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Exposing Max Kellerman's Race-Baiting Ruse with Steve Kimmax and the wolksters over at espn will,ins

Jason Whitlock

Updated on Jan 29,2023

Exposing Max Kellerman's Race-Baiting Ruse with Steve Kim

max and the wolksters over at espn will,instantly turn it into a racial thing,when,shanahan could care less about that,dynamic and and the guys on that team,that's a that's a super bowl quality,team that's trying to figure out a way,how can we max out our quarterback,situation and compete for a super bowl,couple things uh as i read your column,on kellerman's quotes as he transcribed,them i read them in the voice of osvald,bates and i'm sure you watched in living,color back in the day jimmy uh and jason,do you remember that character damon,wayne's played the jailhouse muslim with,the koofi they would try to talk all,fancy with butcher,yes i do i remember seeing that brother,several times as he came up to,specifically assimilate how he felt,right,and i said to myself,max has gone oswald bates,but but first of all historically this,has been done before tom landry did this,in the early 70s before roger stahlbach,really became a superstar with craig,morton and in fact i think they actually,traded places every play it was like a,tag team situation so this is not,unheard of it's been done before it,worked out miserably they lost the game,in chicago and roger stalbeck told tom,landry look if you're going to do this,to my career i need to be traded and the,next week i believe landry is forced to,make the decision i'm going to go with,staubach i still remember a classic,college football game steve spurrier,rotated quarterbacks against the great,florida state team i think it was noah,brandeis and doug johnson uh early in,randall cunningham's career buddy ryan,used to use him as the third down and,long quarterback because of his mobility,because the eagles offensive line was,really really bad and remember cordell,stewart and slash,so this is not some revolutionary thing,it's not unusual or usual it's not the,norm but it has been done before and in,defense of kyle shanahan i really think,when he has the right pieces and his,team is relatively healthy and they can,set up the run which is foremost in his,system he's one of the most creative,play designers and creative play callers,i've ever seen it can absolutely work,and another variable that we're not,talking about with trey lance in terms,of his readiness for the national,football league let's go back he played,one showcase game last year in college,and then they shut the thing down i,thought that was very strange he had one,exhibition game so he didn't play,so i i don't understand like maybe this,is a kid that really needs to have his,toe dipped into the pool before you,throw him out there in the middle of the,pacific ocean,jimmy you got any more uh,impersonation,just you just scratched the surface so,yeah,well i don't know i guess at that time,if i'm doing it i'm gonna kill my,landlord,c-i-l-l,my landlord now wait that,was,yeah that was that was a uh eddie murphy,character yeah that was eddie murphy,that's right yeah,now so next time,that was on saturday night,kill my lane,in the middle of the night yeah,simply because he's white,you

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Steve Kim: The Ballad of the Korean Cosell | Boxing Expert Got Banned by HBO & Mayweather | Ep 120

Steve Kim: The Ballad of the Korean Cosell | Boxing Expert Got Banned by HBO & Mayweather | Ep 120

foreign,all right welcome,uh welcome to another,holiday edition of fearless with jason,whitlock i am,jason whitlock and today we have a,conversation,i've been looking forward to because,we're going to go in depth with the,korean coast sales steve kim,you guys have obviously seen and enjoyed,steve kim on the show he's been one of,the best additions,to the show that we've made,steve is,very passionate very knowledgeable about,all the issues related to sports on top,of that he's extremely clever,his knowledge of hip-hop and history his,movie,and tv show references,and musical references the guy's just,clever i that's why i call him the,korean cosell,uh he's a natural broadcaster obviously,he specializes in boxing but,we're going to spend some time today,getting to know,steve kim a little bit more in depth,kind of get his backstory,to see you know,his backstory is anything like shamika,michelle's remember when we sat down,with shamika michelle and she told us,about,shooting somebody i wonder if steve can,i don't think that's true steve kim but,uh see kim uh welcome to this holiday,edition of uh fearless with jason,whitlock and today's going to be,fearless with steve kim,we want to know about you and so let's,start with something very easy,where did you grow up,you got brothers and sisters your mom,and dad still married,i know you you immigrated here or you,you weren't a natural citizen at first,give us some of your backstory as a,child,yes let's go all the way back i was,actually born in seoul korea spent the,first year of my life there my father uh,who who passed away about five years ago,made the decision,to take himself and uh my mother to,america he went there first for about a,year,got a job earned some money and i came,here in 1973.,so i make it very clear so for about 99,of my life i've been in this great,country and so when people say what are,you in terms of ethnicity or race or,culture i always say i am an american,korean i make that distinction,very clear i'm not korean-american,because i don't ever plan on going back,to the 38th parallel busan or seoul i am,an american korean and i'm very proud of,it and then the first thing that i,really remember about my childhood as,you start to gather your first memories,was,my mom and dad moved us to valencia,california which is about an hour from,los angeles a very,white,upper middle class suburb in southern,california best known for bunny love,carrots and magic mountains from about,1978 to 1986 i lived there,and it was a very nice community very,good people i'd say it's about 99.5,percent white,didn't have a lot of issues grew up,around great people made friends,and there's probably three or four other,asian families i think one mexican,family that i knew of was a classmate of,mine and there's about three black,families but i'll be honest with you it,wasn't this horrifying experience that a,lot of people will tell you growing,up around an exclusive white enclave,then we moved to montebello california,in march of 1986 my family started a,restaurant out here in montebello,california,which is called the bel air of east l.a,according to oscar de la hoya and his,brother who once they moved their,parents with their professional winnings,to that city it was like a landmark for,a lot of mexicans and so that's where it,really began um where i started to,notice the ethnicities and the racial,makeups of southern california,and jason i can tell you this it's,interesting,when i first went to montebello the,first school that i went to in the,middle of my eighth grade year was a,school called la merced intermediate,and it's the first time in my life and i,was about what 13 14 years old that i,had been around so many mexicans i was,like wow there's a lot of mexicans here,you never would know that from living in,valencia,and but i tell you what was real,interesting and ironic there was,actually a pretty good amount of asians,in this particular zip code in that,school,over time i was more comfortable,around being,the one asian among a lot of mexicans,than being around a lot of asians which,i've always found interesting,um,after that i had a choice living in,racket mountain montebello which was,kind of like the rich suburban area of,that city to either go to sher high,school or montebello high school now,this was interesting most of the asian,parents pushed their kids if they had a,choice to go to sure because that was,more or less the asian high school,montebello was known more as the mexican,high school,but i told my mother and father hey look,i just moved here i've just started to,make friends three four months into this,process i would much rather go to,montebello with a lot of my classmates,at la merced they allowed me to do it,and jason i can say to this day as i,look back on it it's the greatest,decision i ever made was going to,montebello because i've made lifelong,friends,and that school is very interesting,jason once again that school's about 97,hispanic,slash mexican

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all right,oscar beves ifl tv proudly sponsored by,the last look who's joined me mr steve,kim respected box inscribe i'll call you,how are you mate oh thank you well wow,that's that's a fancy introduction there,that was my pleasure thank you for,giving me some of your time um just a,reflection on what we've seen uh in the,ring devin haney beating jojo diaz 117,111 was one of the cards which i don't,think went down too well um 116 112 the,other two but yeah devin a clear winner,tonight i thought he wanted that was,close for clear i wouldn't call this a,great fight what i'd call it as a good,solid boxing match two wall school,technicians,the natural size of haney the range a,little bit more reflexive a little bit,quicker off the trigger and longer,i think we're the difference in that,fight no diaz was very clever in there,slipping and landing the counter left,and also getting to the body he was,really disciplined in keeping that back,hand up blocking a lot of the right,hands of haney but i just i didn't think,that diaz did enough in enough rounds to,make this closer personally i could have,seen 116 12 or 115 113 no doubt who won,the fight though the issue with joseph,diaz is i don't think he's a real,natural lightweight and he doesn't hit,hard enough to make up for a lack of,activity if that's going to happen so,now the question i have with haney is,i've talked to some of the people like,paulie molinaji out there and other,boxing people,how does he spare at 140 against bigger,punchers i think there's some question,marks there,obviously he's at 135 at the moment and,we expect him to fight for for the,undisputed crown just quickly one more,thing um on jojo do you think he'll walk,away with maybe a couple of regrets,because when he suck it on him in the,12th it was one of them where people,looking at each other going why wasn't,this done in the night for the time he,had to make this a war of attrition and,i thought at times he was too inactive,and you're right in the 12th round he,had two minutes to do something,something you got 120 seconds here to,change your life pull the upset and,quite frankly it didn't happen and i,thought in,a lot of other rounds that were really,close,those last 30 seconds you can leave an,imprint on a judge and in essence steal,a round or make it 5149 in your,direction and there were times i thought,he was expending energy and the problem,is when you're not the puncher or if,you're not a puncher at all,those rounds you can lose a lot of,rounds closely and you can lose every,single round and that's kind of what,happened with joseph he's been cursed in,a sense that he's a clever boxer but,he's not so slick that he never gets hit,he's a sharp puncher but he's not,particularly heavy-handed and that's why,this looked a little bit like his fight,with gary russell to be honest with you,do you think we learned anything we,didn't know about devin hayney tonight,devin haney's devin haney he's sound,he's solid technically very grounded,my biggest,question about him is how long can he,hold 135 he's a big strong young man,he's only 23 but he started his career,six years ago at 135 he's at that stage,now he's probably bursting out at the,seams i know the weight cut,uh i know some people that are in charge,of that they'll tell you it's strenuous,and but in the era of the weigh-ins now,taking 28 to 30 hours before the opening,bell a lot of guys try to cheat the,weight and be a weight bully,but the other question is you'll get it,both ways at 140 he's going to face,bigger stronger guys but at 140 he might,actually be stronger in the legs in the,backside so that's the question one,thing i noticed about devon he's,athletic he's a very good boxer but he's,not as slick as you think he gets,touched a lot down the middle when i,think of a slick fighter that's really,defensively sound i think of guys like,shakur stevenson who's airtight you,cannot hit that guy with your knuckles,you can't so that's the question that i,have i get the sense that as he moves up,and wait and faces more dangerous young,guys i could punch a little bit devin's,going to have to bite down a little bit,because i i don't think his punching,power is going to increase at 140.,just in terms of you talk about his,defense and i see the zone comparisons,in the week comparing him to floyd and,it's so dangerous comparing a young,fighter to floyd,yeah there's no floyd just like there's,only one mona lisa uh it's a dangerous,comparison anyway there's only one,eiffel tower why why do we have to go,i'm in vegas i've seen the one in paris,i've seen you on youtube knock off that,that is a full eiffel tower i'm just why,can't we let guys be who they are look,devin is very good one thing i like,about him and having known him we both,work with snack we both have a close,association with victor kante is that,he's a very mature young man he's very,intelligent very grounded out of the,four guys that we talk about with him,ryan garcia,uh tank davis and to you

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Banned by Floyd Mayweather! Steve Kim’s Fights Outside The Ring

Banned by Floyd Mayweather! Steve Kim’s Fights Outside The Ring

floyd,got angry at me and from that point on,he's never granted me an interview i've,never gotten access to him and i still,remember fights,where they said look you're not going to,get a credential and i say that's fine,there's so many places like the kansas,city star foolishly took my archives,down,uh it's some of the it's,arguably the greatest work ever done at,that newspaper and and they took it down,that which irritates me aol sports i,don't know if there was any animus but,my archives are gone from there and and,my archives had out kicked they're gone,uh you know people love to say i burn,bridges what what about the bridges that,get burned on me,well well jason let's put it this way me,and you are both general sherman we,probably burned bridges look i took,pride in the fact and a lot of my,archives that my past websites cannot be,found and i was very proud of that work,i wish i would have at least printed,them out but as i look back,specifically from my work from about,2000 to about 2015 i said things no one,else would say i i was i battled hbo i,took on the biggest people i said stuff,no one else would say about al hayman,and his influence in the game i would,criticize people to a point where floyd,mayweather will not talk to me they,won't even uh credential me for fights,and you know what i take that as a badge,of honor because i because someone,taught me one time i think it was ron,borges of the boston globe he said steve,if someone doesn't want to talk to you,that's fine i've had that happen but you,could always talk about them,and i've said it before and i'll say it,again and i'm proud of it i'm the,ballsiest guy and when people say well,see how come you're not doing as much as,you were i said you know what first of,all i've moved on and second of all i've,done the heavy lifting for 15 years why,didn't someone else take on uh these,giants but literally jay i was,banned from hbo i remember uh when hbo,was run by ross greenberg the brilliant,producer who was not a very good lead of,that sports division he hated me oh my,god the whole network hated me and was,afraid of me i've gone into battles that,were very public um i've written stuff,that's been used in court cases like the,manny pacquiao murad muhammad lawsuit,that stuff is very uncomfortable but you,got to have a bit of a thick skin to do,it but when it's all said and done i can,honestly say with the clear conscience i,did my job,and so did you say,floyd mayweather wouldn't could they,would try not to convince you to his,fights oh yeah i was luther campbell,banned in the usa because i was the one,guy look this is this is the funniest,thing floyd actually got mad at me,because i quoted him correctly back in,the year 2000,he turned down a 12 million dollar deal,from hbo when it was run by seth abraham,who was a very influential figure and so,i'm at a fight and this is when me and,floyd were actually pretty friendly and,floyd basically said i'm not fighting,for 12. you're gonna have to pay me,uh-uh not when you're giving nah see my,man this this and this and this is when,i was at max boxing,i made the mistake of actually quoting,him correctly and using the quotes in,context,in response hbo pulled that offer they,rescinded the deal and they said okay,you're dead to us for about 15 minutes,floyd,got angry at me and from that point on,he's never granted me an interview i've,never gotten access to him and i still,remember fights,where they said look you're not going to,get a credential and i say that's fine,because jay i actually think it empowers,you because a lot of these journalists,not only in boxing but in all realms,they acquiesce for access and they start,becoming publicist because they realize,oh if i say this i may not get the,exclusive i ne i may not be able to be,allowed behind the velvet rope you know,what,at this stage in my life i don't even,care and it gives you a certain type of,freedom to just let your hands go but,yeah,i'm not part of the money team jay,not for a long time,you

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The Takeover Flops! Kambosos Beats Lopez! (Special Guest: Steve Kim)

The Takeover Flops! Kambosos Beats Lopez! (Special Guest: Steve Kim)

i'm sorry i'm sorry,all right come on,boxing,all right all right,welcome everybody to another beauty,boxing podcast broadcasting to you live,from the true north,yeah it's your good friend mr bda flying,so now actually i got uh,i got uh gonzalo,and jimmy joining us here fellas thank,you for joining us really appreciate it,listen before we start man,we had,a lot of things going on here,a lot of things last night big fight big,upsets,a little bit of everything for everybody,so we're gonna get down right to it you,know what it means you know what,happened we're gonna explore every,avenue,of what occurred last night we're gonna,take a couple of phone calls uh you know,maybe half an hour into the show,about 45 minutes but before we get down,to the fun let's get the business out of,the way fellas you know the drill,if you got a couple of shekels you want,to donate our way you can simply do,something with the super chat you can,also join the pda membership program,where you get special emojis badges,you get some film analysis as well in,there but the most important thing,fellas the most important thing is you,continue to like and subscribe and,spread the bda gospel that's the most,important thing we always appreciate,your support,when it comes to spreading the word in,the community,speaking of support shout out to generic,villa fan who don't even super chat says,fixed fight,well which one are you referring to are,you afraid to figure i figure off versus,fulton or anything we'll get to it but,shout out to generic villa fan shout out,to everybody in the chat i'm talking,about yeti oscar prince boateng ignacio,brandon blanco cappa joe kevin jones sea,lion norman louise johnny blaze uncle,burnt apostrophe virtuoso shout out to,norman louise endgame shout out to,endgame shout out to gb guthrie says,salute to pulif for literally getting,off the couch for a quick painting yeah,he was in some sort of a hybrid mma,boxing hybrid over there i think it was,in the united states or something he,knocked out fragmenter so good for pulit,man shout out to mojo risen tony guapo,and many more people to come i'm sure,fellas thank you for joining us wow all,right so let's get down to it fellas,thank you for joining us i'm talking to,jimmy and gonzalo here hopefully more,people show up as well but we got enough,to cook with oil here let me tell you,that much right now,guys,stay here the opposite,i mean there's no ifs and butts about it,anymore right,dude no definitely not that this is the,fight this was the upset of the year,oh easily,easily i mean does anybody know anyone,who picked this kid this australian to,beat him well i'll give props to,uh frontrunner vlad i think it's his,name,in the i can't look it up right now but,in the discord he was saying before the,week of the fight he said i'm gonna,place a bet he said,cambodia's by knockout,then he switched it up and he plays the,bet for for decision but i i do think he,picked uh,he placed a bet on on campuses to win,and i believe he made a substantial,amount of money,on that i mean look some of us thought,that cambodia was going to give him a,harder fight than expected,but,when he got dropped in that 10th round,or ninth round whichever one he was i,said well,it's over like he gave it his all but he,just because you could tell he was,before the knockdown he was starting to,get worn down a little bit with jabs,and then he gets up and boom gets a,second wind and gives it right back to,fema lopez i mean,i mean let's let's really take a look at,it we had warrington losing lyra beating,warrington,we had zandor martin beating mikey,garcia,what's the other what is i think this is,the biggest opposite man,it's gotta be,well let's start with,a lot of people said usyk was an upset,beating uh joshua because you know,joshua's favorite but not on this show,but as as a whole that is by you know um,because i mean you think about it i mean,in one calendar year,this kid went from contender,to,kind of just half a belt shy away from,the undisputed lightweight champion,beating,a lot of people's pound-for-pound best,fighter the world was an oyster right he,was demanding six i don't want millions,of dollars pay-per-view and yada yada,all that drags on and then bang,loses his on the first,title defense against the mandatory,unknown from australia you know no,offense to the australians know of this,kid but stateside this kid was virtual,and unknown,personally i don't think he ever comes,back from this he will never be the same,fighter again he just won't he's too,emotional obviously the kid ran back in,the ring to embarrass himself last night,he embarrassed himself when you have a,partisan crowd i mean a strong,partisan crowd,clapping and d.o.t.o and they're ,booing you because you're,you jump into shock with some ridiculous,start will know so i won ten it's like,okay were you just talking to your,father back there,like these are he's an emotional kid,he i i i was shocked the way he came out,like a tough man co

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in may,canelo's got dimitri vivo and vival is,undefeated for a reason,everybody says that our tour better be,is the best light heavyweight but maybe,b-balling we don't know those two b-vol,and better be they've never fought yeah,and had they ever fought i would not,have count i wouldn't i wouldn't count,out dimitri bivol he's a stick-and-move,specialist he's got a hammer for a left,jab,and canelo is fighting him at 175 pounds,there's no catch weight there's no,rehydration clause it is a real light,heavyweight fight and i really think,that that,canelo's limit is 168 pounds yes he did,beat sergey kovalev a little bit long in,the tooth there was a rehydration clause,um,and it was still kind of it was it was,not an easy fight for canelo,and i and i could tell weighing in at,170 374 pounds it's a little bit puffy,like it was a little bit off his,reflexes so,his natural weight is not light,heavyweight so both guys got to get past,that test,if they get past the test and i expect,both guys to,to get,past their next opponents,the rubber mat should be something very,special i think it's going to be a huge,event,and i still think triple g,has the blueprint to give canelo help i,think his left jab is always because,it's it's a hammer it's well timed it's,educated triple g applies smart pressure,um he's from they're familiar with each,other and i think with canelo he's got,that pride where,i think it stings in when people say hey,you got a gift in the first fight hey we,scored the second fight either a draw we,scored it for triple g triple g has said,the things to the press that he said,about canelo about the whole clint,buterol controversy um,that kind of stuff stings canelo's pride,and i think he feels like he's in at his,peak and he's like you know i got to,come out here and improve,on the rematch i got to do even better,um and and i think in canelo's mind that,means i got to get the stoppage so if he,fights to get the stoppage i think that,plays right into triple g's hands if,we're going to get a great fight,what do you think i expect canelo even,though be able,not taking anything away from him but i,i believe canelo,will come out victorious against people,and if they both win then you know,all the uh,indications are they'll fight in,september so we'll see,can't can't get ahead of it but uh,i think that'll be a tremendous fight,and the fight that frankly the fans have,been wanting to see,uh since that uh controversial,very controversial first fight and the,controversial,second fight where they actually took,his title just say something about that,rematch,you know triple g has a legion of fans,and canelo has a legion of fans,and both sides have you know uh there's,a certain contingent of fans that are,nasty and hate each other,uh and there was bad blood going into,that rematch right because some things,you said like triple g had said yeah,yeah and um,i think people forget it was a great,fight i think it was it was the fight it,was ring magazine's fight of the year,when you talked about ring iq that was,the epitome of ring iq those two guys,huge fan bases but also,the movements in the ring and the small,things fighting the way that i mean it,was they're not i mean chocolatito i,think is the best they're doing it like,taking the fight to somebody but,blocking blocking and countering and,depending on the inside as you're,pressing but you know what,triple g and canelo they're very close,to the king they are like right up there,with with chocolatito in terms of,aggressive boxing technique and and it's,elite level,and if people go and watch that rematch,again i mean it's like it's like a,throwback fight,they're like they're like marvin,hagler-esque do you know what i mean,like necessarily the the fireworks of,the first fight but the boxing finesse,and like i said the ring iq and,everything when the the small things,that they did there and the second fight,is,maybe did not get enough credit for his,boxing,because that happens when you're known,for knocking guys out and you're known,for pressure,when you don't knock a guy out and you,back off and you show that you can box,and move around a guy sometimes they're,like oh well,oh,why isn't he doing what we normally see,but,who's scoring yeah that's what caught,the judge's eyes is when canelo was,coming forward triple g was still very,effective and i was still winning the,rounds but i think canelo when he was,going forward,for a momentum that's what caught some,of the judges uh and that probably,surprised folks as well,you know,but i tell you what those two fights to,me,and everybody says oh uh,canelo learned so much from that,mayweather fight and he did a fighters,learn from every fight but 24 rounds he,went with triple g,right now it okay it evolved him but it,also i think he gave him confidence it's,like yo i am a middleweight i can be a,middleweight and i can stand my ground,and i can kick ass you didn't want to,fight with you the first time when they,were supposed to fight

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all right let's look at some of the,dumbest tweets of this year okay it's,perfect because this also starts off in,January last year in January the year,started off great even after a 12 hour,night shift at the hospital last night,my wife still has the energy to shovel,the driveway God bless her and all our,frontliners time to make her some,breakfast bro why'd you post this a,question I have all the time on Twitter,is why did you post this why would you,post you being like a horrible husband,oh my Lord okay what she needs is not,your breakfast what she needs is a,divorce okay that's what she needs she,needs a new man what has happened to our,men what will we do without men anyway,so that's pretty funny uh that was,really great I mean the year started off,awesome and by the way whenever I always,say like oh why did you post this I,always I'm simultaneously thinking thank,you for posting because honestly that's,what Twitter is the best at Twitter puts,these things on the timeline for my,enjoyment hi I am Pazzo this is what you,call a roach what do you consider a,roach I don't know what the this,guy was doing I didn't even see this,tweet but uh pretty sure you're if you,smoke that I'm I'm certain if,microplastics are making are children,gay or whatever you know you are you are,gay now you are just burning plastic uh,I don't know I don't know why you did,that probably shouldn't do that pan,fried is such a nonsense minion term,what else might you be frying in the,cotton a baking tray a kettle a shoe I'm,having to make this because it's a,mansplainer paradise enjoy yourself Lads,does she not understand that you can fry,things in different ways like a deep fry,stop mainsplaining sorry uh trigger,warning mansplaining in the context of,Prisons it's the hole that matters women,have a hole their vagina which men want,to penetrate with their penis either,consensually transactionally or by force,bluntly the reason we have men and,women's prisons is to keep the men away,from the holes that's cool uh famously,men don't out of their buttholes,that's not a thing this is like when you,when you've gone down I guess the the uh,Rat fem pipeline that you forget that,men also have holes also men also get,sexually assaulted in prisons so that's,like actually that's the most common,place where it happens and and also uh,women are incapable of doing sexual,assault according to this person that's,a good take Hillary self-awareness,slider set to zero MLK Jr said I had,hoped that the white moderate would,understand the Law and Order exists for,the purpose of establishing Justice and,that when they fail in this purpose they,become the dangerously structured dams,that block the flow of social progress,this is a sub tweet and who yourself who,the is the white moderate in this,situation Hillary Clinton is literally,like openly moderate and also openly,white and has openly wrote written about,having slaves black slaves in the,Arkansas Governor's Mansion she also is,called black people super Predators uh,young black people specifically during,the crime build she is not openly white,oh stop this dude what the we gotta,stop this dream my partner is still,Presidente well if my girlfriend's,having sex dreams with celebrities it,better be with the bar stool crew I just,had an hour-long sex dream about the,stool Presidente I've been having so,many sex dreams is unreal Dave portno,yep he had a huge I'm tweeting this,there was no penetration that is insane,why would you tweet that anyway let's,move on Darren roll goes calling me,racist is cute on this day especially I,have one of the largest MLK Junior,collections in the world and some of my,closest friends are black this was a,fire one that I also uh covered isn't,this guy like a sports broadcaster or,something very weird thing to tweet,proximity wise we're closing in on Black,History Month yeah he's a sports writer,and uh and like an analyst or whatever,and he just came out of the gates, swinging okay he said I have a,you know I have an MLK Funko Pop how can,I be racist maybe we should think about,how we treat our elected officials let's,take a look at this one do not,understand the empire caused a cape for,the government when they do something,wrong the response should be you,fix it when they do something right the,response should be you about time,that's how abusers think do you,understand the difference between the,government and a partner yes it's still,how abusers think you please me,even though I can't possibly be pleased,is a textbook abuser framing also abuse,doesn't only happen with a partner,demanding your government do its job and,improve people's lives is not abuse and,it's incredibly insulting to abuse,victims to imply it is you aren't,demanding the government to do its job,because you've already said that even if,it does what you want you won't,acknowledge it that's textbook,narcissistic framing that is textbook,Twitter I love that I know you're,talking about an entirely unrelated,thi

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The Korean Cosell "Steve Kim" Joins The Coach JB Show

The Korean Cosell "Steve Kim" Joins The Coach JB Show

what up what up what up what up I,appreciate everybody joining me this,fine morning on this thirsty Thursday as,I sip on my coffee gotta starts to the,lineup to join us today,the Great,Steve Kim if you guys don't know him,he's from Jason whitlock's Fearless they,call him the Korean coach cell he'll be,joining us in the second hour Matt,mcchesney will be joining us as normal,we're going to break down tonight's,football game,plus all kind of about Ben,Simmons and are the Nets just the,biggest show in the NBA all of it,brought to you by in Canada,,hey man we got a great show in store,make sure you pound that like button get,ready to get your ,rocked peace,foreign,hit that like button subscribe become a,member if you're not one uh let's get,you started with the quote of the day,doing what you love pisses people off so,keep doing it,that's what I say every day,hey y'all doing what you like doing what,you like doing what you love pisses,folks off so keep doing that haters,are our biggest fans don't get it,twisted whole question tonight can Aaron,Rodgers get his second win in a row can,he get his second win in a row tonight,and more importantly is it a must win,for Aaron Rodgers I think it is I think,it is drop your comments in the section,below,uh,appreciate everybody joining in hit the,like button subscribe become a member,contrary to belief brought to you by,candidates, head on over to Canada,use the promo code coach JB,um,the word politics is derived from the,word poly meaning many and the word,ticks meaning blood sucking parasites,so if you didn't know that then I just,wanted you to know contrary to beliefs a,lot of you don't know so here,you go and be thankful to all the,difficult people in your life they have,shown us exactly who we don't want to be,contrary to belief,just a little dropping Little Gems this,morning for you uh I want to give a,shout out to my main man,um,Brian Robinson if you guys don't know,who Brian Robinson is Brian Robinson got,shots earlier this year and uh he's a,running back for Washington now he had,26 carries for 86 yards and a touchdown,the other day,uh,man you know the guy that almost ,died to to playing the same year back in,the NFL shout out to a man kudos to him,for getting it done and uh persevering,and uh,I think they caught two Shooters now two,different info two different people that,apparently were involved in the shooting,so who knows I don't know the story ,he could be a bird uh I don't know,if he was shot just walking his doggy uh,I doubt it but you know we'll never,really know the truth because it never,came out apparently about him,um,so we'll see what happens,um what's good what's good slick Nick,what's good everybody uh hit that like,button subscribe become a member got a,great show today the Korean coach cell,Steve Kim will be joining me if you guys,watch Jason Whitlock show he's on there,all the time debating with Jason uh,we're gonna have a debate and uh bring,him on the show he is really really good,with words so I can't wait to have him,on in the second hour uh Matt will join,us next hour we'll break down tonight's,football game uh Packers Titans it's a,must win I think for the Packers uh the,Titans have a pretty much stronghold on,that weak division over there uh but,still having said that I know that we're,able wants to get a win uh the Warriors,have uh are they having a big hangover,or are they just not that good I got a,question or is it just Draymond Green is,he the outlying issue that nobody's,talking about I want to be honest I,think Draymond Green's the problem I,think everyone's kind of like over him,and don't want to be around him,that's my personal opinion I don't think,cats want to be around Draymond Green on,that roster that's what it is in my,opinion,um,I I think Draymond Green is a ,cancer I think he's a made cat and,I think that he is literally holding,back that roster right now that's just,my opinion so,um I'm just looking at everybody look at,him like man I'm tired of hearing you,talk I'm tired of hearing you be a fake,ass good boy you're the Derek Carr of,the NBA without championships,um Verlander gets another side Young,and Carr and Devonte Adams applaud the,defense of Josh McDaniels by,Mr Davis Mr Davis defended Josh,McDaniels,Derek Carr and Devonte Adams applauded,it,and I want to know,Carr you should be applauding ,Devante Adams for saving your ass last,week and you should be volunteering your, resignation to the NFL,you're horrible,and I don't understand you always want,to be in the Limelight in the,picture I mean dog I don't know how,anyone on your team has came back to,your locker room and looked you in the,face and said oh I can win with you I,want to ride or die and follow you,there's no way you could tell me,that these cats want to follow Derek,Carr,out that tunnel this weekend,there's no way,you cannot sit here and tell me that,there's an NFL player who wants to,follow that sobby fake crybaby,ass,

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