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Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decisionfinally Elon Musk has made it public a,number of

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Decision

finally Elon Musk has made it public a,number of important initiatives he took,to combat bots on Twitter they began by,locating a small group of prominent,individuals who were running a sizable,number of Bot troll accounts then by,denying these malicious users access to,the platform they banned access to their,IP addresses more importantly Elon has,disclosed the three key strategies he,has created to counteract bots on the,platform also the key fear behind Elon,musk's decision to remove all Bots from,the network was that there will be a,drop in monthly active users however,Twitter is still experiencing a huge,increase in both user numbers and,engagement the reason for this is that,users of the site are mostly protected,against bots trolls and other bad,conduct it is important to note that,mask has provided details on a serious,potential bot problem that might have,severe effects on the platform,furthermore according to Elon Musk the,primary problem with Bots is that they,may give the impression that the topics,are trending when they aren't even worse,since Bots can repost tweets or other,content the volume of spam generated by,them may destroy any original content so,this is a crucial issue for Elon Musk as,you know Elon musk's deal with Twitter,initially fell apart due to the bot,issue when he claimed that a majority of,Twitter users were bought at that time,Elon said until Twitter publicly proves,that the platform has less than five,percent fake spam accounts that's it the,deal is off musk argued that these Bots,were damaging Twitter's reputation and,credibility and that they needed to be,removed or drastically reduced to make,the platform more valuable in response,Twitter requested that mask provide,detailed documentation and evidence to,support his allegations which he was,unable to do at the time City didn't,have access to internal Twitter data a,study conducted by ciabra which was,commissioned by Elon Musk as part of his,legal battle with Twitter found that,spam and Bot accounts make up an,estimated 11 of Twitter's total user,base this is more than the five percent,figure often cited by Twitter itself,cyber used a machine learning algorithm,to analyze hundreds of parameters to,arrive at their estimates Twitter was,fighting with Spam accounts every day,but this was a complicated issue of,people that create these accounts got,more sophisticated with time their goals,and tactics have evolved an Elon musk's,team also is conducting a random survey,of 100 Twitter followers to find out the,ratio of spam Bots that exist the,findings were significant because mask,had previously said he wanted to,purchase Twitter to address the,company's bot problem however less than,three months after signing an agreement,he attempted to terminate the deal,citing claims that Twitter had misstated,the number of bots on his platform Elon,Musk has a valid point about Bots being,present on Twitter and other social,media platforms as mentioned above,Twitter has access to data points from,its over 300 million monthly active,users yet it is still struggling to,clean up the platform from spam accounts,similarly Facebook has been facing a,class action lawsuit related to its,audience exaggeration which indicates,the need for more transparency when it,comes to verifying users thus Elon Musk,calls for third-party Auditors and,independent researchers who could ensure,estimates of active users are accurate,and also inform public policies,surrounding these platforms if they had,access to Quality data and freedom to,publish their results this would help,protect advertisers as well as investors,from being deceived by the false Matrix,of user engagement thus it can be said,that Elon Musk has a valid point about,Bots being present on platforms like,Twitter and Facebook Twitter suit must,to complete the deal accusing him of,using Bots as a pretext to exit the deal,after getting buyer's remorse and the,two sides were set to go to trial,however in light of seabra's report,confirming that there are indeed more,Bots than initially thought on Twitter,must decided to proceed with a deal Elon,musk's main issue with Bots is that they,can create false Impressions giving the,impression that topics are trending when,they're not this could be used to,manipulate public opinion on certain,topics and influence people's opinions,in a way that would be impossible,without the use of bots furthermore Bots,can repost tweets or other content made,meaning that original content may be,drowned out by the sheer volume of Bot,generated spam Bots can also be used to,automate activities like sending,messages and replies which can confuse,additionally they can slow down,Twitter's website performance or even,crash it if there are too many bots in,one place in short bots have the,potential to negatively impact Twitter's,user experience Elon Musk and Twitter,took several steps to combat bots on the,platform first they identified a small,number of people operating large numbers,

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Elon Musk: 10,000 More Twitter Employees Will Be FIRED!

Elon Musk: 10,000 More Twitter Employees Will Be FIRED!

Elon Musk 10 000 more Twitter employees,will be fired the Takeover of the,Bluebird by billionaire and CEO Elon,Musk has been one of the biggest and,most unexpected news of 2020 for so many,reasons,the entrepreneur who wanted to shake up,the platform certainly did so by firing,over 50 percent of his employees right,after claiming ownership,While most of us aren't over this fact,in itself Elon has once again decided to,change the game for the platform with,recent news that suggests that over 10,000 more employees are being speculated,to be fired once again by the owner what,does this mean for the future of Twitter,and its employees what is the reason for,this massive firing and how is Elon,going to deal with the backlash of this,higher and fire most importantly what,part of the puzzle is a commoner missing,out on this game to find out all this,and more make sure you watch the video,to the very end don't forget to,subscribe to the channel and ring the,bell icon so you never miss another,update from us,the first set of layoffs from Twitter,was a shock to the world like none other,however the firing process which just,seemed to have settled down is yet far,from over in reality Elon musk's Twitter,team recently reported that several,employees from its remaining public,policy team have also been laid off as,part of their revamping strategy,the news broke the internet days after,the company fired engineers in its,infrastructure vertical thus it wouldn't,come across as a shock that the,employees and the general public were,clearly unhappy and dissatisfied with,musk's choices,the news gained tremendous attention,when one of the members of the Twitter,public policy team skedus tweeted that,she had been laid off,yesterday was my last day at Twitter as,half the remaining public policy team,was cut off from the company it's hard,to convey how fortunate I feel to have,had this exceptional opportunity skedus,tweeted,the ex-team member who was part of the,public policy team also revealed that,half the remaining public policy team,has been cut from the company,I am unbelievably proud of the work we,did to protect people in global,conflicts including Iran Ukraine and,Libya I am especially proud of my work,in managing our trust and Safety Council,until it was resolved last week she,tweeted the company has been constantly,downsizing and firing over half of its,Workforce ever since late October while,some losses were intentional a few cost,the bluebird a lot more than what was,anticipated unhappy employees have,started quitting the workforce as the,new work culture and Leadership proves,to be incompatible for them,fruiters reported that Twitter's public,policy Chief Shanae mcsweety has left,the company after a massive firing in,her Department,the public policy team played a pivotal,role especially on Twitter as it was,responsible for interacting with,lawmakers and Civil Society on issues,including Free Speech privacy and Online,safety the social media platform which,now takes an extra Pride for being the,last standing outlet that truly allows,freedom of speech among the masses,without a doubt has to have an,unbelievable strong public policy team,these decisions have been openly given,an insight about the company's,priorities which focus more on profits,and economic growth and not on the,employees or its staff corporations that,regard employees only as costs to be cut,rather than assets tend to be nourished,to make gigantic mistakes needless to,say this has stirred up conversations,about musk's leadership strategies and,choices as the billionaire seems to be a,bit all over the place the tech Giant's,questionable choice of taking over,Twitter has already ever so slightly,changed the perception of the man it,doesn't help that Twitter is now,performing worse than ever with a major,brands withdrawing from their ad,campaigns on the platform and the,company facing major losses yes there is,a great chance for the platform to see a,boom in the foreseeable future but if,matters remain the same elon's,worthiness in the eyes of the investors,is certain to drop and the downfall has,already begun many investors have raised,apprehensions regarding chief executive,Elon musk's distractions as he manages a,whole list of companies along with his,microblogging hobby on Twitter,additionally his relationship with the,existing Twitter employees also,continues to erode rapidly with the,billionaire firing employees with zero,concern for matters like an engineer for,fact-checking claims about the app,running slow in some countries and a,dozen more for criticizing him on social,media platforms it is safe to say that,the once Messiah is now just a Devil in,Disguise,although the Twitter CEO expressed,regret and remorse for his actions with,a tweet that said I would like to,apologize for firing these Geniuses,their immense Talent will no doubt be of,great use elsewhere in a separate tweet,he added that his other Venture starlink,is rebuilding the internet an

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Elon Musk Just Dropped BOMBSHELL Pfizer Twitter Files! This Is Massive Corruption!

Elon Musk Just Dropped BOMBSHELL Pfizer Twitter Files! This Is Massive Corruption!

what is going on everyone Jeremy here,from the corner we've got a Monday,delicacy we've got some koof files,shared by Elon Musk with Alex Berenson,uh well,we knew last week I felt a little,deprived I believe we were promised some,fouchy files and I'm not quite sure we,got them but it seems like maybe the,start of that is now and what's,interesting is,just how Olympic levels the Olympic,levels of I don't know denial that uh,the media seems to be in in terms of the,Twitter files and everything that's been,revealed in them uh I can only hope that,uh while Republican leaders because I,can't count on any Democrats uh some,Republicans are kind of taking notes of,this so Elon tweets out more Twitter,files some conspiracies are actually,true,well it sure seems like it's more than,some but um I appreciate you tuning in,if you enjoyed my Twitter files coverage,and you haven't yet please do click that,subscribe button down below,I know a lot of you just check my,channel,and that's cool but it does help to uh,it helps the channel to also be,subscribed so YouTube sees people,actually want to see my videos,my first Twitter files report,how Scott gottel got gottlie a top,Pfizer board member used the same,Twitter lobbyist as the White House to,suppress debate on the koof Poke,including from a fellow head of the US,FDA,yikes,in August 2021 Gottlieb told Todd,O'Boyle a senior manager in Twitter's,Public Policy Department that a tweet,from Dr,uh Brett,I don't know Greer greyer,claiming correctly that natural immunity,was Superior superior to the Poke was,corrosive and quote might go viral,such a doctor saying a a a a fact a,scientific fact they were worried about,a scientific fact,going live,Twitter got a misleading tag on the,tweet,preventing it from being shared Gottlieb,then went after a tweet about the low,risk to kids from Justin Hart,it follows me follow you bud,Pfizer would soon win the okay for its,shots for the young ones so keeping,parents scared was crucial of course,you know it's funny like uh well let me,continue,this is weird Alex didn't lay it out,perfectly he's got like four kind of,ramshackle tweets here and then a link,to an article which I'll bring up in,October 2022 Scott Gottlieb claimed on,Twitter and CNBC that he was not trying,to suppress debate on these particular,pokes these files proved that Gottlieb a,board member at the company that has,made 70 billion dollars on that,particular injection did just that,on August 27th,Dr Scott Gottlieb a Pfizer director with,over 550 000 Twitter followers saw a,tweet he didn't like,and a tweet that might hurt the sales of,Pfizer's poke by the way uh this is Alex,berenson's Alex Berenson reporting uh I,want to get his at oh it's just at Alex,Berenson uh I was already following him,but uh if you know,you should give them a follow,the Tweet explained correctly that,natural immunity after the cuff,infection was superior to the Poke,protection it called on the White House,to follow the science and exempt people,with natural immunity from upcoming poke,mandates,it came not from an anti-vaxxer like,Robert F Kennedy Jr but Dr Brett Grier,a physician who had briefly followed,Gottlieb as the head of the FDA,further the Tweet actually encouraged,people who did not have natural immunity,to get the Poke,no matter by suggesting that some people,might not some people might not need it,the Tweet could raise questions about,their product,I'm just going to refer to the Poke as,the product now because it seems to me,that that's how this Pfizer guy would,have seen it right,besides being a former FDA commissioner,a CNBC contributor and a prominent voice,on the coof public policy Gottlieb was a,senior board member at Pfizer which,depended on their product for almost,half of its 81 billion dollars in sales,in 2021. Pfizer paid Gottlieb 365,thousand dollars for his work that year,colleague stepped in emailing toddle bro,tato Boyle a top lobbyist in Twitter's,Washington office who was also Twitter's,point of contact with the White House,the post was quote corrosive Gottlieb,wrote he worried that a good quote end,up going viral and driving news coverage,yeah,uh I mean this is a pretty big deal that,they're suppressing this,like this this I would say is the,beginning,of of the fauci files,this is this is the kind of stuff that's,corrosive here he draws a sweeping,conclusion of a single retrospect rep,retrospective study in Israel that,hasn't been peer-reviewed but this tweet,will end up going viral and driving news,coverage whining is essentially,demanding it to be the platform I would,imagine that's my interpretation of it,I found the email in the search records,I ran at Twitter last week part of Elon,musk's Twitter files an effort to raise,the veil on censorship decisions Twitter,made before musk bought the company in,October I went into detail about my,involvement at the Twitter files in a,substack article yesterday I plan more,on reporting on the files in the weeks,to come,through jira a

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Elon Musk DESTROYS Dr Fauci In New Twitter Files

Elon Musk DESTROYS Dr Fauci In New Twitter Files

on the upcoming Christmas Eve Dr Anthony,fauci chief medical advisor to the,president of the United States will,celebrate his 82nd birthday but he,already has a gift from Elon Musk who,has tweeted that he should be prosecuted,Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk,triggered a social media Firestorm on,Sunday after suggesting that U.S,covid-19 saw Dr Anthony's fauci should,be investigated and prosecuted for,allegedly lying under oaf about the,funding and research at a Wuhan lab in,China Inner Street the billionaire,appeared to mock pronoun use and said my,pronouns are prosecute fauci the comment,was like more than a million times and,retweet over 90 000 times as of the time,this video was made,what initially appeared to be simply a,humorous dig Elon Musk also posted a,meme showing a retiring white house,chief medical advisor Whispering just,one more lockdown my king and President,Joe Biden's ear,bouchi advocated for people to get,vaccinated and wear masks during the,covid-19 pandemic but has come under,scrutiny from conservatives and,conspiracy theories over restrictions,medical advice he offered the top doctor,has been harassed after he became a,target of people who questioned the,benefits of the vaccine saying it was,dangerous various claims about the,covid-19 vaccine safety have repeatedly,been dispelled by the Center for Disease,Control and prevention CDC,however after faulti's name was,propelled to the topic Twitter's Trends,with over 600 000 mentions most,apparently felt the need to elaborate,while he thought the controversial face,of America's response to the pandemic,should be investigated as for fauci he,lied to Congress and fund the game of,function research that killed millions,of people must send response to one,critic adding not awesome Imo,shortly after fauci announced that he,would step down his Biden's chief,medical advisor and his director of the,nih's National Institute of allergy and,infectious diseases U.S senator Rand,Paul demanded that the Biden,Administration preserved documents and,messages that could become evidence in a,potential probe fauci's resignation,should not prevent a full-on,investigation into the origins of the,pandemic he must be required to testify,under oath regarding any discussions he,participated in concerning the Wuhan lab,leak his policies destroyed lives Paul,tweeted Senator Rand Paul a Kentucky,Republican who has had multiple public,squabbles with balji previously pledged,to conduct a full-throated investigation,to the origins of the pandemic,regardless of the doctors impending,retirement at the end of the month GOP,representative James Horner and Jim,Jordan have accused fauci of hiding,information about the coven 19's origin,the senator previously accused fauci of,directing Public Funding to gain a,function research at the Wuhan lab and,lying about under oath in Congressional,testimony as the two spart repeatedly in,Senate hearings gain a function is the,modification of pathogens to enhance,them in various potential ways including,transmissibility the rationale is that,scientists can study new strains and,find ways to stop them before similar,adaptions emerge naturally the lab,League theory that the coronavirus,leaked from a Chinese lab was,popularized by former U.S president,Donald Trump who made the allegations,amid a trade war with China major U.S,media organizations and Tech platforms,initially labeled it as a disinformation,and try to suppress the theory from,public discourse however after must took,over Twitter the company stopped,enforging its covid-19 misleading,information policy former CIA director,and Obama White House official John,Brenner took the took the Twitter to,voice his concern with mus's Sunday,tweet saying Dr fauci is a national hero,who would be remembered for generations,to come for his innate goodness and many,contributions to Public Health,despite your business success you will,be remembered most for fueling public,hate and divisions you may have money,but you have no class Kyle Griffin an,MSNBC executive producer pointed out,musk's tweet for degrading trans,community,the man who shared this information,about Paul Pelosi allowed hates beasts,to flourish on his platform and endorse,Ron DeSantis in 2024 is now calling for,the prosecution of a public health,professional and denigrating the trans,community at the same time Griffin,tweeted representative Richie Torres a,New York Democrat reacted the muscles,tweet on Sunday saying Elon Musk wants,to criminalize Anthony fauci because he,disagrees with him Elon is no champion,of free speech filmmaker and producer,Andy ostrow tweeted,what's that sound it's the sound of even,more advertisers fleeing however even,with a large amount of criticism must,did received some support in a Sunday,afternoon tweet Paul reiterated what he,previously said about the doctor adding,that fauci's policies destroyed lives,representative Marjorie Taylor green a,Georgia Republican tweeted I affirm your,pronouns Elon former U

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It Happened! Elon Musk Officially Appointed MrBeast as CEO of Twitter!

It Happened! Elon Musk Officially Appointed MrBeast as CEO of Twitter!

foreign,have you ever thought that the richest,billionaire in the world Elon Musk would,cooperate with Mr Beast who has the most,influential YouTube channel in history,it's about to happen recently musk has,officially spoken about giving Mr Beast,the opportunity to take over the Twitter,social network he's just acquired,something that people thought was just a,joke so why what Elon Musk partner with,Mr Beast how does this benefit his,business well let's jump into this,episode and find out all the reasons but,first we want to welcome you to Tesla,fans and don't forget like share click,the Bell icon you'll be the first to see,our latest videos and without making you,wait any longer let's get started Mr,Beast a YouTuber has a red diamond,button with close to 130 million active,subscribers right now with more than 120,million followers on Twitter Elon Musk,is similarly impressive coming in second,only to Renown individuals like former,president Barack Obama or football great,CR7 together these two highly powerful,individuals have the power of an atom,bomb what gives us reason to believe,that Elon Musk would choose Mr Beast to,lead Twitter well the past week has been,Rife with new Twitter news just a few,days ago must tweeted a poll taking,votes if he should step down as Twitter,CEO and the results of the poll were not,in must favor as Twitter users came to,vote him out of the position and the,poll results which were posted 57,percent of Voters are 10 million favored,must stepping down just eight weeks,after he took ownership of the company,for 44 billion dollars musk sharing the,poll results said he will step down as,the CEO of Twitter once he finds a,suitable replacement I will resign as,CEO as soon as I find someone foolish,enough to take the job after that I will,just run the software and servers teams,the world's richest person wrote on,Twitter,seizing the opportunity popular YouTube,personality Mr Beast posted a tweet,asking if he could be the new Twitter,CEO musk later responded that it was not,out of the question for Mr Beast to have,a shot at gaining the position although,he's not actively stepped down yet musk,has made it clear he intends to step,down once he finds someone able to take,on the position if musk is serious about,his response to Mr Beast it would,definitely be an interesting turn of,events would think Mr Beast is too busy,breaking YouTube records and creating,his popular big budget videos however if,Mr Beast happened to be chosen as the,one to take up the Twitter CEO mantle it,would be another huge milestone for the,content creator,before Mr Beast referred to Twitter's,ladder retracted policy that prohibited,sharing links to other platforms and,replied if you're going to keep doing,stuff like this yes musk later,apologized for the rule and reversed it,and said there will be a vote for major,policy changes,the YouTuber and CEO of had back and,forth on Twitter in the past late last,month after musk tweeted that the number,of daily active users on Twitter had,increased Mr Beast wondered what,YouTube's daily actives is let's see,what happens when Twitter offers good,video with higher compensation for,creators musk reply Mr Beast who drives,a Tesla was skeptical that the CEO would,be able to get that done writing higher,compensation will be hard some YouTubers,get 20 bucks plus RPMs even after,YouTube takes their cut I'd be shocked,if you cracked that code how is,Twitter's current operation under Elon,Musk control almost immediately after he,took over musk booted top Executives,slashed Rank and file head count by 50,percent issued remaining employees an,ultimatum to be hardcore in their work,ethic or quit fast-tracked a hodgepodge,of potentially Revenue generating,features including charging users to get,or keep a verification check Mark and,that was all before he allowed former,president Donald Trump back on the app,reversing Trump's former ban on the,platform and then declared amnesty for,previously suspended accounts Twitter is,considering entering the payment,business that's an area musk has lots of,experience with going back to his,pre-paypal days according to a New York,Times report citing paperwork file with,the U.S treasury Department it could be,part of must stated ambition to make,Twitter a super app called X which would,be similar to WeChat and China that's,used not just for posting messages but,for things like making shopping,purchases and even ordering food,otherwise it seems as though Elon is,throwing a bunch of ideas out to see,what works as one investor in must deal,Finance CEO Shang ping Zao said at the,web Summit conference in November he,expects only 10 percent of musk ideas,quote will stick,over time it'll become clear if musk,will be able to successfully resurrect,these old ideas and his new ones like,paying for a check mark with a very,different work culture and staff than,Twitter had before,relating back to Mr Beast query,regarding becoming the CEO of Twitter we,believe t

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Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Situation

Elon Musk’s Crazy Revelation about Twitter Situation

Elon Musk has identified an appropriate,successor and he's stepping down as CEO,as mask said he had already found,someone foolish so he is resigning musk,has a few candidates who will replace,him as a new Twitter CEO and there is an,important reason why Elon Musk is,considering Mr Beast as Twitter CEO but,with Mr Beast there are other surprising,personalities who Elon Musk chose as his,potential Replacements with that Mr,Beast came out and talked about his,first moves as a Twitter CEO and the big,changes that he will Implement and,Industry experts have recommended that,the incoming CEO of Twitter be an,outsider it is plausible to believe that,the sudden departures are the most,promising possible candidates soon after,musk joined the team with the rude cause,of this lack of internal possibilities,the guidance and influence Elon Musk,might provide Twitter users while he,selects the new chief executive officer,is insane also according to one of the,academics the new CEO should be prepared,to carry carry out musk's Vision while,giving him the attention because Elon,Musk will continue to have a significant,public profile and ultimate ownership,power Elon Musk has disclosed a crucial,factor that has extended the timeline,for hiring a new CEO as Elon Musk,searched for his new CEO a select list,of Candace has been tentatively compiled,for the Billionaire's consideration as,you know Elon Musk announced that he is,thinking about popular YouTuber Mr Beast,as the next Twitter CEO when Mr Beast,asked if he could take over his Twitter,CEO Elon responded by saying that it,wasn't out of the question after musk's,response Mr Beast revealed what his,first official move a CEO would be,transforming Twitter into a platform,that focuses on videos rather than,solely being a gateway to other sites,though some Twitter users wholeheartedly,stand behind Mr BEAST's concept others,are less than the enthusiastic to,incentivize people to post videos on the,platform suggestions have been made for,things like monetization and a more,comprehensive streaming service,after his inauguration as Twitter CEO it,took only three months for users to cast,their votes and oust Elon Musk in a,public survey of course one must take,into consideration that Bots may have,possibly tampered with this survey's,accuracy nonetheless must conveyed only,those who own the exclusive Twitter blue,will possess voting rights within such,surveys this led to an internal,executive search by mask according to,the people familiar with the matter a,process that has been described as a,soft CEO search since it excluded,external recruitment agencies according,to cnbc's sources Elon Musk is actively,seeking someone to replace him before,fully transitioning into leading Twitter,software and service teams after his 44,billion dollar acquisition in October,2022 musk assumed the interim CEO role,and has encountered a turbulent Journey,with the business I will resign as CEO,as soon as I find someone foolish enough,to take the job after that I will just,run the software and serve as teams he,said however the head of SpaceX may have,already deterred possible applicants by,claiming he'll select someone foolish,enough to assume leadership over firm,Elon musk's Inner Circle is the most,probable source for Twitter's next CEO,be it someone within or outside of their,organization,and the Forefront of those likely to,assume mask seat is his associate and,Confidant sharam Krishnan a professional,investor and engineer his resume is,filled with accomplishments that,stakeholders would be impressed by as,Krishnan has previously LED product and,Engineering teams at Twitter meta and,Microsoft he confessed that he was,providing assistance to musk when he,became involved in the platform,according to analysts at Fair betting,sites Krishnan is the front runner with,an implied probability of 25 making him,a clear favorite for taking home the,role in addition Gerard kushner's,presence with Elon Musk at the Qatar,World Cup in 2022 Drew attention from,Spectators who couldn't help but,speculate what the two were discussing,over the years Kushner has created an,expansive business Empire through real,estate and Publishing Investments even,serving as a former advisor to his,father-in-law Donald Trump not only is,there pressure coming from the public,and investors but kushner's very own,wife Ivanka has even held mask as her,Idol even more history could be made if,Sarah fryer the CEO of Nextdoor is,appointed as Twitter's first female,chief executive officer through her work,at payment platform Square the northern,Irish boss catapulted to Fame after,having previously served as an analyst,for Goldman Sachs during her tenure at,the community-orientated organization,she has achieved an impressive feat,doubling revenues this is indicative of,her ability to get through any,technology challenges that may arise,also David Sachs an esteemed South,African-American entrepreneur and,billionaire investor who is part of Elon

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Elon Musk Releases the COVID Twitter Files & It's Worse Than You Thought | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Elon Musk Releases the COVID Twitter Files & It's Worse Than You Thought | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

there is just more and more information,coming out on how the government,coordinated to silence people related to,covet so a journalist by the name of,David zweig he had a really long,extensive Twitter threat on on what's,going on here with the government and,big Tech I'm going to just read you,portions of it it was like a 30 tweet,long thread so we just picked some of,the highlights here the Twitter files,how Twitter rigged the covid debate here,we go by censoring info that was true,but inconvenient to US policy so here,are the highlights first by discrediting,doctors and other experts who disagreed,by suppressing ordinary users including,some sharing the CD scenes the cdc's own,data the United States government,pressured Twitter and other social media,platforms to elevate certain content and,suppress other content about covid-19 it,wasn't just Twitter the meetings with,the Trump White House were also attended,by Google Facebook Microsoft and others,so let's just be clear this was the,Trump White house do when the Biden,Administration took over one of their,first meeting requests with Twitter,Executives was on covid the focus was on,anti-vaxxer accounts especially Alex,Berenson in the summer of 2021 President,Biden said social media companies were,killing people for allowing vaccine,misinformation Berenson was suspended,hours after Biden's comments and kicked,off the platform the following month but,Twitter did suppress views many from,doctors and scientific experts that,conflicted with the official positions,of the White House as a result,legitimate findings and questions that,would have expanded the public debate,went missing inevitably dissent yet,legitimate content was labeled as,misinformation and the accounts of,doctors and others were suspended both,for tweeting opinions and demonstrably,true information,exhibit a Dr Martin koldorf an,epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School,tweeted views at odds with U.S Public,Health authorities and the American left,the political affiliation of nearly the,entire staff at Twitter No thinking that,everyone must be vaccinated is as,scientifically flawed as thinking that,nobody should coveted vaccines are,important for older high-risk people and,their caretakers those with prior,natural infection do not need it nor,children,internal emails show an intent to action,by a moderator saying koldorf's tweet,violated the company's covid-19,misinformation policy and claimed he,shared false information after Twitter,took action koldor's tweet was slapped,with a misleading label and all replies,and likes were shut off throttling the,tweet's ability to be seen and shared by,many people the ostensible core function,of the platform okay then of course what,you know the the post-mortem of this is,that Elon Musk eventually buys Twitter,Alex berensen is back on Twitter Dr,Robert Malone and Dr Peter McCullough,are back on Twitter uh he is,systematically right now Elon Musk,getting rid of the content moderation,teams at Twitter he fired a whole bunch,more people just this past weekend who,were in charge of silencing people but,the fact is you really just need to know,this guys it kind of sucks to know,because it puts us in one of those,dystopia Ian Schwarzenegger movies from,the 80s the government without question,was pressuring social media companies to,silence you

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Pfizer DESTROYED In New Elon Musk Twitter Files & Their Explanation ENRAGES Twitter!

Pfizer DESTROYED In New Elon Musk Twitter Files & Their Explanation ENRAGES Twitter!

you were murdered okay you obviously,weren't murdered because you're alive,and you're basically intact you weren't,murdered buddy you weren't murdered,buddy what's going on everyone Jeremy,here from the quartering and uh the koof,files or the Pfizer files have dropped,on Twitter and uh the main actor at the,center of this is Scott Gottlieb and uh,it looks like there's been a little bit,of activity here including,um seeing Senator Ron Paul weigh in and,other several prominent government,officials uh weighing in on this and,that I actually finally like to see,yesterday we had uh the first kind of,round of these types of files released,by Alex Berenson uh who definitely had,an ax to grind uh and uh but it didn't,really really change,what was in the tweets or in the,information,quick summary uh Alex tweeted out you,know for those who'd rather see the,whole Gottlieb Twitter thread here goes,so he put it all out in a thread which,is what Elon wanted I believe I think he,was mad that Alex linked out to his sub,stack so quickly but you see ultimately,you had,Gottlieb,who's the main actor here stepped in,from Pfizer,emailing,White House lobbyists and demanding,censorship of United States citizens in,particular also doctors,sharing truthful statements about,Pfizer's product the poke,on octo August 27th Dr Scott Gottlieb a,Pfizer director with over 550 000,Twitter followers saw a tweet he didn't,like,a tweet that might hurt sales of,Pfizer's product the Tweet explained,correctly that natural immunity after,cuff infection was Superior to poke the,product,it called on the White House to follow,the science and exempt people with,natural immunity from upcoming mandates,a totally reasonable explanation or or,matter look and I've often said and I,will say again you know whatever your,status is that's your business it's none,of my business,um I think that it's probably safe to,say that there's a good bit of people,experiencing some rage some regret some,um anger over you know the fact that,they were forced to get this how many,people say well you you don't weren't,you weren't necessarily forced you made,a choice yes I suppose that's true,but sometimes you know people have to,support their families,um or their jobs their livelihoods are,on the line and you know they thought,based on the information they had they,were making an okay decision well now,we're seeing all sorts of people uh feel,very differently about that,um and you have all these things,essentially uh going on here with a,White House correspondent and Twitter to,censor doctors on Twitter,and this is quite the bombshell we even,got Rand pollen which is basically the,only guy we it seems like we can count,on,who who will call these corrupt uh you,know put these corrupt people on blast I,think it was I thought it was Rand Paul,maybe it wasn't actually uh because the,the Gottlieb individual uh you know it's,it's very interesting I thought it was I,thought it was uh Rand Paul but I guess,it wasn't it was a different government,official but uh you have obviously,Gottlieb going into full defense mode,now and his defense is perhaps one of,the most hilarious scumbaggy things I've,ever seen,I just want to remind people coffee,brand coffee is my coffee company we,have a Dozen organic teas we have nearly,15 flavors of coffee now a lot of our,flavors are going away so if you're,interested you know you can see already,our fall flavors are gone,um we've got eggnog on sale we've got,our white chocolate cranberry spice our,peppermint mocha the like kind of the,last of the Christmas flavors on sale,make sure you get those today if you,wanted to try those out obviously our,regular our best seller blueberry,cobbler is something that I highly,recommend people try out we also have,our dark roasts and our light roasts our,Colombian uh in the three in the middle,roasts medium roast,and a bunch of different delicious Cocos,for you to try so,promo code the quartering to save,and,support the channel,I know you're gonna love it,Scott Gottlieb,of course put out a Twitter thread in,which he locked the replies because he,is afraid in the past I've raised,concerns with Twitter related to the,safety of me and others wrong,I want to bring up I want to remind,everybody that he was concerned about an,a doctor,saying that natural immunity,could substitute,for his product a product that they made,80 billion dollars on or whatever,this is the original tweet nothing about,this tweet is about this dude's safety,right nothing,this is like the typical leftist tactic,where they'll say like I feel unsafe I,was getting threats on my life,never actually provide any of them as,examples,so Ivory is concerned with concerns with,Twitter why do you even have that,pipeline bro,uh related to the safety of me and,others and threats being made on the,platform this includes direct as well as,specific threats sometimes it included,statements that I believe were purposely,false and inflammatory agai

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