFT BUNK’D & The Truth About Being on Disney Channel (Spilling Tea)

it is time hey guys it's me that, hey guys tessa here and for,today's video i am going to be doing a q,a about my time on bunked who cares if,you do not know hello my name is tesla,and i played the character hazel on the,first two seasons of the disney channel,show bunk she's the girl with the,pigtails that's really mean to emma and,obsessed with xander hi zandy,i love you,yeah that's hazel that's me that's me,anyway before we begin i just want to,say i'm sorry,how long has that been there,i know that you guys have been waiting,for this video i'm getting married in,two months,and this whole past year,has just been filled with wedding,planning and also this new job that i,can't talk about yet so those two things,have just been taking up my brain my,whole brain and i have no brain left oh,and yes these are photos of robert,pattinson on my phone i wrote down,questions that you guys had about bunked,on my phone i'm gonna spill some tea,for you guys,interesting,the main question that everyone wants to,know is why did i leave bunk that's the,main thing that's probably why you,clicked on this video first off it was,not my decision at all like,i did not choose to leave because i was,being mistreated or because of any drama,that happened it's not like i was like i,quit i did not quit i did not choose to,leave i was just an actor doing my job i,wasn't even a series regular which is a,character that's contracted to be in,every single episode hazel was a,recurring character on the show so i was,in about half of the episodes but there,was no guarantee that i was ever going,to be asked back so i was just grateful,for every single episode that i got to,be in but i did get a call after the,second season that the show was going to,be moving in a new direction,and that they weren't going to be asking,a lot of us back including me,and this is where my theory comes in,hold for plane,after the second season we all thought,that the show was maybe going to be,cancelled but then i heard that it was,really popular on netflix so my theory,is that disney was maybe ready to cancel,the show but because it was so popular,on netflix they made the creative,decision to kind of like transition the,show,into something that would work really,well for netflix where it could run for,a long time they could swap in different,kids and just change the vibe from like,a jesse spin-off show to its own,camp show with like a new storyline new,characters all of that that makes sense,to me but again,i know nothing i have no idea if that's,true or not that's just my theory did,you ever have beef with any castmates,unbunked was there any drama on set,well wait,a minute no,no who would i have beef with well i,mean there was no beef from me if there,was any beef then it was one-sided b,same with drama if drama happened i was,not a part of it so i don't like drama,i'm not into that i will just tell you,to your face if i think something but,i did hear,i just said i don't like to spread,things is it me am i the drama i don't,think i'm a drama i did hear,that there was some drama on other,disney sets not on ours but i'm not,saying which,did you have a crush or date anyone in,the bunked cast okay one,i was older than everyone and two i was,already,in love i finally found someone who gets,me i was dating joe at the time and have,kept dating him and now i'm going to get,married to him sorry xander,are you friends with emma in real life,or was it emma versus hazel off screen,as well people ask me this all the time,no i did not hate peyton at all i don't,think it's possible for me to hate,peyton because she is honestly like the,sweetest person in the entire world,hazel hated emma but i did not hate,peyton i love peyton she is gorgeous she,is talented talented brilliant,incredible amazing show-stopping i love,her what was the cast like what was it,like working with younger kids these,kids were incredible like they blew me,away they were all so focused and,talented and funny spectacular never the,same totally unique i just loved being,around them like that's what i mean we,had a great cast it was a great vibe as,for each kid specifically like i said,peyton was just so sweet so nice so,talented skye,was,so,funny everything she said like made me,laugh karen is like my favorite person,and he has the darkest sense of humor i,swear he is just going to one day like,run his own production company or,something again so talented these kids,were so talented and then we had miranda,who has the best comedic timing i've,ever seen like seriously she is a pro,kevin was just this like,mini midwest zac efron i was obsessed,with him he was so goofy uh nina oh my,gosh anita she was,she was such a little baby when we,started like she was so shy but then it,was amazing because i got to see her,like grow as an actress because she got,like so much more comfortable like as,the seasons went on and then nathan,nathan was like my buddy nathan was my,nerd buddy we both loved star wars and,harry po

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I Finally Watched He's All That... Is It That Bad? (Movie Review)

I Finally Watched He's All That... Is It That Bad? (Movie Review)

hello everyone welcome to frasier now,the exorcist and today i'll be finally,reviewing hizala now uh almost a year,ago at this point if not like actually a,year ago at this point uh i made a video,saying uh well i made like two videos,talking about he's all that and,like why it's being remade and if i,think that was a good idea and all that,and basically after talking about the,first trailer that came out i said that,i was gonna do a review of it when it,comes out,and,i actually like that like there's was,one person who actually,watched it and,said,that they wanted to hear what i had to,say about it which is nice you know,which is,one more than there usually is,so uh basically what happened was,procrastination basically and well,procrastination and just uh,circumstances that i can't really,explain to you right now,anyway so anyway that doesn't really,matter what matters is that i finally,got a chance to see it and so here's my,review so let's start off by going,through the plots addison ray stars as,patrick sawyer a social media influencer,who wasn't as well off as she leads her,followers and friends to believe,one day when trying to surprise her,aspiring rapper boyfriend jordan van,dranen with some cupcakes she walks in,on him cheating with a backup dancer,this causes padgett to flip out live in,front of all of her followers a,significant amount of whom decide to,unfollow her which is weird because,you'd think that a situation such as,this one will only bring more followers,to your account but it's movie logic so,i guess anything goes added to her lots,of followers padgett also loses her,sponsorships and of course gets made fun,of online,eager to get her status back and prove,that she doesn't need jordan padgett,makes a bet with one of her friends that,she can turn an absolute nobody into,prom king that turns out to be cameron,qualler played by tanner burkanen and i,think you know what happens from there,it all starts off as just a bet for,patrick but once she actually gets to,know cameron she starts to fall for,now that that's over let's go through,the positives the negatives and,see how i actually feel about the movie,so first let's start with positives,first of all,it has good acting uh pretty much all,around for the entire cast i think,everyone did a great job with their,roles obviously these are very,thin characters there isn't much to them,actually you know there's not that much,to like latch on to anybody but as these,cliche characters go i think that they,were well played by everyone involved of,course addison ray,uh is,like you know most eyes are on her to,see if she was going to deliver a good,role and in my opinion i think she did i,think she did a great job well not great,i think he did a good job,as padded sawyer and playing,you know it's all right like it's not a,demanding role or anything like that but,i think given the circumstances,that you know that she had to,portray i think that she portrayed it,convincingly alright so like i said,everyone did a great job standouts to me,were addison ray but the best,performance i think in the movie came,from,what's his payton meyer from peyton,meyer uh peyton meyer,played the,matthew lillard role the role that,matthew letter played in the first film,basically which is the,you know basically the boyfriend,uh character,in the original film matthew lillard,played a,reality star a reality tv star sort of,like a big brother,type of thing,and in here payton meyer plays jordan,van dranen who is a,aspiring rapper and of course he's,terrible uh even if they tried to make,him good i think he'd still be terrible,but i think they really went out of,their way to make him seem terrible when,i think like it would have been more,like funnier if he was like actually,like trying,you know like like like like actually,like so i'm working at his craft i think,that would have been actually funny,but anyway you know but it's uh,basically he's a fun character i thought,it was a really,well played i was surprised at how much,i enjoy this role,which kind of brings me into a problem,that i kind of have with the characters,in that i never really like,i like,of course like i chose aside i wanted uh,addison ray and turner cannon to,get that happy ending and all but like,madison pattis and payton meyer who,played the,antagonists in the film they weren't,really that,evil or anything like i get it's a team,comedy movie and all,but in the first film i think they did a,better job of drawing that line,and really making you like go like yeah,i'm voting for,what's your face again rachel,oh rachel lee cook and freddie prince,junior's characters,and they did a really good job of making,matthew alert and,i forgot her name,who played um madison pettis's like the,you know the,the,female evil character in the original,she's all that movie,uh but basically yeah but basically all,around i think everyone did a great job,but the role uh the characters are very,thin but i think they're well played an

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