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Let's talk about Meidas Touch, Stonekettle, and myself....well howdy there internet people let's,bow

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Let's talk about Meidas Touch, Stonekettle, and myself....

well howdy there internet people let's,bow again so today we are going to talk,about Midas Touch and stone Kettle and,myself,uh I've had a number of questions,related to this topic,both Stone Kettle and Midas Touch were,brought up,um,so we're gonna go through it because it,shows the the different means that can,be used to reach a conclusion,um the question is hey what did y'all,know that the giant polling places,didn't because all of us at some point,in time had referenced the concept of,unlikely voters and called into question,the polls,um they probably didn't use the term,unlikely voters they probably said,something else,so Midas Touch I know what they did they,used data analysis I want to say they,pulled early voting numbers with their,registrations and extrapolated from that,now my understanding is that they took a,lot of static for doing it that way and,took a lot of heat for it because it's,unconventional,if it was me I would be filming a giant,I Told You So video right now,um,with stone Kettle I mean I don't know my,guess just normal cynicism uh,something along the lines of,I don't know how to soften his language,uh something along the lines of the only,people included in the polls would be,those,willing to answer a phone call from an,unknown number in this day and age only,that would be said in a much more,colorful and humorous fashion,um I don't know that,he put any uh analysis into it Beyond,they're not talking to everybody and,they're acting as though they are which,when you're talking about polling that's,a pretty important aspect of it,pointing that out,probably led him to the conclusion that,hey younger people are typically more,liberal you know,um,again with him I don't know for certain,uh me y'all told me,you all told me,the analytics that YouTube provides is,scary and I noticed that not just on,mine but on a lot of more Progressive,channels,the the demographics the younger,demographics were increasing,in watch time,that's that's what really led me to,start looking at it and then,looking at the engagement on social,media that's how I did it not quite as,scientific but it led me to the belief,that there were going to be people,showing up that nobody was counting on,because the demographics involved,typically don't vote in large numbers,so now they are,um so,this shows various means to reach a,conclusion,the the media in the U.S generally,speaking they put a lot of emphasis on,polls and the reason they do that is,because they're typically right they are,typically correct,however when there are glaring,oversights such as,conducting the poll using a behavior,that isn't common among a certain,demographic,or discounting a a generation of people,because typically they don't vote in,high numbers and just kind of forgetting,about the fact that they were directly,attacked,um,that that can skew them and that's,what's happened that they're going to,have to come up with a new method of,polling calling people signs that's not,going to work and I would also suggest,that journalists,should stop putting so much emphasis on,polls because that in and of itself is,an advertising mechanism,that bandwagon mentality,I don't know maybe bring the candidates,on asking questions let them talk about,their platform in their words,and then allow,the viewer to fact check it or see if,it's even worth fact checking a lot of,the candidates,had they been allowed to just speak,their uh turnouts probably would have,been even lower there are a number of,candidates,who didn't win but,captured a decent percentage,that if people knew what they were,really like when they weren't reading a,script,they probably wouldn't have voted for,them,democracy requires Advanced citizenship,polls,it's a guideline,but the polls have to be accurate and,they were accurate in measuring what,they were measuring,but they were only measuring part of the,picture,and that is why uh,a whole lot of,younger people,who are often forgot about,showed up,and uh,upholsteries weren't ready for it,anyway it's just a thought,y'all have a good day

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Liberal Redneck - 2022 Midterm Results

Liberal Redneck - 2022 Midterm Results

hey what wasn't so bad right we were all,told we're going to be washed away by,Great Red Wave ended up being just a,little Ripple laughing at our tippy toes,and of course this is like red tinted,pee we're talking about so it's still,pretty gross but hey Beach drowning in,the stuff am I right I think we all know,the general rule of thumb is the party,in power in the midterms is sort of like,a small conference college football team,taking on a traditional power in the,early part of the Season like everybody,knows the beat down is coming the only,question is how lopsided is it going to,be but the Democrats came out in this,one like App State giving them all they,could handle might pull the upset off,just yet and whenever that happens the,conversation is never about what the,underdog did right it's always about,what the betting favorite did wrong and,I think that applies here too because I,really think with inflation in the,economy and all that I think that if the,GOP was still the like milk toast Bank,Board of director types who at least,pretend to not be racist and mostly talk,about taxes and who to bomb next they'd,be in a better position this morning,right but they're not the modern GOP is,more like if the Third Reich was a 2000s,era VH1 reality show just a trashy,terrifying train wreck of cartoon,fascists pulling people's hair out and,pooping on the floor and it ain't got,they're done leveling up the crazy yet,either y'all helped by 2024 they'll,probably be butt naked throwing the poop,at minorities they're completely off the,rails and that has motivated a bunch of,people to become engaged and pushed back,and on the one hand that's great but on,the other hand I think it's kind of a,sad State of Affairs that so many people,on the left right now are voting not,because we hope to make things better no,we know better than to Hope or some,like that out of this country now we're,voting primarily to avoid devolving,completely into a fanatical trial diet,hellscape and that's a bit of a bummer,but that's just where we are right and,the results from this election at least,somewhat encouraging but it's not over,yet obviously it looks like it may once,again come down to the great state of,Georgia you know when that happened in,20 20 as a fellow Southerner I had,nothing but Game of Thrones lines,running through my head just if you're,looking for justice you've come to the,wrong place if you think this has a,happy ending you haven't been paying,attention no not in Georgia too many,whites with Walkers you know what I'm,saying but I was wrong Georgia pulled it,out and they can do so again we got,another runoff you know Herschel,Walker's excited he heard it was a,runoff he started stretching his,hamstrings out he was like I know I'm,faster than this guy that's why I ran in,the first place they told me as a race I,said I never lost a race I'm glad we're,finally getting to the Running part of,this right the man's brain don't work,y'all do the right thing Georgia but,still whatever happens there however it,all turns out the truth is it could have,been so much worse and I know it's a,shame that that's where the bar is right,now but still though,hey I will be back with more in just a,second but I want to let you know that,this exercise in comic rage is once,again brought to you by our friends at,private internet access but this month,they got a sweet New Black Friday deal,just for y'all yes with over 30 million,downloads private internet access is the,world's most trusted VPN provider what,is that exactly Well we'd all like our,digital online lives to be kept private,we don't need people up in our Digi,business with private internet access,hide your IP address and encrypts your,internet connection thus shielding you,from the prying eyes of the Shady,government and hacker types out there,but that's not all their software also,can make it appear as though you're,logging on from anywhere in the world,and works with all the major streaming,services so you can check out the UK's,version of Netflix if you want to,Cheerio the software is available on all,platforms Windows Mac Android all of,them and in addition to safeguarding,your online privacy their software,blocks ads trackers and militia just,websites what more do you need to hear,so to access that aforementioned sweet,Black Friday deal click the link in the,description now and for a limited time,only you can try private internet access,for 82 percent off that's two dollars,and three cents a month for four months,free that's a limited time offer just,for y'all but signing up always includes,24 7 customer support and a 30-day,money-back guarantee so what more do you,need to owe and if you think any of this,sounds complicated it's not look here it,is there's a button push the button and,it's that's it it's done it's that easy,y'all so try private internet access,today,all right YouTube a little more just for,y'all a little more on that Herschel,Walker situation I saw that over 85,p

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OMG: Texas Paul GOES OFF on Fox for DESPICABLE attack on Women

OMG: Texas Paul GOES OFF on Fox for DESPICABLE attack on Women

hey ladies let's talk about it oh Fox,News has a message for you,also single women are breaking for,Democrats by 30 points,and this makes sense when you think,about how Democrat policies are designed,to keep women single,but once women get married they vote,Republican married women married men go,for Republicans by double digits but,single women and voters under 40 have,been captured by democrats,so we need these ladies to get married,and it's time to fall in love and just,settle down guys go put a ring on it yep,that's that that's,yeah yeah,they believe that is a man's job,to put a ring on your finger and tell,you what to do,and that men need to hurry up and get,you under control,yeah now,Independent Women you're rocking it stay,exactly like you are let no man,influence you,you be you right now you are voting in,your interest you are voting in the,interest of your future families you're,voting for your kids if you have them,you keep rocking you you have my utter,utmost respect you do,you do,when you get married you be Mrs Texas,Paul and I didn't you know me I don't,call her that because I'm a misogynist,prick I call her Mrs Texas Paul because,she likes her privacy she prefers that I,call her that I do what my wife tells me,to do when it comes to her,because I respect her as a human being,you know I mean just,for God's sake,for God's sake,my wife still to this day openly says,I'm sorry he's still in training,and she's not lying she's not,exaggerating it's not a joke,she's still working on me,because I guarantee you there's a reason,they're called Whoa man,because we're dumb as ,we really are we are not the ,social Geniuses we think we are,no our priorities are up and,women fix that,and that's what you need you uh you go,out and get you a strong woman that,don't take off you or anybody else,like Mrs Texas Paul,and I guarantee you she will be a mama,grizzly bear you will never worry about,your children,you will never worry about your children,ever,she is a ma she's a lioness I'm tired of,it I'm tired of this whole we are,superior we carry the country, you, you,next time you go to that job you think,you're the only that has a,job look to your right look to your left,and there will be other people,standing there,doing their jobs your feeling of,superiority is not worth you ,your family over for all time,so I'm telling you ladies don't take, off any man be yourself be strong,men,if you are lucky enough that one of,these women will take you on as a,project you jump at it,jump at it,because your life will be so much better,I love you folks this is your advice,from Old Uncle Paul,oh Texas Paula hit the Subscribe button,hit the Subscribe button love you folks,Midas Touch is unapologetically,pro-democracy and look we know you are,too so please make sure you check out,our best-selling shirt and our best,selling gear the unapologetically,pro-democracy gear and hey while you're,at it make sure you check out my,favorite shirt and one of our most,famous designs it wasn't rigged you're,just a loser at,that's store.nitas

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I'm Ben micellis from the Midas touch,Network Donald Trump is completely,freaking out right now after the results,of the midterm election he feels,humiliated his advisors are reporting he,is more deranged than ever more,untethered from reality than ever he is,screaming at advisors and throwing,temper tantrums uh this at the same time,that the Murdoch related businesses are,calling him weak they are posting on,Trump's social media platform that he,looks weak and desperate and that the,party needs to move on from him the,other Murdoch related businesses are,saying that DeSantis is the future of,the party Trump feels vulnerable and,isolated which often makes him the most,dangerous but we have two great sources,from this one is Jim Acosta one of the,last great reporters from CNN wow what a,time for CNN to become Maga extremist,apologists huh maybe they should have,stuck with democracy but fortunately for,them they still got Jim Acosta who's,great this is what Jim Acosta has just,reported he goes quote Trump is livid,end quote unquote screaming at everyone,after last night's disappointing midterm,results for GOP according to a trump,advisor that Acosta spoke with the,advisor went on to slam the former,president's hand pick contenders they,were all bad candidates the advisor said,quote candidates matter the advisor said,and the advisor said it's unlikely Trump,would delay his expected presidential,announcement because quote it's just too,humiliating to delay but the advisor,said there are are too many unknowns at,this point it is great to hear that,Trump is feeling humiliated it is still,just so wild how,untethered from reality he is where he,is considering after all of the data out,there that he is going to run for,president and also the fact that Maga,Republican extremists still after,knowing all of the things they know,because he throws temper tantrums and,he's mean to them that they will likely,still be obsequious to him that they,will still follow him because they're,worried about getting yelled at is one,of the things I've always talked about,here on the Midas touch Network I was,like look the data has always suggested,the country hates Trump and the,Republicans would do so much better,without him yet they continue look there,are some true believers who are Maga,extremist fascists fascists but there's,a contingency of people who are scared,about getting yelled at these are grown,adults who get worried that oh he's,gonna be mean to me and he's going to,send out a tweet or a truth social he's,gonna he's gonna do a truth on me and,that's why I am I gotta do whatever he,tells me to do I mean how cowardly can,you be but we'll see if the tide has,turned and other reporting here comes,from Maggie Haberman I'm going to pull,up what Maggie haberman's sources are,saying and Maggie haberman's sources say,uh the following hold on I'm pulling it,up right now it says Trump is indeed,Furious this morning particularly about,Mehmet Oz and is blaming everyone who,advised him to back us including his,wife Melania describing it as not her,best decision according to people close,to him can you believe this it sounds,like Trump reached out to Maggie,Haberman to blame his wife Melania for,Dr Oz's failure,could you believe that I could believe,that because that is who Donald Trump is,he would throw everyone in his family,under the bus and he's starting with,Melania I'm sure I'll go to Don Jr and,Eric and then Ivanka but and probably,Baron in a few years but he's blaming,Melania now we don't know if Trump is,actually the source but knowing Maggie,haberman's reporting I would assume that,it probably is Trump here but he's,blaming Melania then Maggie Haberman,goes on to say,there are people pushing Trump to,reschedule his announcement to run for,president next week and several,Republicans have texted asking whether,he will but it's risky and would be,acknowledging he's wounded by yesterday,something that some of his advisors,insist is not the case,these the most delusional,radical extremist,weird deranged people that you've ever,heard of or seen before,fortunately thankfully the American,people have,condemn this mostly and are rejecting,this as an overall analysis from the,election results look there's still a,lot of areas you look at what happened,in Florida you look at what happened in,Texas you look at what happened in Ohio,Statewide you know it's not like this,should be the biggest Victory lap in the,world for Democrats but overall this was,a searing indictment of trump,and trumpism there is no way around that,yet people around him are still trying,to ask him or are you going to run why,don't you call it out and condemn what,he is doing he is a cancer to this,country a cancer to the political party,he is a complete and utter disaster,this part about Maggie haberman's tweet,though I really enjoyed she goes worth,remembering that Trump is a grown man,who endorsed Oz Over the objection of,some of the people closest to him and,instea

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Let's talk about how the republicans plan to raise the voting age....

Let's talk about how the republicans plan to raise the voting age....

well howdy there internet people let's,vote again so today we are going to talk,about,the Republican strategy how they plan to,avoid having a repeat of these midterms,because they've come up with a plan,and I personally I hope they do it I,hope they try to enact this because I,think it's brilliant it will show the,American people,the the true level of of thought in the,Republican Party,you have a number of prominent,Republicans conservatives and those,within the Maga faction advocating to,raise the voting age to 21.,yeah okay,um,I mean point of order first understand,that's actually part of the Constitution,now that's going to be a little bit,harder to change than than you might,imagine,but uh,overall I think it's a brilliant plan,because it's going to show Who You Are,it will show the country exactly what,the Republican party has become,a party that cares about power for power,sake,they don't care about the Republic they,have no no concept,they want power and that's it and,they're willing to deny people their,rights they're constitutionally,protected rights,to achieve it,they're saying it openly,I also think it would be a great idea,just a grand idea,for the Republican party to openly admit,that they will uh raise the voting age,to 21 and deny people their rights,to maintain their own power,but there's no way,they'll raise the age to buy a rifle to,21.,to protect kids,do it tell the American people this open,it's fantastic,um,I also don't know what they think it's,going to achieve,three years,it's not like the 21 year olds are,suddenly going to be Republicans,younger Americans are more tolerant they,are more accepting they are more looking,towards the future,that's what the Republican party has to,understand that hateful rhetoric it's,not going to work,denying people their rights it's not,going to work that's what drove negative,voter turnout this time,they learned nothing,um,I also want to give a little bit of a,backdrop,as they complain about the young people,you know influencing policy,that was actually the point,the 26th amendment,um I want to say March of 1971 it was,passed ratified in July of 1971.,1971.,the draft,at 18 years old this country can summon,someone,and send them off to the grinder,but apparently the Republican Party,doesn't trust him enough to vote,I think it would be a wonderful idea,for the Republican party to admit that's,where they're coming from,power for power sake not representing,their constituents but ruling them,anyway,it's just a thought,y'all have a good day

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Biden has EPIC Response to Reporter’s PATHETIC Question about Trump vs. DeSantis

Biden has EPIC Response to Reporter’s PATHETIC Question about Trump vs. DeSantis

I'm Ben mycellus from the Midas touch,Network and this is a breaking news,alert you know the media clearly has not,learned its lesson from these midterm,elections I saw in a press conference,earlier a member of the media just,asking President Biden the most absurd,question ever just trying to push these,fabricated narratives that America is,rejecting and here this member of the,media during a press conference goes to,President Biden and says well based on,the resounding victory of Ron DeSantis,in Florida who do you think President,Biden is tougher do you think Ron,DeSantis or Donald Trump is tougher and,how does that play with your decisions,in 2024 and Biden has the most,incredible response play the clip,um we saw Governor Rhonda Sanchez with a,resounding victory in Florida last night,who do you think would be the tougher,competitor Ron DeSantis or former,president Trump and how is that,factoring into your decision it'd be fun,watching take on each other all right no,I love how Biden just laughed off the,question dismissed it said it would be,fun to watch them run against each other,you know the 2022 midterms is not just a,repudiation of Mega fascism not just a,repudiation of that weird dangerous,hateful Echo chamber of Maga but it was,also a repudiation in these median,narratives these fabricated media,narratives that try to manipulate the,public into focusing on these issues,that are just not important these are,not the kitchen table issues that,Americans are talking about that's why,here on the Midas touch Network what we,are focused on are the issues that,matter to people like the ability of,people to control their bodily autonomy,right for a woman to have the freedom,over her body and her reproductive,Health rights the ability of people to,access health care the ability of people,to have access to Affordable education,read reducing prescription drug prices,to making sure that workers receive pay,with dignity not just a minimum wage or,a wage that can just barely help them,live a living wage no a wage of dignity,and to have working conditions that they,deserve and how do we improve our,infrastructure and bring manufacturing,jobs here and how do we support our,allies abroad our real allies abroad and,to support fundamentally our democracy,team normal team normal one in these,midterm elections by and large were,there some disappointments there were,disappointments in the elections but by,and large a repudiation of the extremism,yet you still have these questions over,and over again that no American cares,about and Biden in dismissing that,question the way he did there and,laughing it off I think really channeled,how Americans are feeling right now,another point I want to make here that's,important though look what the media,does right away there were so many great,Democratic victories in the midterms,where Democratic Governors had,resounding victories where Democrats ran,in Governor's races and won in areas,that were previously held by Republicans,do you hear the media talking about,those victories no they want to focus on,building the next version of a trump and,frankly it's despicable but now they,have to contend with Midas Touch because,we're going to call them out,each and every time they tried to do,this the moment they start pushing those,narratives how great Ron desantises and,trying to build and hoist up Ron,DeSantis who by the way at the debate,did terrible and he's popular in Florida,there's no doubt that's what the,election results show but as a national,candidate that is far far too soon to,say that he is a good National candidate,but setting that aside let's talk about,Democrats who did great in the midterms,Josh Shapiro defeating Doug mastriano in,Pennsylvania Gretchen Whitmer defeating,Tudor Dixon in Michigan Tony Evers,winning in Wisconsin Wes Moore winning,in Maryland Kathy hokel winning in New,York Maura Healy winning in,Massachusetts these were big wins do you,hear the media talking about Gretchen,Whitmer what a great Victory it was for,Gretchen Whitmer all the media wrote it,off that Gretchen Whitmer was going to,lose it's not a foregone conclusion that,a Democrat is going to win the,governor's race in Michigan,that's for sure Michigan has become far,more of a toss-up these days than what,Florida is yet the media is not,congratulating Gretchen Whitmer I barely,hear the media talking about Josh,Shapiro or Tony Evers I don't hear them,talking about Wes Moore or Kathy hokel,maybe Kathy hokel gets a little uh,footnote in a story but these are Big,victories for Democrats yet the media,runs how can we help Republicans how can,we help them how do we start this,narrative we are going to stop those,narratives as soon as they begin and we,are starting right now and President,Biden has it right President Biden's,like yeah that's going to be fun you,know why because Biden's not thinking,about who's tougher Donald Trump or Ron,DeSantis they're both weak they're both,weak,what President Biden is fo

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James Acaster On The Absurdity Of The British Empire

James Acaster On The Absurdity Of The British Empire

- A long time ago, but not long enough ago,that it's not still very relevant,(audience laughs),everyone in Britain got in a big old boat,,and we set sail and we robbed,,and this will sound far-fetched,,everyone in the world.,(audience laughs),Do you remember that?,What a spree that was?,Do you remember the great heist?,What a spree.,(audience laughs),And we got all this swag didn't we?,And we took it back to old blighty,and we hid it, this is the clever part,,we hid it in a museum.,(audience laughs),Last place anyone looks.,Now it's the modern day,,and all them countries we stole stuff from,are asking for their stuff back.,But don't be worried.,We're totally saying a blanket no.,(audience laughs),Now, a few of you are sitting there,,I can see your angry faces,,like "So what? Finders keepers, shut up.",And-- (audience laughs),listen, in your defense, "finders keepers, shut up",has worked very well for us so far.,Gents does and knocked it out of the park,"finders keepers, shut up".,But even you got to admit, right,,if someone stole something off you as an individual,,it was your favorite thing and they nicked it,,and you knew who had nicked it by the way,for a fact, not a hunch, you know who's stolen it.,Everybody knows, it's common knowledge.,Some people have written books about it.,They have definitely nicked it off you.,(audience laughs),You go to ask for it back, and they just standing there.,They're not even running away.,And they're twice your size, they ain't scared.,They haven't even bothered to hide it.,They've done the opposite of hiding it actually.,They put it in a glass display case.,(audience laughs),It's lit from seven different angles, real clear what it is.,There's no disputing it's the same thing,that once belonged to you cause there's a plaque next to it,,says exactly what it is at the top of the plaque,,and then a paragraph underneath,about how important it is to you and your culture.,(audience laughs),You'd be forgiven for thinking, "Mmm I'm pretty sure,"they haven't got a leg to stand on here.,(audience laughs),"Probably gonna take this home today.",Must have been so confident, all them countries,when they asked for their stuffs back.,Walking up to Britain, saying to their friends,,"Wait in the car, don't even need ya.,"Be back in a jiffy mate.,"Hey man, a while ago, a lot of your ancestors,"stole loads of stuff from my ancestors.,"Yeah, I'm here to take them home.,"Let's right this wrong, what do you say?",They must have thought the British person at the door,was gonna go, "Absolutely you can have them back.,"We stole them after all.",But instead we went, "I don't think so.,(audience laughs),"We're still looking at it.,(audience laughs and cheers),"Yeah, just looking at it these days.,"And there's a lot of other people who haven't seen it yet,"we'd quite like to show it to.,"So not right now selfish.,(audience laughs),"Don't sulk about it.,"Look, it's no hard feelings mate.,"Hey, you can look at it, come on in.,"Have a look; have a look.,"Seem familiar?,(evil chortle),"Stand behind the rope!",(audience laughs),That's why the British Museum is so busy all the time.,No British people ever go in there,,it's full of people from abroad looking at their own stuff.,(audience laughs),Just walking the corridors,,reminiscing about the good old days.,And I imagine just openly robbing the gift shop at the end.,That is one all you punks.

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Let's talk about Twitter and check marks....

Let's talk about Twitter and check marks....

well howdy there internet people let's,bow again so today we are going to talk,about uh Twitter,and check marks,and uh,the reported new plan,from Elon Musk on how to generate more,revenue for Twitter,and whether or not it's going to work,because I've had a whole bunch of uh,questions come in about whether or not,I'm going to keep my check mark,um,for people who don't use Twitter let me,give you a little catch up on this,this social media platform on it there,are accounts that are called verified,they have a little check mark next to,their name,being verified provides a few benefits,okay,the one that people are after most is,just clout look I'm an important account,type of thing,um,another is the ability to limit,impersonation you know Down Below on,YouTube you see those accounts that show,up they look kind of like me vaguely and,they say hey contact me at you know,telegram or Whatsapp or whatever,services I don't use those are not me,and they will never be me,but it provides a little bit of a hedge,against that on Twitter and then the,third one is uh,basically notifications from other,verified accounts go into their own,little tab so you can keep track of them,more easily,that's what it does,musk is reportedly uh,planning on charging people twenty,dollars a month so 240 dollars a year,for the privilege of being verified,tons of questions about this,um and they range now the reality is you,have to look at this from three,different points of view,the first one is it worth it to me,the clout that comes from a check mark,literally don't care I I didn't even,apply for it,um,that's not something I care about the,impersonation thing not really a huge,issue for me that account is pretty big,um I I don't think,I think most people would be able to,tell the difference between the brand,new account with eight followers and,mine,um the verified notifications and for,those who are on Twitter if you don't,know this when you hit your little bell,icon on your phone app,you see all in mentions show up if,you're verified you have a third Tab and,it is just other large accounts,this is incredibly useful,for me I provide a lot of commentary on,conversations and happenings between,public figures,and this is a really easy way to keep,track of them it's also useful for me if,somebody,you know some right-wing Gun starts,talking about me or somebody says,something nice about me knowing when it,happens,that's useful to me,is it worth two hundred and forty,dollars a year,for me yeah because it's a research for,Content it really is,for me,but I'm the exception I don't think it's,worth that for most people,um but that's not the whole story and,that doesn't necessarily mean I'm gonna,subscribe,um,the other thing you have to look at is,the,business standpoint for Twitter,which this is unique because,apparently Elon Musk believes that he,can,alter the way the Creator economy works,if you look at all the other social,media platforms that have successful,business models,those that are around and growing and,have been around a while they all have,one thing in common,they pay,the content creators,YouTube Tick Tock Facebook even Twitter,was actually experimenting with it I had,an offer to get monetized not too long,ago on Twitter but I didn't want to put,anything behind a paywall so I didn't do,it,um but even they were moving that route,that's how all of these social media,networks make their money make no,mistake about it when you're on a social,media site you are the product,the company is selling your eyeballs to,advertisers,that's that's that's how they really,make their money,musk apparently wants to change this to,a subscription fee so people can pay for,the privilege of generating him ad,Revenue,I don't know how that's going to go over,with a lot of people,um,even if it works in the short term for,content creators who are established,who have been around,what does it say for the longevity of,the site,and this is that third point of view,the new creator,every day there are new content creators,coming up,hundreds thousands each year,some of them,they may not even have the 240 dollars,when they're first starting out,um,so what are they going to do,they're not going to want to go to a,site that runs in the exact opposite way,of everything they're used to,and they may not actually even have the,resources to do it so what do they do I,go to a new app they go somewhere else,the newer content creators won't go to,Twitter they'll go to a new site,what happens then,when you look at a site like Twitter,what's its draw,this isn't a site where you try to keep,in touch with your kind of racist aunt,this is a site where you're consuming,content,all day,if the content creators are not there if,the hot new content creators go,somewhere else so will the new users,it limits the longevity,it limits the longevity and think about,how often,I have mentioned Twitter on this channel,I saw this on Twitter,or I got a message via Twitter or there,was a tweet someth

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