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The PERFECT Steelers 2023 Offseason | Matt Canada Replacement, Cut Candidates, Free Agent Targetsfor

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

The PERFECT Steelers 2023 Offseason | Matt Canada Replacement, Cut Candidates, Free Agent Targets

foreign,what's good Steeler Nation my name is,Jack Sperry and this is Steelers talk,thanks for spending part of your Tuesday,to talk some Steelers football with us,we got a great show for you today this,is a video that I have been waiting to,do for a long time my perfect Pittsburgh,Steelers 2023 offseason at this point uh,you know there's still a lot of things,that need to happen in the off season,but as we kick off the off season here,in 2023 for the Pittsburgh Steelers I'm,going to be breaking down players to cut,players to resign players to go get in,free agency I am excited to break it all,down with you guys but before we get,into today's video go ahead and,subscribe to the channel right now if,you haven't already we are on the road,guys to 20K and once we get 20K we are,going to fill up a cooler of Gatorade,and we are going to dump it on because,20K is such a big milestone guys I can't,wait to spend uh to celebrate with you,this off season and you know we're just,a couple away guys we have some great,draft coverage coming up free agency,coverage all this off season coverage,that we've been waiting to unveil to you,guys hear these last couple weeks we're,finally going to unveil it so if you,want to get access to all of that great,content go ahead subscribe right now and,turn on notifications so you always get,notified when we put out new videos,all right so now let's get into today's,action step one of the off season first,thing first matter of business firemat,Canada and I would hire Miami Dolphins,QB coach Daryl bevel to replace them,let's take a look at bevel's credentials,here he has 15 years of NFL offensive,play calling experience most of it in,Seattle and he actually won a Super Bowl,as the offensive coordinator with the,Seahawks yes that team was known more,for its defense but Russell Wilson had,some of his best years statistically and,grew under Daryl bevel's leadership and,then he also went to and then you know,he's been a coordinator since the early,like mid-2000s so you know he his stuff,kind of got a bit outdated when he was,in Jacksonville and in with Detroit the,last couple years so he went to Miami to,learn the new school third generation of,the West Coast offense with Mike,McDaniel who runs the Shanahan style,West Coast system and you know he kind,of learned the importance of Crossing,routes all these different things that,they Implement in their offense rpos and,you know bevel is somebody that I think,is ready to to emerge back as an,offensive coordinator candidate because,he's an experienced play caller that's,something that I like that's that's,important that's important guys because,you know you bring in someone that's,unproven you don't really know if they,if they know what to do in certain,situations this guy has been there and,he's done that he knows what works in,certain situations and I like that and,then he's also he's also developed young,QB talent in the past Russell Wilson,guys like Trevor Lawrence right he's,he's worked with these guys before so he,knows you know if he comes to the,Steelers he's going to be working with,Kenny Pickett somebody that is going to,need a bit more development here if he's,going to become a bona fide franchise,quarterback and bevel can be somebody,that can help that process along and,then finally like I said he would bring,a new school West Coast offense to the,Pittsburgh Steelers which I think it,would be a perfect perfect system for,Kenny Pickett gets him on the run all,out or gets him on the run a lot I,should say uh rollouts QB rollouts PA,boots all these things that they do lots,of play action lots of Zone running,schemes would be great for Naji Harris,as well I think that this would be an,excellent offense for the Pittsburgh,Steelers and I would bring him in but,let me know in the comments section,would bevel uh would Daryl bevel be a,good offensive coordinator for the,Pittsburgh Steelers type y for yes if,you agree with me or if you disagree,Type n for no this is the PIN comment on,today's video so whenever you know,there's an ad break just go down into,the comment section find that pin,comment it'll be right there at the top,and answer today's question,all right now step two here you got to,make some Cuts here so the Steelers have,about about 13 million dollars in cap,space as they currently have it right,now and you know they need to make a,couple of different moves here I think,to make some space for free agency so,these are the guys that I would cut,chuck Wilma core4 you know he that one's,a tough one I I won't I wouldn't do it,if I wasn't going to be signing some of,these players that I'm going to be,revealing later in the video because he,does have 6 million in dead Capital you,do get 7 million in savings he didn't,have a great year this year I'd say uh a,roll with Dan Moore Jr and somebody else,next year uh get rid of a Cora four then,miles Jack I would restructure him but,he only has one year left on his deal so,you can't really re

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Steelers get SLAMMED on Twitter for CPR celebration after sack days after Damar Hamlin collapsed!

Steelers get SLAMMED on Twitter for CPR celebration after sack days after Damar Hamlin collapsed!

you're tuning into,black and white sports on YouTube the No,Holds Barred truth on Sports the main,event starts now well guys this is the,last week of the NFL season and games,are actually going on right now I was,actually just watching uh my Dallas,Cowboys completely wet the bed against,Washington but I had to stop watching,that game to actually make a video here,about the Pittsburgh Steelers now,everyone knows what happened to Demar,Hamlin on Monday Night Football he,collapsed his heart stopped and they,actually had to conduct CPR on him and,they brought him to the hospital he is,still in the hospital,well guys,I believe that things are probably going,to be changing a little bit when it,comes to the NFL,I wouldn't even be surprised you know if,certain rules are changed so a situation,that uh happened with Demar Hamlin,doesn't happen again,but the Steelers,they actually got a sack on DeShaun,Watson now this would be a non-story in,any other week,I like sat dances I like celebrations I,really really do,but the Steelers they actually decided,to actually do the CPR,chest pump to celebrate the sack,and they immediately got slammed by,Twitter,here we go guys,Twitter users sound off on Steelers for,a parent,CPR celebration,now I know that players you know when,they make a bit play they're caught up,in a moment they probably wouldn't,really thinking and connecting you know,CPR Demar Hamlin they probably weren't,even thinking of that,but let's read this guys the Pittsburgh,Steelers have caught some heat from,Twitter users for how they celebrated a,sack,against the Cleveland Browns,half the second Browns quarterback,DeSean Watson Alex High Smith was laying,on the field a teammate came over to him,to help him up but before that he,appeared to pretend to perform chest,compression on Highsmith,and we do have uh the clip right here,let's go ahead and play it only six,seconds,yeah he did about three chest,compressions right there,and uh boy Twitter came out,to put it on the Pittsburgh Steelers,here,um it was a fleeting moment but it,caught the eye of some Twitter users who,noted that less than a week earlier CPR,had saved the life of Buffalo Bills,safety Demar Hamlin,and let's go over some of these uh uh,comments on Twitter,you can see here did a Steelers player,just do CPR,in a bit Play Celebration,yeah he did a Steelers player just,celebrated with a CPR celebration and,this is a a gif right here,and it's the the Yates one right there,uh still a CPR celebration didn't go,over well uh with the fans so we,actually got more right here let me just,go ahead and click on that,and see uh more of the,the tweets are right there wow still is,with the CPR celebration was kind of,effed up the distillers defense really,just do a CPR celebration how dense can,you be,Steelers with the CPR celebration after,the sack,uh,big oof use your brain NFL Twitter,did a Steelers player just do CPR in a,bit Play Celebration,what the hell was that CPR celebration,from that Steelers player,uh it took one week till a CPR uh silly,from the Steelers,did you see the CPR celly in the,Steelers game,uh who the on the Steelers just CPR,the teammate after the last sack of,Watson,what the actual dick moved man,locked that up,at coach Tomlin,uh let's go back over here I don't I,don't think anything happened,no flag or anything like that because,it's not illegal,but you know considering what happened,this caught the eye that pretty much,everybody on Twitter like I said before,any other wheat this would have been a,non-story,it would have been a non-story,uh let's see here here to see everyone,complaining about the Steelers doing a,CPR celebration,uh yo I can't be the only one who saw,that Steelers uh CPR celebration,poor taste especially after the events,of uh last week,uh still is doing CPR celebration on,that sack real classy fellas,Steelers players doing a CPR skit,bit distasteful,no way I just saw the Steelers do the,CPR celebration with crying emojis right,there,uh Steelers did window says uh the,Steelers went on to beat Cleveland by a,score of 28-14,while the Steelers went on went into the,day with a Chance of making the,postseason with the winning losses from,New England and Miami that's not how it,panned out,while the Patriots lost to Buffalo Bills,35-23 I was actually predicting a bigger,win,uh for the bills but they still won by,12. the Dolphins managed to hold off the,New York Jets 11-6,that outcome eliminated to Steelers from,playoff contention,so even with the wind the Steelers they,lose and boy they're getting hammered by,the people on Twitter it caught the eye,of a whole bunch of people,I'm wondering if the no fund leak which,is the NFL is gonna probably say you,know what if you do a CPR celebration,from now on and this wouldn't surprise,me probably won't surprise you guys,that they'll get a flag for,unsportsmanlike conduct,but this is this season not against the,rules but in the off season trust me I,do believe there will be some changes,and you

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Conferencia de Prensa de Coach Tomlin (Enero 9) | Steelers en Español

Conferencia de Prensa de Coach Tomlin (Enero 9) | Steelers en Español

good afternoon I guess as always or as,customary I'll start with a quick,assessment of our last performance,wrapping the ball around yesterday,um as I said after the game and I was,just really appreciative,of the group's ability to focus,um and and perform and deliver,um sometimes the last week of the Season,presents some some challenges some,distractions and things,um things going on inside your Stadium,things going on outside the stadium and,I just thought,largely our group did a really good job,of kind of managing the speculation and,all of those things those variables some,within our control some outside of our,control all week and and prepping even,in play leading up to the game and doing,what's required to to secure Victory,um in terms of the game I thought it was,important that we win the line of,scrimmage that that we work to to,minimize their run game and and how they,control games through their run game I,thought larger were able to do that I,thought a component of doing that was,being able to do it ourselves and,possessing the ball and playing behind,our Run game and Naji and so forth and I,thought we were largely able to do that,um making some Splash plays obviously,was required I thought some of the third,down conversions offensively,particularly late,um were significant we took the ball,away some on defense,also significant I thought we were able,to,stay after Watson man and he is a big,challenge in terms of his mobility and,how he extends plays and the things he's,able to do being in the stadium as a,divisional team against him for the,first time I thought that that was going,to be a big component of play and so we,were able to get some things done to,secure Victory and I'm thankful for that,a larger pitcher,obviously man it comes to a screech and,halt,um it does for us it does,for a lot of others,um I asked my team to be singlely,focused,um and and I'm willing to live that out,um I stand before you today with a kind,of lack of preparedness for this to be,quite honest with you I Was preparing to,to prepare to play a game and so,um I'll acknowledge a couple things that,is going on this week things that needs,to transpire,um necessary business this time of year,and so forth and Tee It Up and open some,questions up we'll meet this afternoon,with our with our team at two o'clock,um you know talk about some end of your,things and acknowledge some calendar,related things moving forward,exit interviews and exit physicals are a,component of those things it's important,that we do a really good job of wrapping,a bow around what is the 2022 season,it's some physical work to be done it's,some you know planning to be done,individually collectively players need,to meet with positional coaches,coordinators myself,strip coaches trainers you know there's,a process,and the attention that we give the,journey we need to give the exit process,in a lot of ways it tees up the,beginning of 2023 particularly if,someone needs some medical work done,it's better to sooner address that than,later,um to do a good job of making sure that,we're addressing any ongoing medical,issues that people might be dealing with,it's important it's important to get a,snapshot evaluation of what's transpired,with them,uh give them a window of maybe what,might lie ahead and the work that might,be required of them,in an effort to get better,those are some of the things that will,be going on we'll be doing similar,things,as a staff I'll always put the players,in front of the Staffing in terms of,meetings and evaluations,um but there are a lot of ongoing,necessary business things this type of,year this time of year,um I'm really just starting to sink my,teeth into it as again I mentioned,um we're singularly focused we don't,prepare for for failure and so,um we'll proceed methodically through,this we'll probably move a little slower,than most,um of our peers but we don't worry about,the Joneses,um we got a business model one that we,believe in and we'll be thorough in,doing so and and and assessing what,transpired in an effort to tee up our,next opportunity and at the appropriate,time we'll start work in that area,um I'll pause and open it up for,questions,like when you look at the Baltimore game,and Cleveland game you minimize their,rush and you outrush them what does that,say about your desire for the weight,you know,um you know I just think that that's,kind of a snapshot of NFL football,particularly in the waning weeks of the,season,weather becomes a factor and things of,that nature but it's also got something,to do with the the match-up of the teams,and how the teams come together and,their agenda relative to our agenda,those two teams that you mentioned they,they play behind their run game and so,if you want to beat them the latter,portions of the year you better minimize,it in a major component of minimizing it,Is possessing it yourself and so,um it's very true in those instances but,um it's also true in a larger sense in,terms of time o

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2023 NFL Mock Draft with Trades | Bears get the #1 Overall Pick!

2023 NFL Mock Draft with Trades | Bears get the #1 Overall Pick!


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Coach Mike Tomlin Postgame Press Conference (Week 18 vs Browns) | Pittsburgh Steelers

Coach Mike Tomlin Postgame Press Conference (Week 18 vs Browns) | Pittsburgh Steelers

you know I'm appreciative of the efforts,today I'm appreciative of the efforts,all year,um you know we,we were evolving group,um and that Evolution continued even,into today but I'm just appreciative of,the collective I'm appreciative of the,men are not what they're capable of but,what they're willing to do,um in the face of adversity man that,football presents in the face of,adversity that life presents we have an,opportunity to kind of display some,things in all of that and hopefully we,learn something hopefully we taught our,other something in the midst of our,journey,um,so I'm just thankful for that group,appreciative of the efforts today in,terms of getting the job done,um divisional game,and so you know aside from all the other,things outside of our stadium and so,forth was important that we displayed,the ability to focus and and handle in,stadium business and they did that even,um in some instances a young Collective,and so appreciative of that you grow,from that we'll wrap a bow around what,is 2022 tomorrow today I'm just focused,on this game and and their efforts and,things of that nature don't have any,information on on Pat fryer move he's,being evaluated as we speak Gunner same,thing but hopefully those those injuries,aren't significant,questions like when uh did you or the,players find out about what happened in,the Jets game,I don't I don't know to be honest with,you I mean you know it's football and,it's football in 2022 I mean you know we,were able to follow the score and other,games throughout the game just like we,are any other week,yeah the team responded after the,penalty against Hayward on the sack of,uh Watson we did what was appropriate,responded even with their inexperience,they still responded to to you I know,what you mean by the question but I,think I've been pretty consistent all,year we lack experience in some areas,but we're good enough to win and good,enough to win while we grow good enough,to win while we gain experience we did,not grade this group on the curve we,didn't grade Kenny picking on the curve,um we don't function like that football,is our game our business is winning and,our intentions are to handle business,anyone else like Tuesday you mentioned,want to be a team on the rise going into,the playoffs if you had gotten into the,playoffs did you think that team was on,that Arc had you qualified today I think,our record indicates that because that's,all that matters the style Point,component of play is less significant,you step in the stadiums you win games,you step out of stadium so to answer to,your questions yes we were a team on the,rise,Evolution you guys have been on this,year what's the next step from hearing,that Evolution you know it comes to a,screech at halt this off-season thing I,don't know that I pondered that I Was,preparing for the potential of next week,and so I don't have the answer to that,as I said here,like you guys would be facing Watson for,a long time how did you feel like you,dealt with the challenges that you,purchased at the table we did what we,had to do today but obviously man he is,a problem particularly as he runs around,and extends plays and things of that,nature but that's why they went and got,him and so,um that problem is probably not going to,go anywhere,and your thoughts on how your defense,handled chub Nick Chubb you know,um late in the season football man your,featured Runners got to be the best,featured runner in the stadium and,it was not only about challenging our,defensive front but it was about,challenging the offensive front to make,sure that nage had a good day and so I,think we checked both of those boxes,now that you've seen him for a year his,development I assume here pleased with,where this offense could be headed man I,don't know that I use please very often,um I'll take it we'll keep working,any of these young guys on curve but,what is the value of them playing the,game like today which at the start of,the day looked like it was you know for,your playoff lives you know I think this,growth in big game opportunities we've,been in some big games,um,but we're doing business with these guys,because of the ability to to rise up in,those moments I just think that's part,of the things,that attracted us to them individually,when you look at,each guy and you put a collection of,those kind of guys together,um and you work them and you prepare,them you generally have an opportunity,to to grow in that way,one more I hope you've seen Connor,Hayward kind of progress and obviously,gets opportunity with Pat I think it's,about opportunities for young guys you,know due to a variety of circumstances,he got increased opportunities as as the,season,wore on and he he proved that he,belonged and I'm sure that's going to be,a nice springboard for him in terms of,transitioning from year one to year two,and you guys know the standard of,expectation that we have for those guys,man it's reasonable to expect rookies,who are transitioning into year

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Steelers 53-man roster, Jesse Davis trade + Kendrick Green's twitter beef

Steelers 53-man roster, Jesse Davis trade + Kendrick Green's twitter beef

forget the 53-man roster cuts the topic,we need to discuss is Kendrick Greene's,approval rating is it at the highest,it's ever been despite his on-field,playing being at its lowest all that and,more up next on big deep news,yesterday in the midst of Steelers,trading for players left and right and,also a bunch of big names being cut,across the league there was one man,named Kendra Green,who used an app known as Twitter he,first tweeted out thanks to God,presumably because he made the Steelers,53-man roster a fan responded to kg's,tweet you better thank him he alone is,the only reason you snuck onto this,roster I think the fan is onto something,how the hell else did green make this,roster outside of the hand of God but,Kendrick did take exception to this,comment and responded by saying your,lady is mid you gotta love it not the,part where kg included the man's lady,because she didn't deserve that she had,nothing to do with this I actually think,Bailey's stores here said it best insult,the man not the lady but who knows I,don't know her sense of humor maybe she,found it funny because I know if someone,on Twitter or someone called me mid I'd,be laughing my ass off mainly because I,know it's not true I mean I'm top tier,but I think it's more about just the,aspect of kg clapping back to a hater,like if you you're gonna throw a take,his way if he wants to take the,opportunity he could say whatever he,wants back because it's all fair in love,war and Twitter and since it is fair,game whatever kg says in response there,can always be another response to that,the reaction to the reaction to the,reaction the response to the response to,the response is the internet and the,original poster clap back with the tape,always a safe solid rebuttal and it,didn't seem like kg had anything to say,in response to that but then we had some,third-party onlookers give their insight,as well thanks he said hey kg just block,him oh wait you can't Logan cook says,you're mad at blocking that may be a,compliment at this point how about that,though we got this new Kendra Green,coming out of his show he's showing a,lot of self-awareness and press,conferences and also not taking any,from the haters on Twitter the only,problem is though we keep seeing the old,Kendrick green show up on Game film but,enough of this social media beef and on,to the 53-man roster cuts the Steelers,made yesterday and also an additional,trade notable names that the Steelers,cut linebacker Buddy Johnson running,back Anthony McFarland cornerback Justin,Lane wide receiver Tyler Vaughns inside,linebacker Marcus Allen offensive tackle,Joe Haig safety Elijah rally and outside,linebacker Hamill card Rasheed Buddy,Johnson I was a little surprised with,because he did play decent in the,preseason and we drafted him in the,fourth round last year I don't think,it's that that easy to let go of a,fourth rounder in their second year like,that but I guess it's a testament to our,inside linebacker depth even though we,rip on Devin Bush a little bit it it is,a deep position group when you look at,we have miles Jack Devin Bush Roberts,flane and now the emergence of Mark,Robinson and then with Anthony McFarland,I was shocked and not shocked at the,same time I was shocked because I,thought the Steelers were just gonna,keep four running backs Jalen Warren was,showing out way too much there was no,way in how they were going to cut him,and I thought McFarland really didn't do,anything to deserve to be cut he brings,that extra speed element but then I was,not shocked because the Steelers did not,decide to keep four and someone was,going to get cut and that was between,McFarland and snow and I guess snow just,adds that extra element of special teams,play and the Steelers decide to go with,him over McFarland Justin Lane not,really surprised at all I think the,Steelers basically decided between him,and James Pierre and going back to last,year it seemed like they always,preferred James Pierre as that depth guy,for us in that cornerback room Tyler,Vaughn's no surprise at all because of,the wide receivers we have on this,roster but I just wanted to give him a,shout out because he played pretty damn,good in preseason and wishing the best,going forward with whatever team he's on,except for whenever he plays the,Steelers Marcus Allen I'm hearing he's,gonna be back once we get this IR,situation figured out but whenever they,said we caught him I wasn't that shocked,because he hasn't played at all this,preseason he's been hurt and we've had,Mark Robinson making plays out there,left and right with Hamill Carr I didn't,expect this because going into yesterday,I'm pretty sure he was the number three,outside linebacker on our depth chart,but I guess that's why we traded for,Malik Reed we didn't have that much,faith in Hamel car and wanted to bring,in someone else and then lastly I,thought cutting Hague was weird because,now we're only left with three offensive,tackles Dan Moore chukes and the newly,acquired J

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Steelers' Ceiling for Kenny Pickett, George Pickens as QB/WR Duo? | Cameron Sutton, Top FAs to Keep

Steelers' Ceiling for Kenny Pickett, George Pickens as QB/WR Duo? | Cameron Sutton, Top FAs to Keep

Kenny Pickett and George Pickens were,special this year but how special were,they we're gonna break down some,interesting stats on them on when can he,pick a Target George Pickens the,connection they were building in some,insight into just how high they're,ceiling as a as a Duo who came into the,year in the same draft class could be,join me today to talk about that is Josh,Taylor of 93.7 The Fan and KDKA TV we'll,talk about that his thoughts on my on,the Mad Canada situation and who are the,Steelers pending free agents that they,should work the hardest to keep all that,right here on the lockdown Steelers,podcast it's gonna be a fun episode,let's get into it,you are locked on Steelers your daily,Pittsburgh Steelers podcast part of the,locked on podcast Network your team,every day,and welcome to the locked on Steelers,podcast I'm your host Chris Carter being,here you do those of all things on the,Pittsburgh Steelers as always you can,find this show on Apple Spotify Google,podcast Odyssey and YouTube if you're,watching this video and YouTube hit the,like button of the video If you enjoyed,hit the Subscribe button on our YouTube,channel to get all of our daily money,through Friday episodes as well as our,bonus content we thank you for making us,your first listen every day because,we're your team every day and today's,episode is brought to you by prize picks,prize picks of course it's daily Fantasy,Made Easy just pick two to five players,if they score more or less than their,prize space projection you can whip to,10 times your money on any entry first,time you just receive a 100 it's deposit,match up to 100 with promo code locked,on it's l-o-c-k-e-d-o-n locked on at, promo code locked on as I,said Josh Taylor's back on the show,Wayne has you since I think before,Christmas so it's been that long how you,doing Josh,it was good to get a breather I won't,lie it's been it's been a busy time I,think I worked probably the most over,the holidays I probably have in years so,I'm like finally getting a breather and,like now that the season's come to an,end I kind of get to reset so it's you,know I haven't been here in a while but,man I've been doing a bunch of the other,stuff so it's good to kind of get a,break for a change and it gives me time,to sit down with you and talk so it it,works out the way it's supposed to I,want to leave talking about two of the,players I think Steelers fans were the,most excited to see this year that were,their rookies their top two rookie picks,can he pick it and George Pickens now,their stats individually you know may,say something but I wanted to look at,their stats together and if you look up,on stat mutes and stats that I'm using,how George Pickin caught the ball,whenever can he pick a Target in him uh,they worked together to have uh 67,targets 45 of those going for,completions that's about 67.2 percent uh,which is four points higher than Kenny,Pickett's overall completion percentage,that went for 683 passing yards four,touchdowns and no interceptions that's,an NFL passer rating of,120.43 when Kenny Pickett was targeting,George Pickens this year looking at,those numbers Josh I think we all saw,the highs and the lows this year you,know you saw George Pickens pull out,some amazing catches have some plays you,wish he wished he could have back but,which work what rookie doesn't and we,also saw Kenny Pickett early on through,a lot a lot of interceptions nine total,on the year but what only I think one or,two after the buy,um,if you look if I'm looking at it no just,one one after the buy and that was the,one interception he threw against the,Raiders and yes he was taking a lot of,precautions but you could so he was you,could see he was doing it in a smart way,uh what is your projection for the,ceiling of these two guys playing,together for the Pittsburgh Steelers,I don't know if there is one right now,just from the numbers that you gave,remember this is a limited time period I,mean it's not like we saw a lot of these,guys together during the course of the,Season we didn't see Kenny Pickett until,game four and then he also got knocked,out of a couple games missed a game or,two so there's there's a really limited,sample size here when you get a chance,to see you know a dozen plus games of,these guys together that's when you,start putting together some some even,more concrete data as far as okay what,could they really be I mean because you,don't want to assume it's always going,to be 17 games because injuries happen,it's the NFL but if you can get 13 14,games out of these guys and kind of you,know extrapolate some of those numbers,what it would be like if he had say you,know somewhere between 90 and 100,targets or maybe even 100 plus now,you're looking at a much different,Dynamic I mean just when you do quick,math in your head you're going that's a,pretty good yards per attempt number,it's a pretty good yards per completion,number so that shows you that there was,some impact plays to b

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Heyward, Harris, Fitzpatrick, Pickens, Highsmith, others on Week 18 win | Pittsburgh Steelers

Heyward, Harris, Fitzpatrick, Pickens, Highsmith, others on Week 18 win | Pittsburgh Steelers

all we could focus on was trying to win,this game obviously we needed help and,you never want to give another team,control your destiny,um,I can say I'm appreciative of every guy,in this locker room every coach every,staff member,um,you know,through the bombs through the rocky road,everybody just stuck together and just,kept trying to get better,um,you know that's something we can build,on in the future but the team doesn't,look the same every year and guys move,on guys retire guys get traded you know,you bring in new guys uh it's just a,different formula every year,um but I'm just so appreciative of every,guy,just trying to get better every single,day,um and,um,I can't say thank you enough to Steelers,Nation for going on this journey this,year and watching a lot of guys grow,obviously playoffs are the goal but what,does it mean that the way you guys,finish this year seven and two not only,is it that you guys finished at seven,and two but Mike tomlin's still never,had a losing season what does it mean to,be able to do that for him and for this,team I really can't focus on any streaks,or anything right now,um emotionally uh I'm a little spent,just thinking about uh you know a win,and then not being able to go to the,playoffs um,I just ask that we all just continue to,keep growing use this as a springboard,and allow you know every binance locker,locker room be a little bit better next,year myself included,and that's all I can ask I mean you know,obviously you want to make the playoffs,um obviously we're waiting we was,waiting to see those games went but uh,you know I think this us as a team I,think the way that we finished the,season the way we came out of the Bible,is I think we should be really proud of,ourselves uh we can see how our future,is um we're young but we're also really,talented and you know I think that for,us to come together through all that,diversity that we had earlier on the,year for us to finish out the season the,way we did Man true motivation for us,and we should be hungry for next year,that's what I was telling a lot of guys,on the sideline when I saw the Dolphins,won,um you know I just you know shook,Kenny's hand and told him he had a great,year man it's just you know we got to do,it a lot as a team if we want to be,where we're at next year not waiting for,the team to lose to get in,um so we got a lot to build on but man,obviously to make the playoffs but you,know we accomplished not having to lose,a season from I.T,um and you know we just finished really,strong what was it about this team like,at two and six some teams lay down and,fold and you guys really just flipped,the script a little bit it's,perseverance man A lot of times you know,things are not gonna go your way,um I never been around a team where,everything was just smooth,um even when I was at Alabama we all had,our had our adversity it may not been,like you know winning but you know we,had our little bit of adversities but uh,you know for us to persevere and just,stick to together how we were I think,that just comes into next year when,we're going through some trouble um,early on or even later in the season we,can just recall back to this year when,you know we just stuck through and and,uh and stuck it out you mentioned,avoiding Mike T's First losing season,what does it mean for you guys to be,able to pull that off man that was just,for Mike team I hope you know,um when we start off at two and six you,know he always said that I'm not going,to change the way I'm coaching you know,I'm not going to Blink,um I'm going to be the same guy and it,never change you never switched up man,that's his leader ship and uh you know,for us to come in there and just to win,for him and you know not have that most,of the season I think it was big for us,is it a little disappointing that you,guys are trending in the right direction,and the season today yeah of course of,course it's disappointing,um obviously going again,um,you know there's you always wish you,could have done more and could have won,games early in the year but that's the,nature of the business we're in it's,never going to be perfect and they're,always going to be Coulda shooter widows,and,but that doesn't discredit how proud I,am of,team and how far we've come talking,about Tomlin is there any consolation,about keeping that non-losing streak,going for him yeah man I just he's,special he's he's not up there with the,best in the league man and Tom was,unbelievable it's just uh,I couldn't imagine I played for other,coaches and to be here and be around,this guy and I get it I get I get him I,get the uh I get the Steelers I get this,city I just I'm really appreciate it,over I know it's a long off season,um probably a different locker room but,can you carry this over in the next year,maybe the confidence or the momentum,that you guys had towards the end of the,year yeah for sure I think it's always,good especially when you End season is,going in the right direction and,um we're gonna

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