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Susan Branchyes,we are live hi everyone,robin chris we are here,this is so good there's deb in wales

An Unlikely Story

Updated on Jan 20,2023

Susan Branch

yes,we are live hi everyone,robin chris we are here,this is so good there's deb in wales hi,deb who said it's in her pajamas,so i am so happy welcome to an unlikely,story look we got our wreath,up in a little bit of snow just to put,us in the mood and susan is in her just,lovely kitchen,that i adore um thank you so much for,joining us here,and i hope you all have a cup of tea,handy or a cup of coke,so i just have a couple of housekeeping,items to start if you,lose your connection or your video just,refresh your page,or exit out of your browser and jump,right back in,and sometimes if you just wait a minute,it'll come back if you have questions,for susan and i know you guys do,you can type them in the ask a question,box at the bottom of your screen,so what i would like to do since there,are oh my gosh a thousand,of you um read through the questions,first and then if you see your question,there you can upvote it and then the,most popular questions will float to the,top,um and just i know so people are like,i'm so glad to be here i'm like okay but,that you're blocked you're bogging my,questions,they're not the only ones i'm so glad to,be here hi everyone,me too yes so i'm gonna keep my,intro extremely short today,uh there's something very special about,you susan in that,again 1034 people watching today and i'm,guessing,that along with me you guys all feel,like,we're her girlfriends her writing brings,us,right into our home she shares her,recipes her quilts that now i'm going to,drape,quilts over my kitchen chairs and even,her yard sale,and she somehow finds the perfect quote,and brings it delightful life with her,warm,watercolors and it seems to me that,loneliness is one of the worst parts of,this pandemic,and so i'm very honored to welcome susan,today,for tea and conversation because those,connections that will get,us through all of this um before we get,started i just would like to thank susan,for the conversation that we had about,bundling the book with the ticket which,is you know that's what we want to do we,want to sell books,at the bookstore to keep us going um but,susan really wanted as many of her fans,as possible to attend,since it is her last event of the year,and suggested that instead we may be,charged a small fee,and it really made me stop and realize,just how much we all need times like,this,with the people who bring our hearts so,much joy,so as susan says we all need a little,extra christmas this year,so if you would like to purchase a copy,of home for christmas,please click on the green button below,so we can continue bringing these,amazing events to you,susan has kindly signed many many book,plates for us so you will receive one,with your hands and say welcome,thank you so much you guys unlikely,story that's the name of this wonderful,bookstore in western massachusetts,i've been there in person and it's so,charming and if you're ever in that neck,of the woods you should just make it a,go-to,spot um but uh this the fact that they,made this all free,i just yeah it got me right there that,was the best,thing which is how everybody look at,annalise,is saying why do i feel nervous,how do you think i feel annelise like,this is the biggest,we've ever had,well you know it is it is like so great,to see there's rachel my,my dear friend who lives in in england,outside of london,and i've got you know there's one of the,carries there i'm not sure which carry,that might be,but so we have a lot of people that we,know from,uh from my blog and from just all the,years of doing this and it's just,great that you guys made it possible,it's my last one for the year,and that is a very nice christmas,present you gave everybody so thank you,ken,that was great you end up getting when,you give you get more than you give so,that's really how i,feel about that um okay so we have a,question for rachel,and she said you said susan somebody,excuse me somebody said susie,is blurry and i'm always blurry,i wonder why i'm the blurry is there,something on your camera lens,oh joyce says susan use a q-tip to clean,your camera lens,well you know it's only 100 years old,and probably,never been cleaned,i don't know if that's any better or not,i think it's better slightly better,yeah little better can you bring me a,q-tip,oh my god this little no one ever,suggested that before but what a good,idea i mean it's that,green light up there that's what i'm,supposed to be yeah well it's a little,the little thing next to the green light,right to the left maybe yeah,the little glass,i think it was better,hold that one thing i see it this is,funny yep that's a little better yay joe,all right what's best we could do there,that's that's i think it's much better,thanks again it is a little bit better,i'll work on that,okay you're so clear that's fine you,look great well,thank you you do i'm just i love that,our christmas wreath is up,i love that um jeff kinney even you know,in the middle of all this he's got the,entire oh look the lights came on he's

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Fall Baking | Coffee Bar Autumn Decor | Susan Branch Cranberry Apple Crisp

Fall Baking | Coffee Bar Autumn Decor | Susan Branch Cranberry Apple Crisp

towards the end of August and early,September I eagerly anticipate Autumn's,arrival,join me as I decorate the coffee bar for,Autumn and bake Susan Branch's cranberry,apple crisp,before we begin make sure to preheat,your oven to 375 and butter a square,baking pan,we're going to start by peeling four,Granny Smith apples and then slicing,them half an inch thick,we're also going to place our sliced,apples into the square baking pan,foreign,foreign,foreign,next we're going to add a cup of,cranberries the recipe calls to use,fresh cranberries but I couldn't find,any in my area so I just use dried,cranberries instead and it seemed to,work out great,in a bowl we're going to mix 3 4 of a,cup brown sugar firmly packed half cup,of flour half cup of oats 3 4 teaspoon,of cinnamon 3 4 of a teaspoon nutmeg and,1 3 cup softened butter,foreign,foreign,then we're going to mix it all up and,sprinkle over the apples and cranberries,while the cranberry apple crisp is in,the oven for 30 minutes we're going to,go ahead and decorate the coffee bar for,fall,before we get everything switched over,here's a peek at what it looked like,during the summer months,full of years ago now we put in these,spice rack bookshelves from Target on,either side of the coffee bar and I love,displaying seasonal cookbooks or,cookbooks with pretty covers that we get,to look at,back when AC Moore was still open it's,now closed I found these awesome,strawberry garlands and that kind of,became one of my fruits of summer when I,decorate for the kitchen,earlier in the year I found this Liberty,blue Betsy Ross Sugar Bowl and I thought,it was perfect for not only Fourth of,July but just keeping it around all,summer long,thank you,a long time ago my mother-in-law wrapped,a Garland around her chandelier that was,over her kitchen table and I took a page,from her book and we'll do this for most,of the seasons,and now for the exciting part we get to,decorate for fall I found these wreaths,last year at Hobby Lobby and hide some,light brown Velvet Ribbon and hung them,on Command hooks,it was just a little way to add some,interest to an otherwise drabby cabinet,I've also gotten into hanging a seasonal,inspired apron in this area as well,it just gives it a more homey feel,anyone who knows me knows I love my mugs,I have a little collection going and,have collected these fall inspired ones,over the years and just love changing,them out for the season for this space,foreign,over the years I have loved finding,Garland I can drape over the cup rack,and also the Virginia print which I know,has a spelling error it's kind of become,a conversational piece so I have just,kept it on the wall,now it's time to switch out the Sugar,Bowl to something a little bit more,seasonally appropriate this is a antique,array by Brick Oven stoneware and this,was a thrift find,foreign,ly hedge Autumn teacup and the Whimsical,side of me has just fallen in love with,the illustrations of Bramley hedge,foreign,on top of the chair in order to reach,this but I decorate it and kind of feel,it out step away from the space and take,a look at it and then I might have to,rearrange like I did here,thank you,thank you,for fall I love decorating with apples,that's kind of my fruit of the season of,course pumpkins make their way into,and I also have fallen in love with,these little mice that I found at Home,Goods I know some people think they are,so ugly but I I just think they're,adorable,I recently found this apple chopping,board as well at home goods and I'm so,excited it's hard to find Apple things,among all the pumpkin I also like to,have a decorative plate on top of the,stand this is where I keep all my pie,plates and a bowl of fruit,and now that the cranberry apple crisp,has been out of the oven and cooling it,is time to have a snack,oh,foreign,and one more thing to make this space,complete is to change out all of the,books from Summer to fall,foreign,filled with so much Whimsy from Susan,Branch Charles baisaki Mary Cicely,Barker Bramley hedge and Thomas Kinkade,thanks for sticking with me today as I,decorated the coffee bar for fall and I,hope you enjoyed your time here I'd say,it was a job well done,foreign

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60-80's Hollywood Actresses and Their Shocking Look In 2021

60-80's Hollywood Actresses and Their Shocking Look In 2021

hello friends today you'll see 30 famous,hollywood actresses who have changed so,hard,i will show you how they look then in,60s 80s,and what's with them now in 2021,don't forget to like and subscribe to,the channel let's go,meg foster known for her star blue eyes,and husky yet smooth voice foster has,played a lot of roles,that are either as deceitful villains or,traitorous double agents known for her,role in films like,ticket to heaven and tv series like the,scarlet letter,kelly mcgillis widely known for her film,roles such as,rachel lapp in witness 1985 for which,she received golden globe and battle,nominations,charlie in top gun 1986 made in heaven,1987 and as kathryn murphy,in the accused,kirkland was nominated for the academy,award for best actress for her,performance in,anna she won the golden globe for best,performance by an actress in a motion,picture,grammar for her role and received the,words from the los angeles film critics,association,cathy coleman best known for playing,holly marshall,in the iconic 70s tv series land of the,lost,not much is known about her career it is,known she started out as a singer,at 10 years old in the might curve,congregation,which produced the theme song burning,bridges, spicy has been active in hollywood,for the better part of,four decades known for her portrayal of,strong female roles she has been,nominated for the oscar,six times she was the leading lady in,the 70s and 80s,and did some of the greatest roles of,the time,kathy silvers is best known for her role,as boy crazy teenager,johnny piccola in later seasons of the,tv sitcom,happy days she was a member of the cast,of the,1985-86 sitcom holy square,she also provided the voice of married,daughter,the anna melder's television roles,include russell rosalind chase on,la lo and dr catherine pulaski,in the next season of star trek the next,generation,the annals appeared in two episodes of,star trek,the original series in the late 1960s,raydon chung is best known for her roles,in the film's,quest for fire 1981 beat street,1984 and commander 1985.,her most active period in films was,during the late 1980s,and throughout the 1990s,sally struthers is well known for,playing the role of gloria stivic in,abc's sitcom,all in the family for which she earned,two emmy awards,she began her career in the early 1970s,and moved quickly into stardom she went,on to garner success,also on stage,ali mcgraw gained attention with her,role in the film goodbye columbus,for which she won the golden globe award,for most promising newcomer,she gained an international profile for,her role in the film,love story for which she was nominated,for an academy award,squeaky voiced comedian victoria jackson,is perhaps best known for being a cast,member on the nbc television sketch,comedy series,saturday night live from 1986,to 1992 which also makes sporadic film,appearances,among the beers actress is best known,for her portrayal of,marcy rose darcy the manic feminist,careerist neighbor,of the long-running series married with,children,1987 1997 mandeviers is also a prominent,a very busy director on television,terry garr frequently appeared in,comedic role throughout her career,which spans four decades and includes,over 140 credits in,film and television she is best known,for her role in the,1982 american comedy tutsi,for which she was nominated for an oscar,john bernard is best known for her role,as walin evan,on the prime time soap opera not,slanding in 1971,he received a theater world award and,was nominated for the tony award for,best featured actress,in the play for the revival of the,school for wives,faye dunaway is the recipient of many,accolades,including an academy award culture,performance in network,an emmy award prime time greek golden,globe awards,and above their work the government of,france,made her an officer of the order of arts,and letters,lauren tues is best known for her,audiences,as julie mackay from the abc drama,series,the love ball the popular hollywood,culture of drugs,caught up with jews she lost all through,her addiction,after a slew of unfortunate she,rediscovered herself as an actress,the day george is an actress whose,career spent three decades from the,1960s,to the 1980s the actress began her,career as a guest actress on tv shows,in the 60s she also starred as liza,casey,in the renowned tv series known as,mission impossible,tina lewis is known for her portrayal of,ginger grunt,in the 1960s television series,gilligan's island,she began her career on stage during,before landing her breakthrough role,in 1958 film godzilla laker,linda evans is known primarily for her,roles on television,in the 1960s she played audrey barkley,in the western television series the big,wally 1965-1969,she is best known for portraying crystal,carrington in the,1980s abc saw her dynasty,betty white became famous for her role,in game shows and was dubbed,the first lady of game shows her career,as a singer actress host and producer,spent across,80 years m

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10 Child Celebs Who Aged Badly!

10 Child Celebs Who Aged Badly!

هذا أسوأ يمثل عشرة مشهيات أطفال,الذين تتراوح أعمارهم بين سيئة رقم واحد Macaulay,Culkin Macaulay Culkin هو الأفضل,تذكرت الصبي الصغير رائعتين على,الأفلام المنزلية وحدها لعبت,رائعتين بعد مؤذ وكيفن,مكلاستر ذهب إلى نجم في عدد قليل (2-2-2) أفلام أخرى بما في ذلك الابن الجيد,فتاة والحصول حتى مع أبي عن قرب,إلى عقد لم يكن يتصرف على الإطلاق,منذ ذلك الحين قام بأدوار قليلة,ومع ذلك فهو يركز أكثر على موسيقاه,من التمثيل ليس هو أيضا رائعتين,الصبي الصغير الذي نتذكر اليوم لديه,نظرة أكثر غضبا عندما تكون,أصبح النجومية أكثر من اللازم بالنسبة له,تحولت إلى المخدرات التي اتخذت خسائر فادحة,على شكله الثاني,اللحاء Voorhies لارك Voorhies هو الأفضل,المعروف بلعب الأميرة الفاسدة,ليزا السلاحف على المحفوظة من قبل الجرس عندما,كانت مراهقة كانت جميلة جدا,في ذلك الوقت شاركت نسائها في بطولة تيفاني,Amber Thiessen و Elizabeth Berkeley,كانت جميلة كذلك لكنهم جميعا,تكمل بعضها البعض اليوم وبعد,وجود قدر كبير من الجراحة التجميلية,انها لا يمكن التعرف عليها تقريبا وفقا ل,تقارير أنها كانت تعاني من العقلية,المرض لسنوات من خلال كل ذلك انها,تمكنت من إنشاء إنتاجها الخاص,شركة,لكنها لم تفعل الكثير من التمثيل,منذ أوائل العشرينات من عمرها ، رقم ثلاثة جيريمي,وكان ميلر جيريمي ميلر بعض خطيرة,المنافسة عندما تألق في النمو,آلام الفتيات وقعت في حب كيرك,كاميرون وليوناردو دي كابريو كلاهما,نشأ وبقي وسيم,جيريمي لم يكبر ليكون,تماما مثل وسيم ومشاركته النجوم,ابتسامة يعتقد الجميع أنها لطيفة جدا,على جيريمي عندما كان أصغر سناً,يبدو غريبا بعض الشيء على الرجل الذي نما رقم 4,كان هالي جويل أوسمنت هالي جويل أوسمنت,فتى صغير رائعتين قام ببطولته في,الحاسة السادسة مع بروس ويليس حيث,صنعت عبارة الجليد,الناس الموتى تحظى بشعبية اليوم جيدا هالي,كبرت انه يحاول الحصول على عمل كما,الفاعل وتأخذ على عدة,أدوار غير متوقعة للأسف ليس لطيفا,كما اعتاد أن يكون هو أثقل بكثير من,كان عندما كان طفلا,كاملة مع عدد الذقن المزدوج رقم 5,كان شون أستين شون أستين لطيف جدا,ولد صغير هو الأكثر شهرة لدوره,على Goonies كانت صورته في كثير من الأحيان في,في سن المراهقة فاز ومجلة مجلة الملايين من,كانت فتيات صغيرات صورته ملطخة,على جدران غرف نومهم ولكن عندما حصل,كبار السن وضعت على شيء من الوزن,وجهه الصغير اللطيف هو الآن قليل,محرج هذا لا يمنعه من,الحصول على أدوار ومع ذلك تألق في اثنين,من أفلام آدم ساندلر 50 موعدا الأولى,وانقر أيضًا على دور قصير في,المسلسل التلفزيوني رقم السلالة,6 تارا نوح سميث تاران نوح سميث,واحد من 10 مشاهدين للأطفال الذين حقا,كان سيئًا جدًا ، وكان مشهورًا باللعب,أصغر علامة ابنه على تحسين المنزل,على الرغم من أنه كان طفل لطيف ناضل,للحصول على الاهتمام منذ رائعتين,كان جوناثان تايلور توماس على العرض (2-2-2) لم يكن فقط جوناثان لطيف طفل على,المعرض انفجرت مهنته عندما كان,يلقي صوت سيمبا على ديزني,الأسد الملك عندما ترعرع تارون له,أصبح مظهر مربك للغاية ليس فقط,لديه مشاكل مع الكحول انه أيضا,كان بعض الزيجات السيئة للأسف انه ليس,فعلت الكثير من التمثيل منذ المنزل,الانتهاء من تحسين رقم 7 داني,بونادوتش داني بونادوتش,لدوره في عائلة بارتريدج,للأسف بعد انتهاء العرض داني,بدأ يعاني من مشاكل أصبح مشهورا,لإدمانه المخدرات وعنيفه,تفجر مهنة التمثيل كان,أساسا غسلها حتى تألق في عدد قليل,برامج تلفزيون الواقع لتوثيق له,يصارع المخدرات ومع غضبه,للأسف هذا لم يساعد له,الأسرة وانتهى به المطاف الحصول على الطلاق,الأدوية التي أخذها عندما كان,الأصغر,حقا أثر على مظهره,عدد 8,اشتهر سافيانو جوش ساليانو بـ,لعب بول Pfeiffer محرجا,bestfriend ل Kevin Arnold على العجب,سنوات,بعد انتهاء السلسلة لم يحاول جوش,يبحث عن العمل القائم على اتخاذ قرار,يحضر القانونالمدرسة واليوم يعمل,محام كان هناك شائعة تدور,أنه كان في الواقع مارلين مانسون,الذي يعلم الجميع أنه غير صحيح,سنوات لم تكن جيدة له على الرغم من,رقم 9 داستن دايموند دايموند دايموند,كان صغيرا جدا عندما بدأ اللعب,صرخة على المحفوظة من قبل بيل كان كثيرا,أصغر من بقية نجومه المشاركين,وكثيرا ما واجه صعوبة في تركيبه في,لم يتقدم في السن بسعادة,كما شاركت في الكثير من الفضائح,عندما لم يتمكن من العثور على عمل يتصرف,تحولت إلى المواد الإباحية لتحقيق بعض المال,بعد وضع قدر كبير من الوزن,كان أحد المتسابقين على المشاهير صالح,لكن النادي لم ينجح في ذلك (2-2-2) المنافسة كاملة بعد عنيفة,غادر غادر المعرض بعد فترة ليست بطويلة,كتب كتابًا مؤلفًا عن وقته,على المحفوظة من قبل بيل الذي جعل له,شارك النجوم غاضبا الكتاب في نهاية المطاف,تحولت إلى فيلم Lifetime معظم,في الآونة الأخيرة شارك في معركة شريط,حيث طعن رجلاً منذ انقذها,من الجرس,انتهت لم يكن لديه الكثير من الحظ في بلده,الحياة رقم 10 مارا ويلسون ماورا ويلسون,كانت الفتاة الصغيرة المحبوبة من السيدة.,Doubtfire و Matilda بعد الاختفاء,من عامة الناس كثير,تكهنت حول أين كانت وماذا,بدت مثل الكثير الآن من قبل و,بعد ظهور صور مارا و,معظمها كانت غير مشبعة للغاية,ما هي صور أظهر مارا الكبار,كمرأة بدينة للغاية منذ,هذه الصور خرجت مارا كتب كتاب,دعا أين أنا الآن,تم تصويرها مع الكتاب,تبين أن المرأة بدينة في بلدها (2-2-2) الصور قبل وبعد وبعد,لم يكن لها اليوم انها جميلة,امرأة شابة موهوبة,اشترك للحصول على المزيد,أنت,talented young woman ,subscribe for more ,you

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Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

Last month the Teagart family of Cedar Mill, Oregon,set off a firestorm of controversy,after petitioning the state for the right to end the life,of their 13 year old brain-dead daughter.,Jean Ann Whorton takes us beyond the facts.,Caitlin Teagart was a beautiful, lively girl,who loved laughing and playing outside,,but all that changed at the age of 12.,Caitlin slipped into a persistent vegetative state,,confining her almost entirely to her bed and Facebook.,She doesn't even have basic motor functions any more.,We literally have to drag her to the car,to drive her to school in the morning.,She's totally unresponsive when we talk to her.,Her eyes just roll back in her head.,Caitlin, honey? It's your dad.,With no hope that their daughter would ever recover,,the Teagarts decided to seek legal permission,to end Caitlin's life.,It is the most difficult decision we've ever had to make,but we just keep reminding ourselves,that the real Caitlin is already gone.,That's just her body texting.,But the Teagarts soon found themselves,at the center of a heated controversy,as euthanasia opposition groups mobilized to stop them.,These protesters say the groans and exasperated sighs,Caitlin sometimes makes prove there is hope for recovery.,But the Teagarts' physician, Doctor Kevin DeBacker disagrees.,The sounds and movements that Caitlin makes,are caused by random synapses,firing in what's left of her brain tissue,as a response to atmospheric changes,,like it being cold in a restaurant,,or her mother bursting into her room,even though there is a little thing called privacy.,Doctor DeBacker believes euthanasia is a humane way,to end Caitlin's suffering., We give her one painless injection, and that's it.,Her eyes may flutter a bit or she may murmur:,"Are you for real killing me right now?",,but then her struggle will finally be over.,Back at the Teagart home,,the family is already preparing for life without Caitlin., It's hard, but we know we're making the right decision.,Her organs can help other children.,We can give her eyes to someone ,who would actually use them to read a book.,I have cramps.,And I don't even...,What would you tell other parents?,I want parents out there to go home tonight and hug their kids,and be thankful they don't have such a piss-poor attitude.,For Beyond The Facts, I'm Jean Ann Whorton.,Three days ago Caitlin's life was legally ended.,Caitlin, by the way, was the first Oregon resident,to undergo the procedure since 2009,when a dentist had his receptionist euthanized,after she was unable to perform any function,other than eating all the candy in the waiting room.,A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control,finds that over 100 million children are being exposed,to harmful levels of stupidity in their own homes.,Hear the debate about second-hand ignorance,on the next In The Know.

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Is there a future with an ‘Overlapper?’ — Susan Winter

Is there a future with an ‘Overlapper?’ — Susan Winter

hi everyone it's Susan from Susan winter,dotnet thank you for coming to my,channel and I so appreciate those of you,who've subscribed thank you so much that,really does mean the world to me I'm,continuing with your questions thanks,for these video requests and this one is,about over lappers this will mean a lot,to many of you that are going through,this kind of a situation right now you,with somebody that has somebody in the,wings or they're not done with somebody,so this is from Taylor and here it goes,Taylor writes hi Susan I was wondering,what your thoughts were on trying to,build a serious relationship with an,overlap er particularly if you're the,other man or woman who's stealing them,away from their current partner is it,possible that you two are different or,will they always be looking for that,next someone Thanks Taylor thanks for,this because it's interesting this week,I have two male clients that are very,uncomfortable with their partner keeping,abnormally close contact with their ex,they have both expressed their concern,about this and their ex both cases digs,in her heels and said it's my life these,are my exes and I'll see them if I'm,watching and it's creating problems it's,creating problems for the current person,so to be clear what we mean by an,overlap is the type of person who needs,a big safety net meaning they can't,sustain the gap from ending one,relationship cleanly having a space,where they don't have a relationship and,beginning anew over lappers tend to fear,being hurt but more so fear not being in,control and fear not being in a,relationship so they like to seamlessly,go from one relationship and as they,know they're going to exit or they feel,it's dying down they sync up with,another relationship that starts to take,off and they will not leave their,current partner until they know that you,are fully in the gate,or in another version of this they have,an ex that they always keep just a,little too close and even though it,bothers you you fight about it you start,to question yourself am I making too,much of this after all they're not,cheating but the reason for that X being,uncomfortably too close is because this,kind of person an overlap or likes to,keep that pot on simmer just in case,just in case you may fail them they got,some place to readily go back to keep it,just a little a little too much,flirtation a little bit too easy to make,contact you know so this is a fearful,person probably won over controlling the,situation probably telling you that,there's something wrong with you for,being upset about it and the other,variant of this Taylor you're saying,you're the over over LaBrie you're,actively trying to take them away from,the partner you are engaged in this as,well you know I have to think of many of,the second marriages where I meet the,couples one or both people have a lot of,guilt over beginning their relationship,as they weren't fully out of their,marriage yet so we can't say that it can,never work because you're asking about,your future will they always be an,overlap er if you are dating somebody,who keeps who wants to slowly exit their,partner until you are a solid thing is,this their pattern yes this is their,pattern so does it mean that you can't,have a future could you be that amazing,to people that are just different and,found each other of course all,possibilities exist in videos like this,where I'm not talking to you personally,what I try to deal with is the,generality generally speaking if,somebody is a chronic overlap or they,need that security that security net,underneath them they're not comfortable,cleanly leaving one relation,and that's why it may be very,frustrating to be with them because,Taylor as you're writing me now you,think they're leaving that person and,that leaving maybe a little bit longer,than you are comfortable experiencing so,then you know you're with a real overlap,er will you be subject to this will they,overlap with you with somebody else I,don't know a lot of that depends upon,your communication about this a lot of,it depends on what you create in the,relationship with your partner you,should be aware of it it is a,possibility especially if it is in their,history but if they are motivated and,you come in with a clean slate and say,look I don't really like how this,evolved but I saw you and I had feelings,for you and I knew you were leaving this,other person I don't feel right about,this but I didn't want to walk away from,me because I see this as an incredible,experience that I want to step into my,only question is is this something that,you want to do too and could we make an,agreement right up front that should you,find somebody that is appealing to you,and that this kicks in some of the,feelings you had formerly that you want,to have a very safe exit while you're,paving in a new beginning I'll ask is,this can you tell me I promise I won't,get hysterical I promise I will beat you,up emotionally,I promise all this because I'm gonna,state

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The Jim Powell Report: Meeting Susan Branch

The Jim Powell Report: Meeting Susan Branch

hello and welcome to another episode of,the Jim Powell report I'm your host Jim,Powell this is our first show of 2017,and today we have a wonderful guest,susan branch author and illustrator and,New York Times best seller of so many,books I can't even count it on my,fingers,Susan it's great to have you here in,this show today I just seen your lovely,we've had some wonderful time talking,and your connection to Martha's Vineyard,is so well-known to most people but,let's help everybody get to know that,and you have some wonderful books so,many from girlfriends forever for your,cooking books to your trips to England,but I wanted to start with Martha's,Vineyard Isle of dreams because it kind,of tells a kind of an autobiographical,connection to the vineyard and right how,you got here and and and I think our,viewers would really like to know more,about that all right tell us about what,it was like coming here in 1982 and what,was going on a little bit about your,background okay well I came here from,Southern California well from San Luis,Obispo California and I the baggage I,brought with me was a broken heart so,all over it now a good place to start,yeah and it was 1982 and I had never,been to the island once for Thanksgiving,like five years before and I'd all my,life I'd wanted to live in a place where,there were seasons and this seemed like,you know the opportunity I was more,Footloose and fancy-free than I had ever,hoped to be and so I thought well I'll,just go to Martha's Vineyard in,and live there for three months and see,what it would be like and you know see a,change of seasons it was March 6 when I,came here and and still a debtor winter,yes,I got off I have no good had not made,any reservations for for a hotel because,I figured I'll just get one not,understanding which I learned from the,cab driver that things closed here in,the winter especially in 1982 and so I,went to Edgartown and stayed at the at,one of the ins there and interestingly,it is the day that John Belushi died so,I was there you know having breakfast,alone all by myself in the dining room,when I saw these in this wintry day and,when all the people from Saturday Night,Live's showed up too you know it was,kind of a very surreal introduction and,in anyway so I had never experienced,seasons and it was just a completely,different world for me and I went to,look for a house to rent for the three,months and instead I found a little,house of the realtor was taking me to,the rental to look at but on the way we,stopped at another house that she was,getting ready to put up for sale and it,was so cute it was one bedroom this,little teeny house in the woods and had,this old stove and it was sounded,surrounded by wild blueberries and it,just I just spoke to you it spoke to me,and I thought it wouldn't cost anything,it was so small that to wallpaper it,would be just like one roll of wallpaper,it was all going to be so easy to,decorate which I was immediately doing,and I said I'll take it to her right,then and and that's when I found out I,was moving 3,000 miles away from all my,family and friends and moving to,Martha's Vineyard Shallah for news of,Martha's yeah well definitely,my heart was speaking to me and leading,me in because I look back and I could,not figure out how that really happened,why would I just do that and there's not,a good lesson for other people who are,viewing that sometimes we we need to,listen to our hearts are saying,and not try to reason out what the wise,are always right sometimes it could be,an overwhelming feeling of starting over,right and in this book,Martha's Vineyard Isle of Dreams you,have a wonderful recipe for starting,over oh yes we were talking about that,earlier that when you're combining all,the different ingredients 4 cups of,silence yes and that's what I found here,what what is silence to you well it's,it's my walk in the woods every day it's,I started feeding birds when I got here,so and it so it was that it's snowfall,which I never had before I had to learn,how to live with that you know the,island is huge inspiration to me I know,you born and raised here what are you,14th generation or some entity to do,yeah and I'm like you know just a wash,ashore but I do probably love it in the,same way you do it's just a forever kind,of thing I tell people be careful when,you come here be careful of your heart,because you know if you like where,you're living now you should probably,just stay there and talk visit Martha's,Vineyard because it's it's so wonderful,everyone falls in love with it there's a,magic here,yes there is you included with your,recipe of a pound of birdsong yeah seven,hundred pounds of Girlfriends seven,hundred pounds of girlfriend it's like,seven girlfriend seven girlfriend's,kiddies yeah three kitties 75 bottles of,wine that's how many it takes because,what is it I say six years laters yeah,well and stir well for says every six,years for six years and so that's what,you need to figured out how many bottles

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ONLY THE BEGINNING | Matt Taibbi Exposes Twitter Policy

ONLY THE BEGINNING | Matt Taibbi Exposes Twitter Policy

stay free with me Russell Brand,you're only being attacked then would,you say from the sort of establishment,the liberal establishment that's that's,the only place their attacks are coming,from there are no sort of folks on the,right saying oh this is unconscionable,are all your attacks coming from that,space,from I mean it's been pretty weird I've,gotten threats and and you know there's,there's been harassment and all that,stuff but that comes with the territory,I'm not going to complain about it um,and the but but certainly the the Press,backlash has has been all of the same,type it's it it I mean it's been,remarkable to see how they're all using,the same language and everything it's,some it's almost like they got a memo,from somewhere uh which is which is,incredible,um I,don't know how they don't they think,this isn't a story for you know to see,screenshots of you know where it says,the FBI has asked you to look at this,and this and this,um that's not a story I I I don't know,any journalists who would look at that,and not think that a real journalist who,would look at that and not think well,that's cool that's interesting we gotta,we got to learn more about that yeah,because I like Medi Hussein I've known,him for a little while and he sort of,was one of the most vociferously,condemnatory saying like oh you're doing,the bidding of a billionaire but I,figure maybe he's on MSNBC and stuff I,mean it's such a it's so unfortunate,that the the very type of journalistic,Integrity that seems more vital now than,ever seems to be in total decline that,people are it seems absolutely willing,to uncritically absorb information and,as you say,um reproduce of almost a template of um,criticism in in the case of this story,released,yeah and again I I don't know what,journalists wouldn't be totally turned,on by the opportunity to look through,uh these kinds of documents I mean for,Years everybody has used Twitter has had,these questions like am I do they do,Shadow Banning am I or is my follower,account being suppressed do they,actually have that what can they look at,when they look at my account,um and so when you see something like a,screenshot of an account that has a big,thing on it that says trans Blacklist,um,it's incredible I mean what journalists,wouldn't be interested in that I I find,that just absolutely amazing and this,idea that oh because you know a source,is whatever,um we can't be interested in the,documents you,that's never the case,you know look look at for instance,Wikileaks like you're talking about,stuff that was stolen we're not supposed,to care about that we're supposed to,care about what's true and it's our job,to figure out whether these documents,are real or not and whether and,understand what's happening in it but,the provenance of it and it isn't,supposed to be really that much of a,factor obviously Elon Musk is a part of,this story we gotta and we got to,address it at some point but much more,important is the stuff that we're,looking at,yeah in particular I suppose the idea,that it's ongoing and that while there,is this sense that we live in a time of,great censorship where powerful,interests are able to absolutely,manipulate narratives and remain,unaccountable it seems that yeah I feel,like you're you're totally right and in,this instance I suppose like you know I,I you know I think I've mentioned it to,you and I've certainly mentioned it on,the show enough God knows but like you,know I had a brief conversation with,Elon Musk once and I thought he's sort,of operating in a trans moral space,anyway it's almost,intelligent and curious that I felt like,you know that what he's doing here is,likely legitimate even if there is some,entrepreneurial Flair being shown in,sort of bringing Twitter into the to the,Forefront in a kind of a an interesting,and elegant piece of rebranding it was,pretty curious before he might get,killed as well that's pretty interesting,yeah I I had a similar reaction to,meeting him I'm usually pretty good at,reading people I had a really tough time,reading him some of the things that he,did that that were suggestions like I,was very skeptical initially of the idea,of putting all this out on Twitter first,and you know I'm a long-form reporter I,I like to explain everything you know,and all that but there there's a kind of,Brilliance in using Twitter to Flay,Twitter uh like and it's kind of also a,burn on the regular media who tightly,controlled Twitter for so long,um like there's a there's a little bit,of Genius in that that I didn't,recognize at first,um and so I yeah I think it's he's an,interesting person and and difficult to,categorize,um but I think that's a that's a long,term job,rather than trying to do the Spade work,of of you know digging into these docs,and figuring out what they mean,absolutely I think you're right because,there is so much there Revelations are,in themselves so weighty that to add to,that what is the presumed teleology or,intention of Elon Musk is a f

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