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Is Elon Musk KILLING Twitter?!what's up everybody this is the act man,here and today,Twitter is impl

The Act Man

Updated on Jan 23,2023

Is Elon Musk KILLING Twitter?!

what's up everybody this is the act man,here and today,Twitter is imploded,good when Elon Musk first talked about,acquiring Twitter and buying it out back,in April he spoke of liberation of,making comedy legal on Twitter,he promised to banish,Ed that he'd fight again,to get information,and bring order and freedom back to this,social media Giant and on October 27th,when the deal was finalized I thought,you know,if Elon Musk gets Twitter what's the,worst that could happen,it's been two weeks and I'ma be honest,it has turned into a dumpster fire I,don't remember the last time I've seen a,company of this magnitude plummet and,and up so badly so quickly the,dumpster fire is burning and it smells,like trash who's the man that Lit the,fire the negative effects of Elon musk's,takeover of Twitter have been resounding,and immediate chaos is now our king and,you know it's it's funny it's funny,watching things collapse like this from,a distance it's not good,but it is funny like bro who spends 44,billion dollars on a company and then,two weeks later it's like yeah the,bankruptcy for this company,a possibility what,what two weeks you're talking about,bankruptcy it's not out of the question,that's why you're no longer president,two weeks let's do it in two weeks hey,I'm sorry I'm sorry can we stop the,music but before we jump into it this,video is sponsored by War Thunder the,most in-depth vehicle combat game ever,made step aside Mecha salt no need to,get your wallets out War Thunder is free,to play with over 2 000 different planes,helicopters boats ships tanks there is,no end to your arsenal of weapons and,each vehicle has been meticulously,handcrafted by Phil Spencer himself to,be as detailed and historically accurate,as possible thanks Phil gaming available,on PC series xns PlayStation 5 and last,gen consoles there are no barriers to,entry as the game is also cross-platform,War Thunder's collection of vehicles,spans over 100 years now that's history,with in-depth customization including,camos and markings you can add that,Personal Touch to your armored Behemoth,enjoy breathtaking Vistas filled with,intense dog fighting unlike most,piloting games that are perfect for a,controller this game plays extremely,well on mouse and keyboard but you can,always go back to Old Reliable if you,really want to so what are you waiting,for download and play War Thunder today,and if you use my special link you'll,get a large free content Bonus Pack,including multiple premium Vehicles a,premium account boosters and much more,so check the pin comment and the,description download more Thunder and,play it and thank you War Thunder for,sponsoring this video and Now for,Something Completely Different,even know where to start on this topic,Elon bought Twitter for 44 billion,dollars and the deal finalized on,October 27th since then it has been all,downhill now whether you consider,yourself a fan of Elon Musk or not I,think it's pretty obvious and safe to,say that Twitter has gotten objectively,worse since his takeover although I'm,not sure what I expected from a guy who,named his child X xae a12 when Elon came,in the first thing he did clean house,like modern warfare baby we're getting,rid of you we're getting ready you boom,you're out of there three big Executives,at the company were all fired Elon then,proceeded to lay off half of all Twitter,employees,3700 roughly within two weeks of this,takeover now I might not be the sharpest,tool in the shed but I know when I don't,know something I'm smart enough to know,when I'm out of my league and when I,should seek the advice of other people,who are smarter than me in certain area,areas how do I change the oil in my car,do I just hit it with a wrench like the,video games tell me to do no I go to a, guy who changes oil Elon,apparently does not have this trait of,learning from people that know more,about something than you because after,they fired a bunch of people the next,day they asked some of them to come back,hey you you're fired no wait what how,does that happen well you don't just,fire people on a whim what kind of job,stability does that indicate when your,new boss is talking about bankruptcy why,would anybody want to work at Twitter,right now would you go back to a job,that got new leadership and the guy was,like hey you're fired and then he was,like hey come back actually would you go,back to that job honest question,foreign,is how do you not realize what it takes,to run Twitter before you make the,decisions of who to let go and who to,keep you need to figure that out first,okay the owners of NFL teams don't write,the playbook for on the field they pay,guys to do that for them like you can't,just make these wide sweeping,irreversible changes to Twitter and your,staff and just like and just wing it the,pattern we're seeing with Twitter is a,series of rushed and not thought out,ideas that are immediately implemented,without considering the ramifications,and then they realize the hard way that,t

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Twitter Vultures Try to Cancel Pewdiepie... AGAIN!!

Twitter Vultures Try to Cancel Pewdiepie... AGAIN!!

what did pewdiepie do this time,you know some people saw pewdiepie,trending and they were like yes,we got him now what's up everybody,this is the sad man here and today,the great tragedy has occurred it is my,unfortunate duty to inform you all that,pewdiepie must be stopped he must be,canceled,for real this time ladies and gentlemen,of the court,mr pie did the reprehensible act,of making fun of a girl's nails,what,comes as a shock to you i imagine it's,the why he made fun of this girl's nails,that has got people all up in arms,pewdiepie did did this video here right,my dog cringes at tick tocks and in this,video was a tick-tock of a girl talking,and moving her hands in very interesting,ways which turns out was sign language,because the girl is deaf so i'm going to,play the clip of pewdiepie reacting to,this girl then it dries through and it,has like the people where they stand,outside and they take your order before,you go up to like the window so i pull,up and i roll my window down and this,lady no i'm not listening to this look,she has your crazy nails my hand so,anyway what i did was i went outside and,then i peed and then i pooped a little,bit as well and it was crazy sorry are,my nails distracting you guys how can,you do this,this is outrageous,it's unfair so a relatively innocuous 25,seconds now because this somehow caused,controversy uh pewdiepie actually took,the initiative to remove that section,from the video so he acted quickly,saying i edited out the clip with the,girl that has the long nails had no clue,she was deaf but kind of dumb of me not,to realize still watching through the,clip i only poked fun of her nails the,voice i did for my dog is the same voice,i've given her for years anyways honest,mistake my bad he's like okay this is,bothering a significant amount of people,i'm just going to remove it and and yet,the twitter vultures are still mad let,me be very clear twitter is a place,where people want you to be angry like,pewdiepie had a controversy about his,spotify playlists a couple years ago,pewdiepie music taste divides twitter,after leaked spotify playlist this is,actual news by the way just want to,point that out,and,it was like,he listened to a lot of lgbt artists,and like some like people had a problem,with that what and it wasn't like the,homophobes what what what so it was very,confusing i hate twitter i think about,deleting mine all the time what i don't,like is the constant posturing that goes,on there people just can't seem to help,themselves from pointing out what is,good and what is bad or how others are,bad and you are good to a point where it,almost becomes fiction just to satisfy,this need and i don't mind that this,happens i understand that it does but,what annoys me most about it is that it,gets rewarded so there's a there's a lot,of assumptions you have to make in order,to arrive at the conclusion that,pewdiepie making fun of this girl's,nails was uh you know it was bashing,handicapped people and black people the,first assumption is that there's,something wrong with her voice to begin,with like he's putting on a silly voice,that he does for his dog this isn't the,first time he's done it maybe he didn't,know i'm doing sign language maybe he,just didn't like my long nails that's,okay a lot of people don't like them,that's fine they're not for you but when,you listen to her like she sounds normal,so it's it's weird that like you think,there's something wrong with her voice,and therefore he must be making fun of,her voice because she's deaf you're also,making the assumption that people should,be able to pick out what sign language,is i don't know about you,but i don't speak sign language so you,could move your hands all around as,you're speaking and just sync it up with,what you're saying and i wouldn't know,the difference the the racism,allegation is no standing,whatsoever it's just like he is,african-american and so you decided to,pick him out i did the rage built and,built inside your head until it became,too much because you hate,african-americans it reminds me of that,george carlin bit like he's making fun,of someone's nails and they happen to be,black he happens to be black i have a,friend who happens to be black,like it's a accident you know,you see what i'm saying like like people,have to jump to these conclusions like,oh but getting long nails is a thing,amongst black women and therefore it's,like he meant it,like as a bash against black women to,get their nails done like that and it's,like bro,they don't check your race at the door,when you go to the spa i've seen,white chicks and asian chicks with long,nails i've seen dudes with long nails,the smallest amount of common sense,applied to this situation would probably,inform you yeah his intentions were,probably just to make fun of her nails,but that's not how twitter works man,because on the internet if you're making,fun of someone you better make damn sure,they're the same color as you are let's,jump into what pe

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Logan Paul is 100% Innocent

Logan Paul is 100% Innocent

what's up everybody this is the Scam Man,here and today I'm launching my brand,new nft project that I can't do it nfts,are scams okay we all know that and by,the way guy almost all nfts are just,pictures the only value they have is,what people believe they have because,what can you actually do with an nft,it's just a picture so if you,acknowledge that nfts are just pictures,you certainly wouldn't be the type of,person to launch a whole project about,selling pictures right you know where,I'm going with this one our good friend,Logan Paul if you haven't heard has been,called out for his crypto Zoo scam which,was shown off in coffeezilla's,three-part video series the allegations,are pretty damning long and short of it,uh Logan Paul launches this game that's,like meant to sell nfts but it doesn't,quite work properly there's a lot of,issues with it it turns out the people,in charge of the project have been,scamming each other and backstabbing so,just just a colossal lots of,people have put their money in they have,received no value for that and and,coffee Zilla really went in on this,investigative journalism to track down,people involved and and come to the the,truth Logan Paul has responded to this,three-part video series,um but that response has been deleted,which is always a good sign it's always,a good sign when you're when you're so,confident in your response video it's,seven minutes and then you take it down,two days later I imagine you're all up,to speed I I assume if you're watching,this video you've watched coffee Zillow,so you know what let's let's throw our,hat in the ring let's make some easy,content and let's make fun of Logan Paul,okay let's check out this response,coffeezilla I watched your three-part,series called investigating Logan Paul's,biggest scam and like many on this,platform you have successfully used my,name for views and money yeah that's,that's the name of the game that's,YouTube you of all people should,understand that while your work used to,be impartial your addiction to clicks,has cloudy dear judgment and you've made,made very real errors with very real,repercussions you can see what Logan,Paul's tactic is right off the bat it's,not too um it's not to show evidence,against the points that coffee Zilla,made but rather to say this this guy,isn't a credible source of information,therefore all his accusations you should,dismiss them I learned I learned about,that in a in a philosophy class in,college man you learn about fallacies,that's a fallacy Mr Paul coffee you took,a shot at my reputation uh so in this,video today I'm going to be defending,myself with facts something that you,have gotten in the habit of twisting as,you continue to morph from an,investigator to a gossip Channel see,facts something you have gotten in the,habit of twisting today I'm going to,come at you with the truth something,that coffee Zilla certainly won't tell,you and with this truth I'm going to,share facts facts that coffee Zilla,isn't gonna show you as you continue to,morph from an investigator to a gossip,Channel see it okay it's like you don't,tell the truth you're not a good,investigator reporter you're turning,into a gossip channel it's like none of,that none of that has anything to do,with the points presented in coffee's,videos you see coffeezilla tried to work,with law enforcement in the past but his,work was described as not anchored to,truth and often speculative who said,that who the said that but his work,was described as not anchored to truth,and often speculative which one,who said that Logan Paul was it Barack,Obama was it was it Ned Stark was it,Diddy Kong who who said this law,enforcement I happen to know,law enforcement when I see him see you,can you can come up with any ,and say that oh so someone else said,that someone else said that Logan Paul,has tried to work on various crypto,projects but his work has been described,as scammy and not anchored to honesty,that's right so yeah a lot lots of,people said that he is a lopsided,journalist with an agenda and he's,nothing more than the keemstar of crypto,and finance bro he's ad hominem what's,that am I running a scam,it no you're a bad journalist uh you,you're like keemstar but as opposed to,just telling you I'm gonna show you some,of the core discrepancies that I caught,in coffee zilla's investigation coffee,you interviewed the developer who stole,the game code Fleck to Switzerland and,held it hostage for a million dollars,okay so so when I first started getting,into this this story I watched this,video first and I got to this part and I,just died laughing because I was,like what the did I miss what did I,miss you interviewed the man who stole,the game code fled to Switzerland and,held it hostage for a million dollars,like imagine jumping into the story and,just hearing that well his name is Zach,Kelling surely as the internet detective,that you proclaimed to be you would know,that he spent time in prison for,multiple felonies one for aggrava

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Asmongold Reacts to "The Problem with Live Service Games" | by The Act Man

Asmongold Reacts to "The Problem with Live Service Games" | by The Act Man

as a general fan of live service games,I'm curious to see what he's got to say,what's up everybody this is the act man,here and today I'm posting my very first,live service video I'll come to the,conclusion that finishing my work before,making it publicly available it,takes too long it's too much time and,effort and you don't want to wait for,Content do you I need the views and,money right now,so if the audio levels aren't balanced,properly or it keeps cutting random,intervals know that I'm working on,again,because I'm also launching this brand,new feature called free to watch videos,oh boy unlike my only fans you don't,have to pay me to watch garbage however,I do know that the comment section is,currently disabled rest assured uh our,teams are working on that but uh to keep,it disabled keep coming back to this,video to re-watch it every week I've got,a lot of great updates in store speaking,of the store did I mention my patreon,and only fans okay is the joke dead yes,get over there right the jokes live,service video game if you're like me,when you hear those words you Flinch a,little and if I don't I actually like,live service video games because it,feels like the game is evolving and,growing over time I I think that there,are just a few very well-known live,service games that are garbage,and it's hard to not think with that,perspective,you hear Early Access before yeah it's,like it's abused of the term like,unfinished trash yes it's like Early,Access yeah there we go yeah this is, amazing crafting Early Access,survival and open world think about how,many games run on a potato that,have all four of those tags,absolutely yeah if you yeah and the,games are all broken none of them work,it's horrible,them you probably start blowing chunks,yeah despite their lackluster reputation,live service games have become such a,popular Trend it doesn't discourage,every developer from attempting to make,one I mean literally every single new,release these days is promoted as an,ongoing service Indie fighting game it's,a live service now boyo single player,RPG nope that's a live service too now,which to be fair apparently that helps,cyberpunk a lot so it's it's one of,these things where live service games,might be a um departure from what's,usual but it seems like it's been a,positive for many of these games I,remember seeing CD projekt Red talk,about having multiple days with a,million concurrent players online,let me be clear for a second gaming is,in the best shape it's ever been,developers have more tools resources and,everything they need to make the best,video game ever Elden ring for example,the ability to update games post launch,inherently makes the whole industry,better yes and out of the way live,service unfortunately is because you,have to keep in mind also there are in a,video game like Elden ring there are,infinitely more outcomes that can occur,in that game because there are simply,infinitely more inputs that can occur,there are infinitely more uh things that,can happen things different interactions,between different abilities with,different objects with everything right,so whenever you're taking a million and,multiplying it by a million it's a lot,harder to just like beta test to make,sure this is ready for release then,whenever you're multiplying you know a,thousand by a thousand,so because the games have so much of a,larger scope now it becomes much harder,for the developers to uh just like,definitively say this game is completely,finished with no bugs,it's both a perk and a crutch it is both,a cigarette and an apple some developers,are able to capitalize on this live,service model in the best ways possible,Smash Bros ultimate for example without,a live service my dream of seeing,Banjo-Kazooie in Smash it's gone you can,provide constant bug fixes new content,that keeps players entertained for years,oh yeah and who doesn't want that that,sounds some developers the live service,becomes a hindrance as they make,grandiose Promises of a living breathing,platform only for that to Flatline as,the game turns into a ghost town,now it's a ghost town live service games,or else that is one of the things that,sucks about live service games is that,some of them come to an end and then,you're not able to play the game anymore,that's what happened with WildStar for,example,uh it's like Distortion and is yours,zipping method and Elden ring speedrun,game I'm pretty sure testers can't find,that exactly and the truth is like it's,easy to say that like oh old games,didn't have that old games were tested,better,no they weren't,watch a Super Mario 64 Speed Run watch a,Legend of Zelda Ocarina time speedrun,watch a Super Mario uh credits Warp,they were all bugged to ,whenever you have a million people,playing them sharing ideas on how to,break them,old games are simple yes they were old,games are simple and they still had,massive bugs in them that's my point,plus G and games as a service is simply,the idea that a game will get cons

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Twitter VS The Act Man (Part 3)

Twitter VS The Act Man (Part 3)

so this is part three in my series,covering the recent act man versus,quantum tv drama so if you have no idea,what's going on i recommend you watch,those videos first and also subscribe to,this channel with notifications on so,you don't miss future updates but for,those of you who have seen those videos,you'll already know how insane jstation,was in his criticism towards actman so,this time we will be showing some,critiques against ackman that are a,little less insane one of the first,people to speak out against the act man,on twitter was papagott who quote,tweeted him and said some personal,advice you were too emotionally involved,in this situation to a point where you,might end up ending your career you were,right to call out quantum tv but you,were at the point of self-destruction,the act man responds by saying what kind,of son would i be if i didn't get,emotionally involved genuine question,papa gut then responds genuine answer in,your dm's okay pop i got i'm trying to,make an entertaining video here why do,you want to be respectful and withhold,the juicy drama from us why can't you be,like this guy and just leak all of,acmen's dms on stream holy okay i'm,getting way too ahead of myself now i,will cover that guy later in the video,but for now let's look at novair's,response to papagut's tweet they say to,be honest i don't agree with this act,man literally got demonetized in a bunch,of videos age restricted youtube is,acting out of spite and not enforcing,rules sorry but not everything everyone,says is a joker arc papagut responds he,got demonetized because of the original,tweets joking about doxxing youtube,members please do your due diligence on,a topic before speaking on it in an,uninformed manner no various spawns,which are obviously jokes meant to push,the message that youtube isn't doing,their job it's not that big of a deal,for youtube to be acting like kids,mischief responds to pop a gut by saying,apparently mocking youtube for their,inaction as being too emotionally,involved this is literally just a, excuse from youtube to try and,justify them removing the act man from,the partner program papa gut responds,you are probably right but he's been,demonetized my advice is to take his,foot off the gas so he avoids a deeper,punishment which he clearly doesn't,deserve that doesn't mean he should stop,his advocation it means he should be,more careful about it mischief responds,he is being hence why he's not uploaded,another youtube video as of yet papa gut,responds the dude's career is on the,line i've been in the same position,former job not youtube wise my advice,doesn't mean give up it's about planning,to fight another day quantum tv who does,a great job being shameless and,manipulative reposting the jokes isn't,helpful that's my advice keemstar,responds to papa got by saying you are,quickly becoming the king of bad takes,papa gut responds i'm sorry you feel,threatened that i'm taking that title,from you another notable person in the,community who shared some more in-depth,thoughts on the act man situation was,nicholas diorio who tweeted out i'm not,going to nitpick the coverage on quantum,tv the guy is super cringe and asked for,people to still talk about him i think,people are being too hard on actman he,quoted clips of the department chair and,vp of youtube in a video describing,their harassment policy even if the,presentation was a little stupid no one,would reasonably expect this outcome,people said worse about susan for years,i understand things could have happened,outside his intentions and that the 60k,channel wasn't worth risking it all over,but youtubers typically argue we are not,in control of our audience and i don't,think actman knew he was risking,anything he just critiqued a youtube,video the veil of hindsight dictates it,was stupid to play clips of high-ranking,employees and spliced them with clips of,quantum tv saying homophobic and,making a metadoxing joke on twitter i,just don't think anyone could have,predicted how hard the hammer would come,down actmen responds by saying was it,stupid or was it effective editing that,illustrated youtube wasn't enforcing,their policies nicholas diorio responds,you misunderstand me the editing was,fine and showcased your point well the,criticism i've seen is it's stupid in,hindsight to name and shame powerful,youtube employees who could seemingly,did target you with little oversight so,i'm saying i think it could be,considered stupid but it's a bit,irrational to expect you to have known,the full extent of the consequences as,your demonetization is pretty different,than anything we have seen before,mischief quote tweets part of nick's,thread and says probably the best take,on the situation i've seen in hindsight,the tweets were stupid but absolutely no,one thought it'd lead to channel,demonetization before youtube did it,speaking of mischief he also makes this,tweet showing that youtube deleted their,tweet after optimus ratioed them and,says this is

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Feminists & SJW's VS. Video Games

Feminists & SJW's VS. Video Games

Are video games too sexist?,How aboot racist?,Including some asking if the game industry is sexist.,Games community is at each others throat when talking about the subject of race.,Racism in video games: The New Norm?,And some countries are responding to what they view as sexism in video games.,The more time a teenage boy spends playing video games, the more likely he will be to,develop sexist attitudes.,Too many games they say, perpetuate a culture of sexism and misogony.,Can video games influence racial stereotypes?,Saddle up, internet, were going there.,Here we go again.,Same old shit, dog just a different day.,Here we go again.,You know how niggas do when we play how we play.,Here we go again.,A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.,Here we go again.,In the War Against Video Games we learned that theres always something destroying society,,and we learned that violence in video games had massive amounts of coverage and research,over the course of 40 years.,There was something to be said about violent media affecting the minds of people, yet it,overshadowed the sexism & equality debate, but the attacks on gaming from feminists and,sjws have had extensive coverage in the last 5+ years.,Sexism and Racism has been a topic of debate on the video game industry since the 1980s.,Although it never got that much attention back then, but as the industry continued to,grow and with the advent of the Internet allowing anyone to easily have their opinions seen,& heard, the issue of Sexism, Misogony, & race in gaming, started popping up all over media,websites, game journalists, on YouTube, everywhere.,The combined might of Feminism, the Social Justice movement, and the idea of Racial Diversity,and equality, was enough to bring up serious questions on the ethics of the video game,industry.,Are some video games sexist towards women, or racist towards certain ethnic groups?,Is it even a real issue?,With so many articles, videos and opinions floating around cyberspace, join me, as I,seek to understand both sides and settle the battle of Feminists and SJWs vs. Video Games.,In order to understand a current issue, we have to look back at what potentially caused,it.,We cant just look at WWII and be like, eh just a bunch of pissed of Germans wanted to,rule the world and kill jews, and that, children is a complete summary of the 2nd World War.,Theres more to it than that!,So to understand why Feminists and SJWs have been attacking the game industry, we have,to look back at the origins of that industry.,This part might not be as entertaining or fun as the rest of the video but goddamnit,this is the most critical point of the whole issue.,Its important to understand that video games are a business, and any business worth their,salt is going to identify the type of people that purchase their products.,Then theyll market and advertise to appeal to those consumers, to the demographic.,For example, my channel is entirely based on video games, which is why youll never see,me make a video on fucking leather belts or something.,LEATHER BELT?,AUUUGHH!,The target audience for video games back in the 70s & 80s was predominately young males,,teenagers, back then Arcades were tailored towards this demographic, as you can see in,this archive footage of gaming arcades, the people playing the games are almost entirely,boys, teenagers, and a few adult males.,One of the big breakthroughs in broadening the gaming demographic to women and girls,was Pac-Man.,Toru Iwatani the creator, intended the game to attract women to arcades, and it was successful,,spurning the sequel, Ms. Pac-Man.,If the game industry only appealed to one gender, theyre missing out on 50% of the population,and money they could be making.,A study done in 1982 found the percentage of male to female gamers was 80% male to 20%,female, roughly.,As the years went on, higher percentages of women played video games, recently a statistic,has been circling the web claiming women make up around or more than half of the gaming,population.,But this statistic doesnt mean weve reached a point where gaming as a whole has an equal,target demographic.,Because whats REALLY important, is understanding which genre of games male and females like,to play.,I want you to pay attention to this chart that lays out the percentages of women who,play which genre of game, notice that only 2 of the genres listed, are predominately,played by women.,I didnt even know what Match 3 was before this video, but its a genre of games where,you... match 3 tiles... yea theres a genre for that.,So applying this chart to the gaming industry, it should be apparent why most games are marketing,to appeal to men.,By understanding how the target audience for video games has changed over the years, and,how it is currently, we see why video games were marketed and created with the male demographic,primarily in mind.,And how gaming culture has shaped into what it is today.,Remember this fucking chart because its goddamn important.,A

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Ludwig’s MASSIVE TAKE on The Act Man Drama | Asmongold Reacts

Ludwig’s MASSIVE TAKE on The Act Man Drama | Asmongold Reacts

ludwig just dropped a video about it is,that actually true i'm assuming it's on,second channel right,okay that's a good one holy is it,on second channel or main channel it's,on main channel okay uh let me just i,guess i'll probably go channels it's got,his main channel here yeah there we go i,don't see it yeah i don't see it it's,for subscribers only okay uh let's see,if that's gonna help i'll refresh if,this is just was this just an elaborate,ploy to get me to subscribe to ludwig's,main channel,is that really what it was,it was all like i mean what is this is,this one of those like oh how you know i,i made a second account to convince,somebody streamer to sub to my account,like is he gonna be making a video about,this a 45 minute one again okay we've,got the link here youtube killed his,channel for speaking out,and it's actually a main channel ludwig,video here we,go welcome back to mogul mail today,we're talking about a topic people have,been asking me to cover every single way,he said mogul mail,bro this is on ludwig who the is,mogul mail his quantum tv versus,activation i'm glad that he uh i'm glad,he's,nothing about until just the past couple,days and i've been looking into it and,it's and it's kind of crazy uh so let's,let's dive right in we got two people,the first is quantum tv he is a youtuber,who does reviews of movies and video,games but he's mostly known for his tv,reviews because he he he knows the best,tv settings,which is why it's quantum tv and the,number one brand in honesty uh which,which is a side of youtube i didn't know,existed youtube's kind of like rule 34,yeah q by the way here stands for qanon,there's a section for everyone here uh,he's not necessarily the greatest tv,reviewer this is from the lg oled,subreddit which says quantum tv exposed,uh because he was trying to sell the,best settings you can have on a tv,but you can find better settings for,free i didn't know you could change the,settings on a tv to make it look better,i own an lg oled i feel stupid if you're,part of this subreddit hey shoot me a dm,ludwig on twitter anyway that's quantum,tv,the other person in this is the act man,who's like a general commentary youtuber,maybe like an old school h3h3 style and,he made a video about the worst elden,ring hot takes and it pulled up a bunch,of them i just i love always going back,to the fact that all of this came out of,an elden ring review it's always,important to remind people and,contextualize,this was because of an elden ring review,mostly pulled up one of quantum tvs and,he entered it by talking about another,youtuber mischief who's a 17 year old,who made a commentary video about,quantum tv's elden ring review which,apparently sucked uh and quantum tv in,response to that to the 17 year old,making that video tried to copyright,strike the 17 year old for for making a,commentary video about it of course he,did i wonder if uh this drama by the,time that it's over i will have gotten,more content out of it,than elden ring itself you know per hour,spent on stream and and this is what,akman said about it but it's it's real,scary if you're a small content creator,and you're just being threatened with,copyright strikes it's such like a dick,move to do so give that guy some support,well you know maybe it's not just small,youtubers that's a bit of a bad omen uh,well he also got copyright striked but,in his defense or in his favor i guess,it was over act man's copyright strike,didn't go through quantum tv tried to,take down his video failed and the act,man said get nerd and and you,know that that would normally be the end,of it,but then the act man made a video about,copyright abuse on youtube featuring,quantum tv we saw this which is a 30,minute video about how quantum tv,shouldn't be falsely copyright striking,people and how it's a major problem on,youtube which it is which contains a lot,of stolen footage and which by the way,i'll look into my options around getting,that taken down any further attempts to,falsely copyright strike my channel will,be met with a counter lawsuit in which i,will clean you out,so you know that to be fair he never,copyright struck him again,that that that sparked a little,something yeah on quantum tv and started,a bit of a feud a beef of sorts and,quantum tv started,act man's family uh doxing them he said,we wouldn't want families to get hurt or,involved in this real mafia talk you,know yeah 100 such a shame,this establishment you know that type of,vibe yeah and and also sent an email to,actoman's mom that said kelly you're,under serious law enforcement,investigation,not a joke not a scare tactic definitely,is a scare tactic uh and even went as,far as saying in a discord i wish the,most painful death on everyone involved,in this massive smear campaign uh which,which is which i would say is a threat,now actually i i would i would also,extend that the threat is clearly,implicating his parents,that's a lot,the most painful death everybody,involved in master tha

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Why The Act Man Was BANNED From YouTube Monetization! #JusticeForActMan

Why The Act Man Was BANNED From YouTube Monetization! #JusticeForActMan

so over the past few months a huge feud,has broken out between the youtubers act,man and quantum tv it all started when,actman criticized quantum tv's negative,review of the game eldon ring on his,youtube channel in response to this,criticism from actman and a couple other,youtubers quantum tv filed false,copyright strikes against them which,obviously resulted in a lot of pushback,from those youtubers and the community,at large since then quantum tv has been,exposed for a variety of other things,including homophobia doxing and,bannovating so because of those things,as well as the copyright strike abuse,actmen and various other youtubers have,been campaigning for the platforming of,quantum tv eventually youtube took,notice of this and for whatever reason,decided to not punish quantum tv akman,criticized youtube's decision to not,take action in a new video he uploaded,called the dark age of youtube which,youtube responded to with the takedown,of said video actoman informs everyone,of the situation on twitter when he,tweets out the dark age of youtube was,just taken down from youtube i'm ,rattled exposing youtube's failure to,enforce their community guidelines is,now against their community guidelines,youtube is falling into the abyss,apparently the video was taken down,because of nudity and sexual content the,only explanation is that the cucumber,jokes were considered sexually explicit,maybe it's just me but i don't think,poorly photoshopping a cucumber into,someone's mouth is a sex act laughing my,ass off two other videos of mine were,just demonetized and age restricted,these happen in the span of one minute,from each other all three videos in the,span of one hour quantum is false,flagging my channel right now showing,that both the cyberpunk and world at war,video have been restricted to 18 plus,only he continues tweeting about the,situation when he says the appeal for,the dark age of youtube was rejected,within 30 minutes maybe someone at,youtube really has it out for me or,something i want to make it clear that,i'm not at war with youtube i am deeply,frustrated however if youtube believes,my videos violated the guidelines they,are fully within the right to take them,down we are in communication and i hope,we can mediate a solution i will,continue to advocate for the enforcement,of youtube's community guidelines in,terms of service even if i don't always,agree with their application i just hope,the rules will be enforced equally i,will always advocate for what i feel is,right i don't know if the channel will,be mysteriously taken down in the near,future but if it does it has been an,honor making content for you all these,years this is the act man signing out,the next day ackman posts a lengthy,update to the situation but before we,get into that i want to take a moment to,talk about today's sponsor wondershare,filmora which is basically the perfect,editing program i'm not even joking i am,absolutely in love with this thing it,has all of the basic features you would,expect from a professional editing,program in addition to a bunch of useful,tools that makes video editing,infinitely easier faster and better,looking which is mainly due to the,program's built-in presets and access to,thousands of free to use stock files,right out the gate you have instant,access to add any type of b-roll footage,imaginable to your video over 1 000,different sound effects visual effects,transitions a wide variety of background,music easy drag and drop templates for,subscribing and adding any type of text,you want the program even has a built-in,screen recorder that detects your camera,in one click and you can place it,anywhere on the screen the versatility,of this program is seemingly endless,i've only really scratched the surface,with what i described to you so if you,want to check out what the rest of this,program has to offer use the link in the,description below to claim a free trial,for wondershare filmora and if you make,anything cool with the program be sure,to share it with me on twitter but now,with all of that out of the way let's,get back into the video the next day,actman posts this tweet that says,important after having some time to,think i don't believe quantum tv is,behind the recent removal of my video,and demonetization of other videos,nobody deserves to be condemned under,false charges even quanta i stand by,every other accusation i have levied,against him and firmly believes he needs,to be removed from the platform although,i risk my channel and my life's work of,the last seven years by saying this it,is not quantum that is the problem there,is severe corruption happening at,youtube that is my firm belief i could,not live with myself if i did not speak,my truth on the matter this is a gut,feeling i have my brother was dox during,all of this and harassed by a mysterious,phone number claiming to be quantum but,was not him i continue to put my family,in jeopardy by fighting for the justice,that i believe in and i

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