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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Stephen Curry Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ Sports

what's up gq i'm stephen curry and today,i'm going undercover on the internet,it's actually me,instagram,honestly who's a better shooter you or,clay i'm glad i'm sitting in this seat,right now and not him cause i get the,answer and not him and it's definitely,me but every great shooter feels like,they can beat whoever the next best,shooter is but the fact that he shoots,the ball so well i got to be in my a,game to beat him no matter when it is,be honest who played the best defense to,get you oh that's a great question,honestly my brother because he knows my,game so well and there's always that uh,kind of vibe of him disarming me when,i'm out there because i feel like you,know i'm so proud to see my brother out,there on the court i kind of get lost in,that moment but outside of seth i,probably say tony allen or avery bradley,posted i gotta ask fully healthy do you,believe the warriors with kd could have,beat the 96 bulls in a seven game finals,absolutely obviously we will never know,but you put us on paper with them i like,our chances i'd say dubs and six too,let's check twitter,i wonder if steph's ankle injuries ever,affected him mentally like did he ever,lose faith there were plenty of times,that i doubted myself all i wanted to do,was just be healthy and play and then,worry about being great on the court,later when you're in those moments you,know doing rehab and becomes really,monotonous it is hard you got to have a,good support system around you and,thankfully i did,who would win a free throw shootout seth,or steph curry i don't even have to,that's not a long answer it's me big,brother always going to win,is steph curry even a point guard how,can you be a point guard when you play,off the ball more than on the ball how,are you a point guard when your power,forward facilitates the offense more,than you steph curry is a shooting guard,he's not the main ball handler for his,team i would have to say uh you're right,and you have a lot of questions but it,doesn't really matter what position you,play it's just can you play basketball,and we just figure it out so you wanna,call draymond the point guard and me the,shooting guard sounds great,now on the core,how can steph and curry be stopped what,did braun say that one time you don't,i like that line i had to steal it from,i like that one how can i shoot like,curry everybody thinks they can shoot,from you know 20 30 40 feet i've been,developing muscle memory since i was,basically 5 years old and i started,playing organized basketball so you got,to put in the hours but it only comes,with reps however many shots i've taken,since i was five you got to shoot that,many shots who do you take prime iverson,or steph curry that is a great question,everybody remembers that time i tried,cornrows i would take prime iverson,cornrows over prime steph cornrow was,first and foremost but on the on the,court uh i modeled a lot of you know the,ball handling stuff after what a.i did,but uh still got to bet on myself,without the cornrows,why don't the referees call traveling on,steph curry,there are probably like three things,that nba players never do we never,travel we've never fouled anybody and we,never want to come out of the game so,you have to kind of buy by those if you,want to play in the nba,tick tock,what does curry do in the halftime with,his teammates if we're winning we're,telling jokes we're,motivating each other we're having a,good time if we're losing most likely,somebody's getting yelled at by draymond,and,we're trying to figure it out so we can,turn it around the second half but,sometimes i do check my twitter too see,all the hate or the praise coming in,just depends on how the game's going,let's see more on instagram,before you got drafted was there a team,you were looking forward to going to i,absolutely was wanting to go to the,knicks the draft was in new york it was,my dad's birthday june 25th 2009. i had,a lot of conversations with the gm of,the new york at the time who said if i,was on the board they picked me so,there's a lot of hype because being in,new york i thought i was going to be a,new york knick but they always say,careful what you wish for everything,happened the way it was supposed to be,so i'm a warrior who was really the best,chef curry in the kitchen,so i learned a lesson from my wife that,chef curry is not my nickname i know a,lot of fans use it but she is called,dibs on that she is the real chef curry,with the pot,reddit,after tonight's games steph curry 27.6,points per game and kevin durant 29.5,points per game are currently second and,first in scoring both on insane,efficiency is it fair to consider them,on their own tier apart from the rest of,the league as scorers right now i've,always admired the way katie gets it,done obviously playing against him for,many years and being his teammate for,three years he is the most gifted scorer,in terms of being able to get his shot,off but when it comes to,just overall skill and the way that i,try to g

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Steph Curry Reads Tweets at Halftime So Let's Prank Him & Bucks Star Brook Lopez's New Local Ad

Steph Curry Reads Tweets at Halftime So Let's Prank Him & Bucks Star Brook Lopez's New Local Ad

hello and thank you for joining me on a,friday night of basketball in the us of,a we are in prime time for game four of,the nba finals the winner of game four,goes on to play the loser of game five,whereas the team the lost game four has,to play uh the game five winner and vice,versa until one of the teams wins four,games and um the other team loses four,games and at that point the series,concludes you following this guillermo,yeah yeah sure yeah after opening the,series at chase center in san francisco,the games have now moved to a stadium,named after a different bank td garden,which used to be the boston garden,before tony danza came in and bought it,and,this is an important game for both teams,you know the winner of game four goes on,to play the loser of oh did i go through,this already yeah yeah you already seen,it right 12 seconds ago i forgot sorry,you know nba players for the most part,make a lot of money and they seem to be,spending a big chunk of that money on,clothes here is jason tatum showing up,for work in what two suits that were cut,in half and sewed together i think,he's dressed like hall and oats at the,same time,and this is steph curry wearing,i don't know what appears to be uh i'm,not sure if this is what inspired but it,seems to be a chunk of the set from the,price is right,in,like 1981.,well what do i know,i come to work in shorts i change into a,suit,go back home and short speaking of steph,curry i thought this was an interesting,tidbit from espn analyst jj reddick i,want to put that third quarter graphic,back up so people can really let it,marinate jj go ahead no i was just going,to say i think one of the reasons that,the warriors are always so good in the,third quarter is because steph gets on,his phone at halftime and reads the,twitter comments and he looks and he,looks for motivation that way that's,true i'm dead serious that's very,interesting at halftime he's reading,what twitter is saying about him to get,you know this could be a fun experiment,actually,so right now steph curry is about to,play he's not watching this right now,maybe before halftime it would be funny,if we all tweet something like um did,anyone else see steph curry swallow that,fly,or omg a fly landed on steph curry's,mouth guard and he ate it,or like steph curry eats bugs and that,way when he sits down at halftime,tonight he's like what i ate a bug and,be creative have fun with it make it,your own and we'll we'll see what,happens maybe something will we have a,fun show for you tonight buzz captain,america light year himself,last game,we had,we had chris pratt last game we have,chris evans tonight who knows who our,next chris will be,maybe p cream you know basketball isn't,just fun and games,it is a business lebron james is a,billionaire now mostly thanks to his,endorsement deals but not every player,has his own shoe line or hockey,franchise brook lopez of the milwaukee,bucks for instance,brooke prefers to focus on smaller,projects and so one of our our one of,our beloved local shops here in burbank,went looking for a celebrity,spokesperson we called brook and we,hooked them up,hi i'm nba all-star brook lopez and in,the off-season i spend all my time,training,model training,at the train shack burbank's one stop,shop for model railroad enthusiasts all,aboard for a huge variety of trains and,tracks,so much variety and don't forget,accessories like,shrubbery palm trees a tattoo parlor and,green stuff that kind of looks like,wheat but it's not weed,and an incredible selection of miniature,white people,little lumberjacks stubby hobos tiny,garbage men little degenerates mooning,and the cast of friends i think,this is a store owner mindy,hi mindy how's business it's been a,little slow lately,thanks mindy,oh no my choo choo got a boo-boo,don't worry brooke i'm john,mindy's husband and i specialize in,train repair,wow john you really saved my caboose,on the train,and it's a great place to meet women,the train shack is not a great place to,meet women,what are you waiting for,the train shack located at 10 30 north,hollywood way across from the old,sizzler that's now an orthodontist,office not to be confused with shake,shack radio shack or shaq he'll say big,bucks thank you brooke,and john and mindy and everyone in the,train shots here

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"How Can They Stop Steph Curry?" | Inside Crew Reacts to Warriors-Nuggets Game 2 | NBA on TNT

"How Can They Stop Steph Curry?" | Inside Crew Reacts to Warriors-Nuggets Game 2 | NBA on TNT

about quarter to one here on the East,Coast as we uh welcome You Inside the,NBA presented by Kia from Studio J in,Atlanta where Chucky got one more chance,to be a team player here and join me and,Kenny and Shaq in being professional,ready on your mark two three the,professional look,oh you still can't do it,yeah,come on man these guys,two-point scoring early,and uh,DeMarcus Cousins for three more on him,later,they will attack Monte Morris they were,up 12. well he had a little 14-2 run and,then Golden State hit him 26-8 with that,day they let that happen about five or,six times when he tried to cheat the,play and the guy got a wide open back,door because when you've got guys who,could oh yeah,you still make the guy shoot the three,you know,yeah,instead of giving up layups yes no I'd,rather have a layup than them guys,pool,pool party or it's a pool party oh it's,a pool party I like that uh check oh,cash,you rather that no yeah where they have,that until they'll lay up okay 57 51 one,Golden State at the half and then golden,no that on that play right there there's,no reason give up no layup checks,whatever because the guy shoots too well,okay now here you go with DeMarcus,Cousins and will the thrill Barton,getting into it on the Denver Sidelines,throwing the game yeah yeah oh,that does in the locker room dude,on this truck relax man jeez it's joking,look at Golden State at this point man,you have to look you gotta you can't,give up those that's you you can't allow,those to be open so you're gonna,overplay something you know that's what,makes it that's not that's not even a,play I'm talking about but that's what,takes away oh no way no no there is a,way out,Jordan pool first guy in NBA history to,have 10 threes or more in his first two,playoff games wow,you sure yes I'm absolutely positive,and uh jokic,the end of the night for him yeah he had,enough yeah I didn't have to watch the,wrist finish with 26-11 and four assists,and Golden State finishes off Denver 126,to 106. they shoot 55 percent Curry,going for 34 Off the Bench clay had 21.,who will had 29. Wiggins had 13 and on,and on oh my God,they're good man yes they had Denver,Thursday night for game three of that,Series yeah this is uh ugly but yeah,Chuck well,ugly is from Denver's standpoint well,okay I want to ask you the question,because you said you can't give up the,twos no you no no no no I want to ask,you hold on put the play up there run a,playback you don't listen no we have to,run it before we run the play I just had,the question is we'll run into the play,if they find it well so what is your job,your job guarding Steph Curry when a,pick is coming to do what if you're,guarding him to get over the screen,right so yeah that's not even a place,that's not your place that's not true,yes it is that's not you chase it you're,chasing you're chasing it but the other,but the dummy up top don't jump out,there,no no and if you don't hate it,that's nothing if they couldn't shoot,that way,you have to have proper communication if,I'm guarding you and you thought there's,Ernie I'm gonna say Ernie switch when,you got both guys,he's talking about it wasn't proper,communication,you know not even first of all you lock,that guy in but you they're not hedging,they're doubling the fool in the corner,don't even have the ball,I'm just saying man okay,right freezing watch out there if you're,if you if you're Aaron Gordon you have,to help at all and you gotta show some,what no no because no gotta show someone,because,let's see we're on the play he showed,right now,communication just bad defense,he did not help he stayed there,once you get it once you get hit I lock,you in it it's too late I thought you,knew something about basketball,if it wasn't those two guys they did it,like five times if you're doing that,with Andrew Wiggins it doesn't even,matter who's doing it with you,it's all about communication it's all,about community no it didn't happen five,times okay you don't give up five lives,you guys are different I hope you can,you get mine you're not no all right all,right no first of all you said how many,times have y'all played that position,and played that place all the time I'm,never showing I'm never showing for,today,and I'm gonna J you to Jefferson,and they did the guys hit 10 threes over,there and broke a record for two guys,never shot that much in his life there's,no one in the history of the game made,two to attend threes in one game because,you're playing with group two guys like,you said but that player does bad,communication

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Stephen A. Smith reacts to Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe on Damar Hamlin | Draymond Green Show

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe on Damar Hamlin | Draymond Green Show

a guy who,I don't think people will ever be able,to separate y'all names just because of,the history on first take,um Skip Bayless uh recently made some,comments and when and when speaking of,No Mercy recently made some comments,about Demar Hamlin and,the comments that he made live during,the game I think everyone knew,immediately in that moment they were,wrong like uh this guy just passed out,we just watched CPR be administered on,live television,and you say a game should continue,that's no mercy that's not having any,number one feel uh I think the the field,there is just all but no uh secondly,that that to me I always speak about how,how people view the athlete and that's,having no mercy at all for just the,athlete for the mindset you know we when,and you think of today's day and age and,everyone the awareness around mental,health and all of these different issues,and to say that someone who you know,Steph Curry's a brother of mine like,Klay Thompson is my brother you you you,you Blood Sweat and Tears with these,guys you experience some of the highest,the highest in life with these guys and,some of the lowest and lows in life with,these guys and to say that you can just,witness that number one as a player,let's not even look at it from demar's,standpoint in his life let's just look,at it from the standpoint of players,athletes in general to say that josh,Allen can witness that and then just go,call a play and throw a football,like what about the compassion for the,athlete now,I don't even want to go to the,compassion for Demar and his family,because that's a totally different thing,and that I mean that really goes to an,entirely different category so I'm,really just trying to keep it Sports but,when speaking of no mercy and someone,that you've worked with what was your,opinion and thoughts on Skip and then to,double down and say oh no I stand on,that even after knowing the condition,that he's in I guess for me I can,respect you saying you stand on your,opinion I can't respect that but at the,same time,it feels low,first of all let me get this out the way,skip was wrong,plain and simple,if we want to First Take together,and he was sitting across from me,I'd have told him he was wrong,um there's no doubt about that,and that needs to be said,at that particular Moment In Time,you can use the phrase feel in the room,you can use whatever other phases do,whatever other phrases that you want but,at the end of the day,it reached a point where it was not,about,football it was not about games it was,about a man's life being a young man's,life being on the line,so there is no there's no defending that,and I agreed with Shannon Sharp's,position on that,having said that what I will say and I,had there were people that wrote,articles that Stephen A came to defense,no I didn't,but I did explain what I mean by that is,number one it's important that I,practice any comment about Skip Bayless,uh in terms of saying this Draymond I'm,not here today if it were not for,sleeping see Bayless is the one that,brought me on first date,and I will never,walk around like I don't owe that man a,lot,but I disagreed with him after I owed,him that offer fake every day so why,can't I disagree with him now and why,wouldn't I disagree with him in the,future I'm sure he would disagree me I,promise you he disagrees with what I'm,saying right now that comes with it,but remember when I talked about,attacking what someone does as opposed,to attacking them,I've known skip for 20 years I know,people who despise them I know people,who think the worst of them I know all,of these different things I'm not one of,those people,and,I will always have love for my man,I think he was wrong,but I also knew,what mistake he made,Dre,he's looking at the game and here's what,he's thinking about,he's seen Jack Tatum paralyzed Daryl,Stingley he saw Michael Irvin on the,turf at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia,believably paralyzed he just recently,saw to a tongue of the lower get carried,off the same field in Cincinnati by,ambulance and was concussed I mean his,body stiffened up like it had rigor,mortis like Rigamortis kicked in,and throughout NFL history,which Skip Bayless has been covering,since the 70s,he's seen the game continue,and a lot of times people are not taking,that into account you can say we're,living in a different time that is true,we all living in a different time but,you also have others who hold on to a,certain culture now sometimes they hold,on to certain cultures in the world of,politics we don't like that we're the,news don't like that social justice,issues we damn sure don't like that,put in a World of Sports,there's tens of millions of people who,hold on to the way things used to be,which is what the New Media as you like,to call yourself right like to like to,bring up how you got cats that hold on,to it but I'm saying to you Draymond,well that's who you're talking about,that's the guy you know the guy that is,like this is the way that things w

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NBA Twitter Reacts To Steph Curry’s Game 4 Performance | #NBAFinals

NBA Twitter Reacts To Steph Curry’s Game 4 Performance | #NBAFinals

is,it's a way of sports it's lamont we back,with another podcast episode,um and we definitely got to talk about,it warriors celtics nba finals game four,one of the more pivotal games of this,series,for multiple reasons for both teams when,you talk about a boston celtic team that,had already went into golden state they,stole one on the road,you want to capitalize and double down,on that by when you come to boston you,want to win both of those home games so,when you do have to go back to golden,state's home you're up 3-1 which would,have gave them,um probably an insurmountable 3-1 series,lead when you're the golden state,warriors obviously you gave up that home,game a game that you probably should,have won,you want to at least be able to go in,boston and split so you can come out,tied you don't want to go down 3-1,generally being down 3-1,is you know,is usually a death sentence for both,teams um because it's extremely hard to,win three games in a row in the nba,finals but we talk about a game,for performance this is where stars need,to shine their brightest in going into,this game when we went live there were a,lot of people in the live chat they were,asking one primary question,will steph curry step up and not just,step up could he step up when it,mattered most in the fourth quarter um,and steph curry dominated game four as,you guys already know with 43 points,against the celtics to tie this series,and what's even more impressive is that,this is the 27th consecutive playoff,series that the warriors have won a game,on the road and that was just another,reason why boston really needed to lock,in and get both of those home games,because of that potential record and,unfortunately for the celtics the,warriors were able to keep graphs on,that record by winning another road game,in the nba finals,we have game five that's going to be,monday night but today i want to talk,about the celtics and the particular,strategies that they're trying or at,least attempting to utilize to defend,steph curry when we went live the other,day we had a lot of different people,came onto the live panel you had some,people said continue to switch,right when we talked to true to king,some people said drop coverage,right other people said we just need to,simply blitz,steph curry to slow him down all right,so what we're gonna do is we're gonna,look we're gonna go to this game for,because steph has been having a really,good series up until this point with,regards to scoring the ball um but game,four it was he was just you know he was,just red hot he completely obliterated,him with 43 points and so i really want,to go to the footage,to see what different types of defensive,schemes did this boston celtic team,attempt to utilize to slow steph curry,down was it because,the boston celtics defense faltered or,was it because steph curry was just,super human that night and just went,ballistic and he wasn't going to allow,this golden state warrior to go back,into golden state down 3-1 we're gonna,go ahead and get to the footage to find,out the facts on what happened in game,four let's go ahead and get to the,highlights all right here we have it,right here we're gonna break down some,of these plays and so what we see right,here i'm gonna stop it right here,we see the first adjustment that boston,made,is picking up steph curry as soon as he,crosses half court now,this is a strategy that a lot of people,in the chat where we had discussions on,how to guard steph curry,a lot of people said they need to blitz,them to this degree do not let him walk,into his sets get comfortable,go pick him up at half court make it,extremely harmful and you look at this,potential strategy this would make it,hard for 95 of the players in the nba,would struggle with this type of defense,especially when it's coming from the,number one defense in the nba in the,boston celtics so we're going to watch,how they're guarding it obviously,this the warriors have to find a way to,get these defenders up off of them um,you have to utilize the pick and roll in,these instances and the warriors are pr,are one of the best screening teams in,the league as we see that they're,sending a screen over for steph curry so,here's the screen coming over,curry's coming off and so the celtics do,what they do best they switch so they've,switched this screen,so now we need to see because the,celtics are the best switching team in,the nba,what has the steve kirk developed within,this office to combat the effective,switches that you will see from this,boston celtic defense,so he's sending another screen and this,time he's sending a screen with the man,that's being defended by horford we see,peyton push,we see him push tatum up and so here's,another thing that we haven't seen all,series,earlier in this series,tatum was behind the three-point line,the adjustment that we see the celtics,making now on this potential drop,coverage when tatum can't recover is we,see horford now still playing steph,curry well beyon

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LosPollosTV Reads Hate comments from his viral Troll tweet to Steph Curry

LosPollosTV Reads Hate comments from his viral Troll tweet to Steph Curry

31 lead to lebron the caps the nba,finals right,wow dude like imagine getting butt hurt,about this right imagine because it is a,fact i mean you guys like to roast,lebron and whoever the else you,want i'm talking specifically to curry,and and uh warriors fans you could do,whatever the you want you could,assault everybody okay,so,let's see this let's look at the,let's see the quote let's see the quote,tweets,grown man threw fits like a child,because drake didn't play his favorite,songs you're a massive loser,um,imagine if you put this much effort,towards getting some on your,dick,uh weird you're weird as hell,this showcasing,literal mental illness,right oh no i'm not done,this a grown ass man dog,a 20 oh 28 year old fat loser crying,not done,uh go away,by the way this same guy has like quote,tweeted like five times uh clown,behavior,uh you fat mcdonald's eating overweight,obese ,shut the hell up,um i don't care how much money followers,you have you got zero hoes,this still keeps going by the way,um,damn bro how long you gonna drag your,tongue,back and forth,against lebron scrotum,you are gay,you obese white sack of ,just look at this ass wipe,you the most this by the way this guy,keeps responding you the most unlikable,man on this app,you're cheap,you get laughed at for a living sit your,clown ass down bozo,curry sexuals crying for this facts i,mean that's true get a life weirdo by,the way this dude lows 24 7 has,responded like 10 times now,odd behavior lows please stop,um,this is okay same comment lebron isn't,gonna you this is him for sure,right,definition of getting zero is,this guy right here,yeah but the dude with klay thompson's,17 points success with the warriors,record is getting mad bro um you,are so miserable please shut up because,you're pushing 40.,someone off me if i'm ever this,miserable,um,literally cry tubby,uh,whatever and and i mean so on and so,forth you get that you get the gist of,of this but it's just i just thought it,was just funny,because it's like,holy it's the definition of like,you can dish it but you can't take it,like it's it's the definition,and the irony and all these replies,is just funny bro,like it's literally just funny,it's like dudes are real life and then,there was one that i'm not even gonna,joke about because one person,literally went through my tweets to a,tweet from years ago when i lost one of,my one of my friends passed away and,they got the screenshot of him,of the tweet,about her and was like oh rip boat like,it was some it was some oh no no we,smoking on that pack or something crazy,but this is what i mean like this is how,i know people real life hurt bro that,they're trying to say like that i,think that guy's account got deleted um,but like,yeah it's never that serious and like,these tweets yes some are funny but it's,never that serious bro you imagine if i,responded like this every time i sold,lebron slander bro,like i would,dude i would be i would be,canceled bro i would be done bro,i don't though sick oh my gosh get the, out get the out i'd get the, out get the out,um,i really don't though um you know i i,let a lot of people just slide i let,people to say whatever they want about,lebron because there's no point anymore,um lebron is doing that has never,been done,and he's gonna go down,as,you know with the most points he's gonna,have five or six rings and um,you know he's it's,he's gonna he's gonna go down as the go,bro he's already the goat but,in in a lot of people's eyes,um but i think he's gonna be the goat in,most people's eyes um,at the end of his career,um,but yeah anyway so,yeah every game was it was good,uh today,um,except

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Most RETWEETED Athlete Tweets Of 2015 [Steph Curry, Ronaldo And MORE]

Most RETWEETED Athlete Tweets Of 2015 [Steph Curry, Ronaldo And MORE]

as we count down the days of 2015,because the new year is approaching fast,make sure to stay safe make sure to,check out the tweets and memes all of,our tweets and memes cliffs by the way,we might have a play list of this let's,do you mean oh god it's never going to,catch I really can't stand the idea that,that's becoming a thing regardless I a,great list made by Fox Sports was,released of the most retweeted and I,believe liked slashed favorited because,at one point it was favorited now it's,light do you like a favorite our,favorite our favorite i like i like to,favor instead of favoriting to like that,makes sense because when you favorite,it's like good job but when you like,that's like that's like God you,complicated to in a relationship really,quick do you remember the old facebook,on the left hand side your favorite,friends if you weren't in the top nine,like what why where am I my number 12 is,likewise Ashley number two that she's,never going to happen Fox Sports,released their list let's start off with,number one which is Kobe Bryant so,number one was coming bright the deer,basketball this what's amazing about,this is that a gate 131,000 retweets it,came out a month ago you know what that,means weeks ago it means it was 130 1395,people that think your comment was wrong,see no that's false because that's a,logical fallacy it's part straw man part,i ad hominem I believe Bart knows what,I'm talking about but there's some ad,hominem because they retweet does not,mean they agree with him writing a poem,it just means they agree with him,retiring or they are a proud that he's,retiring or that they're acknowledging,his retirement I've acknowledged his,retirement I would retweet that more,right just get rid of the link and just,keep the bonus I bet you 100 thousand,million pound that I don't have that if,that wasn't a poem it wouldn't have got,that many retweets and favorites if it,was a video it would know hundred,percent if it was deal basketball my,name is Kobe Bryant it's been a long run,a four second video would have gotten,twice as many retweets I've put all,those because it's Shakespeare we would,be better if he goes yeah of course do,it would really time so you kill him it,really old he all the English are here,it's got an apprentice just tell me what,number two is all right let's take a,look at number two,of the most recent we work for and it is,javi Alonso my hero my mate you know why,I really like this one okay so a lot of,retweets chasing you I means is 112,person 130 people that like Jabba Alonso,and like the word mate anyway I like,that what about hero okay I would have,really awkward time to send that tweet,out 507 in the morning I know january,second but the thing about this is it's,obviously is showing it smashing two of,the best players I think I've two of the,best midfielders we've ever seen but,he's like embracing both cultures my,hero and in my mate so he spent a lot of,time I William idolizing him he played,with him in one of the most historic,games in the world when Liverpool made,that trip amazing comeback and of course,this is just landed his support when,Stephen Jared of course moved over from,Liverpool ended that fantastic career,and moved over today like galaxy so we,look so soccer will be a familial trait,in here no surprise gents but let's go,ahead and look at it no actually it's,all world football and it's all mba,impress you sure we move forwards go,through three four and five PK this is a,bunch of emojis after rivals real madrid,field in an ineligible player just,happened you think that the kobe bryant,things like that's that's like three,days I don't know this is like three,weeks to another level this is the,second of December so this is going to,be an absolutely humongous tweet just,laughing in fact that Real Madrid filled,that player fact we move on Mike Tyson,Mike Tyson coming in and saying these,piece of I'll be waiting for five,years for that underwhelmed hashtag me,pack so of course and then we will move,over in which the next week stays in the,same ballpark and it is flammable with a,simple tweet of hashtag the money do you,want to be able to send out a hashtag,hashtag Francis and get 89,000 stack of,angels and bring them all to the surface,that's an interesting one all right so,obviously when the fight of the century,happened there's a lot of retweets I,think I even got like eighty retweets on,I'm tweaked once about 80 80 proud of,that we move forward Francis Manchester,United's Luke Shaw thanks fans for,support after suffering a double,fracture in his leg that was odd thank,you everyone for your messages words,can't describe a gutted I am my road to,recovery starts now we'll come back,stronger back on September 15 2015,portal that was a rough rough tackle and,it was uh there was a lot of I think,know sort of the world,that about you see something that's,Horrible's that some other poem George,and all those things so it's great to,see the support lend it to him and then

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House GOP to Probe Federal Government, China; Biden Under Fire Over Classified Documents

House GOP to Probe Federal Government, China; Biden Under Fire Over Classified Documents

foreign,good evening and welcome to NCD news I'm,Sue biamba and for Stefania here are,today's top stories,lawmakers reacting to classified,documents found that President Biden's a,private office plus a new report on what,these documents could be and Biden's,reply,over in Mexico Biden met with his,Mexican and Canadian counterparts we'll,look at how he's handling some of the,top concerns,the Department of Education introduced a,new version of a student loan repayment,plan today some monthly repayments would,be cut in half under the new proposal,more deaths from the storms in,California at least 16 people have died,now from falling trees mudslides and,other disasters,and it's day two of 118th Congress,lawmakers got to work creating two,committees one focused on China and the,other to investigate the federal,government and today's Molina wise cup,brings us more from the Capitol Hill,so while the main focus of this,committee will be looking at the,economic relations between the U.S and,China it will also look at Human Rights,issues and if you really think about it,the human rights issues and the economic,issues between these two countries,really go hand in hand like one member,mentioned on the floor today that's,because there are some U.S businesses,who are investing in China where forced,labor is occurring so they said they,will be investigating issues like this,it's important to note that this,committee will only have investigative,jurisdiction they will not have,legislative jurisdiction we caught up,with some of the lawmakers who will be,sitting on this committee to find out,specifically what they will be looking,at one of them told me it's important to,not only look at how the U.S can compete,with China on the domestic front but,also look at how the U.S can use our,economic influence around the world to,deter the Chinese Communist party's,influence on the global scale why are we,not partnering with Japan South Korea,Australia in New Zealand Indonesia the,Philippines they are craving us this,select committee is going to focus on,that Chinese students studying at our,universities and targets Americans of,Chinese descent and it is here at home,where thousands of Americans are,poisoned each year by fentanyl,precursors manufactured in China we need,to have a united front here in Congress,to counter the Chinese Communist party,and although it was bipartisan the,members who did oppose it we spoke with,one of them and he said that he's not,opposed to the idea of creating a,strategy in regards to China but he says,he believes that this should be done,through the already formed Foreign,Affairs committee if you don't vote for,it you sound like you're in favor of,China you're in favor of the Communist,Party well I'm not in favor of any,Communists and I'm certainly not in,favor of the Chinese Communists but I'm,also in favor of fairness and he and,other lawmakers were very adamant about,making a point both on the floor and,afterwards when they were speaking with,me about the need to make a distinction,between the Chinese Communist party and,the Chinese people here's a look to the,careful way that it was the words were,written in the resolution that it's,talking about the Chinese Communist,party not the Chinese people our concern,is not with the Chinese people or the or,the the rich culture of Chinese history,our grievances our concerns relate,specifically to the authoritarian regime,in Beijing,which does not we believe does not,represent the hopes aspirations of the,Chinese people and while the creation of,this committee was a very bipartisan one,another one that was created today was,not that is the committee the,subcommittee to investigate the,weaponization of the federal government,this would look at issues as to how the,federal government collects information,about citizens or may take action,against American citizens Democrats,today calling this committee a tinfoil,hat committee saying that they still,plan to put members on it to have some,representation although they don't,necessarily agree with it,President Biden met with the Canadian,Prime Minister today it's day two of the,North American Summit and today's Arlene,Richards reports,Monday kicked off the 10th North,American Summit where the heads of,Mexico the U.S and Canada gathered in,Mexico City for a series of talks on,migration trade and climate change,the goal of the meetings is to,collectively develop a stronger North,America including a pledge to cut,methane emissions an agreement to manage,the overwhelming migration to the region,and a cohesive strategy for dealing with,future pandemic related Health threats,while the centerpiece of the summit will,be hours of talks between all three,leaders on Tuesday Biden met,individually with Canadian Prime,Minister Justin Trudeau Biden said North,American countries need to strengthen,Supply chains to counter Asia especially,China no one can arbitrarily hold us up,or pandemic in Asia cause us to not have,access to crit

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