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Terraria 1.4 lets you pet the dog... Pewdiepie Responds on Twitter!hey everyone my name is James and


Updated on Jan 29,2023

Terraria 1.4 lets you pet the dog... Pewdiepie Responds on Twitter!

hey everyone my name is James and,welcome back to chippy gaming so today,we're taking a look at a brand new,terraria 1.4 spoiler and this spoiler is,so good even PewDiePie really likes it,but these spoilers have a really cool,story behind them and I'm really excited,to talk about it so last night was the,third annual terraria Jingle Jam this is,where me ped and puffin and this year,mausi get together we play Terraria we,raise some money for charity through the,yogscast and this year like every other,year real logic were out in full force,giving just a whole bunch of support,this year they donated 7,000 in 69,dollars to the cause and it was the best,thing ever not only did they do that,they also helped generate some hype by,giving us some new spoilers to talk,about and these spoilers are so good and,I've never had the opportunity to really,do this but here is my live reaction to,giving people this spoiler and that was,that was so cool,alright you ready for a brand new,terraria 1.4 spoiler boy you know it's,good right for free you can now pet,animals in terraria so as you can see I,was pretty excited I knew that this,would blow up the internet so yeah you,can now pet dogs and cats in terraria so,that was the first spoiler and the funny,thing about it is that once it was shown,senex was like oh that's the wrong one,so we got a second spoiler to look at so,before we move on to the second one,let's break down this first clip let's,zoom it in let's look at it a little bit,closer so as you can see in the gif both,of these animals have names and they,also have a health bar leading a lot of,people to assume that dogs might be able,to parish in Terraria that would be,unfortunate and it would be a little bit,different from how pets have worked in,the past as many of you know you can,have a wide range of pets in Terraria,you essentially find an item that spawns,them you click on them you put them in,your inventory and then you have that,pet follow you around I think these are,gonna work a little bit differently now,this might be the reason why we got sent,the wrong clip or it might be how it's,actually gonna work in one point-four,but I feel like these pets are gonna,work like NPC's in Terraria their,interactions that you do with them look,like an NPC it has a name and it also,has that health bar and I feel like,under the right criteria a pet might,move in it might be random it could have,a randomly generated name and then,that's your pet for the rest of your,adventure or there'll be some kind of,interaction that will spawn the NPC but,you'll have a little bit of options in,its customization maybe you can select,the breed and select the name but going,off what I've seen Sparky is a reference,to read and senex his dog that,unfortunately passed away there's a,painting in Terraria about that already,and I wonder if this is just like any,other NPC where the names all have some,kind of random or special meaning for,example James the claw fear that's a,little bit special but like I said it,could also just be like completely,random or you get to name them we're not,quite sure yet so in this second clip we,get to see two more people petting away,and a cat but why this is so interesting,is because we got some confirmation on,the brand new developer set that's,coming in 1.4 now we have spoken about,this particular set in the past it's the,one on the right and a theorized that it,would probably be ghost ours so we got,some confirmation in the stream,yesterday that it is in fact ghost ours,new developer set so that's great it's,great to get a new dev set I hope that,there are a couple more as well but then,again have we already got a developer,set for every developer now I have no,idea it's kind of hard to keep track of,relaunching to be others so the,responses to both of these clips was,amazing so first off can you pet the dog,which is a viral Twitter account they,tweeted it out and created like a whole,bone,of buzz and even linked out to the,livestream as we were live which was,amazing they didn't have to go that far,and I really appreciated and then the,man himself PewDiePie Felix jumped in,and said that it's a billion dollar,update and I have to say this was like,the highlight of my night for anybody,that knows me if you've seen my channel,before you will know and very obviously,a big fan of PewDiePie and this was,amazing the fact that pewds reacted to a,little clip I was in I loved it and I,hope that he enjoys one-point-four,although and will say Felix you are,lacking right get some more terraria,videos up I know you've streamed it get,them chopped up get them on the channel,I want to see what happens so in total,we ended up raising over $30,000 which,is by far the highest amount we've ever,raised in any of these terraria slots,before and it was it was just,mind-blowing it was so cool and it was,one of the best things I've ever been a,part of a huge thank you to yogscast for,inviting me down and also to reel a,chick for being

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Terraria's last update has begun

Terraria's last update has begun

It's a Brand New Year and a brand new,Final Terraria update has begun,development so to kick off 2023 let's,talk about the latest Terraria news,first off on New Year's Eve we got a,tweet from Cenex that said relogic goes,back to work Monday and I honestly,cannot wait the new final update should,be relatively quick and small then shh,spoilers now in response to that,somebody did say wait there's another,update coming and Senex responded yeah,we're doing a small crossover with dead,cells and we have a few things that,didn't make it into the last update that,we want in before we are done and in,case you also missed the announcement in,early November relogic did announce that,they'll be working on a new final update,called Terraria 1.4.5 and we haven't,seen any spoilers yet because work,didn't officially begin until today so,yesterday red tweeted out it's 2023 and,Cenex isn't looking tell me your most,outlandish Terraria suggestion and I'll,put it on the list not wanting to miss a,golden opportunity I sent forth two,ideas an item that lets you create your,own paintings and also music blocks,which is something that Captain Sparkles,actually brought up to me when we played,Terraria a while back well red responded,and said the first one is too much worse,and I'm lazy but also said music blocks,on the other hand I could see I'd peaked,his interest So I responded just think,of the possibilities Master Builders,could use them to recreate the Shrek,soundtrack something you know would,happen and also people like me or maybe,you could make a simple Melody that,plays when you open a door or just,something like that and red responded,you had me at Shrek soundtrack done but,not only that later on he also responded,and said you have to find the sounds,they play though which I quite like the,sound of it's something a little bit,different you know I can picture it,you're going around Terraria you're,collecting sounds like for example if,you hear a bird chirp maybe then you,could get a music block that had a,chirping bird but I also hope that we,get actual music notes so that people,can compose their own songs as well even,though it would be cool to open a door,and it sounds like the moon Lord's dying,or something one person put forward the,idea that one in one thousand chance,your fishing rod gets stolen by the fish,and red responded when there's a Reddit,thread complaining about missing fishing,rods blame this guy not me someone did,follow up and said if you do this please,make it for the really early ones and,not the better few and red responded now,we're adding moonlord fishing rod that,has a 90 chance to get stolen and a 20,chance to start the moon Invasion event,and for real it's likely a joke but I,don't really put it past red this is,something that belongs in get fixed boy,one person put forward the idea of a,moon Lord tentacle Whip and red,responded yeah okay sure which I know is,going to make a lot of people happy,because I always see people asking for,more whips one person put forward the,idea that the umbrella item should,Shield you from nimbuses to which I,responded this seems like such an effort,for only a small thing but I love it and,I do and rep responded Terraria is a,collection of a lot of effort for small,things it adds up Chrono themselves,actually responded as well and said Sun,Lord every boss can be shimmered and the,thing is I actually love the idea of,shimmering bosses because it reminds me,of a tweet we saw from Chrono back in,September when asked why the boss,Sprites exclusive to China looks so much,cooler Chrono actually responded and,said the answer many of these were made,10 plus years ago by people who were,inexperienced artists and as years went,by they were kept as Legacy Sprites to,honor their original creation IV Cthulhu,an Eater of Worlds for example were made,by re-digit himself and preserving them,was a conscious choice they also said,our team makes constant effort to,improve terrari's visuals to the point,where some Sprites had multiple visual,revisions across years of updates but,overall we tried to tread a line between,improve living quality and keeping the,game's visual identity close to its,roots now I'm not saying that classic,bosses need a new Sprite but if the,Terraria artists ever had a burning,passion to reimagine some of those,classic Sprites well being able to,Shimmer a boss would open the door to,that and it would be pretty cool to see,what a modern take on an older boss,would be and the last thing to talk,about today is a pole from Red that said,would you rather I Terraria 2 Terraria,1.5 Fantasy Life successor or,multiplayer Castlevania and after 33 000,votes Terraria 2-1 now me personally I,vote for Terraria 1.5 and the reason I,personally vote this way is because as,we all know relogic make Banger updates,but if it gets to a point where the,engine doesn't allow that creativity,well and though in Terraria 2 any day,but I wanna know how would you vote on,this poll let me know

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The FIRST EVER Terraria Show! The Biggest News, Art, Posts in the Terraria Community!

The FIRST EVER Terraria Show! The Biggest News, Art, Posts in the Terraria Community!

Hello Terrarians!,This week,we've got a new Terraria,playthrough,from a minecraft legend,,new art from Terrarians,on Twitter,and potential spoilers,for the next big update.,Welcome to The Terraria Show.,This is a brand new show,that I've wanted to start,for a while now,and it will cover,anything from updates,to art to funny memes,and more,all related to Terraria.,Starting this week's,episode off,,we've got a bunch of,potential spoilers,related to the upcoming,1.4.5 update,and luckily for us, James,over at ChippyGaming,has it all covered.,That's right, everyone.,It is confirmed,that there is another update,coming to Terraria.,Chippy,keeps a very detailed eye,on the Re-logic team,over on Twitter,,and any time there is,even the slightest,peep of information,related to a new update,,Chippy, make sure he knows.,Is it just me,or is it a little concerning,how good he is at,stalking tweets?,Anyways, in his video,he goes over,all of the most recent,tweets and talks,about all of the,items, features and more,that the Terraria developers,have tweeted about.,All of the possible,new things are great,,but the thing that,got me most,excited was what Chip,himself suggested as possible,new items.,Not wanting to miss,a golden opportunity,,I sent for two ideas,an item,that lets,you create your own paintings,and also music blocks,,which is something,that Captain Sparkles,actually brought up to me,when we played Terraria,a while back.,I would love,to have sound blocks,in the game.,And Red,did respond,to Chip his tweet,,so hopefully it gets added.,If you want to see,Red's response,and all of,the potential new items,coming to 1.4.5.,Make sure to head over,to ChippyGaming on YouTube.,Moving on.,We're going to be catching up,with the brightest of all,captains, CaptainSparklez.,Not too long ago,,the Minecraft legend himself,started a new Terraria,let's play series,11 years,after his first time,playing the game.,Not going to lie,,it was hard to,watch in the beginning.,He didn't know,much about the game,,but eventually,he got the hang of it,and he actually just finished,that playthrough.,Congratulations, Captain!,And just this week,he has started,a new Terraria playthrough.,This time,upping the difficulty,to expert.,Is beginning,better this time. Well.....,Yeah. Okay.,I am.,At the very least,,this is classic,as far as deaths,and stuff go.,I've learned,I can't double jump.,Can't double jump.,I'm so used to my mobility.,I'm sure he'll,get the hang of it again.,If you want to keep up,with the series,,check it out.,Over on CaptainSparklez 2.,Luckily for us,,the modding community,for Terraria is fantastic.,And just,last week on Twitter,,the Thorium,mod announced,that it is officially on 1.4.,If you want to see,the full changelog,,I've put a link down,in the description.,There has been,some fantastic art,at the start of the new year,and I thought,I would highlight,some of my favorites,that I saw on Twitter.,First up is from Orange Dude,who released his first art,piece of the year,with the quote “The,world is your canvas,and the ground itself,is your paint.”,Love his style,,and if you didn't know,he was the one,who did the art,for the labor of love update.,And at the time,of recording this,,he just released,another piece of art,that is fantastic.,Next up is GreyL1me,who put out this masterpiece,and called it,his “Magnum Opus.”,This looks like,it could be a legit,movie poster.,And if there ever is a,Terraria movie,,I would definitely watch it.,Both of these amazing art,pieces are linked down below.,Last but not least,,I wanted to highlight,the top post,on the Terraria reddit.,It is from user,Honey_Juice-pp,and it is a paper,animated terraria,Eye of Cthulu fight.,So awesome and so creative.,I don't even want to know,how long it took to make.,If you want to see,the full animation,yourself, the link to,the Reddit post,is in the description.,This week's,episode is brought to you,by the subscribe,and like button.,I really appreciate,any support you can give me,and if you want me,to highlight,a specific Terraria channel,in the next episode,,let me know in the comments.,Thanks for watching.,Happy New Year,and I hope you all reach,your Terraria goals.

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Using Modded Weapons against Terraria Bosses... Thorium #6

Using Modded Weapons against Terraria Bosses... Thorium #6

all right so good morning everyone,welcome back to chippy's Couch today we,return for some more thorium and I will,say to preface this episode apologies in,advance if you can hear construction,work right now I don't think you can,hear anything but it might get worse,throughout the episode who knows we,might have a banging bass line during a,boss fight if they could time it right,it would be glorious so yeah the work on,the road outside my house is the gun and,step one is raising the gutters up you,know the the drainage system but today,it's raining it's it's absolutely,lobbing it down so I don't think they're,gonna be doing that much work on it,today anyway because it just sounds like,a mess out there fixing drains while it,needs draining no so so yeah I think we,might be all right so yeah welcome back,hope you're all doing well washing your,hands and all that that used to be the,catchphrase that I hope you're still,doing it you know don't rely on me to,motivate you to wash your hands okay so,the first thing I want to take a look at,today,is the Demonite recipes because we did,the IV Cthulhu on Sunday so yeah we've,got Demonite but I also really want to,do the Eater of Worlds today but I am,curious whether we're actually gonna be,able to to smash it first time or we,need to rely on a goblin army to Tinker,some accessories and to become more,powerful overall we will find out today,though so looking at this then there is,a barred weapon called the ebenwood,tambourine but to me this doesn't,actually look all that good because 17,symphonic damage compared to uh the,didgeridoo well do you know what,actually I'm remembering these numbers,wrong I thought this was actually better,so maybe it is actually fine what about,the the Ocarina that's 19 okay it's,probably worth it then so it's 18,Demonite some Eben wood and a tambourine,yeah a tambourine so that's made of,cloth and any copper bars so I assume,then we can make cloth out of uh cobwebs,or anything like that is that right uh,I've still got it set to potions here we,go soak cloth so this is like an,alternate thing to Silk I actually want,to take a little look,yeah you can make a lot with this I,could have made a thorium set at the,beginning but you know we didn't it's,fine there's also the Bongos which you,can make out of hellstone it's hellstone,got a new Sprite,that's quite nice I quite like that I,don't know what's causing that I think,it's the the 1.4.9 uh upgraded Sprites,but it's it's good it's weird to play,Terraria and find new Sprites for old,items like items have been in the game,for like 11 years it's like a subtle,thing but it's like I don't know it it's,like a rare delicacy so there's also,this uh armor set as well so this is,post Eater of Worlds and I guess post,queen jellyfish as well there's a pad of,paper,this looks pretty good,increases inspiration regeneration rate,by 10 and then you've got the regular,tambourine you've also got the Green,Tambourine which comes in later,gosh this there's quite a bit of stuff,to Silk I probably should have checked,this out earlier but hey we're doing it,now so the tambourine is made out of,copper bars and silk so we'll slap that,bad boy in there and we'll make,ourselves a tambourine alright this is,Felix two Taps of the tambourine well,it's not really not really a tap it's,more of a boomerang it's a good,Boomerang though that's cool okay and I,like the little chime this one's been,muted though so this one's got a bad,refot ah what a shame okay,tambourine ebenwood tambourine we need,some ebony wood so let's go grab some,but yeah uh Eater of Worlds today very,exciting times I am like I say I'm,curious how this fight will go will it,be good will it be bad uh only time will,tell but I think based off of actually,no I'm gonna base this off of myself I,was going to say based off of uh the,last episode's performance how we did,against uh King Simon that I've Cthulhu,it felt like we had great damage but,here's the thing right you all know me,and you all know my approach to the,Eater of Worlds and it's always just try,and tank it for the very first time and,go from there like I'm not somebody that,makes a big arena for the Eater of,Worlds if I don't have to if I have to,sure you know I'll whip out some,platforms but until that day no no all,right it's it's destroyed some Shadow,wolves stand there try and tank it so I,guess based on that what am I saying I'm,saying I think I'll probably die and we,and we'll make some upgrades but you,know what it'll be in episodes of,journeys of grand Adventures much like,and I know you know what I'm gonna say,here uh the premise of Chicken Run 2,which right now,I don't actually know if there is a plot,synopsis for chicken run 2. like I'm,waiting for that to drop okay that's my,my big thing of the year you know some,people are looking forward to games uh,you know Legend of Zelda tears or tears,of the Kingdom I think it's tears oh,yeah I do I think it's tears um you know,it's tears of joy

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Every Secret Easter Egg Hidden in Terraria

Every Secret Easter Egg Hidden in Terraria

over the years there's been quite a few,Easter eggs hidden in Terraria like for,example if you've ever heard this owl,sound well that's an Easter egg now in,2020 I made a video covering absolutely,every Easter egg in Terraria but after,four more final updates there's quite a,few more and one of them is a lot more,complicated than you'd think now this,first one is one that I missed in my,previous video but it's been in the game,for about 11 years if you decide to rock,a pair of sunglasses you may notice that,the sun is also wearing sunglasses and,this one is now extra special because,that's the original Sprite for the Sun,so this one is actually part of a,crossover with stardew Valley and all,you need to do is fish up some JoJo cola,this Cola is technically trash so to,obtain it you'll need a small pool of,water and less than 50 fishing power now,upon close inspection you'd probably,assume it was food because you can,actually drink it however if you take,this item directly to the dryad you can,unlock an extra dialogue option called,purify where she'll take your can of,soda and open up a portal to Saudi,Valley in return you'll receive the,joomino pad I guess now we wait to see,estadu Valley we'll have a Terraria,Easter egg real quick if you're enjoying,this video and want to see more like it,instead of relying on recommendations be,sure to hit subscribe next up is one of,the new secret scenes this one is called,celebration Mark 10 and was added to,celebrate terraria's 10th anniversary in,this seed you'll spawn on a beach with a,couple of NPCs and you'll also find most,things in the world have been painted,with bright colors this seed also,includes the jungle mimic which was an,unimplemented enemy for six years and,introduces the golden slime which is a,great way to get some extra cash if you,head underground you'll find the items,and chests will always have the best,possible modifier and rare items are way,more likely to drop the traveling,Merchant will always sell two extra,items and the print princess will sell,rare items such as the Slime staff and,the discount card and on the topic of,getting a discount let's talk about the,sponsor for today's video unfortunately,there's no magic cure for boldness but,what you can do is you can prevent hair,loss from happening in the first place,which is why I'm very excited about the,sponsor of today's video keeps this,service is modern and convenient you can,meet with a doctor discreetly online and,have products delivered directly to your,door every three months right now there,are only two FDA approved products on,the market and keeps actually offers,generic versions of both making them,safe tested and effective without having,to pay a premium as keeps is typically,half the price of Pharmacy costs and,also with their treatment plans you get,one year of unlimited doctor messaging,statistically most men will experience,some form of hair loss by the age of 35,but by taking preemptive measures it's,the best way to try and save your hair,and this is especially true as it can,take up to six months for people to,start seeing results hair loss stops,with keeps so to save 50 off your first,order go to chippy or click,the link at the top of the description,that's k e e p slash chippy and,it'll save you fifty percent so in my,last video I highlighted a couple of,special names that changes colors of,weapons like the last prism well in,Terraria 1.4.4 we actually got three new,names and here's what they look like,let's talk about another new secret seed,the constant this cigarette seed,introduces a hunger mechanic which will,make the character weaker and eventually,lead to death if not maintained there's,also a filter on the world which makes,the game much darker and can't be,removed until the player has beaten deer,clubs marble biomes will spawn on the,surface as will spider caves and cacti,will once again hurt the player oh and,if you're in complete darkness this well,you die no traps is another secret seed,and does the opposite to its name in,this seed you'll see a very high amount,of traps but also deadlier ones like the,bouncy Boulder honestly not too sure why,you'd ever want to try this one but the,options always there another secret seed,don't dig up in this seed the player,spawns at the bottom of the world in,Hell on a tiny island with lava trees,all generation is flipped so above you,will be lower to your oars and as you,get higher towards the surface you'll,find higher tier oars certain hard mode,weapons can be found pretty hard mode,but they've been rebalanced and that's,the same the opposite way around the,surface however will be completely,overrun with your world's evil and the,spawn rate up there will be dramatically,increased it's a little evil but to,combat you sorting that problem out the,dryad won't sell purification powder and,you can't buy a clantaminator from the,steampunker there's a lot of other small,changes too I won't cover them all but,one

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The Three Most Useful Items Ever Added to Terraria

The Three Most Useful Items Ever Added to Terraria

all right guys I gotta be a good boy,today or big mama YouTube is gonna take,away my allowance YouTube has struck,once again with new monetization,guideline changes while not being,transparent about it at all probably,really screwing over a lot of people but,I guess Google needs more advertisers or,really just wants to turn this into a,platform made for kids and makes changes,that are not really useful for anyone,speaking of not being useful though I do,have some things to show you in Terraria,that are the three items that are,featured in today's video,man I really hate that segue look I'm,working on it okay,unrelated problems sweeping the platform,aside like I said we're gonna be talking,about what I think are three of the most,useful items ever added to Terraria the,shell phone the rod of Harmony and The,Infinity Gauntlet uh sorry the hand of,creation although if re-logic ever did,add The Infinity Gauntlet to this game,it would be the upgrade of this item all,you need to do is stick a couple of gems,on it and there we go as advertised all,of the items I'll be showing you are,exceptionally useful in some way they,carry some incredible utility that makes,them very convenient to have on your,character and what makes them,particularly interesting to me is that,these truly feel like the final form of,the items that we'll ever have in the,base game an accumulation of so many,effects or a singular use that's so,incredibly potent that it will never be,seen in an upgraded form again in,unmodded play and to demonstrate what I,mean I'll start with the simplest one,which is the rod of Harmony you get the,item in the simplest way out of all of,these three as well by throwing a rod of,Discord into a pool of Shimmer when you,use this item you will be teleported to,the location of your cursor on the,screen much like the rod of Discord big,surprise since you transformed this item,from a rod of Discord the difference,however is that using this item won't,inflict the chaos state debuff so,repeated uses within a short period of,time won't damage you anyone who knows,about the rod of Discord and its,applications will know that this is an,incredible effect for an item to have,the rod of Discord itself used to,function the same way in the past before,it was nerfed and changed to give you,the self-damaging effect because of how,powerful it is the rod of Harmony does,have a caveat which is that you're only,able to obtain it after defeating Moon,Lord so there's no actual progression,that you're able to do with it which is,not something that I'm really,considering here this item like its,predecessor is one of the best boss,fighting items that could be conceived,and is one of the fastest and absolutely,the most versatile General mobility and,transportation method in the game it,will get you anywhere in any area faster,than anything else unless you're,traveling through solid blocks of course,next up we have the shell phone if you,listen closely you can hear something,about your car's warranty which is a,tool tip keeping in line with the two,conch shell items that craft with the,cell phone in order to make this one and,is also a reference to car warranty scam,callers which is just so goddamn,relatable I actually ignore scam calls,but I get texts from these people being,like Oh I can help you alleviate you're,dead or hey you want some money God,Bless America anyways I think that this,is probably my single favorite item ever,added to the game as far as utility goes,this one really does have it all as it's,crafted out of the cell phone the cell,phone contains all of the informational,data that comes from the cell phone,components which fun fact this final,evolution being added to this massive,crafting tree actually makes it the most,complicated one in the game beating out,Zenith by a single item which is,honestly just kind of funny the,strongest weapon in the game trumped by,a phone every one of these statistics,sticks provided has its own nuanced,applications some that are passively,useful all of the time like the time and,some that are more Niche but still tend,to come in handy here and there the,second function that the shell phone has,is teleportation like the cell phone it,can teleport you home to where your,spawn point is set but it can also,teleport you to three other key,locations in your world when you right,click the item it will change the,appearance of the Shelf phone and with,it the locations that you can teleport,to giving you the three extra options of,Spawn the ocean and the underworld these,are honestly the best areas that you,could have the ability to teleport to,home for obvious reasons the oceans and,the underworld because they're generally,the furthest parts of the world from you,and even spawn which is just the very,center of your world so if you have your,spawns set somewhere crazy you can still,return to the middle of your world with,this item at any time you want which is,something that I don't think you've ever,

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Terraria 1.4.4 Update News!

Terraria 1.4.4 Update News!

so recently the developers of terraria,have been doing a big play-through with,all of the testers to try out terraria,1.4.4 and because of this they've been,super active across all of their social,medias giving us lots of little bits of,information about the upcoming update,now in today's video i'm going to be,giving you all of the latest findings,and i'll be real nothing here is,groundbreaking but we're kicking it,classic we're talking about the little,things and if you've been dying for some,terraria news i think you'll find,today's video pretty interesting so if,you enjoyed today's video head down,there and give it a thumbs up and while,you're at it why not subscribe alright,let's get into it so first up over on,the terraria memes reddit somebody,posted this image that said tombstones,should act like boulders and deal damage,at first so you can strategically kill,your friends by dying and red himself,actually responded this is the best idea,ever and the poster responded so when's,this going to be in the game red replied,about seven hours ago for a certain seed,now we do know that there is a new seed,coming with this update but will this be,part of the seed that we already know,about or is this a new seed we'll have,to see so last night cenex tweeted out,testing shenanigans with a couple of,images showing that the development team,have been completely wiped out by the,wall of flesh one of the images does,show a back and forth with the team,though senec says how many developers,does it take to kill the wall of flesh,serenity says i got stuck on whitney's,greenhouse senex responded don't put,that evil on me celix what's this,greenhouse about what it what are you,doing here who built a greenhouse in,hell,to be fair it's it's toasty for the,plants right but lime falls does say and,i literally nerfed it yesterday so has,the wall of flesh been nerfed is that,what's going on here is the wall of,flesh getting a little bit of a tweak,pyro aura does say i never used dark,lance against the wall of flesh before,and we know that in the update the dark,lance is actually getting a buff on,twitter somebody replied why you're,struggling so much master mode or master,mode 2.0,senex responded no spoilers,so keep in mind that back in february,red did tweet out working on something,special for the brave of heart so maybe,that's what this entire playthrough is,about it's about testing out this new,seed and trying to balance around it or,you know maybe they see the whole team,get wiped by the wall of flesh and they,say that's perfect all right no balance,required so this last little bit it's,just something that cracked me up,somebody on reddit recommended that the,toilet mine cart should actually be,called mind fart and red responded we,have a friendly truce with minecraft and,i'm not breaking it i love that right so,that's it for today but stay tuned the,developers seem pretty active and i'm,having a lot of fun talking about these,smaller bits of information so if we get,a little bit more i'll let you know see,you in the next one peace

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Why Terraria 1.4.4 is Special

Why Terraria 1.4.4 is Special

so Terraria 1.4.4 has been out for two,days now and have racked up about 30,hours of gameplay now don't worry I was,sent an early build I haven't done that,in two days this video isn't just,straight delirium but I did want to talk,about what makes this update so special,because despite the fact we've had many,a Terraria update there is something,about this one in particular that,actually sets it apart from the rest now,to be fully clear I haven't actually,experienced everything in the update so,far for example I haven't even touched,the complete melee rework which from,videos I've seen looks absolutely,amazing but it's very clear to see that,this update is so special because it,respects the player's time now I,actually mean that in more ways than one,firstly it respects that you've probably,played a lot of Terraria so it isn't,afraid to give you a brand new challenge,and for me this all begins with that,brand new seed get fixed boy this seed,introduces a new difficulty mode and,it's kind of crazy like if you played on,Expert it becomes master and if you play,on Master it becomes legendary now when,1.4 first dropped a few of you were,disappointed that Master was only a,numbers difference from expert and of,course you did get relics and you did,get pets but there was no new movement,to the bosses now for the worthy the,secret seed did actually help this a,couple days later but I really feel like,this new secret seed actually bumps it,into its own class and it says hey,you've played a lot of Terraria do you,want to die do you want to experience,pain well we have the seed and,difficulty for you and I love it now,I've never felt like the Terraria,developers have ever held players hands,but never before have they said well,what if we took the boss you already,know how to fight we make you fight them,underground because if you go to the,surface it's kind of awful and then we,add in a whole new AI at the end,like it's different but mostly it,respects your time by adding in a,million different conveniences and I,feel like these are the conveniences,that they tended to shy away from in the,early days but now to me it seems like,they go hey you've played a lot of,Terraria we know you need these,conveniences and we feel like you should,have them and it all starts very simply,with the brand new auto swing which is a,new setting and if you haven't turned it,on yet get it turned on because it's a,game changer this one setting could,potentially rebalance Terraria because,now there's certain weapons instead of,having your damage be assigned to how,fast you can click a mouse it will auto,swing for you now normally messing with,balancing like that could scare a,developer but the accessibility that,this setting adds is a game changer for,some people this is the difference,between being able to enjoy a little bit,of Terraria or hours and hours and hours,of Terraria one of the things I've been,reading from you lot at home and I've,also been feeling it myself is that this,update feels a lot like modded Terraria,and you are completely right for me,though it mostly feels like modded,because this update will give you all of,those things that mods have been subtly,doing in the background for example for,the player that loved magic storage okay,we maybe don't have that but we do have,the revamped void bag which essentially,gives the player a second inventory and,not only that items now stack to,999 a thing which modders have been,doing for years and also for those that,downloaded mods to mess with the pylon,system now you don't need to because,they've relaxed the pylon system so much,that it's no longer a thought process to,try and get your NPCs happy enough to,sell the pylon it just seems to to work,a lot better now and a small tweak I,just love which we didn't even have mods,for before you can now skip the wait,time on the old ones Army respecting,your time and saying hey you probably,don't want to be lingering around for 30,seconds in between waves crack on enjoy,Terraria but to really explain it I need,to talk spoilers specifically the brand,new liquid which can be found in the,update so I'll give you a second if you,don't already know what it is head off,the video come back later alright let's,talk about it Shimmer is an absolute,Game Changer and the biggest thing to,respect your time Shimmer is bigger than,I think anybody actually realizes at,this point because Shimmer reduces so,many hours of grinding which for me has,always been my least favorite thing,about Terraria Terraria is a fantastic,game but there are definitely elements,where it used to slow down to a crow all,because you would need to go to a,certain area and grind for a certain,thing if you wanted all of the end game,content well Shimmer says you don't have,to do that anymore a very simple,explanation of this is if you didn't,want to farm for the Nazar because it,could be a bit of a chore to farm for,all you need now is a megaphone you,throw that into the Shimmer yo

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