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youtube tweets tag a creator you're,thankful for,technoblade add techno the pig,dream,i can't believe dream died,techno,finally some good news,captain sparkles anybody out there good,at rendered minecraft thumbnail art kind,of stuff feel free to apply with,examples if you're up to occasional work,techno my rates start at ten thousand,dollars,tummy in it,thankful i'm not american,techno,thankful you're not american,skippy,what the heck i'm 21,techno time for retirement old man,kfdm news,developing feral hogs take over,southeast texas neighborhood and cause,all sorts of problems in a short period,of time,techno,me and the boys,techno my fans are the worst,three million subscribers still can't,get a girlfriend,technoblade,thinking about buying a gong,mr beast i bought one thousand gongs and,hit them all at the same time to cause,an earthquake,thanks for the video idea,techno,i always knew my tweets would one day,lead to hundreds of deaths,quackity it's so nice to teach old,people how to play video games,techno,let me know if you need help writing,that hundred thousand dollar check,mr beast,this tweet is the one time you're,allowed to self promo reply with,whatever,techno i've waited for this moment my,entire life subscribe to technoblade,fundy pigs can play video games,scientists discover,techno,scientists really be subscribing to,technoblade and calling it research,techno caught this guy placing tnt under,my house,quackity watch out he's gonna build a,fast food establishment on your driveway,techno i just don't understand what the,horse is for,tommy i am frequently thrown out of,public libraries,wilbur sutt,five-time librarian escape champion,philza i have so many questions,technoblade bro i've literally been,asking you where the library is for two,years and you knew the whole time,not cool,tina carrot gal,techno that carrot you got there can i,have it,jacksepticeye be right back moving to,potato plant,techno,dream,just finished recording something for mr,beast's youtube rewind,techno bro i recorded mine in the high,pixel lobby i'm gonna get edited out,completely,all face cam youtubers must be destroyed,technoblade,finally a video i can relate to,rambu,something's off,techno looks fine to me,tommy in it,taking friend application since,apparently i'm a shitty dude,techno my little brother wants you to,watch this,dream i love my friends,techno cringe,technoblade,i've been playing minecraft for 10 years,and this is how i tried to craft a,fishing rod today,ludwig you're supposed to be my teacher,techno,the first lesson pray bingo doesn't get,picked,jack manifold,this is ridiculous change this google,technoblade,fixed,the new york times,breaking news a man received a new heart,from a genetically modified pig a,medical first that offers hope to,hundreds of thousands of patients with,failing organs,technoblade,mr beast the more money i give away in a,video the more people just don't believe,it's real how would i even find that,many actors i've literally given away,money to thousands of people,technoblade,can confirm i got paid,fundi,things i often forget salmon is a big,fish blackberries aren't berries,to take my meds,techno the only thing you need to,remember is to hit that subscribe button,i'm still tubbo,technoblade suspicious,slimesicle,society if they added charlie slimesicle,to the dream smp,techno i can fit so many withers into,that build,technoblade verify me right now twitter,tommy this doesn't work ever,techno with enough likes anything is,possible,carson they should change your name from,technoblade to technogun,what do you think,techno unfortunately that's my father's,name so before i could do that i would,have to defeat him in battle,hbom 94. the dream smp guys are so good,to me,welcome h-bomb we hope you brought pizza,techno i don't remember anyone named,hbom 94 suspicious,get him boys,technoblade i've got my eye on you,tommy in it best christmas present ever,seriously thank you all so much,wilbur sutt i'm positively quivering,technoblade this is why i never,encourage people,technoblade bed war's at 999 funnier,wilbur soot,what's for lunch let me take a wild,freaking guess,it was ants,techno great tweet wilbur can't wait for,the next one,dream,woman,technoblade,breaking news sexism rate drops to zero,percent,schlatt verified see you at the polls,techno how do you get verified please,the people are mocking me,the shoe's on the other foot now,tommy just died,techno couldn't be me,saddest reply with a good pick of new le,mander please for reference i like those,with shaders,techno,technoblade thinking about money,tommy,that's where you're wrong kiddo,quackity,grug,techno me one,grug tech now,this guy just won't stop spamming my dms,yo techno log in i need that favor tech,now techno log in now can't i'm busy,carl jesus christ fan behavior,techno like jeez bro i'll get to it,later relax,techno all men do is lie,tubba why,tech now silence government,quackity i turned 20 years old today i'm,finally allowed to

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mlg hacker threatens me on twitter - skywars

mlg hacker threatens me on twitter - skywars

welcome guys I didn't think I'd be doing,a story time again so soon but what,happened in one day with rural areas for,me not to talk about it oh by the way is,it going to be the first episode I,recorded my new computer so I have no,guarantees over whether this thing,actually will like render stuff because,I don't have like I'm not sure if I have,the same sentence I'm pretty sure I do I,don't know it's going to be the trial,run anyway so we just stabbed the snood,goodbye thanks shirting the bridge,though the terrible Karma's don't we,just ran up behind me and shoved me off,and said nope submit we go anyhow so,there I was I just uploaded a new video,on Monday and I do a usual thing I do,when I have way too much free time when,should I just sit there for like half an,hour reading comments and I would note I,was get an unusual amount of paid,comments so I didn't know they were hate,comics I thought they were just I,thought they were just people troll me,because the hey comments we go something,like oh my god check nobody stripper,Trump supporter keep politics out of,your videos and I'm sincere like it I I,didn't support a candidate and that,there was no political chip where is,this coming from,and then like I get other comments like,check table why'd you suck at PvP and,you'll never be good and I'm just like,okay your comments are harsh uncalled,for and accurate don't like them anyhow,it took me a while to realize it like 10,people had commented about Trump in a,row which is slightly unusual consider,you know there's like no politics at all,I got like 10 people in the comments,that can go on texting my new trump,supporter hunts to drive I'm like what,what wait a minute and I checked and all,of their YouTube accounts with zero,subscribers zero likes videos and no,playlist and I'm just like these are all,the same guy aren't they oh my god,they're all the same guy and then I,realized that all the other hate,comments were the same guy he got,creative he role played as like a,feminist a hardcore pop diva figure he,was doing all the things it wasn't that,creative though you'd like the Trump,thing like so I don't know man I don't,know this guy could be a writer made,great characterization anyhow I also,notice that the video had slightly more,dislikes than usual at like 20 and it,was pretty early but I mean I didn't,really care until until I noticed wait a,minute it's that guy isn't it so I,didn't think much of it and then like,maybe 30 minutes later I get I get a,message on Twitter,it's the guy he's decided to reveal,himself and he just like he post an,image of all his 21 YouTube alt accounts,all lined up and goes,I've been generous stuff Ari DM me or I,will be forced like I don't even know I,forget the exact phrasing buddy he,basically he posted YouTube accounts,he's like it's like a threat like I have,20 YouTube accounts dude don't mess with,me I'll sync your YouTube career and,then he posted a I just dig I completely,ignore him because I want to see what,we'll do and he posts like a screenshot,of my like Bart it's a let me show you,the screenshot because it's the least,intimidating thing you've ever seen see,I have to respect his confidence because,even though the screenshot he posted,clearly shows my video only has 2%,dislikes he's talking mad trash and,making demands,like I've been generous thus far but you,better do what I say or I'll,your career with another 5 dislikes,maybe 6 if I don't get bored making new,YouTube account,it gets better though he sends me like,what I think was a really cryptic DDoS,threat I'm not I'm not even sure though,because what do you do was he like,something like a screenshot over the,part of my video where I didn't have a,connection to hypixel my caption is like,soon and zoomed in on like the no,connection part I'm just like I think,it's the threat I don't know man maybe,you just really liked that screenshot,from the video and wanted to share it to,its followers all of you know three of,them I don't know man I don't know what,I did such like a credible video a,threat man like dude you could have DDoS,me this whole time but when you wanted,to intimidate me the first thing you did,was make a handful of hate comments on a,few YouTube alt account,yeah man you really really use your,strongest move first I believe you,though you can totally take out my,internet at any time it was good this,guy like thinks he's mr. robot because,he is a few YouTube accounts just like,no get out of here,I'm sure there's like one person who's,watching this video let's like secretly,like a super MLG I like an actual MLG,hacker please don't please don't hurt me,man I ain't disrespecting you I'm,disrespected in this clown okay he gives,you guys a bad name I mean I guess I,guess you you know I don't even know and,I'm just making fun of people it's what,I do okay we meal anyhow anyhow let me,just stab this guy,mm-hmm you jumped off you didn't even,care Hannah do they're all right this is,painful well you know you j

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tommy in it subscribe to technoblade,dream kinda messed up with them to show,my face without my permission,wilbur soot guys remember grab it to,believe stay running run for what you,yes,etc,well said wilbur,tommy in it guys remember don't forget,why fight the no stop for never etc,i'm noticing a trend here,quackity this was my friend filza,nothing happened he's just really old,rip,quackity you're not old filza don't,listen to him,tubbo i am now an adult no longer will i,like it to be the bee will let go to me,help,wilbur soot blink and you'll be the same,age as phil,tubbo it's gonna be so sad when i you,know,tommy in it how are you older than me,happy 18.,george having pissed since last year,thanks for letting us know george,ramboo same,rambu i need to see a doctor,quackity i'm actually not pissing at all,next year,technoblade when i was 13 i decided to,get 10 million subscribers on youtube,today after eight years two months and,three days,i hit my goal,10 million subscribers,dream did it all without a helping hand,too,too soon,love you man we'll always have a ton of,respect for you,from rivals to friends to many more,subscribers,technoblade racy to 100 mill loser,tommy in it loving my life in my private,jet,dream,thank you guys so much for 27 million,696 696 subscribers love you all,bad boy halo twitter lets you crop,images before you post em dream dream i,don't know how to delete the tweet help,me i didn't want people saying my money,technoblade how's your cpm that low i'm,here if you ever need a loan,dream thanks man i might take you up on,that,george last night i had a dream where i,met messi and ronaldo and i asked him,for a photo but messi left ronaldo said,yes but he had to go to a meeting so i,followed him there but when we got there,he left because apparently he really,needed to poo so i didn't get my photo,cool story bro,rambu,he is handcuffed to the railing lol,dream,guys please give me likes i need to be,the center of attention at all times,thank you,dream dream haters are 100 000 times,more toxic than dream stands welcome to,my ted talk,dream also it was creator of the year,haters the cheating scandal was so last,year,tommy in it sluppy boy stans are winning,right now no wars here we just sit and,talk about tubbo,tubbo,dubbo,tommy in it this is the most important,moment of my life,oh brother charlie the emilio followed,you now why would she do that,dream wtf follow me charlie d emilio,tommy in it sorry bro i earned this,ramboo,pancakes my beloved,dream top 5 richest streamers based on,the twitch leak one xqc 1.3 trillion,two dream 7.9 billion,three obama 696 million,four hasana b,five tommy in it 100 million,i guess dream wins,tubbo yo am i on the list dream 69,tubbo 10 cents in a mcdonald's coffee,ramboo didn't even make top five,dream,six rambu a hundred dollars and ten,cents,tommy in it just dropped out of college,tubbo moment,tubbo yo,tommy in it what do i gotta find now,tubbo,carl,epic tubbo moment tommy in it i don't,understand this cryptic reply,lazar i dropped out of 15 man you're,late tommy in it i love the fact that,you live on the other side of the world,to me,bundy,education we are minecrafters,dream i just paused my music while,talking to myself out loud to hear,myself better,tommy in it please stop telling me i'm,the kind of guy to eat christmas,presents,tina you probably saved the wrapping,paper in your pocket as a little snack,for later,tommy in it nothing wrong with eating,paper but that's a completely different,story,pokemane you seem like the type to even,eat the coal,tommy in it this is so offensive,tommy in it i just want to be spider-man,tubbo i want to be tall,tommy in it you'd never disappoint,tumble,bundy,jack manifold,went to the old people's home today and,met this amazing gentleman truly,inspiring,bundy decorating my house,nicely filza subscribe to technoblade,bilza let's go,technoblade 10 million subscribers,technoblade agreed,my favorite part of being a postman has,to be holding the envelopes,tommy in it finally not alone,tommy in it why is dream obsessed with,me,dream,my guy friends are gone i decay what to,do i just walk around in circles and,tweet now,george look what i found,oh he framed his i love you dream tweet,dream i'm free,quackity new lesson just dropped,don't care didn't ask,you,quaggady here's my hair reveal thank you,guys so much for the incredible birthday,wishes today,tubbo i thought the hair was built into,the beanie though quackity you're,right,george you are ugly,george thoughts,tommy in it,i promise i've never searched this i i,was hacked guys i was hacked,tubbo,mother is crossing the line now,walking,running,sprinting,get back to your room after turning off,the lights in the kitchen,you are so relatable and quirky,wow that was some heavy sarcasm tobe,what you mean i'm not relatable and,quirky,poor mom,tom simons wishing i was in l.a without,jack manifold but here we are,rambled rambu thought of the day,how do spider-man shoes work like does,his

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Why Dream’s Face Reveal Was An Awful Decision

Why Dream’s Face Reveal Was An Awful Decision

dream's face reveal could qualify as the,worst mistake made by a content creator,ever and we're going to outline several,reasons why beginning with possibly the,most crucial point being that dream's,unseen face was one of the only things,keeping him relevant for example dream,was able to appear in Mr B's 65 million,view 2020 rewind simply because he,hadn't shown his face yet which,accompanied hundreds of commentary type,videos teasing and clickbaiting what,dream apparently looked like dream did a,face reveal 2.6 million views did dream,just face a real 19 million views dreams,face revealed 21 million views all of,which providing insane amounts of,traffic to dream with absolutely no,effort required on his end there was,then the monthly Twitter get-together,where everyone focused on dream while,trying to figure out who he was,including this classic post reading,hashtag dreamout can we discuss how he,catfished 20 million people into,believing he some cute ripped twink,while he looks like this IRL yes this is,a picture of dream yes he uses his,brother as a body double for Merch picks,which accompany numerous posts by dream,himself where he was able to capture the,Public's attention by teasing a hand,glove or mouth prompting even more,traffic toward dream's brand and videos,now dream did explain in his face reveal,that he was tired of people going to,insane links to try and expose what he,looked like the people trying to leak my,face trying to find out what I look like,trying to there's two there's too many,it's a little a little just a tiny tiny,bit too much yet Perhaps it was simply,unaware of just how relevant these,incidents were keeping him additionally,since almost all growth on YouTube comes,from some kind of uncomfortability dream,should have recognized this feeling as a,signpost to let these attempted expose,continue giving him wave after wave of,free relevancy on top of free relevancy,dreams anonymity simply gave people a,reason to follow his story as a Creator,it made the whole thing fun for the,audience as mentioned in this article by,PC Gamer fangirl seemed to often,perpetuate the mystery with fan art,Unapologetic standing videos and fantasy,situations with dreams face reveal,putting an instant end to all of this,the illusion of him being a supermodel,unusual or perhaps a god amongst men is,gone he really is just a guy you'd see,on the street dream also seemed to,ignore just how much of the brand itself,was based on his hidden image his song,mask which has over 30 million views,only exists because he was a faceless,Creator while on his merch site almost,every piece of clothing still uses the,anonymous dream smiley face there's,something that's charmingly simple,unique and memorable about the smiley,face which when combined with the,classic dream green makes for incredibly,distinctive branding as can be observed,in the case of his Minecraft skin,however it now feels as though most of,this branding is fairly redundant as we,now know what he looks like yet at the,same time dream has made no effort to,change his branding to match his real,life image which would also be a poor,strategy as he'd then have to change,everything to something completely new,it's almost like the channel is still,represented by a green and white smiley,face although when you think about dream,you instead think about this in,representing some kind of unexplainable,inconsistency for most channels adding a,face can provide the brand with a strong,dose of recognizability however in the,case of dream his face reveal seemed to,do the opposite and instead weakened,what was already working what this,reveals and what should be obvious was,that a face reveal was never necessary,in the first place with over 30 million,subscribers dream had built the largest,Minecraft channel in YouTube history and,never had to show his face once none of,his thumbnails ever used an over-the-top,surprised face it still achieved,sometimes over a hundred million views,while the content itself was more,entertaining without a FaceCam in the,bottom left-hand Corner dream's unique,strategy was definitely out of the,ordinary however it was still clearly,working extremely well so if the content,wasn't broken then why was dream trying,to fix it what was his motive for,revealing his face well dreams seemed to,imply that the plan was to make in real,life content with his friends a lot of,you are probably wondering why now why,are you finally revealing your face my,goal was to just start doing doing,things get out meet creators say hi to,my friends finally I will make more eye,roll content as well where I'm with me,and my friends and we do things and I'll,do Minecraft content as well where I'm,in real life like there was a cool video,idea I had a long time ago that I,couldn't do until now while this was an,excellent plan with a lot of potential,upside his execution on the idea has,been far from impressive it's been a,quarter of a year since stream uploaded,his face reve

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Technoblade complains about Twitter Verification for 3 minutes 39 seconds

Technoblade complains about Twitter Verification for 3 minutes 39 seconds

i'd say could you get superman to send,me money but i don't i don't think,superman has money i think he's pretty,broke honestly,he's just he's just a reporter i bet,super,i bet clark kent he's a reporter that,means he's verified on twitter,clark clark verify me on twitter please,people keep impersonating me for fun on,twitter,and everyone falls for insta i don't,have to verificate why do you verify,every all these random see if you see,someone verified on twitter i know,i don't even have to check their twitter,bio because it's going to say,author or writer in it every single,author or writer on this planet with 3,000 followers has somehow been verified,what the heck is this over here,all right now technoblade his name is,actually pronounced,jorah l shut up nerd,this guy's memorized the superman lore,only technically you pronounce with an e,instead of an o,get daddy i'm trying to get verified on,twitter can't you focus on the important,things here,i'm trying to get verified i don't know,verification works man you got to be,part of like you got to be a journalist,it's the only people a verified,journalist,you get a million followers on this,website no you're not worth verifying,but if you write one article,you're in i honestly think,it would have been it would be faster,the fastest way for me to get verified,isn't for me to become,like super famous and get like 20,million subscribers,i think it would actually be faster if i,deleted my channel,went back to college got my english,degree and became a journalist,i think that would get me verified on,twitter faster than becoming famous,all right so it's what i'm gonna have to,do this is my last stream,see you guys that's connor how did you,get to be part of the company,i actually asked i asked my dad i was,like i need you to,make a company and then and then tell,twitter that i work for you so they'll,verify me,please please,maybe i should they accept any company,what does it take to make a company is,it like super easy,you just i understand how the world,works man,i just i just play minecraft poor i,don't even understand how minecraft,works,i just do what the chat tells me and,sometimes like 10 percent of the time it,works,very high accuracy now anyways back to,reading,techno knife perfect,my chat is informing me that i have been,canceled,all right all right chad,profanity got my stream just got,demonetized,my stream's been demonetized i've been,debated i've been debated fossil net,spam,okay chat spam carl,i've been owned i thought i could trust,the people that paid me money,but i could not even the super chat,debates me it's all over,it's all over my career,my career wait no this is good chat chat,hear me this is a big brain,if i start if i start swearing and a,scandal appears,they'll write articles about me in the,media and if they write articles about,me in the media i can get verified on,twitter,this is how we win this is how i win,you

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Technoblade Was Cancelled Again...

Technoblade Was Cancelled Again...

so technoblade is being cancelled again,now as you guys know a few months ago,technoblade was canceled for making some,jokes about four years ago,technoblade tweeted this out now most,people didn't find anything wrong with,this it was clearly a joke and he had,no ill intent with it so when that,wasn't enough to cancel him,people on twitter dug up some old,technoblade videos where he made jokes,about blur and after that technoblade,was pretty much forced to delete a lot,of his older videos,and now twitter has once again brought,up all tweets to try and cancel,not only tectoblade but tommy in it,filza and wilbur,so last year tectoblade tweeted this out,murder is bad and he linked a george,floyd petition and now people are saying,that he was,mocking or making fun of the blm,movement and they also got mad at tomine,because he replied by saying,agreed now i just find this really,stupid because out of anything,how could you get mad at him for this,now sure maybe he could avoid,it differently maybe he could have said,more but he's a minecraft youtuber not a,political activist the fact that he,shared this petition that he was,bringing,awareness to it in the first place is a,good thing and this is something that a,lot of people have been canceled,for not doing people were being canceled,for not saying anything about george,floyd even though i i really don't think,that a minecraft youtuber should really,have to say anything but if they do,that's a good thing so i i really don't,understand why people,are trying to cancel him for this out of,anything you're gonna get mad at him,for saying murder is bad and then you're,gonna get mad at tommy inning for saying,that he agreed with that now,this got so bad that there were multiple,threads,with thousands of likes trying to cancel,technoblade there are even,burner accounts popping up making these,threads,and those burner accounts were getting,cancelled for things that they said in,the past,it was this whole situation i'm just,going to go over some of the things that,people had to say,so there was this burner account that,went on this,huge cancel spree they tried to cancel,technoblade,wilbur tommy in it even mr beast they,actually tried to cancel mr beast so,they started this,entire cancellation campaign by saying,this,sleepy twitter let's talk making this,thread because i'm tired of you guys,standing horrible content creators and,just being annoying in general i don't,watch any of them but i'm pretty sure,none of this,has been addressed technoblades,anti-semitic racist,and lesbian phobic tweets and once again,they're trying to cancel,technoblade for this dumb joke that he,made four years ago,and the rest of this thread is just some,other dumb jokes that tektoblade made,none of these were really a big deal he,definitely didn't deserve to be,cancelled for this but after that there,was,a bunch of these other burner accounts,that popped up a bunch of,stan accounts that tried to cancel,technoblade,wilbur tommy in it it was just this huge,crazy,situation i i really don't think i need,to read any of these tweets because it's,really stupid this entire situation was,really stupid people are getting mad at,tommy in it for speaking spanish,um big q al grande q grande big,yeah that was real they they tried to,cancel him because apparently,i guess you can't speak spanish and then,they try to cancel,filza for saying the r word seven or,eight years ago this,clip was such terrible quality i i don't,even know how they found this but,somehow they did just one because that,would be ,this is diamond shovels they tried to,cancel him for that they tried to cancel,wilbert for these,offensive lyrics that he had in one of,his songs wilbur already apologized for,that but they still tried to cancel him,for that,then they try and cancel technoblade by,linking all of these old jokes,that he made and then there's this,thread where technoblade was exposed for,making hitler jokes on discord,they're acting like this guy was some,sort of predator he made jokes about,hitler,i don't understand how that's offensive,like this guy was one of the worst,people in history,you think making fun of him would be a,good thing right but no,i guess apparently they gotta stick up,for their boy hitler and then of course,here they are getting mad at technoblade,and tommy in it saying that murder is,bad,and then they try and cancel technoblade,and wilbert for making a joke,about tommy in it abusing women,this thread was really stupid i i really,didn't feel like going through all this,because it's just jokes that is all of,this threat is,not a single thing in this thread is,something bad they,made jokes okay twitter has just lost it,we've gotten to the point where people,are making,burner accounts solely to cancel people,and then those burner accounts are,getting canceled and then,people are deleting all of their tweets,i just want to know why i hate this so,much,this happens every single day and i'm,honestly getting tired,of i

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so long nerds

so long nerds

hi,i'm technoblade's dad,he wrote a message and he asked me to,read it to all of you,hello everyone technoblade here,if you're watching this,i am dead,so let's sit down and have one final,chat,my real name is alex,i had one of my siblings call me dave,one time in a deleted video from 2016,and it was one of the most successful,pranks we've ever done,thousands of creepy online dudes trying,to get overly personal going oh hey dave,how's it going,sorry for selling out so much in the,past year but thanks to everyone that,bought hoodies plushies and channel,memberships,my siblings are going to college,well if they want to i don't want to put,any dead brother peer pressure on them,but that's all from me thank you all for,supporting my content over the years,if i had another 100 lives i think i,would choose to be technoblade again,every single time,as those were the happiest years of my,life,i hope you guys enjoyed my content and,that i made some of you laugh,and i hope you all go on to live long,prosperous and happy lives,because i love you guys,technoblade out,we've been talking for a couple of,months about,alex doing a final video,sometimes he called it a face reveal,we were gonna shoot it in his living,room but we kind of waited too long,then we were going to shoot it from his,bed,he wanted to have,everything he wanted to say written down,ahead of time,and i think he was having a hard time,focusing,you know with all the various things,that were hooked up to him,he's always been kind of particular,about his environment and that really,put him off the mental state that he,wanted to be in to write,eventually he said,he was going to write it and he asked me,to read it,he was having a hard time,doing the writing,and,at some point,i just,i got down on my knee,at his bedside,and i said to him,alex,you don't have to do,anything else,you've done,so much for so many people,millions of people,and if you want to now,you can rest,but if you want to write one last,one last video,and you're you're waiting for,things to get a little better,then i would say,don't wait,i don't think,things are going to get any better,anymore,and,it seemed,it seems like that reached him and he,uh asked for my laptop and then he wrote,a few paragraphs,i don't think he said everything he,wanted to say but i think,he got the main points,he uh,he finished that up and then he was,done,he lived about another,eight hours,after that,we all said goodbye,he was the most amazing,was the most amazing kid anyone could,ever ask for,i miss technoblade,thank you to all of you,for everything,you you meant a lot to him,you

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Meowbahh is THE WORST PNGTuber... | Technoblade Tweet

Meowbahh is THE WORST PNGTuber... | Technoblade Tweet

even if on surface level you think this,person is annoying and literally,iterable there is a deeper layer to them,they are actually disgusting and one of,the most vile content creators i've seen,on the platform today we're going to,talk about technoblade and meowba,reading yeah,questions,how do you make your voice so hawaii huh,now his voice is natural,this is one of the most obvious ways,that you can tell the entire community,the youtube community that you want to,capitalize off jelly bean or at least,make a remnants of her it's actually,laughable and hilarious because it's so,blatant that holy i wanna i wanna,be become a png minecraft youtuber and,have a annoying voice and speak,very fast just like jellybean this is a, pragmatically big problem on,youtube because who else would ,enjoy this other than kids and this is, unhealthy for them because at,least for me it gives me trauma miaba a,png youtuber who made a start on tick,tock with a mostly negative response,from the general community although as,of july 30th miyaba has permanently,stained their career miyaba recently,posted a tweet reading r.i.p technoblade,frowny face let meow write that rotting,techno dick music emoji smiling face,music emoji exclamation point,exclamation point and as you can see in,this video it's actually ,disgusting they need to be punished,accordingly to their vile actions,especially when you're on twitter the,most cesspool of the all places on the,internet one of the most cancerous and,toxic environments you can indulge,yourself into,this kawaii word okay can,you see why everybody now just wanted to,make a quick video to,apologize to the disabled fandom this is,a very bad statement to make talking,about technoblade like that after his,death i think everyone will have a,negative attitude towards you and i,think um a certain platform should,punish you accordingly that is the most,disrespectful and abominable way to even,comment about somebody even if you,didn't like technoblade you shouldn't,say anything upon a person like that i,almost forgot to say in the recording,that miyaba was actually exposed and,their entire identity and internet,status is practically in shambles at,this point after getting doxxed and,literally all their information is out,in the public,i want to give a shout out to,stereotypic g for the video and,explanation on what exactly me alba did,and the tweet that they did i'll link,start to pick g's video and channel down,in the description down below and you,guys should definitely subscribe and,like the video because i think that they,make a very good youtube channel i,actually enjoy their content it was very,informational to watch that video and i,think you guys should watch that before,mine thank you guys for watching this,video i hope you guys knew and,understood about this thing that i,didn't even know about until i saw this,video thank you stereotypic g and i hope,you guys can report this person on,twitter and every platform that they're,in um and technoblade never dies thank,you guys for watching this video if you,guys liked it like and subscribe for,more videos like this and i'll see you,guys when i get more twitter stands to,berate my channel,she just wanna be safe

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