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Tarik Tries to Guess YOUR Valorant Rankso we basically are doing against the,rank within the communi


Updated on Jan 27,2023

Tarik Tries to Guess YOUR Valorant Rank

so we basically are doing against the,rank within the community so we had uh,people submit Clips to us and um now I'm,gonna try to watch your guys's clips and,guess your rank let's see uh what kind,of players we have amongst the chat,they're our first,clip here,wait go back,one more time,I thought I had utilities,oh these guys are good,but I don't know how good,these murphing right now this is a nice,clip this is a nice clip this guy's,clean,rank reveal in three seconds all right,so now I have to guess before this uh,all right I'm gonna guess ascendant,I'm zero for one,all right,next here we go,okay this guy is a lower rank,this guy might be silver,wait let him cook where's he looking,where the are you looking,to be gold I think I give him gold,I give him gold I give him gold,yes one for two by the way I'm,notoriously bad at these but I've been,practicing a lot so I've gotten better,to be fair,I feel like I've seen this clip like on,rank though,I could be tripping out no I haven't,never mind never mind oh my God is this,me,holy,this guy's radiant,this guy's radiant for sure,this guy's radiant radiant radiant,radiant,did I watch this clip before I'm so,confused it was on rankedal wait so how,is the guy that submitted his clip to my,community Forum this guy's just posting,his clip everywhere that's my clip what,the bro did you submit that to my,form,where did you send did you send,everywhere because we saw that already,he's in the chat,all right we're going to clip four now,this is Boza laka AKA fart juice twitch,username funny Mason and description of,the clip Brimstone on Haven,first of all,we're standing,three,who am I watching right now,how the hell does this guy's clip make,it in we had hundreds of submissions and,somehow fart juice got it,guys like plaid or something no,nice I mean I don't know if he's let me,watch that again I don't even see what,happened,and this guy's definitely not that good,but to be fair,he's playing with like five FPS,or this recording software is just trash,I think he's like gold he could be,silver Loki,I think it's silver,it's silver it's silver I brought silver,I bet silver I bet silver what am I two,for three, bronze bro,I got like half a point for that nah all,right clip number five we got beanie,twitch username bunny boy with a Y as,bunny,um and this is Sage on a fracture,gets a five stack,okay okay okay okay,oh you hit someone behind the box yeah,but did you shoot that bird is the old,clip,what the f how does he win this,what is that chamber doing that whole,time I need to know what that chamber's,been doing,what,it was actually nice all right first of,all I think this guy's smurfing maybe,not second of all this is gold or plot I,don't know I'm just gonna stay on plot,that's ascendant bro so the one thing I,hate about this is that,sometimes we'll have like um,an ascendant player in like gold or some, or like bronze smurfing but I don't,know what is the other team doing that's,why I'm like so confused why is this,chamber hiding on the left this long and,why the hell is the jet running to spawn,like these guys are paid actors as hell,all right moving on,um we're on clip six by Luna which,username Tarik underscore fangirl and,we've got Silva on ascent,should once spray them,name bottom fragon game,huh interesting,hey what,wait how did this clip I thought they're,all highlights gold,yo I got it oh my God,I actually got it okay all right all,right we're on number seven now uh we've,got biki twitch use your name beaky and,we've got Jed on Breeze,wait I Hear My Stream in the background,of his clip whatever,this guy's watching my stream as he's,playing ranked,Spike planted,imagine this is someone in my lobbies,playing versus me they posted this clip,didn't realize that my voice was in the,background and they get exposed for,stream sniping,and it's got kind of cold though,I would say he's playing ascendant level,but his opponents are playing Diamond,level did I go Diamond off of that or do,I follow my gut I'm gonna go Diamond, it,ascending ascendant ascendant,bro there's no no way this has,happened there's no way this has,happened this guy's name is I will never,sex twitch username nanashi49 Reina on,icebox clip number eight,standing,oh this guy's smurfing for sure bro,ten dollars,50.,all right based off of this comms by the,way this is a high rank because no one,does that in low rank right,thanks for PayPal whatever,I take it back I take it back okay what,did he say my PayPal info thank transfer,PayPal whatever thanks transfer PayPal,whatever,all right I'll give him I'll give him a,mortal I'll give him a mortal,I don't know,man I'm so close all right clip number,nine que Pura jabora twitch username que,Pura jabora we got KO on icebox,let's see what you're cooking,Spike down a,this is Lorraine,okay I'm thinking silver what the ,quick reminder if you haven't hit that,what though smash that right now I,appreciate all the support you guys are,the best,oh my God,survivor's rest bro I d

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Tarik’s SECRET Strategy to Win Games

Tarik’s SECRET Strategy to Win Games

foreign,get off,oh my god let's go,actually I actually helped him design it,this whole that's always made for me,it's called the tarek it's their hallway,the hallway the hallway,oh my God it sounds sick,but actually sounds sick,animation,sheesh chish,oh,um,these Skins are all sick by the way,they're Shorty's nuts the shorty,sounds sick,this skin set is is gonna be like I feel,like the most popular no joke,but I I've said that before about other,skins maybe I'm just like honeymoon on,it the op is like so good this this is,definitely gonna be the off skin for me,there's no way it's not it's too good,it's too good and the knife too and the,knife too,oh my God 50 gifted,both they're both there,I'm pretty sure,oh they have their knives out that's one,HP,oh I was so late,ah two more,and like I'm faking the door,what about that play what about that,play hey check that play out though all,right look look look someone's chasing,you you hit the door,foreign,what's up I'm still here,with that or not,what the ,yeah,why is my clone there what the is,going on,foreign,I was legendary,mean they just cleared elbow,s,I'm sure,if you want to run it,oh yeah,I forgot about that I was just,I'm gonna keep down mid,night,oh,yes,we need garage control,we're going through real quick,over there for them,everyone except race,too long too long,foreign,a second one enemy remaining,he's off and hit 55. oh my God,sleeping on the wheel dog,I'm a trash can oh my God,they're not getting the message,right,I'm wanting one,problem,well I love the Phantom you get random,kills,nobody,I told you I use the off like a rifle,you Alvin you little chipmunk ,Alvin where are you from,what is it it's a blinkerton cities said,blinkerton City,I missed my tight we're here beside you,beside you,she was elbow could be running on you so,far,okay

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We tested out the NEW Split changes for Riot

We tested out the NEW Split changes for Riot

you guys want to try split yeah yeah,yeah let's do it ready yup let's get it,all right is this guy good on this map,you guys I'm getting a puppy today oh,I'm so nervous well has he got like ,by FedEx or something uh yeah she's from,Ohio my god well not on FedEx but his,knife is so ugly I know I gotta swap it,off for this game,oh,I'm trying to brick wall but if I just,not go out where did it go if it didn't,go out it didn't go past the wall get,out of here did I not run up or I wanted,to pop it quick I just don't know how,last player standing one enemy remaining,thank you,oh,I like the new map,um,I think it's cool,I think it's cool I kind of meant,I'm gonna be man,oh they knew,much,I have a shorty,oh they knew,more Heaven last three heaven,both were having before I'm still having,I have a shorty,okay,hit 146. 146.,I ain't got you anything outside a up,mid,what's the dog doing,what's the dog doing,there's a few spawn change and then,there's the mid-change,come down,dude I don't know how to use the dog,when I click does he jump yes,he actually flies it looks like it kind,of puts his cape on,hahaha,we'll get out of my way,reloading I'm back,I'll go out,what happened close found one,I'm probably Owen's bed one enemy,remaining,here,come here,what,that's it go left,oh wait help sewers is back,help sewers that's right,I want to point out Chad that I'm pretty,sure everyone hated this map and then,they removed it and then all of a sudden,everyone was something,nice,thank you,thank you,Scout destroy,that's right,I just,yeah yeah I completely gave up having,control probably be honestly recurbing,washing mode,smokes down,get ready go go go go,exactly there one man,this Ray's ass let's go on the dog ,what I like it's my games glitching out,too I think,one enemy remaining other 40. oh she got,the jump spot down,timing,wait Terry can you try to team flash me,real quick I have it okay,Cipher B what up this trip,one enemy remaining,in the open, you,thank you,oh my God,why is the dog shaking ass though the,dog's literally shaking ass what's up,dudes I just want to give a quick,reminder if you haven't hit that,subscribe button smash that right,now I appreciate all the support you,guys are the best my dog is shaking ass,wait do it nosy I want to see it it's,30. guess 30. oh wait hold on,are you gonna wall mid,oh my God,Mike,what in God's name what do you think of,it which one honestly oh the Phantom oh,it's actually good wait where's the give,me where's my judge take it out of my,way,not ready yet found one,oh my God,yeah,foreign,I want you to clone fake clone and then,like look at them and then they clone,again like run in the direction and then,this runs not running the other way,yeah I'm driving like deep,if I can do this Shorty,grenade Raptor,left,y's list,and spawn,oh my God,I shorty is so scary from that distance,yeah I was terrified actually,I'm flashing through,trips inside,this map's little sucks bring back,Breeze,um,right side right side yeah,thank you,okay,wait I have full control over it what,yeah,the necklace necklace,I've got your Trail,watch,sorry,what sorry that there was two on my bed,wow,that's it we waited months for this,Lotus and these changes,attackers win,smells like victory

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The truth behind TenZ getting dropped

The truth behind TenZ getting dropped

speaking of you on complexity I always,remembered playing against you in so,many qualifiers and every single time I,met complexity it's like we're gonna,lose like like every single time we like,get close to like making like something,at the close qualifier we play,complexity I'm just like,it's like GG yeah they're in there in,your head I'm free yeah it was you you,were The Gatekeepers,yo what up Sand City today we're doing a,podcast with some of the Valerian guys,and we have joined with us Steph tens,and second,um so going to tens a little bit,um you started from CS and uh that's,that's your First FPS I would say yeah,CS is my first competitive game and,had a lot of fun playing it and then you,uh I think the two teams you played for,one was Cloud Nine and then the other,one was climbing up the ladder like my,first ever mdl experience I played on,um I played on oceans team I think it,was skdc at the time what did they call,odig he's like the,The Godfather he's The Godfather they,collector of all the talent yeah,um afterwards I guess C9 scouted me,um I joined C9 like the csgo team it was,kind of weird though because I was an,opera in mdl and I picked up for like,pit player like I'd play like anchor so,I'd play like Inferno pit we like be,yeah basically beamerage but you're,playing anchor roll yeah I feel like a,lot of teams do that don't they oh yeah,100 get a guy in because he's the new,guy they put him in like they put him in,the bad spots but that's not the right,way to do it right I mean yeah you wanna,you're not playing to your Comforts at,that point yeah I mean it's like one of,those things where like if you're a,younger player like and you get a really,crazy offer too you're not gonna say oh,no like I'm not I can't play that role,you know yeah you're always gonna be,like Oh I'm gonna accommodate just not a,fan of that uh thought process of like,you bring someone in and then you look,at how they play and you like how they,you know do things but then you change,it up it's like throwing them I like,valorant too right like you you play,like a role and it's not like you're,gonna put jet on certain things like end,cream be on yeah it makes things really,easy like in CS there's like there's not,really like a role there's like a unsaid,role that you're gonna like fulfill yeah,but then you have like a set position,basically but yeah so you went from,Connor and bought you out from ATK and,then you were on Cloud9 for a bit NCS,and then,um yeah so I was on C9 CS go and,afterwards like three months,um got cut,I got caught,just you're sleeping in or what no just,like some team stuff I wasn't sleeping,in yet I was like that was like later,earlier yeah I was later on okay I,remember you blowing up though you were,like even in that three months there was,like a bunch of clips from you the D,clip I remember oh yeah yeah a lot of,people liked watching like uh stuff in,my stream yeah,so just some inner you know team stuff,and it just wasn't working out and then,they cut you and then is that you're,still on C9 at that point yeah so then,uh afterwards I resigned with them as a,content creator just because I just,wanted to like feel it out like my,stream was like doing really well at the,time and,um valorant like by the time actually,when I got like benched that's when the,project a just got like announced and so,I basically told the like C9 management,at the time I was like Hey like I kind,of want to try out this game and so they,keep the held on to me for the duration,until valent came out I was signed to,them as a valiant player I kind of built,the whole entire like CS like the,original,um uh C9 like valorant team oh you like,hop them Scout the players yeah yeah,okay and um just just some like stuff I,ended up going to content creation again,because I went from like thousand viewer,Andy to like 20 000. yeah and that just,happened overnight or what yeah like was,it like I think it was because like,there's like multiple factors I would I,would say on both both like fortunate,and lucky I would say as well because I,was able to get,um valorant first like the the rank I,think that actually blew it up a lot you,were the first person in na to hit it,yeah I didn't know that and that blew up,my stream like a lot a lot yeah yeah it,was a YouTube video recently that was,like 10 reacting to the first reading,one to really want later on yeah for,people that don't know if Valerian was,the name of radiant right yeah it was,like the original uh title they had for,it so then eventually Sentinels bought,you out uh they need a player for the,team yeah and then um you were just a,sub at that point or yeah so um I was a,sub for the Masters one event that we,somehow won and then afterwards uh I was,still a sub we qualified for Iceland won,Iceland and that's when at the end like,literally a few hours or an hour after,we won you won as a sub for the team oh,I didn't even know I thought you were,signing that thing yeah that whole time,oh yeah you

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PRO/CREATOR 10 MANS ON LOTUS! (Ft. Tarik, Kyedae, and more!)

PRO/CREATOR 10 MANS ON LOTUS! (Ft. Tarik, Kyedae, and more!)

I think it's I think it's a fade map for,sure Sean install Ox neon which let's,find Sean gears and run at him prove to,him he needs to stay in the coach slot,respectfully of course,okay I take him back don't put it on,Twitter don't put it on YouTube Don't,quip it and send it to him he just walks,up here,oh my God Sean with three,knifed open sesame,I got a cam tags,oh my God I'm dead,I'm,not timing,no man,this door is troll I hate this door,already wait we're defense another one,of the doors wait why does it feel like,I'm playing Attack this whole time,line up Andy already,miss her,I sent him to the sky,he's going away bro I cannot believe I,thought we were on attack this whole,time sucking for you,yeah boom button respawn 40 damage on,race one enemy remains,their ashes on miso I think,I'm altering I'm although,didn't hit anything hit zero wait one,deep swan,I'll watch this this is gonna be a far,dog no one's been dogged from this far,before ever look how far it's going,one more up one more at the thing,for us for a three bomb say map this map,feels surprisingly tiny it's a big map,but it feels small,careful I'm busting it it's been busted,you got sucked I think kiljoy's gonna be,really good fade is really good and it,might be it might be double controller,it might be Viper Ash or Viper brim I,don't think Harbor okay now we're on,attack though for sure,one in the smoke,there's one,where can they be I don't even know a,good flank I guess,one spot there,what's a t-spot what's the t-spawn yes,he's coming to the door,he faked it one Emmy remaining,iPhone,honestly respect I don't enjoy that,you're just fighting and spawning off,the rip defense is in attack spawn like,instantly two a day yeah,baby,open the door more time as a fake,pray this guy doesn't try to come push,me,please don't open the door on me I,didn't,fighting both of us Ray seems pretty,good too I bet you raise fade we get,some crazy combos come with it,thumbs down,oh we got all of C for this,okay it wasn't B yeah,sucking this,enemy down what's going on over here I,don't know man,I heard dude on me somewhere though,okay,I don't know if this is safe but I try,it always coming,player standing,what's up wow,easy one time was she trying to knife,you okay I feel good I feel bad I'm,sorry man I didn't mean to,she was literally yelling,sending the bomb for you,I am 99 sure this map is an awful sober,map for the same reason why split is an,awful so map too that there's just too,many corridors too many close lines,okay play post one get out baby,letting her have the site,oh my God no way,no you should have run that is different,that is that is a line out here,that is a lineup,behind us,I think both behind us even have a blind,some people are running around the map,some people are like trying out the new,stuff checking out the new skins the,Bonita went into server and found,lineups lineup Larry's first day of the,map actually we do something no why to,change no it didn't work I want to do KO,man,one turn left,or whoever okay children's where up here,I heard him or her okay,yeah do it yeah,open sesame,I don't care if you don't say open,sesame every time you go through this,wall this door I'm gonna be mad,sucking through suction,yeah,nice oh my God we're insane,enemy remaining,seizure dude,no,okay I didn't make it through the door,I'm too slow,I don't know what that is,Spike down,it's so colorful there,have killjoy all for this excited,yellowing this,door open I think,yeah,find them for me,whole thing okay,player standing,oh that makes three,I'll find you,three there,nice oh,one enemy remaining,oh,come through,one more I'm running into it you got,that right you got that yeah I got this,hundred percent,I'll vote on you for no no no no no no,no no no,a multiple team please now,it wasn't a left one or left one enemy,remaining,he wasn't mid oh he was not,he's a Bader he's a Vader,first,2V1 flush them,he's there someone there,with Cipher there's just too many,corridors and especially I think Fade's,gonna be super meta on this map I didn't,feel like decipher might be troll bike,planted me,he's mad,close on you,wait what's in our spawner,okay let's time this had a good time,already,Spike planted,foreign,oh that's kind of a cool spot actually,attackers win,all good,hey hey,early thoughts barriers need to be,pulled back a lot for the map to be as,big as it is there's it's just it's too,tight it's too compact I don't know it,doesn't play any map I've ever played,it's huge but it's small at the same,time,foreign

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2022-12-28 | aaaaayo - Twitter @tarik

2022-12-28 | aaaaayo - Twitter @tarik

foreign,foreign,let's go,let's do the word oh it,do we,don't even plays this anymore,except me,what's up chat can't read you right now,we're in the middle of this,um,well there's no s but that's okay,I'm trying to get it faster instead of,uh,taking uh longer time,uh,mask off,um, I feel like it's not that hard too,uh let's go for,um let's do this, me,I'm not even trying to guess the word,I'm trying to guess the letters,to see what's in there,uh I already took too long,I wanted to do it quick,oh my hands are like one of my,hands are cold one of them is not, we just gotta go,uh uh me,oh okay ons,condo,could be this or it could be,I think this is the only possible word,actually right,eh I should have got that ,little bro how are you gonna let Tyler,warn who you did he who megal allow me,hello Tyler one though that's all right,link the clip I want to see it,did I sleep well I slept from 2 p.m till,um,8 P.M,how have you never gotten better at,Wordle you don't think I got better,I think I got better compared to when I,first started I mean I'm not in my Peak,form,I'm not in my Peak form,the thing is that the reason I'm not,improving is because I'm not doing uh,different strats if that makes sense,used to be the worst world player ever I,agree bro,uh,I didn't think people still played word,I don't think people still do play,Wordle,I think I'm one of the very few ones I,posted the link but I got timed out,um,laughs,awesome, I'm drowning oh,fountain,or amount and,I saw on a b,whatever is that has been gold son IB,Rex TV,Eric Tara whatever his name is,to set the record straight both ways,work Tarik or Tariq I mean Tariq is,closer to the origin obviously he,doesn't give a but just I get that,question all the time is it Eric or,Tariq or you know this or that and,honestly,they all work really,ever watched oh you guys can't see him,there's a little bit of Nick murder,a little bit of summit a little bit of,train I don't think I ever watched him I,don't think I've ever watched the song,ever in my life,see the hours,I don't know who this is who is this how,does he have 900 hours,700 hours,what's the two mean,isn't it 2700 I I was confused that at,first as well to this,because I don't know why there's a, space here isn't it 2900,two seven one one,I have 711 hours,I can't be right oh are they the,designed this so poorly honestly,there's no Tarik from League of Legends,though,thousands of hours,is Tara can League of Legends viable 4,000 hours,yeah Simon's crazy,like I have the second most here that's,pretty sick though,I mean it never takes a break every,yeah summit's Wild,hours a day,house could not ever,I'll make that clear,cars every day yeah plus weekends I,don't sure weekend I do not work on the,weekends here's the stream weekends ever,I refuse,4000,2700 that's still a lot too that's 2900,and I feel like I stream my son,we made it though number four I,mean the watch parties are like,definitely half of our uh uh ,growth I guess or numbers,but,I guess it,sqc's numbers are nuts yeah he's a,different breed,you had 16 hours just yesterday yeah,I mean,yeah I had 16 hours yesterday,and I still am not even close to Summit,yeah 4000 is nuts and he's been doing it,for a long time,we go all night we go all night yep,we go all night,4 000 is crazy because I feel like I,stream a lot,like I mean I I feel like I had a lot of,off days too where I was gone or not,streaming,I mean I don't know I stream a lot but I,think I stream a lot but not,a ridiculous amount I don't know,it's a hard reset and sleep at like 11,P.M tomorrow night yeah I know,foreign,oh,it's not Columbia it's uh,foreign,oh,hold on hold on hold on hold on what are,the countries over here I forgot hold on,oh it's gonna be a bad guys I forgot,where this is,okay,this is country,what was that,um,damn bro,hold on,no I don't know I forgot,all right Chad you got me,Olivia ,damn it bro damn it bro,what was uh above over here next to,Peru and then this Ecuador and then I,knew Venezuela all right so I do all of,them except two,I knew Venezuela was there Ecuador and,Bolivia,unlucky unlucky,you are Unforgettable,I don't know,uh,leftmore's uh,we've got uh no that's not it right,I feel like I'm not improving at these,games really,because,we're not making strides towards,Improvement,like I know the countries,in South Africa better,I know there's like Morocco's Chad,there's,Nigeria,chat,what do you guys got,oh I wasn't gonna get that,so like I feel like the best way to,get like there's no way to I,mean you could memorize it if I just,look at the map and I just study it,every single day but I feel like I have,to have references to,kind of,the countries,Senegal's one I should have known over,here but the rest library is another one,I could have known the rest of them I,don't really that's hard,it is hard,it's not dexterity what's up chat,oh my God,what's up Sean,yeah I don't know,but,West,okay,okay,this is kind of in the similar area,let's go Nigeria again,let's go up, I don't know Senegal,up

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I tried out the NEW Valorant Map (LOTUS GAMEPLAY)

I tried out the NEW Valorant Map (LOTUS GAMEPLAY)

all right I'm gonna go check out the map,now,Lotus all right first look let's check,it out all right we're gonna take the,spawn we walk to the left we got our,Heaven area over here of a bomb say,there's also this drop down which you,can't get up,that's kind of cool though that's kind,of sick because you can just chill here,hold the push I'm guessing you can see,his head,as he enters that's a cool angle ancient,from CS go low-key that's true um I,think it's more like ancient than uh,Aztec um okay so we got Heaven drop down,and this is a bomb site,yo that's not looking sick so far so far,it looks sick okay okay okay,okay okay,and then,from over here is the door the rotating,door,I missed it dude this is crazy what the, bro can you break it,no you can't break it it's just the, door that revolves so like am I,making him play what what if you Sage,while uh should we try it really quick I,want to try it out just because,it just breaks the wall so that's one,entrance to a and then now we're kind of,going towards attack side so this is,what it looks like out of a spawn if you,go to the right,as an attacker you got the door there,and then this area over here which seems,a little too big but I'm not sure if,there's going to be maybe fights over,here okay so the CT spawns if they go,out to the second left instead of going,Heaven which is a straight up fight,then over here is like a little this map,is huge bro there's so much space why,isn't this door ever off wait,oh shoot,this mouse Chris all right so we have a,fight here and then uh that's basically,a all right and then we got this little,tunnel that connects to B so you have a,super fast rotate and B bomb site looks,ridiculous,what the is this this looks so,crazy oh my God they've made some crazy,I'm not gonna lie so yeah this is B,which kind of looks I don't know this,that's kind of ridiculous,because like where the you even,play it but anyway you have an entrance,here only if the wall is broken so you,don't have to worry about it until it's,broken so I guess really all you have to,worry about is this,to be fair,and as a Defender you can chill over,here because this is kind of your,control okay moving on let's check out C,what the ,can you even get there and yeah I wonder,probably the same distance right anyway,you come to see you got this angle,which I'm not sure what that's for yet,the sights right here,oh my God it's kind of confusing over,here not gonna lie there's a lot of ,going on over here okay so this is the,fighting point over here maybe,should I feel like it's kind of attack,side but this is kind of a cool way to,make a fight you just put a big ass,mountain in the middle there's an intro,it's a unique way and then it's like you,just kind of play around that you can go,up or to the side interesting,oh another door,oh my God this map is so crazy this map,is so crazy,and that goes to the B,what the this maps of mine dude,let's say I'm in a clutch and like I'm,faking the door,what about that play what about that,play hey check that play out though all,right look look look someone's chasing,you you hit the door,and then you're like trying to dip out,you're riding that you're riding,that what's up I'm,still here anyway the door is going to,be interesting what's my favorite part,of the map I think a bomb say it's my,favorite,my favorite part of the map I don't know,I thought this this little mountain,thing was cool,but,like the the concept of using of having,this as an obstacle this design is cool,of this site I just don't know how it's,gonna play so the plant spots let's see,look at this plant what the is so,weird I don't know where you're watching,the bomb from honestly I don't know how,the I mean if you have like breach,and you can blast through the wall,I feel like breach might be good on this,map right lineups uh oh yeah true oh,that's that's true they they kept this,open on purpose so that people can do,lineups they literally kept it open on,purpose so like I'm sure we'll see,lineups from like over here right,uh okay I think we're done here right,I think we did it all we we went through,everything that we possibly could let's,try to set up a 10 minute or something,what's up dudes I just want to give a,quick reminder if you haven't hit that,subscribe button smash that right,now I appreciate all the support you,guys are the best,I don't know what to play,I have no idea how to play this guy no,no I got you I got you all right let's,try it out I'll fight anybody,it was,I think I took too long to throw it I,took too long story that was my bad,Spike planted I've got the fortnite,double pump so I'm useless you said, this turret,oh,I'm still in spawn bro I can't get in,the site it's possible,I'm getting active hold on one enemy,remaining,oh yeah hell yeah brother they're all in,they're all there they're all there he,oh,hold on,time to jump,earn,achievement I'm not the same for TP,Spike down attackers,tomorrow,two more two more too much I'm getting,info it I'll h

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Halo,assalamualaikum warahmatullah,wabarakatuh sahabat letter dimanapun,anda berada di seluruh Nusantara salam,sejahtera buat kita semua ya sekarang,berada di sebuah rumah alat ya di sini,saya berada di bawah webnya sementara,ini saya akan memasang Twitter tarik,dari foid sebelah bawah sini mengarah ke,atas sini di sini saya akan,memperlihatkan Twitter yang seakan,gunakan untuk dijadikan Cut tertarik,pada void bagian bawah ya tepatnya di,sekitar kolam ya Kalau dirungokne biasa,tapi ini menggunakan drum potongan drum,seperti ini jadi nanti saya akan pasang,di sebelah sini coba sini,dan Twitter ini nanti akan,mewakili semua ruangan yang di atas jadi,di atas ini seperti yang,disini Saya tidak mengerahkan Twitter,itu mengarah ke atas yang di sini ini,kan larinya ya Ini ini jadi saya,mengarah editor hitungan keluar saja,jadi tidak menghargai atas namun yang,Twitter tarian saya pasang di sini nanti,itu mengarah ke atas artinya tertarik,mewakili semua ruangan yang di atas di,atas ada satu lantai 11 ini tidak nampak,di sini terus Lantai 2 dan lantai satu,sini ya disini saya menggunakan,sekantung Oke selamat motor saya akan,memperlihatkan Twitter apa yang saya,gunakan untuk dijadikan Cut tertarik,pada bagian bawah Boy dan bagaimana cara,masangnya,gizi,jadi sahabat letter Twitter yang saya,kenakan nanti jadi menggunakan Twitter,piro ya ini md103 ini dan sebetulnya,seperti ini,ini bisa ditekuk ke segala arah yakni,ini Jadi ini cocok sekali untuk,dijadikan suara tarian dan kebetulan,Pulau lebih ini saya menggunakan ini ya,Misalnya Di manakah letaknya,jadi ini traveller pertama-tama kita,harus tahu posisi nih posisi,penempatan dan pada ini tuh harus,akhirnya untuk di sambil Nigeria ini,juga nih,pada intinya Arab ituin harus mengarah,ke atas mau mengarah ke mb atau tidak,tidak masalah yang tidak terlalu,pengaruh karena yang penting ini,mengarah ke atas jika dengan dipasang di,sini mewakili semua ruangan yang di atas,Peter Parker di atas jadi saya akan,memasang sini,Gimana posisi yang benar oleh divisi,bagus ini,Hai nih,Bang isotret jadi ini ini bisa ditekuk,ya diarahkan Kemana saja ini bisa namun,saya mau Arahkan ke seperti ini Tengah,mengarah ke atas,Oke kita pasang baut,kita pasang sekerup,erha21 lagi sangat Bos sekali,kakak,ini cocok sama selesai pemasangan sudah,selesai tinggal kita konek kan ini ke,jalur saudara eh Oke,jadi saya kira cukup gampang dan,sangat bagus sekali karena dia,cuma tidak sama dengan yang 1000watt ya,karena ini buatnya rendah namun cukup,bagus untuk kulit ruangan paling bawah,untuk jadikan surat are Oke sahabat ular,semoga video pendek Ini bisa memberikan,manfaat buat teman-teman semua akhir,kata Saya ucapkan Assalamualaikum,warahmatullah barakatuh dan salam,sejahtera buat kita semua semoga the,born losers

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