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Stephen A. Smith reacts to Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe on Damar Hamlin | Draymond Green Showa guy

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe on Damar Hamlin | Draymond Green Show

a guy who,I don't think people will ever be able,to separate y'all names just because of,the history on first take,um Skip Bayless uh recently made some,comments and when and when speaking of,No Mercy recently made some comments,about Demar Hamlin and,the comments that he made live during,the game I think everyone knew,immediately in that moment they were,wrong like uh this guy just passed out,we just watched CPR be administered on,live television,and you say a game should continue,that's no mercy that's not having any,number one feel uh I think the the field,there is just all but no uh secondly,that that to me I always speak about how,how people view the athlete and that's,having no mercy at all for just the,athlete for the mindset you know we when,and you think of today's day and age and,everyone the awareness around mental,health and all of these different issues,and to say that someone who you know,Steph Curry's a brother of mine like,Klay Thompson is my brother you you you,you Blood Sweat and Tears with these,guys you experience some of the highest,the highest in life with these guys and,some of the lowest and lows in life with,these guys and to say that you can just,witness that number one as a player,let's not even look at it from demar's,standpoint in his life let's just look,at it from the standpoint of players,athletes in general to say that josh,Allen can witness that and then just go,call a play and throw a football,like what about the compassion for the,athlete now,I don't even want to go to the,compassion for Demar and his family,because that's a totally different thing,and that I mean that really goes to an,entirely different category so I'm,really just trying to keep it Sports but,when speaking of no mercy and someone,that you've worked with what was your,opinion and thoughts on Skip and then to,double down and say oh no I stand on,that even after knowing the condition,that he's in I guess for me I can,respect you saying you stand on your,opinion I can't respect that but at the,same time,it feels low,first of all let me get this out the way,skip was wrong,plain and simple,if we want to First Take together,and he was sitting across from me,I'd have told him he was wrong,um there's no doubt about that,and that needs to be said,at that particular Moment In Time,you can use the phrase feel in the room,you can use whatever other phases do,whatever other phrases that you want but,at the end of the day,it reached a point where it was not,about,football it was not about games it was,about a man's life being a young man's,life being on the line,so there is no there's no defending that,and I agreed with Shannon Sharp's,position on that,having said that what I will say and I,had there were people that wrote,articles that Stephen A came to defense,no I didn't,but I did explain what I mean by that is,number one it's important that I,practice any comment about Skip Bayless,uh in terms of saying this Draymond I'm,not here today if it were not for,sleeping see Bayless is the one that,brought me on first date,and I will never,walk around like I don't owe that man a,lot,but I disagreed with him after I owed,him that offer fake every day so why,can't I disagree with him now and why,wouldn't I disagree with him in the,future I'm sure he would disagree me I,promise you he disagrees with what I'm,saying right now that comes with it,but remember when I talked about,attacking what someone does as opposed,to attacking them,I've known skip for 20 years I know,people who despise them I know people,who think the worst of them I know all,of these different things I'm not one of,those people,and,I will always have love for my man,I think he was wrong,but I also knew,what mistake he made,Dre,he's looking at the game and here's what,he's thinking about,he's seen Jack Tatum paralyzed Daryl,Stingley he saw Michael Irvin on the,turf at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia,believably paralyzed he just recently,saw to a tongue of the lower get carried,off the same field in Cincinnati by,ambulance and was concussed I mean his,body stiffened up like it had rigor,mortis like Rigamortis kicked in,and throughout NFL history,which Skip Bayless has been covering,since the 70s,he's seen the game continue,and a lot of times people are not taking,that into account you can say we're,living in a different time that is true,we all living in a different time but,you also have others who hold on to a,certain culture now sometimes they hold,on to certain cultures in the world of,politics we don't like that we're the,news don't like that social justice,issues we damn sure don't like that,put in a World of Sports,there's tens of millions of people who,hold on to the way things used to be,which is what the New Media as you like,to call yourself right like to like to,bring up how you got cats that hold on,to it but I'm saying to you Draymond,well that's who you're talking about,that's the guy you know the guy that is,like this is the way that things w

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Nets-Grizzlies NBA Finals? Stephen A. Smith makes bold prediction | Draymond Green Show

Nets-Grizzlies NBA Finals? Stephen A. Smith makes bold prediction | Draymond Green Show

and taking it to the end of the year who,do you got in the finals,the start of the season I had y'all the,Golden State Warriors versus the,Brooklyn Nets okay,um my prediction I don't think is,looking that bad right now see I'm not,worried about y'all the way everybody,else is and so my attitude is if you can,win at home you'll figure out how to win,on the road,that damn Klay Thompson and I say that,damn Klay Thompson because you know I,love me some Klay Thompson I think Klay,Thompson's one of the top five Shooters,in the history of basketball and this,brother you know all of these not over,the last three games average number 25,he looks like the clay I know and love I,don't know what the hell is going on,within the previous 17-18 games I'm like,what the hell is that you know uh Jordan,Poole I believe in him I I I expected,more from Wiseman I expected more from,kamenga and Moody,um the fact that those are question,marks I think the Memphis Grizzlies,deserve the nod over y'all right now and,I'm not sleeping on the Pelicans but I,say that with this caveat,if Klay Thompson is Steph Curry,get going,I don't give a damn who goes up against,y'all y'all taking them out,y'all taking them out and and and Boston,is the most complete team that a better,team I think Brooklyn would beat,Milwaukee,I don't know if they beat Boston they,gotta get a big body to deal with the,likes other Robin Williams of the world,they got to get a big body but KD Kyrie,shoot even Watanabe uh Seth Curry uh uh,I mean Patty Mills these brothers are,marksmen and I'll go as far as to say,this,I think y'all at y'all best as Marksman,I think the only team that would have a,shot to beat y'all at your best,is a Brooklyn Nets team at their best,because they can shoot two,it will take that in order to knock,y'all off I would tell you Boston and,Memphis deserve the nod today but I'm,holding on to the dear life to my,preseason prediction you all versus the,Brooklyn Nets I think that's I think,that's a strong preseason you think,Memphis is ready you think Memphis is,ready to take that jump to them are you,ready for this I think Memphis is ready,and I think it's your fault,why is it my fault because you know you,whooping it up with the crowd in Memphis,you get them going you understand what,I'm saying you got that going you know,Joshua boy but you like talking to him,y'all like talking back and forth cause,they like talking they like absolutely,throughout my life are covering Sports,the one thing I've always paid attention,to are those truly knocking at the door,Memphis is knocking that door now I know,there's a part of y'all that believe Jah,getting hurt it was shoot it was more,difficult of an adjustment for y'all,because y'all didn't know what they were,gonna throw at you once y'all got hurt,which is why they blew y'all out in game,five before y'all came and won game six,and ended the series,but John is something to behold and by,the way I want to throw him in an MVP,conversation as well because he deserves,to be in there because I'm here to tell,you something right now this brother,John Moran,if he's healthy and he's going against,y'all,and they got home court advantage,and you got a game seven in Memphis,great,that's a tall cat that's a tall task,for them yeah yeah I agree I agree but,I'm just saying I'm not sleeping on them,bro I'm not sleeping on them they are,Memphis and they can shoot they've got,athletes they ain't scared they,aggressive they go forward they go for,it see New Orleans to me is the new,Memphis Memphis is knocking at the door,they tipping at your heels,so I'll tell you how I see that because,I think Memphis is knocking at the door,as well,um and I and and I think uh,I think they are to be reckoned with,like I don't look at them and be like,that's nothing like no we got to deal,with them,I know that we will deal with them but,we have to deal with them but,the thing that that Memphis the problem,that they're going to have and I'm gonna,say this because it's my little brother,and I say it to him every time I see him,right Jaren got to stop following they,can't they cannot compete in the playoff,series especially with us if Jaren does,not stop following Jared can't end up in,foul trouble five of the six games,it has to be on the floor because there,was going to be times Steven Adams who,who's incredible who plays his role,better than anybody in the NBA without,question there's going to be times just,in this NBA where you have to take,Steven Adams off the floor like it's,just going to happen the matchups Steph,Curry get going on the screen and,rolling you like ah we got to get big,Stevo out right the person who may be,able to defend that and share but if,he's always in foul trouble number one,you can't play aggressive right and,number two you can't play at all you're,on the bench because you're always in,foul trouble so I think the key to them,really being able to compete at that,level,is is it's actually not job like we know,who Jai is

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Stephen A. & Perk react to the Jokic and Morris families' Twitter beef | First Take

Stephen A. & Perk react to the Jokic and Morris families' Twitter beef | First Take

nicola jokic has been suspended for one,game without pay for forcefully pushing,markeith morris in the back in sunday's,game versus the heat morris was fined,fifty thousand for his flagrant foul two,that led to joking's retaliation and,jimmy butler fined thirty thousand for,attempting to escalate the altercation,and failing to comply with an nba,security interview the whole event,turned into a family fair with both,sides getting into it on twitter,marquise brother marcus who's on the,clippers tweeted waited till bro turned,his back shaking my head that prompted,yokitch's brothers to open a twitter,account named yokitch brothers the two,confirmed that to the denver post the,newly created account tweeted you should,leave this the way it is instead of,publicly threatening our brother your,brother made a dirty play first you want,to make a step further be sure we'll be,watching for you yolkitch brothers no,we'll be waiting sorry sorry wait we'll,be waiting for you marcus then tweeted,yesterday mama said don't talk on social,media no more well there you have it i,love you mama okay we have a lot going,on there right good old social media,kendrick perkins back here with us,steven a has this jokic situation,escalated too far,no,not for me i mean listen,i i,we're not advocating violence let's make,sure we're very very clear,but,the nba to some degree has gotten a bit,too soft at times i like animosity now i,don't want fighting you know i don't,want anybody to get physically harmed,but i want to emphasize and this is what,i'm saying to put kendrick perkins up on,the split screen because i'm talking to,my brother here and it's not a,disagreement it's just my my thoughts,and i'm really interested in hearing,yours as well and by the way kendrick,perkins as an assad pilot was it paolo,uh uh uh uh been ben carro for duke ben,carroll for duke lord have mercy,ladies and gentlemen,the superstar is coming to the nba,nearest you he's at duke university,that brother,lord have mercy,special,special nessus in the side now let me,get back to this,i got a lot of respect and admiration,for the morris twins,they're a physical they're physical duo,they are who they are,you know what you getting when you get,them you bring them into the league for,that if if without physicality i heard,eddie johnson on sirius xm's nba radio,show yesterday talking with justin,termini they do a great job by the way,eddie johnson made a very valid point,guess what if marcus if markeith morris,wasn't physical he wouldn't be in the,league you understand you were a,physical player you win the league,that's why i get upset when people try,to talk about well kendrick wasn't the,score no he was an enforcer banged,bodies rebound defended all of those are,components that come with it too which,is what you were talking about with,scottie pippen we understand what the,morris twins are and what they're about,and by the way they can play and they,belong in any nba team i'm a huge fan of,both of them,but they do instigate things from time,to time,and markeith morris did instigate that,with jokic,and yokitch is not one to be messed with,or played with,and by the way just for edification,to the world,neither are their brothers,do your homework on those brothers,look up their history,they tweet that out by accident,they mean it,they ain't playing,and you know this kendrick perkins the,way that i do and i said this yesterday,on first date you run across european,players some of these cats they talk,about the violence that is exists and,it's perpetrating the united states of,america and they talk about people,talking about gun violence and stuff,like that they said where we from people,drop bombs,this is a different world,we,they said this is what we have to deal,with growing up so america to them,is heaven,you know it doesn't phase them they're,not scared so we need to be mindful of,that,and we we're not encouraging violence,we're certainly not encouraging a sneak,attack eric spoelstra was right if,marquette morris was face to face with,him data threw down no doubt because,marquis ain't backing up there's no punk,in him we get all of that,but we just need to understand,joking yokish ain't that dude either and,that's all i want to say about that kp,you know what let me say this let me say,this stephen a,when when i was in high school at osan,high school i had a coach by the name of,coach andre boote who played a a huge,role in my life almost a father figure,right,and when i got there my when i got to,high school my freshman year,he told me i was on varsity and i,remember before the first game he said,hey look you're going against this big,man tonight this is what i want you to,do you got to establish your presence,when the ref is not looking i want you,to sneak a elbow,if he elbows you back,then you in the fight but if he don't do,nothing if he don't do a damn thing,you've got him right so that,transitioned for me into the nba,and so,i knew,that being a guy that was an in

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Stephen A. Smith takes Jayson Tatum over Kevin Durant | Draymond Green Show

Stephen A. Smith takes Jayson Tatum over Kevin Durant | Draymond Green Show

the first returns for the All-Star,balloting voting came out and uh Jason,Tatum is not starting what do you make,of Jason Tatum not stop being a starter,initially that's his ass an All-Star,that's insane who would you remove out,of the three guys that's in front of him,who do we have we've got Giannis,we've got it Joelle and KD and and KD,I would are you ready for this,I'm ready for this I think I need to,hear this song,I would have to remove KD,and it's not because and let me and,that's saying a lot for me because I,think when Katie's healthy is the best,on the planet and I think he's the,leading candidate for MVP here's why I,would remove them I can't remove Joel,and B because they in the center on the,planet as far as I'm concerned better,than him not particularly in the Eastern,Conference I,I can move Giannis because that's your,power forward who by the way is a,champion and a two-time defensive player,of the year and the ball and out,averaging 47 and 17 over the last six to,three to six games or something right I,can't do that,here's where I can pick Tatum over KD,similar stats,but a better record,and by the way the last time we saw,y'all two against each other Tatum,switch,that's why,um,that's why the whole Kyrie thing played,into that I don't know I'm saying it but,at the end of the day at the end of the,day well listen what if I say when you,and I have had conversations what if I,said to you drew I said excuse me,um I inspected no damn points from you,it's good when you give me points I'm,looking at the rebounds and assist I'm,looking at your defensive prowess but,more importantly I'm looking at your,leadership,in other words when the leadership ain't,they when things run awry I'm looking at,you because you're that guy that,galvanizes them you're the guy that,allows Steph to be Steph because Steph's,gonna have to be preoccupied with a,bunch of stuff and Clay don't have to be,preoccupied with a bunch of stuff that's,what you do right so if you're not doing,that then that's problematic when I look,at the Brooklyn Nets I love Katie I love,him as a player and a person I love KD,and I love Mama Duran as well,you got swept,and the distractions that no longer,exist for that right now give them,credit where credit is due but the,distractions and everything else all of,that happened on your watch,yeah,so I gotta hold you accountable for that,if I gotta pick between you and Tatum,right now,but here's the question though here's,the question and Kevin has said this,himself everyone expect Kevin to be this,this big leader in the sense of like,like he if I remember correctly I don't,want to misquote him but I think he said,in Rolling Stone I'm not good at saying,hey everybody come on follow me that's,never been who I am in my life so why,does that have to be so synonymous with,who he is as a basketball player because,everybody's just not a natural born,leader and again I'm not taking no shot,at okay but he himself has said that's,not kind of my strong shoe why is his,basketball game judged based off of that,and he himself has said it's not like,we're not strong there well first of all,I'm gonna challenge you on that because,I don't you're not accurate because he's,a really good MVP,the league MVP and a two-time champion,so clearly MVP twice and the finals MVP,twice and well-deserved and y'all what a,3p to get a sweat Toronto don't get me,started with that you don't took a mask,okay because of KD all right with the,rest of the crew what I am saying is,where I'm challenging you is that,he wanted to lead it in nobody blamed,him for it we still praised them we,still recognize the greatness we're,recognizing the greatness now,but you asked why tayden instead of him,that's entirely different than not,appreciating the greatness of KD we know,he's great we know he's phenomenal we,know he's unmatchable you can't guard,him the brother is on another level and,he's a league MVP candidate but right,now halfway through this season,the consistent team has been the,Brooklyn Nets I'm sorry I'm sorry the,Boston Celtics and this has been spite,of their drama he made you dope and all,of that absolutely so the point is that,all of that comes into play and if you,have to choose between KD and Tatum for,the starters nod that's where that would,come from that's not throwing shade on,KD it's simply pointed out that's what,it is and oh by the way,I understand you might not be that dude,fair enough,there's a lot I might not be,there's a lot that you might not be,but when it's costing us,the chip whatever our definition of the,chip is okay all of a sudden you gotta,modify you can't be married to what you,ain't and don't even try to be something,more just because that's not you you,gotta try you gotta keep pushing and,that's what I would challenge KD to do,and that's throwing no shade on them,because I got mad love and respect for,KD you know that absolutely I respect,that and if I'm being honest,by the way I'm not making an argument,against

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Stephen A Smith ADMITS That Woke ESPN Got Political And DROVE FANS AWAY On The Pat McAfee Show

Stephen A Smith ADMITS That Woke ESPN Got Political And DROVE FANS AWAY On The Pat McAfee Show

for the last several years we've seen,ESPN continue to go downhill see them,continue to bleed viewers as they push,identity politics push social justice,and continue to make political talking,points more important than the sports,they're covering and now the face of the,company is even admitting that Stephen A,Smith who has had a lot of takes I don't,agree with over the years certainly is,coming out and straight up admitting,that we were pushing people away that we,got so invested in politics that we,decided we need to put a stop to this,because people aren't leaving Stephen A,Smith we did get to a point over the,years at ESPN where it was too much,politics now I heard this live on the,Pat McAfee show I think yesterday was,when Stephen A Smith was on there he was,talking about Demar Hamley who's talking,about the uh the playoffs of he's,talking about everything right but at,the beginning when he said why he's,starting his own personal podcast that,talks about things other than Sports he,gave a reason and why it was very very,damning for ESPN Stephen A Smith is one,of the biggest Personalities in sports,media and has become the highest paid,employee at ESPN making a whopping 12,million per year some people hate him,others love him but there's no denying,he's always polarizing Smith recently,joined Pat McAfee's podcast to promote,his new no mercy podcast which is,completely owned by him and not,affiliated with ESPN and we're going to,let him talk a little bit here because,he says why he wanted to do this podcast,that wasn't Sports Pat asked the probing,question and then Stephen A continues to,give the reason that we have known for a,long time about what's going on at ESPN,but to me I didn't want to be limited,and confined to the World of Sports it,was important to me to be able to extend,my expand my horizons and step out,beyond that because there's a lot of,politics social issues pop coaching,entertainment Kanye West to Kyrie the,list goes on and on I like to be able to,talk about all of it and not be limited,by it and I couldn't do that doing a,Sports podcast for ESPN so it was,important for you to go in and operate,my home because now Pat gives Pat says,that's that's weird because you know to,me uh optional,s networks probably ESPN included really,focusing pretty hardcore on politics,lately I thought there was a time there,where that was almost being promoted at,some sports networks not just ESPN but,everywhere was that something that you,thought you wanted to do more of because,they were telling you to do more of,there for a time or was there a,conversation about you should do less,Politics on ESPN or did you just feel,like it wasn't the right time or place,and you're looking for the right time or,place and that's on no mercy where you,can really dive in a little bit deeper,or how'd that all come about you think,I've never been an Aficionado when it,comes to the world of politics or even,social justice issues but I've always,had a passion for current news I've been,a journalist my entire career and so for,me I've always paid attention to what's,going on in the world of news when Jimmy,pataro came on board obviously he made a,concerted effort for us not to get into,politics per se and I want to tell you,that I stood up and support him on that,and I still do because we did get to a,point over the years at ESPN where it,was too much political politics it was,the political politicization of too many,different things and with the sports fan,got to a point where they were sending a,message that they didn't feel like their,needs were being met and so Jimmy Katara,comes on board and he instantly,addressed that and I supported that,because I think people have a right to,get what they tuned in to see from you,my argument however was yes I will give,you that but when I step away and I have,other interests there's nothing wrong,with that either and then the argument,was now and I think listen that's,obvious any normal person that,has been obvious that's why ESPN has,been failing that's why woke Sports,media has been failing fans have been,stepping away because it's just so,overtly political and only to one side,that's why so many people have a problem,with that uh but first United States to,acknowledge that for ESPN to acknowledge,that yet you still will tune in there,nearly daily and still see what seems to,be some pretty political content at,times it's kind of weird you know that,the fact that what we see now now is,with them acknowledging that there was,too much politics and we're still seeing,stuff like this Stephen A Smith's,certainly not blameless when it comes to,that he's involved things like that,before but I do think at the same time,if you watch enough Stephen A Smith you,can say that he doesn't necessarily take,the same position every single time on a,lot of these things sometimes he's a,little shockingly Stephen A Smith is,somewhat a little more nuanced at times,than a lot of other people at ESPN which,i

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Stephen A. responds to KD calling him out on Twitter | First Take

Stephen A. responds to KD calling him out on Twitter | First Take

there's going to be people especially if,golden state wins and brooklyn doesn't,win with all of this stuff that went on,this year that is going to look at his,choice to join with kyrie irving and,depart from steph curry as opposed to,staying with steph curry that's all i'm,saying ain't saying it's fair i'm not,saying this right when kd tweeted and,said it was egregious for me to say that,on nba today with malika and shanae is,when i said it,i'm saying i tweet it back you're,absolutely right it is egregious it's,unfair it ain't right you deserve better,okay so steven a that was you on nba,countdown saturday in response katie,took to twitter saying this steve since,you decided to use espn to push your,personal agendas i'm sure your minions,will run with this story for you but if,you believe this is what my career is,defined by then you're just a flat out,hater it's going to be hard to box the,god in,big perk back here with us kendrick good,to see you stephen a uh what's your,reaction well a couple,number one um,it wasn't just him that said something,his mother,i call her mama duran affectionately,wanda durant clapped back at me as well,let me say this,about wanda durant,i love that woman,she's one of the most special people,that i've ever encountered in the nba,and i love the nba moms and they all,know that,you can say whatever you want to me,about me,to my face,on twitter whatever the case may be,i'm going to do nothing but show you the,utmost love and respect and deference,because that's how i genuinely feel,about you,so i take no offense to what she says,she's speaking up for her son and she,has every right to do that,that's number one,number two,kevin durant,knows good and damn well i have no,personal agenda here,molly i challenge anybody to tell to,find who's the person that calls this,dude the best player in the world all,the time,that would be me kp,kevin durant the best player in the,world went healthy i've always said that,i feel that way now,um and he was enroute to win an mvp,until he got hurt and now joel embiid,has taken the league by storm,here's what i think kevin durant is,missing and i don't want to hear stuff,about him being sensitive or whatever,that bothers me because kevin durant has,a right to express himself,when people are talking about him i'd,rather you do that than not do that,a lot of guys will go behind your back,and say stuff but never say anything to,you face to face i can't tell you how,many issues i've had with some,professional athletes and in particular,nba players all because they didn't,approach me if you talked to me and you,had a conversation and you let me know,how you feel i'd let you know how i feel,and then we could shake hands as men and,be gone a matter of fact there have been,many occasions kp when i've actually,talked to athletes and i was like damn,they got a good point and what do i do i,come on tv and i correct myself because,if i'm gonna say something publicly,about you,if i'm wrong in any way,then i'm gonna go back on tv in public,and correct myself i'm not gonna correct,myself in private when i knocked you,publicly if i knocked you publicly and i,was wrong i'm gonna say i was wrong,publicly in this case with kevin durant,i don't believe i'm wrong,because i'm not talking about him the,player he is a superstar he is a first,ballot hall of famer he is one of the,greatest players we have ever seen,what i'm saying is because of the,dysfunction,that has reeked through the brooklyn,nets franchise kp,this season,if they falter in the post season,but steph curry and the golden state,warriors ascend,folks are going to look at k.d and say,you left steph,for that,that's what they're going to do we're,essentially saying he's a victim of,circumstances yes because that's exactly,because he didn't have kyrie because of,the injuries that's how this situation,he's turned out somewhat of him has,nothing to do with his somewhat it's,nothing to do with his play but,something to do with his leadership in,people's eyes because they view brooklyn,as his team,so when stuff happens right they're,gonna say,we're you,correcting all of this because it's your,team,right wrong fair or unfair,that's all i was saying because,to the durant family,and to basketball people of the world,over i will remind you,i have been covering the nba for a,quarter century i know what the,headlines are going to be,you could see it a mile away and that's,all i was saying no shade on kevin,durant i'm just saying this is what you,got to watch out for this is what's,coming unless stuff gets cleaned up in,brooklyn and you all handle your,business kp,and it's not hating it's not hating see,here's the thing that,these guys have to realize it's almost,like going back to the lakers with shaq,and kobe okay when shaq left shaq went,prove that i could win without kobe and,kobe proved that he could win without,shaq that's just what you got to do so,what you said was it wasn't wrong is it,it's always going to be that's g

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ESPN, Stephen A. Smith BLASTED By Ariel Helwani Over Dana White Coverage

ESPN, Stephen A. Smith BLASTED By Ariel Helwani Over Dana White Coverage

though white is the face of the UFC,Stephen A it is an entity owned by,Endeavor what type of discipline should,Dana face,well my immediate response to that is,whatever discipline he should face is,the kind of discipline he would impose,upon someone he oversees because that,would be that would be consistent with,who he is on ESPN Stephen A Smith,faltered on the video of Dana White,committing an act of domestic violence,against his wife per Ariel helwani on,The Dan Le batard show I just want to,say one thing and I need I feel like I,need to get it off my chest and and I,hate doing this sort of thing I thought,you were going to ask me about it but,you didn't so I just want to get it off,my chest,um I saw the first take clip of them,talking about Dana White and I just want,to say,when I was at ESPN very few people I,felt like were like true allies to me,you were probably at the top of the list,and Stephen A was a very close second,and I've known Molly Karen for a very,long time,I feel like I need to get off my chest,as the MMA guy that I was very,disappointed when I saw that clip Dana,White is not just somebody that's,connected in the world to sports,he's a friend I love the guy personally,um so it is a very hard subject for me,we talk all the time,um we certainly connected briefly since,this happened he knew you know he knew,there's no way on Earth that I wasn't,going to talk about it,um my heart goes out to his family,because this is a very very embarrassing,situation,um he says it has never ever happened,before,um he's completely ashamed and utterly,disgusted with himself that he finds,himself in this situation that he would,ever have done such a thing to a woman,he's been married to for 30 years who's,the mother of his three children,um and he makes no excuses for it and I,think it's important to point that out I,also think it's important to point out,that she validates what he asserts that,it's never happened before that it was,completely out of character and she even,pointed to the fact that they were out,and they were drinking and all of that,other stuff as well in the end he's not,making any excuses it's certainly not,for me nor anybody out there to make an,excuse because particularly within the,times that we're living in and with all,the things that we've learned and the,kind of the the inordinate amount of,times we've had to address subjects like,this we have to maintain consistency in,pointing out you do not put your hands,on a woman if you are a man you do not,do it Dana White knows that and you know,all I can say is that again he has,spoken out against men who put their,hands on women before and whatever,punishment you would exact under these,circumstances to somebody else is what,he should apply to himself I think they,went very easy on him and that's and I,say that because they don't go easy on,people they're the truth tellers they're,the ones who keep it real that's the,show that I look when Kyrie does,something I I know that Stephen A has,relationships with NBA players he keeps,it real he tells it like it is and to,see them with the puppy dog face saying,I love Dana White and he's got a,beautiful family and we we don't judge,him in his lowest moments we don't judge,people in their lowest moments excuse me,that's all we do As pundits we judge,them in their High moments and their low,moments we are just judging Kyrie we,judge everyone in their lowest moments,well we did we not judge Ray Rice in his,low moment do we not judge Ray Lewis and,his like name one we judge him so I felt,like I don't understand why again I,don't understand why this happens why he,gets this pass,um but what I saw that I was like all,right what you're telling me is if,you're friends with the guy you're gonna,give him a pass because I I can assure,you as a Knicks fan and as someone who,likes that show and respect Stephen A,tremendously,if James Dolan is on camera doing that,exact same thing is he saying the same,thing is he saying you punish him the,way you would punish your players or is,he saying this man needs to go this man,needs to be held accountable this man,needs to be punished what do you think,and so I look to the mainstream media,you guys have done a fantastic job to,say these things that we in our little,MMA bubble uh don't have the reach to,get out there and when I saw that and I,saw the tone and I saw the you know we,love him and he's a great family man and,this and that and you know we wish them,the best like something like they like,he is a victim I was like golly is this,really happening right now am I really,watching this uh I was disappointed and,I say that with the utmost respect they,talked about being,um drinking heavily yeah when you're,under the influence not Shining Moments,often people don't make their best,decisions so in that sense it's it's a,cautionary tale and in terms of it being,an isolated incident I've known Dana,since of 22 have the utmost respect for,him yes,um and I don't judge people by

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UNDISPUTED | Stephen A Smith & Shannon berates Skip Bayless refused to delete his Damar Hamlin Tweet

UNDISPUTED | Stephen A Smith & Shannon berates Skip Bayless refused to delete his Damar Hamlin Tweet

I know last night your friend skip,tweeted something with the whole Hamlin,situation and I know a lot of a lot of,people weren't happy with the way he,tweeted or what he tweeted so I'm,curious what your thoughts were on that,and also you know the fluidity of,Twitter do you feel like that's,detrimental,we live in different times,I'm not about to judge Skip Bayless or,anybody else,for saying the wrong thing God knows I,have,okay,um intent matters,yes you got to be sensitive out there,mental health matters life matters human,beings well-being matters and when you,speak you have to make sure that you're,sensitive to everything that you can be,sensitive to in articulating your,position,um skip can defend himself,I will tell you that,I've spent years disagreeing with Skip,Bayless I disagree with him now and I'm,going to disagree with him into the,future,but he's still my brother,he's still a guy,that brought me here on First Take,and I know who he is I know what he's,about do I agree with everything he says,or how he says it or the timing with,which he uses to say things no,but the flip side to it is that I know,that by and large his heart is in the,right place and you know people make,mistakes and so I've always been his,brother I'm going to continue to be his,brother no matter what because if I can,tell my brother you know my late brother,God Rest his soul but when he was alive,I told him he was wrong I love my,sisters every day I tell them when,they're wrong they tell me when I'm,wrong so I don't have any problem,telling skip I'll save that skip when I,see him you're going to get yourself,caught up from time to time but if your,heart's in the right place,and you truly meant no harm,and you're willing to apologize,this country has shown you on many many,occasions it will allow you to move on,and I'm an eyewitness to that,good Wednesday morning everybody and,welcome into Undisputed here on FS1 I'm,Jen Hill that is Skip Bayless and,Shannon sharp guys good to see you,Shannon I understand if something you,want to share this morning good morning,yes morning uh there's been a lot of,speculation of why I wasn't on air,yesterday and I won't get into,speculation or conjecture innuendo but I,will say this in watching that game on,Monday night uh what happened to Demar,Hamlin struck me a little different,um as a Brotherhood in the NFL when,injuries happen when we know injuries,are part of the game I've seen guys,suffer ACLS and achilles Terror but I've,never seen anybody have to be revived,and fight for their life on the field so,they struck me a little differently,because I remember seeing my brother,paralyzed on the field temporarily and,he was able to regain Focus,um skip tweeted something and although I,disagree with the Tweet uh and and I,hopefully uh skip would take it down but,I didn't want it yeah time out I'm out,I'm not going to take it down because I,stand by what I tweeted skip let me,finish all right okay,no you go,let's go Jen okay I mean I cannot even,get through a monologue without you,interrupting me you could have came back,skip,no I was just going to say skip I didn't,want to yesterday to get into a,situation where Demar Hamlin was the,issue we should have been talking about,him and not get into your not get into,your uh your Tweet that's what I was,gonna do but you can't even let me,finish my opening monologue without you,interrupting okay I was under the,impression you weren't going to bring,this up because nobody here had a,problem with that tweet no,clearly the bosses wanted you to offer,explanations so clearly so no they did,not have nobody,top of the morning top of the morning,I haven't really spoke on this uh Skip,Bayless situation because,I wanted to see if he had any remorse,um after what he said Monday,and you know obviously what he said,first of all skip is a a professional in,this in this realm,was very highly respected,and it's put in years of work,so you know when people say you know,read the whole tweet he said the game,was,irrelevant he knew he had to put that at,the end of the he was saying,hoping that we didn't see through the,because how he truly felt was his,original first sentence that how can,they even cancel this there's too much,of them that's how he really felt,but he's very intelligent and he knew,that if he put you know somehow this,game seems irrelevant now that some,people wouldn't see through his,and and arrogance and and blatant,disrespect for DeMar,fast forward that,I just feel up late he's been very very,very,disrespectful and out of pocket and,that's normal but he's been that way to,Shannon and you can see Shannon bite his,tongue uh you can see him you know do,deep breaths,from not jumping across that table and,ringing that man's neck,but I think Skip's day is coming,and it may not be from a firing,standpoint because you know,we know white men in this profession can,kind of get away and do with you know,what they want,just is what it is,um and it makes good TV remember,

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