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Are The Cardinals About To Make A Trade? What Free Agents Are Left To Help Them In 2023another boate

Locked On Cardinals

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Are The Cardinals About To Make A Trade? What Free Agents Are Left To Help Them In 2023

another boated bomb was dropped about,the Cardinal we'll find out what the,former GM is saying about the team now,what free agents are left that could,still help this team both on the mound,and in the field we'll talk about it all,on today's episode of Locked on,Cardinals,you are locked on Cardinals your daily,St Louis Cardinals podcast part of the,locked on podcast Network your team,every day,hey there Cardinal fans I'm JD haffern,and I'm a national radio sports acre,born and raised in the loo in a lifetime,Cardinals fan and I am your host for,locked on Cardinals part of the locked,on podcast Network covering your team,every day you can follow me on Twitter,at JD Sports Radio follow the podcast at,hello underscore Cardinals I want to,thank those of you who make locked on,Cardinals your first listen every day we,are free and available wherever you get,podcasts you can subscribe on iTunes,Spotify Google podcast also available on,YouTube make sure if you're going to go,over to YouTube you like you subscribe,your comment so you can interact with us,hit the notification button so you know,when new episodes are going to get,posted this is a show serving card,donation and giving the best fans at,baseball all of the info about the birds,on the bat now the off-season is always,chock full of news and rumors but lately,things have been awfully quiet you know,it's been a little silent around the St,Louis Cardinals you know we had the,Wilson Contreras news the signing back,on December the 9th and that was fun we,had a good time with that but since then,it's been mostly crickets and then Kevin,performer MLB GM Jim Bowden who has,decided to shake up the Beehive a little,bit for the Cardinals fans once again,dropping this nugget and his latest,column on the athletic now,before we get into it for those of you,who are unfamiliar with who Jim is he's,a former general manager uh he was with,the Reds he was with the Nationals and,he's held a number of different jobs in,the baseball media Community he's on MLB,Network radio he used to be on ESPN Fox,Sports Radio and so forth uh he writes,for the athletic now and he's one of,those guys that just kind of puts things,together and just gets people talking,okay you can't always take everything,that he says uh like that it's 100 100,true,but he knows people he certainly is,still in circles in the uh Major League,Baseball community so when he writes,something,we we pay attention to it whether we,think it's uh BS or whether we think,it's something that's actually happening,so,um in the new write-up that he did on,the athletic it's titled what I'm,hearing from MLB front offices is the,next move for every team he goes through,uh each team goes through each division,and drops a paragraph with something,about the team now in the opening he,explains that he got in touch with,decision makers in all 30 MLB front,offices to find out directly from them,what organizational needs they hope to,film next this offseason,he puts please keep in mind they're not,allowed to talk about specific free,agents nor do they openly share trade,talks obviously because it would hurt,their efforts to complete a deal still,many were candid in their responses okay,so you've been warned that's kind of the,disclaimer before you go into his,article and this is what he wrote about,the Cardinals and it's got fans either,probably there's two sides of the fence,here for Cardinals fans on this you're,either salivating over what Jim Bowden,has written or you're angry because of,the lack of information that he offers,so here he is,I quote,the Cardinals filled their biggest,off-season need when they signed catcher,Wilson Contreras now they are,open-minded and looking for ways to,improve their team they are actively,pursuing trades and keeping tabs on the,free agent Market It is believed the,Cardinals are working to acquire a,certain player but want to make sure,more specifics don't become public,because it would hurt their chances of,completing a trade they're not done,making moves end quote,well son of a gun Jim thanks a lot like,you basically gave us a paragraph of,nothing,it's it's just a tease,because the issue here is that he,doesn't give us any clues whatsoever,about who this certain player is so all,we can do is a fan base and as a,community is speculate I mean it could,be anyone right it could be Mike Trout,he's talking about you know that's not,realistic but that's how vague what he,wrote is uh it could be a pitcher like,uh Chris Sale you know we've talked,about him a decent amount recently it,could be a relief pitcher it could be a,backup infielder for all we know which,kind of reminds me of the moment where,when I started reading this and it it,reminded me of the original die hard one,of the the great Christmas movies of all,time when the cops were down on the,ground and they're discussing uh who,they think John McLean is they haven't,told him who he is or he hasn't told,them who he is yet okay he said call me,Roy y

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The Cardinals Are The Most Dangerous Team No One Is Talking About

The Cardinals Are The Most Dangerous Team No One Is Talking About

can you look back now before the start,of the 2022 Major League Baseball season,and tell me this who was your Dark Horse,to come out of the National League to,not only make it to the World Series but,to win it all I'm sure some people had,the Milwaukee Brewers the New York Mets,or maybe even the hot pick of the San,Diego Padres and look I'm just as guilty,as anyone else out there of picking one,of those teams in fact my Dark Horse,team to come out of the no was in fact,the San Diego Padres then it was the,Milwaukee Brewers but as the season is,winding down I'm starting to see one,team and one team alone in the NL that,can upset just about almost any team not,in just a national league but the,American League and win the whole damn,thing and that one team is those damn St,Louis Cardinals and that guy over there,Albert Pujols the Astros killer look,before the start of the Season I'm not,gonna lie I didn't even think of the,Cardinals I'm going to be honest that,team did not cross my mind whenever I,was checking out off my boxes for,American League and National League,Division winners and dark horses from,each division St Louis has the 938,pitching staff in the league with a 3.76,era a 1.26 whip and a 246 batting,average against now you stack that with,their top five offense in the league,they can be a stat opponent just for any,ball Club out there I'm not going to sit,here and lie to you and say that they're,the most impressive 91 team in the,league that I've seen because truthfully,on paper they aren't but when you watch,this team play when they get hot it,starts to get scary for some other teams,when you go into the playoffs you get a,four-man starting rotation and it's,considered a luxury if you have a very,good 1-2 combo well the Cardinals have,more than a good one-two combo they're,bolstering out their 40 year old Adam,Wainwright which is kind of crazy to say,but Justin Verlander is 39 years old and,about to be the AO at Cy Young so can't,be that crazy they follow that up with,Jordan Montgomery who came over from the,New York Yankees of the trade deadline,the then they hit you with Miles mccolos,who's been very good this year all these,guys combine average a sub 3.5 era and,in the playoffs that's more than good,enough to get you through a series but,you also have to contend with their,closer Ryan helsley who's been one of,the most underrated and best closers in,the league so far this year on top of,all of that guess what they got the NL,MVP and Paul Goldschmidt on their team,they've got one of the best third,baseman in all of baseball and Nolan,Arenado in my opinion Nolan Arenado has,one of the top three glugs in the league,of not the best glove in the league of,Third Base they also have one of the,most underrated second baseman in the,league that I don't see a lot of people,talk about Brendan Donovan the Cardinals,one through five and their starting,lineup is very good and very dangerous,when not starting five it's just three,of those guys are hitting out of their,minds complimenting their already top 10,pitching staff in the league with one of,the best closers and one of the better,bullpens in the league is going to be,very very hard to beat this team,especially especially if you catch them,at Bush Stadium they are one of the best,teams when playing at home and don't let,the road record fool you if they are,playing at the highest level and they're,streaking they can basically be anybody,on the road doesn't matter who you are,Braves Astros Dodgers they do not care,who you are this St Louis Cardinals team,is exactly like some of the teams that,have beat my Houston Astros in the past,few years in the world series The 2019,Nationals they beat two of the best,teams in all of baseball the Los Angeles,Dodgers and the Houston Astros to win,that world championship and then last,year in 2021 the Atlanta Braves nobody,saw them coming but they beat again two,of the best teams in baseball handily in,the Los Angeles Dodgers and my Houston,Astros in the World Series the St Louis,Cardinals give off that same kind of,field this year top 10 pitching staff,top 10 Bullpen and a top five offense,plus they got that guy Albert Pujols who,is basically the Houston Astros killer,this team is a team that just about any,team should fear because they themselves,wolves are fearless with the Los Angeles,Dodgers right now and their struggles a,starting pitcher to find somebody that,can stay healthy enough to pitch for,them in the playoffs the New York Mets,continue his struggles with bad teams,for some apparent reason and the Atlanta,Braves being hit with some key injuries,to Stephen Strider and a few other key,players the Cardinals look genuinely,healthy and generally healthy and going,into these playoffs are going to take,down one or two of the best teams in the,league that people just are not going to,see coming to me the Cardinals they,could win it all they are fearless and,they are coming for the National League,this year but anyw

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St Louis Cardinals The day I became Twitter Enemy #1 | RTB

St Louis Cardinals The day I became Twitter Enemy #1 | RTB

a big-game breakdown before we do that,that online AG wants to pay for your,Mayweather McGregor pay-per-view hundred,dollar value obviously you can just,simply retweet this message to enter,must have a bet online account to,qualify it goes on daily through day of,the fight next Saturday,let's start with the Cardinals in the,Red Sox Red Sox a dollar 37 in home nine,and a half the total its Lin against,Rodriguez Red Sox have open up a four,and a half game lead over the Yankees,now price has been on the DL pedroia,just goes on the DL but they're playing,good ball and they get great pitching,you know about sale pomerance is having,a great year for solo it's been good the,last few starts and Rodriguez pitched,well last time out,yeah I mean let's not underestimate the,Dustin Pedroia injury you know if the,guy doesn't have the power that he once,did you've got a 378 on-base percentage,that's his highest since 2011 he's,number two in defensive the second time,in the last four ballgames you got,Rodriguez was only twenty four showing,signs of becoming a complete pitcher,with the ER a under for the fifth under,four and nine point nine strikeouts per,nine plenty of upside if he can throw,strikes and it's a wild race in the,central st. Louis still a game and a,half behind the Cubs Milwaukee a game,and a half behind the Cubs as well and,Lance Lynn has been thus it appears to,be the same picture you look at this,graphic the last few years anyways the,2012 we was 18 and 7 with a 378 this,year's 10 and 6,with a 3-1 - and then you see 2015 and,2014 but a deeper dive you see the,career low and strikeout percentage,career high and walks and the ground,ball rate is almost a career low as well,as we've talked about many times on this,show that's a recipe for disaster and,the advanced metric read a little bit,different as well his CRA is 3.1 - it's,like Gio Gonzalez par - right who picked,law last night - but the ER a 3.1 to the,fielding independent pitching is 4.83,the X 54.68 and the skill interactive ER,a is four point six seven just like,geodetic,yeah in a sense,you,a campaign is someone that really stands,out in that regard,urban Santana in Minnesota another guy,who's advanced metrics say the,correction is coming the markets,consistently against them and at least,we've seen some of that from Santana,well so the markets are saying and the,advanced metrics numbers are saying,expect the correction from Lance Lynn,even though his overall numbers very,comparable to his career numbers we have,a career-low strikeout rate career-high,walk rate and almost a career low ground,ball rate there are problems lurking on,the horizon one good thing for Lance,little of course is that you know we've,got that st. Louis offense behind in the,cards,so do check those out thanks for,watching

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Cardinals Fastest Exit Velocities

Cardinals Fastest Exit Velocities

there's a shot in the center field,that's gonna,get through and go all the way to the,wall fam on his way to second base and,he will hold up there with a double,391 feet and now ozuna sends one,a long way center field oh,my all the way to the top,one of the longest home runs left,fielder,ozil base hit into left and it's two to,nothing cardinals,hit that ball so hard it goes all the,way to the wall,it's two goldschmidt and he drives it,out to deep,center pilar is back looks up and,goodbye it's a two-run homer for,goldschmidt he's now seven for 13,with two home runs and three was tough,for lynn,and there's a base hit for tommy pham,turns on a 95 mile an hour fastball,seven pitches and osuna with a hard hit,ball to left that'll drop in for the,base hit,over to cut it off is dietrich to hold,ozuna,to a two out single that's a three one,face,as edmond smokes one into center in his,first major league hit,going for extra bases tommy edmund,to second base with a double,and a shot in the left center base hit,braun trying to cut it off cannot,it's going to bounce off the wall,they're going to wind up long he's,coming home,thrown to the plate and the tag,his second home run of the day third in,this series,and the cardinals go on top here in the,14th,new pitch in the year to left field for,o'neal,that ball is back and that ball is gone,the cardinals are going to walk it off,they win at 5-4 fam a big reason why,and he hits it a ton to center and it's,gone,number 21 for tommy fan,one pitch rips it down into the corner,goldsmith racing to third,he will be held up and ozuna drops into,second base with a magnificent story,up the middle base hit for fowler,bam will stop at second base,fam base head and the cardinals it looks,like they'll get on the board here comes,carpenter,the throw is cut off,richie powders one to straight away,center,going into the juniper bushes,with his second of the series goldsmith,with a drive and,let's go home get into big mac land,he launched it it's over two,one cardinals that one he kept fair,we're out of here,there's a grounder could be two oh it,went through the legs of mercer,and this is where the cardinals need to,make them pay it's a,tremendous series went to five games,martinez got a hanger and he rips it,into left field to base hit,ozuna with a base hit out to left,shift on the right side and miller,launches one down the right field line,it's gone off the foul pole,he's done it again and this one a,two-run hole,out to center hamilton back and it's off,his glove,goes to the wall de young will stop at,second base,one pitch and martinez beats the shift,base hit,and the cardinals have their second hit,a lot of deep counts today and a base,hill there goes station,two ozuna base,rocket in hit and the cargos,striking for three all with two outs,and that's a duck and fam hits it a ton,out to deep left it is gone,just to the right of big mac land a,monster holes here in his career that,ball smoked into center field that's,going to get down,hakuni won't run that one down that'll,be at the wall and,paul goldsmith in with a two-out double,and a ring,zone you don't want to get into that,count,back to back,back-to-back jacks,ban,jose martinez and martinez lifts it in,the air to left,center have a day jose have a day in one,inning,an outfield assist and then,a rope into center and it gets to by,mccutcheon briefly and then off his body,fam first base hit for the cardinals,laced into left field,that ball is crushed deep to left field,another two run home run second one of,the inning for the cardinals,and they have busted this thing wide,open,ripped out to deep left that is the,third home run,hit in this center,and the cardinals have three solo home,runs,here at the top of the sixth 51,that's driven out to left and extra,bases here for jose,martinez it's off the wall,and he's on base for the third time two,hits in a walk,on the outside it makes everything go in,the wrong direction and that's a base,hit into left field off the bat of ozuna,and marcel three for three and he's,starting to get hot,and a ground ball base hit,and fam a liner into center for,everything he has hit,in this series has been a lot of teams,selling at the trade deadline that we,thought might have been buyers,schwarber lock me back in there's a base,hit into right for dexter fowler,speaking of locking in it'd be nice to,get him locked in that was a good swing,right there,and gotti going ozuna whacks it out to,deep left field,hop off the wall and marcel on his way,to second base,and ozuna gets a hanger and drills it,down into the corner and left,on his way to second base and in their,standing up lead off double,and tommy rifles one out the left,he's had five played appearances in this,series all,base hit tying run at the plate,so wisdom was at the undead circle,and bader smokes it into the gap in left,center,one hopper off the wall harrison to,second base he's had,some really good at bats in this series,a little bit more it's really hard

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Mets Twitter Reacts Matz to Cardinals! Cohen tweets Deal Gone Wrong

Mets Twitter Reacts Matz to Cardinals! Cohen tweets Deal Gone Wrong

hey coming at you with some mets news,today so we have steve cohen going off,on twitter and i just wanted to go,through his tweet and get a little bit,of the reaction as well so we'll go,through it here so what happened right,steven matz ended up signing with the st,louis cardinals now apparently his,agents were in talks with the new york,mets and steve cohen not happy about it,i've never seen such unprofessional,behavior exhibited by a player's agent i,guess words and promises don't matter so,apparently they kind of had a,negotiation with matt's going on and he,is not happy because they never got the,chance to counter offer let's see let's,go into some of the reactions so first,things first we got peter rosenberg with,one of the first replies here tweeting,this as an l stop talking business and,handle your business shouldn't you know,this you're a businessman so he's just,saying you know handle it stop getting,on twitter talking about it but in my,opinion i mean he can express his,frustration but i see peter rosenberg's,point maybe don't bring it to twitter,but maybe bring it out at some point,later talk about it in a press,conference twitter maybe not the place,to do that but i wanted to bring up this,right we got joel sherman who's a,respected baseball columnist for the new,york post and he said he talked to steve,cohen on the phone he was angered that,the mets were pursued by matt and his,agent not vice versa and told the new,york mets were matt's first choice and,that there was unfinished business with,the mets he wanted to return so matt and,his agent reach out to the mets to,return not vice versa so that's one of,the main reasons he's not happy as well,his quote most relationships i've had,with agents have been wonderful the,conversations have been good they really,have been but here this was different,this is something so over the line so,apparently really not happy with the,different tactics here i can't imagine,what the agent was thinking in the,contest of how they reached out to us,and the reasons they wanted to come back,i've never had an agent do that with me,before so apparently he has uh no,comment from rob martin steve matt uh,matt's agent and last thing here steve,mads was a good player with the mets,when he was here only wish him well this,was about the interaction with the agent,so,really a lot of information there it's,joel sherman on twitter i'll leave a,link in the description down below and,then one more thing here from andy,martino in brief follow-up conversation,steve cohen criticized agent rather than,stephen metz i'm trading he said,referencing his day job not happy with,the agent interaction with us i wish,matt well so,steve cohen just kind of going off a,little bit on twitter let's go through,some of the replies i replied here hey,follow me on twitter my account just for,posting videos on this youtube channel,please drop me a follow get control of,this team right he's got to take control,a little bit better and get off twitter,i see rosenberg's point i think tweeting,this is an l i would rather him go to,like a reporter have talked about it,there or at least just have a press,conference or something but you know,maybe just wants to do it in the moment,i don't know rosenberg has been,predicting that uh twitter is gonna get,cohen in trouble so let's see here the,matt's offseason plan of losing out on,every free agent and then blaming the,player for breaking pinky promises is,going perfectly oh god yeah the mets off,season has been uh pretty much a failure,so far we lost kindergarten and loop to,the angels so far and most of that is,because we haven't had any hierarchy in,place no gm no manager so just can't,even make the decisions can't even have,the talks right let's go look at some of,this here,you're in a market with headaches,today's player don't want to deal with,you're the richest owner,you sound like a drunk ex-girlfriend mad,that the x isn't answering the text,anymore oh boy this guy's saying max was,overpaid if that's referring to also,your business man i'm sure you promised,a few things that didn't come through,kind of like the past year to us as fans,oh,well when he got hired he or when he,took over the team he definitely said,within five years he's hoping to get a,world series because you know what i,think that is the jacob degrom contract,five years so i just wanted to go,through some of the replies there and a,different reaction from different,reporters joel sherman and andy martino,a little bit more reporting and,information get in the description of,this video check out some of the links,as well as the secret link of the day,get involved in the channel and give me,some advice for what you would like to,see in the future i'll see you soon

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Three "Certain Guy" Trade Possibilities For The St. Louis Cardinals

Three "Certain Guy" Trade Possibilities For The St. Louis Cardinals

since it's the Hot Topic right now more,discussion on who the certain player,might be in the recent article by the,Athletics Jim Bowden we'll look at three,possible options on today's episode of,Locked on Cardinals,you are locked on Cardinals your daily,St Louis Cardinals podcast part of the,locked on podcast Network your team,every day,hey there Cardinal fans I'm JD Hafford,and I'm a national radio Sports Anchor,born and raised in the loom in a,lifetime Cardinals fan and I'm your host,for locked on Cardinals part of the,locked on podcast Network covering your,team every day you can follow me on,Twitter at JD Sports Radio and follow,the podcast at Ella underscore Cardinals,I want to thank those of you who make,locked on Cardinals who first listen,every day we are free and available,wherever you get your podcast you can go,to iTunes Spotify Google podcast also,available on YouTube be sure to like And,subscribe and comment so you can,interact with us hit that notification,button so you know when new episodes are,posted this is a show serving Cardinal,nation and giving the best fans in,baseball all of the info about the birds,on the bat now in yesterday's episode of,Locked on Cardinals we discussed the,piece written by the Athletics Jim,Bowden and it certainly got subtraction,to say the least in the St Louis,Cardinal media circles and why wouldn't,they you know you throw out a nugget,like that that doesn't say much of,anything but at the same time it gets,people thinking it gets people talking,and guessing about a bunch of different,players around the league and how the,Cardinals could get their hands on them,and put them on this roster now once,again here's what Bowden wrote in case,you missed it yesterday the Cardinals,filled their biggest off-season need,when they signed catcher Wilson,Contreras now they are open-minded and,looking for ways to improve their team,they're actively pursuing trades and,keeping tabs on the free agent Market it,is believed the Cardinals are working to,acquire a certain player but want to,make sure more specifics don't become,public because it would hurt their,chances of completing a trade they're,not done making moves and as I said,yesterday this could mean anybody right,um,if you looked at the comments section,under yesterday's video on YouTube you,can see people are just throwing stuff,out there putting it on the wall trying,to see if something sticks,um but that's what this write-up does,you know that that's kind of the point,of this write-up because it's so vague,that it's almost maddening right because,there's really no answers there,especially for baseball junkies like us,you're listening to a St Louis Cardinals,baseball podcast in January so obviously,baseball is a big deal to you and um you,know it leaves us with nothing but,speculation which is which can be,frustrating right but it also can be a,little bit of fun you know it kind of,gives you that uh feeling that you can,be like a fantasy baseball,GM you know and you can come up with all,kinds of different trades and,combinations and ways that you think,that you could get a certain somebody,from a certain team so it opens up that,door so let's break this down real quick,let's try to make this as realistic as,possible yeah right so we'll break it,down what do the Cardinals really need,what would they be willing to move,pieces for at this point of the off,season first thought at least for me,would be a starting pitcher now earlier,on in the off season we knew they needed,to catcher they went out and got one we,thought they could use an extra bat they,decided that shortstop Market was a,little too rich and you can see why,these guys were signing 300 million,dollar deals they're not ready to go,there,so they they don't do anything there uh,they haven't done anything really since,signing Wilson Contreras,the pitching staff is where it's kind of,a glaring weakness right now you you,feel like you can get by with this,offense Tommy Edmond is not set to drop,off at shortstop that you're in trouble,okay uh obviously you need Brennan,Donovan to come through and have a good,season again like he did this past year,where he was a rookie of the year,candidate but um they think they got,something solid there you've already got,aronado Goldschmidt you're adding Wilson,Contreras you've got a bunch of,outfielders so you think that you're,going to be okay offensively there,starting pitching though you're looking,at a full rotation with Jack Flaherty,Adam Wainwright miles Michaelis Jordan,Montgomery Stephen Matson then Dakota,Hudson now after the season only mats,and Hudson are under contract so there's,some work to be done for the 2024,rotation sure you could say guys like,friend of the podcast Gordon Graceffa,could be up by that possibility uh,you've got Connor Thomas who just had,this amazing time at the Arizona fall,league he could be up Zach Thompson,could be a starter as well look good,last year but let's be realistic that,that's not h

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St. Louis Cardinals vs. New York Mets Highlights | May 17, 2022 (Game 2)

St. Louis Cardinals vs. New York Mets Highlights | May 17, 2022 (Game 2)

from citi field in new york the new york,mets take on the st louis cardinals in,the back end of a double header,cardinals lineup presented by hyundai as,st louis will give nolan aronado the,night off in game two brendan donovan is,starting at third base we will see at,mundo sosa play short uh walker's one of,his best starts was his last against the,nat seven scoreless innings,two and oh just a soft bouncer and jeff,mcneal handles it tommy edmond hustling,but thrown out to start the ball game,good pitch there by taiwan walker he,strikes out brendan donovan first strike,out of the game for taiwan,it's a roller here off the bat of,goldschmidt but nobody's on the right,side of the infield so paul goldschmidt,will take his two out head,it's this ball toward right center,travis jankowski there to put it away,taiwan walker works around a two-out,base santa scoreless top of the first,water escobar hitting fifth jeff mcneal,down to the sixth bond travis jankowski,in there for a second straight game in,right field with starling martijn there,he is the long island lefty stephen mads,yeah he's got enough to a slow start,with a 6.40 era but coming out an,outstanding season last year for the,blue jays,jammed as he pops it up donovan the,third baseman,cannon with a drive that's deep to left,o'neal back forward it's gone,marcano,puts the mets on top with a home run off,stephen metz,that's the sixth homer mats is allowed,in his last three starts,and kenna rises the apple to give the,mitch the early lead,keith he had the same pitch earlier in,the at-bat and just missed it but he had,a good swing,that's felt like that zapped his power a,little,bouncer that donovan handles with a,backhand,goldschmidt holds the bag at first to,retire francisco lindor nice play,alonzo with a fly toward right the,cardinals just two and ten in games,where they don't score first and they,did not score first tonight mark canna,took stephen matsdeep and it's,one-nothing mitz after one,dickerson swings and misses for strike,three,swing and a miss by o'neill so the,drought is over for taiwan walker he has,struck out a right-handed hitter for the,first time in over a month,mcneal swings and misses a high fastball,stephen mats has his first strikeout,edmund goes out bader comes in it's the,center fielder's ball and vader retires,davis to win the unit quick getting for,matt's one two three,nimmo coming in for this one off bader's,bend brandon imo makes the play one out,of five straight retired by taiwan,walker,popped up,escobar moving over has room makes the,catch,and walker is second straight one two,three inning,jankowski carved up by mats goes down,looking,on the inside corner late call andy,fletcher,took a long look tomas nito aghast at,that called third strike and,they set for nemo down the left field,line,extra bases for brandon he pulls up at,second with a two out,two strike double as we once again see,brandon nimmo go against the shift,next one in the air towards center easy,for bader,and the gold glover retires canada in,the innings long at bat but mats takes,care of kenna,hit hard a base hit to center,brendan donovan to the lead off knock,and the cardinals have their second hit,against taiwan walker donovan's running,goldschmidt hammers one toward the,corner that's a base hit donovan will,take off and head for the plate,relay throw on the way from lindor,and brendan donovan is safe at the plate,paul goldschmidt with an rbi double the,runner going,helping donovan score all the way from,first the cardinals have tied this game,it's 1-1,carlson pops it up,and door having to run pretty far in to,make that catch there's a lot of wind,going on in this game,little looper off the bat of dickerson a,base hit,runner at second goldschmidt,kind of had to wait to see if canada was,going to catch that it certainly didn't,look like from here that he would but,swinging a miss o'neill strikes out,again,fifth time in the doubleheader and the,second time against taiwan walker,bounced to escobar,perfect throw across to sosa,and walker escapes trouble in the fourth,he does give up one run,that's in there strike three called,fastball caught a lot of played over the,inside corner there to strike out alonzo,escobar hits this one hard deep toward,right center bader back it is gone home,run eduardo escobar,they'll keep lazy mary playing,two out homer for escobar his second of,the year and the mids have a 2-1 lead,chopper to,donovan third baseman throws out jeff,mcneill to win the inning but the mints,are back on top another home run allowed,by steven matz eduardo escobar makes it,2-1,kisner hits one toward nemo he won't get,to this,one out single for the cardinal catcher,drills this ball toward the right field,corner out of the reach of jankowski and,it kicks away from him kisner's being,waived home he should score edmonds,headed for third he'll have an rbi,triple and this game is tied as tommy,edmond drives in andrew kisner,well the cardinals give him mets a,little their

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Marlins vs. Cardinals Game Highlights (6/29/22) | MLB Highlights

Marlins vs. Cardinals Game Highlights (6/29/22) | MLB Highlights

this is andre polante,he pitched the opener of the home stand,on friday against the cubs this would be,his fifth start,he's one and two as a starter 2.57 era,the 2-2 delivery is hit towards left,field and yep goes back then comes in,and andre pallante has a one two three,inning sandy alcantara on the bump he,has been the ace of the staff he has,been the horse of the rotation and he's,been the best pitcher in the national,league this year,swinging a miss that one at 98 miles an,hour a one two three first inning for,sandy,what kind of special night is in store,beside garcia former brewer he is having,a down season for him here's a 2-2 to,garcia i think he could do it,and his swing and a miss and the,strikeout,you are too old-school for that juanipez,two home runs and five rbis on monday,as yep goes the other way against sandy,one hopper off the wall and yepez,in with a one-out double here in any,number two,brian de la cruz 211 with four home runs,and he's driven in 14. he might not have,been showing it but he was feeling it de,la cruz in 1-1 smokes one to center,going back to carlson way back enough to,play it off the wall right at the base,of the wall to the left of the 400-foot,marker de la cruz pulls in at second,base with a double,so miami's got its first base runner of,the night a two out two base hit by,brian here in the third edmundo sosa,steps in he will lead things off for the,cardinals he's the number eight hitter,in the order,left side and off the glove of brian,anderson and that'll be a base hit for,so-so,burn those have their second hit,oh two,kind of did right there didn't he 98,miles an hour chase one out of the zone,second strikeout for sandy,sosa running and save,the stallings had to pick it,and then allowed sosa to get in under,the tag very close at second base,pretty good jump but it makes up,stallings makes up a lot of time with,that throw,the 2-2 put in play by donovan slowly,hit up the first base side and safe,now you have runners at first and third,now with one out,and that brings in dylan carlson,in the air,deep rights,garcia back,and the catch is made sosa tagging up he,will score,and it's a one-nothing st louis lee,dylan carlson with,number 21,batted in his 21st rbi,sanchez and aguilar against the,right-hander andre pallante cooper,grounded to short his first time up,and on 1-1 koop shoots from back up the,middle a dive by the second baseman,donovan can't get it a base hit into,center so coupe stays hot and miami has,lead off men on for the first time in,four innings maggie's bat has gone quiet,of late just two for his last 17 that's,in the last five games including tonight,playing maybe that's past the dive of,goldschmidt here comes cooper he's going,to score on the rbi single for jesus,aguilar,aggie asking for the baseball,great job right here that's that,fastball cutting away,beating the shift goldie's off the bag,because second baseman is,all the way up the middle and look at,garrett cooper great read and we talked,about his speed down the second base he,still has a little bit of gas left in,the tank for the rest of the sitting and,he flies through home plate single run,oh under rojas ground ball right side,pass goldschmidt a base hitting the,right field and he turns it second he'll,stay right there as newt barr fires into,the cutoff man so walk in a single to,begin the marlins fifth two on nobody,out in the fifth trying to take a lead,for the first time in this game we're,deadlocked at one anderson's at second,real hosted first stalling darnado his,first time up,ground ball base hit maybe that's why,you don't bud,anderson being held at third strong,throw in and they will be loaded for,brian de la cruz,2-0 pitch,to short sosa,donovan,goldie digs it out run comes in to score,no rbi for de la cruz,but there it is again yeah this is uh,called bad luck,this is a ball that's hit harder than,his double off the wall 106 off the bat,and edmundo sosa does a good job of,keeping it in front of him getting it to,brendan donovan and right here that pick,who said mundo,had been mired in a bad slump he was,over 16 not playing a whole lot that,makes it harder there's a lot of moving,parts in that,trade in those years,into deep right center and it's off the,wall,and sosa can fly,on his way to third and,two consecutive games with triples,chance for the cardinals to tie it here,in the bottom of the fifth inning,donovan at the plate carlson in the on,deck circle,donovan lifts a fly ball,to left,de la cruz with the catch,sosa tagging he will score and kisner,takes second on a throw that needs to go,to second that's a smart play by kistner,even if you're just drawing the throw,but the left fielder has to throw the,ball at second base there,kind of have to know that sosa is,running no somebody else is running,might be different story but,you're just let a man it's almost like,keeping the double play in order you,just let a guy go to second base and,yeah do they put himself in scoring,position with two

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