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Where I stand on the Sykkuno Drama...i have not talked about any of the slime,cycuno drama i think t


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Where I stand on the Sykkuno Drama...

i have not talked about any of the slime,cycuno drama i think the clip is so,funny so here we go do i want to talk,about this yeah yeah so here's i was,thinking about it preface this real,quick by saying the way you talk about,the people that i have to hang out with,and enjoy hanging out with online,only hurts and fractures those,relationships where he just goes i feel,like saikuno is like you know has a,young audience and is like doing small,being cute cover mouth that you play,video games a lot with like the brand,say family friendly influencer crew,right people like bulky ray and cicuno,specifically something i've always felt,was kind of weird was that their,audience feels like it's primarily,teenagers maybe even like pre-adolescent,like kids and ludwig's straight up goes,like you've never watched saikuno,tsaikuno is okay with that being his,audience to me that's weird specifically,cicuna where it's like he's very like,small bean and it's like,i don't think you watch like you know,maybe i don't and no like i'm saying,okay don't i don't so i might,am i am i completely wrong yes so he's,not small bean lottery tries to shut it,down before the drama he goes what are,you even talking about you don't watch,the man why are we doing this and then,it goes on like a little too long,you specifically are the most weird,parasocial viewer of online people a cop,on the pod say you know i think x is,depressed i think b is absolutely a, you oftentimes i feel like go,too deep in your conspiracy theories,that's right,that's right exactly and that's why i,have destiny,they also edited it to throw aiden under,the bus uh did they i mean aiden just,said it's weird that people cover their,mouth when they laugh but hey why,i'm making fun of people who do things,like that like that's not that doesn't,hurt anyone,you know what i mean,so you obviously side with slime right,no slime doesn't play super auto pets,and sikuno plays super auto pets chat,it's easy to make decisions in my life,when i base everything around who does,and doesn't play super auto pets you can,be a serial killer if you're out there,preaching the good word of super auto,pets i am on your side i am in your,corner i will do anything for you unless,you play turkey fly even if you play,turkey fly i don't give a people,can be cringe people cover their mouths,because they're insecure about their,smile and made fun of it making the,insecure people more insecure yeah i'm,saying it's like a weird thing to say,i can understand why someone who maybe,doesn't watch cycuno their first thought,would be like young,k-pop style audience who like changes,their profile pictures to cycuno,um he says things like,though,one time saikuno pissed me off i love,saikuno i think he's a great streamer,the one thing he did that made me go,cross-arm was uh, what was it he hit a million on was,it the day he hit a million on youtube,he hit some milestone he had a i think,it was a million on youtube or something,and everyone was in his chat saying,congrats congrats cicuno and that was,hype and he goes congrats for what and,they go congrats on youtube of course,come on congrats on youtube and he goes,oh i didn't even notice,sicuno i love you brother you noticed,you noticed dude come on there's being,humble and there's that you knew,you knew you tricksy little boy,i just do this as a hobby i do like,cicuna a lot,saikudo is older than me yeah,how crazy is that power to him he's,figured it out i'm trying to get an,avatar and he's out here doing it,how old is he 30 nope i'm not i'm not,30.,imagine being 30 oh,oh my god oh my back would be hurting,everything about it would suck i can't,imagine being 30.,i'm 29 baby uh i do turn 30 in seven,months i'll turn 30 get my youtube,gaming contract and we'll move on with,our life you know it's all about how,mentally young you are,and ladies and gentlemen i'm a sixth,grader up here cycuno is probably next,in line to go to youtube maybe,i think any streamer could be next in,line it all just matters how they,negotiate i'm not trying to pocket watch,but is the number for lud's contract,public knowledge,uh 365 million a million every single,day he streams,i'm the first to leak it,if he skips a day he doesn't get the,million for that day people have,literally made up a number that cutie,leaked every time someone asked yeah,someone told me that it was 34 million,cutie league 25 million cutie league 15,million cutie leaked,yeah it was over a million dollars i'm,very comfortable saying that it's over a,million dollars you think ludwig took a,deal for 750 000 to go to youtube like a,peasant ludwig,r ludwig come on dude is your monroe,with chat high above your desk yeah,could you imagine if i read chat down,here and then just looked up to answer,for no reason i have two,this is gonna sound weird because it is,weird,i have two chats sometimes i look up to,talk to chat sometimes i look down to,talk to chat,it's 4269 million hmm interesting no i,get that but is there a reaso

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How Twitter celebrated National Sykkuno Day!

How Twitter celebrated National Sykkuno Day!

hey,we're no damage case we are savages we,are damaging the law we got leverages we,settled things with money with guns and,costs not that there's a pawn i wanna,make you drunk so i'm taking every order,that i'm getting from the top i'm,finishing my jobs with an a plus since,the beginning i'm the most efficient,person that they got yeah,you know you like what i say i'm having,no shame yeah i'm playing my games,threatening with cups in many ways i,never go to jail nah never take a break,to top it's my aim i'll never be chained,no the kill is my life is so fun in my,days yeah i shadow many shoes when i,came to this town i got caught up in,shoes everyone empty their rounds i have,my head in the clouds everything kind of,went out i'm a survivalist dude i'm,going for another one the only girl i,care about is my sister raymond she,ain't messing around face the phone,facing then he following the triggers,though,yeah,don't blame me we're the hottest gang,here,we are destined to be winners say we're,the most harmless killers they are,bright cop to get stuff on my mindset,tricks are enemy number one got too much,curious man to give a damn about what,you say i better give a damn about your,try to change pick up the gun and choose,between two i won't i don't even know,these twos you know what let's put some,guys on the photo or circle around let,them both stop with that the problem is,soft the sun's going down can i go now,remember my name yeah you know makes,waves you know you like what i say i'm,having no shame y'all i'm playing my,games flirting with coffee many ways i,never go to jail nah never take a break,the top is my aim i'll never be chained,now the thing is my life is so fun in my,days y'all free remember my name yeah,you don't make space you know you love,what i say i'm having a shame yeah i'm,playing my games building records in,many ways i never go to jail nah never,take a break to top it's my aim i'll,never be chained now the till is my life,it's so fun in my days yeah,it's been a hard second hello tapping,the freaking i'm a top hacker on girl,level with no effort i am no stranger to,danger it's not part of my nature and,i'm famous among gangsters i could start,my own labor i'm not part of a gang just,a couple of friends,are actually just harmless pranks no,need for cops to be sent but they are,also my pets they know me pretty damn,well they took part of my plans though,i'm definitely looking for some trouble,now and then a wolf in chief's clothes,that,i don't need to is my hands yeah i'm,clean boys ask mr lange,let's not forget i just wanna make,friends i'm a boy with great pants nice,shoes a green jack white shirt stripe,fast black hammond on the mess and,speaking of facts a big thanks to my old,group bray benji and dandy we're maybe,not together but we are still bonnie,those memories are the foundation of my,legacy remember me as unicycle who's,just way too nice but since now and then,a lot of time pass by i wonder weather,yet i hope you enjoy their lives i hope,they're doing well still work tonight so,what is next oh yeah story time it's,been a hard second a lot happened off,record i'm a top hacker on good level,with no effort i am no stranger to,danger it's a part of my nature and i'm,famous among gangsters i could summon so,everybody want a separate ways we spread,away got a job tried to be severe,couldn't pay the bills went back to,committing sins made a couple meals did,a couple bank case not gonna lie it was,pretty chill short of my hacking skills,cracks the thought i'm a hacking,prodigy got recruited instantly she told,what they're calling me funny name,rainbow road secret rapping unicyc mvp,yeah lang saw diamond in a rough a guy,that he can trust take this life a,couple of times like when he fell off,the bridge that disloyalty that even,excuse me so excuse me i speed run,securities control all the little tricks,on my bmx,i'm no stranger dude danger is not part,of my nature and i'm famous among,gangsters i could start my own labor,i'm the shy type the quite nice guy that,all the girls like right but i don't see,myself in such bright light i'm happy if,i play from day to night time with my,friends that's my highlight not the,money and not the fame just having fun,playing games money that i make goes to,my water bills enough of me let's talk,about my friends besides bimbers and,grandma they are my fam offline tv is,not only a brand offline they strengthen,my bag i know you think it's an effort,i'm a self-conscious man that,making jokes enjoy our lives having fun,it feels so right having company had,such hard times that's all i ever wanted,people that are alive yeah come on do it,and i'll follow along oh a house,all the time what you say we're friends,that's the line we don't play the game,world not like that but we take care and,that's the fact wendy you're such a nice,person are we a talent that's for,certain people,you call me i'm deeply touched i can't,count on you lily and michael two sides,of

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Twitter Cancelled Sykkuno for Streaming Worlds 2022

Twitter Cancelled Sykkuno for Streaming Worlds 2022

saikuno my friend was asked by Riot,to cast the games on his Channel at,Worlds actually they actually went to,Worlds this is gonna actually be really,hard for people to understand but um and,and probably unexpected by people I,think this was really bad um and I'm,actually pretty upset with saikuno for,accepting this I know a lot of people,think that because I'm his friend that I,would defend him and support him on this,but I was shocked and think that tsikuno,should probably actually apologize,for absolutely nothing,thank you I just baited the YouTube clip,channels the League of Legends comedy,and anyone who Flames Tycoon about this,are some of the dumbest people,I've ever met if you want in-depth,casting that has always been what the,riot casters have brought,go watch the main broadcast,it's not even like don't flame saikuno,because he's just a nice guy are you,guys not like don't even flame Riot it's,just a good decision you think they want,every person and their mother,casting their game no they want to drive,viewership onto their main Channel,Tycoon is gonna be streaming it on,YouTube so it's not as big of an issue,EBA is doing it uh Spanish speaking,obviously the main uh the main broadcast,for league is in English like it's just,good business this is something that,triggers me about Esports fans or League,of Legends to any number they're like I,want Esports to gain recognition to be,bigger than ever to have these cool,events to be bigger and better every,year and then they on the,Developers for making good business,decisions that support those things,saikuno was such a good pick for this,YouTube streamer League of Legends,background in history very wholesome guy,and they partnered him with Peter there,was great banter where like saikuno's,trying to like,you know talk Peter down from you know a,double if that is from like on,League of Legends it was great yeah you,could have picked and this always feels,bad but this is just the reality of good,business right if I'm like if I'm a,marketing strategist and I'm like well I,could pick my loyal dedicated streamers,and creators but their audiences are,already going to be watching worlds so,why would I not pick someone who's kind,of like a Jason who has a whole,different audience that might not be,watching worlds but will watch worlds if,he's involved,it's kind of a no-brainer at that point,uh this guy vigar V2 said can't wait to,watch saikuno expert analysis of the,world's files says some dumb X pro like,I will dominant or delusional coach for,many many years like like LS why can't,both parties have the rights to coach,Truman surely say Kunal audience is the,same as LS I will dominate meteos yes,but and this is the point that this guy,doesn't get LS I will dominate meteos,their audience is also Riot's audience,Riot wants that on their main Channel,that's just the reality some people,might not like that but that's just the,truth I mean that's that's business,now granted cycuno also sold out for,this we all know that Riot paid him a,crazy bag to do this here's what,psychuna said about that I really can,say guys is I had to do it after they,messaged me you guys know how many how,many zeros were in the offer,how many zeros they offered me guys they,offered me one zero because I am doing,it for free they just said hey you want,to watch League of Legends uh and I said,yeah I'm a fan so there's exactly one,zero there I just wanted to watch League,of Legends with my friends,wow what a selfish ,flame was deserved,um,I will dominate ended up defending,saikuno uh shout out to Dom,um so to be clear Raya is the one who,made the decision as who gets co-stream,none of these creators are at any fault,I understand is like like I can,literally go through all of these,creators and explain to you why they,were picked,get ready the main twitch broadcast for,League of Legends is,English speaking how many of these,creators are English Spanish okay Korean,Korean Chinese oh English,oh my God he streams on YouTube and,doesn't typically stream to the normal,League of Legends viewer base I don't,know that wasn't,obvious to people,it's like scummy or not throwing their,credits doing it but like at the end of,the day Riot is supporting the broader,League of Legends competitive ecosystem,like that's this,I looked at this list and I was like,damn they're marketing and the fact that,they uh eBay on Spanish like I'm looking,at this I'm like they're ,marketing Geniuses good like this,is this is it's just W marketing I'm,sorry it might feel bad for some of the,creators but that's the reality of it,anyways,I think at the end of the day uh,you know,it was the correct decision from Riot,they're trying to get they're trying to,like they again it's like their options,are and like let's look at their broader,marketing structure in general right,like,why here's here's a question why are,they partnering with Lil Nas X,to promote League of Legends,for worlds why are they not partnering,with a musician wh

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Sykkuno response to Twitter Hate

Sykkuno response to Twitter Hate

i'm sure everyone heard about it already,there's a twitch leak and they leaked,out you know like how much streamers,make and stuff and uh basically what,happened for me,was someone took a like a out of date,clip out of context and tried to make it,like i was saying i was poor or,something when literally five seconds,before the clip they cut i said i'm not,poor and i can afford most things i want,and then for some reason they left that,part out because literally like five,seconds not maybe not exactly five but,you know what literally right before i,said i'm not poor i'm doing fine it's,not that long ago right it was like,some months ago less than a year ago,right,um,i probably shouldn't say this but i make,about 10 from youtube alone i make about,10 percent as much as i did from the,among us days,and i know people think streamers make a,lot of money,but it's only been a few months and i,make 10 times less money than before and,that's why i don't think i'm poor but,it's super unstable how much you make,so that's why i feel like streaming it's,it's difficult right because i made 10,times as much uh back then,so,i don't think i'm like poor right i,don't think i'm poor at all but it's,just how it is when you stream you rely,on content creation so that's why i,think streamers aren't poor but you,don't know how long it's gonna last,right it's only been a few months and,i'm making like nearly 10 times less so,and i'm not complaining at all but i i,think that's probably all i should,really say on the matter that's why like,i'm not spending a lot of money because,it's just unreliable being a streamer,and here's what i really think guys,people are like cicuno says he can't pay,his water bill to get subs and i'm like,look guys you must think i have the,nicest landlord on the planet if i never,pay my water bill and they haven't,kicked me out yet so uh i i don't know i,like if i did i'd have the best landlord,ever but like i don't know what kind of,landlords you guys have but for me they,aren't that i'm pretty sure they kick me,out if i don't pay my water bill so um i,i think it was pretty obvious that was a,joke i i hope uh that most people would,realize that because uh i i think i,would have been kicked out if i couldn't,um but anyway so basically what happens,someone took a super way out of context,clip literally right before i would say,i'm not poor i'm doing fine it was just,someone asking about what income is like,being a streamer and i gave real numbers,uh you know,i just told the truth and that is the,truth i sometimes i make crazy like you,know i mean i think i make okay money um,and that's okay so,like literally right before that i said,i'm not poor i'm doing fine,and then for some reason they left that,part out well not for some reason it's,pretty obvious what they're trying to do,i just think it's crazy that like like,guys i'm not a super aggressive person i,don't really get in like drama and stuff,it's crazy that the main reason people,hate on me is because i look like i'm,not re like i look like i'm poor or,something and i think that's the,strangest reason to hate on someone,because uh,let's turn on some cringe music for this,one but,look guys,i think it's a weird reason to hate on,someone because here's what happened,right,i'm just a dude who started streaming to,try and make friends have fun playing,games and chill with you guys,that's all i ever started streaming for,and no matter how much money i make or,or what changes,i'm still gonna i just want the same,thing,you know so i think it's weird that,people are like oh he's not acting rich,so i don't care about being rich i just,wanted to stream to have fun to play,games with friends and just chill with,you guys,and like i mean,you know sure i could afford fancy stuff,but like i don't care about that,and i'm kind of surprised that people,think that's a bad thing because it's,like,it doesn't matter how much i make how,much i get gifted,i just i'm just a dude who wanted to,play games and have fun,and that's all i've ever done,so,i think it's kind of weird that people,are turning that into a bad thing,they're like this guy's can afford a,fancy car but he doesn't buy a fancy car,and that's a that's a bad thing but uh,maybe for me i look at it the wrong way,but i feel like it's,that's not a bad thing,it doesn't matter how many gift subs i,get,doesn't matter whatever i make i'm just,still the dude who just plays games to,have fun i don't need fancy stuff to be,happy,so,i think of it as a good thing other,people maybe they think it's,it's scammy for me to be a dude who,doesn't care about looking rich or,spending it all but uh,yeah just i'm just the same old dude who,just wants to play games,have fun playing with his friends and,chilling with the chat,so,i think it's weird that people think,it's a bad thing i think it's really,weird but yeah,maybe it is a bad thing but i'm just the,same old dude,doesn't matter how much money i make how,little money i make i was al

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Filian Followed Sykkuno Back On Twitter After Losing to Him

Filian Followed Sykkuno Back On Twitter After Losing to Him

okay okay I've got a bad idea but uh-huh,I don't like the sound of that I think,that's a good idea oh man come on it's,all about the Mets baby it's all about,the Mets,five seconds okay I'm going with it,that's right there the whole thing,I I can't believe it I was thinking but,I saw there was only five seconds left,such a bully oh my God that was luck,that was actually tough because I didn't,think you'd put it so close,Jesus he knew about my adaptation oh my,God,that was close you're actually really,good,shut up,Mission failed you're getting come on,right,you won all three games,oh wait yeah that's technically true I,won every single one but that last one,was pretty close,I'm uninstalling this epic game wait why,you're actually really good at it no I'm,done I think you're good at it all right,everybody bear witness I could not feel,free to check the stream it is what it,is all right guys on this day saikuno,has earned the twitch Cloud I will,follow him back on Twitter he's Epping,one he's strong handing me oh that was,luck man I was actually sweating so I,did a thing where um in the final round,I switch characters because it changes,the shape of your ship it right it,throws people off a lot yeah I was,confused too I can't believe that came,that close like I'm not even joking I,like won a tournament for this game I am,usually pretty good at it well you're,extremely good I think for uh things huh,okay here we go that was kind of nervous,actually this is it psychuno I anoint,you as a knight of the Philly and,Twitter I follow 26 people and you are,number 27.,Papa,all right there it is everybody get over,psychuno he's a god of game yo hey can,you refresh the page real quick why,just refresh the page after following me,does it do something different wait,no no I just wanted to make sure you,know that the roles are reversed now,you're welcome you want,legal wait it's not illegal that wasn't,part of the deal what that wasn't part,of the deal so now that you follow me,and I don't follow you back I call that,a win that's the real win right there,well good games that was fun,um,well you can't you can't undo it now,there's the deal is a deal right I mean,you can't undo it Chad I'm making a new,Twitter account what do you mean we're,starting over from square one make sure,to follow me out of Philly and is not,following saikuno on Twitter,oh man,stop saying he's a giga Chad a prank,oh man rolled and smoked all right those,are some good games that look is super,fun yeah thanks for hanging out all,right chat feel free to check out Tycoon,he's on YouTube he's sick,um and now it's not a really great time,so let's go filling in on,see you later see you later goodbye,next time hopefully yeah yeah you got it,never again all right never again chat,wait did you leave wait what do you mean,okay,um what's up bro you're really cool I,really love hanging out with you all,right anyway we are never playing with,that guy ever again I'm so dumbling I'm,so done man,all right well chat that is gonna be it,for today's stream I hope you all,enjoyed

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I tried cooking with Sykkuno... - OCTOBER VLOG

I tried cooking with Sykkuno... - OCTOBER VLOG

stay after I got my Eggies removed I'm,here at a Hong Kong thing also known as,a Hong Kong Cafe here,is what I got I got like a braised beef,with noodles some egg noodles it's like,an Alamo mean with some they always give,you like some soup this is like rice,noodle with like sauce and stuff this is,wonton noodles and a Hong Kong milk tea,as well it's delicious ask him for no,bag because we can carry all of it but,we haven't gathered save the environment,yeah true we didn't get a single bag I I,have to do is hold this,hey so me don't eat don't try to bite,hey I'm gonna leave it alone for a,second then but yeah I'm trying to set,this up and you have my pink Christmas,tree maybe put it over there in the,corner so it could be there on stream,she's still going at it hey but yeah I,just want I know it's uh it's actually,October right now it's October 3rd eight,but is it ever too early for Christmas,he's obsessed with this it looks a,little demonic right now I think the red,or pinkish lights might be too much with,the pink retail me what do you think,yeah she didn't she ain't trying to go,for it anymore I think she also thinks,the same I think they get different I,kind of want a bit taller or bigger too,I thought it's a little smaller than I,thought the doctor prescribed me with a,lot of sodium AKA chips,okay I don't know if that technically,the doctor did not prescribe me with,that but they said that I shouldn't take,more sodium to prevent something,something something,um having an excess of hormones in my,system apparently this helps with it but,you know what I don't really know the,science behind it but I'm just glad I,could eat some chips I need more salt,yeah yeah yeah oh God a shame that I,have to eat have more salt in my system,ugh I really don't want to eat these,chips but I guess I'll just do it,ah,I'm gonna be making this that I got from,a 99 Ranch Market whatever the hecky and,this is it here too and now we're,putting some rock sugar in here eat the,raw Rock Sugar tastes good,oh,to bite it,suck on it right yeah it's good though,oh that's pretty good we gotta go fast,just drop them in cannonballs,oh,now oh wow,I tried to warn you it looks way better,on camera like once it's cooked first,scoops,why are you saying it like that,it does look great yeah yeah yeah yeah,yeah yeah exactly yeah,oh for me yeah,I don't know if the flavors are gonna be,good like they're all different flavors,normally it's like a black sesame one,that one's always good and yeah,Michelle's five million celebration,dinner,oh so cute I hate them I just want to,say from the bottom of my heart like,take you guys all each and every one of,you guys for being here like um whether,a little bit or a lot you guys can touch,our lives and and made us feel welcome,here moving over here was really scary,um but to have you guys would call you,guys family it really does mean a lot,and uh you know I wish you guys all the,best and I wish you guys all the best,with us to grow all together and we move,we wish you guys nothing but the best,one yeah um,we love you guys cheers,blindfolded there they don't know where,they're going,he's actually just being pushed in the,car,Randy,what are we doing,so,what the are we doing,buddy for coming out we love each and,every one of you more okay,10 mil next year let's get it,foreign,today I am going to the Universal Horror,Night type of thing with Andy Michelle,and a couple other friends I'm so not,ready because apparently they pick on,people who scream a lot I don't scream,that much so we're definitely going to,be picking on um probably Andy a lot so,really unlucky for him but just in case,I might just be in the middle of the,group so that they can't easily Target,anyone in particular so yeah anyway uh,it'll be also kind of be my first time,at Universal but it's more like for the,scaring stuff and like the actual Park,itself but yeah super excited can't wait,really excited for horror night you guys,know me and horror yeah besties here at,Universal now and there's a shitload of,people Andy and Michelle are in traffic,other people are not here yet I am the,first person here because I game on time,but uh no flame but actually oh Nintendo,World this is gonna be the most composed,or if I see this this is my uh I guess,how I am right before I go if I come,back out a different person you guys,know why hoping that the security guard,would not let me through so that I don't,have to be here I was hoping like hey,just arrest me or like say you can't,make it through but yeah I'm looking for,Abe and Wendy I'm Johnny do you want to,say hi I'm with my friend Johnny,um we're trying to find Ava Wendy right,now Abe came here to play Pokemon go he,says disgusting,but did you find anything no not really,not yet well not a hot spot I guess,you're gonna have to actually experience,horror and I the record I have already,been scared once or twice now and it's,not that yes um someone right beside me,no I'm sorry yep,let's ride soon been waiti

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someday we'll have our last conversation,and drink our last cup of coffee so,we might be eating and think about the,different things we used to say all the,memories,it'll be the last day,foreign,good morning everyone,I'm uh I'm barely awake I was going to,play Valor with Lily,and she kept spamming me to get ready,faster so I got ready as fast as I could,I'm kind of sort of awake ish,um,I got a bunch of um well not a bunch but,okay so I've got a new deck in Yu-Gi-Oh,that I've I've updated,um well not even update it's brand new,like it's one that we've never seen,before but I haven't tested it and then,um what else is there uh I played magic,with Buddha and Blau yesterday,um we weren't okay so originally the,plan was I bought a bunch of magic packs,to play with Buddha because he I think,he's just he's not able to look at,screens for more than a short time which,is why you've seen them stream probably,for like an hour or two,um and I was gonna stream the magic but,he he wasn't really feeling it so we,just hung out and played the games,um,so that was pretty cool I I'm really bad,at Magic and it's so different than,Yu-Gi-Oh it's uh it's very very,different but it was cool hanging out,with uh Buddha the duel with Romney was,funny,um I think we might be doing Romney,again later so we might test out our new,deck on them but um so I spent yesterday,pretty much most of the day hanging out,with Buddha because uh you know you,can't look at screens too much so I I,figured we'd do something not related to,uh well not on the not using screens I,guess have you bought any Yu-Gi-Oh cards,no but um Carl said he got me a deck for,Christmas which passed but you know late,Christmas is fine,um,but anyway there's a whole bunch more,stuff I would probably talk about if not,for Lily waiting for us to play valerian,so we're probably just gonna go straight,to Valerian I think and then uh,we'll probably be able to talk about,random stuff in between rounds which is,going to be pretty often because if you,guys don't know how I play I die a lot,so why can't he look at screens too much,um so Buddha had like this uh I don't,know exactly what it was but he had some,problem,um and he had to get surgery and stuff,and he can't um,he can't really look at screens too much,these days so I just thought it'd be,nice because I know he likes Magic the,Gathering to uh play some Magic the,Gathering with him turns out we both,suck at Magic the Gathering but you know,that didn't stop us from having fun,okay,um,where's Lily let's request to join hey,Tacos on,all right,we're in boys it's time so we're gonna,play a little vallo,um we're gonna do some random stuff and,then we're going to uh play some,Yu-Gi-Oh later with my new deck,and not only is it a new deck it's uh,well,it's it's like uh I'm just gonna say it,has dark magician in it but it's got a,bit of a Twist uh but you guys will see,it later I I haven't tested it so,there's a solid shot that this new deck,is total garbage,but uh you know we'll um we'll see how,it goes I'm probably gonna have to do,some adjusting anyway let's join the old,Discord call and we're just gonna start,off with some chill valerian,one second uh,I probably should have insta-locked my,character huh,I feel like it's been a while since,we've started the stream and immediately,started playing games,not that it's a bad thing,um,okay,let's see,all right,I think we got it,did I get my character what is this,Pearl,I kind of like raise on Pearl,raise on Pearl's good right,okay,all right guys Let's Pretend We're more,tired than we are so she doesn't,feel like we weren't rushing to get,ready,um,morning,I'm barely alive,do I sound tired,were you up late,uh,yeah I feel like you were you might have,been there for some of it,oh my God was that,was that yeah that was,technically this morning my sense of,time is so messed up now so is mine I,feel like ever since I started streaming,I don't know what day it is anymore yeah,except by like the number because like,if if I have like a sponsor on like the,17th I'll be like oh it's 17 but I won't,know if it's Tuesday or not,hey Lily,um how'd your first game go,really,I would guess Sid's pretty crazy at this,game and you you you're really good you,don't have to add me with you know you,don't have to well I just kind of,realized,pretty common well it's not a it's not,like,wouldn't call it you don't have to it's,okay oh,well hey good morning,um it's 12. nice recovery it's 1 30 p.m,bro I I woke up like less than an hour,ago I think,so,um,yeah how are the,how the dogs doing the dogs are great,they uh they like the new place,oh oh yeah yeah uh that's good that's,good,um,his voice is extra low I've heard that,sometimes people's voices are lower in,the morning,but that might just be me so I did wake,up literally less than an hour ago and,Lily was like joined valo right now and,I was like I'm barely alive,but here we are,um and I think tomorrow's Ray's birthday,so we're wait has that been announced,yet,well to

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raindrops Star Trucks the clouds won't,stop my umbrella hangs by the door,like,you don't have to hide in the place,we've made just our style,no,we're fine,foreign,how's it going everybody,okay so today we're playing uh some more,Yu-Gi-Oh actually we're teaching uh,we're teaching another friend Yu-Gi-Oh,I'm I'm actually surprised how many,people are interested in playing uh I'm,gonna be honest it's probably half,because there's barely there's not that,many more games to play these days I,mean there's,valorant is always pretty fun,um but yeah there ain't that much and,Yu-Gi-Oh has been pretty pretty cool so,I I think everyone's been enjoying that,um gonna be doing that today I think,we're teaching a show how to play and,then I don't know who else is going to,show up it's sort of a more of like an,open open to a lot of friends showing up,today,um but yeah we're gonna teach them how,to play we've been updating our um,are like Nostalgia deck a little bit I,added in a couple cards that I think a,lot of people will recognize from the,old days but I feel like our old,Nostalgia deck is slowly slowly,improving is Ray playing I'm not 100,sure a lot of friends are invited,um so we'll just we'll see who's who's,around,um I saw Crystal playing too yeah she,mentioned she might be interested in,playing also so we'll see what happens,I'm wearing my my millennium puzzle,necklace guys so uh we'll see what,happens I'm just glad that so many so,many of my friends are interested in,playing Yu-Gi-Oh I I never I didn't,think it would happen but uh it's cool,it's cool so um I think we're just gonna,get started because we have just about,an hour until we play with show uh five,o'clock,um,so we got to get our our Nostalgia deck,already is the plan so I'm just gonna,open that up and um that's the plan for,for now anyway,um king of games guys I'm literally not,because I don't even win most of the,time I think we were teaching Wendy how,to play and we actually lost most of,those games uh we played against Mouse,and we won most of them but she did beat,us and she had never even seen the anime,apparently uh like I she didn't even,know Dark Magician uh apparently so and,there's nothing wrong with that I just,it's just basically we ain't winning,that much uh so anyway,let's um let's just open it up and we,can probably get started I don't have,any crazy plans,um,see your hair got long yeah it does it,does grow it does that that growing,thing,um I should get it cut at some point,I've just been just been busy and stuff,so haven't quite gotten around to it but,hey you know eventually eventually guys,and I'm not even gonna lie I have some,Trauma from the last time when I got,that really short haircut and I wore,like uh what's it called it and I I had,to wear um I wore hats and stuff I think,I messaged quackity on what beanies to,buy uh when that happens so I'm a little,afraid they're gonna cut it too short,again but I liked it when it was short,yeah but I felt naked and it just just,strange like I know a lot of people,especially like guys have short hair a,lot of times and my hair wasn't even,that short compared to usual guys but I,don't know it just felt weird like my,own version of short I guess you could,call it so,um I don't know it just felt very weird,I I was slightly afraid of that maybe a,little bit,uh Mouse tweeted about Yu-Gi-Oh yeah I,saw I was kind of I was kind of worried,I I don't know if she enjoyed it that,much but I saw her tweet about it and,she she messaged me this morning for,some deck tips so I was I was helping,her improve the deck a little bit,um I think she's kind of into it and,then Romney messaged me I don't know if,he'll be available today,um he told me he was feeling like a,little bit sick but uh we'll see how,he's feeling he wants to play too I,can't believe it guys but everyone's,actually enjoying Yu-Gi-Oh I couldn't,believe it but yeah so um,see wait Romney yeah I don't know if,he's available he told me he's been a,little sick lately so I don't know,exactly how that's gonna go but um you,know either way it seems like most,people are actually enjoying it we're,trying to get all our friends to do it,so that's cool,um,your necklace reminds me of the,millennium puzzle that's because it is,the millennium puzzle well it's a small,version do you think he'll play choo,choo Charles uh yeah I probably will at,some point I mean the thing about it is,it is a single player game so I,typically like if if I have friends,online to play I'll play multiplayer,first because single player games ain't,going anywhere,um so you know I'm not too worried about,it,um would you ever play with MB I don't I,don't know uh I don't know most of the,Yu-Gi-Oh uh YouTubers except for I know,Sam of course he's super cool I saw,shorts a really really funny guy and,then I I think I met pack a couple days,ago apparently he's Carl's trainer,Didn't Know Carl had one explains why,Carl's so good but um,I know them too and I I think that's,most of the ones I

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