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MASSIVE CHANGES Hope You Guys Enjoy Them (Check Description) // Escape from Tarkov Newswhat's up guy

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

MASSIVE CHANGES Hope You Guys Enjoy Them (Check Description) // Escape from Tarkov News

what's up guys Nolan here I know we're,coming up on the end of our second week,of the wife but over the last three days,specifically we have both learned about,and seen some of the biggest changes to,the game not from a white day itself,when it comes to loot scabs are spawning,with high tier items as well as a chance,to have Max durability guns or something,close to Max durability no specifics,here and to be honest I'm not going to,be surprised if it's a bug that they are,this Max durability these guys are,supposed to be bums I don't know if they,should be running around with this clean,of guns but it's happening right now,also all AI not just scabs in general,all Ai and weapons that spawn in the,open world will have their ammunition,types nerfed significantly I'm not going,to give specifics on this but just know,between the Nerfs that we saw the other,day to their accuracy and this ammo Nerf,AI are the least deadly that we've seen,possibly ever right now now to be clear,Raiders are going to have good ammo,cultists are going to have good ammo,bosses are going to have good ammo but,all AI in general did see a Nerf to the,ammo that they are using now now will,they still One Tap you from 100 plus,meters oh absolutely but they should,Miss more often because remember they,did have their accuracy Nerf the other,day but when they do hit you it should,hurt less now as long as you're wearing,armor access to Keys is the easiest that,it has ever been with spawn rates,increased new spawns available in filing,cabinets filing cabinets are just,tossing these things out right now also,the fees for these keys were lowered on,the flea market if you need early task,keys or just keys in general then you,need to head to your favorite filing,cabinets and get opening them as soon as,possible it is a massive game changer,for sure practically all high tier,crafts have new crafts locked behind,quests and some need special books to,craft them logical Solutions posted us,yesterday if you need to see these,specifically reminder some of these are,just alternative crafts but if you need,a new craft for a ledx reap IR or VPX,that's something easier you will have to,do these quests now bit of drama today,so Kev xxd apologies because I did mess,the other X there the other day so Kev,xxd who as far as I know is the furthest,along the grind to Light Keeper in any,English speaking Community he is German,but he does speak good English so Kev,xxd apologies I missed one of the X's,the other day who is as far as I know,the furthest along in the grind to Light,Keeper in any English-speaking Community,he is German but he speaks English very,well no joke accidentally got his Kappa,while trying to get through the Light,Keeper and that was today so as far as I,know he's the first that I've seen to,get Kappa many of light Keeper's tasks,are difficult but now you understand how,difficult without spoiling anything,people are accusing Kev of cheating but,that's obviously going to happen with,stuff like this and the person doesn't,stream especially if the person doesn't,stream I don't know if he was a streamer,do you think people would accuse him,more I'm not actually sure I will say I,won't bet my channel on it but I do bet,my understanding of the game that this,guy isn't cheating we have done,everything that we possibly can on our,end to see if this guy is cheating and,because of the accusations I went and,saw and because of the accusations and,because of the amount of the,Acquisitions let's just say we're doing,a bit more than that to check out if he,is legit or not personally I think he is,just very good very dedicated and very,very lucky listen no offense Kev if,you're listening to this I'm sorry man,but you have to agree this game is in a,rough spot for stuff like this right now,and I have to say if something does come,out I'm not actually going to be that,surprised given the circumstances it's,just that we have done everything that,we can as players to check this stuff,out we've played with them enough we've,seen him in the game grinding with us,enough and we've been set back days,because we couldn't find certain items,for tasks or we were getting killed by,cheaters if he's been lying this whole,time then he is very good at it but,moving on that is the end of that,subject I will have a spoiler video for,what we know currently about Light,Keeper soon I will no longer talk,specifics of Light Keeper in normal,videos all videos is pertaining to Light,Keeper and his tasks specifically will,have spoiler warnings on them just know,that he is in the game he is very,difficult and he does in fact work like,other Traders so if you want the fancy,new Trader go get him just you know good,luck because it's actually more,difficult than the Kappa so this is our,new end game content speaking of that I,have a big Theory going that Light,Keeper is the end game content because,he is the end of the game all the,details of which are discussed in the,video that I posted a

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How would anyone ever miss this?! - Escape from Tarkov

How would anyone ever miss this?! - Escape from Tarkov

foreign,foreign,holy mags,oh my God,how does someone come in here and not,loot the blue card how did someone come,in here and not loot the blue card it,was right there in the obvious,hello excuse me sir how did you open,this door and not load the blue key card,drop your bag then,foreign,lame,or where's my extract,it's a two,there's two,foreign,second guys for me,she won't do it that way,foreign,I don't really know what I want to get,rid of here that's not worth anything,watch everything from that guy level 44.,look at the level 44 wouldn't WQ like,that okay so Bam Bam,thank you ma'am if you take that off,does it go small no I'm probably gonna,tank this like this man if I want to go,super overweight I can not really worth,how fast my extract it's anxious isn't,it,hello Neil,I pissed oh you know what when I said I,was healthy yeah I would help you I was,really hoping for a public shaming,please tell me how much is your,Healthy what's your head I just shut it,towards in the head,they're helpful,oh for Chinese they're the best in the, game there's only two legits to,the brain,you're not dead,what I prayed so many rounds,then,best in the world,never made a mistake,nothing but a god,era it's total errors what is this ,I break my arm it broke my arm,I'm not broken I'm too strong I'm too,strong chat,that wasn't him,was it,what,happened,foreign,okay,oh I did forget the balaclava,oh my God watch me get two PMC,kills as well,good never worried,foreign,foreign,that,one,another,in the end,oh ,foreign

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Escape From Tarkov - My Thoughts On The Tarkov Twitter Drama

Escape From Tarkov - My Thoughts On The Tarkov Twitter Drama

yo guys what's going on it's Ace is here,today with another video in today's,video we are going to be talking about,some of the tarkov drama not gonna have,our normally scheduled content here,today we're going to be talking about,the nice guy situation a tweet from,Veritas and uh some of the other stuff,going on so there's gonna be an audio,only experience and I want to get this,out of the way right away that I don't,know every single fact and or details so,I could be ignorant to some parts of the,situation and some parts of the facts so,with that being said take everything I,say in this video with a tiny grain of,salt most of my opinions are going to be,defending nice guy and defending some of,the content creators here on Twitter and,of course YouTube twitch whatever you,like to say and uh don't get me wrong I,do understand uh some parts from the,community and some of the anger towards,tarkov we'll get to that is going to be,an audio only experience here today so,if you don't like Audio Only You don't,like toxicity you don't like negativity,well luckily for you there's an X up in,the top right corner that has your name,on it limited time deal get it while you,can next five seconds and then it's gone,and uh you know if you don't hit that,all F4 is one press away and if you're,on mobile then well you're just a g make,sure you leave a like but let's hop into,it man,um so if you guys don't know what's,going on uh long story short is nice,guys getting canceled and um we had a,tweet from Veritas yesterday this is,completely unrelated to nice guy by the,way and let's make sure we're clear on,that Veritas tweeted roughly I'm not,gonna put the tweet on screen I'm not,going to do any extra work today we're,just gonna sit here and talk and you're,gonna listen and you're either gonna get,mad or agree and then type in angry or,nice comment,um so basically Veritas said tarkov is,not the problem it's the community,that's paraphrased it was longer than,that but let's get this out of the way,that tweet is probably 50 correct at 50,incorrect because tarkov is still the,problem all right there's still a lot of, wrong with tarkov it's a buggy, mess it's unoptimized there's a,lot of people who can't even get above,60 FPS this wipe,um there's the cheating pandemic that is,probably the worst it's ever been it's,it's definitely up there I thought last,wipe was pretty bad but right now seems,to be the absolute 100 percent tippity,top of the Mountaintop baby,um it's bad all right it's it's really, bad with the amount of people,flying around on the maps and just,cheating their asses off with that's,just I'm not going to sugarcoat it,they're cheating scumbags and,PSG and the anti-cheat just it's not,great all right I I probably already,lost any hope at a streamer item in the,future or content creator item whatever, you like to call them but it's just,not good okay I made a video two days,ago about the cheating problem in tarkov,and that video blew up man I think it's,like 26 000 views I mean last time we've,had a 26k video I don't even know,um of course it's something negative,that blows up and not positive and that,feeds into veritas's correct point is,the negative and the community are,pretty much hand in hand I mean the,community breeds so much negativity and,negativity breeds more negativity,um the talk of community is specifically,on Twitter I mean it's been here for the,last three years man I've been playing,this game since December 2019 and BSG,Twitter accounts just go on any tweet,click the replies somebody's in there,bitching like horrorcore bitching,there's always somebody spreading,negativity about escape from tarkov and,like I just said about the game and the,issues in some cases it is deserved all,right it is 100 deserved especially,about the cheating but the community is,definitely not helpful,um it is just a bunch of bitching,constantly and don't get me wrong man I,have done my fair share of bitching on,this channel because I am extremely,passionate about escape from tarkov,but it's it's just really toxic and it,has been toxic since probably,2021 2020 tarkov was phenomenal uh 2021,it got really toxic,so fast forward today,um nice guys getting canceled and I'm,gonna do my best to portray the,situation as I've had it portrayed to me,how I have seen it unfold on Twitter,from what I understand so if I have any,of the timeline wrong feel free to,correct me in the comments but basically,about six hours ago it's currently six,p.m eastern time at timer recording,about six hours ago nice guy uh tweeted,out something about this guy named Kev,getting Kappa now Kev got Kappa before,Trey and before Tuesday and these are,two guys have been absolutely,grinding I believe both of them are over,level 50. and this Kev guy comes out of,nowhere and Trey you know I don't know,toothy I've I've seen the name and I've,you know heard but Trey I know is an,absolute unit uh I think Trey took a,break last wipe honestly could be wrong,on that but T

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walking fast,eating awesome,I,foreign,okay,you're dead,nice,do more people to this equation,okay well back to five,I'm like I killed two and it was three,now they got back,foreign,chaos real quick,thank you,I think there's one more left,there's five I killed two three four I,killed four that's six,eight killed one,uh he's seven okay there should be like,one or two more left,actually maybe maybe not they might have,killed each other,okay,they might have grabbed this guy's stuff,like a scab player,foreign,you have check out,I'm gonna trade taxi right here,I'm so heavy right now,but this car is open I would actually do,the twerk,nice not open,love that for me actually,oh well isn't underpass like all the way,over there,what's the nearest one by me I actually,have no idea,elements here,like that guy's geared,okay go for it,holy ,foreign,let me figure this out,bang bang bang bang okay we dropped this,drop this,um,up this drop this drop this,like this put that in there,of that drop that and there,enough,it's up,wow thank God it's up,on there or,Lee,I was a juicer raid oh my goodness,actually popped off,I mean for PMC kills and I think all,these were player scabs too I should,except this one maybe oh yeah I actually,went crazy,I love your looting and prioritizing,stuff,yeah I'm a pretty solid loser what can I,say I know how to loot,I got two four I got seven dog tags in,that that read holy ,I was picking up bodies

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the game amassed the most about is,escape from tarkov it used to be my main,game and many wipes ago I would go into,Labs destroying everybody with every key,in pocket I know many of you that watch,me now though don't play and my favorite,way of describing it to you is,pain but there was just a wipe to this,game meaning that it was completely,reset leveling the playing field because,everybody's progress is now down to zero,they also made a bunch of updates my,buddy pesley actually did a great video,going over all that but people compared,DMZ to escape from tarkov even the DMZ,devs though said their game is not going,to compete with tarkov but for,perspective Baseline in tarkov when you,make it out with an extra bag or armor,or weapon or attachment you gotta keep,that in your stash so if you die you can,reset back with that gear that you just,got out similar to how Contraband works,for weapons but with everything in this,game this gives you even more incentive,to make it out with that gear that you,find because it's way more valuable it's,also way harder to come by good gear,because players don't just get a free,insured slot with the best weapon you,could possibly build on it no no no one,of the biggest challenges that new,players and as you'll see returning,players like myself face is when you,finally get something good you have gear,your fear because you don't even want to,use it you know you're going to die so,today I am back to check out the new,streets of tarkov new map and while,you're supposed to go in offline study,the map first well I just wing it on a,scavron which is basically a free,character that you get on cooldown,similar to how the insured weapon works,on DMZ but it spawns you in the middle,of a game for other characters that are,on their main characters and it only,gives you the garbage loot that an AI,would have what are called scavs in this,game and so this is the first,exploration that I have of the map after,not seeing anything,all right,this is it,this is this has got to be a scab right,this is an AI,so as long as I don't shoot the AI it,won't shoot me we're basically an AI,right now,whoa look at this,this reminds me of that uh Modern,Warfare 2 map,that the apartments or maybe was it,Modern Warfare two all right,let's step out into the world and go,exploring shall we,we heard some shots on the other side,there,sprinting,Player dead,let's hope that that was a player player,and not a scav player,or hope it's not an AI just randomly,sprinting,oh yeah level four what a bye,cringe dude he had painkillers some meds,I don't know what that is,that to stop heavy bleeding actually,ideally right now we just want to leave,okay we need to we need to go to Google,this is how if you ever have played,tarkov this is how you have to do it oh,here we go is this good one,and our extractions are,basement descent entrance to catacombs,and ventilation shaft,so these are our three extracts,sewer extraction right,player,this might have been a scav,it was,does this mean we're going to be aggro,to scabs now though if we can just get,out of here I can save this milk and,sell it,there it is,okay it works holy crap we found it,to see if there's any more loot we can,scoop,the heck,that's a player,let's just go our separate ways here,brother,hello,he's got me pinned in the building,he might have just extracted he didn't,want the Heat,damn you really cannot jiggle pee holy,crap,yeah I think he must have extracted,okay we'll take it man we'll take it,I was actually starting to feel pretty,confident because that was a very solid,come up after reorganizing I bring that,gear that I just got on this Gap onto my,main character and I'm ready to snowball,this thing into pure Glory all the way,to the top,foreign,but he got my arm out we need,painkillers,fracture we need a splint,kill my arm little thorax damage but not,much no bleeding,was this just a scab player maybe this,was just a scab honestly,I think that was just a scav,en I don't know how the scav AI works,but they definitely seem crazy if that,was one,I don't know if we want to go through,this building,guy,maybe he's a floor above me,got him,foreign,trashy AKA,wait a second,a Labs key card holy ,we could ditch our bag an insurance prod,it,I don't know if it's worth it though,holy ,but I will try and check out some new,areas on the way,keep exploring the map,this place does look extremely cool it,is so detailed,shots on the left,I don't think they were at me I try to,use the Thunder to move a little quicker,there,right there clipping through the wall,another one up ahead here another to my,left,we're so dead dude,nobody pushed,okay this is some familiar territory,here,foreign,I dropped one Scab this is where our,initial scav spawn was and I remember,now there was like three scabs in there,when we spawned on it,we might have just zagra to pack,what is this,the lights are on what the hell,I heard him,got him headshot,he had a Santa hat on dude,holy he almost got me,my thor

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New SR-2M SMG, the KING Of CQB - Escape from Tarkov

New SR-2M SMG, the KING Of CQB - Escape from Tarkov

foreign,I have this really annoying Quest that I,just need to get done,I gotta get grenade kills,I have to get grenade kills,should I overthrow it I'm sorry I should,have I shouldn't have overthrown it here,laughs,oh man oh man,I feel bad c'est la vie,hold your fire cause it's so white we've,only got one more uh Granite kill to go,I just said that over VoIP,oh big garnet,foreign,what was that what did you say,give me sir you would not hurt me,what will you do to me then,I'm intrigued,present yourself to me,why did you hurt me,I'm not gonna do it, no CMS sir,you have not,kind of hurt,sir,yes,you got me,good sports I like these guys,very Noble indeed all right one more,grenade kill to go barely done with the,SMG,Chad Gaga ,hi guys for a limited time only the,pestily waifu cup is available go down,link below there is 10 off using code,pestily and don't miss out as it's only,available for one week and then it'll be,gone,did they fix it wow,has this been has this thing finally,patched yeah has this been finally,patched they finally patched it wow the,three Watts from to do it but they did,it need a friend next to the wall,that looks like it looks like the,patched it it's a good thing it should,be patched should have been patched a,long time ago couldn't lean out the,opaque window on the warehouse and,custom theater nice nice I did send a,clip of that to Nikita,such a good night, away that Night Garden,ah,oh my God,such a good night made my day that one,thing right there just made my whole, day probably got reported to,but the dude,but hey mate I hope I made him mad Mr,real crank,hello sir,I went marker him,oh is that green one,his drop changes a goofy but oh well,what do you mean so the changes were,made due to DSG getting banned on Twitch,so I was going to do my interview this,morning on the BSG Channel but they,couldn't do it there but they asked if I,could stream on my channel,um and they said they'd give me drops,for my stream for that and also for the,fact that I'm not going to be streaming,on the final day I dropped,inside of my stream light and uh so,obviously I didn't interfere with other,people getting their like big burst at,the start of the drops and,um I'll be finishing my stream before,the end of drop I'll send you guys off,to someone else I think the dude's,complaining training you just said that,it's just goofy because it's like,confusing why'd they get banned I'm,pretty sure they got banned for um,pointing air offers at each other during,their like celebration of new stream and,they were technically fake to be clear,or very much real with this they were,Airsoft not like I honestly feel like,you should treat even Airsoft rifles,seriously because like,it just breeds bad habits you know and,you might not agree with me on that one,but you could actually lose enough yeah,I'll tell you a funny story actually,this is a little bit it's kind of on,topic more about losing an eye I went to,Indonesia right and I was there for work,with the Army and I did all these,security briefings and stuff,there wasn't really much that was,relevant,but it was kind of it was kind of funny,because at the end of The Briefing like,they were they were like all right so,let's talk about fireworks you can use,them just be careful,because uh once someone at the embassy,lost an eye and then I showed a photo of,the guy from the embassy that lost his,eye all right guys,have a good time in Indonesia and I was,like what like it was like 45 it was,like two hours of briefings are like,this is what happens if we have a,lockdown procedure this is what happens,if we have like you know a natural,disaster like it was just like you know, like that and then they just,chucked in this whole like firework,brief,by the way if you want to use fireworks,feel free but just be careful one dude,once lost an eye,and then they showed the photo of it,someone just extracted,it was a fun ride how do you write the,sr2mp super close range it's ,Godly the firing rate is insane long,range it's a bit you know could be a bit,desired hello sir,thank you,sir just stop for a sec stop,couldn't miss my impact,I'm pretty done,boy,man shot me in the back,I think it was a scarf oh I can't be,sure,hello,it is domey,foreign,oh my God it's John Wick sir,I finally found you,sir I need to give you the information,what's the information,I don't know anything,I just I just wanted to see John Wick in,the flash suppress TT so I am John Wick,I'm mad, my jet hey dude dude dude,shoot me in the head come on shoot me in,the head,really no no with that gun holy you,had to kill me,all right I think you killed,everybody by the sound of it so there's,no point in me I'm just gonna go,loot up sound defeated I him,then I came on here to get kills and,you're killing everybody,this guy's got some loots have a look at,this guy,really yeah I killed another one over,here oh me dead,neighborhood around the corner all right,yep he's a pistol I'll put it in a rig,oh sorry,he's wearing it now another

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My Opinion About the Tarkov Stash - Escape from Tarkov

My Opinion About the Tarkov Stash - Escape from Tarkov

foreign,I feel bad for the fact that they're,gonna have to go back to the lobby in,five to ten minutes putting a Loadout on,and three to eight minutes loading into,another raid it actually makes me feel,bad particularly if it's like someone,just trying to get their Quest on after,I've played games like the cycle and,dark and darker Marauders and how,quickly you can get into a game and put,a Loadout on I actually feel like that,should be that should be the ,priority of a BSG over everything else,making it that the loadout thing should,be or making loadouts faster to put on,could actually be the highest priority,it would actually make the game so much,better if there was a if there was a,negative to this game over everything,that would be what I'd pick how would,you make the preset viable worth having,to go on flea and everything I don't,know that's not my job I know,that's a copyright answer but it's not,my job to figure it out I just come up,with brilliant ideas hey you honestly,you want more honest answer if if I was,to do it myself I probably would rework,the entire thing I don't know how but I,would probably rework the entire stash,thing potentially have tabs started us,but instead of it being one big stash,you would actually have like actual,sections and then I would probably redo,this whole stash system but obviously,that's a big job do not like the stash,system it's not bad but there are some,bad things about it for example this is,10 wide it should be 12 wide I know it's,a little thing but it it makes the,biggest difference if this was 12 wide,it would actually make a million things,a million times easier some real,negatives are a backpack could be like a,backpack to take up so much,space when they could be changed in,something different like you could have,like a backpack tab right and in the,backpack tab they all take up one space,you know what I mean because in in your,stash it doesn't really make any ,difference right it's not like you're,trying to store stuff in them they,should there should be like a backpack,Tab and you could have them all set like,rolled up yeah that's a good idea roll,them up you know as long as there was,nothing in there but it would be just,like a squares like this backpack one,two three four five six seven eight blah,blah blah blah stuff like that it's like,it's little things that special,limitations part of the progression,though I would say sacrifice cutting,away some parts of it for that reason,that you'd still have to do the stash,stuff it's just it would make the,loadout thing a lot easier and save a,lot of people a lot of time but yeah I,don't really have the answer you still,have stash limitation with this system,exactly what about stacking items like,rigs armors helmets you really want to, Deep dive on this I would,probably if it was up to me I'd get rid,of all these buttons and you'd have like,five stash tabs and each of those stash,sets would be very similar to like this,maybe you'd have them as like there's a,backpack Tab and that explaining how to,do the backpack thing then you would,have five more tabs maybe you could have,10 more tabs and in those 10 tabs would,be full loadouts it'd be mirrored this,it would straight up mirror this and,then you would be like put Loadout on,and everything over here would switch to,everything over here all right that's,how I would do it and and so then that,way when you're waiting for your mates,when they're in the raid and you died,you'd literally be like setting up your,next five or ten stash tabs like kind of,like I think World of Warcraft has it,for changing specs and stuff and you,could have it so you have to upgrade,your hideout to unlock more loadouts and,then that way why it doesn't like and if,you do it that way it doesn't with,this right all this stuff here,doesn't get with because it's,totally separate to it it's like another,entire stack and it would literally just,move one across and move the other one,across like it's there's no like moving,individual items all over the spot it,would be,it'd be effectively a Loadout Locker,that makes too much sense not gonna lie,yeah very similar to the rust metal,closets yep and you wouldn't be able to,like say you know how like for example,I've got that armor on there but when,it's over on this side that you it would,have to be just like it would be normal,like I wouldn't be able to get a random,armor like out of here and have an extra,armor there for holding sake whatever,you can equip would have to be able to,be equipped on this side like normal,going from I have no idea to having a,good solution in two minutes I don't,know I spend a lot of time thinking,about stiff stuff when I'm not on stream,and you know I've thought about that,before it's not the first time I thought,about it it's the first time I set it in,front of you guys but honestly that's,why I like and that came from this is,why I don't like killing people in,tarkov yeah so in my opinion,um that is more important t

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Watch this if you're new to Tarkov - 14k XP Raid - Escape from Tarkov

Watch this if you're new to Tarkov - 14k XP Raid - Escape from Tarkov

foreign,I could even go play golf in Indonesia,you know,something,hey say that again,me me me me sounds like a Michael,problem,I'm no you're probably sick of this,question but can you give any advice to,beginners in Taco I certainly can sir,firstly you're going to die you're going,to die a lot it's okay everyone dies in,Taco that's the advice number one so,when you're dying,don't be like no one else dies a,taco this is everyone does,literally everyone even,his cheater's Diane Taco believe it or,not,and cheese is dying taco,oh no one die a lot yep okay good we've,got that sorted number two information,is power in this game the more you'll,learn the better you'll get,you could be the world's best head,clicker and still be absolutely,atrocious to this game if you don't,learn some first thing you should,learn,taking your notes chat I want to see one,person take a note right here,one person two people two people take a,nap good all right um,first thing ammo is more important than,the gun,ammo is more important than the gun you,could have this gun and be like wow this,gun shoots so fast you got the,shittest ammo you're not even gonna kill,him because you're gonna you're gonna,not get through their armor not do any,damage to them right,but if it's a high damage ammo and you,know it's a high damage ammo and you,have the knowledge for that you can know,shoot him in the legs shoot him in their,dick guess what stomach takes 1.5 damage,1.5 times damage but then you actually,do more damage by shooting him in the,dick did you know that chat did you,actually know that I don't think you did,do you do that you do know that now if,you actually have rip ammo I'm pretty,sure you can three tap someone in the,stomach but if they're wearing an armor,that has stomach protection,you can't shoot him in the dick you have,to shoot him in the legs or the arms so,it's time for the legs all right aim for,the legs and then some bullets will hit,the dick this is honestly like,they need a you know you know in,dark and dark area they've got that,little like dossier thing that you can,open up and it shows you just some some,basic information,this game just needs that,there are so many things that you,probably don't know oh tea,check back right did you know if you,hold C and scroll your mouse wheel to,adjust your height just that little bit,you know or maybe I want to go down a,little bit here we go,you just want to do a little peek old d,oh cue sidesteps,you know,just the haunt the the dick I,stopped up then,oh my God,okay don't repeat ever against Raiders,all right next thing,now that we understand how the game,works,foreign,to the raid and kill 14 players,and kill this guy boss and everything,right let's go I'm gonna go into this,grade and my objective is literally just,to get to the extract,and then maybe go on the next time after,you've learned where an extract is go on,this thread I'm gonna try and kill five,scans and get to an extra till three,scales and get to an extract this trade,I'm gonna try and do one Quest is set,little basic objectives and build up to,doing more hardcore ,don't need to go I'm gonna try,and loot five buildings and go across,the map and do all this literally,when you very first start playing tarkov,just go I want to start at the the spawn,and I want to get to the extract that's,it if you loot some stuff on the way,awesome but just getting used to just,moving across the map to the extract is,a challenge in itself and I think a lot,of people go oh I need to start looting,I'm in the raid let's loot straight away,let's get as much stuff as I can and,next minute you're just a loot pinata,for anyone who's half decent at the game,legitimate advice,foreign,foreign,by doing this and then I can make a,decision what I want to do from there,um,I like to leave doors closed other,people like to leave them open,personally I like to close every door I,go through even if it gives away my,position on where I've been because if I,leave every door closed that I've been,through,right and then I come here later and the,doors are open I know someone's been,there,it's a little thing I like to do,everyone has their own plan on how they,do it,yeah obviously using Scout runs when you,start playing,is uh,it's being I would say pick one map and,try and get half decent in that map,before you start playing on all the maps,if you can find someone to play with,also a really good idea,um,for any of the non-new players here uh,there's a green key card spawn right,there,don't be surprised if in the first like,100 raids of you playing you don't,survive more than 10.,foreign,for people that are like been playing a,little while if you've got a survival,rate above like 25 you're actually doing,really well like think of it in this,perspective you've been playing the game,you go into a raid in a raid just take a,customs rate typically has 13 players in,it there's 13 players in there you have,to go past those players and get to the,extract now say on avera

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