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Twitter Employees Receive Ultimatum From CEO Elon Muskforeign,check this out um this was the view,ou


Updated on Jan 26,2023

Twitter Employees Receive Ultimatum From CEO Elon Musk

foreign,check this out um this was the view,outside Twitter headquarters last night,a projected Scroll of phrases next to,Elon musk's name phrases like Supreme,parasite mediocre Manchild apartheid,profiteer and bankruptcy baby now those,insults appeared hours after Elon musk's,deadline for remaining employees to,decide their fate to commit to quote,work extremely hardcore on Twitter 2.0,which apparently means long hours at,high intensity or collect your three,months of severance and leave the,company now he reportedly suspended,everyone's access to the building until,Monday while they made their decisions,unfortunate magazine reports that last,night as many as 1200 of them opted to,leave and that includes critical,Engineers so just over 2 000 staffers,remain and they are presumably working,extremely hardcore to keep the platform,from crumbling many now former employees,doubt that they will be successful as,one former executive put it quote they,will struggle just to keep the lights on,in fact the site experienced outages in,the U.S today we should note that many,of the staffers on the team dedicated to,preventing outages resigned yesterday,already musk is begging some of the,company's top talent to stay on and,early this morning he emailed what,remains of his engineering team saying,quote anyone who can actually write,software please report to the 10th floor,at 2 pm today thanks Elon,now that left employees a little,confused you'll recall musk previously,told them they would not have access to,the building returned until Monday now,the platform millions of us use in,Hanging On by thread is hanging on by,thread excuse me as musk tries to figure,out how to avoid filing for bankruptcy,in fact musk announced a series of,additional changes today and they,included things like debusting negative,tweets and arbitrarily reinstating some,previously banned accounts without,providing his reasoning or explanation,so far that does not include the former,president but if musk ever decides to,bring Trump back,will he have any employees left to,follow that order joining us now is,Brandy zidrogini NBC News senior,reporter who has been following every,Twist and Turn of this story far as,Brandy I thank you so much for being,here tonight so every day it seems this,story just gets crazier and crazier and,is moving quite rapidly when must,decided to restore the accounts of uh,comedian Kathy Griffin and Canadian,podcaster Jordan Peterson and the,right-leaning satire website Babylon B,he didn't really give a explanation or,any logic or reasoning for he just did,it arbitrarily it seemed and just a,couple hours ago he created a Twitter,poll asking followers if Trump should be,reinstated what does it mean for policy,policy decisions like which accounts are,suspended and which are not to be made,by the whims of one man rather than,clearly outlined as company policy,you just said it you know the problem,with these moves is that every rule is,you know sort of capriciously made by,this billionaire and you know he has,called actually for a Content moderation,Council I'm not sure what that means but,whatever that does mean it doesn't,really matter because it's just him he,is acting like God you know seemingly,with little thought about or care about,um the repercussions of these actions,and just to talk about the repercussions,of these actions it's really important,to look at who he brought back today,right and the people that he brought,back the Babylon bee and Jordan Peterson,and author,um shows what his focus is right now and,that is to reverse policy on trans-hate,speech and harassment that is seemingly,allowed as of tonight with the reversal,of these suspensions right,um so because those accounts have been,suspended for misgendering Trans people,and that's all happening at a time when,attack acts and and harassment against,trans people on this platform and off is,really as bad as it's ever been and it's,extending to their caregivers and allies,it's truly out of control so the fact,that this is one of the first,um reversals that he's making does say,something about where his priorities lie,he also must also announced that he,would um quote de boost and demonetize,negative and hate tweets he did not,provide his definition of a negative,tweet I think a lot of people online,were asking him about what constitutes a,negative tweet do we have any updates,about what this means and how he will,implement it with what is now a,miniature staff,so those are both very good questions,I'm not sure what a negative tweet means,I think for any of us who spend any time,on Twitter if you if you're trying to,de-boost all the negative tweets then,Twitter is going to be,um a very quiet place,um but again it is it is so uh it is,capricious it's at the whims of of his,whims and but the bigger portion the,bigger thing that you also raise is what,how are they going to decide what's,negative or what's hateful because he's,gutted their entire trust and safety,team h

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'Mass exodus': Employees flee Twitter after Elon Musk's ultimatum

'Mass exodus': Employees flee Twitter after Elon Musk's ultimatum

Turmoil spreading tonight at Twitter, where there appears, to be, some kind of a mass,exodus of workers who are reject, Elon Musk's ultimatum to work, extremely hard core,, which are, defined simply,as long hours at high intensity.,But how many hours and how highl, what does that mean?, Well, no one knows., But a lot of employees, apparently didn't care, to wait to find out., And they just said goodbye,to NW senior media reporter Oliv, Is here with more.,Oliver, there's a lot happening., Seems every other day, on Twitter,,a mass exodus now appears to be ,and they're rejecting that 5 p.m,deadline of today, that ultimatu, And now I hear,they're closing their office bui, Why?,What do you hear people say to T, Yeah, it really feels like,Twitter is taking its last gasp , I mean,,if you look on Twitter right now,the top trend worldwide is R.I.P, Twitter.,And that's because scores of emp, have seemingly resigned, from Twitter rejecting, Elon Musk's ultimatum.,Let's let's let's take viewers b, Musk earlier, this week, gave Twitter,workers, the people who are rema, after those mass layoffs., Earlier this month,, he gave them a choice,work, quote unquote, hard core o, leave the company,with three months of severance,it seems like a large amount of ,have decided to leave the compan,They don't want to work hard cor,And that's throwing the future,of this platform into utter chao,I've been talking to people all , One former executive,who recently exited told me that,with all these departures, it's, going to be hard,just to keep the lights on over ,And so now with all these depart, the people who are manning, the management has suspended, badge access, into Twitter's offices,,presumably because they're afrai, that employees, who are technically, no longer employed at Twitter,could potentially sabotage thing,I'll read you the statement or t, they sent to staffers., It says,, Effective immediately,, we are temporarily,closing our office buildings and,batch access to will be suspende, Offices will reopen on Monday, November 21st., And it goes on to say,,we look forward to working with , on Twitter's future.,But as you can see, just mass di,has gripped this company here., I mean, you say this and talk, about the lights coming on,, I think, to myself., What about security?, One of the who's, guarding the henhouse,, who's ensuring, that even operates,and functions in any meaningful , But there's also this moment, that you're talking about,, this hard core intently.,He seemed to soften his stance, , on getting rid of remote work, just earlier, today is the latest wall, backtrack and his plan.,I mean, I wonder how this whipla, is really landing, and affecting people, who are still at Twitter,, still employed,,maybe waiting until Monday to fi,if they're back to work again., Everyone is confused,that that's that's the short ans, And I was told earlier today,that management was really worri, that they weren't,going to be able to retain talen, They were really, I think it was becoming clear, that a lot of employees, were actually just going, to leave Twitter altogether., And so some, sources told me, that they were scrambling,,trying to get people to stay in.,Elon Musk seemed to recognize th, I'll read you part of a note, he sent to the entire company,when he softened his stance on, remote work., He said earlier today,, where is that?,I had to hear regarding remote w,all that is required for approva, is that your manager,take responsibility for ensuring, that you are making, an excellent contribution., And he went on to explain, that basically people could,work remotely if if management o, And recently,,I think you're even seeing Musk , some of this news.,He just tweeted moments ago abou, how you turn a large fortune, into a small one., And it is on screen.,How do you make a small fortune, in social media?, Start out with a large one,,really kind of putting into cont,what's happened to his $44 billi, purchase of the company?, Wow., And you've got to add,, at the end of that,, discussion about remote work,, the idea of, hey,, by the way, of any, of the employers,who are supposed to essentially , that you are working,,if they're not truthful, Goodbye,I mean, you have this sort of co, language of,not even coded in that instance,,but the idea of that new tweet.,Wow, a lot of chaos happening th, Oliver, nice to see you.,We'll see how long Twitter stays, I will hold my breath.

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75% of Twitter Employees Quit After Elon Musk's 'Hardcore' Ultimatum

75% of Twitter Employees Quit After Elon Musk's 'Hardcore' Ultimatum

I think it might be over for Twitter and,that's not hyperbole you know I was kind,of joking and with musk making all sorts,of bad decisions and how giddy I was,about the destruction of Twitter but I,didn't really believe it until now,so apparently remember musk gave his,employees whatever remains of the,employees at Twitter and ultimatum,either you have to agree to be hardcore,and work 80 hours a week or you got to,leave and you'll get paid three months,severance,well it turns out that roughly 75 of the,remaining,3700 Twitter employees have not opted to,be more hardcore,um and the they've decided to take the,severance so wow,Twitter doesn't have the workforce,necessary the employees necessary,to run,and I just I find it amazing Jake that,Elon Musk really thought that he could,send that memo to the employees and be,like oh yeah oh yeah I want to be more,hardcore 80 hours a week 80 hours a week,why did he think they would sign on to,that,yeah hubris that's the answer this has,been one of the most amazing things uh,in our lifetimes I've never seen a,business implode like this before this,could be historic I mean this could be a,guy burning 44 billion dollars right in,front of our eyes,so uh look guys think about it so he,already fired half the staff if I'm,doing the math right at night and the,news just broke uh so but if 75 of the,remaining staff uh is leaving,well that means only 12 and a half,percent,of the original uh Workforce is left can,you run a company with 12 and a half,percent of the employees of course not,what do you think the other 87.5 were,doing like you might say oh you know,what this is a little bloated it got too,bureaucratic or hey you know that line,of business didn't work that happens,right so okay we had to cut ten percent,oh it's terribly had to cut twenty,percent it cut with 75 to 8700 are you,nuts right and did Elon I mean it seems,like he hasn't thought through anything,in regards to Twitter you didn't think,through hey what happens if forget 75,even if 25 took the payout then how are,you gonna run this company you need,actual human beings he thinks he's so,smart I don't need any stinking,employees I'm such a genius I'll just,sit here with my brain and I'll just,have the company run no that doesn't,work that way you need actual employees,to run the company,it is stunning how unintelligent he's,been throughout this stunning it's not,that stunning and the reason why it's,not that stunning is because the biggest,mistake anyone can make in life,regardless of how much power you have,what your status is biggest mistake you,could make is surrounding yourself with,yes men and people who constantly,validate your poor decisions so I have,no doubt that there was a time when Elon,Musk didn't make terrible decisions like,this and he probably was more willing to,listen to people who had legitimate,and merited critique,but much like Donald Trump and people,like Donald Trump he has surrounded,himself with people who are constantly,complimenting you know what a genius he,is and when you start building this,unearned confidence in your brain well,then you start saying things like he's,been saying to the employees at Twitter,with this assumption that they're going,to be loyal to you to a fault like you,you can do no wrong and so and it's like,Putin too right where I genuinely think,even Putin deluded himself into thinking,that he could invade Ukraine and he'll,be met with roses for liberating the,people of Ukraine like don't surround,yourself with Yes Men regardless of what,you do for work or where you are in life,it's really important to be open to,constructive feedback and criticism,um I have more details by the way on,this which is just it's such a,mind-blowing story so Kylie Robinson,um is a a tech reporter for Fortune,Magazine she's the one who tweeted a,thread about this I retweeted it but,I'll give you some more details about,what she's saying as we're all very,aware folks on visas are the ones who,are stuck so that's who makes up most of,the mostly 25 percent or less than 1 000,workers who are expected to stay the,actual impact is not yet known there,have been no internal Communications,about what comes next we're nearly two,hours post deadline and remember the,deadline refers to the memo that Elon,Musk sent to the employees telling them,if you agree to be more hardcore and,work,longer hours click on this link and if,you don't click on this link by the,deadline which is already passed then,you will be fired and you will get three,month Severance okay and then uh Kylie,Robinson says this let's put this into,perspective at the beginning of this,month Twitter had 7 400 employees barely,halfway through the month if 75 do,actually stick to their decision today,the company will have shrunk by a,whopping 88 percent,and by the way uh their key cards are,not working so all the employees as of,right now are locked out of the the,Twitter building,wow I mean is Elon trying to get elected,president he's like

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Twitter Employees Quit After Elon Musk Gives Workers Ultimatum

Twitter Employees Quit After Elon Musk Gives Workers Ultimatum

well Twitter staff is once again,shrinking employees reportedly resigned,on Moss that means a bunch of them at,the same time after billionaire boss,Elon Musk presented them with an,ultimatum he said get hardcore or get,out yeah now the company's Office,Buildings are closed and badge access,suspended even for those who still work,there NBC News senior reporter Ben,Collins is joining us now so Ben,obviously Elon Musk has been making a,lot of noise in the past couple of days,uh was this must vision of Twitter 2.0,I have no idea at this point uh also a,memo just came out from Elon saying,anybody who can write code please report,to an office space uh by 2PM even though,this office is closed uh so who knows,what the plan is here uh if it's too uh,completely got this website of its staff,and Engineering staff that would be a,you know that plan is working out but uh,it is really fully unclear what the plan,is for Twitter 2.0 at this point Ben,let's talk about must tweet he said,what's the best way to make a small,fortune in social media start with a,large one so musk seems to be making,light of all of this turmoil do people,think do they honestly think he wants,Twitter to fail I mean what would he,gain if Twitter goes down,um he would gain a world with a lot less,scrutiny uh for his other projects we,gained a lot of Revenge on his political,enemies uh he would make it so it's much,harder to criticize him in public,however I don't think that was the,initial plan I think the initial plan,was to make it,successful otherwise it would have,started differently a couple weeks ago,that said I wouldn't put it past him at,this point if he's uh seeing the walls,crumpling so it's a very complicated,time right now with this company I don't,even think he knows what's about to,happen next,and Ben you can't forget about Tesla so,could this jeopardize must standing with,his other venture,yeah Tesla employees are wondering why,he's sleeping at a social media site,instead of trying to make cars uh at his,much larger and more profitable Venture,that sells products people uh want and,are driving on the road so uh look it's,it is a cascading series of pretty bad,events for him uh he might need Twitter,to turn around for Tesla turn around uh,we're gonna find this out together Ben,bring us back to Twitter for one moment,we are all on that platform yesterday I,saw so many people doing their farewell,Twitter messages what are the chances,Twitter goes away entirely,uh entirely I would say pretty low but,you know it may have really it may have,a really hard time staying online,um uh infrastructurally it's not a great,website and uh it needs Engineers to,continue to keep going and also it,doesn't have any way of making money so,I don't think it's going to go away full,stop but it's gonna not it's not gonna,be what it was before,thanks for watching our YouTube channel,follow today's top stories and breaking,news by downloading the NBC News app

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Elon Musk Twitter Firing Ultimatum

Elon Musk Twitter Firing Ultimatum

hi everyone Elon Musk here as you know I,bought Twitter for 44 billion dollars,and we want to bring free speech to the,entire world,in order to achieve this dream I must,know one very simple thing,I like you,do you like me,check either yes or no,oh and one more thing,if you check the box no you are no,longer invited to my birthday party next,year hey everyone this is Chris welcome,back to the channel so we gotta talk,about Elon Musk and sort of the debacle,that continues over at Twitter and this,is especially good and I want you guys,to pay attention if you want to run a,business for yourself one day if you,want to be a CEO yourself one day if you,you know want to move up and how to,treat people properly I think the,Twitter example is how not to treat,people so first is,um Elon Musk here you can see,um he's had a history of sort of uh,discouraging free speech in his own,companies even though you know outwardly,he says oh I'm buying Twitter for free,speech and all his families go oh yeah,Free Speech but,um it's not really the case when it,comes to his own his own company so,generally if you criticize him or you,may complain about the work you know,that that sort of like the work culture,then you may get fired this has been a,history of these things or,um if you come out and say hey I think,Elon Musk is harassing me you'll get,fired these kind of stuff so the other,thing is too on on Twitter he doesn't,like when people make fun of him which,is fine right I understand that a lot of,people make fun of me either I get it,um but I think part of the problem is,though is that he came in with such a,Cavalier attitude about I can run a,social media company and and you know we,don't we don't have to worry about any,of this stuff and I'm going to come and,do everything and it just keeps,reversing policies and stuff like that,and as it turns out,um kind of what's going on right now,there's two things so one is,um we talked about just earlier I mean,it's just earlier that they fired 20,Engineers,um that were messaging on slack uh you,know the private work essentially chat,like you know just complaining about,different things Elon Musk was doing and,then Elon Musk first fires with people,and now comes out with this you guys can,see it already,um that he's giving people a deadline,either gonna uh you know commit to the,company or go and um it's kind of nuts,because like it's like a I think they,got like one day to decide it's like,what and um in fact I have the email,uh that that must send out and we're,going to read it together,um this is this is this is what it is,it's called the fork in the road was the,subject headline of the email let's read,it together guys,um again this is from musk to all of,Twitter uh there are employees that is,uh going forward to build a breakthrough,Twitter 2.0 and succeed in increasingly,competitive World we'll need to be,extremely hardcore,this will mean working long hours at,high intensity only exceptional,performance will constitute a passing,grade,Twitter will also be much more,engineering engineering driven design,and product management will still be,very important and report to me but,those writing great code will constitute,the majority of our team and have the,greatest sway at its heart Twitter is a,software and Service Company so I think,this makes sense,if you are sure that you do not you want,to be a part of the new Twitter please,click yes on the link below and there's,like a form that they're supposed to,click or something,anyone who has not done so by 5 PM,eastern time tomorrow this is basically,a one day deadline kind of thing or two,day or whatever uh Thursday so what is,yeah it's like a one day thing we'll,receive three months of severance,whatever your decision you make thank,you for your efforts to make Twitter,successful and my understanding is that,he was sending this out to all Twitter,uh employees at like midnight it's it's,um,I I think this is messed up so another,way to put it it seems like to me like,okay I mean if you read the language of,this thing we will need to be we will,need to be extremely hardcore uh working,long hours at high intensity I mean okay,I I I get it you know if you take this,in the positive note you'd say oh well I,want to be a heart I want to be part of,a hardcore company a Hardcore team I,want to be working you know high,intensity I want to work in you know 24,7 I want to make this company great et,cetera I I get it if like we're talking,about sports or I mean even if you love,a company and this day and age this day,and age just imagine if your boss comes,our new boss comes to your company fires,half the people,and then says I want you to work day and,night night and day uh he he you know is,tweeting out all this stuff on our you,know in public and on you and and you,find out your co-workers are getting,fired if you're like man I don't want to,work 24 7. I got a family and kids or,you know I don't want to work 24 7 I,have you know commitments I

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New Wave Of Resignations Hit Twitter After Musk's Ultimatum For Employees

New Wave Of Resignations Hit Twitter After Musk's Ultimatum For Employees

or following developments tonight out of,Twitter the deadline has now passed for,employees to decide if they want to work,there under Elon Musk the new CEO told,those who did not share his vision or,were not willing to work intense hours,to leave the deadline was today at 5 PM,Eastern and employees were offered three,months of severance NBC technology,correspondent Jake Ward joins us now,with Moore and Jake depending on what,you're watching on social it looks like,a number of people at least are tweeting,that they're out and that they have made,no secret of their desire not to work,under these new conditions but what more,are you hearing,well Joshua At This Hour really what is,not happening at Twitter uh we as you,mentioned a few hours ago we're looking,at this deadline this ultimatum that,Elon Musk had put in front of his staff,essentially saying click here to commit,to extreme hardcore working conditions,and it was not spelled out in an,internal FAQ document exactly how that,might change for instance the benefits,you would have only that you would be,working harder possibly working weekends,the the ultimatum that he put in front,of people seemed to have been intended,to sort of weed out the people who,weren't adequately committed well,supposedly at this hour not enough,people have uh clicked that committal,button to basically keep the place,running what we are hearing from,internal Engineers is that critical,teams teams charged with the,infrastructure that keeps Twitter going,and again this is not just some company,this is the way the world leaders speak,to each other this is the way uh that,that police get evacuation orders out,right that site is in danger of go going,down because some of the critical teams,in charge of infrastructure are there,are supposedly walking right out of that,place here's another important thing to,understand at this hour uh Joshua is,that right now as we understand it an,internal email went out to everyone it's,been shared with our colleagues at CNBC,saying we are shutting down the offices,so the big Twitter HQ the iconic,building is locked out as of this hour,until Monday not clear why that might be,but certainly the paranoia we have seen,from Elon Musk over the last few days,seems to have been reflected in the,order to shut people out of that,building so tremendous resignations the,ultimatum does not seem to have gone the,way he intended it to and at this hour,that building is empty Joshua,so this is a lot of upheaval in a very,short period of time and for people who,don't know San Francisco that building,was the source of a lot of political,unrest because Twitter got tax breaks,from a previous mayoral Administration,including to keep it there on mid-market,Street in a more or less beleaguered,part of downtown San Francisco at the,time so there's a lot of unrest going on,at Twitter right now but Jake just a,little bit of context we have heard from,people in other parts of tech especially,Say the video game industry we're,grinding on software is normal right,where it is expected as part of the,culture that you're gonna work crazy,long hours you'll get paid well you'll,get great benefits but it's just de,Reger it's just sort of the way that,things are done this feel feels,different though this feels like it's a,cultural shift that people didn't accept,when they got there but now they're,being forced to accept to stay there do,I have that kind of right,I think you absolutely do I think we're,looking here at a big shift and you know,I can I absolutely understand to,somebody looking in from the outside,looking at this and saying how can these,people be complaining they're some of,the best paid most valuable employees in,the world right and the complaints that,we have seen in recent days that Elon,Musk and his team are scouring the,tweets of employees to make sure they,are not disparaging their former,employer you know that is weird for a,guy who claims to be a free speech,absolutist but it is absolutely normal,in Corporate America right uh you know,we at any company are required to not,disparage that company publicly so all,of that I understand what we're also,seeing however is a big shift from what,was really an article of faith in,working at Twitter that you were there,as part of a piece of big important,Civic infrastructure you were,theoretically trying to keep people,together we're talking about the,instrument by which world leaders who,have no other diplomatic channel to,speak to one another get the word out to,one another in Acro lost Twitter right,it is an extraordinary channel in terms,of what it does and it is largely unique,in this landscape at this moment I think,that the bargain that people who were,working there really made with,themselves was we're going to go and,work as hard as we can on this place in,order but because we believe in it then,Elon Musk comes in and begins talking,about how he wants to blow all of that,up he of course throws away the,verification syst

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Musk gives Twitter employees ultimatum: 'Makes a lot of sense,' expert says

Musk gives Twitter employees ultimatum: 'Makes a lot of sense,' expert says

welcome back a new wave of resignations,now at Twitter after Elon Musk gave the,employees an ultimatum either commit to,working long hours at high intensity or,leave the company they're closing its,offices until Monday in the middle of,this joining me right now competitive,Enterprise Institute director of Center,uh Center for technology and Innovation,Jessica malusian Jessica good to see you,your reaction to what's going on at,Twitter well my reaction is that it's,funny there's such a reaction what he's,saying is we're going to get down to,this we have a big job to do and anyone,who's not interested in working hard to,do it is out they can decide you're in,are you out it makes a lot of sense,Twitter has been poorly run and,non-profitable since it started so he's,trying to fix that,yeah it's amazing to me how much,pushback Elon Musk is getting uh right,now I mean is this political or is this,uh just uh the I mean when companies are,allowed to report and talk about layoffs,and you know have a vision for their,company but he's getting slammed over it,yeah it's really the talk of Twitter,itself all of Twitter now is about,what's happening at Twitter,um but it's really it shouldn't be a,surprise to anyone like you said this is,what companies do when they want to be,successful and this is certainly what,Elon has done himself and in all of his,other successful Ventures it just,what about all the other tech stocks and,tech companies that have been announcing,layoffs because it's been a big week for,that meta announced it's cutting 13 of,its Workforce Amazon targeting nearly 10,000 job Cuts CEO Andy jassy said that,that's going to continue into next year,the Washington Post reporting High,interest rates and forcing layoffs as,well that could signal the slowing,economy uh what are your thoughts in,terms of what's happening in terms of,technology and all of these job Cuts,well I think something some part of this,is the bigger economic picture right,some of this is the macro situation,everyone's in you're going to see this,across Industries I think and we already,we already do but part of this is,because when we were all quarantining at,home a lot of Our Lives went online and,a lot of those companies made a lot of,money and grew very quickly to,accommodate that and a little bit of,that bet was that we were going to stay,a lot online even when we got let back,onto the streets that's happened to some,degree but not to the degree that this,hiring would reflect so they have to cut,back and trim the sales a bit I think,it's just it's again that's a part of a,larger story,meanwhile what about the story around,tick tock FBI director Christopher Wray,talked about all the concerns around,tick tock this week saying that he's,quote extremely concerned about China's,influence uh and yesterday I spoke with,the FCC commissioner Brendan Carr he,says Tick Tock should be banned in the,United States watch,Tick Tock is different than Facebook or,Twitter you don't choose who to follow,on Tick Tock they make the decision,about what to feed you and that can be,used for a foreign influence campaign,Chris Ray also said they could,potentially technically compromise your,device so these are very serious remarks,coming from the FBI director,Jessica Tick Tock is owned by a Chinese,company we know the rules in China if,you're a company based in China or you,have the Chinese company as you're,overseeing company you have to report to,the CCP if they ask you for any data you,will give it to them yeah they don't,have a choice um and the government,right now the U.S government's in,negotiation about trying to find a way,to keep U.S data from being accessed in,mainland China we'll see if that's,successful the details of those talks,are confidential so we don't know but it,is very important Congress has a job to,do that job is oversight they're not,very good at doing that in a lot of,areas and I'm glad to see that the,Senate intelligence committee is taking,this up because it's important,I mean would you would you use stick,talk is it on your phone is it on any of,your kids phones I I don't use it mostly,because I'm not a great dancer but also,because of uh security concerns I just,choose not to I mean and that's,something that everyone can do right now,right you don't need congress's,permission you can just not have it on,your phone if it's a concern because the,bottom line is you have to be,comfortable with whatever's happening on,that phone being seen by the Chinese,government whether that's a national,security threat or just creepy for me I,just don't do it yeah I mean look,they're talking about all that data,being used against you at some point if,the CCP wants to use it as blackmail,Jessica we'll keep following it we so,appreciate your time thank you thank you

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A FORK in the ROAD: Elon's Twitter Ultimatum--and George Hotz to Work at Twitter?!

A FORK in the ROAD: Elon's Twitter Ultimatum--and George Hotz to Work at Twitter?!

foreign,hey y'all it's Dr know it all so I,already did an episode today that was,roughly based on Twitter it's elon's,idea for an X app of some variety if,you're interested I'll put a link to,that at the end of this video but you,know Elon being Elon is never enough to,just have one thing happen in a day he,actually put out this letter apparently,in the middle of the night last night so,this is Wednesday the 16th at 407. this,came out about an hour ago my time and,Elon would have written it somewhere,around 12 or 15 hours ago so this basic,idea and you'll see why the timing is,important here anyway let's go ahead and,read this this is to the Twitter,employees all of them and it's entitled,a fork in the road which is interesting,considering that he's got that statue,the decommissioned of the fork in the,road anyway going forward to build a,breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and succeed in,an increasingly competitive world we,will need to be extremely hardcore this,will mean working long hours at high,intensity only exceptional performance,will constitute a passing grade,interesting that he puts it in academic,terms there Twitter will also be much,more engineering driven design and,product management will still be very,important and report to me but those,writing great code will constitute the,majority of our team and have the,greatest sway at its heart Twitter is a,software and Service Company so I think,this makes sense if you are sure that,you want to be part of the new Twitter,please click yes on the link below,obviously there's a link which is not,included here anyone who has not clicked,on this link by 5 PM eastern time,tomorrow Thursday so that would be just,about 25 hours from now as I'm recording,this we'll receive three months of,severance whatever decision you make,thank you for your efforts to make,Twitter successful Elon so yeah that's a,that's a pretty intense statement there,so it's a kind of rallying The Troop,statement but it's also a separating the,wheat from the chaff kind of statement I,think we're doing both at the same time,number one Elon is saying if you are,we're comfortable with just kind of,chilling and not doing all that much,work before at Twitter you might want to,find yourself another job go look go,look elsewhere but on the other hand if,you're you know if you want to work,intense long hours and especially if,you're an engineer and you really love,coding and you want to try to make the,world a better place,Twitter is the place for you so I think,you know we're probably we had a round,of firing from elon's part now we're,doing a sort of culling a voluntary,culling so who knows I mean as much as,40 or 50 percent of the company that's,left could decide to leave at this point,also so that is quite possible and then,what will happen is that I'm sure they,will start to hire back out again to,fill in whatever ranks they need so,clearly they're in uh you know get rid,of things mode I believe Twitter was at,7 500 employees I believe was what it,was prior to the Takeover and I it's,like half of that right now so you know,we could be down to Twitter having 1500,2 000 employees someone something in,this range by the end of this whole,process so that's rather interesting,also of course is the um design and,product management will be important but,we're talking engineering here so he,really really wants to hear from,engineers and that actually leads to the,next thing that was interesting which,was that let's see if we can get oh I'm,on the wrong thing there we go is that,George hotz responding to Elon musk's,fork in the road post somebody posted,this about that this is a CNN article,anyway he said this is the attitude that,builds incredible things that all the,people who don't desire greatness leave,if you don't know George hotz he is a,Serial entrepreneur incredibly bright,coder and worked on comma AI most,recently his actually recently left,comma AI so he's kind of in a spot where,he could actually contribute to Tesla,and then you'll notice that he below,that said I will put my money where my,mouth is I'm down for a 12-week,internship or about four months no three,months sorry three like I can count I'm,down for about a three month internship,at Twitter for the cost of living in San,Francisco so other words he's not really,asking for a salary as much as just,enough to be able to pay for for a,living it's not about accumulating,capital in a dead world it's about,making the world alive so you can see,that he's very much behind,Elon musk's Mission and then if you,think that that's cool then Elon said,sure let's talk so there's a very high,likelihood that George hotz will be,working for Twitter,as soon as tomorrow who knows I mean it,could happen very very rapidly these,guys don't seem to like to mess around,so it could be quite possible that,George Hawks and Elon Musk will be,working in the same direction on Twitter,very very quickly and you can see how,rapidly the likes are going up on all of,these th

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