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Why Does Twitter HATE This Game So Much? (Garten of Banban)wow it's it's really 2023 huh well I,gues

Daniel T. Gaming

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Why Does Twitter HATE This Game So Much? (Garten of Banban)

wow it's it's really 2023 huh well I,guess we'll be looking forward to this,happening in the future oh man also a,good start already so uh it's been a hot,minute since I have done a regular,commentary video with gameplay in the,background but I personally felt like it,was very fitting for the subject of this,video because of how reoccurring it is,so if you guys have ever been on Twitter,recently you would know that there's an,upcoming horror game that's getting,released on Steam soon called Garten of,ban ban it's another one of those,kindergarten centered horror games where,something terrifying happens as you're,following through this kindergarten or,school or whatever kind of like other,similar horror games in nature like Five,Nights at Freddy's baldy poppy playtime,even that one Roblox horror Piggy game,okay,it's my room,it was made by this group called The,euphoric brothers and as of right now,not a lot of people seem to be happy,with this release I was originally going,to skip out looking on this because it,just looked like another cheap horror,game but because of how much discourse,is going on regarding this game I felt,like it was fitting for a video but,before I dive into that however I would,like to plug my own indie game Nessie,the NES robots as a lot of you know I,have been working on an actual playable,NES game for the past few years now,called Nessie the NES robots well not,only is it available now on PC through, but it's going to be available,through Steam as well as the Nintendo,switch eShop we finally got the steam,page up available right now and it,should be available sometime during the,first quarter of 2023. it was originally,supposed to come out in 2022 but because,of some stuff going on with nami tense,other people that are publishing this,game we had to delay it to this year so,it should be out in a few months if you,want to go wish listed right now the,steam page will be available in the,description below so with that cheap,plug out of the way,let's discuss Garden of bamban so the,main issue that people are having right,now on Twitter regarding guard in a band,is that it's very similar looking,compared to other games that we've had,in the past like Five Nights at Freddy's,poppy Play Time body Etc and people are,also Furious about the fact that it is,very similar in terms of its history,compared to other games how they all,come from these Indie artists and then,these games all of a sudden blow up,because they're horror based and that,they all look the same it has a very,similar history and background and all,of that even on the steam page for this,game despite the fact that it's getting,positive reviews from some people people,are just constantly spamming the game,with not recommended and all of these,not recommended seem to be coming from,the fact that the discourse regarding,this game has just started because of,this I decided to look a little bit,further into euphoric Brothers to see if,there's anything scummy going on here to,see if they really are a money,laundering scheme on steam or a money,laundering steam in this case,and from what I could tell they are,literally just an indie development team,they've actually released a couple of,other games they've been doing it since,the start of 2021 and a lot of these,seem to have some generally positive,reviews from people that have actually,played the games so to me personally I,don't really see Garden of ban ban as a,money laundering scheme I just mainly,see it as a lack of inspiration because,of how similar this is to other games in,the past so now a lot of you are,probably wondering that this is where,the video ends right there's just so,much discourse because it looks like,other games and that it's just made by a,very low brow Indie development team,right no it actually goes even further,from there because on the garden of ban,ban title screen there is a button on,all the social media Pages saying for,you to buy merchandise based on this,game and that right there pissed off a,lot of people on Twitter there's so many,quote retweets in regards to this button,and that right there is what's causing,people to call it a money laundering,scheme despite the game being available,for free and a lot of people are just,saying that this is overall a scam oh,this is totally gonna get them good,right this is totally a money laundering,scheme let's let's get them this is this,the ultimate goal to make sure that this,is it's just a link to their Teespring,that's literally just it it's just a,link to their Teespring the one ,merch store that literally anybody is,able to make and yes the prices are kind,of ridiculous but still it's just the, Teespring store or spring as I,should actually call it now because they,just rebranded recently but still the,fact that there was so much discourse,over this merch button when it's,actually just a Teespring store that's,hilarious to me that would be like if,everybody called undertale a scam and a,money launde

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Reading Steamy Tweets

Reading Steamy Tweets

what everybody is your boy Guido man,5000 here with the boys we're gonna do a,little reaction but ya could call a,reaction video basically in honor of,Doherty getting suspended as well as,common white girl will get you know they,got a lot of them,well anyway recipes for Paulo worry man,all our favorite meme accounts I got,scared because I thought horny facts got,put in the dirt too but we got horny,facts still so thank God yeah I know,that I knew that they were good cuz my I,got a notification okay tweeted by the,way I was digging these up at like 9:00,in the morning very dangerous time to be,looking at horny tweets not a good way,started I'm a morning porn guy like sit,down with some coffee yeah browsing,pornhub like it's like oh what's up guys,welcome back to the wall the channel,first things first,a lot of people who reply to these,tweets are just like old dudes it's like,old horny dudes it's most people who,don't think the Internet is public I,need a vacation some dick in a hotel,room and a massage that's not a fact,yeah well ladies let us know if this is,a fact I'll come to your hotel and give,you a dick give you my dick and massage,yo I think she's Carol the old people,don't give a look at this no my,wife and I have several facts but one of,our favorites is guys drink pineapple,juice wait what - my your condom tastes,sweet right Michael Vaughn got it shall,I Oh grabbing your girl's ass is great,because the girl loves the feeling of it,guys love grabbing it it's a win for,everyone,okay why are you grabbing your baby's,ass waleed if it's loud sex it's good,sex if I am moaning loud I am pleased a,lot oh I usually moan aloud during their,income gesturing the coming,he's completely silent all the way up to,the point where he comes if your legs,are shaking afterward you know it was,good right guys you're bright yeah yeah,yeah that's act okay back to my leg,people also have like weird,conversations on these threads that they,just don't need to have okay so eat her, till she come in her legs shake,then hold her down and keep going till,you see her soul leave her body sounds,like the new weekend some,so this girl tax are for boys oh my god,sweet that what I'd do to you baby and,I'll do that to you till the end of time,well just text her that yeah well also,I'd be terrified this one if ever looks,like a vampire,he's probably five thousand years he's,probably actually sucking her soul out,of it yeah yeah yeah that's why that,tweeter like until the end of time,otherwise he'll die why don't we ever,get food in the daytime,this guy's glare is making my soul weep,yeah yeah yeah oh you know when you,like shake afterwards when the vampire,you I like when he stops mister oak to,kiss you and you know it's because,you're not trying to come but it still,feels romantic I do that always yeah I,wasn't saying this is a real fact yeah,that's a that's a Thompson effect wait I,also want to say my research was just,searching at horny facts and the word,come I can come eight times and not get,tired men come to three times and they,got a reboot 1995 windows I don't know,why she's been with I can't come to,three I need one no I can come two times,in a row,I just need eight hours of sleep between,I just gonna say some people are too, honest alright appreciate you,Megan yeah just it's all says nothing,yet you related we have a yeah we just,got hit by a real good fact here and,you're gonna derail the conversations oh,excuse me I would like some BBC yeah I,don't I don't think she's talking about,like David Attenborough,where did these eight inches come from,the average length of a man's penis when,erect is five to seven inches,wait yeah five seven yeah it's kind of,kind of big yeah yeah is that like a,third average that's pretty good I guess,yeah yeah how BIG's an inch I'm still in,the metric system oh it's like okay yes,yeah sure you know what start up do you,think he was back instead someone in the,office is like um I saw your tweet,earlier he's like yeah any questions if,you suck my toe now it's a guy what so,maybe this is a co-ed that's a girl yeah,yeah yeah it's a couple that runs it,yeah if you see I'll see them that's,them in that you suck my dick while I,Drive that tells me you're willing to,die to make me nut I love you crazy,gotta be honest I hate ,I rather might keep my gf dry and finger,her and eat her out oh and be fast,to save her if we crash this, a superhero,some classic when he's on your guts you,know that's like guys he's on your guts,he gives you those soft kisses in,between and killing yo that's my,favorite hey man or that a fact,like I hope my husband course still,grabs my butt and drunk flirts with me,at family get-togethers when we're 30,with kids get grown yeah late that,dude 30 isn't old at all this fool is 30,yeah yeah maybe at 45 yeah this one make,some more sense hey let go back there,girl below that's what I thought,and I'm like yeah I'm single and,following horny fast look I love when,people's when people's

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Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

Disgusting Twitter Posts Cost Them a Job

I find it so fascinating how often,people just film their own crimes or,post on Twitter about illegal activities,that they're doing and then it,eventually comes back to haunt them,where they lose their job or get,arrested it's just wild that so often,people have this complete lack of,self-control and inability to stop,themselves from saying or doing dumb,stupid things on Twitter like posting,cringe on Twitter has cost more jobs,than the invention of machines and today,I want to go over a disturbing new case,of gross this was something that,went viral a few days ago but I've only,just now caught up on it it's really,gross and I actually think that this is,a deeper onion than most people realize,I think that this was all a manufactured,marketing campaign conducted by a,Shameless degenerate in order to get,only fan subscribers so let's take it,from the top I'm sure if you were on,Twitter a few days ago you saw this post,floating around this little bit of,eyeball poison was getting Dunked On by,everyone around the globe and if people,weren't on it they were, themselves out of just pure,repulsion so the post is talking about,how they're coming out as trans canine,and talking about how they've been with,six dogs so they celebrate dogs,and they double down on this triple down,on it and have made it their entire,brand identity now like this is now,their online presence is being the dog, and they're very open about it,talking about it and trying to make it,like some kind of powerful movement,about why dogs is a great thing,obviously I'm on the side of Common,Sense here animals can't consent to,having sex thus you're not even having,sex with the animals you're raping them,you're a dog Raper it's called,bestiality and it's a crime it's illegal,it's not something to be celebrated or,encouraged now I think the person behind,this knows it and was making this as a,giant post that would hopefully gather a,lot of hoopla and put eyes on their uh,their content because even prior to this,post they were dropping nude photos lewd,photos and just talking like about,trying to monetize their sexual content,and then after this post got so much,steam they made a statement saying that,this had cost them their job they now no,longer have a way of making money so in,desperation they're saying it and,starting and only fans when I'm pretty,sure that was the entire plan from the,get-go and by having so many eyes on,them from all of this this Spotlight,that was shining there they immediately,got a giant head start like they're way,over 150 000 followers at this point and,I'm pretty sure that this was their,intention from the get-go they'd chose,something that they knew most people,would have a problem with no one likes,to see animals being abused and no one,likes to hear about animals being used,as like sexual objects or sexual props,for people in their content it's like,that is beyond weird so they are,probably aware that by making that post,it get would have gathered a lot of,steam which it did and then they,immediately went around with this,narrative that they were fired there's,no way of knowing 100 for sure if they,were fired I take all of that with a,grain of salt and even the way they talk,about it like in that post they're,saying they're going to sue everyone,that got them fired that just seems like,a troll that legitimately just seems,like a weak low effort troll statement,at the end there there is evidence to,suggest they may have actually lost,their job from this but even still I,don't think it's 100 confirmed as of,this moment like it just to me feels,like this was all part of the plan and,you can also even see them like lean,into it if you go back a couple days,before this blew up they made this post,about how only fans models are the devil,you know this is terrible stuff look,what kind of example are you setting for,children you Godless heathens and then,only days later turning around and,dropping one of their own only fans is,disgusting and you're going to hell for,it as they're signing up for an account,I could be wrong this all could be done,genuinely and wasn't meant as a,marketing play for only fans subscribers,but to me that's just really what it,feels like it feels like someone that is,very aware of what they're doing and,trying to capitalize off outrage and,being the villain I've said this a,million times but on Twitter since,everyone has unlimited access to every,unhinged thought and person imaginable,across the globe you will always find,people that agree with you no matter how,outrageous the belief you will always,find supporters and that's exactly,what's happened here they now do have,legitimate supporters backing them and,the dog stuff from other equally,deranged animal it's pathetic,sad and it's just really depressing that,this is actually succeeding for them,financially now if I'm correct and this,is all just revolting marketing for,their only fans it doesn't make any of,this justifiable excusable and it,doesn't

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Hogwarts Legacy Boycott BACKFIRES! Pre-Orders TOP Steam Sales Chart!

Hogwarts Legacy Boycott BACKFIRES! Pre-Orders TOP Steam Sales Chart!

hey guys welcome back to clownfish TV,this is neon I am here with geeky,Sparkles hello and we're going to talk,about Hogwarts Legacy being the best,selling game on Steam currently it's not,even out yet this is what we call a,bicot this is backlash against the media,and activists telling people they were,not allowed to buy this game well that,and I think a lot of people are buying,the game because they're interested in,the game and they have no idea about all,this controversy well that could be too,this game is highly anticipated it's,being worked on by Avalanche which did,the Disney Infinity games which were,very good and you know it's it's Harry,Potter and yeah most normies are,blissfully unaware of everything going,on with the internet and Reddit and the,drama around this game for the people,who are aware we're all buying it to,send a message that is true I'm seeing a,lot of people posting their receipts on,Twitter uh saying that they're buying,the deluxe version they're buying,multiple copies to give away,um yeah so a lot of people are buying,this game who normally would not have,bought Hogwarts Legacy because the,message they are trying to send is not,one of transphobia but the message,they're trying to send is you can't tell,us what we can and can't do or what we,can and can't like,we're gonna talk about this yes so,before we get into it any further Please,Subscribe for more pop culture news,views and ranska is over 285 thousand,Subs almost 286 000 already uh hit the,Subscribe button hit the bell for,notifications YouTube is up to some,Shenanigans last night a bunch of views,disappeared from a bunch of channels and,then they magically came back that's,weird hopefully the ad Revenue comes,back too and it doesn't magically,disappear but uh match since we're,talking about magic January though so it,might it's January so yeah let's let's,talk about this because I have a theory,that Hogwarts Legacy is going to kick,off gamergate 2.0 well they've been,trying they've been trying and trying,and trying to get a gamergate 2.0 for,two or three years now they keep coming,back this well bringing it up they keep,tagging articles with it like and there,wasn't even good there wasn't even a,controversy to worry about no so of,course you know for those of you who,don't know who don't live online the,controversy around Hogwarts Legacy is,simply that it is a product that takes,place in the Harry Potter universe and,JK Rowling gets showing every time they,sell a copy even though I don't think,she was directly involved in the,production of it yeah at all but I'm,sure she gets paid because her contract,set up that she gets paid no matter what,every time you buy a butter beer at,Universal she gets paid I mean that's,the way her contract is set up and she's,not making all the butter beer but uh,every time you buy Hogwarts Legacy,Rowling goes to Ching,I mean this is just a theory I have it's,just that we're gonna do another video,talking again about the uh limited run,games debacle which that got kicked off,by Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy got,booed at the game awards there are,journalists out there saying that they,refuse to cover it uh there are,subreddits oh we already knew that that,will block you ban you if you talk about,the game at all,trash fire it's I think actually it's,worse than Twitter in that same oh it is,it is uh so you know I don't think it's,hyperbole to say that this could kick,off another controversy like gamergate,because what's going to happen is this,could potentially be one of if not the,best selling game of the year it's going,to be released on multiple platforms and,it's already we're seeing the pre-orders,for for PS5 go through the roof too,and it hasn't even hit switch yet you,know,um and the gaming journalist could,collectively decide that they're either,going to ignore the game or they're,gonna uh trash it with unfair reviews,and then well they would never they,would never do that they would never do,anything underhanded at sites like a,taco never yeah because every every,article on kataku and polygon regarding,Hogwarts Legacy is defamatory not only,are they you know talking about the game,being tied to the transphobic JK Rowling,because of a couple tweets she made,right you can think about wherever you,want to that's not the issue here but,they also dig up Troy Levitt who is the,lead designer on the game for a number,of years and he basically got forced to,retire because these Publications came,after him and found some videos he did,years ago that were sort of somewhat,kinda sorta in support of gamergate,um or at least the principles of,gamergate that these sites are garbage,but we're finding fast forward to 2023,the sites are still garbage there's,still garbage but now it doesn't take,much to to piss them off at all in fact,uh magfest which is as far as I know a,left-leaning video game Festival over,the weekend made a joke a joke about,kotaku's uh kotaku's journalistic,Integrity joke that we al

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Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Orders SKYROCKET and Twitter is FURIOUS!

Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Orders SKYROCKET and Twitter is FURIOUS!

hey guys welcome back to clownfish TV,this is neon I am here with geeky,Sparkles hello and Hogwarts Legacy is,already 2023's best-selling PlayStation,5 game oh boy those boycotts are working,really really well aren't they I would,argue that if you're out there,complaining and people are just gonna go,buy it despite you,spite buys yes there are people out,there that are not fans of Harry Potter,but because of all the media the faux,outrage from the media about this game,they've actually said that they're going,to go out and buy it and I think that,they are going out and buying it and I,imagine that the steam sales probably,pretty good too I imagine it's doing,well on other platforms if I had to,guess so people were pre-ordering this,game massively and I I can't wait to see,what happens when it actually comes out,uh you know they tried to cancel the,game they tried to cancel anyone,associated with the game uh the,developer Troy Levitt was canceled,because he dared work on this game,before JK Rowling made any controversial,remarks and actually went through his,YouTube history and they found some,videos from like years ago that they,didn't like gaming journals and they,made sure he got canceled,um so yeah I hope this game sells very,very very very very very,I just want to piss these people off,yeah so we're going to talk about that,before we get into it any further Please,Subscribe for more pop culture news,views and rants guys over,284 thousand almost 285 000 Subs almost,300 000 Subs so if you can hit the,Subscribe button like us you know you,like us some of you don't like us yeah,make sure you're still subscribed and I,know some of you don't like us that,listen to us but that's okay because the,money still spends the same it's kind of,like this the more you complain about,the game the more headlines are,generated about what an awful game it is,because of remarks by JK Rowling the,more people are gonna buy even people,that are not into Harry Potter I've seen,so many comments on social media,that people are buying this to send a,message which is basically you don't get,to tell me what I can and can't buy but,beyond that I always just have to think,of this for a minute when they hated,Star Wars or Cowboy Bebop or whatever,and people didn't like it there were,people out there that were like well you,don't have to like it but you should,still support it because all the people,that worked on it,well where are they now like aren't you,supposed to support it because all the,people that worked on it if you don't,like JK Rowling yeah right so you told,everybody else go watch Cowboy Bebop and,if you hate it because you should,support everybody else yeah and that's,the thing she barely has any involvement,in this grant she does get paid but she,created the world so she always gets,paid for anything anything remotely,related to Wizarding World but she,didn't have a direct hand in it as far,as I know,um instead they're penalizing all the,people who worked on this game right,because they're pissed off a couple,things she said on Twitter I think,that's an interesting juxtaposition with,their arguments it is so yeah we've got,this twitch streamer,this twitch streamer blocked me because,I told her good job for selling a bunch,of games by making this post and,apparently anybody else who disagrees,with her gets blocked so the comments,like they're overwhelmingly supportive,but they're not no the only thing that,matters at the end of the day your hot,takes don't matter there Sarah uh the,only thing that matters are sales and,the sales are doing very well so yeah,she put this out was it did you read it,yeah I mean it's every fiber of my being, you if you buy Hogwarts Legacy,okay so she gonna go around to like,every twitch stream and every YouTube,stream and anybody that streams this,game or Dare stream this game,gonna troll yeah well she's going around,blocking people and all kinds of crap,because you dare question her hot take,but then anybody who agrees with their,hot take you know it's okay yeah right,um so anyway let's let's talk about this,Hogwarts Legacy is already 2023's,best-selling PS5 game uh they said 2022,had some really good games too you know,Elden ring Horizon forbidden West and,God of War Ragnarok,um but they said 2023 is set to be the,year of star field uh Zelda tears of the,kingdom and at long last Hogwarts Legacy,it's currently the year's best-selling,PS5 game yes so that's PS5 not steam or,you know other platforms yeah but I can,almost guarantee you that uh it's coming,with the PS PS4 and Xbox One Xbox One,version of the game ranked significantly,lower but still,um at the time of the writing both UK,and U.S Hogwarts Legacy is number one on,Amazon's list of best-selling PS5 games,with just a month to go until release on,the next gen consoles and PC fans are,clearly rushing to get their pre-orders,in the game ranks a little lower a,little lower on the list of best-selling,Xbox series games currently behind Call,o

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What 10,000 HOURS on 1 MAP Looks Like..

What 10,000 HOURS on 1 MAP Looks Like..

what's up everybody I'm sick it's,nothing serious I just came from the,hospital and uh I thought you guys would,like another video so I got out of bed,and I started editing a video for you,guys enjoy the video guys,foreign,oh my God,I I don't understand,thank you,so have you seen the smoke look,see perfect,what the I mean I lost I lost,health,what look at my HP,what are you doing what,the did you jump from,no no one sure got one window,one more,on the hold left hold left hold left,wait,wait hi,I do not know I have no idea I don't,know,I'm with you,oh boy,security,what the ,I had an AK all this round,you should go first he's doing it oh my,God

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Biggest Ratio in Twitter History

Biggest Ratio in Twitter History

I'm usually not one to believe in the,Paranormal however I've recently been,convinced that there's one man that's,being haunted and possessed by a bad,take demon and if you're a fan of sports,you know exactly who I'm going to talk,about when you hear the word bad take,one image in one name pops into your,head Skip Bayless he's been around for a,long time when I was a huge sports fan I,used to watch him and his shows as well,however I don't much anymore now I just,kind of see the viral clips of his most,awful brain dead opinions that are,usually just Way Off the Mark or him,just cosplaying as LeBron James boxers,so he could hold his meat I can't decide,if he truly believes half the he,talks about because some of it's just,blatantly wrong or just weird so I don't,know if he says it for the sake of shock,and controversy for views or if he,really is just an Android that's powered,by awful Sports takes like he's,algorithmically programmed to deliver,horrible Sports opinions but last night,this reached the boy boiling point when,he dropped this stinker this tweet I,believe is the highest ratio tweet on,the entire site I haven't been able to,find anything that has a stronger fatter,L plus ratio here anywhere now before,diving into what made this tweet so hate,it I'll give context around it in case,you're unfamiliar with the situation,that it's in reference to last night in,the Bills vs Bengals game a player for,the Bills named Demar Hamlin was making,a tackle and he got hit in the chest and,when he got up off of making the tackle,off the ground he collapsed medical,personnel attended to him for about 10,minutes performing CPR before he was,taken away to a hospital his condition,was unknown but it was very scary to see,that most people were afraid they'd just,watched this young man die on the field,from this and it was just a really,horrifying situation all around of,course a ton of people from all over,went on Twitter to talk about it as well,as offer prayers hoping for a full,recovery for tomorrow Hamlin and then,there was Skip Bayless who went on,Twitter with two tweets that weren't,anything bad just kind of talking about,what was happening and like how how,serious it was but then on his third,tweet something went awry some wires got,crossed in the old dusty brain of Skip,Bayless he you know this was not a third,time's the charm situation here he he,let the bad take devil out to play and,that's when he dropped this tweet this,poorly worded Masterpiece is what's,getting dunked on right now no doubt the,NFL is considering postponing the rest,of this game but how this late in the,season a game of this magnitude is,crucial to the regular season outcome,which suddenly seems so irrelevant,now let me break down why this was hated,so widely because when I talked about it,on stream there was a few people that,were confused by it which in turn,confused me at their confusion it just,became this degenerate cycle of,spitting confusion at each other's,mouths like two girls one cup so the,reason why most people including myself,found this to be a dumb tweet is because,of how callous it reads it feels more,like Skip Bayless is focusing on the,importance of the game rather than Demar,Hamlin's Health instead of being,concerned for Demar Hamlin here he's,more concerned about the game and since,it's an important one you know they're,considering postponing it but you know,how that's a tough thing to do which is,not wrong about postponing and,suspending a game is not an easy,decision to make and it is an important,game but that really isn't what's most,important here and when you read this,tweet it feels like he's saying that the,game is what's most important and that,last line where he says which suddenly,seems so irrelevant well that little,Zinger had more interpretations than a,Rorschach painting so some people are,saying this is Skip Bayless saying that,you know the game's important but now,it's not because of Hamlin so he is,putting focus on Hamlin but the majority,of people read that as Skip Bayless,being disappointed that the focus is no,longer the game oh this game is so,important the magnitude it's crucial to,the regular season you know and,postponing it how it's it's such an,important crucial game to be played but,now it just suddenly seems irrelevant,like it sounds like he's disappointed,that the Hamlin injury has taken the,focus off of the game so his tweet is to,put it back on the game it's a poorly,worded jumbled thought here that reads,badly and reads very callous and it,doesn't even like do anything he's just,talking about the difficulty of,rescheduling or postponing a game and,he's not wrong it is hard but what the, is the point here like why even,mention this everyone knows it's not an,easy decision to make on whether or not,to suspend a game in a situation like,this that offered nothing and it just,seemed like you cared more about the,game than Hamlin he did then drop this,apology tweet nothing is more important,th

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Kai Cenat Finally Responds To Ra*e Cover Up..

Kai Cenat Finally Responds To Ra*e Cover Up..

I was not why Kai wasn't replying why,wasn't he texting back like this and I,don't blame y'all for asking me why,wasn't Kai texting back like this why,was he helping because screenshots,um uh came in,as soon as this,was brought to my attention chat,I didn't go nowhere else when this ,was brought to my attention,I didn't go nowhere else but the police,instantly,I went to my legal team,I went to the police,I'm not playing I'm not being around,this is a serious topic let's go to the,police let's figure this out you feel,what I'm saying,um a lot of people was like yo you need,uh uh he didn't help you this time the,third bro I went to the police instantly,my legal team the reason why I did not,reply is because my legal team told me,Kai do not text anyone,the way I met that girl or I started I,started talking to her,December 31st,2022 going into the new year of January,1st,2023.,um,um okay people people keep getting an,narrative that like uh she she uh kept,saying like uh this is my friend friend,she kept using a friend word a lot right,um people keep thinking that like it was,if she say his friend they must have,knew each other way back no that's not,what it is also I want to go ahead and,say Jovi I'm not here to bash you or,nothing this is very serious I'm this is,the first thing play in my life I'm not,even gonna play like I've seen what you,I've seen the that you've been,posting and crying and all that I,have sympathy for I'm not I'm not here,to say that I'm not here to bash you in,any type of way okay let me put that, first because this is crazy as,soon as I got the information,chat I went straight to my friend the,person that you see getting posted I,said bro what the am I hearing,right now gang,y'all know I can't bro but you bro I,have a select few of people that I call,my friend for real for real bro I,addressed them I see yo bro what the, is this when you see you can see,the text messages when she sent the,photo you could see me react as in,it's him,like I legit I legit I'm telling y'all,what it is I know him so I'm I went to,him immediately I said yo bro what the, you got going on what am I hearing,right now bro you feel me what am I,hearing right now about that's,going on chat as soon as he heard her,side of the story I'm representing her,bro she's hurt she's hurt bro I don't,play that I went I went okay,two stories there's two stories to this,all right,I'm gonna go I'm not defending anybody,I'm not defending anybody I don't know,what happened I am in the same boat as,my viewers,I'm in the same boat as y'all I don't,know what the happened but let me,go ahead and say something the person,that's associated with me,I knew this guy I'm not defending him,once again I knew this guy for a very,long time on multiple trips you feel,what I'm saying never was he's not that,type of person I'm not saying ,didn't happen I'm not saying none of,that I'm not defending nobody because,bro the way she was crying to me on that,phone bro I'm here to help,I'm here to help I know how he looked,scars on the face dreads you feel me,that's for the law if that's for the law,to handle though that's none of your,business at all none of your business at,all okay now I'm here to help I'm I'm,here to see what the fact is because,whatever the facts is bro bro and you,know I'm taking all the heat I'll take,it I'll take all the heat right now,because you know she got to the internet,first,um and that's fine Jovi I'm not mad at,you I'm not I don't want you to think,nothing is wrong I'm good you're good,man you're good you're going to be going,to solve this,um please I hope I hope you're doing,your part on really going to like,you know people but by the time,it's it's uh it's all said and done,you'll be it's sitting somebody on the,road so,um when I'm able to talk to you I'm able,to talk to you when I'm able to talk to,um get both sides and when I'm able to,talk to any of them Who's involved damn,girl I remember seeing you that whole,night I hope you get the Justice I've,been around car and his friends for,months and they're horny Predators who,can't take no for an answer,so 110 believe you be strong,Jesus Christ,poke to him so like the legal team told,him not to talk to the lady but the,legal team didn't say anything about,talking to the perpetrator potentially,like that's crazy you know what I mean,he immediately went and talked to the,guy was when in,what he did did not show consideration,to the victim to the degree that it,should have okay it's just my assessment,of the situation,okay stop trying to Farm Clips,off of it,I didn't especially given,the detailed involvement from the victim,and the severity of the crime,okay,oh of course,when somebody asks that is you have to,contact the government to know that it,is a full legal name maiden name social,security number license plate no you,don't like what the like what is,wrong with the guys man like who does,who does that who does that ,like with your human brain man if,somebody shows you

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