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✨floptok✨ stan twitter ✨compilation 🥰💅 part 7two times,oh,lapping has a new member I wear black,pink

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

✨floptok✨ stan twitter ✨compilation 🥰💅 part 7

two times,oh,lapping has a new member I wear black,pink Lisa I'm Jenny I'm Rose,foreskin,Tennessee,tell me,the culture of life,I use Pantene shampoo on my along,with Dove soap,and oh what'd you say queen if you can't,be my friend just please don't be my,enemy because my life is tough enough as,it is,huh are you homosexual,a what I'm homosexual,what's that,shows made three million a week you are,now looking at the best the elite too,bad you can't go and investing for teeth,what kind of runs around in a,Christmas sweater,video,girl that party was so loud,your money,she's got a point she's an icon she's a,legend and she is the moment now come on,now,into my face told me she was a friend,by the way how'd you lose your weight,uh-oh you bulimic no okay no gosh no,okay I had surgery all right you cheated,it's okay,okay,do you think you could like look,straight into the webcam and say Dua,Lipa is the greatest pop star in history,for me please,I would never say that,yo it's the new style Buffalo,foreign,I swear I will kill you and I mean it I,mean it Tiffany,we have nachos with extra tails and only,have it's not Kayla,circles,um,oh my gosh so creamy,i-d-g-a-f I don't give a ,Pierce,foreign,I tried to change one,oh,my God,I'm not a furry these are gross,okay,can you sing something for us,huh kind of focused on being a baddie,right now I can't really,can't really work

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Best of Stan Twitter 2022

Best of Stan Twitter 2022

foreign,please go check out my fancy skin Island,at the Dubai Mall Promenade love you bye,foreign,please these gays they're trying to,murder me,so where have you been honey what it,look like getting this money,buying more clothes I look nice right,you'll be in that big and I seen,your swipe your shoes your weave in your,purse if you're bad believe that I'm,worse,and this era will always have such a,close,place in my heart,down there let's get to it Striker pose,there's nothing to it,um one of my favorite songs that you,have is Royals um where did you get the,inspiration for that uh Royals came from,you know just me looking at like how I'm,from New Zealand from like a small town, you better be joking are you okay,not a hole Keisha,this is Michael Jackson and this is,Ariana Grande and we wish you a Merry,Christmas and a Happy New Year ow,Ariana what are you doing here,and the Emmy goes to,Don Roy King,what is a rider,um a rider is one who is known to ride,yeah work,I don't trust her I don't think she's a,good person,um and I believe now that,I believe she's somewhere,living with deep deep regret,and that's okay,period,your choice movie villain is,Donald Sutherland let's talk about the f,word,someone said you're gay yeah I am very,happy,that's what game means by the way,there's two different meanings a day and,one of them is that you're happy,foreign,excuse me,uh sorry to bother you you Rosalia yeah,what are you what are you doing here,what are you doing here everybody,pretty legendary if you ask me,and your choice for favorite action,movie actor is,Chris Hemsworth I think you're fat yeah,it's just my opinion,I'm not bullying you I'm just giving you,I think you're ugly I think you're fat I,think you're stupid,uh your favorite dish,my favorite dish I like mugs because,they're very comfortable in your hand,and they hold the hot things that you,don't have to touch so um you know,coffee,so my name my name is Bella Hadid sir,sir you have to pay for that,Moto mommy by Rosalia,shut up it's my day,do you have a hatred towards the LGBT,community yes what's your drink of,choice in the groony I was gonna say,magliato oh with Prosecco in it oh,stunning yeah,and your choice movie actor sci-fi,fantasy is,Josh Hutcherson,foreign,the horse is here,no,I used to live here I used to live here,my name is Jennifer,Jennifer yeah I used to live up and now,my room was upstairs right there,Jennifer Lopez who's Jennifer Lopez me,I used to live here,Madonna I love you so so much I've seen,every single music video of yours I've,seen every single documentary of yours,you've inspired me so much and,um,yes I'm excited for Beyonce's next album,are you mad,don't break myself,foreign,I actually did it myself,yeah nice,a little bit what the ,I thought the storm is big in,Germany,come on,I don't care,if I was a boy I would probably still,like boys get right,she's a clock,it's a clock,makes a clock I am done with Taylor,Swift,yup yup yup yup yup,I was a Swifty I was down bumps,hey guys it's your mother,laughs,well let's hold one hold one hold one on,that hold on hold on now hold on hold on,hold on I'm not gonna say that all right,hold on hold on,hold on hold on,hold on,hold on,yeah yeah,second and the fifth one,I mean I was Josh zafty's Muse when he,wrote on kajal right do you know what I,mean like things like that,that's right,I'll Be Home for Christmas,thank you,foreign

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✨floptok✨ stan twitter ✨compilation 🥰💅 part 6

✨floptok✨ stan twitter ✨compilation 🥰💅 part 6

thank you,hi,We're not gonna have that happy birthday,foreign,why should I go to hell I could have my,Gucci on,I made you,you make me sure,call a customer service,but I'm talking,I mean I kind of have OCD you mean,obesity,you wanna,change,strawberry rhubarb a bunch of bad,go go go,yes yes,you can't understand,your body is not giving girl shut up,cause your face ain't giving how about,that how about them apples,Mumbai,City,movies,you're a twunk I am a twunk thank you,all these people say twink but I'm not,no you're a twunk I'm a twink babe,foreign,sometimes,leave me alone,afternoon,my life my rules my style my attitude,you love me or hate me I don't care but,don't play with me,you gonna go much either he ate it,for lunch,tell me GFI is planner Elsie will suffer,I'll never betray geafe flop,oh my God Queen She Momo,all right now it ain't that funny laptop,history,today we're gonna talk about the,badassian Empire,it All Began in 1691,this is how the map of bedesseline and,the da boys Empire used to look like in,17th century,the leader of the desolate was Queen,shyamasi II she had two daughters,princess jaffina,and my fiancee I am not allowed to call,Mike you see a princess because she,committed a sin for trying to marry a,prince that was one of thou boy,she got executed in 1697 for that sin,burning Health you stupid ,but let's talk about Queen shyama see,the second she wanted to have an Empire,instead of a country because she was,jealous on Emperor Andrew Tate the,Importer of The Da boy's Empire she made,a poll for her citizens they could have,chosen to have a Empire or if it should,stay as a country 96 percent of the,population was against the empire,because they knew that if they would,become an Empire there would have been,many wars but Queen shayama seed II,didn't really care about that there was,an island that belonged to no one,on the 17th of January in 1692 Queen,shyamama see II took the island as her,own and said that this is the badassian,Empire,she kept it as a secret for a very long,time on the 22nd of April in 1702 when,she was laying in her deathbed she told,her daughter princess jaffina about the,badassian Empire,sadly Queen shayama Messi II passed away,on the 23rd of April rest in peace,on the same day princess jaffina was,crowned and was Queen jaffina III from,this day on on the 29th of November 1704,Queen jaffina the third maid the,badassian Empire public what meant that,Queen jafina III was the Empress of the,badassian Empire from this day on,but dustling didn't exist anymore and,the badassian empire was there,Emperor Andrew Tate wasn't very happy,about that and started a war against The,Pedestrian Empire on the 12th of January,in 1705. the war was 13 years long and,the badassian Empire won the badassian,Empire got 1 million square kilometers,from the da boys Empire,so the badassian empire was 11 million,square kilometers big now Empress jafina,died on the 1st of July in 1733.,rest in peace,In 1902 impressed cupcakaina started to,lead the badassian Empire this is how,the map of the badassian Empire and the,DU boisland used to look like in the,20th century the Dow boys Empire has,fallen in 1889 the people in Du boislin,got very mad and started a war in 1904.,that war was the baddesty war,on the 4th of May and 199 Empress,cupcakina died the badassian Empire has,fallen on the same day rest in peace,I remember her she was the she was a

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Stan Twitter Compilation

Stan Twitter Compilation

hi everybody see wait look at this when,i go like that,i can do this now,i can do,that but yeah it's a lot better now,this is,peter,the horse is here,dumb i pray that the world is against,you,you may start to notice people spending,a lot of energy trying to tear you down,take it personally,you are not brilliant you are not strong,frederick oh my god mystery inc where is,everybody oh my god i'm just thinking,is it a man in a masters it actually,let's stop this mystery for once and for,all mystery inc roxier,i'm a gamer i play the playstation all,day,so i'm going to drive grand death auto,style i'm going to hit five,it people stink oh my,and now,to the that got something to say,about me and the press,um okay,i said what i said,it's giving it's giving share,what,what,what hold up hold up wait a minute wow,oh,it's okay,it's okay it's not okay though it's not,you know on roblox,somebody,take that spicy bacon,i'm confused,spin on it twist on it suck on it spit,on it believe it cuz i don't ,care,i mean i kind of have ocd you mean obcd,what what's going on y'all are going to,jail,these hips do lie and they lied to you,buck shakira shakira,oh,disappointment,isn't that clear,oh man it says please do not touch the,gumballs,why are they there then,the barbs,idiom,you

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4 minutes and 32 seconds of Stan Twitter and FlopTok videos I stole Pt.7

4 minutes and 32 seconds of Stan Twitter and FlopTok videos I stole Pt.7

Peachussy,because they don't have for healthy snacks and she has to be at a gym at 10 A.M because,that's her routine you're a psychopath I aint gonna lie me too when I went on her page and,seen her pictures,remember when somebody annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown but it only,takes four muscles to extend your arm and beech slap that mutha faker can you believe,it guys Christmas just a week away,be about this information Christmas just a week away oh wow Christmas just in a week, when I think of Muslim I don't Muslim Muslimanity?,No just Islam.,when I think of the Nation of Islam No no no no not the nation just Islam Islam okay,I could just say that so when I think of Islam a swan that's nice I like swans oh ,I'm not a monster Stephen I'm a mother millionaire law student and billionaire guys guys,no no hey I found the pool cues, hey y'all and I'm selling lip glosses and scuse' my hair yeah,if y'all want yo lips poppin' like mine come holla at me it's y'all it's yeah I don't know,what to say cause uh my lip popping and goodbye period I mean it I am not leaving until you,do a revote for the People by the people and of the people now ,do you know these gays,I can't take this anymore i am in crisis! is your family accepting of your lgbtq lifestyle,Santa tell me,the first nomination is Tiff,It was supposed to give but it did not give what needed to be gave to the highest of giving,if that makes any sense is there something else you're searching for I'm a star!,PLEASE IM A STAR!, sorry,hi everybody whatever I don't give a I don't give a do I look,like I give a because I don't I don't care I don't care I'm great

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Another Stan Twitter Compilation

Another Stan Twitter Compilation

I'm here,I'm nodding like I understand but I'm,not so sure I do let's go,homosexuals,damn homosexuals,foreign,this is definitely fruity,what,hmm,put that phone down and,bring your ass over here,come over here I'ma show you some, reality you won't be scared to,ever touch your phone again imma,whoop your ass back to reality hoe the,you ain't never gonna punch that phone,again you'll be scared you're gonna,delete all your the mental,institutions this is crazy this new,straight jacket,a little bit of some space,inner corner of the island so that's,where you're late,I personally love a really really full,coverage concealer because my eyes as,you can tell appear to have been,plowed by,the dick of Darkness,you skinny are evil and you need,to be destroyed,and them big fat will burn in,hell,girl that's a booty hole not a whole,Keisha,insufficient fun DS you ain't got no,money woo,h,y'all hear that oh I forgot to tell you,what I'm happy oh I'm gonna need a,refund that's something you should have,told me before I said I ordered the,order barbecue sauce at the house I,don't care McDonald's is different from,Kraft I don't care I want the McDonald's,barbecue yeah okay then I know I'll be,back in Atlanta tomorrow yeah,foreign,it's okay,it's okay it's not okay though it's not,you know on Roblox,you know say it was on Roblox yesterday,hi darling sorry about that you got my,message what yes but you obviously,didn't get my memo black oh I did but I,just sort of thought it seemed a bit,like a cold yeah I'm privileged white,people get together dressed in white,it's like the cake,any questions,let's destroy them,Miss Jackson,I think I'm actually gonna fade,it's also Fridays it's the weekend so,cheer up,foreign,foreign,I hope you out there flipping burgers I,hope you are to get money because I'm,coming for your app,you just have to now,let it happen and just don't second,guess yourself too much,what do you do when you need to scratch,your booty hole but you can't because,you're in public,you move left and right,or do you do like a circular motion,it's okay it's okay it's okay yeah,I can't,get out,the behavior that you exhibited was poor,like The Horde jumped out and then it,jumped back in,hey,Target,s,thank you thank you thank you so much,you guys are too kind

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the evolution of stan twitter and its impact on society

the evolution of stan twitter and its impact on society

little bit nervous about this one,hey guys welcome back to my channel,unless you're new here then hi,welcome i'm really really glad to see,you what an intense video for you,to meet me for the first time if you are,new i'm so sorry but it's gonna be a,good one,i just wanted to drop in real quick and,let you guys know that i just now,ordered my new microphone set that's,gonna plug into my camera so in my next,few videos the quality will be a little,bit less echoey,but i apologize if there's a little bit,of an echo throughout this video,i don't have my microphone yet,unfortunately but i hope you guys enjoy,anyway so lately i've been talking to,you guys a lot over the past few videos,and on my social media about how i want,to start incorporating,music and pop culture more into my,content on youtube because i study music,so i thought it would be a good idea to,start making music commentary videos on,this channel and kind of rebranding into,a lifestyle and music commentary channel,so welcome to the new me i hated that we,all did,for my very first video related to,entertainment commentary,we're going to be talking about stan,twitter,wow we're really just starting with a,bang huh in this video i'm going to be,taking a deep dive into stan twitter for,you guys kind of talking about what it,is,where it came from and how it got from,where it started to what it is now,sort of the evolution of it and i also,want to talk about some of the reasons,people think it's become toxic,some of the reasons why stan twitter is,a good place to have everything,revolving around,it because i was really surprised when i,looked on the internet and didn't find,much content,centered around the world of stan,twitter it's just crazy to me because,stan twitter is such a huge,subcategory of twitter maybe people are,just too scared to talk about stan,twitter it's like fight club,stays over there we don't talk about it,but i'm breaking that rule today we're,gonna talk about it quite in depth,hopefully i can do a good job of this,i've been on stan twitter for years i'm,not on stan twitter anymore but i did,used to be on stand twitter very,actively from like,late 2012 2013 through a little bit more,recently with some periods of time in,between where i fell off and came back,so i think,gathering some of this information and,being able to speak on it is going to be,a lot more easy because i've been there,but before we get into this video i do,just want to introduce myself,if you're new i'm jasmine i am now a,lifestyle and music commentary youtuber,so if that interests you and you like,this video don't forget to subscribe,check out my description box when you,get the chance for my social medias to,see what i'm up to and when i'm gonna,post,but now that we've got the intro all,good to go let's just start talking,about the absolute insanity that is stan,twitter,so the first question that we're going,to answer to kick this video off,is what is stan twitter what is this,world that we're going to be diving into,i wish i knew,i do just want to say that stan twitter,can be synonymous with fandom twitter,like there is all kinds of different,fandoms and types of stands that can,occupy this space,but for this video specifically i'm,going to be talking about music stan,twitter but the word,stan just basically means an extreme fan,and this word actually originated from,an eminem song that was released in,2000.,this song was actually the very first,person or thing that ever mentioned the,word stan,and in the m m song a stan is depicted,as like an,actual insane crazy like stalker fan,but the word has definitely taken on a,new meaning it has been noted by a lot,of people that there's a difference,between a fan and a stan,where a fan is more casual and a stan is,really really dedicated and passionate,and interestingly stan has also become a,sort of verb i talked about this,in my internet slang video but stan can,actually be a verb too like the action,of staining someone so then you have,stan,twitter which is basically just an,internet commune for fanatic fan bases,to propel the success of their favorite,artists,so like fan pages basically but they,take on,so much more than just a fan page and,we'll get into that a lot as you,continue to watch this video but people,actually put a lot of effort into these,fan pages as,stan twitter has grown and evolved over,time it's gotten more and more in depth,with what people make their fan pages,look like,people are often really really focused,on having cute layouts,like a profile picture and a header that,matches perfectly and like looks really,good together,sometimes people even have a pin tweet,at the bottom that has something that,matches their entire profile aesthetic a,really neat like location and bio,and more recently on stan twitter,there's a trend of people having,informative cards,where basically you can click and you,can see their pronouns and their age and,where they live,and their interests so stan twitter has,come r

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Stan Twitter Compilation | Reaction

Stan Twitter Compilation | Reaction

hey what's up y'all what's poppin it's d,by characters this vid by stan business,this is stan twitter compilation i,reacted to one of these a while ago but,this is the newer version so we're gonna,see what the latest stan twitter memes,are let's,in the watch food you're ashamed of,yourself not over the produce are you,embarrassed this is really embarrassing,oh my god,ma'am,then balloons ma'am,don't question me black ,don't question what's going on hoe,according to,blood plasma,and,oh that's inappropriate,what the is going on in here on,this day that's what i'm wondering,oh my god,why don't you mind your own business you,old ,stop being a thank you,no you didn't what you trying to call me,out i wanna,her breath smelled like straight up ,it smelled like a toilet full of nasty,ass okay,oh this was so cringe,i'll never forget all right so it's on,my patreon i'm going to drop it over,here and we didn't hear that no,no,i said no you can kill all that right,now like at this moment stop it's a,discrimination,everywhere okay,one thing i have realized,that if god don't do it,it just won't get done,it's gonna take a miracle,from god,excuse my hair yeah if you have more,challenges probably like mine,come high let me it's yeah,it's,yeah,yeah i don't know what to say because,out my lip pop oh goodbye,sucking dick and like i'm,girl what was the context in there,because i think i should do makeup,it's not for me it seems like it's an,album for people who have followed her,and who have been fans of her since the,beginning,the woman was too stunned to speak,oh my god,look at this red,oh really,that sucks,this isn't much you care at all,and a little pop in my hair so i'm going,to add something different especially,for the teen bow party,oh i hate that she did that,i hate that for,her unattractive overweight unworthy,untalented,i gotta put me,i gotta put me first,child what is happening here,this is so cringey,revolting,what a waste of my time,i think this is a sign from the universe,that i need to head up,oh my,i god it's a nice picture,no i'm wrong all right i'ma go this,isn't really giving like i thought it,would i feel like a lot of these were,much older,as well um than i thought they would be,even though this is a newer compilation,it just was a whole bunch of older stan,twitter memes but maybe people are just,recycling the old ones over and over,again maybe they don't really have any,newer ones i don't exactly know but but,let me know if there are some better,stan twitter uh comps out there,definitely send them my way uh but yeah,this was just decent it was okay y'all,let me know what y'all thought though,let me know what other videos i'm gonna,watch and i'll see you on the next one,you

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