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Tariq Nasheed Twitter Space Roast Session With 2 Non-FBA Callersall right let me get angel martinez

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Tariq Nasheed Twitter Space Roast Session With 2 Non-FBA Callers

all right let me get angel martinez on,here,i think i've seen that name before,what's up angel,wow i'm i'm super shocked that you,allowed me on here,now why are you shocked i'm really,shocked,um because holy there's a whole,bunch of people on here,you've been fighting somalis a whole lot,no they've been kind of fighting with us,we're not thinking about themselves,they've been fighting you don't,no no slow down slow down slow down,no they've been sitting up here calling,us not just me all types of and,baby mamas and,girl ears and beads and all of these,crazy names it ain't just me i'm not no,baby mama y'all been sitting up here,because you're not going to sit here in,babel so you're going to listen,okay but yeah you guys have been very,disrespectful the foundation of black,americans ma'am,um i i don't believe that it's like you,get what you deserve,well ma'am i don't deserve you and your,must why would i deserve that and you,were kind of being really disrespectful,so let's,be disrespectful to who um a whole bunch,of people,well,tethers like yourself who are very,disrespectful the foundation of black,americans,um,let's be real and don't mute,no you're being really disrespectful to,africans,no i haven't yeah you were,wait ma'am you're just babbling,no i'm not bad what the is wrong,with you i'm not babbling,but anyways let's move on,and from that conversation of truth,anyways uh yeah what do you want bro,like what's what's the next name you,called me ma'am i didn't call you you,you made the booty,you you made ma'am you made the booty,call not me i don't want nothing from,you ma'am,so why are you calling me what are you,calling me for what do you want,you know i like i always liked you bro,i know you do that's why you're calling,me but um,but ma'am i'm taking,i'm taking and i don't want you sexually,ma'am i'm sorry,hello ma'am,i know,i know you want to get with a player,you dig i know you tired of dating dude,ma'am i know you're tired of dating,dudes who look like the pirates from,captain phillips and you want a real,player in your life but i i can't do it,for you ma'am,i'm taken i'm sorry,so you got to find you somebody else,ma'am why do you keep on muting,because i'm trying to let you know what,the business is i'm not trying to get,with you ma'am no,like nobody's trying to get with you yes,you,yes you are ma'am,look,i can't help you get a green card ma'am,this is not 90 day fiance i'm sorry,and i wish you the best though,stop muting,all right now just don't try to get no,one knows like you're muting stop it i,swear to god i i'm canadian bro i don't,give a damn i don't need no ,green card what the ,you're trying to get with a player i'm,cool man no it's okay,africa and canada so you smell like,hyena and moose meat so i'm good ma'am,i'm very good,why do you keep on meeting because you,need to find you somebody man i don't,want to get,ma'am i'm just not with ma'am,ma'am i'm being very polite man,ma'am i want the best for you,maybe,there's somebody for everybody and some,dudes like big forehead and must i just,don't it's just my preference ma'am,so i don't knock anybody,sir,ma'am,okay calm down okay so,look i will help you find somebody ma'am,ma'am,i hope you find somebody i i'll start a,website called hunger meets so people,who are hungry,yes so hungry people can get together,and work out their love life so i do,that but anyway thank you so much ma'am,anyway,lord,i'm just gonna raise my hands,to the melanin god,all right,let's get um,mango,mango i think that's your name ma'am,we're going to get mango on here,mango up here looking like,um,a lost kardashian mango where you at,listen i don't understand why you think,she wants you nobody wants your ass okay,like you're ugly as okay let me,tell you that i'm okay first of all i,can smell,your vajayjay through the phone man,you just sound stinky,okay that's that's first of all,so you need to calm down that's why you,had a fake picture on your page,okay you sound very husky and musty,ma'am,so let's slow down right there,now ma'am that's what you where you meet,people you're dusting ,okay well ma'am you sound black,dusty,nobody wants to act,yes you do you're ugly,look at you,ma'am,ma'am stop it calm down you sound,hideous,you're not cute you have a fake profile,picture,man you sound like you look like lebron,james with bayangs,okay,let's calm down you look like a whole,big man,so don't you call here talking about how,somebody you look like you was belonging,ma'am i'm sexy,and you want me and that's why you call,in,and i don't want you i'm not going to,help you get a green card,and i don't want your little money,you're not going to pay me to get with,you so you can get a green card because,i'm not going to have any types of,running might even give me a green card,you put your board you pull yourself,mate okay you don't even make enough,okay how can you get are you in,australia,somebody need to throw your ugly ass,somewhere with a boomerang and hopefully,you don't come back

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Tariq Nasheed Vs Mixed Cynthia G Fan Twitter Space 不 (Classic)

Tariq Nasheed Vs Mixed Cynthia G Fan Twitter Space 不 (Classic)

no I actually followed you since I was,13. like you really like saved me when I,was in a rut when I was having like a,rough time growing up because I was,confused about a lot of things so I,really do look up to you so watching,your videos and listening to you,um since like 2013 2014,um,like really helped me,and it developed my self-esteem and so I,really do respect you and it's just that,this case but I really do believe that,he is innocent and that if we do,actually care about these victims then,you will get the real cops that did it,because they're still out there,you just went from your upbringing to,this janky case,um your mother you said your mother,didn't teach about race what are you,talking about,your mother's a white woman right,no she's black,your mother's black yeah she's 100 black,okay so your mother's a bad wench right,uh,um,she does have issues with like she does,have issues and um but I think a lot of,that stems from her from her mom like,like she doesn't like people that were I,don't know like she has a lot of family,issues,wait wait wait where's your mom from is,she for Caribbean or African,she's from here she's FBA okay,okay so and your dad your dad is a white,man from where,I don't know I really don't know too,much about him,have you met him,yeah,um last time,the last time I met him uh was on,uh wow I don't even know how old I was I,think it was like five or six,uh-huh,and um they would fight a lot I I think,based on what she said that they broke,up and they would always fight,so um yeah that's why I haven't seen him,send,um,so what did your mom say about black,people when you were growing up sounds,like if she's up here bed-wenching with,this zaddy sounds like she probably,didn't have too many good views uh she,didn't really talk about it growing up,so that that's why I wasn't like great,like she's kind of colorist like like,what color is how what do you mean like,she talks about like dark-skinned people,but she didn't like tap like really,mention it when I was growing up she,mentioned it maybe once or twice so,that's why I what I myself wasn't raised,colorless because I didn't hear her talk,about it that much and um she does,prefer like,lighter skin black men or like,non-black men,like anyone who's not yeah she has like,a lot of like um she basically likes,people that are like the complete,opposite of her,uh-huh,um she was a dark-skinned woman is she a,dark-skinned black woman,um,she's darker than me uh,she's lighter than little people,she's lighter than opita like her like,her mom is the same shape that's,everybody on the planet now,I was playing like dark brown,I don't know,I don't know who to compare her to I,can't really think of anyone um maybe my,like the same skin tone as Michael B,Jordan,okay all right,okay so yeah yeah you got this mother,out here who is giving you somewhat of a,negative you okay and that includes,other black women this is why you have,contempt for black women,yes,you have contempt you have content for,your mother you don't like,and you know there's a proxy for other,black women uh right no I I will I'll be,put 100 honest when I was growing up I,did value whiteness like like my mom did,because she never taught me about racism,she never really she never taught me,about anything like that it wasn't until,I had tried and like was away from her,where I experienced some things and,you know it confused me the fact that I,did experience that it really did,confuse me and it got me researching and,that's how I found you uh-huh,no talking about history,now this explains a lot of the views you,have because as a person,who has black ancestry,sitting here,trying to Cape that has a lot of,Stockholm syndrome buy okay that's uh,that's that's bed wenching by proxy,no yeah it is and just like other you,did you date white men too right,um,that means yes man,yes,no but I don't uh Value white men,I don't you date white man are you are,you dating a white man now ma'am no,man um but I definitely don't value,whitening over black men I would never,like throw black men under the bus,or a white man,Have you listened,investigation podcast,what were you dating right now man,uh no one,okay the last person you dated was a,white man,right,um no,um,no but Have you listened to the Bates,investigation podcast thank you,okay you're not gonna lie now this is a,bed wench,and this is a person with Stockholm,syndrome family this is why I tell you a,lot of these people when there's a these,sisters dating these white men,and having these kids with these white,men and this is what you come up with yo,this is an old Clipper Tariq versus this,mixed girl that's probably a Cynthia G,fan and I think I posted this clip on,this channel before but I try to edit,out all the swear words this time,because now YouTube out here striking,and age restricting videos with any,swear words,and I made a rumble account like two,days ago to post them Clips I never,could on YouTube because it was,considered too vulgar but yea

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@MrTariqNasheed goes in on #africans #Twitter Spaces

@MrTariqNasheed goes in on #africans #Twitter Spaces

and others who got over here after we,helped them and then started to identify,with their oppressor and here we are now,um first of all um i want to make,something clear okay a black person did,not fight for our people no we did not,even let a black person inside our,country african america,oh shut the up,man,oh no hold on i know you're not going to,disrespect me um tyrique let me tell you,something during slavery during the,italian war you guys were getting slaved,so at that time,you guys were not able to come to,ethiopia so don't lie about history okay,let's speak honestly,tyrone i'll speak honestly i am okay,i've been looking for messages hold on,ma'am do you think slavery was going on,in the 1930s ma'am,yes there was slavery going around okay,ma'am this is why i asked if you're a,child okay from this point i can't go on,with the conversation because if anyone,thinks that,i'm sorry you could speak you've been,speaking,yeah i had a couple of questions for,brother ty ray sir all right,thinking that slavery existed in the,1930s tyrique let's be civilians,tyrique you said something that was not,true let abdi speak okay,so what i was gonna say was um i had a,couple of questions when it comes to the,foundational black americana,how come they are getting all these,affirmative actions and extra stuff,and yet they're not succeeding as much,as anybody else,they're in fact failing harder than,everyone else,um my second question to tyrique was,i know he ain't talking about uh,africans being dirty because this ,is from foundational black america,where,these don't know how to ,not get venereal diseases and ,so it's nasty,and tyrique um you talk about ethiopia,like you know my history i know ma'am,you said slavery existed in the 1930s,and ma'am that's so incorrect and you're,just playing fantasy world you're in a,fantasy world because you have to flee,your homeland ma'am you're in a fantasy,world and you're coping,with the thoughts of having to flee,because you failed so you're just making,things up here,okay,um let's be civil let's be civil let,other people,and first of all i want to say something,is,we,the one that fought for our independence,we did not bring,african-americans,with the background people in america,who taught you guys how to fly planes,man this is very well documented you're,just sitting here back,you're sitting in your back a white,person made the plan what do you mean,the black person did not make a plan,y'all just sitting here lying to,yourselves,okay so tariq,yes you i've seen your page right and i,see your tweets i'm really not,understanding like what is your end goal,like,you are fighting white supremacy but,then also finding africans so it's like,you're not wonderful who are you to,fight,huh tyrique let her speak we're not,animals,talking like about you hate white,supremacy and all that then you call us,immigrants and say african children are,starving like guys why it's from do you,realize that,calm down man put some febreze on your,burka calm down put some febreze on your,burqa and get the musty scents out wait,tyrion,okay wait tariq if you can't be civil,you could leave okay,hold on,tariq be a civil person,and you have to listen the same way he,spoke about our ethiopian you spoke,about my history like you know my,history,and i listen to you okay i listen to you,even though i know hundred thing all the,things you said was not even true so let,the girl speak okay be respectful to,women's okay,thank you,okay don't cut me off,hey tariq okay calm down,she asked you blindly,so you're gonna act like that or you're,gonna leave,okay,thank you,okay i don't know who's talking but,little mr musty man i'm the one bringing,views to your page so you can listen sir,we don't care about your,your slaves, idiot just relax man,uh tariq,i got a quick question for you brother i,heard you had uh you were you're raising,funds for a museum,uh any any updates on the museum and,what happened to the funnel that you,collected the money you took from you i,used it to get some,detergent to wash the musty burgers that,you wear over there in your homeland so,i'm still watching it i'm watching you,being islamophobic keeping it this guy,is phobic sorry i'm using it,listen if you're gonna uh let him like,speak like that we're gonna leave johnny,why are you here,this guy is islamophobe,yeah jelly you're disrespecting women,you're disrespecting um religion,you're disrespecting everything when i,told you respectfully please calm down,when you're speaking respect a woman do,not disrespect,us,that's why you know like single mom,problem that's why i called him,oh he's gone i think,man tightly entirely left i think uh,mike bags wants to speak he's a,foundational black american i just want,to talk about the issues in the,black american community,um the black american community um they,have the highest amount of kids born out,of wedlock,we know what's what build the society is,a mother and a father,but,you guys have like guys like nba y

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Tariq Nasheed vs. Some Alt-Right Trolls on Twitter Space

Tariq Nasheed vs. Some Alt-Right Trolls on Twitter Space

criminal,gang bang culture now we're not going to,go into york the culture of the mafia,and italian okay we'll excuse that okay,that's okay that kind of criminal,culture,black criminal culture are you saying,bro black,worse than people italian mafia culture,i'm not italian bro but you but you were,co-signing italy and all that stuff but,white i was not,co-signing italy when i say you're i,mean white that's what i mean you're,white am i am i white,are we please don't play the denial of,white in this game,persian what are you talking about,benefit from white white,prince of persia,people from the middle east,nuance so now you're talking about the,black criminal culture you say persian,oh and they're not criminals and there's,no violence there but we'll skip that,too we'll skip that too there's complete,peace over there in persia okay we'll,skip that too so what is it about,black criminality that's different from,persian criminality and violence,that the black influences in this,country celebrate,rather than,rather than shame it,how was,and it so much violence over there right,this very minute you come from a culture,of complete violence and chaos over the,in persia i don't think that's correct,i'm pretty sure the persian homicide,rate's like way lower than the black,hole really the beheadings and all of,that stuff that goes on all over persia,and the killing and the murder and the,slaughtering and all of that stuff,really yeah what country is important,i'm not sure you're aware of how many,beheadings there are in iran but i'm not,even defending iran like i wasn't born,there i don't,everybody outside of america is like a,gazillion times more violent i don't,care we're talking about america we're,talking about the dynamics within this,but it's just kind of ironic you come,from such a culture that's just embedded,with violence pointing the finger at,black gang bangers i mean i totally,don't though but it's it's that's fine,and this it's like we're talking about,america we're talking about a problem,that's present in our lives in this,domestic situation,i was happy when we do sir okay stop,he's trolling he's rolling so sir when,do black gang bring a strap on bombs and,blow up schools and hotels sir dude this,is a what about his argument why are you,talking about but you're talking about,violence but you come from a culture of,suicide one of the most extreme violence,first of all again if we want to get,into this how many uh like iranian uh,suicide bombers have there been like it,really has five,five dollars,those are all like for the most part,sunni wahhabist extremists oh so we know,we're separating them,so you're not responsible for julian let,them all over the middle east but i'm,not muslim i wasn't born there so yeah,so it's a religion thing oh it's a,religion thing,oh absolutely there's a big part of that,that it goes on for sure,okay well what do you think black,why are black people responsible,why are we responsible for immigrant,groups who come over and commit a lot of,these crimes because in new york the,asian people who are being attacked,those are immigrants almost every single,person the vast majority of homicides,black community are not black immigrants,that are committing those it's the,foundation a lot of black americans that,you no it's not you are citizens what,are you talking about,you are lying lying lying no you just,don't want it new york,study there's no these are immigrants,committing these crimes in new york sir,not one of them a foundational black,american literally not one of them,literally none,all of the all the all the crimes new,york all the newest missouri in uh,okay,maryland destroyed that's all immigrant,black people yeah you're moving the goal,post sir come on britney not at all,we're talking about generally in the,united states,i was talking about new york we're,talking about the asian hate crime,that's what we're talking about and,you're moving the goal post sir,dude you're the one talking about,suicide bombers in other countries,you've been moving the goal post this,entire conversation no i was talking,about the hypocrisy from a persian,person talking about violence with black,people isn't that crazy,ain't that crazy,ain't that ironic,it is pretty crazy when i'm talking,about uh crime in the united states and,you want to bring up other cultures and,other people your culture,your culture no it's literally not i,don't i can't even read in that,language dude i don't know what you're,talking about,it,it sir you had to flee from the rubble,and come on you had to flee africa like,that's the dumbest thing no no no no no,no no i'm a foundational black american,oh i'm a foundational black american,founder we've already had this,conversation for,listen nuance if it were not for black,people for foundational black americans,helping you,immigrate here to a land where you can,thrive you would still be people didn't,help my parents yesterday,yes they did if it weren't for us you,would be ov

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Tariq Nasheed Vs Nigerian Who Calls FBA Jealous Twitter Space 不 (Classic)

Tariq Nasheed Vs Nigerian Who Calls FBA Jealous Twitter Space 不 (Classic)

you're picking up customers now,I'm trying to pick one all right,there you go all right I I hear an,accent where you from,for real for real where you from from,your robot,okay um that's not a eurobiller accent,but,um,I've been here I was born here though,that's the thing,I know you were born here you're an,anchor baby where did your family anchor,you from,from Atlanta Georgia,no no no no,Atlantic my parents are I said I was,Europa are you slow,no no no,I said,you're what I saw your Nigeria yeah I'm,Nigerian I'm from Seattle,but like originally you came from,Atlanta Georgia,that's where my family settled but we,came to Seattle Washington but why was,it so difficult to say that sir,I mean because you just kept,interrupting me that's why,because it's taking you forever I mean,you're trying to deliver your Postmates,orders and you're trying to talk on the,phone and you can't do both you got to,slow down on Bluetooth,so now what's on your mind,no no I just want to ask you a question,like why do you why do you why is there,like so many like FBA women is she like,like I'm in Seattle Washington right,like why is a lot of FBA women just like,seem obsessed with white people like it,seems like the FBA people are like,fighting to date white people,like the arguing like,like oh like you like the white man you,like the white woman it's like it's like,a competition basically like what's up,with this like competition between FBA,sir your Homeland has a big giant statue,of a white Jesus in a country full of,hundreds of millions of black people and,you're asking me about FBA obsession,with white people,on Twitter like do you not,most of the bed winching we see is,coming from women from your community,center that's where the bed wenching is,coming from and the bed bucket too,because the dudes be,um running up after Snow Buddies too so,what are you talking about no no no no,no no I'm talking about like I need a,snow bunny these black women you,ever see the page black man plus white,women I can send you I can DM you the,page,dude the dude who got stabbed up by that,white woman down there in Florida that,was one of your brethren did you see how,he was acting on social media about,white women,it's true but it seems like yeah it's,like there's like competition,see that big swole dancing all on,Tick Tock dancing around white women,are you really trying to go there sir,okay but Tariq I figure out like what,your hatred is with Nigerians it's just,because we're I don't have one no no no,no no I don't hate no Nigerians,foreign,champ like come on we're just we're just,killing it right now West Africa that's,the like bro I give you I'll give you,guys your flowers like it should be all,love you know we just you know I'm,saying we giving out daps and all that,like we're just you know sharing,accomplishments but it seems like you,come with hatred,hatred of web,hatred of our success brother,if you're so successful why are you in,Seattle driving an Uber,bro I'm not driving the Uber man I'm,driving late I'm,grabbing some carne asada,you've been you had to laugh at yourself,no no I gotta eat you credit bro like,you know but don't don't talk about how,successful you are and your ass is over,here Among Us no I'm giving you your,credit though Tariq like nah I gotta,like I've been following you since like,2016.,I don't want you to think I'm hating bro,I'm happy,stop calm down calm down because there's,a lot of this passive aggressive energy,with a lot of the tethers you got to,stop that I'm not passive aggressive at,all,I got love for you guys but you guys be,hating,on what what do you have to hate on,Bryce,yes indeed we're not hating on the Joe,off knock yourself out,you know,sir,so what is there to hate on,yeah but let's talk about like the East,Africans though like why why did they,why do you feel like no no no no we're,talking about you Damiano what is there,to hate on,I mean just the fact that we don't have,like out of wedlock birth rates you know,we're not like yeah we have like intact,families,with all them orphanages that white,people go over there and pick kids up,like they're shopping for groceries,really,but I mean like they're adopting your,kids too like no one's adopting,everything it's real sad,not really no not really no we don't,give a lot of kids up for adoption they,have to take our kids we don't give our,kids well you're not taking them you're,a millionaire you can take like a whole,bunch of them,again we we're not giving our children,up for adoption so it's not pocket,watching boy y'all Travelers love,watching our FBA pockets for y'all real,passive aggressive with that that pocket,watching jealousy all right hey man this,is part of my job to understand,foreign,yeah that out of wedlock stuff get off,that that's massive over there in your,culture out of wedlock babies baby mama,uh paternity fraud y'all master that,please stop telling that lie all right,y'all got that paternity fraud on lock,out of wedlock babies anchor babies all,

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Tariq Nasheed Roasts Indian And Arab Hater Twitter Space 不 (Classic)

Tariq Nasheed Roasts Indian And Arab Hater Twitter Space 不 (Classic)

so I'm assuming you're from India you're,really raising your hand a lot so you,must have something to say rakish,if you saw this threat on Twitter that,went viral and since you are the,foundational black American I was,wondering if you've seen it it was,basically a black American disrespecting,Indian Pride you know so I went in on,him if you don't mind me I will put the,tweet in the Jumbotron where you just,wait Slow Down slow down slow down that,accent that accent sounds phony but,what's Indian Prime what black American,disrespected Indian Pride that doesn't,even sound if you don't if you look in,the Jumbotron I pinned a tweet where I,responded and the Tweet says if Dahmer,said he was Indian no one would question,the smell coming out of his house,so obviously he's a racist black,American so me and a couple of my Indian,Twitter friends,at least if you're going to do the,action do it better than that dude,you're doing the accent all wrong man,come on man you got to do a better,accent than that but the Rick I came,here to ask you if I thought,this is clearly a white man trying to,pretend to have an English accent you're,clearly white this is not English I come,from Mumbai India,no,you you come from Boise Idaho you are a,white man sir I can hear the crystal,meth cooking in the background you're a,white man it meant that you're a white,man sorry,you are you are a band sagging Criminal,okay okay Bobby Bobby,Smith you're a white man,okay I can hear the headlights jumping,all over your head you're a white,supremacist pretending to be,East Indian I call upon my God Corbin,Corbin Corbin okay you need to stop okay,now you,you have a job tomorrow working at your,grandpa's pawn shop okay y'all you,always have some weird jobs that your,family had to hook you up with some,nepotism,so you have to work in your grandma's,boysenberry pie shop some like that,because you can't cut it on your own you,got to get your parents to help you,so okay,I got up on my God now,okay calm down calm down Corbin calm,down,that that meth you can't take too much,of it that's gonna make you a little,pale skin itch so you gotta calm down,you got to pace yourself with the math,all right,you gotta even it out with a little,whiskey or something that too much meth,is bad for your little system Corbin I,mean,that is my God okay okay this is my God,okay are you in there to beastiality are,you in there having sex with a goat,okay so you you must live on a farm and,you're,you know you're playing with the uh a,bull's all right get off them,animals Corbin all right don't you be in,there messing with them animals they're,gonna kick you in the stomach with their,Hooves,yes you up here trying to hump a cow and,you're gonna get kicked with them moves,and them hoof marks ain't no joke so you,need to chill out,all right let me get him out of here but,but the way you are moving now uh the,way I might move how am I moving what do,you mean well people say you are not,doing anything for the black community,they say I'm not doing anything for the,black community yeah that you're just,playing around with the money and things,like that so I came here to ask you,questions,what money am I playing for wait wait,wait wait what money am I playing around,with well with all the money you get,from doing this,what money do I get from doing it I,don't know I I just telling you what,questions I got man I'm trying to learn,more so so,so you came all the way over here from,Morocco from the slums of Morocco to,pocket watching you don't even know what,you're talking about nothing,bro,because this is the main problem with,black American not supporting you,I get a lot of support from Black,Americans what makes you think black,Americans don't support me well because,you have uh you have more black,Americans than followers,I get a lot of support from Black,America that's why so many things I do,is so successful so,and that's why I don't have to flee see,you you don't know about that sir,because you you don't really you don't,have support in your Homeland and you,have to come over here and flee you,don't understand how support works let,me tell you something here please,I came here to start a business my,family is here more than uh 100 years in,America,Morocco and America has very good,history,I know I know but you ain't been here,100 years not with that damn accent you,ain't been here 100 years you just got,here so it doesn't matter how my accent,is sounds like,well you just got here you know just,because they've had treaties within,Morocco was the first country that had a,treaty with the U.S but that means you,that don't mean anything,it's also around about that time but I'm,not here I don't attack you or something,I just wanted to but but again but you,gotta really but,bro,Abu Abu hold on now because this is the,thing y'all come over here you can't,criticize or even question what a,foundation of black American does and,you haven't gotten things together in,Morocco that's why you don't

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Tariq Nasheed VS The King Of Kings | ROAST OFF Twitter Spaces

Tariq Nasheed VS The King Of Kings | ROAST OFF Twitter Spaces

swarming around your head what else is,on your mind i am in ethiopia right now,first of all you're not in you first of,all you're not in ethiopia you're,nowhere near you'll be your ass is,somewhere in um cleveland ohio you're,not in ethiopia you're welcome,yeah you're over here sir you're not,backing,where,you you're in america you're in my house,no i've never been to america bro yes,you have yes,you must be kidding man,no i'm not,i i i live in ethiopia bro,no you don't because,you don't because your internet service,is working too good so i know you're not,back in ethiopia we've got a high tech,internet 4g over there bro no 4g 4g my,ass more g,daunting,the g stands for grain from the,government all right that's what the g,stands for four grains for,for the government stop and murder,me you know first of all if you're a man,you know okay don't know you're like a,chicken okay bubba tunde you're going to,listen you're not running things over,here sir this is not a,a somalian brothel so you're not running,anything over here you're going to shut,up,somalia i am ethiopian first of all,you're somali sir you better be quiet,you know what i'm speaking yes i'm up,sir if you talk tough with me i will,steal your camel and i will not give it,back so don't play with me all right i,am the king of kings you know hello you,know you are the king of must okay you,got a trophy for,musty underarms sir that's what you're,the king you better be quiet when the,king is speaking you know,king the only only king you serve is,burger king that you deliver postmates,for okay so you have the crown for,burger king and you're talking about,your manso musty so that is your name,sir all right you're the king of fox we,are the manly empire we have you know,ghana empire we have you know like uh,sungai empire we have like western,sudanic empire you better be quiet you,know when the king is of the home is,speaking ,the homies are musty okay you and all,the homies all right,the homies are hella musty so you are,not at liberty to talk greasy the,foundation of black americans african,african studies professor is speaking,with you you better go down you know the,king of the king is speaking,so you are uneducated person just want,to come here and get like some views,i know how to teach people like you you,know a license because i'm the student,of marcus garvey i'm the student of the,dr sulaiman yang i'm the student of you,know like,all level who who just you want to,mention you know cornell west all those,people you know having but you're not a,student of a cooking school that's why,you're hungry and starving and fleeing,sir so that's what people educated,person when speaking,draw about you know she'll be given,respect,all right well you need to be a student,of bakery so you can get some food over,there,i can teach you like african studies,listen if you want to come here,listen oh,yes you will teach me how to flee show,me what shoes you want,instead of working like delivery you,know that's that's not going to help you,the rest of your life brother,sorry,something that's gonna,you can only teach me how to flee sir,go ahead so,this was one of the oldest town and one,of the oldest universities in the world,was the tombuku so respect to that great,city so,right i understand that but is it still,musty like you're a musty right now,that's what i want to know so this is,not if i go visit it will i smell um,underarm water that's what i want to,know sir it's a beautiful area and with,the smell of great smell you know so,it's better than you know like,like your uh,like you know like a ghetto,area where you guys look like your,homeland like the capital city where you,live right,so,i am the i am the king of the kings as i,tell you already historian professor,emily sir you look like a king because,your forehead makes your scalp look like,a crown but that doesn't make you a king,sir you just have a gang of foreheads,but go ahead sir eminent professor of,african studies when they speak you,better be quiet you know a kid like you,is a dropout with no father,just the child of pastor she'll be quiet,now sir i am a dropout i do have a,father but my father left because i had,a delivery from postmates by one of your,women and her divestment wig made my,father itch and he ran away from home so,he abandoned me because of your women's,divestment wigs sir so i blame you but i,i i am a dropout i did drop out so i,will let me blame your dad you know,don't blame you know like people like me,who see i have tried to help you to make,you civilized person to make you you,know like,like the white person the way they deal,you know work and take care of their,family i'm just trying to teach you the,value of the family sorry your family's,walking around starving in their,homeland i'm good i'm not going to let,my family do that you let your families,know none of my family is starving by,the way oh yes that's the propaganda of,the media oh it's not the media sir the,people in your homel

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Tariq Nasheed Vs Fake Grandma Twitter Space 不 (Classic)

Tariq Nasheed Vs Fake Grandma Twitter Space 不 (Classic)

breakdown name are you okay,I'm I'm doing fine Terry you know you,you raised what two million for the,museum and then you get what something,that's like as big as much yeah ma'am I,didn't I didn't raise two million for,the museum I raised a million and I put,another million in my own money but,remember you okay do we need to call,somebody you sound like you're,struggling ma'am is everything okay,doing great,ma'am you don't need to work out you,sound very elderly and feeble ma'am,please sit down somewhere can you sit,down with your grandkids I'm very,concerned,I I just want to make sure you're good,man can you sit down with your old,man can you use your bra to get them,wrinkled titties back up on your chest,you're trying to troll ma'am you're way,too old to troll,why are you so afraid Gladys Gladys,ma'am you're every bit of 93 years old,and you still trying to troll ma'am you,went to school with,Frederick Douglass how are you trying to,troll ma'am,sweetie why are you afraid to debate,pan-africanism speak street,who,I don't know who these people are ma'am,and Ma'am why did you snitch on people,in the Underground Railroad why did you,do that,listen I know you,know what I know you watched,ma'am,I don't know what you're talking about,ma'am about the oh you talking about,Gucci Gucci bit have you seen the latest,episode of Gucci bear it's a phenomenal,episode I mean you know he said he found,it funny I found it funny there you go,but ma'am I'm really concerned about,your health ma'am you you sound like,you're you're struggling you sound like,you need to take a Centrix to get some,of your vitamins up man you sound very,weakened and frail is everything okay,yeah I mean I'm doing fine you know I,just think you you know you got this,obsession with him you know you always,talk I got an obsession with who man who,do I have an obsession with ma'am,Panda africanism Speak oh no no man no,and that's not even the guy's name,that's why I didn't know who you're,talking about I I don't,mention that person that person is most,likely some kind of op for the LAPD or,something nobody takes him seriously,ma'am so what else is going on sweetie,what what else is on your mind,it's open africanism speaks you've been,doing videos on Kanye and they keep,getting taken down you've been talking,about how Kanye's fit in fact and you'll,you're just very ma'am what else are you,gonna talk about,ma'am you're too old to be trolling for,real how old are you ma'am how old are,you ma'am that's none of your business,I'm not first of all I'm a man,sister woman,you're you're a man you're a man for,real sit down with your old man ma'am,you're a man for are you really a man,I mean I I don't know I'll prove that,but like you know you sound like but,hold on what's wrong with you if you're,a dude what's wrong with you,because there's something going on with,you you shouldn't you don't sound well,I'm not trying to disparage anybody you,might be going through some things you,don't sound well what's what's wrong and,I'm being serious what's wrong I would,like to help you what's wrong I mean,like I got asthma but that's just my,voice you know,okay I'm just trying to respect your,pronouns what's going on with it okay so,sounds like you do you have an,alternative lifestyle sir did you,um,did something happen to you in prison,what's going on you just don't sound,normal a man doesn't sound like this it,sounds like you like you know why end up,email it you wake up every morning you,got on your mind,that sounded funny but you listen though,if is on the Mind well why do you,listen and you you you're co-signing a,person um you're co-signing a dude who,has wide hips so what does that say,about you sir is that some kind of,illness is is that some kind of,y'all got some kind of thing going on,you co-signing a a whiny man whose voice,is high pitched like yours and his hip,so wide man or sir you're a man so,what's going on with that I mean pump,your brakes you are the least,intimidating person on Earth so please,don't talk tough okay,you're not intimidating at all,okay,let's be clear,you sound like you're over there on a,breathing machine you sickly as hell you,have some kind of medical condition and,I'm not trying to disparage anybody with,with health issues but don't try to,sound tough all right don't try to,sound tough and you sitting over there,with a pacemaker I'll unplug that,I will take the batteries out your,pacemaker so pump your brakes all right,pump your brakes and calm down,now what do you what do you have to say,sir,quote-unquote Museum how you,how are you why do you keep saying I,raised two million dollars where did I,get the other million what are you,talking about,are you just trolling where did I get,the other million I raised one where did,I where did I get the other million who,gave me the other million,maybe it was just one million it was a,million it was a million and then I put,another million on it so what are you,complaining about,where's the where's

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