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LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – July 12, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilsonfurther

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – July 12, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

further evidence that american carnage,was trump's true legacy the breakdown,special edition starts now,welcome to the breakdown's post january,6th hearing special edition i'm tara,stetmayer this is the rick wilson who is,joining us from a an important trip and,we're glad that he's able to make it,because,another hearing another set of bombshell,facts another um,just emotional roller coaster for me as,a viewer again watching this,particularly what happened toward the,end and how they wrapped it up with,their with the witnesses and just,rick there was a lot to go through here,and um i i want to start with you and,what were some of your big takeaways,because i know what some of mine were,but let's start with you,i want to begin at the end in a way tara,because the last seven minutes of the,hearing today,uh well almost the last seven minutes,uh congresswoman cheney spoke a little,bit after that but congressman raskin in,a seven minute absolutely,stellar and emotionally wrenching,performance,laid out what you said in the beginning,the legacy of american carnage and that,legacy is created by donald trump,extended by donald trump from the moment,he swore that oath like any and he,didn't take it seriously like every,other,life,in january of 2017,we were on a downhill spiral of chaos,and the inevitability of the violence of,january 6 that would resound,throughout our history now,as a dark moment in our in in this,country,and,and i think we're going to clip it folks,we'll post it online for you later but,congressman raskin really expressed it,in a way that just,that just brought it all together to the,point we've come to in these hearings,they knew,that the big lie was a lie they knew,trump had lost the election,and there were people all around him who,knew,that he wanted a violent,moment on january 6 to occur he wanted,the shock he wanted the terror he wanted,the fear,of his mob in the minds of congress,we now know that many people in the,white house were aware of what was,coming we now know from these draft,tweets,that,that donald trump was was expecting,a large crowd to march to the capitol he,wanted them he was going to exhort them,and did so,and finally,raskin reminded us of of some of the,human toll not just the not just the the,big picture toll on our country and the,fabric of our nation but on people like,officer gannell,yeah guys,watching them sit there,that line of men and women who defended,the elected members of congress many of,whom have gone back to being trump,worshipping toadies,and who defended our country that day i,think today's hearing,was a really important reminder,just how much planning was going into,january 6th just how many people were,involved and frankly just how many,people in the white house knew what was,happening absolutely that's what i think,was the most important moment to me,before you go any further rick i i for,those who did not get a chance to see,the hearing or or turned off when they,started to uh you know um closing,statements i i want to read a little bit,of what jamie raskin said um and,the congressman joined we're speaking,recently and if you guys haven't seen,that episode it's on demand on our,channels go back and watch it he's just,absolutely brilliant,and um he is so passionate and and,honest in his approach to his dedication,to his job into our constitution that,it's infectious this is what he's some,of what he said he said trump tried to,take one of the major parties down the,path of authoritarianism in abraham,lincoln's party no less he said american,democracy is a precious inheritance,something rare in the history of the,world and rare even today constitutional,democracy is a silver frame upon which,the golden apple of freedom rests which,is a quote from lincoln,he said we need to defend both our,democracy and our freedom with,everything we have so that this american,carnage ends here,and now reading that i get mike i get,goosebumps again i got goosebumps,listening to him and i'll tell you,another moment that struck me and again,we're going to start from the end and,work our way back,um,for those who didn't see or for those,who did we had two witnesses today one,was a former oath keeper who,saw the light and came forward and,talked about how god-awful that,extremist militia or paramilitary,wannabe group is,the other was a guy named steven ayers,who was just a trump lackey he was a guy,who followed trump who held on to every,word he said this he admitted it himself,he went to the capitol that day because,trump told them to,and he was charged with uh illegally,entering the capital and we all know,what happened,with the chaos that ensued at the end of,the hearing there was a two there were,two very powerful images that were,captured that brought me to tears twice,actually,steven ayers talked about how this,ruined his life getting involved in this,and how he'd finally seen the light and,but but this is,the cost that it that it it the toll it,took on him and his family,

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LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – July 21, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – July 21, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

welcome to the breakdown special edition,we are analyzing the eighth hearing of,the january sixth hearings and uh it,didn't disappoint,no it did not,there was a lot here you know i i almost,feel like,i'm emotionally exhausted from all of,this and as people can see i'm i'm not,in my normal my normal setup i'm,actually traveling and decided that,there was no way i was gonna you know,not have something to say about today's,hearing just because it was a,combination of so many things yeah and,uh you know i was live tweeting through,the whole thing and i was just saying to,myself like,is it any clearer,that donald trump,wanted this,he enjoyed it he sanctioned it he,incited it he planned it he pushed it,right he helped plan it and,it it just doesn't get any more,un-american,and traitorous than this,and yet,we still have people who are cowards who,who are,refusing to testify who won't come,forward and who are still,trying to dismiss this as if it were,just oh that was before we want to move,on from that i just don't know how,anyone can watch this and and even just,watch one of them,and come to that conclusion that this,doesn't matter how does this not matter,in the greater american zeitgeist i just,don't get it you know tara i think what,we saw tonight was the conclusion of a,very compelling case and again i'll,admit it again i'm glad i was wrong okay,i'm glad i was wrong i'm happy i was,wrong,the committee actually did something,with these hearings that i thought they,weren't going to pull off which was they,provided not only a cogent and clear,picture for the american people of what,happened on january 6th and then in the,days before and after,but they also,demonstrated the lawlessness the chaos,the violence were not an accident they,weren't some spontaneous thing that grew,out of the earth,they were a part of a plan by donald,trump and we also saw,even beyond that the unbelievable,ugliness and recklessness of it even of,the people who surrounded him in the,white house even these absolute,loyalists to him in the white house,who would have laid down in front of a,train for this guy,they were saying amongst themselves they,were admitting who and what he was to,themselves they knew how unbelievably,wrong this was you even when a guy like,tim murtaugh,and matt walking two guys who hate,us with the fire of a billion sons and,they're telling each other the truth,about trump that he refused to honor,fallen police officers that he wanted,the attack to happen that he would never,apologize for for for take,responsibility for what he caused,these people were admitting it and i,want to say this we also saw and and i,think the community did a beautiful job,of this by putting mitch mcconnell and,kevin mccarthy and the rest of them on,camera who saying these things and and,it reminds us,that you know,uh mcconnell's on the phone with the,secretary of defense so you've got to,defend the capital we've got to get the,people's business done and mccarthy's,saying i i'm done with this guy,yeah,two weeks later kevin mccarthy was in,mar-a-lago with uh you know on his knees,in front of trump begging for,forgiveness,posting thumbs-up selfies right,can he give him some little uh,trophy yeah he gave him some sort of,award or some horseshit yeah you could,look trump's like a trump's like a like,like a like a parrot or like a magpie,you could give him a piece of tinfoil,and he's happy donald this is the sacred,foil of destiny,no one else has this foil it's very,special um right but but i mean look i,think we saw some things tonight that,that once again you had people who were,in trump's inner circle in his most,intimate orbit of power in the white,house,admitting confessing,giving up,the the telling the truth at long last,and look i know there are a lot of,people like that say to them screw you,you didn't come forward when you could,have you you should have said something,right away that day that minute that,hour look at this point,let's litigate that in the future at,this point with that i struggle with,that i do too because believe me you,know i'm you know i am fond of a hearty, you,right i mean i was saying that you know,i was watching this with my husband and,um we were actually outside and i was,hoping that people passing by which were,hearing they would hear what we were,listening to right and you know because,i there's a lot where i am in jersey,right now is through the country there's,a lot of trump supporters here they're,flying their flags in the shore houses,and oz country it's odd country yes yeah,that's right i mean i i also want to say,i don't want him as a jersey person like,i don't want his ass either but i get,the i get the trolling by fetterman's,people and it's brilliant but no i mean,i'm in trump country down here and it's,like i wouldn't scream out of the,windows there's a restaurant down here,that has a trump 2020 placard still up,in the in like the courtyard on the,fence and i every time i pass by i just,want to scream

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LPTV: The Breakdown – July 19, 2022 | Guest: Michael Steele

LPTV: The Breakdown – July 19, 2022 | Guest: Michael Steele

welcome to the breakdown i'm tara,setmayer the rick wilson is not here if,you haven't noticed but,my very good friend special guest,co-host with me tonight former,lieutenant governor of maryland former,rnc chairman you've seen him on msnbc,michael steele is here with me to hold,down the fort tonight michael welcome,back what up how are you doing look i,i'm doing my best rick impersonation you,know you've got the care i'm working on,it you know and,i brought a little late night michael,steele with me so we're good listen we,all are here for michael steele after,dark i look forward to this it's like an,annual event,um you know oh well thank you thank you,the view i've seen you on my network at,msnbc i see you everywhere this is all,good,championing democracy in the cause,appreciation thank you thank you i'm i'm,trying to do my part to keep these,bastards honest and inform people and,make sure people don't get complacent,that they pay attention so we can save,this democracy because um we're in some,trouble yeah,you're going to get your mama skills on,that's what you do right right,well anyway um let's let's get right,into it so something that we do on,tuesdays is it's called last week in the,republican party and it's a mashup of,all the batshit crazy that happens in,the republican party from week to week,so we're going to run that and then you,and i are going to talk a little bit,about you know maybe some of your,reaction to what we saw and then get,into headlines so let's see i'm drinking,yes yes of course that is not just a,coke,roll it,ah,what a glorious day it is have you heard,the news,double vaxxed double boosted flip-flop,saucy reportedly has coven always stay,up-to-date on your coveted 19 vaccines,because i mean,it will give you coven 19. just like it,has balche and everybody else how do you,think they're going to surveil you under,the skin every member conservative inc,that backs this ukraine war is a simple,there was some,very,big big big,big everybody i only get but hate from,the democrat party they want to send me,back to mexico,pieces of evidence,cyber evidence one doesn't have to be,brilliant to attempt a coup uh i,disagree with that as somebody who has,helped plan coup d'etat,not here but you know other places from,the 2020 election,that we didn't even know before that now,we have offshore drilling isn't just,safe it's actually good for the,environment there was testimony that was,so blurry that i was having vision,issues i mean how is it that we classify,bacteria on mars as a life but not a,beating heart in the womb then there was,this testimony with such bad audio that,they needed scrolls on the bottom we,have got to grab hold of the children in,this country we've got to corral them,get them in a headlock and drag them off,into what my mom used to call force,family fun not enough to say we're,against you got to be against,women's rights too so much for this this,myth of separation of church and state,it's not enough to be against,blue-haired feminism you got to be as,women getting educated i'm going to,remind people right now that the largest,standing army in the world,are american gun owners,we've got over a trillion rounds of ammo,out there i'm like rosa parks with a,glock this is congressman ronnie jackson,from the great state of texas on behalf,of all the law-abiding gun owners in the,state of texas i just want to say come,and get it i put it another way you're a,bunch of,oh my goodness gracious so um michael,usually we just pick out one or two,things that just drove us crazy,i got my favorite but you go start go,ahead well you go first you're the guest,my favorite was uh uh ambassador bolton,he's like now i,i don't know if you call that a cool,i've done,right jake tapper was like hold on let,me come back to that did you did i hear,you just saying,please that you've planned coos yeah,that was that was wild that was during,the uh last january sixth hearing uh,that day and it was like uh i'm sorry,what,that's the whole thing the other a,couple of things that stood out to me,were just one the absolute sick twisted,gleeful way in which some of these,people were happy that uh dr fauci got,coven,that's just it's just that a morose sick,twisted you know,low-class typical thing of these people,just juvenile and um the other thing,though the two things and it kind of it,it's part of our conversation later,we're going to talk january 6th and some,stuff first in bannon but um,this idea of these lunatics that are,running for governor of pennsylvania and,arizona doug mastriano talking about,this myth of church you know separation,of church and state like this guy is,dangerous and then you have carrie lake,out there who's a q anon whack-a-doodle,in arizona um,making comments about those trillions of,rounds of ammo and the great largest,standing army in the world as you as,american gun owners i mean these people,are fomenting violence and you wonder,why january 6 freaking happened it's not,just trump so

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FAFO: The Trump Ticket – September 7 | Hosts: Reed Galen & Rick Wilson

FAFO: The Trump Ticket – September 7 | Hosts: Reed Galen & Rick Wilson

it is eight o'clock in the east it is,five o'clock in the west and this is,f-a-f-o if you don't know what it means,look it up this is a family show rick,hey everybody i am lincoln project,co-founder and your host for tonight,reed galen joining me thankfully god,bless is the one the only the rick,wilson rick welcome,reed how are you buddy,good so rick just during as we're now in,full-fledged campaign season we like to,take a half an hour a week and,you know,help everybody understand that sometimes,yes karma does find the worst people in,the country oh and so we're gonna go to,some of those people,she is a magnificent visitor to the life,of steve bannon today,she's a magnificent,visitor to the life of mitch mcconnell,the last i don't know two months,and uh and she's been knocking on donald,trump's store too,well that's true so let's start with,bloody bloating mcbloatface,um,steve bannon um,you know long-time uh leninist,provocateur uh one-time senior aide to,donald trump in the white house campaign,chairman for donald trump uh in 2020 was,indicted on federal,uh i guess charges of of embezzling,money from a non-profit yeah thank you,for setting up a non-profit uh build,this wall i think it was called uh they,took 25 million dollars from people uh,he took a million of it and then spread,a whole bunch else around not,surprisingly trump pardoned him i,believe it might have even been on his,last day in office the last part,right so now the manhattan district,attorney's office uh has chosen to,arraign him tomorrow thursday as we're,recording this and he is planning to,turn himself in uh he said in his,statement among other things that he'll,continue to defend the country from,immigrants from drugs from the likes of,you and me and they he will die in the,process rick if he needs to do it,you know i think the thing that's,probably going to kill steve is not,a valiant defense of his fascist,principles but probably some guy in a,cell block who gets pissed off that,bannon's smell won't go away and even,for prison it's too much,but look he is a guy,this is a guy who who is,absolutely one of the biggest posers in,american politics,he wants to portray himself as this like,revolutionary figure who's going to be,out there guess what at the end of the,day his lawyers are going to tell him to,shut the up if he doesn't he he,will go to jail and if he does he loses,a lot of the mojo he thinks he's got but,it's important to understand too that,figures like bannon,in the in the world that trump has,broken are now increasingly sort of,believing that they are in fact above,the law,that they will get pardoned that,somebody will take care of them that,there will be some,some miracle that will will,will reduce the accountability they,should they should have in the world and,it is good to see at least something,coming out of bragg's office,in new york where they are going after a,trump person um,you know it is not as much evidence as i,thought they had against trump himself,um in the prior case that bragg sort of,punted on but i'm glad they're doing it,i mean look there's nothing more,repugnant in american politics than,steve bannon i mean nothing,so do you think well just thinking back,was that the month month and a half ago,now rick when alex jones was on trial uh,in texas for his,horrific behavior towards the sandy hook,families right um he would spend all day,acting like a freak in the courtroom and,then would go on his tv show,lambast the process lambast the judge,show these crazy images of the judge,like you know on fire discuss the trial,where the judge had specifically told,him not to do so do you think we'll see,a similar kind of circus from bannon,we might i mean bannon's gonna have good,good lawyers around him i i would,imagine,but you know he's a guy who won't take,good advice i mean we you and i both,know people who cannot shut up even when,good common sense,you know,logic and good legal advice says shut up,everybody's known people like that in,their lives and i i think though bannon,right now he's also in a kind of a weird,spot where his chinese sugar daddy is,out of the picture now,he is sort of not really getting the the,revenue he needs from breitbart anymore,um and so i think he needs to make a,play where he looks like a martyr and he,looks like you know he so he can go out,and do,the massive fundraising,um and and and to go out and say you,know the deep state's trying to put me,away because i fight for trump,right well i guess that's that was going,to be my next question because also uh,you know folks like our friends that,check my ads are systematically going,through uh you know online ad exchanges,and making sure people like bannon are,getting d platform for for their,outrageous,white nationalist you know i don't even,know what the other adjectives are rich,uh you know statements uh that are often,inflammatory often incite violence sure,um but here's one where two,you know it seems to me and this i think,will run th

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The Lincoln Project Podcast Episode 196: Dangerous, Unfit, and Traitorous with Joe Walsh

The Lincoln Project Podcast Episode 196: Dangerous, Unfit, and Traitorous with Joe Walsh

foreign,welcome back to the Lincoln project I'm,your host Reed Galen today I'm joined in,Studio by Joe Walsh former Congressman,representing Illinois's 8th,congressional district former 2020,presidential candidate former member of,the Republican party and current host of,the white flag with Joe Walsh podcast,Joe welcome Reid is so damn good to be,with you now we finally met we finally,meet in person there's there we we did a,podcast together I don't know a couple,of months few months ago uh there's,always the Twitter right which is not,the real world but it is real um but so,it's great to actually see you in person,so a lot to go over,um but now as we record this,um on a Thursday after the Georgia,runoff the 2022 midterm cyclist finally,in the books right feels like it lasted,forever,um what's your sense of this year and,where the GOP our former party now,stands as it looks into 2024 frankly I,think and read it is great to be with,you you I think that our former,political party is still a shrinking,dying National political party,um I think they're going to be strong,here for a few years especially when it,comes to the house,um but it's a party of old white men and,old white women and I still don't see,them replacing themselves fast enough so,they're still in a lot of trouble it's,still Trump's party right,but let me ask you this because you you,talk about that it's shrinking but as we,looked at Georgia again just as an,example,um one good thing,um James Carville noted right that,Georgia yes it's elected two Democratic,senators in two years twice or at least,once,um is that it all the Statewide elected,officials are Republicans and it wasn't,close right those races weren't close,um and if Herschel Walker had been 10,less crazy he wins he wins yeah and so,you know I think there's,you know I guess I I guess my question,is,you're talking about demographics you're,talking about sort of a timeline but my,fear is like we don't get there soon,enough yeah right because the bad guys,could still win soon enough because we,are a 50 50 country so what is it you,think because I got this question a lot,um this week is,why are so many otherwise normal people,still voting for Republican candidates,why are these roses so close,um to your point on Georgia I I I think,it's premature to declare Georgia a,purple or certainly a blue state right,you're right a normal Republican beats,Warnock uh look at Kemp,um uh,I think what's helping to prop the,Republican Party Up is the fact that the,Democratic party has some issues and,because they defied history and did so,well this midterm uh I worry that the,Democrats aren't going to self-reflect,on their issues that are still there,right,um and and that can really help,Republicans read look I uh because of my,background I talk to people in the,middle all the time low information,unaffiliated voters who don't like,either political party and they all tell,me generally Republicans are,Democrats are kind of like Elite snobs,who don't understand me right and and in,that Dynamic a lot of people are still,going to vote for the right so,we like to say yeah if it's a socialist,versus a sociopath the sociopath wins,six times and twice on Sunday hands down,so so the the Democrats,uh have an opportunity to grab a lot of,people right uh last cycle this cycle,and next because,um I I do believe the Republican party,is shrinking uh and they're not,replacing the old white men and old,white women my base enough with younger,people and people of color,but they do have an interesting,connection to Working Class People,um some of the you know the the whole,Trump trumpism thing,Working Class People relate a lot to,some of that you know it's interesting,so there's a guy named Rick Smith who,has a radio show he's a trumpet,terrific guy Central PA guy yeah and he,I was on his show before the election,and we were talking about Doug mastriano,in Pennsylvania yeah and he said that,his neighborhood is just filled with,mastriano signs and he said you know if,this guy he's telling all his trucker,buddies you know if this guy gets,elected they're going to pass right to,work they're going to you know just,eviscerate unions and the guy's like I,don't care I don't care he's my guy he's,my guy and so the working it's it's a,working class thing but the working,class it's it's emotional almost it's,cultural it's cultural cultural right,completely it's it's and it's it's not,fair,um uh Democrats are soft on crime,Democrats want to defund the police,Democrats want there to be 64 different,genders Democrats are just woke woke,woke you hear a lot of that I hear a lot,of that from these folks right,um because the Republican party and,their media Echoes do a great job of,just planting these seeds right but it's,cultural and emotional right and you see,it's interesting that like so Marjorie,Taylor green who is now a leader of the,United States house right or she will be,right she is in oh she's gonna be the,speaker,she might be she'

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Wake Up

Wake Up

- He's been awake for 20 minutes.,- Just tell me he's okay.,- I can't get this on.,- Where is he, where's my baby?,- There he is.,- No hugging.,No hugging, please.,- We're not gonna hug nobody.,- Hi mom.,- Hi baby.,- I'm okay, it's okay.,But the doctors won't tell me anything.,Could someone please explain what's going on?,Okay honey.,You were in a very bad car accident.,- Yeah.,- And you bumped your head.,And so about three and a half years have gone by.,- Three and a half years?,- You were in a coma.,And now it's 2020.,- Wow.,Wow.,Did I miss anything interesting?,What?,- Uh, just, you guys go, go ahead.,- Well, sweetheart, do you remember that,our president is Donald Trump.,- Of course.,(laughing),We finally got a Republican back.,- Strong leader boy, he's a strong leader.,- Supporting families.,- Well of course.,He's had a bunch of his own family,working in the White House right now.,- Bless their hearts.,- And as he promised, he's keeping the Mexicans out.,- So he actually built his wall.,- Uh, well, he.,- Hey, how'd he get Mexico to pay for it?,- Uh, I don't think I remember him saying that.,- And don't mention the kids in the cages.,- Not gonna.,- Kids?,- Yeah.,Got to admit that that didn't turn out,the way he said it would.,- If I remember right, his, his wife was an immigrant.,- Oh, isn't she pretty.,- I just love all her dresses.,- She's from one of those non-shithole countries.,And she was so strong when she found out that her husband,was paying off one of those.,- Porn stars. - Exactly.,- A porn star.,- Oh, I guess we did want to an outsider Republican.,- Yes we did!,(laughing),Did he lose the evangelicals?,- Actually. - No qualms.,- They didn't really say very much.,You know, he eventually took a picture,in front of a church with,a upside down Bible and that helped.,- It did.,- And we have race riots.,- Race riots?,- No, more like peaceful, everybody riots.,- Everybody, were out there.,- People in the street yelling for equal rights,for black people, again.,And you know what I have to admit?,I do agree, they deserve it,because the police keep accidentally killing black people.,- Oh, we can't support that.,We're Republicans not Klansmen.,- That's right. - Kiddo, kiddo.,You know, there are fine people on both sides.,- You believe that?,- I'm trying to.,- Trump was just making a point about fairness,and there being two sides to every story,,especially when one is so terrible.,- That's right, keep it balanced.,Just like how he got himself impeached.,- Whoa, impeached, for what?,- For supposedly cahootin' with the, with the Russians.,- Wow.,The Republicans must have crushed him on that Russia stuff.,- Oh no, my love they are loyal, good people.,Well, especially that Mitch O'Connell.,- I thought we hated the Russians.,- We do.,Except we like Putin.,Apparently he turned good.,- I mean, let's be honest.,Trump knew for a very long time that Putin and the Russians,were paying off the Talibans to kill us.,- The news networks must be just destroying him.,- But honey, we don't listen to them, or the scientists.,- Yeah, that's fake news!,- Fake news, fake news.,- Oh, wait a minute.,Did you all become doctors?,Why are you all wearing masks?,- Well, pumpkin,,there is a virus killing people all over the world.,Now at first, Mr Trump said it was just a hoax,made up by the Democrats,,but people kept getting sick.,So then Trump asked the doctors to figure out a way,how to inject disinfectant into everybody.,But then finally Trump took some medicine,,although not the real kind, not the real kind.,And now,,over 150,000 Americans are dead.,Nothing could be done about it.,Right?,- Excuse me.,- How do you know if you have the virus?,(laughing),- You don't.,- No. - No.,- No, I mean, we can't get tested.,The President slowed that way down,,but that was so that less people died from it.,- That's correct.,- Wait, what?,- Would you like a mask?,- Oh God.,- Oh honey, look at him.,Don't, don't, don't you worry?,The reason we elected him was so he could fix the economy.,That's exactly what he did.,Right?,He gave huge tax cuts to the rich folk who hire people.,Oddly, they didn't hire people.,- Millions of people are newly unemployed,,including your father.,- That's me, Mr, Mr lose your job.,Lost my damn job.,- Do you guys remember how nobody came,to his party in Oklahoma?,Where he's just talking about how he could drink water.,- Well he did it well, he did do it good.,- It was like a, it was an assist.,- You know what, Gary?,We should go stay at Mar-a-Lago sometime.,I bet we'd meet some big shots.,- We can't afford that, honey.,- Oh I forget.,- No, my favorite,,my favorite was that that time when in Puerto Rico.,(heart monitor droning beep),When it started raining.,- Oh. - Right?,So then Trump went down there,and he threw them all free paper towels.,- Right, that's exactly what he did.,- Just chucking up paper towels.,- Just throwing them paper towels.,- Now you can't find a paper towel.,- Exactly. - Absolutely.,You know what we

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seeing the epicenter of the corona virus,outbreak shift here to the United States,in Europe over the past week the number,of infections has tripled feind,reporting a surge in cases the numbers,are still rising Indonesia Malaysia and,Thailand doubling roughly every two to,three days more and more deaths come in,every 24 hours of seriously ill patients,many of the victims were otherwise,healthy stocks on Wall Street plummeted,again jobless claims surged to a record,3.3 billion and economic pandemic major,league sports have left the field this,crisis is having an enormous impact,lights have gone dark on Broadway,factories and shopping malls are,shuttered this virus is killing business,school closest a nationwide have gained,is speed in recent days beer and anxiety,care workers are most at risk because,they're running out of the means to,protect themselves this is following our,worst case scenario no extra hospital,bag we need ventilate the edge of being,overwhelmed the supply chain just can't,keep up with our needs,I think they're looking for us to see a,brave face anybody could have this and,you could suppose yourself at all time I,am a single mom of three kids I teach,math and science the fifth and sixth,grade I love being a nurse I've been a,nurse for 16 years I've taught for 15 or,so years I worked at the hospital my,husband's a firefighter had a,conversation with my kids and told them,that if shelter-in-place went in order,that they would have to stay with their,father just because it would be safer,right now it's a very staring,unpredictable time and so I actually,said goodbye to them,a week ago I'm scared to see my parents,and my husband's parents so my kids and,I went and met in a parking lot and fat,in like lawn chairs like 6 feet apart,and it sucked because I really wanted to,hug them,every single one of these people are,putting their life at aligned to help,others is insanely crazy amazing and,beautiful of people to do their who,better shut down completely because,there's so many kids that don't have,technology or internet or things like,that I started a project feeding 255,kids breakfast and lunch daily people in,the online communities are reaching out,and offering words of encouragement,we had a guy last week who went and,cleared out all of the mass that he,could find from the local hardware store,and just brought in this giant bag of,masks for us you can be a community,without sit next to each other brought,in snacks and drinks and food for us are,stopping what they're doing to make hand,sanitizer and stopping with them to make,face masks making me feel like what I do,matters this was caught a fight the,pride it's unexpected but we're gonna,make it through it people are basically,good and they want to help we're gonna,get through this we got this and if,we're gonna come out stronger on the,other side,you

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LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – June 9, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – June 9, 2022 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

welcome to the breakdowns post hearing,breakdown we start right now,welcome to this special edition of the,breakdown post january 6th prime time,hearing the first one,uh rick that was,devastating in my opinion and um,this is going to be a hell of a ride for,the next couple of of hearings if the,first one is any indication of it wow,you know i've been as short on the,committee pulling this off as any human,being on earth,and i was absolutely wowed it was,great television and i don't mean that,to trivialize it i mean that because,americans primary modality of absorbing,their news is television that's right,and that was a that was a performance,um i think wisely chairman thompson who,framed it on the front and framed it on,the back in a very emotional and,patriotic,um feeling uh,opening at part of this,i thought that was enormously important,the way he did that,but then he switched it over to liz,cheney who proceeded to go out,um beat down,donald trump his enablers her republican,colleagues the proud boys the oath,keepers the rioters,with a baseball bat and after she was,done she hosed the floor off and then,salted down the earth,with it and i mean it was a it was a it,was an absolutely stunning performance,on her part yep and it has surgical,precision it has had i think a very,interesting and i'm checking my twitter,on the other screen an interesting and,immediate effect the right wing trolls,are out screaming as long as they can we,don't care we didn't pay any attention,at all to that hearing especially the 17,minutes,they absolutely,are losing their minds they actually had,the how many minutes she she spoke 17,minutes of liz cheney,i also have to say the most important,thing they weren't watching right the,most important thing in the entire,presentation tonight i think was the,release of a,large neutral video footage no one has,seen before oh and it doesn't make the,one six protesters look any better no,there was an argument for a while like,well you're only taking a couple,selected clips and everyone else was,mostly peaceful,this was not a peaceful assembly this,was a violent mob,they were they were horrific,and the things that were getting,revealed tonight,have shown you the tip of the iceberg of,what they know in the committee just the,tip of the iceberg i'm glad that you,said that because,before in our pre-show we were talking,about what we expected to see tonight,right and i said that i hope that they,laid out an overview of what we were to,expect to keep people on the hook so,they had an idea of what was coming,and they certainly did that with,better than i could have ever expected,liz cheney methodically went down a list,of what was going to happen in this,hearing the next one the one after that,the one after that and the one after,that,and each one built on top of the other,and the overarching theme,was that donald trump is at the center,of this and,she came this close to saying that he,you know that he was he should be,criminally charged she used the phrase,one word several times,and that word was illegal illegal,illegal and illegally that's right,that's right and that was on purpose,everyone was a very carefully considered,decision,that was a very carefully considered,sprays strategic,marker in this entire thing um and the,fact that that they also flagged very,clearly that some of her colleagues had,asked for pardons,also shows you she's not going to take,any prisoners on that front either yes i,tweeted out that that is part of section,3 of the 14th amendment and we've we've,had discussions about this before we had,guests on last year not long after this,when there were rumors of this but we,didn't have any names yet and it wasn't,confirmed and that my ears perked up,when she said that because now,she's naming names,and at least one that was scott perry,was one of them and others she said i,suspect we're going to find out who,those people were who were seeking,pardons preemptive pardons from trump,because of their role so that that tells,me that they that they knew what,they were doing was illegal and they,were in big trouble,and no not one of them deserves to ever,hold office again because they betrayed,this country that is treasonous in my,opinion what they did and there's a,reason why that it was put in if any,anyone who held office or like they,couldn't hold office to be disqualified,from it if they were involved in an,insurrection or a rebellion against the,government it was after the civil war,there's a reason for that and you can't,tell me that what they engaged in what,they were doing wasn't that it was a,coup and benny thompson said as much,very clearly very sharply very clearly i,i look i think i think one thing and,there's a youtube,uh video that the committee has released,of all the footage from tonight,all the new footage of the attack on the,capitol is that the tick tock,no,is it difficult yeah yeah that yeah the,tick tock video i thought you meant like,the singing and dancing oh no

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