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Texas Tech Basketball vs. Kansas: Highlights | 1.3.2023foreign,Texas and you're watching the big 12.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Updated on Jan 28,2023

Texas Tech Basketball vs. Kansas: Highlights | 1.3.2023

foreign,Texas and you're watching the big 12. on,ESPN good crowd here tonight at United,Supermarkets Arena number three Kansas,in town and the Texas Tech Red Raiders,playing holes trying to pick up a,conference win,confidence in that sort of mid post area,well and Bill self is as good as there,is at giving players confidence as well,whoa,home as the Texas Tech head coach he's a,grad at Alum 1979.,Mark Evans graduated as a Red Raider,Isaacs buries another,loved his attitude this guy,is this,oh boy,TCU and even LED under five minutes to,go and couldn't hang on lob inside bacho,nice in the throw down very patient job,by the way I think Bill self felt like,there could have been a foul call,because but but Martin never saw the,pass either,Lamar Washington,oh Banner will try,he has orchestrated this first half,perfectly Hannaford inside Adams,rejected by o'banner,another way,Texas dribbling the ball too much,and Isaac strains one,they needed that,all right here's a pro tip right now,give the Freshman the ball,they're fine but color and then he tried,to find Adams with the passenger said,oh Banner,Tyson with Adams on him fade away three,oh that's huge,I know it's a broken record but teams,don't do this against this kind of,Defense,Juwan Harris a career-high 18. not they,play well,Banner,we're closing on 90 seconds to go in 10,12 pounds they're going to foul him I,believe,no foul here oh Banner for the tie and,that's the ball game wow,okay Kansas escapes,Bill self's team picks up a win on the,road against a tough tough Texas Tech,Red Raider team,foreign,for showa and our entire outstanding,crew I'm John chombe so long from,Lubbock the number three team of the,country the Kansas Jayhawks hang on to,what it's 75-72

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Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. LA Tech: Highlights | November 14, 2022

Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. LA Tech: Highlights | November 14, 2022

basketball tonight from the United,Supermarkets arena in Lubbock it's Texas,Tech and Louisiana Tech can the 25th,ranked Red Raiders stay unbeat go off to,the sides and,stolen by Tyson,and for the third game in a row Jalen,Tyson has gotten the Red Raiders opening,bucket that's the they win 20 games a,lot yes they do Davion Harmon got it,looking for an opening a line to Fisher,three-pointer all the way and it's,perfect young guy knocks,Tyson's got a wide open look at the,corner and he got it,Louisiana Tech threw it away again Tyson,with another steal tried to get control,and he does,Lamar Washington Kevin o'banner there's,the lob inside to Pacho and he slams it,down and by o'banner back to Isaac's,open three got it,pop Isaacs knocks it down Williams up in,the air had his pass taken away and the,block there by Davion Harmon good sloppy,right now on both ends,got it shot the friendly roll Walton no,Daniel bocho inside for the Red Raiders,and with Barnard's AMAC out injured,it's passed there's oh Manor got it,floater for a little Banner in the,lineage for the Red Raiders lob pass,from Isaacs inside Fox slams at home,second time they've run that's,Armand laid it up oh Banner,throws it down,right side lays it up and in and he's,fouled by Will Allen,seven now for Davion Harmon,that's KJ Allen with the rejection,three,left-hander Let it Fly and he got it had,a three-point opportunity,worked around to Walton and he got it,now Willis and Williams have three of,their four threes in the ball game,blocked by KJ Allen and Davion Harman,Coast to Coast after the defensive play,by,Harmon got in the air left it for a,banner who goes up and under to score,over the rim from underneath stolen by,wolf and Davion Harmon's out all by,himself and that's the Finish,side but he couldn't finish Willis put,his shoulder down drove right inside and,bacho slotted it back under double,digits uh leave for the Red Raiders pop,Isaac's trying to answer and he does,will,in the Big 12 Davion Harmon on the,inbound play just takes it right inside,and scores Hartman's got to fall off,Isaac's going to repeat the move but as,a guard and drives in,all right,so double teamed inside throws it up and,in rolls over ball of corporate now,Louisiana Tech's got an inbound this is,Crawford inside that shot is blocked by,Tyson final score 64-55 Red Raiders

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Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. Nicholls: Highlights | December 7, 2022

Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. Nicholls: Highlights | December 7, 2022

basketball tonight from the United,Supermarkets arena in Lubbock in Texas,Tech and Nichols State can the Red,Raiders extend the 25-game winning,streak here at home turn you over a ton,John nice look inside and Macho,13 on the shot clock for the Red Raiders,top Isaac's three is good in fact when,he took over this Nichols program he was,the youngest division one coach in the,country in another great look inside by,Harmon,one of the things Mark Adams talked to,us about before this bowl game,ball security pop Isaacs his second,three of the night rebounding and Kerman,Walton just,gets it taken from him and Davey on,Harvard says not in here alone,Lamar Washington left it for Jennings,and he slams it in,that's a wild,well nice look inside by Isaacs and back,Joe just got hammered on that one,Demarion Williams from Mark Adams and,bacho 89-46.,pop Isaacs found an opening in scores,Lamar Washington now Isaac's quick with,the trigger on a three and he missed it,could foul no it goes in,that's a that's going to be a,an opportunity for a four-point play,transfer from Central Michigan a couple,of years ago he was on the team last,season again Davion Harmons wanted to,get it to bocco the pass was tip but,o'banner finds the big man instead,for a meeting,here's o'banner got it left alone and,this game is tied her to Nichols from,Portland,Macho had the ball tied up but got it,inside to a banner his 10 points a game,tonight for sure,Isaac's nice lead to o'banner and he,Rams it home,Raiders trying to clear it out for Kevin,o'banner and he gets inside of Collins,in schools somehow knocked down but no,foul call lob inside little foxy,it,off Isaac's open three is on the way,six gets his third of the night,and actually four of those have come,from pop Isaacs here's another one and,he got it,pop Isaacs has five,Michael Thomas may have traveled but he,got away with it pop Isaacs took it away,Thomas got it back on his goal for the,foul 11 on the shot clock hop wants the,ball back Washington can't get it to him,six on the shot clock Red Raiders got to,do something in a hurry oh banners three,is Good from way out front a one-point,game,Washington across the timeline has got,obanner underneath lays it in Texas Tech,is in front he'll shoot two,I used every bit of the rim good enough,for nine points take that 10. he's in,double figures from the free-throw line,on trying to make it a two possession,game,Lamar Washington likes the suspense on,those free throws,every bit of the room the winning streak,continues now 26. as Texas Tech comes,from behind to beat Nichols tonight

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Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. Jackson State: Highlights | December 17, 2022

Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. Jackson State: Highlights | December 17, 2022

here on a Saturday afternoon run at Del,Mar Field House Georgetown alongside my,father Ernie Kenton EK you look at these,two teams Jackson stayed obviously a,little bit of a rough start for them as,Mo Williams is trying to rebuild this,program but they've been competitive a,close game against Mississippi State,recently and our recruit number 22 for,Texas Tech,on the floor in his first couple of,minutes there back door pass Fisher,elevates for the Finish,another one of those great Canadians,nearly a turnover ball left on the floor,looked like young had no idea where that,went oh Banner one on Three he'll hit,the brakes,wait for the crew to arrive Tyson,Baseline jumper gets the friendly bounce,keeping around four or five you know,they're going to be in a lot more ball,games,they got to a great start against,Mississippi state they're up 12-4 to,start that game and just ripped away,here's Lamar Washington throwing it down,the Freshman from Portland Oregon,now they're working for they're fighting,for nothing is coming easy you can see,there they sat in the driving lane you,might think you had the guy beat and all,of a sudden there's a Defender sitting,down in the stands especially to,Colorado,it was unbelievable as young gets the,second three to drop for him Harmon,quickly back the other way and it's good,in transition and a chance to add some,more and trying to beat him to the,Finish Line Isaacs nice time down low,Fisher brought to the floor but the,youngsters too strong,most cases they led to layups or wide,open shots in the paint and when you do,that you're gonna have high shooting,percentage as we hear we take off again,an Old Baron dropping the hammer,pressure defense where you can get in,the lane and now you get out running,this behind the back pass there you know,again Texas Tech Feast they Feast off,your turnovers because they love to play,in transition which is why it's so,important to not turn the basketball,over 24 and you're cruising I'm gonna,try and put this thing away as soon as,possible as Jackson State forces the,turnover there's Hill Racing to the cup,ripped down by Tyson numbers again for,the Red Raiders Allen,assaulting the rim Allen flying through,the air,the crowd here to their feet here's,another highlight coming Allen this time,fouled as he goes up and it's going to,take a lot more to slow Allen down so,here's the chance for a three-point play,but you know,here's Allen and Allen with the,elevation,Jones loses the rock turnover Force,Washington trying to force his way side,steps oh how about the Finish,humidity what's going around around you,uh recognize the platform that you're,given you know uh and take some,responsibility for that so,um,how difficult that is young people being,educated in banquet rooms and yet they,start their conference play you've got,to keep their energy you keep their,mental get in there that's very,difficult to do for a once on defense,rotate twice maybe rotate three times,before a team takes a shot and then,block it out and keep them off the board,so,in tremendous amount of pressure on,these coaches at this at this in the,swag conference and that's what my hat's,off to them they're they're not only,good coaches they're good men that get,to 100 I think that's the what the,crowd's looking for at this point,probably one more fair shot attempt,here's Jennings Texas Tech oh breaks the,thermometer they get to 102. ability to,see the play and make the play they,share the ball they've shot it well,they've scored in the paint they have,done what they needed to do in this ball,game,so that'll do it for this one Texas Tech,getting the 102-52 victory they forced,30 turnovers,outscore Jackson State 47-0 points off,turnovers your leading scorer for the,Red Raiders to Marion Williams going off,17 points five of seven from Beyond The,Arc,and for Texas Tech,pick up another Victory and prove to 8-2,Jackson State will fall to 1-10 their,next matchup is coming up against,Alabama

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Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. TCU: Highlights | 2019

Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. TCU: Highlights | 2019

see here it is indeed big Monday and a,crucial game in the big 12 and a TCU,team that is hoping to remain,not a bad start to big Monday that's,interesting Holly even a college team,working on ball handling and passing on,the day of a game,that's got a big smile from a couple of,his teammates Brendan Francis turns,around ear-to-ear Trixie's joking with,Owens back down the floor,Miller needs help finds Bain for three,here by the Brad transfer from st.,John's tarik Owens quickly down the,floor a three Matt Mooney sits down,Davide mulready and Culver up top,Edwards tries to bust his own,shot-clock the for Muniz gonna have to,force one up offensive rebound OTS a,Edwards has another triple as odious a,created another possession,Jamie Dixon's gonna buy Alex Robinson a,little bit of time on the bench here's,Moretti yes for three over,already again he's got another,TCU,five seconds to go in the half here,comes covert Bofors going to go to the,goal,what a way to end a half for Texas Tech,boy way off the mark for the NBA ranch,yikes,we got greedy odious a parasite Moretti,bounces one outside for olives,Owens yes that's a five-point play,that's where it fell there's got to be,selfish to the shot that ball instead,it's Edwards with four to shoot,connects on ice but they don't have to,because they've been judicious they put,it on ice but TCU doesn't know that,Coburn five to shoot,Robinson by Owens,Moretti laughs,covert Wow,the C's part

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Texas Tech Women's Basketball vs. Oklahoma: Preview Press Conference | Jan. 10, 2023

Texas Tech Women's Basketball vs. Oklahoma: Preview Press Conference | Jan. 10, 2023

always,99.9 percent,Oklahoma,right,I'm guessing you want to start us off,after the emotions of the TCU game how,do you take the,success that you have less the technical,fouls and the ejections how do you take,that and focus it on for Oklahoma oh I,think it's really easy actually to build,on that momentum I mean it was a great,win it was a great atmosphere it was,um you know really energetic and there,were a lot of emotions in that game and,I think our kids were really excited,about the win and to get their first,road win and and first Big 12 win was,um was great and I think that now,they've got a little momentum and,they're excited about you know coming,back home and playing in front of their,their fans who against a team that is,ranked but they you know know that we,can beat them and so it's an exciting,time what do the lady readers have to do,to keep up and keep up the pace of be,able to handle Oklahoma yeah we got to,control the pace you know we can't get,in a running game with them they,certainly like to shoot the basketball,very quickly and and get up and down and,so our transition defense is going to,have to really be on point we're going,to have to do some things on offense to,to control the pace even you know our,shot selection needs to be fantastic and,really really smart to not put ourselves,in situations where we're on our heels,if if we don't score it so I think it's,going to be a very much of a mental game,for us of understanding our game plan,and following it and not getting caught,up in,in how quick they want to play,and how do you keep the the focus on,Oklahoma and not look back for the,successes but how do you keep the focus,on Oklahoma and one game at a time I,think our kids want to just continue to,win you know I think it's the next,opportunity and they that they know that,um you know that we succeeded at TCU and,came away with a win but it's always the,eyes the next day the eyes are turned,upon your next opponent and and they,know that it's such a grind in the Big,12 that um you know that OU is the,biggest obstacle in front of us,achieving our our goals and our dreams,so,um all all eyes and focus are on OU,coach when you look at Oklahoma what are,your main concerns about them,um obviously they're very,um experienced you know they have,everybody back from a really good team,last year they all can really score it,um so their three-point shooting is is,very very good so we're going to have to,really defend the three-point line,um but just just controlling Pace I mean,that's the main thing of being able to,just slow them down and make them have,to work some offense we need to be able,to make them play some defense so just,controlling the pace is is probably the,biggest concern I think can you just,talk about how Bailey's been playing I,see she had over 40 family members there,in Fort Worth which is amazing yeah it's,awesome Bailey's um you know Bailey's,been taking every challenge that we put,in front of her um really really well,and I think that she's she's really,stepping up to the challenge you know,she's had some opportunities to start,and she's done some great things and,then she's had some opportunities to,come off the bench and give us a spark,and and she's done that as well um you,know she's the type of kid that doesn't,care,um about the starting or not starting or,whatever she just wants to play and help,and she just understands her role so,well,um I think she's getting more confident,in her scoring I I needed her to be more,aggressive and get to the real more and,I thought she did that and even though,it gets TCU I think early she got a,couple of shots blocked she's still,that's the aggressiveness that we need,we need people that can get to the realm,that can get in the paint and so she's,just being really coachable and and,really understanding too that that her,defense has to continue to improve and I,think it is I think you see her just,being more intense all the way around,and then just what's the message to Lady,Raider Nation now that the holidays are,done and we need more and more people,here at the USA yes you know the way the,way I see it every Wednesday and,Saturday they should be at the USA they,just need to mark that on their,calendars if it's the ladies playing if,it's the men plan it doesn't matter like,Wednesday Saturdays or Red Raider days,right so come and help us out but we,really do it's it's a,it's a situation where I feel like we,have the team that can compete in the,Big 12 and now it's those things where,we need every advantage that we can get,you know and when we go on the road we,have to really try to steal some games,and I think that's what we did at TCU,but now when we're at home we've got to,protect our home court and we really,need help doing that we need to be one,of the if not the best and hardest place,to play in the Big 12 and we know we've,done that before we know we are on the,men's side so let's create that,atmosphere on the women's side as well,and

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Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. Eastern Washington: Highlights | December 13, 2022

Texas Tech Men's Basketball vs. Eastern Washington: Highlights | December 13, 2022

the non-conference Hoops on the docket,from Lubbock Texas tonight inside United,Supermarkets Arena the Texas Tech Red,Raiders wrap up a three-game home stand,and welcome in the Eagles from Eastern,Washington great for talking about him,just a second ago Chris and they will,shoot the three ball and Kevin o'banner,is really good in,Harmon short jumper and it's good he,finishes their default that's a good,sign early for Harmon and now he's got a,steal all the way fireman lays it in,thank you,first points for Ethan price the,sophomore from England nice hesitation,and welcome,three and that's good,sometimes bad shots equals uh you know,run out to turnover type scenarios going,the other way Elijah Fisher knocks one,down there 13.,well if you can't hit from Deep why not,go in the paint this is a uh you know,these new parts playing together still,trying to figure that out but Old,Faithful right Mark,on the Eastern's third field goal inside,the three-point line,Rim protection rebounding scoring and,just his overall motor,ah David an offensive rebound Allen,Isaacs will try again and this time he,connects,Tech trying to counter with some paint,points and o'banner scores off the,window nine threes for Eastern meanwhile,Texas temperatures two of 18. Davion,Harmon lays it in,foreign Washington to steal and a,freshman finishes with a right hand,flush,they could certainly use one here well,Banner catches the lob and lays it in,that Harmon on the drive misses the,layup well Banner puts it in,second chance for Tina Nate on the night,he's got that streak of double doubles,in the tournament Lookout,you certainly do not that is quite the,lead,about 21 points tonight,point game again,on display this time venters misses Here,Comes Davion Harmon then he lays it in,five starters in there for David Riley,down the stretch Washington on a bounce,and pop Isaacs lays it in a very,confused the Eastern Washington,very confused but for the Red Raiders,standpoint,that from getting more healthy he has to,be plea Texas Tech wins their 27th in a,row at United Supermarkets Arena it,wasn't easy tonight but the Red Raiders,take care of Eastern Washington,77-70 the final score

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Texas Tech Women's Basketball vs. TCU: Post-Game Presser | Jan. 7, 2023

Texas Tech Women's Basketball vs. TCU: Post-Game Presser | Jan. 7, 2023

reviews,um it's never,a boring game with TCU we always go down,to the wire always lots of excitement,going on and a great crowd and I,appreciate first and foremost just the,Red Raiders of DFW showing up and,wearing their red and giving us that,boost that we needed on the road that,was fantastic what a great atmosphere,I'm super proud of our girls and just,how hard they fought how much of Versa,today went through during the game and,that they for some uh somewhat kept our,composure and and found a way to win the,ball game but um it was just it came,down to the wire I knew that TCU was,going to play super hard and you know,they've got a lot of weapons and,and their kid really shot the three ball,well we had a really hard time trying to,find her,um but I'm I was really proud of just,the way that our kids stepped up because,we had so many people that had to finish,the game for us or play and sit for a,while and then come in and play minutes,but,um what a great game and and Bryn's,leadership down the stretch and the big,plays that she made certainly speaks to,her,um just experience and her,competitiveness,defensive players,yeah those are game changing plays right,I mean charges are tough they're hard to,they're they're it takes tough people to,take charges and I thought that Bailey,and Bryn both did a really good job of,of getting to help and and seeing where,the that they were attacking the lane,lines and they sacrificed their bodies,you know to to take one for the team so,I was really excited that they took some,really tough plays,yeah,um we're just asking a lot of,underclassmen to play very big roles and,so,um I think my role is to keep everyone,calm um I don't always keep myself calm,but um trying to keep everyone calm and,just um knowing that when we show that,we believe in one another that's really,when we play our best and we really keep,our composure and,um yeah I'm just really taking pride in,that being my role this year,eight out of nine for you from the,free-throw line,chain two of two three four five five,hello one of two baby four four Riley,two of two on all 21 and 24. how,important,for you in particular that team as a,whole,I think that's where we won the game,um free throw line uh free throw shots,are are free points and so we really,took advantage of that I think and I,think we did a good job following the,game plan of getting to the basket,um to try to get to the free-throw line,um and just the fact that we uh were,really focused and took pride in that um,I really do think won us the game,the second,um yeah we had to make a few adjustments,and really it was just us focusing and,taking more pride in it and um having,more intensity that's where we really,struggled in the first half was our,intensity on defense and I thought um,everyone did a really good job picking,it up uh Bree and Tatum um and Bailey,all of them had to guard her throughout,the garden number one who was hitting,most of their threes um throughout the,second half and I thought they all did a,really good job,30 points,8.3 if you don't how important,here that's,happening in pain touches yeah that was,certainly a part of the game plan right,was to to limit their paint touches,because they're so good at getting it to,the,um to the paint and and that's also,um,you know what the big 12 is about I mean,Big 12 is powerful and they're they're,strong and and they they get easy,buckets and easy Buckets come in the,paint so I think our interior defense,has gotten a lot better,um you know now we've got to make sure,that we can contain the three-point line,and not let a kid you know go off like,that but kudos to her for really,knocking down open shots,I'm working,we'll see for this team to get back on,the right side of things and to avoid it,on restarting,um this is my first time to ever win at,TCU so I'm loving it all schools yeah no,schools every year this is my first time,to ever win at TCU so um I think that's,huge I think this is a really hard place,to play and so,um,I think that's just a great way to kind,of get our confidence back as we um,just really get started in conference,well I mean it's a huge win I mean for,one thing is the first time in in since,I've been at Texas Tech that that we've,won at TCU um you know I think even,though we have a great crowd when we're,here,um it's still a lot of pressure I think,for our kids a lot of distractions,because they all want to really play,well for their friends and family and um,you know it's just everybody's hyped up,and of course TCU wants to protect their,home court and they do a really good job,of that so huge for us to to win on the,road in the Big 12 it's really hard to,do huge for us to get that first win so,that we can gain some confidence and,that we know that we can win in this,league,um and you know that's part of it you,know you need to try to protect your,home court and steal a couple on the,road and,um you know luckily we came away with,the win today,all right thank you

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