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Starstruck 2020 with Susan Miller and The AstroTwins: Watch a Clipthat's why I decided to let rip an

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Starstruck 2020 with Susan Miller and The AstroTwins: Watch a Clip

that's why I decided to let rip and have,some fun with fashion well that's always,been a big part of your life and your,brand and your daughter's lives and you,know you've always been associated with,style and we live on this planet we live,on earth we have to have some,terrestrial pleasures and beauty and,everything yes,and things have to be fun yeah,especially now I mean do you think so,that brings us to 2020 which has a lot,of heavy energy in some ways but you,know do you have any leo I think it's,good you know I've been waiting for,Jupiter and Pluto to get together,because that is a signature success and,Pluto takes the goodness of Jupiter and,multiplies and over and over and Jupiter,is the planet of good fortune but all,right think back now you're twins right,do you have any other siblings maybe a,younger sister Libra or perfect okay,let's just make believe you've been out,of town you're looking forward to,getting together because Jupiter and,Pluto haven't had dinner in 13 years you,know they're so excited they're gonna be,together all year but after this not for,another 13 years so Pluto shows up and,your little sister comes in I'm coming,too no you're not mommy said mommy said,I could call and that's Saturn yeah and,they are like packing taped together,like FedExed they are glued like this oh,yeah I've never seen three planets know,like the March of the little wooden,soldiers yeah so I thought about it now,let me get your impression of what,Saturn's going to do and then I'll tell,you mine yeah,throwing them throwing itself into the,pluto Jupiter party well yeah I mean,alright yeah I mean Saturn's gonna be,there all year first he meets with Pluto,yeah and that's a hole at the end of the,year too yes so I think Saturn's gonna,be a little bit of that that voice of,you know even if the little sister was,kind of like my ramp but mom said you,know we're like mom said you have to,take me to the retro,you sure you want to buy the whole,flight of whatever you know yeah now I,think you see some people feel that,Saturn will spoil the pudding I don't,think so,I think he'll hold down the reality,check hold down inflation because look,if you have Jupiter Pluto it's a it's a,balloon that goes to moon it goes,straight,no not excess it's just good look,President Trump wants to be elected,again and the best way to make that,happen is to have prosperity so they'll,pull out all the stops and so that hot,air balloon will go straight to the moon,but Saturn will anchor it and insist,that we also be that we engineer is down,here here's what I think,because if wages kept going up up up,we're gonna get inflation so now we're,back to square one we're making you know,a thousand more a week but we're paying,a thousand more for everything we're,bike but Saturn will hold an inflation,and that couldn't be a good thing,they're all in Capricorn them yeah do,you think Jupiter will expose some,secrets next to Pluto a little bit like,the Jupiter's same laws he's he's Santa,Claus he never afflicts people say Oh,food was gonna square Jupiter or,whatever no he never hurts you he loves,you he asked for nothing in return

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Elon Musk Speaks On Exiling his Transgender Daughter

Elon Musk Speaks On Exiling his Transgender Daughter

they're awesome kids are awesome by the,way you guys should all have kids,kids are great,uh how much do you see them i i don't,see them enough actually but but i uh,what i find is that i'm able to be with,them and still be on email because they,don't need like constant interaction,except for talking directly so,i find i can be with them and still be,you know working at the same time elon,musk's daughter vivian formerly known as,xavier recently petitioned a court to,change her gender and her name stating,she wants to cut all ties with her,father so what kind of relationship did,vivian have with elon is vivian's gender,identity the reason she doesn't want to,be associated with her famous dad well,in newly resurfaced tweets elon musk,said some very problematic things about,gender pronouns and fans are now,accusing him of being transphobic,so is that the reason vivian doesn't,want to be related to elon anymore elon,musk fathered eight children in total,however his first child died in infancy,elon's first child a baby boy was born,in 2002 during his marriage to canadian,author justine wilson,but sadly the baby died of sudden infant,death syndrome at the age of 10 weeks,after losing their first child elon and,justine decided to use ivf to expand,their family they welcomed twins griffin,and xavier in 2004 followed by triplet,sons in 2006,named kai saxon and damian musk,elon and justine divorced in 2008 and,that same year elon started dating,english actress tallulah riley,they married in september 2010 divorced,in 2012 and then remarried in 2013.,elon proposed really quickly,the idea of being swept off your feet is,appealing and,i'd probably have said yes to anyone,that seemed half sensible if they,proposed just 10 days just because it's,kind of an interesting thing to do,um,you know obviously we moved straight,into the house with the children and it,became a very real thing immediately in,december 2014 elon filed for a second,divorce from tallulah before withdrawing,his motion,elon and talula didn't have any children,together and their divorce was finalized,in 2016.,but before he was officially divorced,from tallulah elon started dating amber,heard,and though elon and amber dated for only,a few months they reportedly created,frozen embryos together which elon,allegedly wanted to destroy after the,breakup but amber insisted on keeping in,2021 amber welcomed her first child,daughter una page via surrogate and,because she didn't reveal the baby's,paternity a lot of people have,speculated that elon is the baby's,father,however neither elon nor amber have ever,acknowledged these rumors,after ending things with amber elon went,on to date canadian musician grimes and,in may 2020 grimes gave birth to their,son naming him archangel,i mean it's just,x the letter x,um and then,the ae is like pronounced ash,yeah,and then uh a12 a12 is my contribution,oh why a12 uh archangel 12 the precursor,to the sr71 coolest plane ever however,this name would have violated california,law because it contained characters that,are not in the modern english alphabet,so elon and grimes eventually changed,their son's name to x a e,a x i i musk with x as the first name,a e,a x i i as a middle name and musk as his,surname,however a little over a year after,welcoming his son with grimes elon,confirmed breakup rumors and said he and,grimes are semi-separated,grimes and i are i'd say probably,semi-separated elon said we weren't,seeing each other that much and i think,that is to some degree a long-term thing,because what she needs to do is mostly,in la or touring and my work is mostly,in remote locations like this,in his interview with time in december,2021 elon said he was single and,spending most of his time around boca,chica texas near spacex's starbase,launch facility,this place is basically like a,technology monastery you know elon told,time there are some women here but not,many and it's remote,however in her march 2022 interview with,vanity fair grimes described her,relationship with elon as fluid and she,also dropped a bombshell revealing that,in december 2021 she and elon welcomed a,baby daughter via surrogate and named,her exa dark sidereal there's no real,word for it i would probably refer to,him as my boyfriend but we're very,fluent grimes said we live in separate,houses we're best friends we see each,other all the time we just have our own,thing going on and i don't expect other,people to understand it grimes also,revealed that she and elon are planning,to have more children and said we've,always wanted at least three or four,so to recap elon has seven children in,total five sons and two daughters,however besides the daughter he had with,grimes elon always referred to his other,six children as boys,and this could be one of the reasons,elon's daughter vivian now no longer,wants anything to do with her father,vivian recently filed to change her,gender and her name and she specifically,mentioned her desire to distance herself,from her father,

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foreign,hey guys and welcome back well because,this is the end of the year uh end of,2022,um astrologer,Susan Miller reveals exactly what's in,store for each zodiac sign in 2023.,so I thought you'd be pleased to hear,what she has to say about your,particular zodiac sign yeah well we're,going to start with the Aries now Aries,as you know is March 21st born March,21st through April 19th,now she said you have a glorious Emerald,year this year comes when Jupiter is in,Aries it happens every 12 years so make,your list check it twice you can get,love travel and career opportunities,money comes in the next gestation which,is after May 16th but don't make that,priority because you're luckier later,and if you want to meet the person of,your dreams have a baby or write that,book whatever your dreams is this is,your year okay next zodiac sign is,Taurus and that's from April 20th May,20th now you get the same outstanding,blessings as Aries when you have Jupiter,in your sign everything is glorious love,career travel family home spend time,thinking of what is a big priority and,concentrate on that area now Taurus,expand your circle of friends because,they'll be quite successful and,inspiring for you love is the very best,part as ancient astrologers said Jupiter,and your sign is the best to find true,love you will have the privilege of,being the celestial favorite from May 16,2023 to May 25th 2024. now our next,zodiac sign would be Gemini and that's,from May 21st to June 20th she says make,it a priority to make new friends if,you're on social media and I know you,are because Gemini rules social media,you're going to have a lot more,followers share your expertise people,want to hear what you have to say,now the next zodiac sign would be cancer,June 21st through July 22nd,you are going into one of the best times,for honors Awards achievement and fame,you have until May 16 to get that big,promotion but I believe it will come on,the luckiest day of the year April 11th,when Jupiter conjuncts the sun it,straddles April 11th and 12th do,something important on their day you can,do no wrong,now the next zodiac sign will be Leo and,that's from July 23rd through August,22nd now in may when cancer gives up,this great career aspect you get it,you're going to have 5 out of 10,Heavenly Bodies In Your House of,achievement your name will be on the big,Marquee your big break is from May 23rd,2023 to May 24,2024. you've got a whole year,now next is Virgo and that's from August,23rd to September 22nd now you've been,doing well right now in your career you,have until March 25th to Make Your Mark,it's going to be much better after Mars,goes direct January 12th but the big,focus at the beginning of the year is,money money money now it comes through a,side door for you it could be an,inheritance from a great aunt who adored,you and remembered you in a wheel you,may win a prize or you may win a contest,for something you wrote it could come,from many ways but it's one big long now,next will be Libra September 23rd,through October 22nd now you've had some,glitches in love because you have Saturn,in the fifth house you've had it for,three years and you're starting to blame,yourself don't Saturn is leaving on,March 7th and he's not coming back to,the house for 29 years at the beginning,of the year if you're married or,attached your partner is going to do,well and if you're in business with a,partner they're going to work hard for,you you start making money May 23rd 2023,to May 24 2024 you're going into a big,money cycle and you're surprised to hear,this because the horrible eclipse on,November 8th now the universe makes a,correction,next up is Scorpio October 23rd through,November 21st you've had a great year,for Love Now Jupiter is moving into your,house you're going to love the,assignments you get,if you're self-employed you can hire,people to help you and they'll,appreciate and anticipate what you need,you're going to be luckier than a,leprechaun now in the second part of the,Year from May 2023 to May 2024 you're,the sign most likely to get married now,if you're already married you'll see,your partner will do extremely well as a,result you'll benefit from it,next in line is Sagittarius November,22nd through December 21st now you have,the best love aspect if you're saying,it's going to take a total eclipse of,the moon for me to find anybody I want,to date and stay with for the rest of my,life well you don't need an eclipse you,need Jupiter and Jupiter is going into,your house of love for four and a half,months,if you haven't met your one true love I,want you to socialize as much as,possible she says after Mother's day you,will start getting a lot of work,assignments and they're very well paying,also your sign loves to work out so this,year you can get to the next level in,your Fitness and if you say I can't take,time away from work Fitness is part of,your work it makes you more creative now,next in line is Capricorn December 22nd,through January 19

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Prof G Markets: Upheaval at Twitter, Airbnb and Uber Earnings, and the Chinese Markets

Prof G Markets: Upheaval at Twitter, Airbnb and Uber Earnings, and the Chinese Markets

this week's Number,220 billion dollars that's a total cost,of hosting the World Cup in Qatar this,year it will be the most expensive World,Cup ever no shocker there for context,the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 cost,just 15 billion dollars I have two,tickets to the World Cup but I just,found out it's the day of my anniversary,so if anyone would like to go in my,place just let me know her name is Susan,and we have reservations at Granger's,thank you,foreign,markets today we're discussing elon's,Twitter upheaval so far Uber and,airbnb's earnings and the pain in the,Chinese markets here with the news is,property media analyst Ed Elson Ed what,is the good word my brother,I just wanted to say this is a very,special day at Prof G media,happy birthday Scott thank you Ed and we,should also point out that I thought it,was my birthday yesterday just gonna,bring that up and put out a tweet and,was feeling sorry for myself because my,family had called me and then recognized,uh that it was uh in fact not my,birthday so I think that's what it means,to get old I think that's fitting that,you start forgetting which day is your,birthday anyways thank you,no no Ed I just turned 41. okay and,naked I look 40 and 7 8. um yeah no I'm,just how old am I old how old I,am anyways get to the news I don't want,to talk about my birthday okay,let's start with our weekly review of,Market vitals,the S P 500 fell after the FED indicated,interest rate hikes would continue,the dollar moved higher Bitcoin fell,slightly and the yield on 10-year,treasuries rose again remaining elevated,above four percent,shifting to the headlines Amazon's,market value fell below 1 trillion,dollars for the first time since the,pandemic the stock declined six percent,on Tuesday erasing almost all of its,pandemic gains the company also,announced a hiring freeze across its,corporate Workforce citing macroeconomic,conditions,meanwhile left and stripe are reducing,their head counts by 13 and 14,respectively there's that Patagonia,recession you were talking about last,week and as expected the FED raised,interest rates by 75 basis points for,the fourth time this year the FED funds,rate is now at its highest level since,January 2008 and Fed chair Jerome Powell,said rate hikes will continue but,indicated a Slowdown could be imminent,at some point,as I've said in the last two press,conferences it will become appropriate,to slow the pace of increases as we,approach the level of interest rates,that will be sufficiently restrictive to,bring inflation down to our two percent,goal,there is significant uncertainty around,that level of interest rates even so we,still have some ways to go,and incoming data since our last meeting,suggests that the ultimate level of,interest rates will be higher than,previously expected,the bank of England also delivered a,rate hike of 75 basis points the,following day that's its largest,increase since 1989. Scott,any thoughts,yeah well you're just today in the,markets you saw growth stocks get,hammered again and Jerome Powell,chairman Powell is you know he's come to,play he's not messing around and there's,some,we were talking last week about parsing,language,um so saying we still have some way to,go is you know pretty aggressive,language and also that if you'll know,what he said since our last meeting,suggests that the ultimate level of,interest rates will be higher than,previously expected in other words,you know pedal meat metal they're not,slowing down,and I think growthy stocks that are,especially susceptible to interest rates,have again really taken it in the shorts,so why do we care or why do growth,stocks get hit harder because,uh you're basically betting on the,future growth stocks are valued based on,future cash flows which are worth less,in a high interest rate environment,because you have to Discount those cash,flows in the future back at a higher,discount rate in addition if they're,growth companies they still need to,raise Capital oftentimes and it's more,expensive to buy that Capital so their,future cash flows are worth less,and their current business costs more to,finance thereby hitting their Equity,value but you're seeing it across Tech,right now it's getting hit pretty hard,and any Reflections on those layoffs,that lift and stripe and Amazon's hiring,freeze this is kind of exactly what you,predicted I think a year ago you said,this right or maybe eight or nine months,ago yeah somewhere around somewhere,between 6 and 12 months look we're just,getting started and,this was an easy prediction when you see,SG a at these companies up two and three,x over the last two or three years I,mean they're literally been doubling,their expenses every kind of 24 to 36,months could you briefly explain sgna,sgna stands for sales General and,administrative costs basically in a,Growth Company means people,and uh it's kind of the cost before,what's called a capex investment which,is usually an investment in planned,property or equipment so I think of i

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Dylan O'Brien Reads Thirst Tweets

Dylan O'Brien Reads Thirst Tweets

hey i'm dylan o'brien and i'm here with,buzzfeed to read there's tweets,is this just gonna get insane,i would sell an organ to see dylan,o'brien reading thirst tweets i can live,without one of my kidneys writes that is,right that's actually true so no issues,there whoever decided to give dylan,o'brien a blonde buzz cut i hope your,pillow is cold on both sides and your,phone is always charged,i love the pillow cold on boat side sink,i'm with that that was that's not that's,pretty tame dylan o'brien if you're,reading this i am free until the end of,time oh plenty of time then i don't need,to rush to hang with you the worst part,about blonde dylan o'brien is the fact,that i would date him in a heartbeat,just kind of up,what's wrong with that yeah run,run imagine getting paid to kiss on a,run i do that for free these are,nothing come on give me the real,then ryan is so hard i would let him,guys let gate keep girl boss me any day,i love that one,ah yes all of the manipulative tactics,the thing men can do is to be,blonde dylan o'brien that i want to get,on a t-shirt or underwear can i get that,on underwear the feminine urge to go,completely feral anytime zona ryan,appears on screen,yes let's go,it is wrong to sexualize this celebrity,in any capacity as some statements may,make them uncomfortable and feel awkward,however i would absolutely let blonde,and tattoo dylan o'brien,oh commit commit i would go so far so,mine could still redacted my redacted,and redacted tilly redacted,i love that one okay that one's i think,my favorite so far i love that style,let's contact that one i cannot stress,this enough donald ryan and maze runner,could literally break my back like a,glow stick,i love that one and then it lights up,so brian i'm bowing down on my knees,right now let me wash your feet king let,me scrub and lick between your toes,polish those feet until they shine like,diamonds scrape the dry skin flakes off,and use them as seasoning just to taste,gliese,yeah,holy people are,sick i would really let donald ryan,pluck every one of my eyelashes off no,good come on don't you don't mean that,don't do that i can't express how badly,i need toner brian to sit on my face and,suffocate with that fat ass can we get,my mother in here for this like why is,she not here my,is this a typo my bussy belongs to dylan,o'brien let's go,let's go,oh what i wouldn't give it to you dylan,bryan's entire ass thank you anytime i,get a butt compliment,you're invited to hang this is so,dylan o'brien sir i'm just a hole for,you,the faces in this room,go for it look it's here's i mean my,takeaway is like it's an art and it's an,art that i appreciate i think a couple,made me a gape but like i don't think,there was any that you know,i couldn't handle you know,i love it,i'm gonna make a burner account and do,some my home that was enlightening and,gave me a little,boost for the day to the ego so thank,you guys so much and thank you buzzfeed,and make sure you check out not okay on,hulu the whole for you note of that one,too we will contact them later

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OTHERtone on Beats 1 – Neil deGrasse Tyson, Susan Miller

OTHERtone on Beats 1 – Neil deGrasse Tyson, Susan Miller

I love your show by the way I loved it,and you were on Charlie Rose and that's,when I first heard about it I didn't,know that you're okay and she's good to,do those things you know and I'm so,excited because we're the first,generation to actually see the planets,close up because of Hubble spacecraft,and I was just looking at the,photography yesterday is it's gorgeous I,don't believe that that the that God,created the planets just to be beautiful,somewhere out in space but not really,have any meaning and you know you know I,were born with a birth defect I've had,so much medical and when you bleed,internally usually it takes a couple of,months to make a blood cell but when you,bleed internally nature says hmm she's,going to need this it gathers up all the,red cells so that you can make blood,faster so I've learned empirically and,you can disagree with me but nature is,conservative she doesn't do more than,she has to,I broke my wrist in LA I go to,cedars-sinai they say oh you have a,little feel like a little thorn here I,said really yeah we may have to shave it,down or it may just go away I mean on,the book in the bone inside the bone,your nature may just kind of make a,paste out of it and use it I said well,I'm not doing anything between 1:00 and,5:00 how about we do it now he said oh,you got to go home and see what happens,that little thorn went away and nature,did use it to help healed my wrist and I,didn't need an operation I have come to,the conclusion through several of these,kind of medical things that nature tends,not to do anything she doesn't have to,so why would the planets be out there,for no reason at all,do you ever think about that do you have,a philosophical philosophical feeling,about it all right so I've stopped,trying to explore purpose in the,universe okay because often that it,leads to sort of hubristic thoughts like,the purpose of the universe is to enable,my life so that I can,do this all about the I rather than the,I'm not for everyone I'm just saying,that's where it tends to go when someone,talks about purpose and a lot of,religion has similar Tracking's that my,God knows about me God made the whole,universe but knows about me and my face,well that's why that he cares but,exactly so since I'm saying so this urge,is very real it's very human it's very,real and what I found is that when I,explore the universe,either intellectually or with telescopes,and the like that I'm less biased for,what I discover if I go at it without,such preconceived expectations a purpose,yes no and that's valid um but a this',the only thing that is consistent with,both of us no matter where you yeah yeah,it's it turns out like you said it's the,one of the greatest mysteries of exist,that it works at all as a mass and math,is never math is immutable essentially,that's right,as we universe is built on math yes no I,don't get into the incompleteness,theorem regarding math because there's a,whole other thing,sure but for general conversational,purposes yes math is immutable in the,way you've used the term yeah

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Elon Musk talks Twitter, Tesla and how his brain works — live at TED2022

Elon Musk talks Twitter, Tesla and how his brain works — live at TED2022

hello,so,in just a few minutes um elon musk will,be joining us here live on stage,for a conversation uh,rumor has it there are a few things to,talk about with him,um,we we we will see,but um before that,i just want to show you something,special,i want you to come with me to,tesla's huge gigafactory in austin texas,so the day before it opened last week,the evening before i was allowed to walk,around it,no one else there,and what i saw there was honestly pretty,mind-blowing,this is elon musk's famous machine that,builds the machine and his view the,secret to a sustainable future is not,just making an electric car,it's making a system that churns out,huge numbers of electric cars with a,margin so that they can fund further,growth,when i was there um none of us knew,whether elon would actually be able to,make it here today so i took the chance,to sit down with him and record an epic,interview,and i just want to show you,a nine,an eight minute excerpt of that,interview so here from austin texas elon,musk,i want us to switch now to think a bit,about artificial intelligence i i'm,curious about your timelines and how you,predict and how come some things are so,amazingly on the money and some aren't,so when it comes to predicting,sales of tesla vehicles for example,i mean you've kind of been amazing i,think in 2014,when tesla had sold that year 60 000,cars you said 2020 i think we will do,half a million a year yeah we did almost,exactly half a million five years ago,last time you came today we um i asked,you about for self-driving and um you,said yep this very year where i am,confident that we will have a car going,from la to new york uh without any,intervention yeah i i don't want to blow,your mind but i'm not always right,um,so talk what's the difference between,those two why why,why has full self-driving in particular,been so hard to predict i mean the thing,that really got me and i think it's,going to get a lot of other people is,that,there are just so many false stones with,with self-driving um where you think you,think you've got the problem,have a handle on the problem and then it,nope uh it turns out uh you just hit a,ceiling um and and uh,uh,because what happened if you if you were,to plot the progress,the progress looks like a log curve so,it's like yeah,a series of log curves so,uh most people don't like cookies i,suppose but it shows the show,it goes it goes up sort of a you know,sort of a fairly straight way and then,it starts tailing off right and and and,you start there's a kind of ocean,getting diminishing returns you know in,retrospect they seem obvious but uh in,in order to solve uh full self-driving,uh properly you actually just you have,to solve real-world ai,um you you you know because you said,what are the road networks designed to,to work with they're designed to work,with a biological neural net our brains,and with uh vision our eyes,and so in order to make it work,with computers you basically need,to solve real world ai,and vision,because because we we need,we need cameras,and silicon neural nets,uh in order to have to have,self-driving work for a system that was,designed for eyes and biological neural,nets,it you know when you i guess when you,put it that way it's like quite obvious,that the only way to solve full,self-driving is to solve real-world,ai and sophisticated vision what do you,feel about the current architecture do,you think you have an architecture now,where where there is,a chance for the logarithmic curve not,to tail off any anytime,soon,well i mean,admittedly these these uh may be an,infamous uh last words but i i actually,am confident that we will solve it this,year,uh that we will exceed uh,you're like what the probability,of an accident at what point should you,exceed that of the average person right,um i think we will exceed that this year,we could be here,talking again in a year it's like well,yeah another year went by and it didn't,happen but i think this i think this is,the year is there an element that you,actually deliberately,make aggressive prediction timelines to,drive people to be ambitious and without,that nothing gets done,so it's it feels like at some point in,the last year,seeing the progress on,understanding you that you're that the,ai the tesla ai understanding the world,around it led to a kind of an aha moment,in tesla because you really surprised,people recently when you said,probably the most important product,development going on at tesla this year,is this robot optimus yes,is it something that happened in the,development of fourself driving that,gave you the confidence to say you know,what we could do something special here,yeah exactly so you know it took me a,while to sort of realize that that in,order to solve self-driving you really,needed to solve real-world ai um,at the point of which you solve,real-world ai for a car which is really,a robot on four wheels uh you can then,generalize that to a robot on legs as,well,the thing that the things that

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Astrology Pioneer Susan Miller embraces the future, launches NFT collection

Astrology Pioneer Susan Miller embraces the future, launches NFT collection

hey everyone I'm Jen sanasi welcome to  my YouTube channel where we chat to the  ,builders and thinkers in web 3. joining me today  is astrology Pioneer Susan Miller and her business  ,partner David Weinstein founder of sign ashore  to chat about bringing traditional communities  ,to web 3. hello to you both hello thank you for  having us of course when I saw this project come  ,across my desk I was really excited Susan you've  lived through a lot of technological shifts and I  ,think what you do kind of Embraces those shifts  so talk to me about getting into web3 where did  ,this all start for you well I had been reading a  lot about nfts but I didn't know a lot about it  ,um I have an agent in Beijing who started talking  to me about it but there were problems in China  ,because uh they want to only allow the sale of  nfrs not nfts but she initially got me started  ,thinking about it talking about it and then  David came to me he had been doing research  ,on astrologers on the net and I am very grateful  to have a large audience well I started in 1995  ,so sooner or later everybody stumbles across me  and I write very detailed horoscopes on Astrology  ,Zone every month and I also have two apps one is  Astrology Zone daily horoscope which it's much  ,more than that it gives a daily but it also gives  my monthly and essays and then my other app is  ,Moonlight phases which helps you with the moon  to just pinpoint to get your timing perfectly  ,because that's really what astrology is about  it's about planning so I help my readers do that  ,David why were you looking for astrologers um  it it's a great question I had co-founded and  ,sold a SAS company we had sold it in late 2020  and I was still staying on as management as part  ,of the sales contract and I started to go down the  proverbial rabbit hole about web3 and I was trying  ,to think uh I just the minute it hit me I'm like  we need something that is visual has an installed  ,base people are interested and we're digital goods  and services are already being bought and sold and  ,obviously video games is an obvious piece but  I have no background or entree there and there  ,are big players looking at that so I started to  think about astrology I think um when I started  ,to read about Susan and her devoted audience and  astrology has always been a visual piece everybody  ,I know who's into it's got a tattoo of some sort  of zodiac sign they love the images and Susan is  ,a content creator as a from a business perspective  and web3 is about helping content creators in my  ,mind it's a big piece of it and her Audience  by owning nfts gets to own their membership in  ,this Club so anyway um I didn't know the language  of astrology the whole visual aspect is Susan's  ,Vision right all of the all of the signs and all  the colors all Susan's Vision I just sort of knew  ,that astrology would be a good vehicle would be  the astrology Community would benefit from web3  ,so that's really what we pitched Susan with and  then she ran with all the ideas and the visual and  ,the artists and all that stuff I recommended  the the Isaac yeah he does my calendars I  ,I self-publish a calendar every year and we'll  send you one and I'm working on 2023 and for the  ,past five years we worked so well together I had  chosen him five years ago and it was just magic  ,I had said to Isaac and you don't know this David  I wanted to do a coffee table book of the faces  ,of each of the signs you know several variations  and I had cut photographs out of magazines it was  ,a long process for the past 10 years I would  update them because the Fashions changed the  ,makeup changes the hairstyle changes I was saving  men and women and we even went to a publisher but  ,everyone said it would be so expensive to produce  I was a little frustrated and I write for a lot  ,of magazines that publish books I read for Vogue  Japan W Korea I write for vote China I wrote for  ,Mika Italy uh I I write for a lot and in America  I've written for install for six years and for  ,L six years before that but you know the just  trying to put the pieces together of this idea  ,and then comes this project which is so much  more modern than a coffee table book and could  ,reach so many more people but I should just say  one thing the Ancients described what the person  ,would look like her sign everything we learn is  from Mother Nature so that's where it stems from  ,but because they had sundials they didn't have  clocks we're talking Mesopotamia 2400 years ago  ,they they couldn't do a birth chart the way  we do them today to the exact minute the place  ,that is the city the child is born and the day  month and year so they they just couldn't get  ,the timing perfectly so they began writing what  the features of the child would be for example  ,um Aries would have a very high forehead  Sagittarius would have beautiful flowing  ,hair actually Leo would have very full  like the Lions made very full Gorgeo

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