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Super 70s Sports Ricky Cobb joins Hot Stovericky good morning uh i would say this,to start that um,a

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Super 70s Sports Ricky Cobb joins Hot Stove

ricky good morning uh i would say this,to start that um,anybody in their mid 50s like me or,slightly older or slightly younger uh is,is right online with your brain when you,post pictures on your twitter handle and,and creative captions and you do it,quite often so i want to start by saying,thanks for giving social media something,for us to like,well thank you guys for having me on and,thanks matt you know it's a very scary,thought if the world is inside my brain,i hear from the world,hey ricky i was just wondering um,how you came about thinking of super 70,sports and what was your first tweet,well ron first of all always a pleasure,to talk to a gold glover,that's in a league that had greg maddox,by the way,uh you know the original inspiration ron,was pretty simply just a little sideline,to amuse myself i thought maybe i would,crack up some of my friends that i knew,had a a similar worked sense of humor,and uh it turns out that i guess it,resonated,uh as matt says you know kind of with,you know a generation of kids who who,grew up with,these things that i tweet about and you,know it's obviously been a a magnificent,surprise uh you know to find out that,there's so many of us out there who who,share these things in common i think,even younger fans are amused by what you,do because they've never seen a picture,of bake mcbride's afro before and and,they see a lot of this stuff for the,first time with you,you tweet often during the day though,i'm told as many as 15 times a day,um as i think my record is about 50.,uh prop probably average about 25 20 25,uh tweets a day and,ron i think i dodged your question as,far as what the first uh tweet was this,isn't 60 minutes i know you're not,coming,to dodge,the first tweet uh i think it may have,been a birthday shout out to jack hamm,of the pittsburgh steelers so i,obviously came out of the gate strong,with you know something that would,universally be appreciated well i know,you've got favorite players and,you know who i mean i i i join you in uh,my fanboy love of reggie jackson pete,rose nolan ryan i get all that you list,brian doyle among your favorite players,not denny but brother brian and is that,because of the kentucky connection,because i know that uh that is your home,state,yeah you know i grew up in the,metropolis of horse cave kentucky,which is about population uh 2000 so,that's about you know 1999 plus brian,doyle,um and uh in 78 i was a second grader,and brian doyle filled in for willie,randolph during the 78 world series and,went seven for 16 and uh that was pretty,big news in horse cave as you might,imagine we actually had a parade for,brian doyle,after the 78 series they named the,little league fields after him they put,a sign up that said brian doyle,you know new york yankees home of brian,doyle so uh the the hometown boy made,good and uh you know,here i am uh you know a generation later,trying to represent uh horse cave,kentucky and cabernet school i mean,brian doyle 7 for 16 in that world,series 161 hitter in his career so just,one of those magical moments uh how's,the guy from kentucky become a montreal,expos fan yeah,well you know growing up in kentucky,i had a i had a sheltered life you know,my mom would take me to one cincinnati,reds game a year you know it was always,a thrill to get that schedule in the,mail and circle the game that you wanted,to go to you know i had to choose wisely,to make that trip to,cincinnati and you know who do i want to,see in in 83 i picked the expos,and uh you know they played oh canada,before the game and you know what's this,it was all very exotic for me and then,andre dawson tim raines,and you can see the hawk going deep here,gary carter al oliver steve rogers i,mean so many guys,and the uniforms and i i became an expos,fan and i root for montreal to get a,major league franchise again and i i,have vowed that when that happens uh i,will be there for opening day in,montreal share a lot in common with us,there too,harold loves canada too chiming in from,uh feeling might not be mutual but,hey you also tweet,not only about baseball but about i,guess you know 70s childhood memories,and mike wowen our producer today put,some of these together uh here we go,this was a great slide for 10 percent of,kids who didn't break their necks or get,third-degree leg purpose right we keep,going with uh with some of these super,70 sports tweets my goodness after 40,years of therapy the smith brothers are,now almost in,where they can join twins,uh here's another one lawn dart scoring,inside the dart three points closest to,the dart at one point grandma's not,moving call 9-1-1,zero points those are actual toys from,the 70s it reminds me of that snl sketch,where dan aykroyd played the uh,shuckster kind of toy executive and he,was advocating to play with a bag of,glass and a bag of nails and yeah i mean,that stuff that's what we remember in,the 70s and you do too i guess,yeah you know my mom was i i considered,my mom over protective,but uh by 2

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Ricky Cobb's (Super 70s Sports) FULL INTERVIEW on Against All Odds

Ricky Cobb's (Super 70s Sports) FULL INTERVIEW on Against All Odds

all right welcome to against a lot it's,part of the extra points podcast network,oh sorry so ricky i wanted to let you,know we're we're posting this on uh july,fourth week all right actually july 4th,okay beautiful july 5th,my actual birthday we're going to uh,post this on so all right one second,here let me let me raise this just a,little bit yeah i'm going to do because,i feel like i'm i feel like i'm punching,over,for the camera,yeah this would be a little better,all right all right here we go all right,all right welcome against all odds part,of the extra points podcast network it's,tuesday july 5th my birthday no,degenerate trifecta today i gave myself,a break from harry on my birthday you,got to live a little you really do but i,do have a very special treat as a child,of the 70s,i have the foremost authority on,everything 70s nostalgia his twitter,account is a must follow he is the rod,carew of twitter i would say the highest,batting average of laughs,amongst all of them let's all hop in the,station wagon and meet the man behind,super 70s sports ricky cobb is here,what's happening ricky,sal it is uh it is a great day,any time that i meet up with you uh my,compliments on the headwear today you're,looking even more handsome than usual,yes i am wearing a thank you for the,compliment i'm wearing a super 70s hat,it's one of the many a great items you,could but i'm gonna plug the out of,this super,i'm sorry super, now you got a bunch of,double s's in there between 70s and,sports and and sports and store but do,yourself a favor go on there find it i,love it i mean you make me laugh five,times a day i feel like i could uh buy a,shirt every now and then or a hat um uh,by the way i think i would be off,twitter if not for you i'm not i'm not,just blowing smoke up your ass um do,people tell you that do other people,tell you that,yeah i actually get that pretty often,and,i spend so much more time creating,content on twitter that i'm not really,browsing twitter probably a whole heck,of a lot but sometimes when i,do i,i kind of realize where they're coming,from you know i provide a sanctuary i,think from some of the,day-to-day fatigue that that you're,going to find on on twitter with people,bickering over this and that and,whatever the controversy of the day is,yeah and so that's a good thing you're,so busy creating content that you don't,have to uh you don't have to inject,yourself into this nonsensical world we,live in the side from that but by the,way someone did try to i lose track of,the years it might have been five years,ago or six months ago someone tried to,steal this account this wonderful,account from you right was that two,years ago yeah that was that was two,years ago that was a that was a pretty,harrowing,experience for me,uh not the best you know right in the,middle of covet yeah as well so uh i i,figure i i survived that so uh it only,made me stronger but,yeah it definitely gave me an increased,uh appreciation i was out of the account,for almost two weeks i i wasn't even a,blue check,right at the time so uh i i didn't get,the fast track,uh remedy to my problem uh maybe that uh,that a blue checker would get but i hope,to uh i hope to never find myself in,that position again but yeah,that sucked i i remember you freaking,out you because you did like you said,you had to start from scratch and you,know you're you're most loyal jumped,right in there i think you had like,almost 30 000 um of your 600 000 right,away but yeah it is a scary you,know listen i think like the january 6,hooligan should be prosecuted but i'm,more concerned with this guy did,anything happen i'm assuming it's a man,who stole this from you,i i don't know who did it i i think that,it was a foreign,attack uh unlike january 6th i think the,culprits were uh somewhere overseas and,foreign like louis like louis teont,foreign or afar someone we don't know,like uh,like uh the uh the the upstart uh golf,tour for the live tour yeah yeah,all right some people that uh got phil,nicholson uh in trouble uh,were uh, with my account you know i was,looking just at your name ricky cobb and,it really is kind of perfect for all of,it you know i know you're a huge,baseball fan i you really look like you,could go steal bases and go off and,spike a foreigner and a kneecap at the,same time with a name like ricky cobb,but it worked out um perfectly i do want,to set up for people who aren't familiar,and shame on you if you aren't with,ricky's account so let's go over the,tropes and you tell me if i've missed,any right um,all right all right so there's uh the,70s it's mostly 70s you'll throw 80s in,there and 90s is it's it's retro it's a,retro account and then some a-hole will,call you out on it's like stick to 70s,and it's like no what you don't tell me,what to do this is my account you snap,right back out do you hate those people,do you block them immediately,um,sometimes it amuses me yeah sometimes it,pisses me off,sometimes i bloc

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Nostalgia with Super 70's Sports' own Ricky Cobb!!

Nostalgia with Super 70's Sports' own Ricky Cobb!!

you guys you might know him as Super 70,Sports,AKA what do you know post called the,greatest thing on Twitter many days it's,the best thing on the internet,go to get his amazing array of all,things oh my God that hat retro,t-shirts and super and,if you have not checked out his podcasts,the Super 70 Sports show you're a, how about that,um sweetheart you've seen me wear the,hat that rookie Cub is wearing right now,and you thought it was an E I know I'm,bad you now know what it is I think it's,a c there we go Ricky is wearing the,87-891 sucks hat and I love it so much,how are you buddy I am as great as Bobby,figpen,he's not in the Hall well how many saves,did he have he had the record for a,while I think he was our mariana rivera,57 goddamn saves thank you no one talks,about him and by the way as you can tell,by your expression,where are he losing Joe,I'm just I'm always so surprised how,everyone can remember so many names and,statistics I can only do it if I was a,kid I don't remember anything now it's,just the stuff that I couldn't even,remember Parker Posey so Lord help yeah,there is that well how are you brother,um I love the podcast sort of the,revamped version I love it and I have to,ask you we actually have got you on the,perfect show,because we have some breaking news I,guess oh your own Aaron judge what about,him,six and two,well yeah I heard he did six one well,he's now always we called it six fun,it's 62 home runs wow and I I know Ricky,you had the best line ever on your,podcast because you were debating,on MVPs we got Otani a guy we've never,even Babe Ruth didn't do what he did,great one of the better hitters in the,American League and also he's got one of,the lowest eras and uh is in line for,possibly the side I won't get it but uh,you said something along the lines and,I'm gonna butcher it,and comparing him with Aaron judge uh,yeah sure Aaron judge might get the,Triple Crown but how's his era,and I'm not even doing it justice I you,remember the line probably better than I,do but it made me it made me rethink,MVPs,it's a passionate subject for me uh and,Aaron judge,you can't deny the season that he's had,as you said the big six two and that is,uh 60 plus years in the making for a new,American League home run champion and uh,obviously bonds McGuire Sosa era was a,hell of a lot of fun at the time but I,think it slept a bad taste in some of,our mouths oh yeah,CMS is uh definitely a little bit of a,throwback I think some of the joy that,uh was uh unfortunately synthetic uh we,didn't know it at the time in 98 and and,when bonds was doing his thing but yeah,show hail Tommy uh and thank you for the,kind words about the podcast about this,it's great I love it it's like I'm,having a conversation with you at like,the uh what everybody's it helps the the,t-shirt store actually I should have,gotten some images of the newer ones was,on it when you were talking about that,and uh no it's it's fun it's just such a,funny conversation and it was,interspersed with stuff you like like,there was the Brazilian guy that,masturbated himself to death oh I,believe yeah yeah which I didn't believe,in part of that yeah Joanne should know,about this 42 consecutive times,on the 42nd he just uh he just went up,and smoked like spinal taps drummer,he was trying to beat Aaron judge,that's right that's right he knew he was,gonna have to post the number yeah uh if,it was going to stand to test the time,then unfortunately he should have stuck,with 41. he he might be here with do you,know how long that took a day right,I you know I mean for for uh for a lot,of us you know that's uh that's a month,it's a year yeah yeah but not this kid I,mean and that's the thing that's so sad,about it is you know just the potential,Bill uh you know he could have been one,of the greats of masturbation,though he's sort of the James Dean of,masturbation we lost him too soon but he,left left us a wonderful record I got,Reckless he was Reckless with his life,his life like a Candle in the Wind,but he ruined that candle uh the uh that,here's the thing,I got a lot of questions about this,story none of which I'm sure we'll be,able to answer who's counting I mean the,kid died so we don't we don't have we,don't have him on record who knew like,was his mom in the background being like,stop stop but still being like all right,that's 40. and we're at 41 now I feel,like it was crudely scrawled on the wall,as though it was the fuselage of a plane,yeah where someone was just trying to,survive I I think that's all that it was,together uh you know upon the evidence,of the room,so this is what you get and I was,actually jealous of you because this is,kind of the stories that Joanne,and I should be better at finding yeah,and you got us uh so that it's the equal,parts actually really thoughtful takes,on the current MVP race and a kid,masturbating himself to death so if you,don't like that then log off,right now because you don't like our,show either uh but

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New Release! Topps X Super 70s Sports Baseball Cards

New Release! Topps X Super 70s Sports Baseball Cards

what's up everyone today i've got a new,release from tops just arrived in the,mail and i can't wait to rip it open,it's the super 70s sports baseball pack,you could get this on the tops website,they had it for about a month,this is gonna be fun i can't wait to,open it and show you guys let's go,okay first we're going to talk about the,set just a little bit it says,2020 top super 70s sports baseball makes,the online exclusive card realm a little,funky,working in collaboration with ricky cobb,who runs super 70 sports on twitter this,set is an,ode of sorts to the nic to the namesake,decade,the names will be familiar in a tops,archive sort of way,the design also tug on 70 sets but,they're not totally,exactly the same heavily inspired might,be a better term,so that's how the beckett website,describes this release let's scroll down,a little bit and,see what kind of things are available in,here,it says every pack has 20 cards 18 of,which are based the other two,are inserts that come from a handful of,themes,so we've got happening hairdos ultimate,uniforms,spectacular spectacles magnificent,mustaches,memorable managers there's also,autographs so you can get autos most of,them are sticker autos,but there is an on card auto available,as well,and that's from cobb autographs fall one,out of three packs,so not too not too difficult to get an,auto out of here,the sets were 24.99 each and you could,get them on the tops,website there's 20 cards in a box,and the set size is 90 cards,so here it is look at it doesn't it look,great,this this is going to be entertaining,fun to look at,fun to talk about i hope you guys get a,kick out of it i'm going to get a kick,out of it,hopefully we get an auto out of here,that'd be sweet,did you guys get any of these let me,know in the comments below if you got,yours,yeah if you opened it and what you found,inside and if you like it,let me know if you like what you see,here,and hook me up with a like,if you like it or if you don't give me a,thumbs down i don't care,i just want the feedback,okay look at look at that dark brown,cardboard like i mean that just,classic 60s 70s old school baseball,cards,right off the bat i gotta give them a,smell i gotta smell these things see if,they smell like old baseball cards,it's not not a really strong smell,what are you doing sandy sandy doesn't,want to come out of there,look at that come on sandy,there we go all right,one more smell now that i got it out of,there,it doesn't have a strong smell a lot of,baseball cards have a unique smell,so i'm trying to give you the full gamut,of senses what do they feel like what do,they look like what do they smell like,what do they taste like well i'll give,it a taste,hmm tastes like cardboard all right,first off sandy,kofax look at the design,classic old school looking design older,photography,simple,tony gwynn love it get some padres in,here,renato,got brooks robinson,got the orioles collection here jim,palmer,j.r richard,steve garvey i kind of just want to get,to the mustaches,the mustaches and the spectacular specks,see i was born in 81,so i missed out on the 70s but the 80s,especially the early 80s,was this weird conglomeration,of the 70s and like just a degradation,into,no like particular style,it was just it was it feels like if the,70s were,degradation of the 60s in the 60s of the,50s it just kind of went down down down,then you got to the 80s and it was like,what were the 80s but we're in the 70s,now so alkaline,that's cool i like that i'm a tigers guy,piazza now we're getting into some,mustache work,piazza for the marlins wow,don mattingly classic mustache,clayton claws what's a set without,clayton claws jim rice,degrom i wonder how they chose the,modern players,for this set,there's the babe pretty gnarly,paul molitor,oh yeah got the tatisse,okay well that made it that made it that,made the set i could just stop right now,should i just put it away,we got a few more cards to look at,dave concepcion it looks like we,probably didn't get an auto but here's,our inserts,the moment you've all been waiting for,spectacular spectacles kent,to cool fay i don't know him but,those are pretty spectacular those kind,of look like,um,the fear and loathing guy you can't,think of his name right off the top of,my head,but uh yeah definitely definitely look,like his glasses,and another spectacular spectacles blue,brock,well why don't we open up another one i,got a few of these,let's open up another,because i i really gotta get what do i,gotta get i don't know what i gotta get,i just gotta look at some more mustaches,that's really the whole point maybe you,get lucky you get an auto,but the best,the best stuff you can get out of here,in my opinion is you can get i think a,nolan ryan auto,um let me check real quick it's a 17,card auto checklist,my favorite would be i guess reggie,jackson,for sure yastremski,yeah those are my two favorite autos,so i would hope to pull one of those and,you can get,spectacular specs autos,of reggie ja

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Finally! My one box of Topps x Super 70s Sports

Finally! My one box of Topps x Super 70s Sports

hey everybody cynical buddha here,i literally just got this off the front,porch,um something short from toxic,something shipped from tops that,actually uh was shipped by fedex instead,of fedex dumping it after the postal,service,i ordered this um like three almost four,weeks ago i think it actually shipped,uh on the 15th and uh you know,fedex took you know it's sweet time,getting here i think it's got stuck in,like washington,forever but anyways um i'm really,excited,i finally got my uh my box of,super 70 sport uh collaboration,um for those of you that don't know,super 70s sport is like,a twitter account that you know offers,fun,pokes at old 70s sports stuff,yeah so let's open it up and take a look,um you may be wondering,why do i have a 70,7 a 78 and a 79,top spaceball card sitting on here well,uh since,i'm late to the game i was hoping i,would uh,have shot this video three weeks ago,when i thought this was going to be here,my steve aoki actually came earlier even,though top said an apology,and saying was going to be late so,um but anyways the design the base,design for these cards,is taken off of the 7779,baseball cards and i'll show you that,when we look at the base cards here,but basically,you get 20 cards and two,inserts um maybe an autograph,um i'm not gonna hold my breath i,haven't had actually anything out of a,tops,like one of these collaboration boxes,but um,we are looking uh my main man robina's,in here,and so that's the card we're looking for,so,um you can see right on top is doug,gooden,nice,here so let's,let's open this up and we'll take a look,at the base design,and we'll hope and see if i hit,the one card i really really wanted,and it's funny the sticking all i like,i watched a ton of break videos um,or boxes being opened and this always,seems to be the problem is that top card,sticking,but anyways here's here's the base card,looks like,you can see kind of where the design,elements all came from,a little flag um i originally thought,this might have been,74 but after looking at the i think it's,77 right,i'll start with this 79 79 base,right there that'll fly from 78 and a 77,like kind of the border and then the,back,um which one does it look like,kind of a combination oh it looks like,it's more like a 79,um it would have been kind of nice if,they had done um,the little like uh little stand things,there from the 77 but,um anyways,there is our,first base and then we got manny machado,carlton fisk ted williams,red sox hotbox i'm seaver anthony rizzo,mike piazza as a marlin dave parker the,cobra,uh ryan sandberg johnny bench oh,don't see nichiro,jackie clayton,daryl oh,yep i didn't get my robin out and so,then the inserts,um there were a couple there was a,spectacular,spectacles which is nice i got something,from my reggie jackson collection,um but so the base design then kind of,adds the 75,like color scheme right the and then,with the harrell banes,happening hairdos and there was also a,mustaches,insert as well but all the base inserts,kind of,look the same you know just have,different numbering on the back,like here's the number for the harold,banes,anyways well that is disappointing i,guess i'll have to go search out one or,wait for,one to pop up on comc but anyways thanks,for watching everybody,talk to you later

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Super 70's Sports & Recent Pick Ups

Super 70's Sports & Recent Pick Ups

what's going on youtube ground chuck,here in the ground chuck man cave,um it is new year's eve uh just trying,to catch up,and make a couple videos and,work in my card room and just have a,good,nice quiet new year's eve um i'm going,to show you,uh are my recent pickups just a little,bit of,this and that and hit and miss and,other stuff and just i'm gonna,show you things i got so uh one of the,first things i'm gonna show,is this was a topsy exclusive online,exclusive,super 70 i got a box of this absolutely,i mean if first of all that logo is bad,ass um if you don't follow this guy,ricky cobb,on twitter you're missing out he's racy,he's,he's you know it,it is what it is he makes me laugh so,follow him on twitter,this isn't this logo,isn't his logo it's modified a little,bit,he has a cigarette uh instead of bubble,gum,but it it's this is a great follow it's,hilarious,it'll make you laugh he brings sports,into a lot of different stuff,uh so i got that uh i bought one box,it was 19.99 i was hoping to get a ricky,cabado,i did not he's the guy is just hilarious,i've followed him,for years on twitter so and it's uh,super 70s sports on on twitter so,um i'm gonna go through the cards that i,got in there so i was very pleased and,happy because,i got a dawson so i got the hawk so i,needed i needed that,i forget how big the set is but uh,it was it's definitely it was definitely,worth the 20 bucks it was pretty cool,uh dave kingman auto was my auto you,don't get an auto on everyone so i was,lucky it's a sticker auto but,kong uh definitely i don't think i had a,king,kong auto so i'm glad to add that,uh the subsets that are in there there's,uh different subsets here's the,this was sweet i don't think i have a,white sox card with the shorts,rich goose gossips so ultimate uniforms,love that card um,spectacular spectacles was another,subset so those are my two subset cards,they have different colored borders and,i just love the the design that ricky,put together for this you know he,collaborated with tops he's got a little,78 tops up,top he's got some 77 there he's got some,74 with the pennant,he's got some 75 with the borders so,you know ricky knows his stuff it it,definitely was pretty sweet so i'm going,to go through real quick pete alonso,rodney klein,george herman,eddie moffo,world series winner finally clayton,kershaw,world series winner mookie betts,the ass who i've been finding i've been,picking up a lot of his stuff lately,i so i love the ass so that's cool,i was glad to get that uh verlander,yelich so he collaborated,vegeta with tops and put the guys that,he wants in there sandy koufax love that,it's a sweet brooklyn dodgers photo,jim rice i love picking up some jimmy,rice as well,lefty steve carlton,dusty baker who surprisingly,i mean if you don't know i mean he he,put up decent really good numbers really,good numbers started don baylor,a lot of underrated guys nolan oronato,and i was glad to get a kid griffey,junior so,hat backwards that goes into the kid pc,and,if you don't know i mean i don't show a,whole lot but johnny bench i do johnny,bench and joe morgan,pc too just a little one so it was it,was cool to add those cards,i'm very glad to uh add those to the,collection glad to get a,dawson it was it was pretty sweet so,um follow him on twitter,if i if i can figure it out i'm not very,computer savvy i'll put a little link to,uh,the twitter handle twitter page,in the in the description down below,and i'll hashtag super 70 sports too so,a lot of people did,i already did i should have done an,opening of what i should have done so,sorry i didn't but i don't recall if,i've shown these off or not,but these are gonna be,a couple of vintage pickups that i just,got,i gotta go sideways with them,and i i just i'm falling in love with,post cereal,i really am so this is a clemente this,is a 61 clemente,hand cut obviously a little bit of like,a dot,stained printing dot something like that,no creasing though,the cutting is not terrible except for,on this border by my thumb,but other than that the cut it's okay,you know,i might get that slab through dustin uh,bellinger,i don't know and then here's another one,this one's not cut,as nice but a donder eyes deal so two,hall of famers,and this is a 63 sorry this is 63,post cereal i just i just love them i,love vintage,i love different stuff like that so,it's pretty sweet um,recent fire sale michael newman thank,you buddy,i can't believe it got here this quickly,but i,got some some stuff through his fire,sale,i got three slab griffies so here's a,psa 8 90,i forget what i i paid less than 30 for,everything,i think it was so uh he had did an,auction style fire sale which is pretty,cool,but a psa eight glad to add a griffey,ps8 that's the 90,rookie cup here's a sweet hot backwards,stadium club psa,eight and i got,i got these for less i don't think i,spent more than six bucks on one of the,slabs,so and then here's a nine and the three,the,3d if you will the three uh,it's not 3d but the th

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Long Sox: Super70sSports

Long Sox: Super70sSports

so you are the very first guest what,should we name this it's like a video,podcast where we tell stories,welcome to socks shooter socks T minutes,yakety socks fort socks it's gold this,is long socks so I'm here with Ricky,Cobb Ricky is a professor in Palos Hills,he's at Moraine Valley Community College,that's not why you're here,it's not no no it's B it's it's the best,Twitter account that if you don't know,about it,you have to follow it super 70s sports,it is indeed and I see that the check,that I wrote you has already paid off,that was a wonderful statement about,super 70 sports so thrilled to be here,and let's talk seventies let's do it so,right now if you go on I think it's like,200 and 250 some like that 200 plus,thousand followers yeah about 256 give,or take a few two hundred fifty six,thousand so yeah we got a few followers,now so pretty cool if you are nostalgic,if you know anything about the 70s or,you like funny,that's where to go so I want to know,where did this all come from in your,brain well really the story is simple I,was a guy who was teaching college loved,my job great gig I've been at it for 16,years but I need that release right a,little bit of comedy a little bit of,sports a little bit of nostalgia these,passions of mine and so I was looking,for a way to merge that together and the,result is this Twitter account and some,people seem to like it so it's been a,pretty good endeavor so far as somebody,who collected those little helmets oh,yeah I mean I that's what sucked me in,well which little helmets than the,Sunday helmets the so both the Sunday,helmets and the little ones that you put,the coin in the Machine and you turn the,thing and sometimes it would resist you,a little bit but you turn further and,you have that I we got like 50 Eagles,helmet haha and occasionally you would,get lucky and get to yes some kid before,you just gave up the worst one to get no,question about it the Browns yeah oh,yeah,no no decals like fellas yeah it was,just it was a complete waste,the quarter no sense Cleveland none none,taken Baker Mayfield of what what is,your favorite post to this point well I,guess my favorite would be the one that,got the greatest response and that was,the tweet that I did a couple of years,ago with Howard Cosell Caitlyn Jenner,then Bruce Jenner and OJ Simpson and the,caption there were a lot of different,directions I could go with that and I,just said I've been to the future and,you're not gonna believe this so that,one kind of went viral and got some play,and I guess it's my greatest hit how do,you come up with this stuff like what,lives inside of your skull well that's,for a team of Psychiatrists to evaluate,probably I have a weird mind I suppose,and I finally found a good use for for,it so it's nice to have an outlet for,many years of mis spent thoughts and,wasted time and high school teachers,that I wasn't paying any attention to,while I was thinking about things like,Gorman Thomas is batting average which,which is your favorite Gorman Thomas,betting every year oh my gosh you're,putting me on the spot,what was his career he's career batting,average was probably about 232 yeah I,don't know close what I like is it's,it's an outlet for random stuff this,just pops up and you're like oh man I,can't believe I forgot about that,yeah it's I always tell people that it's,kind of a it's kind of like having a,class reunion with with people that you,didn't actually go to high school with,but you but you may as well have because,if you grew up during a certain time,period there's there's kind of this,shared experience that I think we have,and certain things are evocative and,bring back those memories of what it was,like to be 10 or 12 or 14 years old,we're gonna play a game here we're gonna,we're gonna test your critical ability,on the spot but first and before we do,that I want to know who the follower you,have that you're most proud of is oh my,gosh you can pick a couple that is,really really a statement well I I will,say a couple of guys that that I've,become friendly with Rob Lowe,is a follower and actually I've gotten,to know his brother Chad very well we're,we're starting up a an apparel line,together Chad and I so Rob Lowe is is a,is a it's one that I would mention that,I have affection for the the people who,were on board early are the people that,you kind of appreciate and in Dale,Earnhardt jr. is another guy that I've,gotten to know a little bit a terrific,guy so but there but there are really,too many it's one of those things where,I I don't want to insult anyone with it,with an omission but I'm grateful for,every follower the the famous and and,the not famous alike you know because I,do it for the people that enjoy it and,every single follower is important to me,what an awesome thing thank you yeah now,we're gonna test you you want to see,what you have to say about all these,seventies jerseys,alright let's do it okay let's do I here,we go jersey number one were in Detroit,we're i

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cracking up i i couldn't stop laughing,well thank you you know that's the,that's the goal on a good day,is to uh hit the target well enough that,you can get some laughs so if uh if,that's happening then uh i must be doing,my job at least semi decently yeah now,speaking of that i mean you you have a,full-time job right,i do yeah yeah i uh i'm a i'm a college,professor by day,um and i hope hopefully for not much,longer you know it the super 70s has,grown,um you know so much in really the past,two or three years especially that you,know it's getting to a point where um,you know i think i'm gonna have to you,know move all in in order to you know,ride this rocket and and see where it,ends up,okay so the obvious question is how did,you stumble into this,you know that that is something that,i've asked myself uh many times because,uh you know it's,obviously it's a joy i i feel so lucky,uh that this has happened i you know i i,really feel like i caught lightning in a,bottle,and it goes back to i was on christmas,break uh about i don't know maybe about,eight years ago,and i think i was just looking for,something to amuse myself,in my down time and i've i've always,been,you know sort of a comedically minded,person you know i'm that guy and i think,that i was looking for an outlet for,that and i i thought you know maybe my,friends would follow it,maybe a few other people you know might,notice it but i i never i never thought,i would make a dime uh you know,in terms of creating a career for myself,it was strictly something that i i,thought might be a little side hobby,nothing more,so how much time of day do you think you,spend you know looking through and,trying to find pictures and trying to,come up with those captions,oh god i mean it's,uh you know it it's in,intermittent spurts you know from the,minute that i wake up until the minute,that i go to bed really,it's become a part of my lifestyle my,phone is you know almost an extension of,myself,uh at this point you know in my life and,so you know i would say easily i'm doing,it you know more than 10 hours a day,uh which is you know pretty insane but,it is uh it's something that i work,uh,doing you know pretty much no matter,where i am or or what's going on you,know,i'm the guy who would be you know on his,phone at a funeral you know just because,i i've got to do it you know even if i'm,on vacation and i i was in las vegas,last weekend and,you know i'm i'm tweeting is i'm walking,from one casino to the next you know uh,because i've always got to feed the,beast you know i tweet about maybe 25,times a day so it's,it's constant,yeah and you know you'd think that you,have a team of writers because of all,the the captions that you're coming up,with i mean yeah okay we'll let the kids,know there's some blue blue words in,there that maybe aren't suitable for,those under 13 but for those in the in,the generation you're trying to go for,gen x 70s and 80s i mean it's it hits,the mark,yeah i mean the you know the the,language is one of those,things that you know people do bring up,to me and i you know i just tweet like i,think and i tweet like i speak,and you know really i think the tone of,the feed is that you're hanging out with,me because that's really the way that,i've always viewed it you know if it's,my twitter account,then and i had no,thought that i was trying to build a,brand or create an audience or whatever,i think the thing that's,kind of most beautiful about super 70s,is it's all been completely organic and,you know i think my audience knows that,particularly the the ones that have been,with me for a few years,that i'm just a guy,you know like,like,like my followers are right you know,we're just guys and i just hit a little,sweet spot for myself and,found this uh,found this niche uh you know and and,what i came to realize is that,you know it's not just a few hundred,people or my friends or my family that,were interested it turns out that,there's so many of us sort of this,silent,army,uh of us that remember with you know,great fondness and affection uh you know,the 70s and the 80s and in 90s and so,it's it's almost like we have a little,uh,high school class reunion of sorts every,day you know even if we didn't all go to,the same school,i'm going to show people the brand,because uh i think that the the uniform,that you have the baseball with the,mustache uh kind of modeled after the,astros jerseys from a long time ago if,people remember the the creamsicles that,i think people used to talk about all,the time but,it's just one of those things that you,look at and you're like oh my god,it's the astros it's the 70s this is,stuff i can go back to and remember and,and really just reminisce,yeah you know the logo is uh you know i,think evocative of the of the time,period with the the the hair and the,mustache and the,uh,cigarette obviously and the shades and,the in the garish uh colors and whatever,and and you know the 70s,was you know sort of aesthetically,letting it all hang

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