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Holderisms - Stephen Holder memorable quoteslet me break down Rick can't wait,my body's my temple ri


Updated on Jan 24,2023

Holderisms - Stephen Holder memorable quotes

let me break down Rick can't wait,my body's my temple right there here,it's a control tower see people be want,to put everything in the box,yeah spoon-fed the answers you make,everything black and white for me I see,the great kiddin white I mean who,wouldn't wait for this slice of heaven,sure you ever think of writing a book I,did it's called how to be me,I'll get my peeps to send you to sign,coffee yeah anyone ever tell you you're,white,so maple bacon donut breakfast of,champions I mean we know she didn't take,her bike maybe she took the bus maybe,I've got urban checking bus schedules,and routes from Bennet's aren't you a,vegan not vegetarian and it's a doughnut,you want a hamburger without the meat,that's what I said ain't it I'll take a,coffee black,what's the point I'm a vegetarian,wait pork rinds I mean 1946 four kinds,of junk food don't count me any guys,order in Chinese un all you guys eat is,a fool Manchu poopoo platter msg crap,and your double cheeseburgers hold the,meats organic these has got some,vegetables Woods got lettuce tomatoes,pickles there except bacon no is ham,eggs and sausage what happened to your,whole lacto-ovo vegan thing nothing I'm,just ready to embrace meet again,I mean I could work out like raising the,kid on vending machines picking up,Jack's dinner under you ain't a pro let,there be no moms I mean wow you're a,real dick sometimes you know that well,I'm just saying you didn't have the,blueprint you know this is like cats you,know if they don't get raised by their,moms they don't learn how to bury their,cut cut right,JC Buddha lactose ovale vegetarianism I,mean it off like wisdoms all around,Linda it's like air you just gotta,breathe it empathy can poison rain looks,like elephants when they mourn the dead,go nuts over pace around piss on,themselves,gonna need to die person in it,think of me how's your sensei in the,bloodsport of life,everything makes sense better how you,perceive it damn is there one or two,days a month you're not PMSing you like,that monster in Friday the 13th only way,to kill you is to chop off your head you,and that Tom Waits wannabe ever hook up,or what oh snap,Linda rock the booty call about one 911,come on mama you're making me all hard,where the ladies at anyway man no I'm,not like old ladies I'm talking about,really no ain't no party without notes,friend no easy that done to heart we,don't got a safety word yet chief wants,to see you,see that's what I'm I'm just gonna fire,up the piece bottom fingers huh,we're gonna do this again,such a nice fun to make this at home,laugh it up and then my dojo is a,sanctuary of light yeah if I can't just,give it to you,ease up son minimum-wage ain't worth,fighting the Popo and if you continue to,harass me or anyone else involved in,this campaign I will have you shovel,reindeer at the Christmas parade do,I make myself clear,it's not real rain isn't great Huskies,with Memphis strapped on,by an our Hiawatha

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Stephen Holder On If It's Panic Time For The Colts Injuries

Stephen Holder On If It's Panic Time For The Colts Injuries

I know that means who's here we don't,have cults we have Kelly we have nothing,but we have we have seating or older,going indoors today Stephen holder don't,bother coming out over to the booth,today I heard that so the second is he,gonna follow us over there or what are,you worried about the chicken you know,what chicken we're talking about right,well I mean I mean I think you're,talking about chicken huh I mean see,what chicken is here every day he stalks,you man I walked within a foot of him,this morning on the way out here he just,kind of turn and moved out of the way,that's it I think we're the only,training camp in the NFL that has a,straight chicken walking around I am,we are backed up to look that the North,Field you got the goalpost you got one,of those risers that they film the,practice on behind that young man about,15 yards behind that there's somebody's,farm that's I mean that doesn't happen,everywhere,no it's uniquely Indiana hey that being,said though Stephen your your buddies,coming in from Cleveland I heard it was,a week or two ago when we did get,obviously we've had this thing except,for longer than that but they were,excited and there are a lot of teams,that are excited when they see this,setup out here,there's a lot of them were scratching,their head saying man that's that's a,pretty nice setup y'all got it really is,ideal I mean the Colts they they've got,it made out there's no question I mean,it's not so much just a feel I mean it,feels it feels right but it's more so,the setup in the I guess the field house,if you want to call it that it's much,more than a field house obviously where,their headquarters during training camp,I mean they've got basically access to I,believe three indoor fields in there,it's amazing if you've never been in,there just if there's an event going on,your kids are playing or something that,get up there it's unbelievable and I get,to buy it the first 500 get to go in,there today because they can only,accommodate so many but really that,setup in there is what makes it ideal,they've got their meeting rooms and they,coaches offices and and so forth so that,and then the hotel accommodations,literally on the grounds of Grand Park,so I mean you could basically ride,around the golf cart for three weeks and,and never even need a car it really is,ideal yeah it's not gonna Anthony,Costanzo about this yesterday and he,said this is this is a sweet setup man,here's all the other places they've been,to in his tenure whether it was even at,the cults facility or up at Anderson or,or anything else this is this is the,place man this is this is how it's been,going on so they got that going on we,saw talk to a Kevin bone about this a,second ago Stephen and Stephen holder,joins us he writes for the athletic and,he's been really good to us the entire,camp here with good info yesterday like,on the field not doing anything I saw,Andrew Luck I saw Paris Campbell but,they're still not really doing anything,so you know Kevin wasn't quite sure what,that was all about what what have you,been able to learn about whose practice,and who's not and what it means yeah,they've got a lot of guys dealing with,minor stuff at the moment obviously the,Andrew Luck situation is is much more,prolonged but Paris Campbell you,mentioned him we think he's close and,and they really eat Paris Campbell to,get out there because I think he's got,an opportunity to be an important part,of the offense so it'd be nice to have,him out there at some point so you can,get some run before the regular season,starts I mean he needs like the coach,thing to see what he can provide and,what he can bring and what how big I,guess of a role he can handle and the,only way to do that is we're in the,practice so they've got to get him out,there at some point,all right there's some other guys here,at Ebron I saw him yesterday and he kind,of rolled his eyes said he'd be fine so,I don't think there's a big issue there,I think they'll have most of their guys,or they're getting most of their guys,back they've got Ben Ben who got back so,that's a good thing they're just,starting to gets you guys back so it's,all positive,most of those injuries not of the major,variety all right Stephen we've been,talking a lot about that wide receiving,competition that's going on if Pierce,Campbell goes a little bit longer here,could you see him maybe as an IR guy and,the recent Deon and Marcus and Krishan,these guys that have been out here and,doing a really really good job,you know you'd rather go with the devil,you know right well I don't sample as an,ir candidate I don't okay I'm gonna,dissipate that at all I think he's gonna,get back they expect him to get back so,don't don't I wouldn't go there I think,he's gonna be fine it's it's more for me,a matter of you know where where is he,at when he comes back and his he is he's,ready to go in terms of your being that,big piece of the offense that said it,looked like he was going to be because,certainly oppo

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Colts Physically DOMINATE VS Patriots, W/ Stephen Holder.

Colts Physically DOMINATE VS Patriots, W/ Stephen Holder.

washington offers a block the clicks,comes from the other side to quell,jackson and now again,jackson,you're listening to believe in cults,with co-hosts lawrence owen and daquel,jackson bringing you the latest and,greatest about the shoe,middle,intercepted by daquel jackson,ryan intercepted picked off at the five,touchdown to 12 jackson,welcome back i am here with and believe,in colts lawrence owen sorry wasn't able,to get uh the quell today he is still,dealing with uh personal issues it might,be a little while before he comes back,but i have a great special guest with me,stephen holder of the athletic thank you,so much for taking time out after the,pressers today to join us and record the,show,hey you got it i'm glad to be here and,uh yeah definitely looking forward to uh,the quail getting back uh in the lineup,too,absolutely now uh just in case there are,two or three viewers or listeners that,don't know who you are why don't you,take a moment uh here to uh let people,know a little bit about you and where,they can find you,yeah so uh you can find me at the,athletic cover the colts and uh the nfl,at large,so,we do tons of coverage there of all the,teams in the nfl and i'm on twitter as,well my handle is holder stephen stephen,with the ph,stephen holder was taken so there's that,so uh,so i took the next best thing,and uh yeah so anyway but i just uh i've,had a great time covering the colts this,year uh they're a fun team they're,they're never boring because you know,here we are again one in four start and,then,now eight and six and they're nothing if,not interesting so that keeps me in,business and keeps the lights on so i'll,never complain,who doesn't like a little extra money,well,if you're into gambling bet online,remains your number one spot for all,your basketball football baseball,nhl boxing ufc,even your vegas casino games,don't wait to take advantage of all the,amazing offers available for this season,and the next,head to the new updated desktop or,mobile website to sign up today and,receive your 50 welcome bonus on your,first deposit,just use our promo code believe50 that's,bleav500,to receive your bonus,bet online where the game starts,now obviously we're going to get to the,saturday night game in just a moment but,i i have a question that um,i have not asked a guest yet this far,into the season and i thought i'd ask,you,what are some differences positive or,negative that you see,a difference between this year's,indianapolis colts at this point of the,season and last year's indianapolis,colts at this point of the season,i think for one,last year's team well let me rephrase,that this year's team i think,there's been a,a definite,rise in their performance over the,course of the season i think they had a,little bit of a trend that way last year,too,offensively but but not as much i think,there was just so much turmoil early,this season,that,you know i think they they feel,vindicated a little bit they're not,there yet they haven't even clinched a,playoff spot right but but they do feel,a little bit of vindication this year i,think because,they know what people were saying and,they know how it looked and they know,that it it was daunting i mean how they,saw it you know they're not they're not,completely oblivious even though they,they try to block out the outside they,know,and they know what one in four looks,like and it wasn't just that they were,one and four it was just you know it,didn't look like they were functional in,a lot of cases you know a lot of the,strengths of their team didn't look like,strengths what was the offensive line,all of a sudden there's a problem what,is that and so,i just think as i said the job is not,done but i do think they feel a little,sense of vindication like you know what,we're pretty damn good,and i think it's really hard to argue,that it's really hard to argue that,they're a team i think that can be,literally anybody in the nfl right now,doesn't mean they're perfect but there,is no perfect team that's tom brady okay,last night so,so i just think look they're they're,peaking at the right time i would rather,be the colts right now than arizona,right yeah that absolutely yeah so,after the game against after the game,against uh new england and then i,watched arizona and i was like,uh uh the courts are gonna blow arizona,out at least that's my opinion of it,after watching both the games this,weekend i was like holy crap,yeah i mean look they like you know go,back to what i said about you know there,being no perfect team even the team with,the best record now,is doing a whole lot of soul searching,so that's the nfl it's,it's really about this week you know and,what you did six or seven weeks ago i,think the quotes have proven it doesn't,matter,you know it matters in the grand scheme,because it impacts your record obviously,but just in terms of,of what it means for today's game,or this week's game,it doesn't matter it really doesn't and,i think they are the best example of,t

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Michael B. Jordan Being Thirsted Over By Female Celebrities!

Michael B. Jordan Being Thirsted Over By Female Celebrities!

I cannot imagine my life without you I,love you to pieces I can't wait to see,you guys on tour and shout out to,Donatella Versace for custom making this,outfit for me and shout out and shout,out to Michael B Jordan cuz he's gonna,be picking it off of me tonight if you'd,like to enter our current $100 giveaway,of a gift card of your choice all you,have to do is one liked this video and,to subscribe with notifications on most,importantly watch this entire video from,start to finish without stopping or,exiting the video and that's it let us,know down in the comments who entered,don't try to be sneaky and say you,entered if you didn't complete all of,the steps because we know we are,watching you okay so if you've been,active on our channel recently then,you'd know that we started a series,called celebrities being thirsted over,and this video is in continuation of,that series so far we've made videos on,the likes of Lena or to DiCaprio Brad,Pitt Keanu Reeves Tom Hardy and Chris,Hemsworth so if you haven't watched them,yet and enjoy the video,be sure to check them out after watching,the links are in the description shout,out to all of the people that suggests,it for us to make this video which is on,Michael B Jordan also please leave more,suggestions of people that you'd like to,see added to the series number one,Chrissy Teigen that's just a personal,question of course yeah during this,appearance on The Ellen Show model and,wife two famous singer John Legend,Chrissy Teigen seems to have a little,crush on Michael B Jordan she kind of,makes it obvious by the way that she,gets all giggly and shy when he,complements her now usually when someone,that is married is having a crush on,someone else is completely wrong and,unforgivable but in the case of Michael,B Jordan I think we can let it slide so,many people have crushes on I mean it,must be flattering I mean there's so,many girls who are just a personal,preference yeah number two Nicole Kidman,Margot Robbie and Charlie Strong Oh,during this appearance on Ellen they are,doing a segment called who do you rather,which is basically when they bring up,pictures of two different men or women,and the guests have to choose which one,they find more attractive when they,bring up the picture of Michael B Jordan,all three women gasp yes oh and stay on,yes all right,let's let's Michael B Jordan soon after,that appearance charlie's throne went,back on The Ellen Show but alone this,time coincidentally this time Michael B,Jordan happened to be backstage when he,came out to surprise her she got very,excited and was definitely crushing on,him hard,number three Margot Robbie no it was,during this interview with W Magazine,while Michael B Jordan is answering a,question asked by the interviewer Margot,Robbie is twirling her hair and gazing,at him like a beautiful sunset on the,horizon I really do wonder what she is,imagining The Sopranos and I played a,bully in his childhood that bullied him,on the boardwalk on on his way home one,day yeah I was bully number two of a,speaking role not it was but we were,just yelling at him it was just,like what are you doing walking on our,boardwalk or something so I don't know I,was improvident actually I was living in,the moment,number four bebe Rexha but it didn't,work okay,during this radio interview singer bebe,Rexha lets everyone know that her,celebrity crush is Michael B Jordan she,also confesses that she did try to DM,him on Instagram but it didn't go,according to plan,okay last one last person he slid in the,dm's of,yeah I'll come on do we know them you,know I've tried sliding through the dams,that Michael B Jordan but it didn't work,okay number five,Naomi Osaka Oh Michael B Jordan during,this appearance on The Ellen Show,professional tennis player at Naomi,Osaka confesses that our current,celebrity crushes Michael B Jordan the,funny part about the conversation was,the fact that she didn't even know his,name,she just knew him as the villain from,Black Panther a celebrity crush come on,you can make it happen you're very,famous no I'm not oh Michael B Jordan,yes soon after that appearance Naomi,went back on The Ellen Show to confront,Alan about quote doing her dirty and,texting Michael B Jordan behind her back,it's funny how Ellen is really trying to,be playmaker and get them to date all I,did was try to fulfill a fantasy of,yours yes you said that Michael B Jordan,was your crush so I reached out to him,and then he texted and number six Halle,Berry dude his thing during this w,magazine interview actress Halle Berry,lets everyone know that she quote loves,Michael B Jordan she also confesses to,the fact that she watched his movie,Creed six times just see Michael,shirtless and working out I love Michael,B Jordan I've seen Creed six times now,just to watch Michael B Jordan dude,slightly off topic in random but when,researching this we actually found a,video of Michael B Jordan saying the,exact same thing about Halle Berry two,years prior during a W Mag

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Stephen Thompson vs Vicente Luque | FREE FIGHT | UFC Orlando

Stephen Thompson vs Vicente Luque | FREE FIGHT | UFC Orlando

thank you here we go here we go is right,Vicente Luce remarkably 90 finishing,rate in his 10 UFC welterweight wins,Wonder Boy out of that patented stance,is in white Vicente liuque is in yellow,Luke right away with the leg kicks,to the thigh and to the calf and then,Wonder Boy returns,go to the leg early and you can't use,the side stance as much that's why,you're seeing him attack the leg early,he wants to take that side stance away,but this is where Wonder Boy really,starts to make your his reads and then,line up,his offense according to your defense,Thompson was not expecting to Luke would,try to take him down but he said he did,try to take Leon Edwards down in their,fight so he was ready for anything,tonight Luke trying to close the,distance,hit a point jab for Wonder Boy yeah when,Wonder boy gets that style down when he,gets that timing he's so difficult to,chase because he can just stomp on a,dime and crack you on the way in,that is his style of fighting that,traditional background in Kenpo Karate,the amateur competition Point karate,kickboxing events I mean he was,Sensational as a kickboxer,let's go,57-0 40 knockouts,so nine UFC wins to his credit coming in,here tonight and there's that front leg,sidekick which is a very unusual,technique in MMA and he does it as good,as anybody,I think what also makes Wonder Boy so,you know you can't really time him or,read them is how fast he moves backwards,he can move backwards so quickly that,he's punching you while he's moving back,and and you're not he's not there for,you to hit he also switches stances,right hand he switches stances very well,there's a good straight left,a Wonder Boy,and he pops him with the jab there as,well he also keeps his hands very low,which you would think would be bad but,it's great in the fact that you can't,see where the punches are coming,you don't see them until they're up near,your face,look at that pop just leaps in with that,low hand and he comes up in either a jab,or right hand and then he follows behind,it with the kick he's also excellent at,sneaking those kicks behind your,shoulders,where you don't see him coming until,they're over the shoulder and onto your,chin,I love how he's always hopping it looks,like he's basically jumping rope in,there every single second and then he,times his hop to your entrance and then,he counters or explodes in and it's so,quick because of that Rhythm and this is,classical traditional Taekwondo Kenpo,Karate those Point fighting style or,traditional martial art styles they,always fight like that popping lightly,oh he tagged Lucas throwing some hammers,that's what Luke is so good at though is,he's willing to eat one and come in hard,with the pressure and that's what we're,seeing right now he stunned him he,stunned him there with the right hand,Wonder Boy might be in trouble oh and an,uppercut from Luke mixing it up well,here under two minutes to go round one,it looks like at least briefly there,Luke 8 caught Wonder Boy there's a good,kick to the body by Luke,this Wonder Boy with a fake takedown,looking for a punch looks like Luke is,cut to the left of his left eye and,that's not gonna help matters,nice land with the right by Thompson UK,is so durable though it's one of the,things about this guy that makes him so,dangerous is his ability to eat shots,just to give you one of his like right,there I also love the way he's attacking,the legs I think that's making a huge,difference already we haven't seen a lot,of people be able to be this effective,with the leg strikes as Luke has been,early,that hurt a little bit oh he stung with,that left hand it looks like Wonder Boy,was poked a little earlier or something,went into his eye maybe even a knuckle,but he was touching that left eye,earlier,oh my goodness they're in the pocket,there,oh right hand by Wonder Boy tag them but,looky just eats them well he makes these,fights so fun to watch because he's,willing to take these risks not a lot of,people are willing to eat these shots,from from Wonder Boy they're just not,and he is and that's what's making this,fight fun to watch because a lot of,people just he Wonder Boy Hits you with,one of those and you just stare at him,Luke is walking through and saying I,gotta make this fight happen,well his style and his skills it's such,a difficult puzzle to solve,because he fights so different than,anybody else,went South off for a minute there and,that'll draw a smile from Luke lust for,combat that's what I keep coming back to,for Luke very comfortable in a fight,here's a big Left Hand by Vicente Luce,watch this,boom right there,caught him in the temple,but some awesome exchanges,ready sir are you ready fight,round two Wonder Boy Thompson the Silent,Assassin Vicente Luca watch that left,kick from Wonderboy he's switching so,much I mean he's setting it up I see him,setting that left high kick up,he throws when he when he's right leg,forward he's throwing a lot of front leg,kicks he favors that right kick,but with the lef

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Who Are The Colts? Stephen Holder Isn't Sure

Who Are The Colts? Stephen Holder Isn't Sure

Stephen holder the athletic joder that's,on the Pele slickers hotline right now,here on 107 five and since 72 fans I,mean okay we're just all in the process,of collectively picking up our jaw,because we just Joe is bringing up stuff,early on and then it reminds me of other,things and you know that the the defense,looked bad in training camp and,preseason Stephen like we just saw it,you saw it they they look bad and and,then they cut John Simon and and and and,I was joking early like oh you guys,trying to suck suck like you really want,you really what you really want these,young guys to take their loves this,season and you fast forward to where,they are right now and and shutting down,Hopkins a week ago and shutting down you,know that that combination of you know,Prescott Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott,yesterday and a shutout performance and,they they went out and they're gonna be,a double-digit win football team and,they're doing it in the trenches and I'm,just I'm just trying to pick my jaw off,the floor Stephen yeah it's interesting,I mean I begged them for an eight and,eight football team right but I really,thought that was going to happen in,spite of the defense okay and what's,happening now is to a great extent in,the last few weeks it's happening,because of the defense I mean I think,one of the best games of the season was,against Jackson's only lost the game I,mean I realized we played at quarterback,but I don't care it's the NFL I mean,look at the list of quarterbacks,starting around the league right now a,lot of those guys have long game so I,just I never expected that and and,that's why this team has just been full,of surprises in that regard where it's,like just when you think you haven't,figured out it's like well wait a min no,and you know for example we figured they,wouldn't be able to run the ball this,year and as it turns out no they're,actually a very effective running team,you know in most cases they have,struggled the last couple of weeks but,then yesterday against the number one,rushing defense in terms of yards per,carry what do they do they have one of,the biggest days of the season Marlo,Mack with a career-high so I don't know,man don't ask me okay I don't know I,don't have any answers for you I just,walked out of the gym and my guy who I,worked out was asked me said let me ask,you something,who are the Colts and I was like I don't,know but I bet Grady's gonna ask me yeah,great to get the B tweeted that question,to Grady so you can thank your buddy,you mentioned the words figured out and,a lot of teams we can see that no you,give a surprise here and there I mean I,guess I didn't see Philadelphia going to,LA last night and went in and they but,for the most part you kind of you know,you think he had things figured out I,don't I don't get this team how at one,in five they never got to low and then,what is it now seven out of eight or,however many they've won there you go in,that locker room and they're not too,high either with this young of a group,how is Frank able to keep them so even,keel there it is you summed up something,that I think is the one thing we do not,talk about enough okay we spend time in,that locker room as you said and it,comes across so clear they are a team,that they do not ride the emotional,roller coaster like at all okay and it,really really really is because of Frank,right I mean I think he is the single,biggest reason for that and that's why,the right coach for this team was so,important and I'm saying this with the,benefit of hindsight obviously but the,right coach for this team was always a,critical component because of course it,is but also for this team in particular,because it is a young team and they were,so impressive and young teams take most,of their cues from their leaders and,from their coach so there weren't a,whole lot of veteran leaders to begin,with so the coach is going to have sort,of a disparate impact on the culture of,this team because of the makeup of the,roster and I think that's what you're,seeing you're seeing a guy who just has,a knack for that he has such a great,ability to,guys to buy all the way in and it's not,just him Nick suriani has that Matty,broke loose definitely has that I mean,those defensive guys they walk around,like a bunch of Ebro flutes robots I,mean they do it's like it's like you put,put a chip in them and like program them,all I was like okay go,you know I mean I don't know if he's got,the power of hypnotism,I don't know but the point is you're,seeing some real I think culture,building from this coaching staff and,and I really think it really is not just,limited to the head coach I think this,whole coaching staff it has a great,ability to do that and that's something,that's so hard to sort of tangibly,detect and a coach right how do you,determine well let me say this you can,determine okay oh this guy's got good,scheme he's good play caller oh he knows,defense all those things are tangible we,can figure those out you know

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Fans who sent mean tweets about kickers try to make real field goals | Always Late with Katie Nolan

Fans who sent mean tweets about kickers try to make real field goals | Always Late with Katie Nolan

if you logged it at Twitter after Cody,Park he missed set field goal at the end,of the NFC wild-card game you may have,noticed people were mad there were tons,of tweets about why parky is trash what,they'd like him to do to himself and how,they could have made that kick in their,sleep,this happens to kickers a lot on Twitter,especially in college football they miss,a kick in a big moment and then a bunch,of keyboard warriors furiously tweet,some version of like a do the so we,figured let's see if they could we've,been compiling a document of these,tweets throughout the college football,season that's right we've been watching,you a few weeks ago we reached out to,the folks who sent them we told them,they'd been selected to be part of our,show and we'd fly them out to California,the weekend of the national championship,but that we couldn't tell them any more,than that amazingly a bunch of them said,okay and so then we made them prove it,hi Dan hi how are you I'm Katie thank,you for being here course you're a big,coach football fan I am you've a very,down Arizona a lot of other PAC club,teams and so much ICT you're fans of,every team whoever I bet on it's give,any idea why you're here today,no no idea do you tweet about college,football a lot yes on Saturday is slot,to live tweeting yeah I would say so you,ever send a tweet and then feel like oh,maybe I shouldn't have sent that tweet,uh yeah maybe maybe,yeah can you go ahead and just read that,for me,dead-ass would have made that kick the,tcu kicker just missed ya remember how,many yards the twenty-something I would,guess,let me go ahead and take this time for,you to put your money where your mouth,is okay how do you feel confident of,confident of course just go whenever I'm,ready whenever you're ready,alrighty,clothes not enough air not enough air on,it or distance with clothes not enough,very distance but I don't feel like you,made it or did is my favorite part when,they have no idea what's coming,look at him walking out off confidence,you have any idea why you're here today,something out Twitter it's the only,thing that really anybody would tell me,so okay you ever sent a tweet regarding,college football's that you later were,like oh I shouldn't have said that,probably yeah yeah this September,September 3rd it was the Florida State,played Virginia Tech yes remember,anything that happened during that game,uh I mean that's I've watched a lot of,football this chercher this season lines,up for a field goal of 32 well can you,go ahead and just read that for me,oh I could have caught that drop TV or,made that field goal and you tweeted,that right I did that's me,you still think you could make it yeah,absolutely all right cool let's do it,here tonight can I set it up you can do,whatever you want I'll watch him on TV,that's all about so that means you can,do it I also you know I watched Top Chef,so I can cook now I actually played,Division 3 college football and couple,of my friends were kickers so I really,hope I don't let them down,oh my god I think it was in right yeah,you were going for the women's bathroom,any idea why you're here you know we're,trying to figure it out probably has,something to do with I plus a lot on on,Twitter I'm a professional Rancher you,know so I figured has something to do,with that perfect you get paid to rant,no I just love it though why don't you,go ahead and can you read that for me I,couldn't remember how many yards to,field though it was sharp it was a,relatively short this will be from 52 I,could have made that kid yeah then I put,the little smiley face no this is my,cape,our where it is during football okay,that'll help feel better now I do I do I,feel better now there you go,good job the camera hey man I know,college football's you know tough a lot,of pressure you know people coming at ya,I just missed that kick with nobody at,me I apologize for my tweet to whom it,may concern,I'm sorry that I thought I could do,better than you or the vision one,scholarship kicker,you're awesome I'm not Cheers I,apologize all right that's 53 yards is,like that's like full football fields,man for real no yeah no playing my,apologies all right I love you I love,you

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